The Washington Post Helps Identify FBI Lawyer Who Altered FISA Docs…

At 8:15pm last evening Washington Post journalist Devlin Barrett posted a supportive article for the CNN (Manu Raju) news exclusive that outlined an “FBI Official” who was under criminal investigation as an outcome of the inspector general review of FISA.

The original WaPo article by Devlin Barrett noted the FBI official was actually a “line-level” lawyer who worked “under FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

At 12:15am, the WaPo article was significantly edited, two more journalists (Ellen Nakashima and Matt Zapotosky) were added to the byline.  Unfortunately, no explanation or notation of the changes were given.

~ Above: 8:15pm Washington Post Screen Grab prior to 12:15am edit ~

However, that said, the edit(s) help to identify the identity of the FBI lawyer.  The updated article removed the references to Peter Strzok, and identifies the line-level lawyer thus:

[…] The person under scrutiny is a low-level FBI lawyer who has since been forced out of the agency, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss material that has not yet been made public.

The employee was forced out of the FBI after the incident was discovered, two U.S. officials said. Horowitz found that the employee erroneously indicated he had documentation to back up a claim he had made in discussions with the Justice Department about the factual basis for the application. He then altered an email to back up that erroneous claim, they said. (link)

If you have followed the case closely, the intentional removal of Peter Strzok in combination with the explanation of the lawyer’s FISA responsibilities; and in combination with prior reporting of FBI lawyer 2; it seems pretty obvious the line-level lawyer was Kevin Clinesmith.

If the WaPo article had added all the detail and left in how the line-level attorney worked for Peter Strzok everyone would have known who it was.  Hence they put in more details about his activity but removed the Strzok reference.

Kevin Clinesmith was one of the key FBI small group members on the original Clinton investigation known as the “mid-year exam”, or in text messages the “MYE”.

Within the MYE Clinesmith was one of the key legal staff working with Peter Strzok.  Clinesmith was lawyer #2 for Strzok who eventually transferred to the subsequent Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Clinesmith was also previously reported to be having an intimate relationship with another member of the FBI team, Sally Moyer, though that is uncertain. [Tashina “Tash” Guahar was also a key legal figure on the Main Justice side of the MYE team.]

Sally Moyer was FBI unit chief in the Office of General Counsel (counterintelligence legal unit within the FBI Office of General Counsel).

Ms. Moyer was responsible for the legal compliance within the FBI counterintelligence operations that generated FISA applications.

When the MYE investigation finished, the Carter Page FISA construction is where Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer come together in their next assignment, the FBI investigation of Trump.

Additionally, Tashina “Tash” Guahar was then Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) in the Department of Justice National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) with responsibility over the assembly of FISA applications in Main Justice. In essence the FISA lawyer.

[Related Sidebar: Current ICIG Michael Atkinson, the IG who modified the whistle-blower forms and allowed a hearsay CIA whistle-blower complaint, was the chief legal counsel for the head of the DOJ-NSD at the time all of this was happening.  Yeah, sketchy]

This is what it looks like put together:

In the Carter Page FISA application FBI line-level lawyer Clinesmith is responsible for the underlying evidence. FBI unit chief lawyer Sally Moyer is responsible for the citations (the “woods file”) that identifies the underlying evidence.  And then DOJ Tashina Guahar is responsible for the final application assembly; then it goes off to the top level DOJ and FBI superiors for signatures and submission to the court.

The WaPo article cites Clinesmith: “erroneously indicated he had documentation to back up a claim he had made in discussions with the Justice Department about the factual basis for the application. He then altered an email to back up that erroneous claim.” That “back up citation” would be where his girlfriend Sally Moyer puts the Woods File citation.

This FISA assembly process: Clinesmith to Moyer to Guahar, took place in October 2016.

Almost three years later, Inspector General Michael Horowitz finishes his investigation and notes the issue with the documentation that supports the Woods File requirement.

This is part of Horowitz draft report as delivered to Attorney General Barr in September. According to the Washington Post the lawyer was “forced to resign.”  Further confirmation of the identity is found within the LinkedIn profile for Kevin Clinesmith, which shows he left the FBI in September.  Sally Moyer has unknown status. However, when Horowitz delivered his initial report Tashina Guahar was still at DOJ-NSD.

Shortly after IG Horowitz delivers the draft of his investigative report to AG Bill Barr, Tash Guahar quietly leaves the DOJ-NSD {Go Deep} and is reported to have taken a job with Boeing Corp.   In hindsight the reason for Guahar’s mysterious exit makes sense.

According to both the CNN and Washington Post report, the issue with the underlying ‘Woods File’ evidence has led U.S. Attorney John Durham to conduct a criminal investigation.  That investigation would include Kevin Clinesmith, the “line-level lawyer”.

A concerning part of the Washington post report is this:

[…] That conduct did not alter Horowitz’s finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis, the officials said.

That sounds like a white-wash outcome; mistakes were made, move along etc. etc.  But, if we look back upon the status of our research when the Sally Moyer transcript was released, that outcome was actually predictable.

FromMAY 2019:

Sally Moyer was FBI unit chief in the Office of General Counsel (counterintelligence legal unit within the FBI Office of General Counsel). Moyer reported to an unnamed section chief, who reported to Trisha Beth Anderson, who was deputy legal counsel to James Baker.

Ms. Moyer is responsible for the legal compliance within the FBI counterintelligence operations that generated FISA applications:


Pictured Above: Ms. Sally Moyer

A review of the Moyer transcript clarifies a few aspects:

First, the DOJ/FBI team, “the small group”, specifically the legal officials who were ultimately participating in the process that permits politicization and weaponization of government intelligence systems, was also the exact same legal group who reviewed (and approved) the 2018 inspector general report into FBI conduct during the 2016 election outlining the DOJ and FBI activity.

