Lying to Congress – Marie Yovanovitch Was Prepped by Obama Administration About Issues With Hunter Biden and Burisma…

Representative Elise Stefanik brought to light interesting information today surrounding how the Obama administration was concerned about issues surrounding Vice-President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his connection to a corrupt Ukraine company Burisma.  This revelation directly contradicted the Yovanovitch opening statement.

During questioning Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch admitted the Obama White House spent time briefing her on how to respond to congress if questions about Hunter Biden and Burisma were raised.  This testimony highlights the concerns by the Obama administration about a clear issue with the Biden family and corrupt Ukraine interests.


This admission by former Ambassador Yovanovitch directly contradicted her testimony that was made only minutes before the admission.  From her opening statement:

[Yovanovitch Opening Statement November 15th, Page #8]

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401 Responses to Lying to Congress – Marie Yovanovitch Was Prepped by Obama Administration About Issues With Hunter Biden and Burisma…

  1. Dogsrule says:

    This story was written by Franz Kafka many years ago in The Trial. Man accused of a crime – what crime? He is never told. He is told to go to this place and you will find out, got to that place and you will find out. Never finds out. One day he is picked up and never seen again. The communists have nothin on these dems. If they can do it to the president they can do it to you. Now they are accusing him of attempted crimes. Wat? The ‘witnesses’ (to nothing) say what Trump wanted to do, what he was thinking. Kafkaesque

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  2. CharterOakie says:

    Didn’t (and wouldn’t) watch the Schiff-show live. But the snippets I’ve seen thus far via POTUS’s tweets and retweets make abundantly clear that the Rats have no case whatsoever.

    Are Schifface and Pelosi choosing to walk the plank because there is a slightly greater chance of surviving the sharks than there is of surviving an Arkancide?

    They must be unbelievably desperate, because what they’re doing is absurd.

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    • peace says:

      supposedly, Pelosi’s son, Paul, was also involved in the scheme to get rich by taking money from Burisma. These people never, ever have enough money. Sickening.

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      • “Pelosi’s son, Paul…..taking money from Burisma.” Ukraine had emerged (post USSR) as an extremely rich ‘jump ball’ between Russia and Europe. The U.S. was dumping huge money by bucket loader into Ukraine to sway it towards Europe and NATO. This was the huge suitcase filled with billions that easily became a ‘grab bag’ of goodies for any connected people. Ukraine would become the richest and largest European nation. (Alaska style). Anybody want this money? “Come and get it, Hunter, Dad, Kerry, Kids..”

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          Bet the farm the ties to her son are what moved Poli-Grip to go to impeachment. She went from no, no, no to ready, set, go faster than that gallon of Golytely they give you to drink the day before a colonoscopy! Cover for Pauli-Grip became an immediate priority, which is why she completely changed the order of everything and put the inquisition of the Soros family hit man. No flushing out the facts from Ukraine.

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      • diogenes says:

        Money is power. Legal control is power. Rape is power. These are all things Democrats pursue relentlessly or engage in regularly. The common factor is Der Wille zur Macht, or “Will to Power.” The only thing that drives them beyond their oaths to Satan is acquiring and USING power over normal people like you and I.

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      • vexedmi says:

        Obama’s statement of: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” has fallen amongst deaf ears.

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      • bill johnston says:

        IMHO, the last 3 years have been nothing more than distraction to redirect our attention away from the corruption so prevalent in the dem party and the deep state. Distraction is the basis of all magicians presentation. Magicians don’t appreciate it when their methods are revealed. Neither do the dems.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      They’re not interested in proving a case. They know they have no case. They’re just trying to convince the general public and more importantly the Senators any way they can that Orange Man Bad must be removed from office. By colluding and scripting testimony and questions, pushing false headlines, and flat-out lying. I had a dinner conversation with my rabid never-Trumper mother and her friend, and they are absolutely 100% convinced he is guilty of bribery, extortion, witness intimidation, and much more. It’s like Scott Adams says, they are watching a completely different movie.

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      • Stingray77 says:

        Yeah…you can’t fix “stupid” buddy, so for the sake of peace in the family let it go. The LSD party is so dead set on hanging itself, i say give them all the noose they wnt to put around their collective “necks”…Listen, in my humble opinion, this is just “another PROMISE kept” by this President….he is definitely outing these sewer rats that have been living in the DC sewers for so long. Only trouble is, the People of the US know who and what they are, problem is, they continue to “bribe” them with money that quess what we don’t have any more of. This is nothing but a political witch hunt, sham, hoax, detraction from the real issues that the Democrats don’t really want to face. A $22 TRILLION debt and people upset with the waste that is going on in Congress and the ay our money is being spent on waste and greed…for the sake of POWER.

