Second Session – Day Two – Senate Impeachment Trial – 3:50pm Livestream…

To assist in page-load-time we’re breaking up the Senate Impeachment discussion threads.

There will be 24 hours of presentation by House Impeachment Managers (over 3 days); 24 hours of presentation by Defense team (over 3 days); 16 hours of Senate questioning; 4 hours of closing arguments, equally divided; and then a Senate debate/vote on further motions to include witnesses. If there are going to be witnesses, they will first be deposed prior to testimony. No witness testimony will be permitted without first being deposed.

The Senate Trial continues today with the second session at 3:50pm EST, continuing with with opening arguments by House Impeachment Managers.

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537 Responses to Second Session – Day Two – Senate Impeachment Trial – 3:50pm Livestream…

  1. Bluto says:

    How come Senators are allowed to run out to the press whenever there is a break? I was under the impression that they must remain silent even to one another upon penalty of imprisonment.

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  2. booger71 says:

    Nadler now telling us a “story”


    • TheWanderingStar says:

      That’s creepy.

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      • willthesuevi says:

        Yep, he is a pettifogging little bridge troll.

        I love it when I learn a new word.

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        • Raptors2020 says:

          It’s astounding that the Democrats don’t know how important it is to have a physically attractive, or at least compelling presence, as their spokesperson. Instead they chosen surely the most physically ugly person in the Congress (Nadler) and the bizarre-looking Schiff.

          And physically attractiveness is so important to them in political candidates. JFK Jr would surely have become a major figure in their party if he had lived. John Edwards (the Breck Girl) was almost their nominee for a Presidential candidate. Sarah Palin terrified them partially because of her beauty (which they would never admit). And Gary Hart, the empty vessel caught aboard the naughty vessel “Monkey Business”. So many examples..

          Moral vacuity and ruthlessness appear to be the criteria for choosing their spokespeople.
          The concept that this is a TV show is beyond their grasp. Imagine the difference it would make if an attractive black woman were presenting their case? That person would become an immediate star within the Democrat Party and the media. Perhaps jealousy and political ambition are the reasons that no such person has been placed front and centre?


          • jello333 says:

            One reason I’m glad Tulsi has no chance of being the Dem nominee. Because thanks to her looks, and her not being totally insane, she would have been much tougher than the remaining bunch.


            • Raptors2020 says:

              Leftists hate their country but adore themselves. That insurmountable contradiction causes them to reject appealing candidates like Tulsi. The siren call of ugly people like Hillary and Bernie always leads them astray.

              The Never-Trumpers would twist themselves in knots to appreciate Tulsi. Thankfully, the Democrats will nominate a ridiculous, elderly, anti-American joke of a candidate.

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        • Romans 8:31 says:


          Ha, ha, too true. Except for the “little” part.


    • Mr. Morris says:

      In the fantasy world of Nadler and Schiff storytelling is okey-dokey.


  3. citizen817 says:

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  4. Parker Longbaugh says:

    Rules are for you and me and those we know.

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  5. Ackman419 says:

    Still waiting for ANY evidence to be shown that proves a crime, any crime.
    BTW, after perusing some libtard blogs, many of them know this isn’t going to work,

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    • bertdilbert says:

      I spent my time yesterday on this. Not going anywhere, all lies and deception and hearsay. I think the best thing is for me to waste no further time on this and just tune in at end of the day should they be any highlights.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

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  7. mark says:

    How many Senators does it take to change a light bulb?


  8. Polish Rifle says:

    No way Nadless can stand upright for 2 hours. The over/under on him collapsing is 445 PM EDT.

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  9. Mary Van Deusen says:

    Thanks sundance and mod for your thoughtfulness in the new thread. It will be easier on loading time.

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  10. Tiffthis says:

    Why are they(dems) allowed to mention any “crimes” not in the articles? Shut this down- don’t recognize them when they go off topic- do something!!!!

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    • willthesuevi says:

      I understand what you are saying but let me offer another point of view.

      Every minute they talk about things that have no relevance to the two charges listed in the Articles of Impeachment, is a minute they lost to make a substantial point for their case.

      Ya don’t filibuster a court.

      They are playing to a public that has even lost interest in their drive by sound bytes. Their own supporters have quit watching this garbage, and the Senators are only voting on the two Articles.

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    • paulashley says:

      Again I say, isn’t this Roberts’ job? If not, what the h3ll is he doing there?