In essence, the DOJ/FBI bureaucratic corruption is so widespread, the corrupt officials involved are the same people who are the decision-makers in the amount of sunlight the Office of Inspect General is allowed to put forth. Now the disconnect between the OIG executive summary and the body of content material makes sense:

Secondly, Ms. Moyer explains how FBI verification of the FISA application used against U.S. Person Carter Page is essentially just making sure the citations align to show who is making the claims.

The underlying FISA application material does not need to be verified; rather the FBI source material is just accurately cited and attributed.  Note that’s where Clinesmith comes in.

Ultimately what this testimony reveals is that any U.S. person can be subjected to a Title-1 FISA surveillance warrant so long as the FBI (and DOJ) can accurately cite the reason for the underlying suspicion.  The FBI citation is the “Woods Procedure”, and it is in this citation process where Kevin Clinesmith is said to have made false documents to support the citation(s).

Sally Moyer infers the merit of the accusation has nothing to do with the citation for the claim.  However, this is where the IG report is taking issue with the FBI citation:

…Horowitz found that the employee [Kevin Clinesmith] erroneously indicated he had documentation to back up a claim he had made in discussions with the Justice Department about the factual basis for the application. He then altered an email to back up that erroneous claim… (link)

If he’s altering an email, it sounds to me like Clinesmith is modifying communication with an FBI source to construct a citation for a claim within the FISA application; perhaps that FBI source is Christopher Steele.

Again, it’s circular.

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667 Responses to The Washington Post Helps Identify FBI Lawyer Who Altered FISA Docs…

  1. zimbalistjunior says:

    what i think is a good sign, counter -intuitively just now on CNN.
    Evan perez, fake journo to the stars, just downplayed upcoming Horowitz report saying, among other things, that Horowitz is going to find that the Russia probe was properly predicated.

    as far as I know, Horowitz will not be opining on that at all. If perez is stating that, that’s an indication that the spin going forward is that while Horowitz will find FISA problems, possibly even rising to deeming the FISA as fraudulently obtained, still he did not find that entire probe was fraudulent

    this moving of the goalposts looks good to me. theyre hoping to push this narrative as long as they can till Durham comes out and hopefully by that time therell be good news for them to overtake the indictments.

    then again, im a cock-eyed optimist.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Perhaps think of it as two different investigations to two different questions.

      Did Russia interfere in the 2016 election?
      Did Donald J. Trump collude with Russia to win the 2016 election?

      The answer to the latter is no.
      The answer to the former is also no, as most of us are aware, but D.C. insists on deluding themselves to fit their own corrupt purposes, so they lie to everyone and say yes.

      When Fake News says “Russia investigation” they are most likely referencing their lie to the latter question, as it helps to continue smearing Pres Trump, as most conflate the two.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        The answer to the former is likely “yes”, the russians did interfere to conspire WITH HILLARY/DNC. The knowingly false “predicate” was foreigner steele/russians, Ukraine, mifsud, crowdstrike, et al.

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      • Peter Noone says:

        One more angle to add to that observation: the objective here was always to “clear Clinton” then pivot to “criminalize Trump”. These were all hyper-partisans in the Obama admin, and the bureaucracy is already, on it’s own, a bunch of Tumblr-posting leftists to begin with. So this kind of treachery was natural to them, it just took leadership (Obama, Rice, Brennan, Comey) who were willing to order them to do it.

        Many of us forget about the Clinton investigation, and the contortions they made to let her off the hook. They all resented that Clinton was even being investigated in the first place, so they wanted revenge against Republicans generally for the two crimes of putting their candidate in a position to be investigated, and for nominating Trump.

        Remember 2014, how insane libs were over the Benghazi investigation? They still reference it today, sounding as outraged as many of us do about “Russia collusion” nonsense. To them, Benghazi investigations were the “crime of the century”, and it justifies all that happens against Trump. This is their revenge.

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    • swal106 says:

      I have near zero confidence in Horowitz myself. He comes out of the very Swamp that Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Rosenstein, Yates and on and on come from. I do have to say though, isn’t it funny that just after one Year of us being rid of Sessions, that we now see where there is some criminal behavior being exposed? One more example of proof of what a dismal AG Sessions was. And now he wants the people of Alabama to make him their Senator again. The nerve of these people.

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      • jmuniz1 says:

        Be careful about Sessions. None of us know what they have on him. If he runs for Senator in Alabama he should win. This will give our President an allie and do not underestimate Barr. He meat with the President privately for 45 minutes. If our President endorses Sessions people should vote for him.


        • Robert B says:

          Sessions was a good Senator but he was the wrong man to be AG. Under normal times he probably would have been an okay AG, but not under the circumstances such as they were. It really needed someone like AG Barr to handle this mess. Plus Sessions stepped into chaos. By the time AG Barr took over Sundance and others had already put a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        The Horowitz investigation is not the Barr/Durham investigation, right?


    • zimbalistjunior says:

      alert..nytimes article just dropped now on IG FISA
      somewhere between meh and feh leaning to feh
      SD, need to read and analyze


    • jmuniz1 says:

      All they are doing is pissing of our Presidents voter’s. Get his app he is making millions off this sham. He is not going anywhere. The elites no there will be a civil war. Our President is the incumbent he should win easy. The only thing that can keep him from winning again is if he gets killed. Im going to his rally next Thursday in Sunrise Floroda. It should be packed. Thats how he won the first time and thats how he is going to win in 2020. Soros is trying to do up our President.


      • Raptors2020 says:

        We should spend more time discussing the President’s physical safety.
        Right now, Lawfare is the Wizard of Oz; eventually the Democrats will realize these left-wing hack lawyers are actually the little man behind the curtain. What will they do then?
        Obscenely, a violent act against another prominent Republican may be required to get the attention of the Secret Service that strict new procedures are required.
        Our President is not physically safe in a sea of left-wing Democrat bureaucrats and journalists.

