Kangaroo Court – Chairman Nadler Stuns House Judiciary, Adjourns Hearing Without Notice – 10:00am Vote on Impeachment Friday…

The fiasco within the House Judiciary Committee assembling articles for impeachment went from partisan bias to unilaterally ridiculous when Chairman Nadler used banana republic tactics to adjourn the committee and simultaneously schedule a vote on the two articles of impeachment for 10:00am tomorrow.

Obviously the House democrats are beginning to panic as each day American voter support is dropping fast.  Combine that political reality with an international earthquake in the U.K. elections, and the reverberations travel into the impeachment debate.  It is clear from their behavior that Pelosi and Nadler need to finish this mess; and fast.

Nadler surprised the committee when he arbitrarily ended the mark-up session, and out of nowhere adjourned the committee shortly before midnight.  The chairman announced the HJC would reconvene at 10:00am on Friday the 13th (apropos all things considered) to vote the two articles out of committee.  There was no discussion with Ranking member Doug Collins and no communication with the minority at all. A unilateral declaration.

Representative Doug Collins was at first surprised, then furious at the shameful and partisan committee rule-breaking by Chairman Nadler.   House democrats are taking a big gamble by manipulating a process in the extreme and hoping Americans will not punish their blood-lust for impeachment, and political abuse of power.  WATCH:



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239 Responses to Kangaroo Court – Chairman Nadler Stuns House Judiciary, Adjourns Hearing Without Notice – 10:00am Vote on Impeachment Friday…

  1. Mr e-man says:

    The best outcome at this point is at least 18 Dems have the common sense that God gave a goose and vote this down.

    If they stain Trump with that impeachment tag in order to influence the 2020 elections, they should all go to jail. Bu they won’t so the best that can happen is many of them are voted out of office and some adults are put in charge. Then I would hope for those lawsuits against the House to commence. As well as some punishments for rules violations.

    I would also hope that the Senate start investigations into Hunter Bribem and Alexandra Chalupa, as well as the whistleblower for lying about contacts with Schiff. Schiff should also face punishment for his lies to impeach a President.

    If there are no negative consequences, this will continue.

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    • HillaryisGuilty says:

      The bozos who started this impeachment fiasco should go to jail. No argument there. “Hunter Bribem”….love it, that is hilarious. Can I pass it on?
      God protect our President, Donald J. Trump
      Trump 2020

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Hunter Bribem! I haven’t seen this before, and it certainly fits.. thanks!

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Our government may legally ask for and receive information from another country about corruption of a U.S. government official in their country. We know that because information was solicited and received from several countries by the Crossfire Hurricane team and by Mueller. Durham and AG Barr have done the same.

      An investigation of a U.S. official is for the U.S. intelligence community to conduct. That was obviously not going to happen during the Obama administration. (Biden implicated Obama in the corruption when he told the Ukrainians to “call the President”.)

      There’s no law against accepting a position for which one is not qualified. Biden may be telling the truth when he says Hunter did nothing wrong in accepting a lucrative position, but Joe Biden sure as hell did.


    • clive hoskin says:

      I think everyone here would agree with you.Heads MUST ROLL.


  2. noswamp says:

    Abuse of power.

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  3. clulessgrandpa says:

    Conspiracy to commit sedition.


    • PinotNoir says:

      Has to be a component of planned or actual overthrow by force. Any lawyers care to comment?


      • Dutchman says:

        Uhh,…Force of hot air doesn’t count, but good on you recognising the Sedition statute REQURES advocating for, or using force, murder, assasination as a KEY element of the crime.
        Absent that, it is excercising first amendment rights of free speech and assembly.
        So no, Sedition is ‘off the table’, unfortunately. Unless/until someone advocates the use of violence to overthrow the Government, it ain’t sedition.


  4. theoldzombie says:

    I’m glad Nadler, as scummy as he is, did this.

    Let’s get this over with and into the Senate hands. That way the Democrats will no longer have control.

    Or even better……

    Both Articles of Impeachment fail in the full House.

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    • dallasdan says:

      “Or even better……
      Both Articles of Impeachment fail in the full House.”

      That would be ideal, but we can be highly confident that House Dems will be under the severest of threats from party bosses to finish their job off forcing an impeachment trial.

      There is no going back.

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  5. GuessAgain says:

    Can you spell – “KANGAROO” ???


