Elise Stefanik Swings Big Timber…

We might not align on all issues, but whooo doggies…. Rep. Elise Stefanik swings big timber and fights when needed during this impeachment fiasco.  If I had a $10 budget for lunch, I’d send it to her reelection campaign and wait to eat til dinner…. she’s worth it.

Most of the interview with Trump’s legislative defense team is in this video, but don’t miss the moments at 20:05 when Stefanik takes the mic.

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112 Responses to Elise Stefanik Swings Big Timber…

  1. Michael Brower says:

    Who was that arrogant narrative engineer?

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    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      Heidi Przybyla from NBC…..

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    • jx says:

      She’s ignoring answers and badgering. I would have had the Capitol Police throw her out.

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      • BebeTarget / abdb61 says:

        jx . . . I am reminded of that old maxim . . “don’t argue with an idiot, soon people won’t be able to tell the difference.” Elise should have cut her off with a biting remark that would leave her speechless. These people need to be put in their place when they cross the line into disrespect.


    • trump20162024 says:

      Another “liberal hack.” Good persistence by Elise to knock down the hack’s stupid question.

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    • luke says:

      “Arrogant narrative engineer” lol fancy name for lying sack of ****

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    • Razor1 says:

      Here’s the point we all need to understand: seems that about half of the corruption going on in the world is because of USA foreign aid money! The scam runs like this…we announce $2bn in aid…then the “administrators ” sets up buddies, well connected, and family to win contracts for the spending spree. How rich can you get…James Biden stood to split up a $735m profits from a $1.5b housing contract in Iraq…that’s 50% of our money being stolen. And just why in the hell are we building a 100,000 homes in Iraq anyway.

      Yeah I’m good with No Foreign Aid to anyone. If you want to send YOUR money I’m good with that, otherwise all the government is doing is causing corruption everywhere!

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      • DeWalt says:

        Drop 50 million in the World Bank and tell everyone that’s it.


      • OlderAndWiser says:

        I remember talking to a group of Africans who wanted to sell our products in Africa. They wanted a certain amount of travel money – I asked how much. The price was about 10 times first class tickets and $300/night hotels for the trip! I asked why. They said, don’t ask – we have to clear the business with folks.
        The UN had paid $1B for a road in that country. The $1B bought about a mile of gravel. Seriously.
        Guess who did the work for that road? French and Belgian companies. US companies did not want to work there because of our anti-bribery laws.

        I can go on and on. UN money to Kenya, Uganda, India etc. – gone to bureaucrats in Swiss bank accounts. This corruption has been going on for a LONG time.

        Time to stop all aid. Even defense aid. Money is fungible – if I know you’ll take care of my safety, I won’t allocate any of my own money to that. If I know you’ll take care of me for an accident, I won’t buy insurance and I won’t put money into a rainy day account. Let the countries start managing their own finances and safety.

        We don’t need any defense treaties either. The US entered into world wars 1 and 2 out of a sense of obligation – not out of a need because of treaties. Which meant that the other countries also had to fight.

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  2. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    I wish there were more people like her here with us that have to live in New York. Obviously not a political whore like Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY), whose rating from the NRA went from A+ to F in the space of about 6 months.
    That happened when she went from representing a rural upstate NY community in the NYS Legislature to being junior Senator to Charles Schumer in the United States Senate.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      That comment got me banned from posting over at TownHall a couple of years ago, even though I included the specific proof in my carefully worded comment that took me a considerable amount of time to construct.

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      • NYMInuteman says:

        Liberals cannot stand reasoned factual answers. Even otherwise rational people. It’s mind numbing. Tonight all my liberal friends are ACTIVELY ROOTING FOR THE MIDEAST PEACE PLAN TO FAIL. Yup. They would rather the hatred and killing continue forever to Armageddon than have Trump actually succeed in an historic negotiation and accord.

        It’s mind-boggling.