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        Bet they flip back and forth between CNDNC and MSLSD.

        I, too, have family members who say that there is no way our intelligence agencies would ever spy on a candidate. These same people believe that when people move into Congress, they are “endowed by their Creator” with a renewed sense of stock value which is how they move from solid middle class to multi-millionaires in 5 years or less. They also believe that the children of politicians qualify as geniuses and are worthy of jobs with unbelievable salaries without ever working a day in the business. One day they will look up from their pie in the sky mentality and get hit in the face by one of those pies!

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    • A) Trump tweets as a way to get his message to the public with as little lamestream media filter as possible. He has done so for years, including before running for president. Leftists don’t like not being able to control his responses.
      B) He is not being provided any other way to counter the witnesses. Jordan, Radcliffe and Stefaniak are doing a good job but they do not have the specifics. Trump tweeting is the only way to get the specifics of his side, as it were, to the public.

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    • zozz1 says:

      Pelosi succumbed to pressure from the rabid resistance and let Schiff off of the leash. A brainless egomaniac off-leash is an erratic and unpredictable and usually disastrous person to have in charge of something important. This is probably the biggest mistake of Pelosi’s career. Egomaniacs do not take direction. Schiff is so puffed up with his own self-importance that he lies without any compunctions whatsoever, and the MSM keep stoking his fire…which puffs him up even more. He is King of the World! We are seeing the result…and all America sees it as well. This is the worst thing the Democrats could possibly have brought upon themselves, and when Trump wins 2020 in a landslide and brings back a Republican majority to the House while gaining Senators, the Democrats will have Pelosi and Schiff to blame.

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    • Issy says:

      I watched all of this woman’s testimony. There was absolutely nothing relevant to the alleged crimes of POTUS. It was patently obvious she was mad, hurt, and resentful at being removed. At the same time, she and everyone else was fully committed to the right he had to do so. So why was she there testifying?

      I noted a few rather interesting facial expressions when some reference to Trump was made. They were fairly subtle, but the disdain and contempt was there.

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  3. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

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  4. Garavaglia says:

    So basically..the Obama admin discussed Burisma with her so she knew how to play along with the scheme involving their family members. Crystal clear. Now she’s trying to cover her tail as to why nobody looked into Hunter..or..if they did..they were dealt with.

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  5. jus wundrin says:

    Marie lied under oath.

    What is the penalty for doing that?

    (D) related – slap on the wrist

    (R) related – 20 years in the Pen.

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    Every day this clown show is on TV is another bad day for President Trump. Republican Senators are going to say “Fuck it. This is a joke. Let’s just convict him and be done with it”. Meanwhile, another conservative, Roger Stone, was convicted by a rigged system. And what does President Trump do….tweet. His pardon should ALREADY have been submitted. Indictments from Barr should always have been issued. Contrary to what the Trump corner says, this is NOT helping him nor this Country. End the circus NOW.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Says you.
      Have you noticed what else Pres Trump is doing while this Schitt Show is going on?
      Of course not.
      People like you have tunnel vision, and if it isn’t your way, right now, then everything and everyone is bad.
      Get a therapy dog. You will survive.

      And go find out what Pres Trump has been accomplishing outside your own self-focused tunnel vision.

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Many Americans have not noticed what Trump has done nor what he is doing now. How could they? Most people on here know because we inform ourselves by visiting multiple outlets (even those outlets that disgust us) and going to source documents to be better educated.

        Most Americans don’t do that. They get their “information” from Colbert, the dimwit that hosts the crappy show on Comedy Central, the View, MSNBC, CNN and the Today Show.

        Because of that they do not realize the U.S. economy is rolling. Low unemployment. Rising stock market. China being forced to come to the table. USMCA. And now the EU is reaching out waving economic white flag.

        The wall is being built (not as fast as many of us want- but he can only build what they gave him money for). Immigration is being addressed to the level he can do on his own.

        This whole sham impeachment…..blows my mind at how it’s reported in comparison to what is being said during the meetings.. Normal American idiots spout the media reports even though they can go see for themselves what is being said.

