President Trump Puts “Temporary Hold” on Designating Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorist Organizations…

Following a visit to Mexico by U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, earlier today President Trump announced he was putting a “temporary hold” on the designation of Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

It looks like President Donald Trump has once again created a significant amount of leverage for Mexican President Lopez-Obrador to continue working with the Trump administration on a variety of security (border and immigration) and economic (USMCA) aspects.

(US DOJ) […] Attorney General Barr and Mexican Government counterparts discussed a broad range of issues including their shared commitment to protecting the security and safety of the citizens of both the United States and Mexico from transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) as well as how our countries work together to combat drug, human, and arms trafficking. They talked about the importance of targeting illicit financial networks and disrupting the illicit movement of cash, weapons, and drugs, combatting corruption, and strengthening cooperation on bringing members of TCOs to justice. (more)

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68 Responses to President Trump Puts “Temporary Hold” on Designating Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorist Organizations…

  1. Doing this is not a leverage situation. Do it already. Tens of thousands of Americans die a year because of them (drugs).

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    • LetJusticePrevail2014 says:

      Agreed. It’s time to fight the war that Mexico’s Corruptocracy is unwilling wage.

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      • zozz1 says:

        As I understand it, the purpose of the designation would be to, in essence, lock up Mexico’s banking and financial institutions and to sanction any person involved with drug money. The cartels depend on the financial institutions, and all American financial institutions would be barred from doing business with the Mexican ones. Once again, Trump would be using economic “bullets” instead of real ones. More than one way to skin a cat….

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      • dallavise says:

        Need to think past the first step. If Amlo gets assassinated, things get tricky. Pass USMCA first.

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    • Paul Apostle says:

      If Pres Trump had a Congress and Senate that would work with him on securing the border he would’ve already designated the Cartels. But, since our Gov is not for the people and for themselves, Pres Trump has to use every bit of leverage he can to accomplish his goals.

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    • Justin Folkwein says:

      It is a major leverage move. Huge. Mexico knows this….and wants to keep those cartels off the U.S’s terrorist list.

      Once we put them on the terror list Mexico becomes a NATO country now harboring terror organizations. The rules change once that happen. We will be able to pursue them into Mexico a lot easier and use military force.

      It’s huge leverage.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      “…the Mexican president criticized as “interventionism” and a “flagrant violation of our sovereignty.” Why back don’t from this Mexican BS accusations, ungrateful neighbor.

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  2. Sharon says:

    Is there any concern that the Mexican President will 1) only do what the cartels will tolerate him doing and 2) will be seeking goodwill with the cartels, as well as the US, so that they won’t kill him?

    President Trump is no immediate threat to his continued good health. It seems to me that the cartels either are or have the potential to be, very quickly. Dunno.

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  3. emet says:

    What the cartels fear is the closure of all ports of entry and a completed, heavily patrolled wall. They are not concerned about being labeled as terrorists.

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    • plane of the ecliptic says:

      The Cartels are much, much, more than just drugs. Ask the States where weed is legal if the Cartel influence has waned. There are organized Fraud Cartels that do nothing but steal, produce counterfeit credit cards, identity theft, fence high end goods, etc. etc. They are driving across the US in mobile fraud caravans. There are Prostitution Cartels, and under age Human Trafficking Cartels. Cell phone Cartels, and Computer Crime Cartels. Gas Pump Skimmer Chip Cartels. They are involved in all sorts of BUSINESS.


  4. Dekester says:

    IMO genius move.

    USMCA, the border wall, continued Mexican assistance with migrants from South of them.

    PDJT truly makes the last three or four Presidents look like utter fools. ( crooked too.)

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  5. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I never understand when Trump does things like this, but after watching for almost 3 years, I’m trusting him. I was thrilled when I heard/read he was going to designate the Cartels as terrorists. I doubt the Mexican president is up to the job, but it looks like he’s gonna get the help he needs from America if he plays his cards right. I’m sure the Mexican people would be so relieved to have normal lives to live rather than being under constant threat by the Cartels. Even the Mexican immigrants here are threatened by the Cartels – if the Cartels discover that a Mexican family has someone in the states “making good”, they threaten their families, extort money, and it is dutifully sent home. The Cartels reach is very deep into our country. Make Mexico Great Again!!!!

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    • Bill says:

      What don’t you understand? He told golden retriever to make sure our border isn’t penetrated by a flood of illegals anymore or he will designate the cartels terrorists. Stopping the flow of illegals into our country. If Mexico doesn’t comply then he designated them which opens up a plethora of options for trump to put military on the border to protect from terrorists and the courts can’t do anything about it. Trump card.