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        • Chris P Bacon says:

          Idiots were rooting for a recession to make Trump look bad, pathetic

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        • bkrg2 says:

          So sad


        • AustinHoldout says:

          Watching the propaganda machine gin up so much hatred towards not only one man, but towards our whole country and half of its citizens, so efficiently is frightening to watch. PDJT is right. The press is enemy of the people. Without hyperbole, it’s really not that much different from the way Germans ginned up hatred towards the Jews. They have literally created a group of people who have actual potential to come into power (Sanders followers) who want to “re-educate” half the population and make wealthy people build their “Green New Deal” infrastructure projects.


    • John R Minter says:

      Rep. Stefanik is a an articulate woman with critical thinking and reasoning skills. This is not surprising since she represents voters in the blue collar city of Buffalo. Working people get it… She is a welcome contrast to the despicable Rep. Jerry Nadler and Sen. Chuck Schumer. I thought the President’s lawyers exposed that pair for their duplicity by playing their comments regarding the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

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  3. tageweb says:

    I think I am in Love!!


  4. Bryan Alexander says:

    You could see Stefanik wanted to ask her, “Are you really that stupid?”

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      They had a long-running segment on 60 Minutes called Point/Counter-Point. Liberal Shana Alexander debated conservative James J. Kilpatrick each week. It was a big deal then (70’s?) to see a woman arguing aggressively with a man.

      Saturday Night Live did a recurring parody version, with Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd. At some point in each debate Aykroyd would get frustrated and yell out “Jane, you ignorant slut!”.

      I suspect provocateurs/reporters like NBC Heidi are always trying to create their own story by being belligerent or obtuse: either works. She hoped Elise would start screaming abuse and give her a distracting new story. It works better, of course, if it’s a man yelling at a woman, but the leftist reporters are particularly targeting our Elise these days.

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      • prtomr says:

        Journalism by the MSM is dead. Bill Ayers had his wish come true. All journalism schools, as well as most colleges and universities, are run by Ayers acolytes. Their product is on blatant display in this video.


  5. Cobra227 says:

    I’ll do the $10 for lunch AND dinner, and just have a MAGA bar to hold me over. Nice Elise!

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  6. hoosiertruthfan says:

    I sent a contribution to her when I saw her putting questions to the dem House called Ukraine witnesses. She was concise, pointed and she took a load of guff from dems because she was effective.

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  7. maggiemoowho says:

    I would love to see her as Speaker of the House, she would be great.

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  8. paintbrushsage says:

    Q: What corruption investigations was Biden tracking in December 2015?

    A: Didn’t really get one, other than Bidens/Burisma.


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    • Bulldog84 says:

      It’s pretty clear Ms. Whatever Her Name Is from NBC hasn’t tracked any corruption investigations in Ukraine, unlike some of her colleagues who were looking at Hunter Biden’s doings there.

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    • cjzak says:

      We think Stefanik was great (and she was.)The left thinks Heidi was great(she wasn’t). This is why there will never be a meeting of the minds between right and left. That reporter knew exactly what she was doing. She was not interested in listening to the truth. It never will change imo.

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      • jx says:

        Przybyla desperately wants to confirm her bias: that the only reason aid was released was because Congress began investigating, there is no other explanation possible. Her mind is completely impervious to other reasons, such as the answer she was given repeatedly.

        That’s not tough minded questioning, it’s close minded zealotry.

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        • Dwayne Diesel says:

          It doesn’t matter why the aid was released. It was released and it was released before the deadline. That’s all that matters. Nothing was given in return.

          The Dems love playing this after the fact game. Trump wasn’t going to release it but since we caught him, he released it.

          They fail to see the flaw in their argument (nah, they see it they just don’t care because they think we are stupid- see CNN vid from the other day) that the aid was released.

          Fool will be fools. Idiots will be idiots. It just sucks that these idiots wield so much power and authority….


        • amazed treetop downlooker says:

          Her mind Is impervious to REASON, PERIOD, at least during this tediously laborious “Q & Al….that’s why their aptly described as “libtards”…not that name calling I ideal, but proper taxonomy saves time, Ming many other benefits….just saying …for some friends !


    • Annie says:

      I betcha Heidii i s great fun on a date

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “A: Didn’t really get one, other than Bidens/Burisma.”

      Funny. She ignored her OWN answer to her OWN question. She clearly cited: a.) Burisma, and b.) Crowdstrike. But her Tweet ignores “b” and focuses strictly on “a”.