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    • beach lover says:

      They do it at their own peril… because they mention it now, but if it was a crime.. why didnt they put it in the articles? Look for the WH lawyers to be addressing all this one by one. Plus they brought in Biden and his reason for holding the money, to fire the Ukraine prosecutor…. which is uh….quid pro quo, no?

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  11. California Joe says:

    I have fought through dozens of federal criminal trials in Miami over the past 30 years and dealt with the likes of Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and the Lawfare group. They are shameless liars who know no boundaries. When one lying tactic doesn’t work they go on to the next. When caught red-handed in a misrepresentation they simply shake it off and start on the next. The legal strategy is simple. You just keep throwing accusations of wrongdoing at the prosecution and the agents until one of them sticks hoping to fcind a judge or juror stupid enough to believe them. That is what you are witnessing here today. Bolshevik lawyers in action! The playbook is the same for all of them because sometimes it works!

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  12. sundance says:

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    • giveadamn says:

      My Senator, Thom Tillis, who I never hear jack from until it’s election year. Posturing for re-election this November. Has his own corruption issues. He will be primaried.


  13. jeans2nd says:

    This is what the House guys are for, and they’re doing their job splendidly

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  14. decisiontime16 says:

    Schiff has given himself the starring role performing his work of fantasy fiction on stage in the Senate theater.

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  15. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    That so-called “abuse of power” is not against the law; as it is what goes on in Washington day in and day out. In this case it is part of a struggle between the White House and the Congress. And “obstruction of Congress” is also not a crime on the books anywhere. It is a made up phrase concocted by the lunatics current running the House of Representatives.

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  16. Drogers says:

    First BugEyes and now NoNads –

    Someone call my lawyer cause this personifies ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’

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  17. Garavaglia says:

    The old “shotgun” prosecution.


  18. jeans2nd says:

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  19. Sean Supsky says:

    Abuse of power….quid pro quo….all have to do with Foreign Policy, which is the purview of the President of the United States.

    The Dems, House, don’t like President Trumps’ Foreign Policy because it removes their skimming.

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  20. L4grasshopper says:

    Maybe this is more “hope” than analysis…..but it seems to me that if the likes of Collins, Murkowski, and Romney had been actually giving the House Dems any “benefit of the doubt” up to this point, that illusion is being shattered into billions of shards the more Schiff and Nads and the rest of them put on their unhinged case.

    Put another way…..for any Republican to grant the Dems the ability to call any witnesses, at all, to extend their fishing expedition after their complete failure to prove a damn thing…hell, they aren’t even in the same zip code of “probable cause”! —- well. Such would be proof positive of a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome!

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  21. Vegas Guy says:

    An indelible dilemma to visualize……… Shifty, No Nads, Natzi. & Smuck Shummer are in a room. You have a Glock….The dilemma….You only have ONE bullet…..

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  22. jeans2nd says:

    Garcia has just rebutted her own arguments with Rudy G’s words, proving what Rudy said, he was in Ukraine to defend the President against the Mueller Sham

    Stupid woman. Do they never listen to themselves?

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    • J.Thomas says:

      They don’t really have to listen to themselves. Nobody holds them accountable. The media, the justice system or their base of voters (all the same bloc of people apparently)…nobody holds them accountable.

      Republicans MUST hold them accountable, lest they erode the country to its marrow and rot it from the bone outward.

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  23. CM-TX says:

    Just passing on c/o /r/the_donald (still quarantined 🤨)

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    • Vegas Guy says:

      Any one else notice that Shiftty sometimes, for TV viewer effect, sneaks a short stare directly into the overhead camera? That, I believe is a no-no. Congress members. IIRC, can’t talk directly into the venue camera when speaking or presenting…

      Watch for it….It is short & quick but the face & eyes do go directly to the camera whenever he is attempting to instill a Dem talking point, or some fabricated piece of “evidence, they concocted…LOL

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  24. Reserved55 says:

    Sounds like Nanzi when she went off to Rosen.

    “He was just kind of off the cuff and he said, ‘I don’t know, I think Lisa Murkowski hates me. I kind of like her,’ ” she said of the president’s comments.

    She told her home-state newspaper, “And I read that and I was like ‘Oh gosh, I don’t hate him.’”

    So she phoned the president.

    “And I just said, ‘Hey, sir, you know, there’s all this stuff out there that you think I hate you,” Mrs. Murkowski said. “‘I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anybody, but I don’t hate you.’”

