Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Discusses the Ridiculous Non-binding House “War Powers Resolution”…

Speaker Pelosi is once again attempting to create the image of something that doesn’t actually exist; and her DNC media scribes are more than willing to sell it. We are living in Orwellian times.

The House war power’s resolution is ridiculous. It is a non-binding resolution, equivalent to a strongly worded letter, that holds no legal or congressional authority. However, to fool her sheeple base Pelosi pretends the “resolution” has some substantive value and the water-carrying media engineers sell the same intellectually dishonest narrative.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discusses the nonsense with Lou Dobbs.

“Release the Flying Monkeys”…

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130 Responses to Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy Discusses the Ridiculous Non-binding House “War Powers Resolution”…

  1. Sammy Hains says:

    Republicans should have all just not bothered to showed up to vote on Pelosi’s fake bill.

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  2. Release the flying monkeys. I chuckled. Excellent.

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  3. GB Bari says:

    Who were the three Republicans who voted yea?? Traitorous morons!

    There were 8 DemonRATS who voted Nay! I’m pinching myself!

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    • dd_sc says:

      From a –

      The three Republicans who voted for it were Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Francis Rooney (R-FL), and Thomas Massie (R-KY):

      with the usual:

      While the handful of Republicans who voted for it said their votes for the measure were based on principle…

      Also –

      The eight Democrats who voted against it were: Reps. Max Rose (D-NY), Ben McAdams (D-UT), Anthony Brindisi (D-NY), Joe Cunningham (D-SC), Elaine Luria (D-VA), Kendra Horn (D-OK), Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), and Stephanie Murphy (D-FL):</i?

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      • livefreeordieguy says:

        Matt Gaetz???

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        • The Boss says:

          Yeah…not sure what that was about.

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          • The Boss says:

            There’s this….FWIW

            He also says he spoke with Pres. Trump ahead of his vote.

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            • I don’t even know what Rep. Gaetz intentions are with this fake vote on a fake resolution.
              It’s so damn symbolic; it makes no practical sense at all….And “No” Matt Gaetz is not ‘Deep’…as in thought provoking.
              Spare little ole, stupid me..but I don’t get this at all.


            • oodeluph says:

              If Gaetz’s excuse is “(representing) more troops than any other member of this body” he is an even bigger traitorous dolt than I thought. He just betrayed every serviceman and woman he “represents”. As well as the President he postures about supporting.
              What President Trump did was NOT a declaration of war and falls squarely within his Constitutional authority. An authority which Congress has no right, whatsoever to abridge. The fact that a Republican Congressman, professing to support the President, understands so little of the nature of what servicemen and women sign up for and trashes the sacrifices they’ve already made by his paper tiger vote is terrifying. His vote, which does nothing but provide a rogue Jackass Party with a bipartisan “non-binding resolution “ opportunity to preen is bone crushingly stupid. To have broken solidarity with President Trump at this pivotal point in Pelosi’s unConstitutional war against the Executive Branch of government is sheer madness.
              He just declared war on his own career.

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        • MelH says:

          I am sooooo sorry I EVER thought Gaetz a patriot, and his lame excuses don/t make him sound anything but way more stupid than we thought he was. Gaetz, kiss your career goodbye. Suicide is never a good excuse for whatever it is that suddenly made you a traitor.


      • Reserved55 says:

        Massieis not a Republican he’s a Libertarian, which is Communist lite.

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  4. Phil Bacon says:

    These Democrats are so far up the exit chute they can’t see facts in front of their face. Congress has not voted Declarations of War since 1942. For anyone thinking about it, they are just silly and any of them voting “yea” is a good candidate for removal from office.

    Korea “police action”, the Lebanon crisis of 1958, the Vietnam action, The Lebanese/Syria conflict, the Persian Gulf Resolution and the Iraq invasions were all carried out without the effin’ Declaration of War.

    Sen. Tammy Duckworth was on Fox this PM spouting nonsense, and believing it. And what is with Mike Lee (R-UT) saying any military action requires a Declaration of War? Dumb as a rock. I couldn’t stand watching the House floor today because it was awash in bilge. Vote them all out.

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  5. freepetta says:

    I can’t believe Matt Gaetz voted into favor of this bs resolution!!

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  6. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • Lion2017 says:

      It’s embarrassing that three Republicans voted for this.

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      • Yy4u says:

        This is how we get Democrat rule even when we dont vote for them…feckless Republicans like Gaetz, Lee et al cave to what the Democrats want. What has happened to Utah that they would send losers like Lee and Romney to DC?

        What we are seeing is the next stage of paperless coup by Deep State Uniparty. OK ap spying on him didnt work, insurance policy didnt work, Mueller didnt get him and it .looks like impeachment is a bust…what to do to return to Dem rule via bureaucracy and courts?
        I know. Let the judges keep him from governing domestucally and pass a war powers act so he cant conduct defense.

