Sunday Talks: Lindsey Graham Discusses Impeachment ‘Next Steps’ With Maria Bartiromo…

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the impeachment proceedings, the likely continuance of resistance investigative efforts, and Graham’s role in any Senate proceedings.

Despite never having a single investigative hearing since he started promising hearings at the conclusion of the Mueller probe in April 2019, Senator Graham promises hearings to get to the bottom of the Biden-Burisma issue.  Not likely.  Bartiromo pushes the Senator on whether he will investigate the origin of the Whistleblower complaint, Graham avoids.

Graham promises hearings on FISA abuse. You decide if they will ever happen.  The FISA bulk metadata collection re-authorization vote is next month around March 15th.

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69 Responses to Sunday Talks: Lindsey Graham Discusses Impeachment ‘Next Steps’ With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. Baron Ash says:

    With all this stuff at this point: will only believe it when it happens. Other than that, it’s just more soundbite fluff.

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    • Bill Durham says:

      Lindsey will defer every investigation to the intelligence committee so that Burr and Warner can cover it up and make sure to classify and seal evidence.

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    • Dutchman says:

      This interview did not change my opinion of Lindsey, one iota;
      “You KNEW what I was, when you took me in.” (Snake).
      However, Maria has redeemed herself.
      She had fallen to a distant second, behind Lou Dobbs, mainly because she seemed to go out of her way to reiterate
      “Russians meddling in 2016 election.”

      But, the way she held Lindseys feet to the fire, specifically getting him to commit to hold hearings, and when, and who, and to say her viewers DEMAND it, was spectacular!

      If he doesn’t,DO it, the next time Lindsey appears on her show, she will ‘roll the clip’ and then grill him on “why not?”
      So, Lindsey might not be appearing on her show,again for a long time, a bonus reason for watching maria!

      Plus, it does something to me, every time she says “Judiciary”.

      Hope to see her continueing to pin tjese swamp rats down, and hold them accountable. Lindsey is the worst, for saying stuff, doing nothing.

      Keep the heat on, Maria!

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      • Bill Durham says:

        I think Tucker kinda sorta called him out how no investigations were happening and Lindsey hasn’t been back. Fox gets a lot of crap. But some of them keep the heat on. Hannity has also mentioned the lack of investigation. Lindsey is on borrowed time. He can’t stall until November. He is going to have to throw some one under the bus soon. The bring in Hunter and he pleads the fifth.


        • Dutchman says:



          Make IRRELEVANT…..

          Thats seems to be the fate of our enemies. And the media are there,….
          The Democrats are there,…its about time for Lindsey, Mitch and the rest of the Republicons.

          I noticed PDJT emphasising, when Hannity brought up Biden, that it wasn’t just Ukraine, he said CHINA.

          As more dirt is exposed, who ELSE will be?


  2. gunrunner03 says:

    Maria better hold Graham’s feet to the fire.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Lindsey totally dodged her last question about Schiff. “Will you put him under oath?”
      I had to play that part twice, and Graham started rattling off about something else.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      “ Maria better hold Graham’s feet to the fire.”
      Nope, the voters of South Carolina had better hold Lindsay’s feet to the fire. Until they burn or he begins real hearings. With results!!

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    • MJJ says:

      Good Point, unfortunate DOJ, Senate, Congress, State Department, & Intelligence Agencies, are Loaded with Prior Administration President Obama, Bush & Clinton Appointments, Employees & 5, 7, 9 and 14 Year Agencies Administrative Estate that have Relatives, Families & Married Couples in Charge. These are Good People making some very Bad Misjudgments Choosing to Protect & Prevent Changes in the Institutions they feel was their duty?.

      They all know and worked with each other for Decades. This is why for 3 Years of Stalling Investigations, Ignoring Rules, Ethics & Crimes, along with Media in Complicity Refusing to Recognize their own Prior Investigative Reporting? It is not a Conspiracy in my view as much as it is just mistakes in Protecting their Bureaucratic Turf!

      One reason why President Trump with Senators & Congress are not assured of Reelection. Too many Insiders Caring About Themselves & not American Institutions, People, or Private Entertainment Media Company. Protecting themselves from New Ideas, Agenda, & Changes required for the future.

