HJC Chairman Nadler Attempts to Reframe “Impeachment Inquiry” With “Groundwork Hearing” – Before Receiving Impeachment Inquiry Report – Violating Their Own Resolution Process…

House Judiciary Committee (HJC) Chairman Jerry Nadler, together with Lawfare contracted impeachment agents Barry Berke and Norm Eisen (pictured below), are attempting to reframe a collapsing impeachment and pull-in White House participation.

Chairman Nadler has announced a December 4th hearing with a panel of democrat selected constitutional lawyers and legal ‘experts’, to discuss the procedural framework of an impeachment process. As Nadler states: “Our first task is to explore the framework put in place to respond to serious allegations of impeachable misconduct”. So the HJC initial objective to build their narrative is to explain what the impeachment process is about.

This is transparently an attempt by Nadler/Lawfare to give legitimacy to an illegitimate political exercise. The hearing purpose is framed as a trap to pull the White House in, and thereby create the optics of constitutional legitimacy.  Strong caution is advised and I would not be surprised to see the White House refuse to participate.  Here’s why:

With the House investigative portion of resolution 660 complete, per Adam Schiff and a yet invisible report from the HPSCI committee submitted, either the House Judiciary should follow their own process or not.  The White House and the minority have not even seen the one-sided report mandated by the House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution.

My advice to the White House would be to respond to Nadler’s letter by informing him the House “Impeachment Report” authorized by resolution 660 has not yet been delivered; therefore, without a basis for the HJC to consider the validity of the first phase, it would be presumptuous to engage in a second phase framework exercise without the origination material described by the House Democrats’ own procedure.

The HJC is putting the proverbial illegitimate cart before the invisible horse.  Hammer them with this ! How can the HJC construct a hearing on the framework of impeachment without the results from the impeachment inquiry report?

Here’s the Nadler Letter:

(Source – pdf)

Obviously Lawfare is rushing.  They are rushing to push out this hearing on December 4th before the DOJ Inspector General drops a report on December 9th that would weaken their impeachment narrative.

HJC Press Release Link

Here is the originating House Resolution 660:


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293 Responses to HJC Chairman Nadler Attempts to Reframe “Impeachment Inquiry” With “Groundwork Hearing” – Before Receiving Impeachment Inquiry Report – Violating Their Own Resolution Process…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    This may be a very positive signal that possible Barr has stepped in to stop the sentencing date to allow the IG findings and maybe some indictments to take its spot.

    Can’t wait for a Sundance update

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  2. MD says:

    They racing around in panic mode right now. I think when they hatched this scheme to impeach the President over the Ukraine phone call they totally underestimated the Joe / Hunter Biden pay for play. That was a scheme to siphon off money from U.S. taxpayers, launder it and put it in their pockets. This will be further exposed in a senate impeachment trial, which is why they don’t want to do one now! If Ukraine is one instance of this I’m sure there are many more. Didn’t BHO just publicly turn his back on Biden’s candidacy? Wonder why?

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    • What has really got them “in panic mode” is the fact that the Ukranians recently elected a President – a comedian, but no joker – who also promised to “drain the swamp.” And he’s doing it, and there is no American POTUS to give him six hours.

      Yes, Joe Biden (and Barak Obama) briefly succeeded in having a nosy prosecutor fired, but the investigation has since been re-opened … and the prosecutor in question gave a lengthy deposition under oath.

      The US Government is now honoring the ratified treaty which we have with Ukraine, promising mutual cooperation in law enforcement, particularly with regards to corruption. And there’s nothing that these Washingtonian criminals can do to stop it.

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      • Austin Holdout says:

        Nothing except the “Six ways to Sunday”. I think it would be naive to believe there are no more actors who still pull the levers of power in our government to make a car or plane crash, a sudden “heart attack” or “suicide” happen in Ukraine.

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      • Trust, But Verify says:

        Just as the United States replaced a corrupt, criminal president with a new leader intent upon draining the Swamp, so did the Ukrainians . . . .

        Obama and Biden thought they were safe dealing with the previous like-mined criminals in the Ukraine. What they didn’t expect is that the fellow criminal that they thought would win the presidency in the United States didn’t.

        But a Swamp Drainer did.

        Now, it looks like the criminals in the previous administrations in both the Ukraine and the United States are going to have to pay the piper.

        If that does, indeed, happen in the United States, it’s going to be fun to watch, and a relief after a lifetime of having to endure their perpetual depravity and corruption.

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      Maybe he’s being very quiet because he had just decided the coast was clear to buy a $15m beach house and doesn’t want anyone to ask where the $ came from. His $400k salary as president only added up to $3.2m over his 8 years. Even if they invested the $ in Trump’s awesome stock market, it wouldn’t have gone up 500%.

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    • S.Bishop says:

      Not to be overlooked regarding the now accelerating timing issue is Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s declining health. I believe they are rushing so that they can tag POTUS with a ‘he was impeached’ label so they can prevent him from replacing RBG should her health fail.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      MD says: “If Ukraine is one instance of this I’m sure there are many more.”
      I have heard Romania and Iraq to name two less frequently mentioned, and of course, China is big on corruption.