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  25. septro says:

    So much talk about Giuliani and how central he is but do you wonder why the Dems have not asked to have him as Witness #1? Dems are desperate for the principles to testify but they haven’t asked for Guiliani, the President himself or Zelensky who is the subject of this “scheme” as witnesses.

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  26. jeans2nd says:

    Fox just broke away for commercials.

    Thank you Lord ! Never been so glad to hear a commercial in my life.
    Thinkin’ a buying silver now lol

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  27. booger71 says:

    This woman now is having a really bad hair day

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  28. Polish Rifle says:

    Why do most Democrat women look like they are descended from the Twilight Zone episode “The Mask”?

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  29. jeans2nd says:

    It is now “shocking” to listen to information from a person from another country, per Garcia.

    We’re in trouble, folks, if these people ever return to power in all three branches.

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  30. ALLAN CRAIN says:

    Almost without exception we hear speculation: e.g. “He did that because he: wanted; or feared.”
    Clips are out of context and truncated.
    Even Chris Wallace took Schiff to task for the misrepresentation of Mike Mulvaney’s “quid pro” quote.


  31. Nigella says:

    My my just took a little trip to the enemy media… I don’t recommend it… Words like dazzling and magnificent are being used for Schiffs “performance.” Oh… I forgot masterful and devastating to Trump’s legal team

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  32. Drogers says:

    OK, one last post and then I’ll let it be.

    How much hate in your heart do you have to have to live in the progs world of lies while ignoring the many accomplishments of PDJT? How is it possible to even claim yourself as an American …

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  33. Publius2016 says:

    Dimms realize this is being televised right???

    They save Penguin for primetime???

    Lets just say, The Dimms have no one…no bench…nothing…

    Tulsi voted present…

    The Apprentice was Number 1 several times…People love 45!! thats why the Dimms keep looping 45 videos.

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  34. Chiefco says:

    From Washington Times Opinion: “There is no amount of hyperventilating, hyperbole and flat-out lying that can paper over the disastrous case that House Democrats have asked the Senate to try in their effort to impeach President Trump,” writes Charles Hurt.

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  35. fanbeav says:

    So they are cherry picking testimony from their career bureaucrats and only showing their “innuendo and assumptions”. I hope President Trump’s lawyer have video of each and every time House GOP was able to make it clear that most never met President Trump, were not present during any of the conversations and flat out said NO QUID PRO QUO when asked under oath!

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  36. sparel says:

    This is insane. I can’t take it. You don’t impeach a President because you don’t disagree with his foreign policy. Dismiss this mess.

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    • markone1blog says:

      Sure we can. From this point on, this had better be the norm for the Republicans.

      Truthfully, hasn’t it been the standard for Democrats to reject any Republican win since Bush versus Gore? Don’t you remember “Not my President.”

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        Don’t forget the 1980 October Surprise Reagan ‘pulled’ on Carter. Or how Nixon stole the election from Humphrey. Democrats never lose Presidential elections, they’re just stolen from them.
        Which begs the question: If they’re so good at cheating, how do they still manage to lose time after time?

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  37. constreeper says:

    I sincerely dont understand why Biden and the Dems are deathly afraid of an investigation into debunked conspiracy theories. Surely a proper investigation into Hunter and Joe Bidens activity in Ukraine would benefit them as it would once and for all clear The Biden’s and snap back and make POTUS look foolish. An investigation of this debunked Kremlin propaganda wouldn’t be for the President personal benefit , it would in fact be to his detriment . I don know why The Bidens arent rushing to microphones offering to testify! to present the evidence that gave them the DEBUNKED stamp of MSM media and Dem approval.

    In fact Trump campaign your next TShirt THE BIDENS DEBUNKED lol


  38. RC23321 says:

    I’m surprised they don’t have Crowe up there in his dress uniform.

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  39. clulessgrandpa says:

    Watching some shows on the Hallmark channel. lol


  40. Hans says:

    Wow we are now in Afghanistan..what a joke


  41. Val says:

    You are now entering the Twilight Zone:

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  42. I’m watching Top Dog! I will watch again when the good guys are up! I watched all this crap when this was in the House……..I can’t lose anymore brain cells to them!


  43. jeans2nd says:

    The Socialist democrats have forgotten 8 years of Obama, during which Ukraine blew up, Obama declared Ukraine is “not an ally of ours,” and Obama refused to send lethal aid.

    One would think Pres Trump had been in office for decades.
    Dummies. We do not forget.

