FBI Protecting and Hiding Sketchy FBI Agent Joseph Pientka?…

With increased scrutiny toward the actions, and lack thereof, from current FBI Director Christopher Wray, another sketchy aspect deserves some scrutiny.

Hat Tip Techno-Fog for noting some remarkable FBI activity.

Supervisory Special Agent Joseph Pientka III was first identified by Senator Chuck Grassley in May of 2018 as the second FBI agent involved in the 2017 interview of Lt. General Michael Flynn.

Frustrated by the FBI stonewalling his Senate inquiry, Chairman Grassley dropped the revelation publicly on May 11th, 2018, in a letter to the FBI.

[…] the Committee’s oversight interest in the underlying documents requested more than a year ago now outweighs any legitimate executive branch interest in withholding it. So too does the Committee’s interest in learning the FBI agents’ actual assessments of their interview of Lt. Gen. Flynn, particularly given the apparent contradiction between what then Directory Comey told us in March 2017 and what he now claims.

[…] In addition, please make Special Agent Joe Pientka available for a transcribed interview with Committee staff no later than one week following the production of the requested documents… (link)

The FBI never produced Supervisory Special Agent (SSA-1) Joe Pientka for Chairman Grassley’s committee, and the conflict between the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI was never reconciled.  (The DOJ/FBI made it to the safety of the mid-term election.)

Additionally, every single document containing information about the investigative activity of FBI agent Pientka has kept his name redacted.  Not a single DOJ/FBI document has ever included his name.

However, around two months after Grassley outed his identity; we discover from the Inspector General that the DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) admitted to the FISA court that Agent Pientka was significantly less than forthcoming with “factual omissions” in the Title-1 surveillance application he assembled against Carter Page.

While the IG report doesn’t name SSA-1 as Joseph Pientka, all documentary evidence supported that Pientka was indeed SSA-1.  [This was also confirmed by Fox News reporter Gregg Jarrett writing an article about SSA-1 Pientka, and by Jarrett being contacted by the FBI as soon as he outed the agent.]

In addition to the Flynn interview, the Inspector General Report notes the importance of SSA-1 as he pertains to the FISA application.

FBI Supervisory Agent Pientka’s lies and omissions to the FISC were material – and made under penalty of perjury. He knew the dossier was fraudulent. He knew about witness denials. In short, Pientka lied about the FISA application’s accuracy.

After the FISA Court was notified in about the issues (July 2018), and before the IG report outlining the conduct of SSA1 was complete (Dec. 9, 2019)… sometime in mid 2019 Joseph Pientka was promoted by FBI Director Christopher Wray and transferred to the San Francisco FBI Field Office where he showed up on their web page.

[Via Web Waybackmachine – LINK November 1st Capture]

[SIDEBAR – It is worth noting this is the same field office where current FBI Deputy Director David Bowditch came from.]

However, AFTER the IG report was published (Dec 9th, 2019); and after Pientka’s activity was outlined as directly involved in the corrupt activity; and after he was identified as having been transferred to the FBI Field Office in San Francisco (Dec 14th, 2019); the FBI mysteriously scrubbed agent Pientka from their website.

(Current FBI San Francisco Office Web Page – Link)

That doesn’t mean that Asst. Special Agent Joseph Pientka III is no longer in San Francisco; it only means the San Francisco Field Office has removed him from the website… He could still be working there.

As Techno-Fog notes: “Putting this into context – the FBI/Christopher Wray has been keeping Pientka from the public spotlight and Congressional inquiry since 2018.“… and it would appear the FBI is adamant about keeping Joseph Pientka as far away from uncontrollable public questioning as possible.


I should note there are no easily identifiable non-corrupt motives.

The FBI effort to keep Joseph Pientka III (SSA1) hidden, redacted, invisible and unavailable to congress pre-dates the appointment of Bill Barr to Attorney General and U.S. Attorney John Durham as an investigator of the issues.

The DOJ and FBI have been covering for Joe Pientka for well over two years.


PS.  It isn’t just Pientka:

FBI Director Christopher Wray has named David W. Archey as special agent in charge of the Richmond Field Office. Mr. Archey most recently served as a deputy assistant director in the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters and was assigned as the FBI senior lead at the Special Counsel’s Office. (link)


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657 Responses to FBI Protecting and Hiding Sketchy FBI Agent Joseph Pientka?…

  1. destashjan says:

    What the he**? What a bunch of doom and gloom. Is the treehouse in need of an exterminator?
    It seems to be overrun with doomus idioticus (yes, I made that up).
    Doncha worry, my faithful friends. Our VSGPDJT has this. You know he does!
    Prayers for the safety of our President, his family, his Cabinet and for each of us who wait for the next bend in the road. Up and down, positive and negative, highs and lows…
    He has blessed our country, and I thank Him every day for prayers answered.

