Secretary Steven Mnuchin Discusses U.S-China Trade, Enforcement Mechanisms and Iran Sanctions…

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on Fox News with Brett Baier for a more detailed discussion of the U.S-China ‘phase-one’ trade agreement.  Additionally, Secretary Mnuchin discussed the status of sanctions with Iran and his view on impeachment.


…and Brett Baier is a human cabbage patch doll.

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26 Responses to Secretary Steven Mnuchin Discusses U.S-China Trade, Enforcement Mechanisms and Iran Sanctions…

  1. flyboy51v says:

    The hostility is over the top …. as always ….


    • MNBV says:

      🙂 you think that’s “hostile”?…..The BBC or Australia’s ABC or Canadian’s CBC broadcast hatred of PDJT that would melt your ears.

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      • gerkmonster says:

        I agree. The interview isn’t worth crap if it’s all softball and doesn’t allow them a chance to answer Schumers critique.


        • Schumer’s “critique” was a knee-jerk reaction. He hadn’t seen the agreement at the time he spoke. He certainly was not, yet, in a position to “critique” the agreement.

          Anyway, it’s Schumer. You certainly didn’t expect he would congratulate President Trump, did you?


    • Pa Hermit says:

      He’s almost up to Gate Keeper Wallace in becoming hard as Hell to listen to! Don’t miss the telly at all anymore!


  2. Reserved55 says:

    The Sammon, Wallass, Bare, Me-again playbook replay.


  3. Reserved55 says:

    Nancy’s nephew.

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  4. tdaly14 says:

    The debt is a threat and must be addressed, that’s the only thing we disagreed on. PT has our great military building up, now tackle the debt after re-election, it’s Medicare/Medicaid the most.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      You act like this began three years ago “The debt is a threat and must be addressed”
      Now tell me what would you like to do about Medicare? As far as Medicaid well the democrats took care of that with Obama care, Medicaid Expansion ring a bell with you.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      We have 2-3 TRILLION dollars at stake in health care. More than half of the 18% of the GDP of this country, that is being extorted out of money americans are paying through their employers and taxes out of fear of loss of health care. Health care that is becoming less effective every day because the Crooks in health insurance companies, the American Hospital Association, Pharmaceuticals, and hijacked physician organizations who don’t represent real working physicians are:

      – having money diverted away from health care (patients and payment of health care professional) into large bureaucracies.
      – setting up physicians and true providers of high value, patient centered care as failing, so they can lobby for the “Single payer system” or “Medicare for all”, which sill simply give the rest of the control to foxes who have already taken over the healthcare hen house.

      If you think Global Warming, and the Green movement was a scam built on fear of hurting our national body, the parasite of health care extortion has already consumed two legs or our national body.

      We give a business complex 4 Trillion dollars of our health care money in a system which makes profits by not giving money to pay for health care, and then slowly give them more decisionmaking power over how that money gets paid — and expect that to work?

      Open your eyes and look at how sensless the healthcare system is becoming. Look at who is becoming rich in health care. It is not doctors, nurses, mental health professionals. And those who are becoming very rich, are not providing effective care — they have started giving their signature over more and more to a facade of health care


      • railer says:

        All true. Since +60% of health care is paid for by government right now, we need to have a responsible government that beneficially doles out those dollars, rather than the bought off prostitutes we have in the Uniparty. Fix the 60% and it’ll bring positive knock on effects to the remaining 40%


  5. California Joe says:

    Brett Baier is Fox’s Dan Dorfman!


  6. GTOGUY says:

    Why all the hate towards Brett? I watch him all the time and think he is a straight arrow as far as political anchors go. He gives everyone a hard time and that is what I want to see. I am a big Trump supporter, but I live in the real world and want to see news reporters who call it like they see it, and hold all politicians feet to the fire including my President and his cabinet.


    • GB Bari says:

      Brett has previously been much more aggressive with his use of “But….” in response to his guests’ pro-Trump / pro-MAGA statements. Baier also loves to use past statements as lead-ups to “Gotch!” questions. His Swampishness today was mild by comparison.

      Plus Mnuchin wasn’t having any of Baier’s narrative engineering and was righteously assertive on all points, leaving the viewer little room for doubt that Steve is fully on board with this President’s agenda. Also Mnuchin was clearly eager to point out facts and numbers that prove the successes and benefits being experienced on a broad scale.

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      It’s not something that can be easily explained to someone who thinks Bit is straight up. One either perceives it or does not. Bit’s world view is Globohomo along the lines of the 2 Bush’s. Speaking only for myself I am at this point in time quite past caring what he says. He poses no threat to me or mine and if he remains in the demeanor he’s demonstrated he won’t make our List. That Bush clan though is damn close.


    • techherder says:

      BS Brett is SHEP SMITH LITE a turd by any other name. FOX is not your friend.