        Goebbels would be proud.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Nobody that supports Trump, America, and keeping the country first is watching. Only TDS sufferers, Never Trumpers, indoctrinated millennials, and America haters. To that end, the majority support the President. The fake show will have zero impact.

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    • dammit_janet says:

      Manafort & Stone are examples of what corrupt DC can do to people. They have the power to put them behind bars for life because, as Joe Biden says, “they own the Judges”. Just as they have the power to put people in jail they also have the power to keep people out of jail.

      Given that environment isn’t the best course of action to time things perfectly, precisely, in a well-planned and executed manner?

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        Damn straight, Janet.

        PDJT and his AG are hunting dangerous game, think Cape buffalo, grizzly, African elephant.

        To do so and survive, the hunters must know the wind, stealthily approach, aim truly, and squeeze the trigger. Rashness in their approach is a recipe for failure and death.

        Durham criminal investigation and likely seated grand jury indicates the sniper team is positioning and calibrating, correcting for distance, temperature, and wind.

        Great care is prerequisite.

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    • ann says:

      In a limited sense, I concur, as this is more fuel to fire in the Uniparty\Corporate State. Mass media ‘s psycho war against American citizens,

      The focus is off Congress’s created gridlock, their turpitude in denying us border security and control of migration. Ditto this playing footsie prolongs the Medicaid for all! Yippee , and further normalises the grossly dysfunctional governance we are witnessing in our faux House of Representatives.

      Every day they waste costs us money and cements the MYTHS that Resist drums relentlessly into people unaccustomed to think for themselves .

      Polarization, w open borders, sanctuary states that FORBID requiring proof of citizenship for voting registration and full social , medical , educational and economic support is a win for the State Totalitarian Party. aka Uniparty & DNC.

      It also destabilizes our public forums, erodes social cohesion and destroys our country’s credibility as a trustworthy global power. Destroying nations from within is what corrupted opportunists excel at.

      Treating whiny pissants like this woman with deference is denying the reality: since 2016 Resist declared war on American citizens, & the DoJ abets it by inaction.

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    • spren says:

      That comment by you (Timothy J Sullivan) is completely off base. While this farcical travesty is unpleasant, it shows the American people how devoid of integrity and any sense of real purpose (other than destroying Trump) the Democrats are. They are in a hole and they just keep digging. They are unwittingly bringing the light into focus on just how much corruption they’ve engaged in and how they’re desperately trying to cover it up.

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  7. Jensen232 says:

    Is it true that it’s OK to lie to congress if you aren’t under oath? Must be.

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    • ann says:

      Veracity is another standard which the DoJ has politicized , as we can witness by the arbitrary pursuit of Mr. Stone, and Comey, Yates, Snivel, Burr, Warner, Swallowell , Lynch, Rice, …….freedom from well deserved incarceration .

      This is not how NORMAL Justice and Counter intell, internal security functions.
      It’s how ABNORMAL POLICE States secure their interests and perpetuate abusive power.

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  8. Another brilliant Schiff move — almost as good as insisting that Mueller testify.

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  9. spoogels says:


    “[An] Ambassador serves his president and may be recalled anytime and for any reason,” newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Marie L. Yovanovitch said in response to [an] ArmInfo question [as to whether] her personal stand on [the] Armenian Genocide will allow her further [to] work at the US Department of State if the new leadership of the White House recognizes Genocide.

    “The decision to recall [an] Ambassador fully depends on the president,” the American diplomat said avoiding a direct answer to the question. To recall, the former Ambassador John Evans was recalled from Armenia in 2006 for his statements on recognition of [the] Armenian Genocide.

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  10. Everett Miller says:

    Let’s see:
    ? how does Roger Stone face the rest of his life in prison for “lying to congress” and this Yovaovitch creature gets a pass? Hey AG Barr are you paying attention?
    just sayin’

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  11. mickjt says:

    And this Bwitch wonders why she was canned!

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    • Pokey says:

      She is the spitting image of a Washington DC bureaucrat. She is a Democrat of this species so, after being fired, she had to fall back on a better paying job that requires even less competence. She is now a university professor. If she had murdered a cop while bombing a building, she would now have her own department at the university.

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      • testpointwp says:

        Reassigned, not fired. Maria Y. gets full pay and benefits from the State Department to tell stories to 14 students at Georgetown. That will continue until she is assured of a full pension.