    Liked by 5 people

    • copperchief says:

      This is why I rarely visit this site anymore. I only came here today because of a link via CFP. It seems to me ever since Sundance stopped being “the source” for the best, most informative info out there (which he was at one time) and Q came on the scene (whom he seemed to follow until things didn’t follow the timeline he wanted them to), there’s been a disgruntled shadow cast here. Seems unlike the old crowd, mostly Never Trumpers, trolls, and people who only get there info from this site read here now.

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    • copperchief says:

      This is why I rarely visit this site anymore. I only came here today because of a link via CFP. It seems to me ever since Sundance stopped being “the source” for the best, most informative info out there (which he was at one time) and Q came on the scene (whom he seemed to follow until things didn’t follow the timeline he wanted them to), there’s been a disgruntled shadow cast here. Seems unlike the old crowd, mostly Never Trumpers, trolls, and people who only get there info from this site read here now.


    • Issy says:

      I have noticed all the negative posts. They can influence weak minded people, but real Trump supporters are not weak minded. I post a counter opinion where applicable, but just otherwise ignore.

      II have enjoyed the truly insightful opinions here and some really good information, but if it involves into twitter negativity how does that benefit? People who are interested in the information Sundance provides will find the site. Those interested in sewing discord seem to have too

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  2. appraisher says:

    It’s not just Pientka that’s being protected…
    “The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) has stunned court-watchers by selecting David Kris — a former Obama administration lawyer who has appeared on “The Rachel Maddow Show” and written extensively in support of the FBI’s surveillance practices on the left-wing blog Lawfare — to oversee the FBI’s implementation of reforms in the wake of a damning Department of Justice inspector general report last year.” Fox News.

    We’re being openly played, screwed-over and laughed at…the muslim and his minions are still running our government.

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    • As a man thinkth says:

      At first, we hung our hopes on IG Horowitz …till he showed his colors (five times).

      Oboma appointed John Hubber, PDJT ask for his resignation in March 2017 and Rosey promptly rehired him and assigned him to investigate Crooked Hilary…No problems she is all clean…

      Now Barr and Durham…another fire breather
      To occupy 7 or 8 months crawling around in the dark only to eventually recommend more training? Folks it has been THREE YEARS only enemy causality, Wolf leaking classified info..slap on the wrist…

      Liked by 2 people

      • appraisher says:

        My point exactly…not one treasonous coup plotter being brought to justice.

        The muslim Obama is the head of this snake, and will be insulated from justice by those he appointed. His Shadow Government was put into place over 8 long years, to continue his control.

        At this point, Americans are nothing but spectators in our own country…”We The People” is nothing but a sham and Justice just a chimera.


        • Barry says:

          I don’t like what you say, but unfortunately you are correct. Deep State/Obama swamp dwellers/ bureaucratic tyrants. This is how the government runs today.

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  3. M W says:

    I said that if this Coup was not reversed and defeated by July 4th, 2018, then the coup to overthrow the US Government had succeeded. Now, it appears that the President has fought the coup to a standstill but NOT defeated it. The Conspirators to overthrow the US Government are still active and using the power of their Offices and Positions to further the Coup. FBI Lawyer Dana Boente, who personally signed fraudulent FISA Applications, is now in charge of the FBI’s response to the the Fraudulent FISA Applications….Tell me, what do you think his ‘position’ will be?

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  4. Joemama says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Shareblue has launched an all out attack on the CTH, sending dozens of Rolcons to plant Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)?

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  5. J says:

    This place is full of Rolcons.


  6. Perot Conservative says:

    Washington Examiner: Revealed: Identity of top FBI official who leaked secret information to media – by Jerry Dunleavy

    Bryan Paarmann

    Through a FOIA: “…Michael Horowitz determined that Bryan Paarmann, 53, the deputy assistant director of the FBI’s international operations division from 2016 to 2017, “improperly disclosed court-sealed and law enforcement sensitive information to the media” in violation of FBI rules….”

    “…Horowitz’s team reviewed Paarmann’s communications from 2012 through 2017, which showed “extensive contacts” with members of the media, especially in 2016 and early 2017, laying out interactions with at least six reporters. These contacts included hundreds of texts, calls, and emails; over a dozen rounds of golf, including one where the reporter paid for both and another where Paarmann did; private drinks and dinners, including instances where investigators couldn’t determine who paid; a media member’s housewarming party where Paarmann brought wine as a gift; and a $225-ticket dinner, which was free of charge thanks to a member of the media, in violation of FBI rules.”

    Paarmann’s ‘punishment’?

    Transfered by Christopher Wray, then retirement.