        I will vote Republican so long as Trump is in office but once he no longer needs what little protection they give him, I will NEVER vote Establishment Repub again. With any luck the partg will be gone by 2030 replaced by a Trumpian Constitutional Party

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        • steph_gray says:

          Yy4u, neither of the Dim moves you are talking about above has the proverbial snowball’s chance in a hot place of working against VSGPDJT:

          1) The judges nationally are being shifted dramatically – witness the fact that an appeals court just finally broke the dam and gave VSGPDJT some wall money.

          2) This “new year’s resolution” nonsense from the House is non-binding and will never pass anything but more Swalwell-style gas.

          But please do go on making our situation sound worse than it actually is. 😜 Just reminds me of more to be thankful for.


    • Bert Darrell says:

      If that House non-binding resolution were written on anything but toilet paper it would take just a few more seconds to be flushed out. What else could anybody expect from a congress run by do-nothing d-Rats directed by a deranged Speaker who pretends to believe her own lies.

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    • randyinrocklin says:

      Shows what a great leader McCarthy is.


  7. TonyE says:

    Meanwhile, while these House Einsteins and Mother Theresas were thumping their chests with all of that virtue signaling, we found out, for real now, that the Iranians shut down the Ukanian 737.

    So, will the House Dems tomorrow pass a resolution condemning the Iranians? I’m not holding my breath, because according to Major Pete it was Trump’s Fault.

    See, the traffic on the freeways is heavy.. this is Trump’s Fault because people are working and they get on the road to go to work. If they were home collecting welfare and not enough money to buy our $4 per gallon Calimexistan gas, then I could get on the road and not see much traffic on my way.

    Assuming, of course, I had a job.

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  8. Fred says:

    The House of Reprehensibles is a clown show which is obvious by the fact that the bill has to gum the victims into submission.


  9. Pale rider says:

    “democrats empowering Iran” now see why we send money to Iran?


  10. Bogeyfree says:

    I can just hear PT………..

    My fellow Americans,

    We have 50 inbound hypersonic missiles heading directly for the 50 largest cities in American.
    They will strike within minutes.

    But before I can retaliate I am now required to contact Pelosi so she and her members can gather, discuss and approve my use of any counter military actions.

    As soon as I get her permission I’ll act but hopefully she will respond to my call soon.

    Just wanted to let you all know.

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  11. Summer says:


    • Summer says:


      • delighteddeplorable says:

        Spinning like a top.

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      • Val says:

        IOW, the resolution was to stop the deep state.

        Gaetz’s excuse should make sense for the people who believe that the President is being manipulated.


      • hawkins6 says:

        Tucker is a clever fellow (most times) but his repetitive supercilious posturing as the essential indispensable leader of the anti Mid East war movement in America in 2019-20 and the unctuous repetitive lectures from his regular anti war guests like Col. MacGregor and Tulsi Gabbard are becoming intolerable. They are preaching mostly to those voters that voted for Trump and his promise not to fall into another neocon war. He has kept that promise so far. Carlson and Tusli should be trying to convince those that don’t already know and agree with most of what they’re preaching like all the other networks that like war because it’s good for their ratings and sponsors.

        Tucker also fails to mention anything about preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons or that allowing Iran to take over swathes of the Mid East including Iraq and its wealth and resources would aid them in their nuclear aspirations. A nuclear Iran would be an enormous threat to the world including the USA (and not a weapon of mass destruction hoax) but Carlson doesn’t think it’s important enough to even mention in his desirable but simplistic exit strategies.


    • lolli says:

      Matt, thank you for letting us know who you are.

      “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
      Maya Angelou

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    Gaetz will soon find his invites to be on the tubes disappearing.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Gaetz is more concerned lately with his diet (he’s lost a lot of weight), his apperance on TV and putting his finger in the air to see which way wind is blowing then to really take a stand of HIS OWN. They all need to be like PDJT and be TRUE to their convictions. Gaetz will ride the tide of what’s in, just saying.

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  13. bessie2003 says:

    The President “liked” a tweet from John Bolton who’s tweet said that the War Powers Act was unconstitutional.

    Knowing that the President has that special magical power of turning opponents plans on their head – with this vote in the House, and one coming up in the Senate, is it possible that the President is planning on submitting whatever the House/Senate passes, after he vetoes it, to the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of their little amendment and the original War Powers Act law itself, and have that ruled unconstitutional?

    A back-door plan of the President’s to get rid of that original act?

    That would be nice.

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  14. Seneca the Elder says:

    This is why the Dirty DEMs run rings around the dopey Repubicans. Gaetz was a fool to make this move and it’s beyond me why he betrayed our President Trump.

    The Dems would NEVER allow one of their own to go off the reservation like this. Disgraceful.

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    • hawkins6 says:

      8 Democrats voted against Pelosi’s resolution but your comment is usually true when it counts. This was a non binding resolution or stunt as sundance noted.

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  15. Jimmy says:

    Can anyone explain why Matt Gaetz voted for this? Specially, at this rough time, he could have avoided appearing to splitting from Trump.