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        • gabytango says:

          Love this, test point! “REASSIGNED!” Why aren’t the GOP seizing upon this word and making it the NEW mantra against Yovanovitch? The average person knows nothing about this and falls for the “crying of anger” because she was unjustly “FIRED from her job she did so well!” REASSIGNED to a State Department job, 3 days a week and receiving same pay, same benefits, etc!

          Their crocodile tears and lawless prosecutions based on fabrication. Let’s ask the Ambassador of Benghazi, J. Christopher Stevens, how he and his family “felt” when he was forced to come back from his post? Oh, wait – we can’t!! He came back in a body bag! I am beyond what words can describe INFURIATED by the democrats and their evil, demonic lies!


    • stripmallgrackle says:

      She knows why she was canned. I’m sure of that. Question is, can she convince the rest of us?

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  12. NYMinuteman says:

    So who does CNN’s Chris Cuomo have on his show to discuss, in fair, balanced and reasonable analysis of the Yovanovitch testimony and to tell us the reasons that Trump removed her (because they know what goes on in the mind of PJDT having planted a subcutaneous mind-reading chip there under their unknown 5th FISA Warrant) — ANDREW McCABE and JAMES BAKER!!

    These two gentlemen are quite possibly facing serious criminal charges for lying to the FISA Court, and orchestrating what has been characterized by one of the lawyers, who works with the LAWFARE group and is “representing” the CIA Agent whistleblower, as a “coup.”

    Yup, within a week of the likely release of the DOJ IG’s report which may well destroy the last shred of these men’s credibility, CNN is giving them unlimited time to make their ludicrous case against Trump for the newly-conceived high crime and misdemeanor of “maladministration” in relieving a Senior Ambassador who, at the very least, did NOTHING to intercede and defend the United States from Election interference when three senior Ukrainian officials, in a serious breach of international protocol and law, took public stands against Candidate Trump. She did NOTHING about the letter from her deputy. CDA Kent, sent to the Depty Deneral Prosecutor of the Ukraine, demanding that he shut down investigations to look into allegations and rumors of abuse of US taxpayer funds by two NGOs in Ukraine, including one run and funded by George Soros, the billionaire relentless manipulator of weak country governments to capitalize on their weak and corrupt regulatory structures – lest they be “intimidated” out of misapplying funds in the future. (This letter exists and is in evidence). That these organizations may have been implicated in Resisting US policy using US taxpayer founds seemed not to matter. These were just the unequivocal justifications for her removal.

    Add to this that she was a loyalist to Poroshenko and disliked and distrusted by the new President Zelensky, and her effectiveness going forward was undoubtedly going to be limited.

    So, “Freddo” puts these two disgraced men on his show to attack Trump—imagine that!!

    The parade of disgruntled State Department careerists continues, deep staters unhappy with her justifiably and with cause being removed.

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    • ann says:

      The Orwellian dimensions of this prolonged vacuum of justice are overwhelming.. how long has it been since the DoJ actually protected our intell and guarded the integrity of our federal government?

      the last 30 years is an unbroken record of denial of the reality that is as plain as the nose on my face! , I hadn’t even begun to vote when Clinton sold pardons, and Hillary smirked at alphonse D’Amato .

      Our elders screwed over Americans by insisting on voting these creeps in because they mouth trendy sentiments learned in college & reinforced within their peer groups.

      Faugh, disgusting spectacle. What a crappy legacy.

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  13. mylabs5 says:

    Now let’s see what Barr does.


  14. Betty says:

    I started to write this comment a while ago and stopped. But it is eating at me so run and hide everybody cause it’s coming your way.

    I got way past tired of hearing every representatives at that hearing groveling to her over her years of service to our country. You know what, she had a dream job, and you know who helped provide it? Me. I also worked all my life to help provide her with a lavish life style, a good salary and probably a house too. And there she sat aggrieved and smugly listening to everyone apologize to her because she was treated so badly. That last democrat who practically started bawling for her was way over the top. The only way I got through it was picturing Elise Stefanik off camera pantomiming sticking her finger down throat.

    You know what she never even thought of saying? – “I would like to thank the American People, who allowed me to serve them in such a grand capacity”

    Because that is who they serve, us, We The People. Nothing abstract about us, just flesh and blood hardworking people who have carried all those gold bricks on our backs since we were 16 years old and had our first job flipping burgers or doing dishes.