      These people aren’t asking questions, they’re framing a narrative. That is: the narrative is already written; the questions are manufactured and subsequent answers massaged to buttress the narrative.

      It’s all bullsh*t designed to be fed to the pliant masses, hoping that they’re not really paying attention to the detail.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Also: I wonder if @NBCPolitics has considered unleashing @HeidiNBC’s “tough questioning style” on Joe Biden himself. Thinking they’re not interested.

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    • Naturally NBC hypes its own dummy.
      As if thats the news.
      Who do they think they are, Schiff?

      Do they think we viewres are stupid?
      Once NBC had stature, credibility.
      Now they make Madcow and MSNBC look professional.


      • And every day I am reminded what a sewer #deadbird is…that journos continue to platform their mendacious incompetence and receive adulation from suckups is simply playing into Trumps hands, and further alienating normal people.

        Its time for the FakeNewsMedia to go bankrupt, and they appear to be doing quite well by themselves.
        I’m outta here.


      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Yes they do think we are stupid. Reference the CNN video from the other day. They think we are stupid rubes and that they are the intellectuals who have all the knowledge.


  9. Merkin Muffley says:

    And remember, this was a person the Democrats were hoping to win over.

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  10. JC says:

    All right, Elise! Perfect blend of intellect, intensity and a total grasp of facts. Reminds me a bit of our brilliant, scrappy President when he holds pressers outside, without any notes… by his chopper… in the cold. 😎

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  11. jat says:

    ahaha no match for smart as a whip Elise – standing there with her little notebook and glasses that I suppose are a prop to give the illusion of intelligence. Idiot.

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  12. Zy says:

    Stefanik faces a tough election against a virtue signaling Democommunist in the mold of reporter. Big out of state money is coming in for Stefanik’s opponent. Help Elise if possible.

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  13. Pale rider says:

    They say over and over what this about, destroying our constitution. McConnell never should have entertained this circus now they own the presidency from here out. You want to see the death of a nation? This is it.

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  14. Lee Moore says:

    I thought it showed the disadvantage of being female in politics. Stefanik has lots of brains and is articulate, but her voice wasn’t loud enough (without shouting) to plough through the cr*p of the “reporter”‘s yapping. A guy with a big deep voice would have been able to just keep on going and drown it out.

    I remember from long ago a British politico called Douglas Hurd, who was a sort of upper class RINO type who was excellent at dealing with reporters clustering round and yapping inane questions at him. He’d just power up the lungs and then you couldn’t hear the yapping at all. Obviously what came out of his own mouth was pretty much cr*p itself – undiluted establishment platitudes – but it came out – with no effort at shouting, just talking, at such an impressive volume, and in such deep echoing tones, that it sounded authoritative. But that was incidental, mostly it drowned out the yapping. And the yappers knew it, so after a while they didn’t even bother flapping their own lips.


    • wodiej says:

      So it’s better to say crap in a louder voice?

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      • Lee Moore says:

        A naturally loud voice is a political asset.

        If your loud voice enables people to hear your ridiculous opinions more clearly, and they then take against you, the problem lies with your ridiculous opiniions, not with your loud voice.

        And at least in theory, there’s something you can do about your ridiculous opinions. Whereas if you have a naturally quiet voice, you’re stuck with it. Outside the world of politics, of course, a quiet voice may be just fine. But in politics it’s a disadvantage.


  15. Tl Howard says:

    I can’t help wondering what “new” story I’ll be met with when I wake up tomorrow. I suspect reporters are camped outside John Kelly’s house–and there’s another asshole who should have kept his damn mouth shut.

    It’s easy to pick on an outsider when you know he’s not in town forever and YOU ARE and the MEDIA ARE.


    • Austin Holdout says:

      I wonder if that same thought is what prompted Mcconnell to say he doesn’t have the votes to end this this week? Maybe if they think they won with the Bolton/Kelly scheme, they won’t put out an APB for Christine Blasey Ford and Michael Avanotti to dig up more “beach friends” with tall tales to tell.


