NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Implications of U.S-China Trade Deal…

White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on FOX Business for his first interview since the signing of the U.S.-China trade deal.  Mr. Kudlow is optimistic but also shares notes of caution for the compliance and enforcement aspects.


In the background of the delegation it should be noted Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping sent a hard-line handler, Commerce Minister Zhong Shan, to accompany the more moderate Vice-Premier Liu He.  Zhong Shan was noted at the center of the signing ceremony and directly opposite Robert Lighthizer at the luncheon.

The two Beijing representatives highlight the ongoing Dragon -vs- Panda dynamic within China.

Internal to Chinese politics…. If the reformers are successful (Liu He) the compliance and enforcement mechanisms will succeed and ‘phase-one’ will lead to future negotiations.  However, if the hardliners block reform (Zhong Shan), then the compliance and enforcement mechanisms will fail and ‘phase-one’ becomes a dead end.

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23 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Implications of U.S-China Trade Deal…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    I feel that President Trump will WIN with China.He’s too smart for them and also, can’t be bought, which is apparently how China has gotten as far as they have since the first two terms of HillIARy. JMHO

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Most expert negotiators realize that when someone wins and someone loses that in the long term….everyone loses. I think this agreement rather is a win-win. China took a giant step forward in the global economic community, a win. Relief from tariffs and an open market to US commodities….and much more. The USA gets an overwhelming better atmosphere that protects our workers and factories and protects our intellectual property. And a host of other enforcement and trade advantages. A win, even IF the media refuse to cover this historic success. Win-win, take it to the bank.


      • Dutchman says:

        There is NO “relief from tariffs”; they continue at current rates, just no INCREASE. Thats NOT “relief”, and since they can no longer manipulate currency to iffset tariffs, it DOES get worse for them.

        This is NOT a ‘win-win’; PDJT offered them that, and they renegged.
        This is an “O.k., then, you didn’t want win-win, so how about this:
        Heads Iwin, Tails you Lose!

        Conmunists don’t do ‘win-win’, its not in their nature.
        Sundance has covered much of this in his writings on Trade and China, Maganomics, etc. which are in the archives, available thru the search box on the homepage.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      And, (just as a side note) Larry Kudlow is just so damned dapper. I think it counts for something. 😉

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  2. trapper says:

    China is faced with a simple choice: reform or die. the Chinese economy would implode almost overnight without access to the US market. Chinese products? We made ALL of them at one time, and we can make them again very quickly if we need to, or source them from somewhere else until we can make them ourselves. Personally, I would be happy to just let China sink back into the mud.

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    • vikingmom says:

      I have started telling companies that as long as they make their products in China instead of the US I will not buy from them…some blow me off but several have indicated that they are hearing that from a fair number of customers and are trying to move their operations back home!

      Donald Trump is the first President in a generation who understands what happened to all of our jobs AND actually wants to fix the problem rather than just get rich off of allowing it to continue!!

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      • TonyE says:

        I don’t shop at Wallmart, but I shop at Costco and Macy’s. I’ve told those two the same thing.

        Also, Amazon… I avoid stuff made in China.


  3. SharkDiver says:

    I imagine most folks in the know expect Phase I to be a dead end, in the mean time farmers are happy, Trump gets reelected, and strategic decoupling continues. Win – Win.

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  4. xenosonice says:

    Trump’s signed copy of the deal is *just a ‘ll* bit bigger than Liu He’s copy.

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  5. samwise163 says:

    Wolverine Peter’s prediction of Dow at 32,000 seems to be lining up. I love Larry. He handles the press with ease. ‘Cool Hand Larry’

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  6. Mike in a Truck says:

    Thinking it’s starting to dawn on the Red Chinese that we dont need them? U.S. citizens are our own biggest customers. Come to think of it – we dont need the E.U . either. And now that we are exporters of oil and gas we dont need the Aay-Rabs either. See ya.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      No, it’s not “see ya” other than we will no longer be a doormat to be dominated. We are (can be) friendly competitors in the world and expect other nations to act in the same way. When they spy, lie, steal, terrorize, we will respond immediately and with strength. “Good” nations of the world work together. Isn’t that a new idea — even going back 7,000 years or so when one “empire” always tried to dominate those around them militarily.

      This is the way our “American Century” should have gone after the victory in WWII. There should be a lot of countries producing wealth with jobs for their citizens and governments that listen to the will of their voters.