      Preston Tucker said It Best at his Trial In 1949:
      Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988 Movie – Tucker’s Defense

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      • In response to the Tucker vid, MJJ

        American common sense or not, when we have a “government”/bureaucracy/deep state/SHADOW GOVERNMENT breathing down our necks and stealing our labor/property the entire premise of freedom and liberty are extinguished.

        But, we cannot make the mistake of believing there is no conspiracy involved, there is, be it 107 years old to date. The feral reserve started it all and has taken us down as a free people the liberty to have agency of our own. How many alphabet agencies of “theirs” did it take?

        Can anyone even count them all? Maybe I will try sometime soon… when I can take a break from working, or if.


  3. Whitehouse Clown says:

    If you’re waiting on Lindsey Graham to do anything except yap like a little poodle, stock up on Cheetos and beer.

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    • MJJ says:

      It is a Club more concern in Protecting Turf! President Trump was at 32-37% Depending on the Media Poll, the Day he Sworn In & No One thought he would accomplish anything as he Promised & would be a One term President. Even Today, Polls have PDJT at 42-48%?

      The Last Thing Congress & Senate, Administrative State & Fifth Media Estate Wants To Do Is Approving To investigate Each Other. So, Democrats choose to Investigate President Trump & his Administration to regain Power as they did in 2018 in the House. There Base of Voters Hate Trump & Socialists have Ousted Center Democrats that now must go along?

      While the Republicans going along with Trump’s Administration on what they want to Approve while “Holding Off & Stalling All Counter Investigations to Not Investigate Colleagues. The Problem for Republican is they must GOP Voters that Approve of PDJT in the 80%?

      Said It The Best About Political Power Skills & President Trump Has Surprised All:


  4. not2worryluv says:

    All Talk No Action
    Graham hasn’t done anything since he’s been in the Senate other than defend John McCain!

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  5. TheWanderingStar says:

    What the hell is wrong with these politicians from South Carolina. Methinks they have been on the front porch too long drinking their sweet tea. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO SOMETHING BOY!

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  6. coltlending says:

    When B.J. Clinton said he “Did not have sex with that woman” he exhibited the same demeanor Flimsy Graham exhibited at the end of that clip.

    Thank you Maria for putting Graham on record, again.

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  7. Graham doesn’t deserve air time on television. He can’t be trusted.

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  8. clive hoskin says:

    He’s like”The Rooster”All hat and no cattle.

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  9. jx says:

    Graham could have already had hearings on FISA abuse.

    If he wants to have them now well better late than never.

    If only the AG wasn’t AWOL…


  10. IGiveUp says:

    “Despite never having a single investigative hearing since he starting promising hearings at the conclusion of the Mueller probe in April 2019, Senator Graham promises hearings to get to the bottom of the Biden-Burisma issue.

    These people aren’t stupid. This delicate balancing act of putting up a robust defense of the President while doing very little is hard to pull off. I’ve felt for awhile now that Hannity and Bartiroma particularly ought not to give him any more airtime. Paradoxically, they’re his enablers.

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    • But grahamnesty has met his match in President Donald J. Trump.

      Look how things are starting to move faster already…

      Term Two will be EPIC and some of us may not be able to keep up with the action. Sundance will be one of us that will, so those here will be busy with plenty of his posts!


  11. cow wow says:

    He nearly choked when Maria asked when he would put Schiff under oath! He deflected!
    Shame on you Senator!

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  12. Zippy says:

    Someone should come up with a long list of all of Graham’s unfulfilled promises and go down the list while he’s a guest. Even Fox wouldn’t do that because they’d want him back as a guest and that should tell you something about even so-called “conservative” MSM outlets. The only places where you get the whole truth are places like this… and relatively few spend the time to be this informed… which is why pols like Graham can forever get away with it…

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    • Amy2 says:

      Some video clips of what he said when he was going to head up the judiciary committee would be nice. Did you hear the list of committees he was on? Enough to put the kibosh on anything the Senate would try.