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      • Justin Folkwein says:

        Exactly Bill. The designation, as I stated earlier, makes Mexico a NATO country that harbors terrorist orgs. Military becomes an option as does entering Mexico to take them out per agreements. Oh, and Congress can’t stop it.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Go read “The Art of the Deal”.
      You’ll then understand how he negotiates to achieve his ultimate objectives.

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  6. JohnCasper says:

    Obrador has quite a bit of leverage here. 28,000 Mexican troops on border duty that he could stand down. If the Endless Wars in the Middle East obsessed Pentagon wasn’t so worthless they would have 100,000 American troops on border duty and the 28,000 Mexican troops would be all but irrelevant.

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    • GB Bari says:

      The 28,000 troops (if it actually IS that much) is nothing compared to the economic squeeze PDJT can put on Mexico to seriously hurt their manufacturing/ export business. AMLO needs to be able to export to the US. President Trump can shut off that spigot any time under emergency powers.

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  7. TarsTarkas says:

    Anything happens to AMLO it will be blamed on the cartels and Boom terrorist designation and completely changed ROE for border patrol and any US troops along the border. There is also high probability of significant political blowback from Mexican-Americans and illegal Mexicans as well against both cartels and open borders advocates. Cartels know this.

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  8. Johnny says:

    5,4,3,2,1. Abuse of power. It will be the Mexico whistle blower, now. Followed by all the Diplomatic so called intellectuals saying the President did not follow the script they provided.

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  9. California Joe says:

    Exactly! My take is the Mexican President was getting a lot of pushback for helping President Trump with the border so President Trump upped the ante a little bit and gave the good guys in Mexico some ammo to continue with troops on the border!


    • Road Runner says:

      Screw AMLO, he is a socialist POS… Make no mistake that any assistance he begrudgingly provided the US, as to the border/illegal immigration issues and USMCA ratification, was a bitter pill for him to swallow… If left to his own devices he would not have done any of it…. He is a true Chavista believer and just recently offer asylum to Morales of Bolivia…

      AND if any of you think Nieto was crooked/on the take, you really need to go back to the regimes of Portillo, Escherichia, Calderon, Zedillo to see real professional crooks… There were a couple of sayings about Mexican politicos, i.e., “Son Mas Bandidos que los Bandidos”… “They are greater Bandits than the Bandits”…. or “Roban de Mas”… “They steal more than they need to Steal”… It is accepted practice in Mexico to accept public corruption, the populace just wishes the bastards wouldn’t take it ALL and at least leave a few scraps for the masses… The stories I could tell…

      And don’t any of you fall into the trap of laying all this at the feet of the Spaniards, circa 1512, this crap is so multi-generational… You would need to brush up on the Aztecs and all the way back to the Olmecs… And if you dare, look all the way south to the Incas in South America…

      What I am trying to say is that any solution to the endemic problems in Mexico, will not be a simple one lane, one plan path… It will require several moves and paths and deceptions, if we are ever going to just, NOT fix it, but at least mitigate the shit storm that is Mexico…

      PDJT is the first US President that has recognized that our great military is not always our most lethal weapon… The deadliest arrow in PDJTs quiver, is the weaponization of the full weight of the US Economy and devastation Sanctions can bring to any countries economic/banking sector… Just as Zozz1 noted above…

      Trust PDJT… He is plying the here is the threat, pull it back and show me I don’t need to drop that hammer and see what happens… If he can do it to China the Mexicans have to take him at his word…

      Worked before and will work again…

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      • Dutchman says:

        Road Runner,
        EXCELLENT comment. Set aside emotion, and focus on your GOAL.
        What is the,GOAL you wish to achieve?
        Then, work consistently towards that goal, use carrots, use,sticks, hell use zuccini, IF it will achieve the GOAL.

        The goal is a secure Southern border, no drugs, human trafficking, etc.

        Is that goal achievable without cooperation of Mexicos government?

        POSSIBLY, but far less likely, than by obtaining the Mexican governments cooperation.

        The government of Mexico IS corrupt, and as you point out, always HAS been.
        But if being corrupt was a barrier to working with Governments, PDJT couldn’t work with ANY governments, OR Congress.

        He has nothing but arrows in his,quiver, and Amlo doesn’t even HAVE a,quiver, or bow.

        He still has the auto sector tariff, to hold over Mexico, which would devastate their economy, over night.

        He now has this designation, ready to sign. Unlike previous Presidents, who did nothing, he is putting maximum sustained pressure (stick) and getting concessions never seen before, both from Mexico and Nato.

