Video Walkthrough of Richmond, Virginia, Showing Sketchy Caged Protest Area…

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Virginia government officials have made extensive preparations ahead of tomorrow’s planned Second Amendment “Lobby Day” protests.  Earlier today a videographer named Stephen B walked through the capitol grounds to highlight the extensive fencing assembled by authorities.  Some slightly salty language:


Additionally, the Virginia State Police are taking the planned protest quite seriously. In a Twitter video below law enforcement show up at a man’s home, 100 miles from the venue, to question him based on a “tip”, and suspecting some thought crimes may be committed.


The whole thing seems rather sketchy:

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271 Responses to Video Walkthrough of Richmond, Virginia, Showing Sketchy Caged Protest Area…

  1. Bill says:

    Just finished looking over the facebook pages for local Antifa chapters around our state (Virginia), and it appears the word was for them to stay away from the pro 2nd amendment (Lobby Day) gathering in Richmond. Good news indeed- if this is the case.

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    • TMonroe says:

      Likely used instead for an easy info gathering/ tagging event, which can now be sorted and monitored as they choose


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Strongly agree, Bill.

      Knock on wood; seems peaceful thus far. Thank God for that blessing, let’s pray it stays exactly that way.

      Meanwhile, I pray the western counties are planning out VEXIT over unconstitutional actions to deprive citizens of their guaranteed rights. Knocking Virginia’s tax revenue on its ass will send a message even Dumocrats might understsnd.

      The crowd size is impressive, as is the decorum thus far. God bless.


  2. askandgettruth says:

    make sure they make it big enough for the corrupt gov. and the rest of the socialist and antifa pigs


  3. Have Gun Will Travel says:

    The VA pro 2A lobby day has gone well. No problems, no counter-protestors, and there was only one white nationalist present – governor “Coonman” Northam.
    Hopefully it will help influence the vulnerable dem senators into voting no on the firearm, ammo, and shooting range bans, and continue to mitigate the other terrible bills. The huge turnout has given credibility and authority to the pro-2A folks who are meeting privately with these legislators today and throat the week. Bloomberg has his lobbyists show up with tens of thousands of dollars as leverage to buy these representatives, our side had its leverage show up in the form of tens of thousands of courageous patriots at the capital this morning. God bless, and many thanks to them.

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  4. kittylenoir says:

    Meanwhile state senator Ebbin introduced a bill working it’s way through VA congress to award ALL Virginia electoral college votes to the party with the national popular vote. Hope Virginians are aware that their vote won’t count anymore. HEADS UP Virginia!

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  5. Rj says:

    A tip ? From who a cop ? A facial recognition system tip ? It’s really amazing that this man knows more about the capital structure then these ? Cops or Fan Belt Inspectors (FBI) or who ever they belong to. Do they do this same thing to the illegals in that state who have raped and killed before or after they are released ? Do they question the governor about his KKK affirmation ? Or are they part of it too ? What about questions to the rapists and racist LT governor ? What alphabet agency do these two belong too ?


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