    • Too many chiefs and not enough indians. It has been going on throughout Trump’s presidency — yet another class of idiots that don’t have the common sense, or true character, to stand with the people’s choice, but think they can do better if only we all listen to them. And another class that has outed itself remarkably well, just in selfish defiance of the President.

      Maybe we should start calling Trump, the First Third-Rail President…make that, the First Extraordinary Third-Rail President (or FETRAP, as in, he’ll rap your nose good, all you know-it-alls).


  16. mr. deacon says:

    All reporters wear an ear bud. Their team crews sit in a remote monitor room and they feed to the reporter rehearsed talking points, lies, questions, responses, tell the reporter when to interrupt, when to be obnoxious, when to shut it off. Its all pre planned and choreographed to accumulate out of context sound bites.

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  17. the_Unknown_Patriot says:

    Boy I really wish the media would’ve gone after Obama and his people in this way. They are no longer and haven’t been for sometimes worthy of the word “reporters” or “journalists”. They are nothing more than cheerleaders for the democrat party. It’s amazing we got Trump elected with the corrupt media pushing their narratives. They truly are the enemy of the people.


  18. Elise is great and Zeldin even better, did not know he was a vet, still serving. Hoo-ah!
    Much respect, and having family serving at Ft Drum- he hit it out of the park.

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  19. she looked like somebody just told her Jethro was spoken for.


  20. Sun Yat Sen says:

    I believe an effective way to answer these questions is to begin with the phrase … “Stop pretending to be stupid (or ignorant)”…..

    What is the reporter going to say? “I’m not pretending” clearly doesn’t work, so the statement will just hang there and the reporter is stuck.

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  21. Magabear says:

    That reporter was clearly auditioning for a job at the DNC. What a rude and stupid person she is.

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  22. Blase Bauer says:

    Why are they continuing to entertain this reporter? By repeating themselves over and over and over only gives the appearance that they aren’t answering rather than they DID answer and moved on.

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  23. zekness says:

    it is vitally important to stuff facts that are falsifiable to the corrupt press..and elise does an excellent job of commanding the facts.

    the next step….right after this impeachment sham is over, is to refer an investigation to the DOJ to look at some suspicious business dealings with former corrupt money laundering schemes. And not just Burisma…and not simply the Biden boys. A full investigation..

    special counsel..

    what will it take?

    perhaps a leak of some financial records that show criminal violations of reporting proper IRS filings?

    perhaps a leak of some former business partners who KNOW the kind of criminal kickbacks and real abuse of power by Congressional members who were received foreign contributions to their campaigns and purses in return for some special provisions that included real QPQ realities?

    perhaps a leak to show how the former US aid and loan guarantees were distributed in high numbers to favorable US businesses that enriched members of congress, their families and contributors?

    The point is, this impeachment is really about corruption in Ukraine…

    trust me when i say this..when this impeachment is over..and this administration does not pursue ANY criminal investigations into Ukraine…The corrupt left will point at it and make it a very big political knife towards President Trump..They will take this issue AGAIN..and use it to demonstrate the argument that this President never had, and continues to not have, any intention whatsover in investigating corruption.

    we should not allow them this space.

    and we should do it no matter what the corrupt jackwagons will suggest about this President.

    We should be looking at Ukraine will a fine tooth comb..and serving indictments that will surely reveal the extent of manipulations and massive fraud that included Biden..and many others.

    We need to take this fight because it serves justice..and it achieves the goals this president has argued correctly is his asserted legal constitutional powers.

    and we should not be leaving this job up to Rudy alone.

    lets get behind this right now, and start planning the next steps.

    it’s chess. this impeachment is already over.

    it’s time to get on the offense and put these corrupt officials in serious jeopardy.


    • My first reaction is to ask, can’t we first focus on indicting, prosecuting and imprisoning all of the perpertrators of the coup d’etat against the President and people’s choice — including Obama/Soetoro, the two-bit master(batory)mind?

      My second reaction is, well, we need to pick up Washington DC bodily, and shake out everyone in it (we can ask the President to stay in Maralago for a day or two while we do this)…and step on them as they scurry away.