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    • aarmad says:

      It is good to be an optimist! It appears to me, as was mentioned, this is another white wash. This is what the IG does, remind you of another IG white wash? So the way it sounds those who are on the upper tier will escape untouched. comby, stroke, page, orr, etc etc etc. I don’t have the optimism. Then there is Durham. Pumped up to be the answer to making justice happen. Again my optimism is not there. I hope I am wrong. They will all WALK except for some poor guy who will take the fall. Justice left undone……..Then consider Flynn, Manifort, and Stone. Fbi raids, solitary confinement, and double standard justice!


  2. konradwp1 says:

    Horowitz claims that the FISA warrant against Carter Page had a legal basis?! WTF!

    The primary evidence violated Wood’s procedures and the exculpatory evidence of Page working with the FBI and being a critical witness for them in 2016 was withheld from the FISC judges.

    Does that clown Horowitz think throwing a few underlings under the bus will fix this? What planet is he on?

    The public know OCONUS lures were being organized against the Trump campaign in late 2015. The “just a few bad apples” pig is not going to fly. Nor is the mad attempt to keep pushing the fake July 2016 start date.

    The future survival of the US depends on all the guilty from at least Brennan on down being brought to justice. Leaks to the establishment media about low level scapegoats is just making things worse. The crazed deep state players are acting like idiots who still think they can “get away with it” when they should be thinking about how to save the rule of law and avert civil war.

    It doesn’t matter what narrative the media will swallow. They are no longer the gatekeepers of opinion and record. The public know the names of the guilty and their crimes. If the guilty are not brought to justice, rule of law collapses.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Horowitz is deep state. His report will not be a bombshell, it will be more like a 10 cent firecracker.

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      • luke says:

        Yes if you want heads Durham is about the only chance that will happen. I won’t lie heard that on Limbaugh but he’s usually correct. He said don’t get excited about Horowitz.


        • swimeasy says:

          And I agree with you both Luke. There’s a reason POTUS called him ‘Bull Durham’ today (I’m in NC so that got an immediate ‘like’ from me). But my other take away from POTUS was to ‘keep the faith’.

          The IG is deep state but also he can only refer for criminal investigation. If he is referring even one mid level coup player, that is at least one that seems to have been centrally involved and more vulnerable to being flipped. They already removed Stroke (intended) from the published copy so it seems he is in the cross-hairs while not necessarily called out at this time. I’m still hopeful that Durham is after the escalating daisy chain.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      i think horowitz may be a good guy. its hard to say based on current info.
      Based on the little i know, id say its a question of legal nuance and crap. A FISA can be ‘properly legally predicated’ if it pertains to that vague, all-encompassing term ‘national security’. pretty much anything connected to an election for the guy/girl who gets the nuclear codes can be deemed ‘national security’.
      the question is in the details. if page is/was a CI and this exculpatory fact is omitted from application, that can be considered as fitting the elements of ‘fraud’ determination. etc etc
      hence, this could be a situation of legal predicate yet fraudulent FISA.

      lets see what next leaks are. we’ve got two more weeks of this crap.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        No, there was no “legal” predicate. Lies, unvetted fantasy, and withheld info to get a deceptive spy warrant to go after a President and thousands of political campaign people indirectly, are not a legitimate “predicate”. The false “predicate” based on FBI/CIA asset Page, and criminal papadopolous entrapment, and crowdstrike-russia hacking lies, were continued and extended multiple times.
        Just the FBI refusing to obtain or even subpoena the allegedly russia-hacked server(s) is conclusive proof the “we will stop Trump insurance plan” predicate was knowingly false.

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        • Ray Runge says:

          AND as recently as two weeks ago, Joe Di’genova and Victoria Toensing, IMO with some credibility intact, gave a report that supported a robust IG report with certain indictments to follow from Durham.

          Sad if the results would render what has become a television industry to fizzle as just a means for ratings.

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          • dwpender says:

            In May Joe said that Horowitz had concluded that the 3 renewals of the Page warrant were “illegal.” Shortly thereafter, Joe said Horowitz had “virtually concluded” that initial warrant was “illegal.”

            Victoria has said several times recently, with the assurance that she has a source “in the know” that the Report will be “worse than we can imagine.”

            I’m not doubting Joe or Victoria (as least faithfully reporting what they’ve been told), but the WP Report is ANTIPODAL on the central question of the legality and propriety of the Page warrants.

            I hope they appear on Dobbs or elsewhere tonight and are asked what THEIR sources are now saying on this CENTRAL point. (I’m dubious about the WP reporting because I doubt their leaking “principal reviewers” got access to Horowitz’s overall conclusions.)

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            • Maquis says:

              Good points


            • GB Bari says:

              I’m dubious about the WP reporting because I doubt their leaking “principal reviewers” got access to Horowitz’s overall conclusions.

              “Dubious” is an understatement for me. I don’t believe a freakin thing printed in the WaPoop. They may have some real facts embedded within an article but the interpretations and conclusions they ascribe to those facts when added to the fabrications they usually include are usually ANTIPODAL* to the truth!

              (*nice word choice, BTW)


      • Comrade Mope says:

        The Constitution was written so that everyone could understand it. Laws that are written with vagueness are void. While you premise is understandable, I submit a National Security letter or FISA warrant (for lack of a better term) based on fraud is void regardless of impending doom that may or may not lie ahead. Therefore, it is critical for ‘the loyal opposition’ to be… um… loyal. There seems to be some questions on that front.


    • Stickboy says:

      “It doesn’t matter what narrative the media will swallow. They are no longer the gatekeepers of opinion and record. The public know the names of the guilty and their crimes. If the guilty are not brought to justice, rule of law collapses.”


      People need to get over this fallacy of the media “swallowing” anything. These bastards are manufacturing the news as much as the Dems are. There’s no innocents among the media, they are as corrupt as the pieces of garbage that they refuse to allow reports on.

      The only ones swallowing anything are the blind, clueless Liberals, it’s in their nature to be stupid…….as well as quite a few Conservatives, but they’re just lazy and it’s easier to swallow some load of bullshit than to actually do something about it.

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    • Spooky says:

      “The future survival of the US depends on all the guilty from at least Brennan on down being brought to justice.”