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  44. Hans says:

    What I’m I missing… testimony …..even today all the money (Ukraine) has not been spent
    What’s the point.


  45. jeans2nd says:


    Helps to have an ex-Pat Brit working for you


  46. Cobicat says:

    How can that as&$(le talk about restricted military aid when the amazing God president Obama denied aid three consecutive years to Ukraine


  47. You weren’t supposed to notice.

    You weren’t supposed to notice that Hillary Clinton was running a world-wide Bribery Empire out of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

    You weren’t supposed to notice that Barack Obama was committing treason with Iran by giving them billions of dollars, uranium, anti-aircraft systems and permission to build missiles.

    You weren’t supposed to notice that somewhere along the line, the FBI, CIA and DOJ morphed into the Democrats’ Secret Police Force.

    You weren’t supposed to notice that too many lawmakers were working for China, Inc., and not their American constituents.

    And you weren’t supposed to notice that regimes around the world were paying off Joe Biden through his son.

    You weren’t supposed to notice–but that’s exactly what Donald Trump did. He noticed. And worse, he said it out loud. That’s unforgivable.

    He spoke truth to power in a town where no one speaks truth to power. As Solzhenitsyn put it, “In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.”

    Donald J. Trump is the kid who said the Emperor has no clothes,

    Of course they had to crucify him. He’s the Only Honest Man in Sewer City.

    And he’s going to win.

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    • vikingmom says:

      Absolutely spot on!! Thank you for this amazing summary and especially for the final line!!

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    • adam says:

      Is there a way to keep this at the top of EVERY comments section?

      Nice. Gorgeous. I love it.

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    • Ken Maritch says:

      This text would work perfectly as a voiceover on a Trump campaign commercial.

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    • mdt123 says:

      You said in few words what thousands of pages and pundits cannot capture or want to hide

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    • Chiefco says:

      Hear Hear !


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Indeed, it’s like a bell that can’t be unrung.
      Now the globalists are desperate and going full speed ahead with their congressional lies and deceit. The progressive socialists and their allies in Big Media can try to bamboozle all they want but the cat is out of the bag. Their days of cultural dominance are numbered and they despise this president for exposing them; and they hate all of us Deplorables even more because we voted for him. Too bad for them as there will be even more of us casting our ballots this time around!

      ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~


    • 813.52Ran says:

      Every so often there are posts on the CTH that are keepers.
      I wish Sundance would dedicate a page to stand-alone posts, not open to comments, but just a collection of great individual posts by the Peanut Gallery.

      Treepers Keepers.

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    • Coast says:

      Send this to the WH.

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    • JohnCasper says:

      “Donald J. Trump is the kid who said the Emperor has no clothes”

      Traveling back in the Wayback machine to several decades ago.

      So the Big Club entourage went in procession, and everyone in the streets said, “How incomparable wonderful they are! How filled with virtue they are! How they love the American people! How selfless they are! How well they look out after us!!! How they so keep their word!” Few would let it be perceived that they could not really detect the slightest evidence for any of this, for that would have shown that they were not fit for their positions or were very stupid or were a Big Club wonderfulness denier or even worse, a Deplorable void of all virtue.

      “But all the Big Club ever does is just lie, cheat, line their own pockets, steal and crap all over the country!!! Someday I will have to fix all this! ” a young child named Donald cried out at last. “Just hear what my Donald says!” said the father Fred: and one whispered to another what the young Donald had said. “Hey, the kid’s right!!!” said the whole of all the sane people there at length. That touched the members of the Big Club for inside they knew the young Donald was right; but the thought within themselves was, “We must go through with telling all the lies or the days of our feeding on the American people will be over. We dare not do otherwise” And so even as more and more of the people were scornfully laughing out loud at them, the members of the Big Club further increased their lies and venom even further and very heatedly proclaimed their patriotism and virtue, which did not exist at all.


    • teaforall says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Right on the money


    • Ellie says:

      So well said!

      I would never believe the depth of corruption and insanity that’s been revealed in the last 3 years. Folks, after watching Rep. Schiff and his co-conspirators during these hearings, the insanity is breathtaking. If the Republic is to continue to exist, it is absolutely critical that the swamp be drained. We are being governed by psychopaths.

      God help us!

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    • StanH says:

      Boom! You were always good with words President Reagan.

      We stick together and we will crush them.

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    • RobInPA says:

      The “IRS” needs to be added to obama-mao’s gestapo attack force against We The People.


    • LafnH20 says:

      Full Marks.

      Well Done!


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