      • cali says:

        @1stgoblyn: ^^^^^^^^This!

        As a matter of fact China is funding the Lawfare gang and democrats pushing for impeachment. That’s the reason they slow walk the trade agreement and why Pelosi is not acting either to ratify the trade agreement.
        China has a lot riding on this as they seek a Biden presidency and go back doing business as usual ripping off America with billions of dollars in trade imbalance.

        China injected millions of dollars into these characters to get their desired outcome: impeachment and no 2nd term for president Trump.

        The president knows this ergo signing the HongKong bills favoring the people in Hongkong.
        This is a president Trump’s way of giving the Panda a black eye.

        Interference in elections? Democrats are experts in that field!


    • Leo D says:

      I don’t think they underestimated the Joe/Hunter Biden pay for play.


      And it was not just Joe/Hunter. Burisma, it seems, has been the slush fund for a whole lot of Democrats, through the Atlantic Council, and the Ukrainian Embassy staff have been running active interference for it for a long time…to the point of refusing to issue visas to Ukrainian officials who wanted to go to Washington to let Trump know about the scam.

      Vindman transmitted his ‘concern’ to EC, based on his Russia bad, Ukraine good viewpoint. EC freaked, however, due to his relationship to Biden and the corruption. The entire deep state realized that Trump was going around them, and that a whole lot of people could potentially get burned…hence the clown car reaction


  3. “[…] nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law […]”

    Pound sand, Jerry …

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  4. hawkins6 says:

    All those optimists claiming the Dem’s impeachment travesty is over, forgot Yogi’s wisdom. It ain’t over till it’s over.”

    But in the Dem’s hate filled world, it will never be over as long as P Trump is in the WH and probably long after that if they ever regain the WH. The conniving Nadler letter almost made me nauseous over the absurdity and recklessness of it all. I hope more independents will have a similar feeling as these show trials continue well into the New Year. These fools have to be purged from office and kept as far away from power as possible.

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    • GP says:

      Hi Hawkins6-Well said. I said same last week. The Left never gives up-you have to sorta admire their commitment to destroy America. They’ve done a pretty good job so far :

      *There are now like 40+ genders-
      *White people are racked with guilt over their “privilege” and hate you if you don’t
      *Transgender drag queens are leading school “story hour” with many of our 4-5 year old children
      *Illegal immigrants have more rights than Us citizens
      *Illegal immigrants continue to daily pour into the US and your tax dollar is subsidizing them, paying for their food and health care, while they lower your wages and job opportunities.

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      • nimrodman says:

        re “white privilege”

        So-called “white privilege” is simply the latest racist cudgel the Left has devised to beat whites over the head with

        To indoctrinate the young until 7-year-olds who haven’t hurt anyone go home crying from being badgered and brow-beaten and unjustly shamed for nothing they’ve done but simply for the color of their skin

        It emerged from Marxist academia – that is, from racist professors advancing race-grievance philosophy and attack methods

        If you think back hard, you’ll recall the prior racist cudgel they dreamed up, oh – 10 or 15 years ago

        What was it?

        So called “micro-aggressions”

        Remember that one?

        Loosely translated, “micro-aggressions” amounted to:

        “Y’all ain’t really bein’ outright raycisss to us no more, so we just gon’ make $hit up”

        Tell me I’m wrong


  5. Raptors2020 says:

    The plot against President Trump grows ever more legalistic, and ever more futile, for two reasons. First, the obvious one: no crimes have been committed. Second, and the far more profound reason: the satisfaction and the closure the Democrats seek is not to be found in an American lawbook.

    Secular leftists fancy themselves progressive: they are leading us along Hegel’s one-way arc of history to paradise. In reality, they are atavists, marching us swiftly backwards, driven by superstitious even primal impulses. The environmental movement is a return to the pre-Christian worship of the natural world.

    Leftism itself is a religion: their campaign against blasphemy has been renamed political correctness. The ancient Athenians executed the great thinker Socrates. His crime? Not believing in the Gods of the State.

    Trump is a heretic, and a threat to the Secular Leftist State, because, like Socrates, he can attract many followers with his oratory, and foment disbelief and disloyalty to Leftism.

    If you’re a leftist true believer, who kid themselves that they’re hyper-rational, like the dunce Ocasio-Cortez, Trump beomes an existential threat.

    Sadly, if the Democrats succeed in impeaching and convicting our President, and even more so if they fail, Trump, and probably his family, will be hounded forever. He’s already abandoned New York City, and I pray they can remain within the borders of the USA. That is far from certain, and many challenges loom.

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  6. jameswlee2014 says:

    Tell them you have important President stuff to do and that you will get back to them on the schedule when you have time.