      This here folks is the nub of the issue. If these rats aren’t caged then The Republic is finished!
      P.S. Horowitz has to be compromised because Obama wouldn’t pick an honest man for such a powerful and dangerous oversight job.

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    • swal106 says:

      Again, WHY would anybody put any confidence in Horowitz? WHO put him in his position as Inspector General? None other than the Barrack Obama Administration in April, 2012. I trust NO ONE Obama had anything to do with in the Justice Department.

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    • Raquel says:

      Bravo! Well said!


    • signfollies says:

      According to Moyer, the Woods procedure just ensured things were properly cited and connected to documentary evidence. Doesn’t matter if the FISA is a total fabrication as long as it is properly documented, with all of the punctuation in the right places–sort of like a high school term paper. What a joke.


  3. Jerry Joe says:

    Interesting to see how this article shoves Michael Horowitz way up the chain as a very methodical, by way of inaction, participant in the DS removal efforts of POTUS. Nothing short of boiling blood expected from his report to Graham on 12/11/19.

    However long ago??? Sundance posted Moyer’s released deposition. Moyer, in addition to confirming its butchering of Bongino’s avowed “Woods Procedures” and exposing its non-unexpected shortcomings (reflection to General Barr’s speech on the disintegration of our once moral society), Moyer had ALREADY read the IG report regarding his FISA investigations!

    Where I once patiently awaited release of the FISA applications to evaluate this “threshhold of probable cause” upon which she teetered, I am downright pissed over Horowitz’ needless effin’ delay in slow-walking his, now seemingly anticipated milquetoast report: “Some people did something….”

    That some line-level FBI attorney ‘erroneously’ fudged an e-mail caused a 2 year, $30 mil Mueller charade? There is no way this “he said – she said” guy goes up a chain; he is only patsy and distraction to the signatures on those FISA filings.

    Based upon the recent feign outpouring in CIA whistleblower support, was there not even 1 decent DOJ or FBI (alleged) investigator seeking its legitimate protection? We know the leaks are real (none?) and the news is fake (reports of unusual circumstances of FBI personnel – again none?). The MSM (Hannity included), in true Alinsky fashion, puts out this 99.99% of the good, hardworkin’ agents….

    In addition to confirming this Alphabet experiment has long gone rabid, will Horowitz be crowned as King Chainjerker?

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    • paulashley says:

      My sentiments exactly. I imagine this nobody fall guy has already been told by the real culprits that he’ll be taken care of for doing what they instructed him to do. That Horowitz and others think we’ll buy this bull us just more proof of how deep and hiw arrogant the deep state is.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      The perps will have two excuses all the way down the line:

      1) We had evidence that national security was in jeopardy.
      2) Questionable actions were taken by low-level employees without the knowledge of their superiors.

      I wonder how this will wash if indicted Ukrainians start throwing Americans under the bus while they cut their deals with prosecutors, regardless of what Horowitz says.

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  4. Nora Redondo says:

    Just listen to Rush today and he’s saying the FBI ex-lawyer that modified the email and lied about the FISA was Page. I’m confused.

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    • TheOtherSean says:

      Did he perhaps mean Lisa Page, who has been accused of altering the Flynn 302 for her boy Peter Strzok?

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    • FPCHmom says:

      He uses Paul Sperry’s twitter for show prep, so he will get the correct info soon.
      Lawyer worked extensively with Strzok on several cases –


    • Spooky says:

      Rush is not always the most reliable source for “in the weeds” kind of info. He gets confused sometimes by listening to himself 🙂

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      • TrumpPatriot says:

        I agree. Some days, I get frustrated with Rish because I feel like he is not as informed as he should be. 😩 Treehouse folks are so much better informed he should do his show prep here, and check in on breaks!

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    • ann says:

      It doesn’t really matter. They introduce technicalities and uncertainties to decouple & chop into segments what is actually conspiracy to treason, as well as a host of other felonies.
      , the culpability goes up the chain of command.

      But the culpability for this falls directly on the heads in Justice Department. They VOLUNTEERED to be trustworthy guardians & legal gatekeepers

      It has always been their sworn duty to say NO! Repeatedly. None did.

      They occupy power to cheat us of authentic justice , We have piles of incriminating primary source data and a clear pattern of abuse and crimes, and a culture of malicious intent.

      Its a stare down. Between us and these functionaries.

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    • signfollies says:

      He was assuming Page, but Sundance got it right.


    • Vicus says:

      LISA Page. If any of you thought Rush was CARTER Page you people probably already forgot anything about Lisa. Good lord almighty…


  5. For Eyes says:

    The small fry go to jail. Their bosses get book deals.


  6. paulashley says:

    Did this low level rat doctor the applications after they’d been signed? If he did it could be claimed that the signers are exonerated. But that is only the case of the unaltered application in itself was truthful and also worthy of presentation to the court.


  7. rigst4 says:

    Yes, of course, the small group perpetrated the election meddling / illegal spying on Trump and his campaign / letting Hillary Clinton off totally unscathed for her crimes and then later that same small group orchestrates the IG probe and report on itself.

    We have investigated ourselves and we find no wrongdoing.

    There will never be justice for the democrats. It is clear already. Some low-level guy will plead guilty to putting the wrong sentence on some form and get a 4 day suspended sentence and an $18 fine. Everyone else will get a strongly worded letter put in their personnel file. Hillary Clinton and hussein-obama will skate again as will all the high-level sedition conspirators.

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  8. For Eyes says:

    Fruit of the poisoned tree?

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  9. Concernedcitizen says:

    As a former fed investigator, my takeaway from the “Clinesmith is being scrutinized for altering documents” by IG Horowitz is that the IG will be providing numerous strong leads for Durham’s criminal investigation.

    Anytime you have a Subject under scrutiny who has been caught altering documents is an indication that the Subject has guilty knowledge. It is tantamount to a confession.

