IG Horowitz Senate Testimony on FBI FISA Abuse During Election – 10:00am ET Livestream…

The Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing entitled “Examining the Inspector General’s Report on Alleged Abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” will be held today at 10:00am Eastern.

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1,794 Responses to IG Horowitz Senate Testimony on FBI FISA Abuse During Election – 10:00am ET Livestream…

  1. Zombie says:

    Dan Akroyd will be playing Sen. Whitehouse in the movie version.


  2. beach lover says:

    Horowitz doesn’t know what information Durham will have access to that he doesn’t??!!

    Hello?? CIA


  3. Skidroe says:

    I wish the Senators knew as much about these issues as the people on this site. All the questions would be much different. They have NO knowledge of the real issues.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

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    • Evidence Tampering is a felony crime and Fabrication of Evidence is evidence tampering.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      WhatFinger posts a (IMO) great and encouraging NBC interview (Williams/Barr)… Durham has LOTS of leeway, and I want to believe that the American people will see some serious sentences come down on some of these ‘coup’ criminals. Make a point of watching this interview, even if you do not like or watch ‘the peacock’ anymore.

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  5. Garavaglia says:

    I am encouraged as it appears, at least to me, that more and more people, through getting to witness incrementally how crooked our government is in public displays such as this hearing, are coming to terms with the reality of the situation. This is a necessary process as we all head toward the exhaustion of oversight processes of government officials and determine that it is our job, not a judges or a politicians’, to deal with this. Meet yall at the finish line! (or starting gate/depending on how you look at it). You do realize that these people holding this hearing today have been stealing millions upon millions from us for Lord knows how long, right? I mean, you do realize this? Don’t you want your money back (hint: they ain’t gonna send you a check).

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    • cboldt says:

      Yep. I find the outrage of the Senators to be phoney and pointless. All they are doing is venting at the perps – this after three years of letting the perps run a hoax against the public. The Senators are as much to blame for this as are Strzok and Page and Comey and McCabe — and the press. Hard to tell ’em apart as to usefulness to the public. None of them are beneficial, protective, or caring.

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      • mark says:

        Agreed cboldt, the real question is; how much blood will be spilled in the streets when the arrests start to come? Counterintel of course implicates obama. Maybe that’s why the drip drip drip, to lessen the bloodshed. We won’t start it but damb sure will put a cherry on top when we get done.

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        • gary says:

          they won’t start it either. at least not because of obama. even if someone loses it ,it won’t be big or last long. now, try to take trump out with fabricated evidence? whole different story.

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      • Paprika says:

        Hear, Hear!

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    • LDave says:

      Agreed. The last couple of months have been a parade of nasty swamp creatures.

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  6. Reserved55 says:


    Weak sauce, Shetland.

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  7. trumpthepress says:

    Idiot talking about Russian infiltration into the Trump campaign.

    Setup by the corrupt FBI! These people are such slimes. Same narrative over and over based on an illegal spying operation.

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    • gsonFIT says:

      I think the word you are looking for is Entrapment

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    • Somebody says:

      Whitehouse’s continual assertion ticked me off, one of the R’s better take that to task

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    • fhb says:

      to Bongino and Rush …..the dossier and all the other stuff were just the TACTICAL key to the strategic KEYS to Trump campaign and his businesses…thats all….get the key(s) , get information:get power over and /or a way to remove….all those UNMASKINGS -tens of thousands; done for the same purposes and for use of campaign tactics by hrc…taking/took time off trail- fundraise [“those Deplorables”] , drink herself under the table , with no worries [I know what Donny is doing today, tomorrow, next week….] zero did same thing in chicago run for senator both state and U.S. . comey a fool , and useful tool but a foot soldier …not a thinker.


  8. Troublemaker10 says:

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  9. Lawrence says:

    One thing I noticed is that regarding his “no bias ” conclusion. Horowitz specically mentioned that Bill Preistep initiated and was in charge of the investigation. Horowitz did not find any documentary evidence from Presitep – any document of his – that would suggest bias on Preistep’s part.
    I would accept this. But Lisa Page was Strozk’s end run around Preistep. All the really dirty stuff would have been communicated to McCabe verbally.
    By Horowitz’s methodology e would not have found anything to cast doubt on the bias – no bias
    But check me out on this – its been a busy morning for me running around on personal errands.
    Maybe i am getting this wrong- don’t think so – but I could be misunderstanding this.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      Maybe some distinction can be drawn between the biases of those who were solely FBI agents and those FBI agents who are also covertly working for the CIA.