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    • Kimmy K says:

      Didn’t anyone hear Gaetz explain he was concerned that some in the administration could be “slow walking” PDJT into a war?

      I myself don’t trust any of them, they want PDJT OUT!

      IMO, if the MIC can get PDJT tangled into another ME conflict, (which I wouldn’t put it past them to try) they would in a hot minute especially if they think it could hurt his reelection, but what do I know?

      Wasn’t that thought going around here a week or so ago?

      I usually don’t comment much since my thoughts don’t make it to the keyboard too well, but I’m surprised so many missed what Gaetz said about PDJT being slow walked into another conflict, which was a big concern of mine when everything started happening.

      Sorry for the run on sentence, it’s late and I’m too tired to try and fix it. Have a good night all.

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  16. hawkins6 says:

    Matt Gaetz’s decision to vote against a vast majority of his Republican colleagues and with Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Omar, OAC, Talib etc and thereby burn some of his abundant positive political capital on a toothless Dem resolution is mind boggling. This was just another publicity stunt by Pelosi to appease the TDS Squad, to defend Iran and to further harass and challenge PDT’s Executive Powers.

    Section 1 of the resolution:
    (b) TERMINATION.—Pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution (50 U.S.C. 1544(c)), Congress hereby directs the President to terminate the use of United States Armed Forces to engage in hostilities in or against Iran or any part of its government or military unless—
    (1) Congress has declared war or enacted specific statutory authorization for such use of the Armed Forces; or
    (2) such use of the Armed Forces is necessary and appropriate to defend against an imminent armed attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its Armed Forces, consistent with the requirements of the War Powers Resolution.

    Clause (2) is open to interpretation and whenever POTUS (and Intel) decides that “an attack is imminent,” on the military or other, the Dems can always claim he breached the clause. Why Rep Gaetz is more confident in Pelosi’s, Schiff’s, Nadler’s and the squads collective judgment during a fast moving crisis than he does his President is mind boggling. No doubt the media will exploit Gaetz’s vote for as long as possible.


  17. California Joe says:

    Gaetz looks like a another Mormon which would explain everything!


  18. Rynn69 says:

    Matt Gaetz jumped the shark. Does not understand separation of powers and the creep of the legislative and judicial on the executive. I am truly stunned.


  19. The Congress has never passed a Declaration of War since December 8, 1941. They have passively allowed undeclared wars to rage around the world for more than fifteen years running. They were cheerleaders of Democrat Presidents. But they can’t resist picking at the clay feet of this one.

    Why not pass a Declaration of War including every one of the many-dozen countries where our troops are fighting now? And, re-activate the military draft. If we’re going to be “at war” in all these places, make it official, and make it hurt.


  20. rustybritches says:

    The congressman was on the WAR ROOM THIS MORNING AND HE SAID THAT THE REASON HE TOLD NANCY POLOSI HE WOULD VOTE FOR IT IS BECAUSE HE MADE AN ADMENDMENT THAT THEY TAKE OUT ANY CRITIZISM OF THE PRESIDENT AND WHAT HE DID TO TAKE OUT THE TERRIORIST STILL DOES NOT MAKE SENSE BUT THOSE HE SAID WERE HIS REASONS I don’t think he understands what this would have meant if it had been binding He along with the dems would have tied the Presidents hands to go after anyone who killed americans with out going to congress first and even if they had bombed our embassy he would not have been able to stop that from happening so I agree Matt Gatez should have
    thought this out a bit better


  21. cattastrophe says:

    I understand totally all the criticism of Gaetz I’ve read in the comment section. He deserves it.

    It seems we’re always between a rock and a hard place when it comes to replacing rino’s and in my opinion NO Republican should be replaced (except with certainty another person can win and are conservative) until President Trump has a majority in the House and Senate. That must be our main goal in 2020.


  22. zekness says:

    It’s really sad and pathetic that the only thing the left dims have in the fraud wallet is to issue fake bills.

    Thank GOD the United States Military Commanders and the Commander in Chief are not held hostage by consensus. committee agreements are about as stable as a two legged table.

    Now having said that, should this president extend and expand an expensive combat operations, then yes, congress can limit the budget to make the agenda at scale very problematic…and lately the courts seem to take issue with POTUS redirecting budget funds from one department/project to another..And I am pretty OK with that on the principle..but lets be real, presidents have always moved monies around..this recent court intervention is the latest stuff of lawfare types simply set in motion to frustrate ALL POTUS actions,whether reasonable or credible or not.

    Of course, as before, all THAT takes is to concede some pork for the dissenters to move them off the ball…which works every single time…heck..right now, this is looking more of less right out of the ACLU playbook…we are going to smear you, frustrate you in all other areas we can, unless you give up some key positions AND pay us off. So unfortunate this is how the swamp actually exists…Al Sharpton and his crack team of reprobates paved the way for this nonsense..that is what the left dim leadership has stooped to….a simple fraudulent organization that steals power…through mischief and highly dubious legal arguments.


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