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  10. Jesse says:

    This makes sense to me. Trump is using the terrorist designation for cartels as a bargaining chip, just like tariffs with China. When they screw up, and they will, then Trump hits them with the designation.

    This delay gives our intelligence assets more time to build a strong case and seize more cartel assets.

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    • Road Runner says:

      Jesse, we already know where 90% of the cartel assets are… They are all in plain sight…

      Truth is that any truly punitive measures need to wait until we have a better handle on the border area… The blow back today would be a problem that, for the time being, should remain in Mexico as much as possible… Mexico knows this all too and believe me just like the implementation of the Asylum seekers having to return to Mexico and wait for their cases was only accepted by AMLO when he was threatened economicly… PDJT just needs to keep upping the level of the threats…

      Build the Wall… Then drop the BIG hammer…

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      • Dutchman says:

        If the Cartels are designated as Terrorist organisations, siezing assets is only part of it.
        National soveriegnity goes bye-bye.
        Think of the raid to get Bin Laden, and the recent one to get washisname.

        Hellfire missiles from drones, seal team raids to take out leaders, AND Sieze intelligence, in and out and no heads up to Mexican government.

        The designation brings a whole passel of options to the,Table.
        How Mexicans would feel about such incursions from the Yanqui’s of the North? Probably NOT to good.

        So, politically better for Amlo to do whatever he can, to avoid it.

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      • Jesse says:

        Your comment above and this one are well thought out and you explained your thought process well. I would add that many people don’t realize that this country has already been infiltrated with cartel ‘cells.’ Drug cartels have groups living in this country with the specific purpose of moving narcotics and it’s proceeds.

        Our intelligence agencies routinely take down these cartel cells. The cells are replaced within days by other cartel members to continue the cartels goals of moving product. Then our intelligence (DEA, FBI, ATF and local agencies) spend time trying to catch back up. The cartels are well funded, intelligent, mobile, and vicious. The are, frankly, kicking law enforcement’s butts.

        Their use of prepaid, burner phones and one time use apps to conduct business is genius, and hard to counter. The use of their own phone and data networks to move contraband was a smart move too. Add in paying off local politicians to the mix, a penchant for violence, and they are well protected and feared by many people in Mexico.

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        • Road Runner says:

          Jesse, thanks for your comments… Something that must be taken into account is that while the cartels do terrorize anyone they come into contact with, they are first and foremost simply ‘Criminal Enterprises’… Their only motivation is generating profits through corruption practices on a grand scale, period… They don’t have an ideological bone in their bodies… Not Religious, not Socialism v Capitalism, no desire to rid themselves of any perceived persecution… Nothing that drives a typical terrorist organization like we find today in the ME or even back to the old days with European groups like Bader-Meinoff…

          Some have opined that we could legalize drugs here in the US to eliminate their customers… That will not even put a dent in their operations. They will simply move to a new and improved scheme, as they already have done, i.e., human smuggling, fuel theft (huachicoleo) you name it… They will find it…

          Setting aside the absolute necessity of abolishing sanctuary areas here in the US so we can release the hounds of hell (US Law Enforcement) to squash all foreign corruption, in all its ugly forms, that currently reside within the US… We FIRST must shift the battle ground back to Mexico.

          Then, IMHO, we should first get a firm grip and totally secure our side of the border area, then squeeze harder, via the threats of Economics/Sanctions, for Mexico to create a 20 mile buffer on their side of the border. We should assist them in any and every way we can (Intel, Equipment training, Financial aid via USMCA, etc)… However under NO circumstance should there be invasion/boots on the ground, unless we are invited in by not only the Mex Government, but the people… An invasion will backfire on us on an epic scale… The average Mexican mind set of illogical and misplace so called ‘Machismo’, will turn the populace’s hatred towards the US instead of keeping it squarely focused on the cartels where it belongs…

          This is a war we can and will win, once we drive them out of the US and isolate it to the Mexican side of the border. It is up to the Mexican people to win this fight, albeit with our reasoned assistance. Twenty years ago the people somewhat viewed the cartels as folk-heroes… That is no longer the case, many have tired of the collateral damage both because of violence and terrible economics… Now is not the time for the Gringos to jump in and be viewed as the bad guys…

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    • cantcforest says:

      our intelligence assets…Where????


  11. Linda K. says:

    My first thought was that this approach should have been taken years ago. Second thought, the Congress critters getting money from cartels, or even pro immigration churches getting money from illegal immigration won’t like this move to control the chaos..