    Some additional thoughts/ speculation: It is my feeling that Moyer and Guahar are cooperating. They are not going to allow Clinesmith to take them down. They are claiming that they were duped by Clinesmith. It was their responsibility to insure that the FISA application contained accurate, vetted information. Clinesmith, they maintain, gave them bogus info that should not have been inserted into the FISA application. Clinesmith panicked and altered the email to cover his tracks. Big mistake, now he’s caught. It’s possible, perhaps likely, that Clinesmith was also covering for Strzok.

    So now what? Durham is in a position to squeeze Clinesmith – offer him a deal that he can’t refuse. The dominoes will then start to fall. Clinesmith will roll on Strzok who will roll on McCabe, Comey and on up the line. How far will it go? We all know where this will end up – 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Wash DC.

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    • cambee99 says:

      Lots of people are forgetting this!

      This is how Durham got the FBI Boston Field Office. Although he was unable to get them all, he did take down a decent portion of the corruption.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      In the end what would be the penalty for allegedly altering documents?

      Probation, 2 years maybe – out in 14 months. No sweat!

      Probably a Millionaire after that.


      • Concernedcitizen says:

        it’s not the act of altering documents that will result in charges for Clinesmith, although that could result in an obstruction charge, rather it is the criminal activity that Clinesmith was attempting to cover up by means of the document alteration that has him concerned. The document alteration is a clear indicator that Clinesmith has guilty knowledge.

        What is Clinesmith concerned about? He’s concerned about being charged with violation of the Color of Law Statutes. That is, Clinesmith knowingly provided false information to the FISA Court (through Guahar and/or Moyer) so as to obtain a surveillance warrant for Carter Page in violation of Page’s Constitutional Rights. These are very serious charges which would be incentive for Clinesmith to work out a plea agreement with Durham. Clinesmith could bring down the entire cabal.

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    • bonkti says:

      Agree. It’s preparing the battlefield. Even the CNNs are agreeing that changing evidence is wholly unacceptable. Had a bust of Brennan been carried off live during a broadcast, we all would have been gratified but, given the House travesty impeachment, it would have been dismissed as a political ploy. Much better to advance in small steps and let those who haven’t been paying attention or have been willfully blind have time to process the enormity of the coup.

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    • Greg1 says:

      Excellent post, thank you. It adds weight that you are a former fed investigator. I hope you are completely correct.

      I can only hope these people have started turning on each other……..and that EVERYTHING comes out, and that justice is served.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ann says:

      Thank you for providing insight into how investigators go about things.

      I’ve grown bitter watching the DoJ vacate their duty while Clinton & CONgress monetize foreign and domestic policies.

      You give me welcome hope that DoJ still has competency & will to actually deliver and punish these blatant felonies.


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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Why didn’t James Wolfe squeal on Mark Warner? They get a better deal not to talk.


  10. NEDOC says:

    I find it interesting that so many that are involved in doing the dirty work of the FISA and the MYE are having affairs. Either the top of these intelligence agencies are rotten to the core, or more likely these people ascended quickly because they were susceptible to blackmail and easily controlled.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      as i mentioned elsewhere, these people ascended bc they are masters at office politics
      part of office politics is having allies who can push you forward, warn you about dangers, enemies etc
      they have affairs to cement alliances
      and to stave off boredom
      read strzok page texts..these are venal, banal, mediocre idiots using each other to get to the top
      the top of what basically is a criminal enterprise. but the top nonetheless

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      • Judith says:

        With Page and Strzok, their so-called “personal” text messages were withheld from public scrutiny. I call bs.

        What a lame excuse, like that totally “innocent” tarmac meeting and those deleted emails about Chelsea’s “wedding” plans. All 30,000 of them. Oh THOSE? Heh heh nothing to see here but HAMMERS and BLEACH BIT!

        I want to see ALL of it. EVERYTHING that was discussed between the two fibs. I’m a big girl. I can take it. What can they possibly be hiding? I suspect it is talk of assassination. Perhaps targeting a family member? Or even a false flag terror attack? COME. OUT. IT. WILL.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

      DC is a filthy cesspool

      Liked by 1 person

    • Raptors2020 says:

      It’s a cult, like the Symbionese Liberation Army. Everyone sleeps with everyone.

      We’re hearing, once again, in Schiff’s show trial, the closed bubble in which they exist. That’s the way they want it. That’s the way they intend to keep it.

      Seeing Sally Moyer’s photo, after Lisa Page and the lovely Nellie Ohr, I understand their urgent need to exist in a small world. These women couldn’t get laid in a men’s prison, with a case of malt liquor under one arm, and a case of Viagra under the other.

      Liked by 1 person

      • MelH says:

        Raptors 2020 I love seeing the list of what it takes to get laid in a men’s prison! Thanks for the chuckle.


      • walt39 says:

        Liberal women are ALL ugly. Have you watched the changes in AOC since she actually started ‘work’ as a Congressperson? She was cute, cheerful at the start. Now she’s a young shrew aspiring to be older and richer.

        I think it’s the constant lying, the corruption that does it to them.


  11. Fringe Dweller says:

    Sally Moyer looks like an SJW Berkeley professor, not an FBI lawyer. Weird.

    Liked by 4 people

    • ann says:

      Hardly reassuring to get a good look at the wimps & idiots hired & promoted by our Former Directors, Personnel ! Internal Security, and other participants in DC’s post nationalist regime.


  12. David Mitchell says:

    I’d haul everyone and anyone who ever worked for Strzok into a barren room with a table and 2 chairs, light by a harsh single light overhead. I’d ask them one simple question:

    “ ya wanna share anything with us before the IG and Durham reports are released? “

    Petty sure Strzok surrounded himself with like minded people over the years…Squeeze ‘em and see what oozes out..

    Liked by 2 people

  13. I for one will be optimistic that Barr is bringing the hammer down. After hearing his speech at the Federalist Society and his defense of Trump during the Mueller bs, have to believe he is going all honey badger. It is the only way to restore the Presidency to some kind of balance. Any way did I hear that Page was sleeping with both McCabe and Strozk? That is funny. Have a good weekend everyone and well what a ride.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. gda53 says:

    “That conduct did not alter Horowitz’s finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis, the officials said.”