      At least the U.S still has massive wealth and independence in order to implement a “do over.” That’s sixty-five years of tragedies and missteps and betrayals and millions of deaths along the way. Citizen Trump was showing the way from the 1980s. We are so amazingly fortunate that he is our President.


    • jeans2nd says:

      “The U.S. consumer – the little economic engine that could.” Liz Peek


  7. bulwarker says:

    These are the details the mainstream ignores, or is unaware of. Glad to see Zhong there. That means Xi is taking this seriously.


  8. highdezertgator says:

    Historical Note: Nixon got this started…53 years ago…
    “October 1967 (President Nixon)(citizen at the time) writes Foreign Affairs article “Asia After Vietnam,” arguing that in the long view, “we cannot afford to leave China forever outside the family of nations, there to nurture its fantasies, cherish its hates, and threaten its neighbors. There is no place on this small planet for a billion of its potentially most able people to live in angry isolation.”
    1969 Inaugural ““We seek an open world… a world in which no people great or small, will live in angry isolation.” June 1969 “President Nixon decides, on broad foreign policy grounds, to modify certain trade controls against China.”
    1972 “President Nixon makes historic trip to China, meeting with Chairman Mao and Premier Chou, and agreeing on a road map to peaceful relations through the Shanghai Communique.”


  9. Graham Pink says:

    Never trust a communist.
    Also. There are to moderate communists.
    Only communists with either millions dead or tens of millions dead.


  10. Dutchman says:

    My $ is on zhong shan, rather than liu he.

    CONmunist regimes ‘reforms’ historically don’t ‘liberalise’, if anything they get harsher.

    My prediction is the Dragon will sooner or later emerge, i.e renege and sceptical we will get to phase,2 or 3, and eventually will decouple.

    But hey, the tariffs continue, so we take in BILLIONS, and so long as they stick to phase one, China can’t offset tariffs with currency manipulation.

    But, they buy a LOT of pigs and soy beans!

    So, no harm to us, the bleeding of China increases.

    If the financial sector gets heavily invested in China, when decoupling happens, the TBTF actually FAIL.
    And the backstopping PDJT has done, for a banking system in US comprised of smaller regional banks and Credit Unions can step up.
    So win-win, with less disruption?


  11. Thank you president and your Great Team,
    Best president we ever Had,
    Trump 2020 and GOP’s,


  12. Rynn69 says:

    I am sure PDJT is anticipating the latter.


  13. pyrthroes says:

    Boggles the mind that Rats’ seditious libel, their ongoing drive to overturn Election 2016 by disenfranchising 63 million legitimate voters (per a 2012 Pew study, vs. their nominal tally discounted by 64 x (1 – .25 / 2) = 56 million nationwide, a popular Trump margin of 52.9%).

    Outside bi-coastal rump enclaves (Washington and Oregon to California, New England and New York), we believe that halfway decent, normal citizens revile Rats’ Disloyal Opposition and will vote accordingly. Meantime, Virginia’s county-militias continue mobilizing in serious rejection of Northam’s crypto-Stalinist subversion.


  14. Robert Arvanitis says:

    Has anyone seen provisions on enforceability? China has balked about that all along, claiming “But that’s the same as changing existing law?” True, but that’s why treaties go for Senate approval.
    The only chance this works if there is at least a first level of enforceability.


  15. HellInAHandbasket says:

    Back in my day …. (ha!) the only thing in the home from China (or Japan) were trinkets, something won at the carnival, gumball machine, or *maybe* ordered through a catalog – nothing was “display-shelf-worthy” or considered valuable/high quality. All of it was junk. And now that I think of it, stuff from Mexico was also of the same category. (I wonder if Cracker Jack toys were USofA made, not sure.)

    But, the point is that we DO NOT *need* China, the USofA knows how to manufacture, Whitey’s not stupid when it comes to making stuff – but he sure did get snookered when he decided to dismantle everything he created, and hand-it-over to Communists and their 3rd World slaves. Because, why…? Because it was better to make billions of dollars *AND* destroy American families, than to make billions and keep American families intact? …how is that conscious choice, *not* evil?

    IMO all the foreign enemies of the world couldn’t destroy America more completely, than the destruction caused by our very own politicians.

    Trump’s right when he says how dumb everyone in our government is, and how their greed allowed China to swoop-in and destroy an entire nation. It’s pathetic, Godless, and very anti-American.

    …But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows…


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