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  12. Dude says:

    Treating him like a partner.

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  13. David Mitchell says:

    Every dollar we squeeze out of the cartels ought to go directly into the wall. All asset forfeitures here for drug trafficking ought to go directly into the wall. POTUS’ next quarterly paycheck of $100k ought to go directly into the wall. Any tariffs we collect from Mexico ought to go directly into the wall.

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  14. Perot Conservative says:

    Will Barr & Durham bring the hammer down on our own IC criminals?

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  15. RLTW says:

    JSOC Is the most efficient and ruthless terrorist killing machine in human history. Pull those Operators out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Build the equivalent of Bagram airfield in Mexico City. Build FOBs throughout Mexico as we have done in AF and IZ for the last 19 years.

    Once unleashed those JSOC Operators will absolutely slaughter the Mexican Cartels. Push them South into Central and South America.

    Unlike Islam, this is not an ideology. These are punk criminal cholasos. They are every bit as dedicated as Santa Ana was when Sam Houston defeated the entire Mexican Army in 14 minutes.

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    • elsuperbus says:

      The mistake was giving them back the northern half of modern day Mexico after Mexico City was captured. Border wall also wouldn’t need to be as wide.


  16. WES says:

    I think this is just one way President Trump is keeping the focus and pressure on the drug cartels.

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  17. MostlyRight says:

    If we had designated against the wishes of Mexico’s President, and sent Apaches or targeted misleading strikes or special forces in, we would be making an enemy of more than just the cartels across our border, and would receive no help. All the blood and treasure spent would be ours vs the cartels.

    Now Trump still holds the ace card of terrorist designation, yet Amlo has incentive to spend blood and treasure to clean things up himself. And Trump holds many more leverage cards than that, and isn’t afraid to use them. Recall how he maneuvered to get Mexican troops on the borders.

    If no significant progress is made, Trump says “I was reasonable and gave Mexico a chance to clean up their mess, with as much of our support as was requested, but the results have not been enough” and sends the Apaches.

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  18. k4jjj says:

    Designating the Mexican cartels as terrorists is no news flash….it’s like calling the Pope a Catholic.

    I don’t agree with this. Ignoring reality NEVER accomplishes anything.

    The Mexican government does NOT control the cartels. Mexico is a failed narco state begging for a massive U.S. military retaliation against the cartels. Give them what they have earned… unleash hell on these savages. If the distant ISIS deserved this, why would these murderers among us NOT deserve this?

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    • Johnny Boost says:

      Are you saying the pope is Catholic? Could’ve fooled me.

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    • My first thought was that it afforded time for people to redirect funds out of the country, and to make sundry preparations, both for good and for ill.
      Maybe in Mexico these days, right from wrong is no longer easy to discern (predictable after so much denial).
      Even those that are not directly involved in the drug trade have their little stashes of cash and accounts which flow indirectly from the trade.
      A move of the sort the President is contemplating is monumental, and he shouldn’t delay too long.


  19. A2 says:

    The US Coast Guard is doing their bit.

    U.S. Coast Guard Intercepts Highlight Growing Drug Submarine Epidemic

    “ In November, the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Thetis intercepted two semi-submersibles in the Eastern Pacific, a favorite haunt of so-called narco-subs. They were carrying cocaine northbound toward the United States. Each vessel was carrying just under two tons of the narcotic.”

    “ The craft intercepted by Thetis are the 30th and 31st drug submarines reported this year. This brings 2019 close to the record 35 incidents reported last year. For comparison there were only 16 in 2017, and just 2 in 2013.”

    No matter how many are interdicted, the majority are thought to be getting through. I estimate that around 900 such vessels have been built over the years. These will have transported around a thousand tons of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico, from where it goes overland into the United States. And smaller but not insignificant amounts will have crossed the Atlantic in similar vessels.

    Despite the many seizures the trend looks set to continue into 2020.

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  20. Johnny Boost says:

    At least a few of our congressmen have to be on the take from the cartels. I wonder if this is a reason why they’re so panicked lately.

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  21. noswamp says:

    If not the cartels its the CoC, Donahue, Round Table, etc. some in Congress are on the take.

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  22. czarowniczy says:

    WTF is it with the US government that it can’t call lsa pala la pala? I dealt with that trash before retirement as here I am some 12 years later and I still can’t scrape them off of my shoe.

    If they’re not terrorists please tell me (a) WTF they are, and (b) WTF the latest definition of terrorist is? We’ve labeled foreign terrorist groups terrorists on a helluva lot less than what they’ve done – in Mexico and HERE. We invaded Iraq on vapor thin excuses and the cartels have been killing thousands of American citizens on American soil for decades through supplying drugs and direct acts of violence.