  7. Jason Ross says:

    This invitation is put out there purely so the media can run with the ‘attend or stop complaining’ sound byte, as the networks have uniformly done this evening.


  8. The Demon Slick says:

    Treepers should keep in mind, you are not representative of the general population. I mean no disrespect, most people are not so engaged, not so well read. Most people don’t care that much. I say this because I want to make the point that most people don’t care about impeachment all that much. Especially the shiff show. These issues they have chosen are boring. Tedious, complicated, and stupid. Hard to follow, uninteresting when you do. It’s just not grabbing people’s attention. It reads like a 3rd level bureaucrat training manual.
    But there’s a better story. A story about shady backroom plots, secret usurpers, an attempted coup! A story about spies, about corruption, about international intelligence agencies and a spider’s web of intrigue and cash money. There’s plot twists and thrills, even some sex scenes. Now that’s the kind of thing that people like to read about. It’s interesting and titillating and scandalous. That stuff sells itself.

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    • RePete says:

      I don’t agree. I think the “not so well read” “general population” you mention are thoroughly and visibly disgusted with these fake show trials. Love or hate Trump, people don’t want to hear about these fake hearings anymore. They are completely and utterly fake, and noticeably so even to those who speak English as a second language. This was a huge failure and a major loss of credibility for Democrats in the public eye. How embarrassing to associate oneself with these clowns. Rep. Schiff will not be able/allowed to defend his seat in this next election.

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    • Fringe Dweller says:


      Enjoy the movie.


  9. Pew-Anon says:

    Granular and crucial analysis you won’t hear anywhere else. This is why SD gets paid the big bucks.


  10. Millstream says:

    The dems desperation is not going to stop as Ginsburgs health continues to deteriorate

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  11. Republicanvet91 says:

    “My advice to the White House would be to respond to Nadler’s letter by informing him the House “Impeachment Report” authorized by resolution 660 has not yet been delivered;”

    If I could be so presumptuous as to add….the WH should first respond that they will be studying the letter, legal precedents, the type of paper his letter was written on, the way the sunlight streams into the windows of the Oval office, etc., and then they will respond…around December 8th.

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  12. Seadoc66 says:

    Note: Last week I reported (see message below) increasing demands from the veterans’ community for action against those who want to remove President Trump from office via a total baseless coup. Per the President’s own request to avoid violence, respect the Constitution, and the laws of the land I limited my remarks. Since then I have been covered up with messages from my fellow veterans demanding that we stop pampering the lawless gangs attempting to totally disregard the achievements of the American people and the President since he was elected to office. Most of the comments indicate that a significant number of veterans are willing to fight to protect the American people and the President from those attempting to take us to bowels of socialism/communism with a touch of sharia thrown in for flavor! Let’s all pray that all of those in positions of power in our republic will re-examine their oaths, stop the coup, and proceed as quickly as possible to the business of the American people. If this does not occur soon I fear both those on the left and right will be forced to learn first hand lessons that already weigh heavily on the souls of many of us veterans!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    The Vet’s Are Coming!

    The ‘Word’ in veteran’s circles is, if the dems don’t drop this coup attempt an army of vets will march on DC with the following demands:

    1. All elected/appointed/contracted members/associates of the Federal Government in which evidence is presented that proves they are violating/violated their oath/contract by participating in a coup attempt in which they are/were communicating/acting on what they know/knew/should have known was false information, will be forced to resign or face charges.
    2. The management/staffs of all political parties in which evidence is presented that proves they are/were participating in a coup attempt in which they are/were communicating/acting on what they know/knew/should have known was false information will be forced to publically acknowledge the same or face legal action initiated by the veterans and supporting groups.
    3. The management and staffs of all TV/radio/other media organizations in which evidence is presented that proves they are/were participating in a coup attempt in which they are/were communicating/acting on what they know/knew/should have known was false information will be forced to publically acknowledge the same or face legal action initiated by the veterans and supporting groups.

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired


  13. Austin Holdout says:

    How could they? Well, if the whole “impeachment inquiry” was just one big taxpayer funded focus group/mock trial, it’s already outlived it’s usefulness. Nadler has no interest in the report. He can just start afresh in HJC, making sure to correct the mistakes made in Schiff’s committee and dominate the airwaves with “Trash Trump” news for another 2 months.


  14. mickjt says:

    Mr. Nadler and all Democraps. The framework is quite simple. Put on your blindfolds and get ready for the big BANG!


  15. Zorro says:

    Send NoNads a reply outline the time, resources spent on Herr Mueller’s and Weissmann’s probe. Remind them of the highly partisan makeup of the SC. Then use Sundance’s outline of the Pelosi rule changes showing further plotting and presidential harassment. Point out the Lawfare attorneys. Say no thanks to NoNads.


  16. In the Land of Poz says:

    Nothing says “ironclad case” like needing an all-day lawfare seminar by a panel of hired expert witnesses to sell the product.

    I mean, that is just the kind of edifying television special that gets the big ratings. The public, those dupes, will never see through it!


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