      Perhaps an analogy would be that there are journalists, and there are CIA-journalists, both with differing biases and goals.

      Who knows, maybe the same would apply to those elected officials who are merely elected officials and those who are elected officials and working simultaneously for the CIA.

      Wasn’t the CIA once restricted to working outside of the US?

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      • zimbalistjunior says:

        a little off topic but a q for treepers:
        which current presidential candidates are CIA spooks?

        id say Mayor Pete, Tulsi and former candidate Beto.

        lots of overlap between their scintillating life stories and our previous CIA president, Obama

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        • Beau Geste says:

          “beto” is so weird and incompetent that I don’t think he would be trusted or recruited by the CIA, which I hope is competent. maybe “beto” is great at camoflage (like carter page) but a more reasonable explanation is that he married into a billion-aire family tha wants to buy something for him to do.
          You are likely correct about pete and gabbard.


    • EggsX1 says:

      Bias doesn’t matter – these people committed crimes. Focus on their actions.

      If they were biased and did what they did, would that be wrong? (yes)
      If they were not biased and did what they did, would that be wrong? (yes)

      Bias is just another word for ‘intent’ which is perpetrating a misuse of justice. We don’t care why they committed the crimes, we want them prosecuted for the crimes!

      Sadly the IG should consider that people ‘may’ be biased in the FBI and checks and balances should be in place to account for it. Denying bias is frustrating, but it is the bauble that is distracting everyone.

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      • todayistheday99 says:

        If the criminals are not politically biased then neither will be their prosecution.

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      • jrapdx says:

        > “Bias doesn’t matter – these people committed crimes. Focus on their actions.”

        Thanks for making a very good point! Focus on the crimes that were committed is no doubt exactly what Durham is assigned to do. With any luck Durham/Barr will do their jobs well and when they do indictments should surely follow. Now that will truly be something to celebrate.

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  10. Tl Howard says:

    Can someone who is familiar with the actual emails tell me if there really IS evidence of Strzok (or was it McCabe?) saying to Lisa Page, “First we f,..k Flynn, then we f…k Trump”?

    Is that just a meme that took hold or does that actually exist and if it does exist why has no GOP senator read it aloud to Horowitz, then asked, “You don’t consider this bias that helped in trying to make Trump look guilty?”

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  11. Somebody says:

    One of the republicans need to go on record refuting senator Whitehouses’s lies. Several times he said the FBI didn’t know how deeply the Russians had penetrated the Trump campaign.

    3 now going on 4 years of multiple investigations, by government agencies, congressional committees and a special counsel found ZERO evidence of the Russians being involved at all with the Trump campaign

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  12. ezpz2 says:

    So if the purpose of the report was to lay out the facts, according to Horowitz, then why add a summary that is CONTRARY to those facts?

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    • glissmeister says:

      Don’t forget these two crucial statements made by Horowitz:

      “… no one is vindicated by my report …”

      “… referred the entire chain of the FBI for further investigation…”

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    • Beau Geste says:

      By his failure to ask even some of the most basic questions that treepers here have asked (and want answers for), horowitz is effectively “obstructing justice” IMHO.
      Failure to obtain a FISA Warrant on hillary/DNC for actually seeking and generating “foreign dirt” to harm the GOP Presidential candidate proves extreme FBI and DOJ corruption and bias. Rather than fabricating and entrapping phony “evidence” that CIA and FBI agent carter page is a “foreign agent”, hillary/DNC were KNOWN to have paid foreign agents (steele and his russian sub-agents) for “dirt” on Donald Trump. Foreign Agent Steele was KNOWN to the FBI to be “desperate that Trump not be elected”, and that his foreign-russian-generated lies be published before the 2016 election. the FBI KNEW that hillary/DNC were working with ukraine to generate “dirt” against the GOP.
      Open and Shut case, but IG clousseau-horowitz couldn’t ask why priestap and the others did not FISA and prosecute hillary/DNC.
      horowitz should have a FISA Warrant of his own, for the past 12 years to consider his own bias for covering for the biased swamp evildoings to “get Trump”. .