    We bomb/rocket/shell terrorists in the Mideast for threats, just because these turds hide in a neighboring country that e rely on for an unending supply of cheap illegal labor shouldn’t prevent us from dropping a few well-placed missiles into cartel leaders’ houses. While we’re at it we could vaporize a bunch of their super meth labs and their heroin processing plants that supply the bulk of the US heroin consumed.

    So Mexico gets pissed that we violated their sovereign rights – BFD, they’ve been knowingly violating ours for decades. After all, their government produced booklets on how to sneak into the US and has been turning a blind eye to cartel drug operations to the point where cartels have so intermixed with the government it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. What’s a pissed Mexico going to do, nuke us? Cut off our supply of pool boys and illegal construction workers?

    We put up with crap from Mexico that we wouldn’t put up with from any other country – time to pull the plug.

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  23. swamph8er says:

    In what world should we not wipe out the cartels…leverage isn’t worth American lives.

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  24. trapper says:

    PDJT likes AMLO. They worked out a deal together. He’s alright.

    This is PDJT keeping AMLO safe. PDJT’s finger is on the trigger, it’s pointed at the cartels, and this is his message to them: “Don’t even think about messing with AMLO.”

    American military just demonstrated with Bag Daddy that they can take out anyone, anywhere in the world, any time they choose. Anything happens to AMLO, a bad case of the flu, and the cartels get their money frozen and their leaders very likely get plucked out of bed in the middle of the night by American military.

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    • This angle never occurred to me, but you may be right.
      Mexico is a place where the cartels can kill at will, whether a person on the street, or in a limo.
      As frightening as it sounds, if you’re alive in Mexico today, it’s because the Cartels don’t want you dead.

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  25. Ackman419 says:

    There’s no “reigning in” narco cartels in Mexico.
    If AMLO steps on any cartel toes, he’ll be punished gangster style.
    The only way to stop them is to kill them all.
    And without a functioning and secure border apparatus, new narco cartels will just take their place.
    There’s nothing to leverage against when the govt is run by the cartels.

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  26. ATheoK says:

    I am so glad to see President Trump making such effective use of his Diplomatic Corps and A.G. Barr.
    I’m sure the Mexicans listened very carefully to A. G. Barr; much more than they pay attention to the Diplomats.

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  27. Mike in a Truck says:

    This is all fine and dandy until these Narco Terrorists commit the next atrocity against Americans. Next up: one of the cartel terrorist organizations will cross the border and lay siege to a U.S. border town. You heard it here first.

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  28. trnathens says:

    I’m not the only one who sees the irony in this headline and article, right?

    PDJT puts a hold on…designating a group as terrorist. So that a foreign country is compelled to do something HE wants (clean up the corruption that leads to violence), which, arguably, will help him get re-elected. The hold here is not on giving Mexico something (say, arms), but on NOT doing something (designating as terrorist the cartels), but the result is the same: it’s a legit quid pro quo. And no one is saying boo about it! Because this is NORMAL diplomatic behavior, just like what happened in Ukraine.

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  29. trnathens says:

    I’m not the only one who sees the irony in this headline and article, right?

    PDJT puts a hold on…designating a group as terrorist. So that a foreign country is compelled to do something HE wants (clean up the corruption that leads to violence), which, arguably, will help him get re-elected. The hold here is not on giving Mexico something (say, arms), but on NOT doing something (designating as terrorist the cartels), but the result is the same: it’s a legit quid pro quo. And no one is saying boo about it! Because this is NORMAL diplomatic behavior, just like what happened in Ukraine.


  30. islandpalmtrees says:

    “targeting illicit financial networks and disrupting the illicit movement of cash”
    Sounds allot like, bitcoin. This along is a big problem because of issues like taxes. And, movement of large sums of money without being tracked, etc.

    Bitcoin, needs to be shut down! Just like that FISA warrant process!

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  31. I do not understand this but then I am still waiting for him to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation as he promised he would as well.

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  32. Dear President Trump,

    With all due respect, your tweet to hold off terrorist designation for the Mexican cartels is good, but it would be much better if you were to add a drop-dead date designation. Put some teeth into it.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful, great things you and your administration are doing for our Republic!

    God bless you and yours, God bless America!

    But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil.
    2 Thess 3:3


  33. mugzey302 says:

    Whatever ~ that’s political crap. Get the bas*ards out of THIS country NOW. You know where they are.


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