  13. Issy says:

    Are people aware the fisc is up for renewal next month? They can’t have hearings before that vote, which they hope to slip through before anybody notices. They have to pass it to keep all the intel agencies happy, because you know of that six ways to Sunday thing. Many in congress are very vulnerable.

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  14. wxobserver says:

    Sadly, I was in stitches when Graham said the SSCI was going to get involved in the investigation…yeah, right.

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  15. Bryan Alexander says:

    Lindsay Graham is wasting oxygen..He is doing nothing but positioning for Majority Leader when McConnell dies in office.


  16. richq11 says:

    Thank God I have a good pair of hip boots!


  17. mg says:

    Barr has Graham by the balls and won’t let go.


  18. Payday says:

    It’s obvious to me that corrupt people will be going down. But only the sacrificial lambs. Burr will bring in the wistleblower? Pretty sure he’s figured out how to protect the swamp by now. Mrs Lindsey sounds tough…but it’s only the low hanging fruit they will go after. The swamp will be protected.


  19. richq11 says:

    Graham has as much to lose from a Ukraine investigation as Biden!

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  20. Rotor says:

    What a plan. Lindsey “All Hat No Cattle” Graham will investigate FISA.
    Jim “Hiding Under His Desk” Risch will investigate Biden.
    Richard “Hiding Under Warner’s Desk” Burr will investigate the Whistle Blower.
    What could go wrong?

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  21. Kaco says:

    Miss Lindsay was going to get to the bottom of the Kavanaugh coordinated attack also. I hadn’t heard a word.

    I don’t live in SC and he has replied back he only responds to his constituents. So any SC people here, please write him, if it will do anything. I know Maria spoke for a lot of us at the end. Oh, he won’t respond to me but then sends me a bunch of spam to donate to his campaign, etc. I finally unsubscribed a couple weeks ago.

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  22. rigst4 says:

    As someone once said, “At this point, what difference does it make”? I mean, look at all those previous shows in congress with fire-and-brimstone speeches and tirades by other “tough” truth finders like Trey Gowdy. All talk and no action. What did any of them do? They all made fiery speeches, did the talk show circuit for publicity then made political deals to let actual criminals off the hook. This happened so much, I’ve lost track completely. It’s so disgusting, I can’t describe it adequately in words. All these empty “justice is coming” promises. I think about 98% of congress are democrats and democrat operatives who couldn’t care less about their promises to the people who elected them, they are almost all self-serving opportunists. The American people will never see justice.

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    • Issy says:

      Just what do the American people expect when they keep reelecting these lying politicians? The sad truth is most senators like Lindsey don’t have primary opponents or if they do, people don’t support and fund them. Why should he when he will be elected anyway?

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  23. Chip Doctor says:

    I am so sick of Lindsay Graham. He is no different than Adam Schitt except that he is on the other side. He lies through his teeth with impunity.

    The only difference is that Adam is so twisted and given over to evil that he believes his own lies. I don’t think Lindsay does. He just thinks we’re stupid. Throw a bone now and then before he can stick the knife in our ribs.

    I despise him and am sick of seeing him. He might be the biggest camera whore in the world.

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  24. BL says:

    It seems the Senate needs to be reminded who they work for cause the BS from the Dems will only end when the Senate stops giving them an inch. They gave into the Dems for Trump to give his SOTU speech before he’s
    Acquitted. Personally that is just not right or fair. Just another Dem game…
    Linsey needs to be held accountable for ALL things he said he would do and hasn’t

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  25. Mike in a Truck says:

    Lindsey is worthless. As far as A.G. Barr- when my President starts criticizing him then I’ll know PDJT has lost all confidence in the Piper.Until then I’ll just fly nap of the earth.


  26. MD says:

    Maria should have a show with Rudy G on air first to talk about corruption in Ukraine then have Lindsey on after him.

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  27. Jederman says:

    Do not re-authorize FISA bulk metadata collection. Ever. Get a warrant.


  28. ChampagneReady says:

    I wish Maria was Judiciary Committee Chair person.

    I have heard about Graham’s “deep dives” that he was going to do before and he never did squat. He better this time or North Carolina should recall him!