    Some people freaking out over this little nugget. Read it carefully, though.

    It’s spin. Designed to deflate and discourage.

    It’s saying that the FIRST FISA application will not result in indictments.

    It says NOTHING about the RENEWALS!

    Remember when Joe DiG. said way back (August?) that there were going to be indictments coming out of the 3 RENEWALS (but not, as of that date, from the original FISA)? He also said he thought the report’s delay (Barr/Durham related) might mean that the decision on the original FISA could be reversed.

    But his bombshell that night was that ALL 3 of the RENEWALS would result in indictments.

    We never heard anything more (other than speculation) on the ‘legality’ of that original FISA

    Well, apparently for some ridiculous reason that ordinary people cannot follow, it may not have been (strictly speaking) illegal.

    So 15 years instead of 20 then?

    There have been too many politicians who have already signalled that this will be a “bombshell”, for it not to have bombshell-like qualities. Votes, after all, are at stake!

    I have consulted my Lindsey-meter

    It says:- have faith in Joe for a little while longer, and you will be rewarded at Christmas

    Liked by 4 people

    • Beau Geste says:

      “surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page [a known FBI asset never interviewed by horowitz, who was intentionally misrepresented by the FBI/CIA to be a russian agent] had a proper legal and factual basis, the [corrupt] officials said.” There, fixed it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • dwpender says:

      Joe first said in May that Horowitz had concluded the 3 renewals were “illegal.” Shortly thereafter, after the Kavelec State Dept notes re Steele surfaced, Joe said Horowitz had “virtually concluded” the initial warrant was “illegal.”

      I think I remember the indictment-related appearance (on Dobbs) you mention. Joe started out saying senior Obama DOJ officials would have careers ruined, discipline, maybe disbarment, etc. Dobbs cut him off and said — “Indictments?” Joe said that “very senior” people in Obama’s DOJ would likely be indicted (I don’t think his answer was unqualified on this point).

      Liked by 1 person

    • Greg1 says:

      Ha! Lindsey-meter…..

      Izzat sorta like a Magic 8 Ball?

      Liked by 1 person

  15. FPCHmom says:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Oops, Bad intel and a typo caused 3 years of all this, our bad.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ann says:

      Not credible, much evidence of intent & conciousness of guilt. Ex Rice CYA imaguratiom day memo. Tranche of yet undisclosed swivel head Peter Strouck & That Tramp

      Or how about two prior negotiations w FISC & NSA to purge DOJ et al snoop evidence,!

      Or the backlog of FISC identified “problematic cases” left hanging when Yates flounced out in high dudgeon?

      Not acceptable to fob us off wo structural refit & HUGE overhaul of policy , culture and hiring . No damn OLC, for starters.

      And get rid of that fail safe, the funnel of cases through DC, Atlantic seaboard & the infamous NY division.


    • GB Bari says:

      Voice of Emily Litella heard yet once again….

      “Ohhh. Never mind.”


  16. J.Thomas says:

    In the political economy, this is a significant development. It signifies a MAJOR shift from “there’s nothing there to THERE IS SOMETHING THERE, but orange man bad.” Now the leftist media has shifted to meet the information provided (and PROVED) on the right, but they’re still going to fight it with everything they have. You people better get some stamina, because they’re going to fight you to the death. Get in there and fight. Do it for our kids.

    1) the narrative engineers leaked this to CNN. This allows CNN to get out in front of the story and to begin resetting their coverage to allow for “new information” that both addresses the legal developments that are to follow and to continue to spin it against Trump until (and unless) “new information” surfaces again. It allows the left (and the media) to remain on the anti-Trump raft as the “Russia Collusion” boat is capsized and sinks to the bottom of the ocean over the next year. They will try to mitigate the depth that the boat sinks at every step. CNN has been the leading anti-Trump force. WaPo and the rest of them will lock step and begin walking with CNN in this direction. The new narrative is “a lawyer made a technical mistake; this lawyer acted alone; this was not a criminal conspiracy; Trump and his deplorables are conspiracy theorists”.

    2) The IG produces reports. REPORTS. The IG can make recommendations for criminal prosecutions, which apparently he has done with this report. This report is about the FISA Application for Carter Page. It is a technical report. Reports of this type provide ethical and legal analysis of guidelines, policies, and procedures. The information does not change, no matter how the investigators may phrase it in the report. DO NOT DEFER YOUR CRITICAL THINKING TO OTHERS. THINK FOR YOURSELF. If you want change, do not sit back and accept what people on TV tell you. If you want change, do something. Don’t just post in a forum.

    3) Evaluation of the PREDICATE will not be in this report. This is an FBI document. The FBI submitted what they received from the CIA/DOJ/State. The CIA/DOJ/State/ONET is being investigated by Durham. They have Misfud’s phones. Mifsud is the key. If Mifsud is CIA and they discover an entrapment scheme using parallel construction, then there will be two potential outcomes: a) we find out what really got the ball rolling and just how significant it was (it would have needed to have some serious significance to result in an intelligence operation run against the Trump campaign and presidency), or b) The Obama administration weaponized the intelligence community to destroy Trump. Either outcome must be known and known fully. Every detail has to be public.

    Trump has a lot of confidence that they have uncovered a scandal. People have discounted what Trump is saying because its hard to sort out whether Trump is pitching something or is serious sometimes..however, Trump’s demeanor about this is different than his usual disposition.

    I think that there’s something there. I think that Trump may have busted this thing up. If he did, it’s going to take time.

    Liked by 7 people

    • gsonFIT says:

      Deferring critical thinking to others is the hallmark of libtards. In this way they are able to rationalize the use of their feelings to make decisions and judgements.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ann says:

      The DoJ play of “Mother May I”, waiting on IG reports, w inbuilt severe limitations, before arrest, indictment, etc is facile gaming.

      indicates intentional blindness, imposing barricades that don’t EXIST, and leaders satisfied or that want crappy, unproductive work and lack of initiative.