    Not only do we pay her salary, we pay the salary of everyone in that building we built and the salary of all the staff that eased their way today and who are probably still there cleaning up.

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  15. John says:

    Problem Is in her mind she didn’t lie or contradict herself. You have to think like a Democrat to understand why she didn’t lie. She said she had neither talked to Joe Biden or the”previous administration” about Hunter and burisma. The previous administration she was obviously referring to was the bush administration lol Thus no contradiction. Nevermind that the bush administration left office in 2009, and Hunter wasn’t appointed until 2014,. That had nothing to do with anything she was just specifying the bush administration never talked to her about it. Think like a Democrat and it all makes sense lol

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    • ann says:

      The woman is STUPID and implacably territorial. An absence of objective higher order thinking, intellectual independence is prominently displayed by Resist rank & file political partisans

      It’s embarrassing our country is mental mushrooms who mouth party lines . Who recruits & reauthorises these prime examples of a decayed state ? Individuals like Strouck, Page, Rice. Farkistan are running our country!

      Time to be realistic. DoJ created a rigged procedure, and has not changed their sacred admin laws , The protocol that dooms prosecution by funnelling it into tainted districts and is packed with dishonorable prosecutors.

      It’s not gonna suddenly fess up, give up power and begin to deliver the prompt, impartial, rigorous justice that has been withheld for 30 years.

      That’s why w3 have this crap going on in Congress. Did anyone ge arrested for the horror they visited on Kavanaugh and on our body politic? NO.

      We need to devolve, dismantle and decentralise, One cannot Reform The Unwilling .

      State, DoJ, IT, NSA, DOD, are enmeshed .

      there is no authentic clean competent nonpartisan agency or bench I can see in federal power systems.

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      • pb4ugo says:

        She’s one of those persons who actually thinks she’s smart. Regardless of her privileged academic background and her bilingual ability, she has no commonsense. She may have been a brilliant student, but most brilliant students are good at taking written tests, they’re good at cooperating with and sucking up to professors/teachers and good at memorizing facts/triva and buzzwords. Most brilliant students lack humility and commonsense. They really believe in their superior intelligence. Ambassador Taylor is of the same ilk. Ambassador Taylor was totally humiliated by the pointed questions of the wrestling coach from Ohio.

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        • ann says:

          Limited narrow minds prefer Closed systems, ideologies. multidimensional synthesis, incorporating a variety of theoretical lenses has too much ambiguity,

          not as transferable as deterministic reductive ideologies , the seductive rhetoric & worldview preferred by political opportunists.

          We easily spot this, sadly, many in our cohort & peer group lack the spine to openly disavow and challenge colleagues.


    • pb4ugo says:

      She probably didn’t write her opening statement. Just like Mueller didn’t write the Mueller findings… the Mueller Report. She is simply a tool of the Schiff committee/staff.


  16. litlbit2 says:

    Just wondering with the ease Democrats lie, does anyone believe their children would ever tell the truth? If it were possible where was it learned or taught? Not Common Core or by these parents.

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  17. Sunshine says:

    At 1:49, she sighs. A sign of discomfort.
    At 2:45, her eyes look elsewhere, at someone. More sighing.
    Throat clearing, definitely uncomfortable.
    At 4:14, eye communication with someone else in front of her.

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    • Jon B. says:

      She was NAILED to the wall by Stefanik and she KNEW she was nailed to the wall. It was written allllll over her ugly sour face…..

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    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Not just sighs and looking around. Watch how many times she swallows hard when asked certain questions. Fidgets. She was nailed to the wall and knew it as soon as the words from Jordan and Stefanik reached her ears. It’s why Shifty Schiff keeps interrupting them.

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  18. California Joe says:

    Elise should have directed this rhetorical question to the Ambassador Yovanovitch: How bad did Hunter Biden have to be to get fired from the Navy after six months of service when his father was Vice President of the United States?

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  19. So far it seemingly appears that the Democrats are accomplishing their primary objective. That was to cover up their illegal spying prior to March of 2016, which probably started around 2012. And for those that think it was just Trump’s team they were spying on, broaden your horizons. And it wasn’t just Republicans being spied on. And it wasn’t just members of Congress either. It involved lawmakers, journalists, judges, and even IC personnel.