    Burr is Warner’s pet pig. If you get a closeup of Burr’s nose, you’d see the holes from the ring in it. I wouldn’t trust that bastard if he paid the mortgage on my house.

    One more thing Graham, it isn’t just HUNTER Biden that’s corrupt. It’s hair-sniffer himself just as much. When is he going to be put under oath about the 900 THOUSAND DOLLAR “consulting” fee he charged Ukraine? This was discovered by OAN’s stellar undercover investigation. Are you kidding? That is about the most used phony justification to steal money there has ever been.

    Biden sold the VP’s office, is rotten from his wing-tips to his hair plugs and just as dirty as

    How much more do you need Graham than the point-by-point three-hour presentation by Pam Bondi and Eric Herschmann?

    Sh*t better fly in that Judiciary Committee. Or do the Republicans a favor and resign!


  29. Bogeyfree says:


    Back in Nov you sent a letter to Pompeo asking that he provide you with all communications between Biden and Ukraine back in 2016.

    Over two months have gone by and no follow up by, no outcry by you, no calling out of Pompeo by you.

    The reality IMO is you are a disgrace as a US Senator and the American people are wise to your games.

    How many unanswered letters are you going to write with zero follow up?

    How many talk tough interview statements are you goin to make with zero follow up?

    IMO you are becoming as much of a joke as Shifty and Nadler.

    By the way how many times did you go to Ukraine?


    • Julian says:

      Pompeo is Trump’s man. You can trust that if Pompeo is withholding anything that is on Trump’s orders.

      If it wasn’t you can be sure Trump would say “You’re Fired” before you could blink.


  30. Rami says:

    Ms. Lindsey is always writing checks his ass will not cash.

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  31. I can’t even listen to him. He’s worthless.

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  32. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

    Lindsey, make no mistake we vets are watching all of you! All most of your class have left to offer is absolute candor and action. No more BS unless you wish for some old vet to cram it down your throat! S/C/G


    Time is up! Far too many of you politicians/bureaucrats/academicians/media types on both the left and right have crossed the line! We out here in the heartland know this impeachment show is nothing but another attempt to cover up your own corruption and to maintain what power you think is yours. D.J. Trump is our President and you are not going to replace him. Seems there is one group you swamp creatures forgot about. You forgot about the thousands of combat veterans still alive and full of total disdain for all of you and for all you represent. Since 1945 you have sent us around the world to fight and die; supposedly protecting the nation from communists, socialists, muslims, etc, etc, etc. Now you are telling us we must stand by as these same groups assist you in reducing us to mere serfs in your feudal society. Not this time! We are coming to teach each of you that you are our servants, not our leaders. Those of you who have/are participating in the attempted coup d’etat or are sitting/sat by in violation of your oath will not escape justice. We are coming, suggest you get ready!

    Solder/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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  33. RJ says:

    Geez, Graham joins the list of people I just don’t want to hear anything from! This guy justs blabs on and on telling us all the things he is going to do, but I can’t find anything of real merit that he has done.

    Get the hook and take him off the stage…please, my sanity is at stake!

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  34. Julian says:

    Here’s a list of his Primary challengers. Pick one if you’re in South Carolina.

    South Carolina Republican Senate Primary Candidates

    Lindsey Graham (Incumbent)
    Duke Buckner
    Johnny Garcia
    Peggy Kandies
    Michael LaPierre
    Joseph Reynolds
    Mark Sloan
    Carey Wilson,_2020


  35. Dim Osmab says:

    Lindsey “We gonna get to the bottom of this” Graham

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  36. MostlyRight says:

    Next time Maria has Lindsey on she should roll tape of all the empty promises of investigations and justice he has promised her, Hannity and others in the media. What an empty suit.

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  37. John-Y128 says:

    Never seen someone who sits on so many committees and do so little, Maria needs to cut off his FNC access until Graham “Were going to get to the bottom of this”, starts do something besides talking and doing LESS than the ‘do-nothing’ democrats!

    Like that picture of Graham getting his deep-state secret hand-shake from AG Barr.

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  38. bkrg2 says:

    Don’t believe the hype…


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