  17. ballgame17 says:

    Horowitz will give us 500 pages of the useless gobbledy-goop pablum all IGs produce. Keep feeding the lawyers with our tax dollars. Durham’s findings will likely yield a half of the dry :”storied” ham sandwich and maybe throw in two potato chips instead of the 6 -course meal we wanted and expected.. We’ll get to suck on the plate of sour pickles as usual.


  18. Superman says:

    So….he did not alter FISA documents just an email?


  19. Summer says:

    In short, as Rush said it best today, Horowitz is Swamp and (paraphrasing) expecting Swamp to self-drain is foolish.

    Who knew? Wow. /sarc

    The report was due in May, delivered to Barr in September and will be released (allegedly!) in December. Holiday season when folks don’t pay attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • J.Thomas says:

      Depending on heroes to save us is for the lazy. Get off your ***es and be your own heroes. These politicians are not your heroes. Those who rise above the fray are extremely rare.

      Go be your own heroes, people. Fight back. Do it in a way that makes your God and your family proud. Use your skills and talents to push back against this post-Constitutional Deep State government. Learn the beast while it is in the open, find its weaknesses, and drive it into the sea.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Summer says:

        I don’t rely on heroes or politicians who are scum by definition, by various degrees. Bought and paid for.

        I should expect the Law Enforcement officers to actually do their job we pay them for and enforce the damned law, not break the law themselves or let their friends who break the law get away with crimes by applying double standards. Is this too much to expect? I guess so.

        Liked by 3 people

        • J.Thomas says:

          Unfortunately, yes…this is too much to expect.

          We the People have turned to let them “do their jobs” and they have turned their back to us, laughing in our faces as they call us lazy because we let them do this stuff to us over and over (that’s literally what these FBI people did in their texts).

          Never assume that people in power are acting out of a sense of duty. Assume that they are acting in self interest. That’s what humans do.

          Liked by 3 people

  20. gitmo4crooks says:

    All bets off if Durham does not produce….no confidence in IG report

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Heika says:

    ONE POOR STUPID FALL GUY. There, its done. All fixed. Thats all you get, you happy now? now shut up and go back to your trough

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Deep State 201: “The best way to prevent a conviction is to take charge of the investigation”.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Moe Grimm says:

    FIRST, WHO is leaking this information – if it’s accurate at all.
    SECOND, if it’s only one (1) with the attributes conveyed, Whoreowitz can keep his report as the last one produced nothing – as this one might also. “Criminal Referrals” behind “lacked candor” and worse are as useless as the paper they’re printed on. Still don’t know the disposition of the “rank-‘n-file” that took bribes from the media. And how the hell can B&N Ohr still be employed at DoJust-Us unless they flipped which would be too difficult to keep secret in any environment let alone this one. Much of the exculp evidence, FOIA and more, has already been done AND documented, yet still not one (1) indictment let alone a grand jury (the Cadaver and Weissmann had two) to begin handing them up. Had one already been impaneled this too would be equally difficult to have been done in secret. And too, the Muzloid has escaped all scrutiny thus far though he had to have been either a passive if not active participant. Looking for m-a-n-y indictments. By now, the first set should have been handed up. I’m unaware of specifics as to statutory limits on these Felonies and Misdemeanors, but this is ludicrous as is the comparison of Devin Nunes vs his senate counterpart Burr. Graham is another Fraud who is ready to give his chair to Grassley though unclear if his string of “I guarantee=X” will convey. After all, he has a campaign to run which will lead to S. Carolina sending him back for another do nothing term – just like Cornyn here in Texas.

    As before, Old Grimm here says this will not end well.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Cocoon says:

    When leaks are to Washington Post, it is only to serve the resistance.
    We know, we have the history and we do not accept the lies the Post puts forward with the backing of its owner bezos.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. California Joe says:

    There’s no such thing as a line or low-level FBI attorney. They make it sound like there’s an army line attorneys working for the FBI. There’s not! The line function at the FBI are agents and analysts. There are well over 20,000 of them. Attorneys work for the FBI General Counsel and there are a handful of them in major FBI Offices like New York, Los Angeles and Miami. There might be six lawyers to 800 FBI agents. The attorneys job is to review legal documents before submission to the United States Attorney’s Office most likely applications for search warrants and Title 3 Wiretaps. The position is almost completely redundant because the US Attorney’s Office does the same thing before submission to a federal judge. Having an FBI attorney in the General Counsel’s position later documents to justify a FISA search warrant is beyond belief! It shows you how indoctrinated with Leftist ideology these people are. Remember, they only hire their own kind!

    Liked by 2 people

  26. YY4U says:

    I am posting this on all threads because my fellow Treepers need to read it. It is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Kleen says:

    So basically the FBI broke the law and opened up a FISA investigation on Page illegally but they swear they didn’t break the law and it was justified and Horowitz agrees with the FBI.

    Liked by 1 person

    • J.Thomas says:

      How would any of these people know whether or not the report said that the investigation was properly predicated?

      The individual responses released to the principals of the investigation were cut-outs…they did not get to review the report.

      Do we think that Horowitz’s team is leaking to CNN and the WaPo?


    • litlbit2 says:

      Oh but wait, this is a great organization, there is”no” road to far, mountain to high that can not be mounted in protecting the employees of the greatest weaponized taxpayer funded group ever.

      Think not just let’em read you a report, any report! Always remember how the greatest AG’s to ever set in Edgar Hoover’s chair since he left are the most honorable…..crooks!

      However, one of the latest political creations that resigned, wants to come back? SESSIONS, U shi$$’n me! Just maybe if successful he could hire Comey, Mueller, Holder, Lisa.

      These clowns are really making AG Barr’s hurdle more than a giant leap for any creditably. As far as Durham if he wants any respect going forward he better be the meanest lawyer this country has witnessed for forty years. May the Lord give him strength.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. CM-TX says:

    Message for AG Barr– You need to ROUND THEM ALL UP! The Russian hoax… the faux impeachment… etc, etc. it’s ALL connected.