  13. kokopuf says:

    I hope this puts an end to the myth that the FBI rank and file are all good and that only upper management was corrupt. BS! They were/are all corrupt! Not one agent has come forward, they are corrupt down to the file clerks!


  14. mauiis says:

    Thank you Jesus for our Cruz Missile.

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  15. beach lover says:

    Cruz getting to the heart of the matter.. and Im noticing the aides behind Horowitz looks a little uncomfortable. wonder why.

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  16. dixieone says:

    “Performance Failures”!!!!!??? We are not talking about Wal Mart employees! Failed to report exculpatory information and when they finally did they lied! That is not “performance” that is sinister deceitful behavior.

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  17. Niagara Frontier says:

    Don’t the Republicans talk to each other before these hearings and coordinate their questioning? Hell, they are covering the same ground over and over, and there is so much in this report that needs exposed.

    They should take a lesson from the House Dems on how to grill and torture witnesses.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      The Senators could actually stay in the room and hear what the others are saying.
      What a novel idea

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    • emeraldcoaster says:

      It’s safe to assume the GOP senators don’t want to expose THEIR role in the matter.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      You have to have a group of senators actually interested in defending the President on the committee and Senate Leadership also interested in that defense as well. That is NOT the case in the senate, as defenders of the President are actually not part of the senate mainstream. In the House there is actually a core of House Members attempting to do the right thing and defend the President. I the Senate the opposite is true except if they need to ride the President’s coat-tails for votes or campaign money.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Not a single Senator has objected to the flat-out Constitutional lie that the Senate is “in session”, to prevent PDJT from appointing staff that is able to help, rather than obstruct, spy, lie, and stab him in the back. It only takes one Senator do do so. That is why it is critical to only donate to PDJT. PDJT can dole it out as appropriate.

        When the GOP or any senate-critter asks for money, ask for proof that the crooked creep has objected to keeping PDJT from making recess appointments. Ask why the crooked congresscritter is so crooked and is conspiring to prevent PDJT from having useful and competent staff.


  18. gsonFIT says:

    dems are giving a lot of thanks in hopes of running out their 5 minute clock.


  19. Blue Wildflower says:

    I think Cruz hit a home run. He did Texas proud!

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  20. beach lover says:

    Beavis and Butthead. hahahaha

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  21. mauiis says:

    “It’s important to put this discussion in perspective…”

    Okay, “we’re here today” to discuss four little girls.


  22. cboldt says:

    Klobuchar’s conclusion is that the FBI was just doing its job by riunning thie operation against the Trump campaign.
    She changes the subject to Russian “cybercrime” against our democracy.
    And if you think Ukraine was involved in our election, you are a stooge of Putin.
    I detest this angry drunk harpie.

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  23. Lanna says:

    Oh no, Mean Amy took a pause from campaigning. Looks like she left her comb in her salad bowl too.

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  24. bullnuke says:

    Liberals don’t want to talk about FISA abuse. Klobichar is talking about everything but that. She has her talking points memorized.


  25. islandpalmtrees says:

    Ms Klobuchar, way, way to many x agents in the government.


  26. Patience says:

    How about the reservations Obama and his folks had about what to let / not let the new president (Trump) know about?
    >Does that not prove that Obama and his folks knew about / were involved in the “investigation” charade?

    Susan Rice’s –late cya memo to self, …: “by the book”

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      The Strzok text message also made that clear, too. Obama was controlling.


    • Beau Geste says:

      It is pretty clear that “by the book” was CYA for “we aren’t going to tell the new President that he is being spied on, because Comey (or obama) told us not to do so. I think this is in the redacted part of the CYA memo. Comey was to get back to them if this was not correct advice, which he never did. If Comey told anyone not to tell the incoming President that the elected President and his staff were being spied on, and a bunch of obama lawyers et al ‘agreed’, that is a conspiracy to violate 18 USC 1001, IMHO.

      The entire “by the book” CYA memo needs to be redacted. Illegal, fraudulant advice, as part of a conspiracy, is not protected.


  27. jeans2nd says:

    Murkowski setting up the Ukraine straw man again.
    Murkowski is as dirty, if not more, in Ukraine as Graham, McCain, and Biden.

    So…Look !!! Squirrel !!!