      Ha-ha, just kidding. On the theory that we should prosecute on the basis of “last in, first out”, we should first go after the criminal aiders and abettors in the Senate — especially the anti-Trump Republicans — who are now “entertaining” us with their putrid antics of a “Senate trial”.

      We do not have a legitimate federal government.


      • prtomr says:

        harryd, sometimes I think that we should just chop off off the District of Columbia, tow it out to sea about 300 miles and sink it, then start over with a brand new government.


        • zekness says:

          my political platform has always been this:

          when elected my first bill on the floor will be to remove the 2 electoral college members from the district of columbia. It is not a state..and it represents the worst type of politically motivated gerrymandering by the mere illusion that this region is somehow special and deserves some special voting representation considerations.

          and then after that…

          when elected my second bill will be to address term limits. 4 years sounds about right…

          third promise? no more campaign contributions.

          fourth promise? no federal employee or congressional member may hold any financial interest in any industry of which they hold policy or regulatory powers. No more swinging doors.

          5th promise? house members will always be under oath…just as the senate….no special rules for lawmakers. congressional members can also be impeached. Not merely expelled…but removed from office by impeachment trial.

          6th promise? tomorrow the patriot act is repealed. No more spying permitted whatsoever by any secret court. Want a warrant..go to a federal judge.

          7th promise? wrongful classification to hide misconduct will carry a penalty of forfeiture of all allowances, 10 year minimum prison terms with no parole, and for those classifications that are abused to withhold key material that would provide otherwise evidence favorable to a defendant. Immediate penalties to those involved and the case immediately dismissed with prejudice.

          8th promise? every day around 4 pm…one rotten tomatoe is allowed to be thrown at adam schiff. For the rest of his life. By any random person, selected in a lottery. It will be broadcast on C-span and it will interrupt all programming by law…It will be a public service announcement that is mandatory in order to retain FCC licensing.

          and so on.


  24. Kimmy K says:

    IMO, no truer words were ever spoken by PDJT:
    “The fake news is the ENEMY of the people.”


    • sDee says:

      I believe a litmus test between freemen and natural slaves is if they believe the media or not.

      Our enemy has long known it must convince us to systemically deconstruct the essential liberties forged by our Constitution. They now lie deep and pervasive within all institutions of government and society.

      Their designs would would be quickly be exposed without this highly sophisticated propaganda in media and entertainment, and, the preparation of young minds by the public education system.

      “We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.” ― B. W. Powe


  25. wodiej says:

    I like her. She is who she says she is. You can bet that some big wheels are in on this charade like big pharma. PT is trying to do what is right and they are “running with the devil.”


  26. Genie says:

    I had to chuckle at the end when the Fox studio anchor referred to the three representatives as “senators.”


  27. Rynn69 says:

    This is a textbook example of a biased “reporter” engineering a narrative vs. reporting the facts. It should be a required video of every journalism course on unethical conduct in journalism…


  28. DebbieSemms says:

    Elise is certainly a great speaker and attorney however people blindly suggest she would be a great speaker of the house. She wouldn’t! She supports amnesty and mass migration which would give the dems total control of the country in a few short years.

    Nikey Halley and Trey Gowdey are also great talkers but I wouldn’t put either in charge..Didn’t we learn anything from Rinos like Paul Ryan?


  29. Watch and learn. This is how it’s done: “I reject the premise of your question” Elsie knows how to throw cold water on the flame by attacking the idiotic premise driving the stupid question. Well done Elsie!
    PS Where are the men? Why do women have to step up and lead? Answer: Men have gone to mush.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Oh pooh. You’ve been watching too many Soy Boy Progressives. Our men are just fine, tyvm, they just have manners.
      Listen to the entire clip. Lee Zeldin gives Miss MSNBC as good as he got. Even stepped aside to give her the microphone. Mannerly.


  30. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Too bad they cut away just before the part where it turns into a fist-fight and Elise beats her to a pulp and rubs her face in dog feces.

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  31. She’s only 35 and the youngest woman elected by the GOP to Congress. She deserves many more years and I just made a Texas Contribution to my NY Congress Lady.