    Don’t, and…

    … I’m just saying.🤨

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Bogeyfree says:

    If the reports that are coming out or leaking out that Horowitz will not find any issues with Comey, McCabe and Strzok then IMO there is a high probability that Durham will also NOT have any indictments.

    In the end, speeches are just that and sweeper wins. The DOJ and FIB will be clean and unscathed IMO

    An absolute 3 year fraud and travesty by all involved.

    IMO PT is walking into a trap in the Senate. He needs to get this in front of the SC BEFORE he enters the Senate Den.

    IMO, Barr/Durham was his second to last hope and I’m afraid we are down to his last hope the Supreme Court.


  30. Merkin Muffley says:

    My, those liberal gals are just so darned sexy!


    • MelH says:

      Merkin Muffley, for as long as I can remember, UC Berkeley has had the reputation of having the ugliest clan of co-eds of all universities in the nation. We owned a retail shop on a block between the campus and the rapid transit BART, so saw zillions of coeds, and yes they were astoundingly liberal-looking, as if they all dropped from the same mold, as if it would be against their values to take the time to look attractive.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. FPCHmom says:

    Interesting, rather depressing thread.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gda53 says:

      That may be true for the first FISA. McIntyre is a smart cookie, and he’s likely right on the Hannity-thing.

      I may have missed it, but the neither the FBI-spin (NYT) nor the CIA-spin (WP) have denied that all 3 of the FISA renewals were illegal. They just said that the FIRST FISA was technically(?!!) not illegal.

      So I would not slit my throat in despair quite yet.

      If no indictments are referred by Horowitz – I’ll choose a knife.

      But I’ll hold off on the cutting until I see what Durham brings.


    • L4grasshopper says:

      And THAT is what Durham is looking at.


  32. Greg1 says:

    That the Washington Post published info that essentially told NEWS and identified the lawyer is downright close to journalism.

    That the Washington Post realized that they had gone to far in publishing NEWS and deleted it without a word is the Washington Post being the Washington Post…….a liberal rag.

    Democracy Dies In Darkness………….and the Washington Post, by stealth deleting important info, turned off the lights.


  33. Rose says:

    Yea some low level lawyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was sloppy, spilling juice on a official document is sloppy amending an Email to get a warrant to spy should be a crime. I don’t know if they are playing psych-op with the peasants or is horseface really that dumb?


  34. omyword says:

    Welcome to the swamp Kevin. As a lower tier putz you get to carry the bag for your masters. Congraulations.

    Wanna make a deal?


  35. jello333 says:

    Fun fact:

    Kevin Clinesmith is only 5mm tall and 1mm thick.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. ROBERT CARR says:

    Why do ‘we’ never hear about Peter Strozk’s immediate SUPERVISOR : Asst./Deputy Director of FBI FOR COUNTER INTELLIGENCE William Priestap? Right there in the thick of all this Clinton/Obama organized crime syndicate?


    • Moe Grimm says:

      Yes, Priestap among many more. He’s not even mentioned any more since Co-me mentioned him, or tried to give him up, when he went before congress. We’re going to find out. Nuland, the Ohr twins, and many more. Wild this creep Devlin is apparently and again a leak conduit, but why not… he’s already neck deep in it 20165-2017. I expect this second Whorewitz report to be as his first – another waste of paper. Soon the music will stop. A reckoning is way over due. I don’t know about my brothers and sisters here at CTH, but I’m damn tired of living like this.


  37. Moe Grimm says:

    The ex spurts have it that Whoreowitz would “only” address DoJust-Us. They better do damn more than a low level fbi geek. WTF about B&N Ohr, Nuland and more. “Absolved” is an operative assumption with a breathtaking scope of felonious participants? My sentiments match ex Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke: “All I want to hear about now is indictments.” Fk them. And fk this. Holding me head, but is anyone else ready to start taking Kabars to scalps? At what point is enough, Enough?


  38. ROBERT CARR says:

    Why is it always some ‘low level’ employee… typically a BAR Attorney… that is ‘low level’?

    Lock ’em all the F up!


  39. 😳
    I’m just not getting it!


  40. Republicanvet91 says:

    “[…] That conduct did not alter Horowitz’s finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis, the officials said.”

    I never claimed to be an attorney, but how does that line above, if true, square with the fact that some of the information used to obtain the FISA was false? Is Horowitz suggesting it is legal to use false information for one?


  41. Republicanvet91 says:

    “The FBI citation is the “Woods Procedure”, and it is in this citation process where Kevin Clinesmith is said to have made false documents to support the citation(s).”

    Again, I am not a lawyer, but why would additional information have to be added to the file to justify a FISA? Why would it have to be factual if it is just a citation?
    In fact, why would Clinesmith even be in trouble for providing false information if it was just cited in the FISA request? Did someone go back and read the file and find it was false?

    Something doesn’t add up here.


  42. Jimmy Jack says:

    1. This intimate relationship between Moyer and Clinesmith is as fake as the Strzok/Page affair. Their comms are a cover for higher ups using those comms. Maybe a look at the commmunications will help expose who they’re covering for. W Strzok and Page it’s probable McCabe & Comey.

    2. The corruption in the FBI is so entrenched the organization should be disbanded and all cases/convictions reviewed.

    3. Re:2 – the corruption is most likely coming from an infiltration of the FBI by the CIA and their henchmen private cl tractors.

    Good work noticing the byline and time stamp changes.


  43. rjones99 says:

    Whitewash is my reaction to these news reports also. If the reports are accurate, then WTF(!). A fake basis in the context of OBVIOUS political spying, ala Watergate? Has the FBI forgotten what constitutes fraud?

    If the FBI doesn’t have the courage to state what was obviously done, then the leader should be fired.


  44. Pingback: "I Have Initiated the Destruction of the Republic!" - BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Adulterous Attorney Kevin Clinesmith After First Carter Page FISA App Originated

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