  7. CoffeeBreak says:

    lol re: cabbage patch kid. I often think of the media as garbage pail kids.

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  8. Rynn69 says:

    No one can touch PDJT’s and Sundance’s wit. “And Brett Baier is a human cabbage patch doll.” Amen, brother. Amen.

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  9. James Street says:

    I never thought this deal was possible because it would require a complete restructuring of the godless commie’s corrupt system. I’m wondering if “Phase 1” will work or if it’s President Trump’s strategy to give American companies more time to extricate themselves from China. To accomplish a trade deal President Trump and his economic team must have gone into great detail teaching China and laying out a path for them to move out of their godless commie utterly corrupt system. President Trump genuinely does want the best not only for the American people but the Chinese people. His deals are tough but fair.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      It gave us more teeth and more ability to document the unfairness of China. It prevents some extortion of trade dollars by U.S. citizens capitalizing on the higher cost business in the U.S. and then setting up business where the cost is cheaper in “hell hole” communist/socialist countries — at the expense of wealth building opportunities for U.S. citizens.


    • railer says:

      Multinationals were already seeing the puppet strings in China, before Trump. They flooded in there 20 years ago after China’s WRO succession, but they now know they were too aggressive and they see what it’s cost them. They’re redeploying capital accordingly, and Trump is simply fanning the flames. Most of this redeployment is being done by the multinationals themselves in their timeline, with the tariffs as a spur, and Trump is now using the tariffs to spur the Chinese to buy more of our stuff. They’re dual purpose then, but they’re really not very intrusive on the companies as a whole, only on the CCP, and not on American consumers, as the data tells us, contrary to neolib dogma.

      I expect the Chinese to cheat on this deal as they always do. It seems to be structured with that in mind. We’ll see what happens.


    • L. E. Joiner says:

      I don’t think the administration has any illusions about Chinese reform. Phase 1 gives the President a pre-election victory, but as you say also keeps the pressure on and gives “American companies more time to extricate themselves from China.”

      Watch out for Bloomberg, who wants to climb back into the Chinese lap. Yes, he is their lapdog.

      As for Bret Baier, criticized by others, I think he is an honest interviewer, supportive of the administration but moderately skeptical, as any good reporter should be. He is in no way as underhanded as his pro-establishment colleague, Chris Wallace is.


  10. railer says:

    I was first mistrustful of Mnuchin, but he’s been a stalwart. Very focused. Handles the media flawlessly. Very intelligent. He gets MAGA.

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  11. Craig says:

    Can’t steal from something that is not there.
    Cut Federal spending by 90% and have a small surplus budget to begin to attack the debt and other liabilities.
    Dept. of State – cut 90% of the employees, remove all Globalists.
    Dept. of Defense – cut by at least 50%, end NATO, end all wars in
    Africa, Middle East, SW Asia, remove 95%+ overseas bases. Maybe keep a
    few sea lane security bases such as Diego Garcia. Put many of the troops
    on the SW border.
    Dept. of Justice – cut 80% of the employees, end the FBI, cut all Globalists and maybe add a few Federal marshals.
    Dept. of Interior – abolish, sell all Federal land and (or) transfer to the several States.
    Dept. of Agriculture – abolish, open drug makers (and others) to full liability.
    Dept. of Commerce – abolish, no more corporate welfare, no Ex-Im bank, etc.
    Dept. of Labor – abolish, ad-hoc negotiations such as send the VP somewhere only to assist in major strikes.
    Dept. of HUD – abolish, sell property to the poor living at these sites at 10 cents on the dollar.
    Dept. of Transportation – abolish, the Army Corps of Engineers can assist high priority infrastructure.
    Dept. of Energy – abolish, NRC can go under the Sec.Def.
    Dept. of Education – abolish, this will improve local schools with less wasted man hours of compliance.
    Dept. of Veteran Affairs – privatize, full choice for our veterans.
    Dept. of Homeland Security – abolish, some security items moved back to Defense.
    Dept. of Health and Human Service – Phase out, exempt the first 20k of income from SS/FICA. Make Medicare immediately optional.
    Sell off Fed assets such as NASA, TVA, etc. to pay down to some of the liabilities.
    End all foreign aid, USAID, IMF, etc.
    Abolish the 16th amendment (income tax).
    Abolish the 17th amendment (direct election of Senators) back to the
    States. Ambassadors from the several States, separation of powers.
    Abolish the unlawful 3rd Bank of US, also known as the Fed. Congress has
    no authority to delegate such power, to a cartel or otherwise without
    the amendment process to the US Constitution.
    Abolish the treasonous CIA, this Praetorian Guard must go. End the unlawful drug war cash cow for the spy community.

    This is just for starters. Watch things take off for the US and then world wide prosperity.

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  12. Hebo Sabe says:

    “…and Brett Baier is a human cabbage patch doll.”



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