    Do it here… https://secure.winred.com/EliseStefanik/donate


  32. Keystonekon says:

    Zeldin and Johnson didn’t want to be perceived as beating up the obnoxious “girl” here.
    Stefanik engaged this bitch in verbal mud wrestling. The aforementioned wench didn’t allow for any other questions but her own.
    I just wanted to break her fingers for all the pointing she was doing, but can live with knowing Elise smacked her silly.


  33. Herbert Kroll says:

    From 12:50 to 13:10… Przybyla touching rep. Zeldin… So condescending and definitely crossing the line of appropriate behaviour, imho.


    • On the other hand, it shows what she really wants to do, physically control her enemy, whom she so despises that mere words are not enough. Of course, this is by now the temptation for all of us, to just beat the other side into submission. In my fantasy, it might have been appropriate for Zeldin to grab her wrist and twist her arm behind her back (as any TV hero worth his Nielsen rating would do).

      But Buffy says, “No…That would be WRONG.” (with a little girl/ingenue pout).

      Or as Herman Munster would say, “DARN-DARN-DARN-DARN-DARN!”

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  34. namberak says:

    I used to jokingly say that my idea of purgatory on earth would be to have Colter and Malkin going after me on a news show somewhere. Scratch that. How about having Rep. Stefanik going after you? Yikes! 🙂


  35. Randolph Scott says:

    The NBC twat with glasses has a severe case of ‘I can’t comprehend what you are saying’ syndrome mixed with ‘interuptus all the timeus’.

    I would never be so kind to a pushy moron like her. I would definitely tell to stfu and listen, then write down what I just told you.


  36. jeans2nd says:

    This entire vid needs be watched. There were some 29 interruptions.
    Zeldin, at one point, even stepped aside and gave the mic to Przybyla.

    In the background, one can see Stefanik simmering. Stefanik finally takes action.
    Mama Grizzly.
    Sarah Palin must be growling with pride. Mama Grizzly Part Deux.

    Przybyla was not like this while at Bloomberg. MSNBC has changed her. She is auditioning to be Chuck Todd’s replacement on his MSNBC show. Not speculation – fact.

    Too bad Fake News like Przybyla cannot see nor decipher the writing on the wall. Television, and television news may be out of business by the time these Fake News reporters are 50. And that’s a good thing.

    And thanks for showing the way, Guvner Palin.


  37. stringplayer55 says:

    How about Elise for President in 2024? She is good! So good that I’m sure she would garner another round of phony impeachment efforts if the Dems had control over the House.

    Mittens, Murkowski, Collins, and Alexander need to wake up out of their deep slumbers. The fight for our Republic is real. The assault on our Constitution is from the left, not anything that President Trump has said or done.

    Actually, I have some sympathy for Collins because she comes from a state that is in a very blue region of the country. (I doubt that Collins survives the next election regardless of her votes in this impeachment charade, but if she were to gave a prayer, she probably needs to look like a closet Dem.) But Mittens, Murkowski, and Alexander are all from red states. Why they think they should now to the left is beyond me.


  38. hokkoda says:

    She did a good job, but these are missed opportunities to address the public instead of trying to persuade a Liberal hack “reporter” pushing an agenda.

    Each time the reporter ignored Stefanek and pushed her own narrative, Stefanek should have responded to the camera with “This is how a media hit-job works. She asks a question, and I answer it. She then pretends not to know what I’m talking about, ignores my answer, claims I didn’t answer it, and resets. This is intended to get me angry and flustered, which isn’t working, but you can see how this works. The report pretends not to know obvious things. When the President talks about fake news, this is what he means. Take this book you’re holding for example. It’s a prop. Why, you’re just this patient little darling asking an innocent question. Or, maybe you’re just the know-it-all college professor looking down her nose at me like you’re the authority. It’s all for show. Folks, this is what fake news looks like.”

    This is why Trump gives helicopter pressers now. He takes away the props and the trappings of the media, and drowns them all out with a loud helicopter knowing their boom mics can’t pick up both at the same time. Stefanek and her colleagues should take a page from Trump in this regard. Marginalize the reporters, put them in an uncomfortable position where they cannot preen for the camera and the Congressman can hear the questions, but can pick and choose responses without letting the fake news reporter get into their physical space.

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