    Their secondary objective is to make sure the waters are muddied up enough that by the time the boat stops rocking and the water clears up, that we’ll be exhausted and forget about our dreams of catching the big fish and settle for a few small ones. And maybe by the time the water clears up, any statute of limitations run out.

    What they aren’t counting on though is that we have a president that is determined to make sure that this never happens again. We have an AG that very well may have the American People’s best interest at heart rather than the swamp’s best interest. We may have prosecutors that actually care about the rule of law.

    What they really need to keep in mind though is this. If they don’t do everything in their power to save this country from being destroyed, at that point, knowing they have nothing left to lose, We The People will burn it to the ground and start from scratch all over again. Because after all, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

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  20. 2Alpha says:

    Did You Know This About Marie Yovanovitch?
    An Obama holdover with anti-Trump biases of long standing.

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  21. pb4ugo says:

    Who, exactly, would charge her with perjury?


  22. swal106 says:

    The question to me is, was this Yovanovitch woman under oath when she made these two statements? I assume if she was then, the Attorney General will order her indictment for perjury. Just like what has happened to Flynn, Manafort, Papapdopoulos and Stone, RIGHT?


    • Pegon Zellschmidt says:

      Notice, not one made any mention of her lying. Not Jordan, not Stefanik (who outed her), not Meadows, no one. For Repubs, it’s still the third rail. Democrats celebrated 10 days in the hoosegow for Papadopoulos. We can’t even get a mention.


  23. Sonia says:

    An effective way of dealing with this farce would have been to start with Chris Stewart’s two questions of Yovanovitch:

    1. “Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?”
    2. “Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?”

    With Yovanovitch’s response of “no” to both, all Republicans should have then immediately got up and gone home.


  24. We the people know says:

    I’m going to throw this on the pile…
    Here’s the Ambassador’s residence in Ukraine (scroll thru the photos & history)

    From this article we discover both her mother and her brother stayed there with Ambassador
    Yovanovitch. How long? At our expense? The house comes with a fairly large staff.


  25. itsy_bitsy says:

    So now we know why Schiff kept trying to shut her down when she questioned Yovanovich! She was getting a little too close to Biden’s corruption and the rot of the Obama administration.


  26. Elle says:

    Yovanovich’s body language is such that she was either expecting the killer question from Stephanik or not concerned by it. Certainly there was no “oh snap” moment that she had been caught lying under oath.

    Yovanovich’s opening statement is meant to deceive.The quote above “neither [Biden] nor the previous Administration ever raised the issue of Burisma or Hunter Biden with me” will likely be waved away with Yovanovich saying that she wasn’t extending the term “Administration” to mean the State Department, [I also note she uses a capital A for Administration but she uses a small “a” when referring to the Trump administration, Obama administration and Regan administration. It would be interesting to know if that grammar could imply a specific limitation to the word administration or not).

    It doesn’t really matter because when Stephanik quotes Yovanovich’s prior testimony, regarding being coached for her appointment….. due to a strategically placed, “you know” in the middle of the sentence….the reference is SPECIFICALLY LIMITED to questions about Hunter Biden being placed on the board of Burisma. To assume that it refers to anything more than Hunter being placed on the board is to ASS.U.ME.

    However, that said, it doesn’t matter because the American people were further informed about the corruption during the Obama administration (or should I say, “the Administration”?). To that end, Schiff is Trump’s best little helper.


    • Elle says:

      So my point is that Yovanovich will say that she is not lying under oath because even though the State Department DID coach her on Hunter Biden and Burisma, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Biden nor anyone from the ADMINISTRATION more narrowly defined talked to her about it.

      Note how Stephanik uses the term Obama State Department several times (as opposed to Obama administration) and the real tell is that they make clear the questions were ” not generally about Burisma and corruption it was specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma”. Very narrowly defined to Biden on the Board and elimination of the word “corruption”.

      The meaning of the word “is”.


  27. David Jasinsky says:

    She needs to be asked how many times she met George Soros or anyone in his organization or family. How many ngos we’re giving money to bribe the ukrainians in government. Was she aware of the Soros organizations including all ngos of their takeover of the state department and the Department of Justice, FBI, and the CIA. There are millions of questions that need to be asked and answered so the citizenry of this great country can get rid of the corrupt influences in our government.


  28. shipley130 says:

    After the Ukraine money tree ended, the Biden boy went on to China, again with Papa Joe and had 400K to invest with Chinese investors. What a golden child that boy is.


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