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  28. Paul Gallant says:

    Cruz called Clapper and Brennan Beavis and Butt-Head at least.

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  29. Tl Howard says:

    If you guys stayed with Fox over the break, you saw and heard Andy McCarthy who was great about this. He too takes issue w/ Horowitz’s weak conclusions even though he’s a guy who as a former Fed prosecutor understands very well the IG’s role and limitations.

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  30. DesertRain says:

    Not to be missed research and analysis from JE Dyer … I find her work to be an excellent compliment to the work from Sundance.

    “The IG report accepts at face value the narrative that Crossfire Hurricane was initiated on 31 July 2016, based on the nugget from Australian diplomat Alexander Downer that in May 2016, George Papadopoulos had told him something about the Russians and incriminating information on Hillary Clinton.

    Yet within two weeks of 31 July 2016, this new operation had turned unerringly to a confidential source (Stefan Halper) who had known Paul Manafort for years, had engaged with Michael Flynn back in 2014, and had invited Carter Page to a conference at Cambridge in July 2016 (where Halper and Page happened, according to Halper, to discuss the possibility of Halper joining the Trump campaign), before Crossfire Hurricane started.“



  31. mostlyogauge says:

    Everything I’ve heard (especially Rush Limbaugh) and read about this whole sham over the past couple of days leads me to think that the “no political bias” phrase was purposely put into the summary as a mis-direction. I think this was done because Horowitz, Barr, Durham, et al, knew, KNEW, what the dems would do. They knew the dems would see that “no bias” sentence and that would be it. No bias! They would run with that. They would not go any farther reading the report. So, the dems are out there saying, see, SEE, there was no bias. Meanwhile, Durham is going about his business, mostly ignored by the dems and media. I really, really hope Mr. Durham has a huge MOAB in the making.

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    • Coast says:

      I think that’s wishful thinking…but hope you are right.

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    • jrapdx says:

      > “…the “no political bias” phrase was purposely put into the summary as a mis-direction.”

      It’s possible I suppose. Though more likely the language used by Horowitz makes clear that his work is distinct from the prosecutors. We know the IG is not a prosecutor. The IG’s role is strict fact-finding vs. inferring, whereas the prosecutors are looking for criminal motivation and “intent”, a very different job altogether.

      Of course Democrats will focus on anything that furthers their “narrative” regardless of logic or fact. As several others point out “bias” is largely irrelevant vs. facts of FBI/DoJ committing crimes. Goes to show the Democrats have very little to point to that supports their agenda coming out of the IG FISA report.

      IOW watch the Dems now grasping at straws. It’s all they got and it ain’t much of anything.


      • steph_gray says:

        Great meme I saw yesterday:

        Pelosi is grasping at straws.

        Too bad she forgot she banned straws.

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        • jrapdx says:

          Ha! Nice play on “straw”. Whatever version of straw she’s groping for, it ain’t gonna suffice. The Dems still face disastrous outcome of their foolhardy waste of time, money and goodwill.


      • Rick says:

        “The IG’s role is strict fact-finding vs. inferring, whereas the prosecutors are looking for criminal motivation and “intent”, a very different job altogether”

        Which is exactly why it was inappropriate for Horowitz to issue the summary judgement of ‘no bias.’ Rather he should have stuck with giving out the summary of violations and allowed the readers to form their own assessment.

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        • jrapdx says:

          I think the “…summary judgement of ‘no bias’” simply means he didn’t find “bias” as defined, that is, in testimonial or documentary evidence. I’d bet a big wad that Horowitz’ personal opinion is that the DoJ/FBI people involved were biased as hell, but as IG he can’t just say it straight out.

          Admittedly a matter of definitions is arcane. I fully get your point and can’t argue that the statement in the summary is probably misleading to average readers.

          Ultimately it’s probably not that important, whatever the media make of it will fade quickly in the rush of new and sexier fake news to spew.


        • mikeyboo says:

          The sheer number of violations exceeds what could possibly be excused as mere error.
          Bias is the only reasonable explanation.


    • Beau Geste says:

      O-gauge, I respectfully think you are off the rails on this. IMHO, the “no evidence of bias” is likely to try to protect the coup perpetrators from allegations of “intent” and therefore criminal conspiracy, for jury trials that horowitz, as protector of the obama-appointed-swamp he is part of, might foresee. A criminal defense will claim to jury that none of the evidence in the Official Government IG report shows even a smidgen ofbias or criminal intent (so should be excluded or not considered by the jury) .