  6. Pat Childs says:

    It is clear to me that Nadler is not running this show. He nods off, jerks around to look at other people behind him, suddenly gavels and makes unplanned schedule changes. I suspect he has an ear piece on and a room with a couple lawyers and Adam Schiff with a staffer in the back room to instruct him.

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  7. FishtheDish says:

    OK…here is what I do not understand. The Dems put on a hideous process impeachment inquiry – they block witnesses. Vote partisan. Then is goes to the Republican senate for trial – whereupon all the stuff they suppressed can now come up. Key witnesses. Why walk into that??
    I am worried that they know something that we don’t.


    • Katymac says:

      They have nothing. If he is “officially” impeached, they get to hang that label on our VSGPDJT. They think that label will influence 2020…that’s all they got. It’s a gamble but they don’t have anything else!

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      • FishtheDish says:

        The senate trial needs to expose the facts – the realities behind all this. That will clear the label.


      • sunnydaze says:

        Yep. They are banking on the number of Dem Voters who are still clueless enough to be Grubered.

        And there are still some out there, Bless their hearts! LOL.


    • jdintx says:

      The fix is in. Graham/McConnell have both stated…..no witnesses and no attempt to offer PDT a defense. Just vote not to impeach and bury all the malfeasance, lying and corruption. Uniparty at its finest.

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  8. pucecatt says:

    When this gets to the senate I hope to god President Trumps team recalls Vindman , yavonavich , Sondland and the dufus who supposedly overheard the phone call , I have a feeling there’s a lot more to these people than we know , they won’t be protected by Schiff this time around .. let’s rock and roll .. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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  9. abuse of power from lying porpagand liar schiff pelosi and nadler should go to jail

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  10. Bradley C McAfee says:

    The Dems went full tilt crazy spying on their opponents and now destroying congressional decorum and procedures. They need to suffer a HUGE defeat in the next election for their malfeasance.

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  11. Chewbarkah says:

    Republican demanded a “Minority Hearing” per House Rules. Since Nadler called a vote without following this rule, what the House Judiciary Committee passed is not legitimate. Force it back to the Nads committee for a do-over AFTER the required hearing. If they don’t, declare the measure passed by the House Judiciary Democrats to be illegitimate during all debate before the whole House votes. If the House passes their garbage anyway, file suit and inform the Senate that the measure is illegitimate. Don’t let the bastards out of the mess they have made.

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    • Even now, we have a “Bill of Attainder” that is clearly in-process. It is therefore now an appropriate time to challenge it before the SCOTUS. The authors of our Constitution were explicit in §1.9.3 and §1.10.1 in stating in absolutely certain terms that no such thing shall be passed. And yet, here it is … waiting to be passed.

      The Executive Branch, a.k.a. the POTUS and VPOTUS, does not serve at the pleasure of Congress and cannot be arbitrarily, nor politically, removed by them. To simply bleat that “it’s not fair” won’t do a damned thing to stop it … and future Presidents will not be able to rule unless it is stopped. By the Supreme Court.


  12. pucecatt says:

    It is stunning to me that nobody is talking about the gross malfeasance of the FBI that started this whole ball rolling. All by design I suppose..


  13. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    A few words from Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton about the scam impeachment of 2019.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

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  14. I really don’t understand why the Minority Leader was so upset that Nadler adjourned the hearing. Was it because members had other things to do on Friday? Heck, it was already 11pm. Why NOT go home for some shuteye?


  15. Pokey says:

    Just watched a collage of Demcommies pretending to wring their hands with concern for our country as they struggle to decide to do the right thing and vote for impeachment. Wait ………….sorry, had to puke right there. 🙂

    To President Trump: Not to worry, we have your back! Keep up the China trade talks and crack the whip on that border wall. We have your back on the Democraps in DC.

    More rallies, please? Do one in Colorado. Colorado is winnable. We need a couple of rallies. Try Denver and Pueblo. Colorado Springs is already on our side. Boulder has been lost for decades. The Republicans here are a bunch of pussies, afraid to get in the fight, but most of the state is tired of the Democrats. Most of us know that Global Warming is a hoax designed to get taxpayor dollars into the pockets of greedy collectivists. Get the campaign geniuses to look into this. We need help here.


  16. MR52 says:

    Blumenthal: Mitch McConnell Is ‘Undermining the Credibility’ of Impeachment Trial


    Ha, Blumenthal said this. What a joke. My wife saw him on TV and thought he was a character from Harry Potter. Those nasty looking things with pointy ears. Him and Sheldon Whitehouse are spooky creeps. I would not let my kids get near them or Swalwell.

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