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    • deplorable says:

      According to the Washington Examiner article, Paarman got:

      The DOJ decided not to prosecute Paarmann. The FBI declined the Washington Examiner’s request for comment. Wilber declined to comment.

      FBI Director Christopher Wray moved Paarmann into running the FBI’s counterterrorism operations in NYC in 2017, but he has since retired.

      How many times have we seen: The DOJ decided not to prosecute [friend of The Establishment]. Yet the DOJ/FBI throw the book or try to frame perceived enemies like Flynn, Papadopolous, Cohen, Stone, Manafort, …

      Now we see the FISC is in on it. Get rid of the FISC. There should be no “secret courts” in a free and open democracy.

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  7. bluesdoc70 says:

    Nothing left but prayer. Maybe that’s where God wants us. Just look to your own soul.

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  8. Ad Rem: Clean-up needed on Aisle 3.

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  9. “Joe “Pow-Pow” Pientka III absorbs Strzok’s role in CIA/FBI”.

    Peter Strzok reported to Joe Pientka for three years starting Oct. 2015.

    As partners, they coordinated plots to bring down Trump.

    Sources are the:

    Inspector General

    Mike Flynn

    his attorney

    and sworn testimony of from Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr.

    Joe’s nickname is “Pow-Pow”.

    The sound a handgun makes when pulling the trigger twice.


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  10. William says:

    In a crime movie or a western, a plot enfolds showcasing bad guys doing bad deeds. On their heels are the good guys determined to root out evil and enforce justice. The plot thickens as the bad guys have some good fortune to evade their pursuers, and disappointingly for the audience, the trail runs cold. To the audience it seems like they might actually get away with the murder. A point is reached where the bad guys make one mistake and the tables are turned. The speed of the plot increases as the trail gets hotter and hotter. Like all movies, there is resolution. The bad guys get caught, and punishment is meted-out accordingly. Everyone leaves the movie theater satisfied with a sense of relief.

    Now back to the real world. You see, in the real world things do not go so well. Or justice is not served. Imagine a movie where the writer of the script is evil. Imagine the good guys getting punished for being good — better yet, there is no good guy in the story. He may be partly good and partly bad, more bad than good. And imagine the really bad guys winning. Or imagine a muddled ending with no resolution. The so-called good guys for no good reason cut off their pursuit, and the bad guys ride off into the background unscathed, all the while shedding their masks and any visible identities. The movie ends; the movie-goer walks out of the theater. He leaves with an unsettled feeling in the pit of the stomach, not sure of what to make of the ending. Should he be sympathetic to the losers? Why should he? Should he be outraged? At whom?

    In life, things don’t get resolved like on the big screen. Old problems continue and old memories are held and passed on to the next generations. Justice is not served. The proverbial can just gets kicked farther down the road.

    Which movie could we be watching?

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  11. Howard Cannon says:

    I sure hope when all is said and done that Gen Flynn can and will sue into bankruptcy those responsible for all that was done to him.

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  12. Rynn69 says:

    What are you going to do, Mr. Barr, with the intense anger and demand for justice the American people have been waiting patiently for?

    Liked by 4 people

  13. Sarah Parker says:

    My, Mai-Lies.

    Pientka and Kris and Wray. Forget Boente. You shake these Schiffs off the power tree and Boente, Ohr (Still FBI) will leave and scuttle to find the comfort of darkness.

    The Biggest Fish to catch is Gina Haspel. Gina was in London when Hapler was going after Papadopoulos. Gina knew Downer. Gina was mum about Ciaramella and Ukraine Corruption with a CIA operative hanging around Burisma…where ever the action is this Hoar of Babel is in the background like The Smoking Man…coughing quietly and taking a long drag before Framing a patsy, destroying evidence, or whacking Someone.

    But the Deep State is on the Offensive…and Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Strayhorse says:

    It is vital for the continued privacy and freedoms of innocent American citizens that the FISA courts be thoroughly dismantled, actors/principals in the past 5 years including the judges be absolutely investigated and if needed referred for criminal complaint, and new constitutionally adherent courts be vetted to safeguard the rights of American citizens. Clearly current FISA courts are corrupted and can no longer be trusted,

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Mike Wurlitzer says:

    Totally unconstitutional FISA court must be eliminate.
    The entire FBI filled with dirty cops and America’s most dishonest professionals, lawyers, must be dismantled and no exiting employee above Janitor allowed in any government position. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    The entire DOJ should be gutted exactly like the FBI {above} and for the same reasons.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Glenn says:

    It’s called a cover-up. Most of the time cover-ups are kept hidden. This one is in plain sight. A blind man could see it.

    Liked by 3 people

  17. waicool says:

    Wanna See a Picture of Joseph Pientka III

    this article with captioned identification of Joseph Pientka III (swat gear guy)

    article highlighting the same guy appearing in photos with strzok and photos with page


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