  32. bullnuke says:

    How ironic liberals talk about the rule of law.

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    • Ackman419 says:

      And morality, of all things.
      They continue to hang their hats on some imaginary high road.
      It’s embarassing.
      It’s right up there with their support of the corrupt FBI, which repeatedly violates civil rights and uses loopholes to railroad the citizenry which funds it.

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  33. Reserved55 says:

    The whole foundation of the Justice Department is corrupt.

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  34. Patience says:

    In other words, uni-party.

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  35. islandpalmtrees says:

    “Agents working together to protect communities. ” what an interesting piece of propaganda.
    Horowitz again

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    • rcogburn says:

      Oh I’d say he’s being quite truthful – communities of lawless FBI agents, communities of treasonous CIA operatives, communities of criminal DOJ lawyers, the communities of globalist paymasters like the CoC and Soros, corrupt, Stalinist uniparty traitors known as “elected officials” including members of Congress and the former President of the Unites States –

      Those agents were working very hard to protect those communities.


    • Beau says:

      “Agents conspiring together to protect swamp communities”


  36. trialbytruth says:

    So who were.the several hand picked groups that were involved in crossfire you

    Crossfire.hurricaine was much larger then what we investigated.


  37. Reserved55 says:

    The Wingman is in jail because of Fast and Furious?


  38. islandpalmtrees says:

    CIA, FBI and Agents for rent


  39. billybob says:

    As an aside – Had a quick look at Drudge to see their coverage of the hearing and it is not being covered !!!!!!! Headline is the UK elections . UNBELIEVABLE


  40. islandpalmtrees says:

    Mr Graham needs to be replaced but where are we going to get a replacement in the Senate?

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  41. sunnyflower5 says:

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  42. mtg50 says:

    This hearing is making it starkly clear that war clouds are gathering and a battle looms between two forces. On one side is the deep state, members of the coup and those, for various reasons, who do not want it exposed. On the other side is President Trump, AG Barr, Durham, and the law. Neither side is trying to disguise this anymore. This battle is imminent. There is no going back. Think of the confidence of President Trump. Think of the extraordinary statements by Barr and Durham yesterday and Barr’s two interviews. Barr clearly threw down the gauntlet for a purpose. Horowitz documented crimes. How he characterizes these crimes is not important. The proof of a coup to remove a duly elected President that Durham and Barr will present is what is important. The most important statement of the past two days is Durham essentially letting the deep state know he has the proof of a conspiracy.

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  43. sunnyflower5 says:

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  44. fanbeav says:

    I truly wish each GOP could make a statement of blatant lies stated in this hearing from democrats for the record. They are getting away with lying because they are not under oath.

    We need to change rules so EVERYONE is under oath – including Senators!


  45. Justin Green says:

    Democrats still harping on the fake Muh Rusha BS. Sickening.

    Equivocating Facebook ads with unverified, unproven DNC server hacking.

    Oh, and how does the IG report rely on the Mueller report, when the Mueller investigation was a work product of the people under IG investigation?


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  46. The dossier was debunked by agents in Jan 2017. After interviewing the steele’s source the reports states it was mostly bar talk, The pee story was a joke” in jest”. This mean that 1 week later when Comey had the famous meeting with President Trump he knew it was false. In the meeting he discussed the pee dossier in detail knowing his agent just told him it was crap. I am the only one who just realized this.

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  47. Tom22ndState says:

    Lawdy lady, the little black girls murdered by loser fringe kkk wannabes in Birmingham in 1963 are relevant how Ms Klobutcher? You’re one delusional kook.

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  48. Reserved55 says:


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  49. 335blues says:

    It infuriates me that Horowitz could have taken the high road and actually done his job.
    People who care about America and the truth would have viewed him as a hero.
    But instead he takes years to write thousands of pages of muddled crap
    to cover his ass.
    To say that bias was not involved in the beginning of the ‘crossfire hurricane’ debacle
    is one of the lies of the century.
    In Stroke’s texts he clearly stated they would ‘prevent Trump from being President’,
    and many other statements that a 5 year old could conclude was bias.
    All Horowitz has done is muddy up the water in an attempt to keep his worthless job.

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