Big Club Bloomberg Enters Democrat Presidential Primary Race….

*smiles, reminds everyone to check the archives*

It was always going to be thus, and those who refuse to understand the Big Club will never be able to the understand the predictability of it all.  It’s a big club folks, and you ain’t in it.

The 2019 data-harvesting has been good.  Biden’s role is exhausted.  Time for the real owners of the club to assemble.  Michael Bloomberg is entering the Democrat presidential primary race:

New York Times – Michael R. Bloomberg is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary and is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in at least one state with an early filing deadline, people briefed on Mr. Bloomberg’s plans said.

Mr. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman, has been privately weighing a bid for the White House for weeks and has not yet made a final decision on whether to run, an adviser said. But in the first sign that he is seriously moving toward a campaign, Mr. Bloomberg has dispatched staffers to Alabama to gather signatures to qualify for the primary there. Though Alabama does not hold an early primary, it has a Friday deadline for candidates to formally enter the race.

Should Mr. Bloomberg proceed with a campaign, it could represent a seismic disruption in the Democratic race. With his immense personal wealth, centrist views and close ties to the political establishment, he would present a grave and instantaneous threat to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has been struggling to raise money and assemble a ideologically moderate coalition.  (read more)

I love, absolutely love, the predictability of it all, and especially how the club managers position the narrative.  Notice the hard-sell: “it could represent a seismic disruption in the Democratic race.”    As if this is an organic new shift in the race, and not a pre-planned, pre-determined, and pre-scripted event being rolled out.  As much as I hate the club handlers, this is why they deserve respect.

The voting base is shocked, s.h.o.c.k.e.d, at the thought of a new entry.  Too funny.

“He’s unlikeable” they shout… While seemingly oblivious to the fact that Hillary Clinton was the club selection in 2016,… because she was so, well, “likeable” or something?

“He’s too green”, someone said….While seemingly oblivious to the “green” that really matters.  WATCH:


Too damned funny.

The DNC has done their part, and they played it perfectly.  Mucho data-harvesting.  Now the Hollywood Club, U.S. Wall Street Multinationals, China and the Business Roundtable have a place to deposit all that held-back donor funding – to exploit that data harvested by the dupes.

Give all the various factions a few weeks and by years-end they will be praising the magnanimous likability of the same Michael Bloomberg.  Give them a few months and China ain’t that bad. Give them a few months and, well, you get the picture.

They’ll get over it.

Eight months of chaff and countermeasures finally over.

Mitch McConnell, Tom Donohue and Mitt Romney raise a glass, “cheers“.

Ronna McDaniel texts: ‘congrats team, too bad I can’t be there in person – yet’.

And so it goes…

There are trillions at stake.




Wait, who are we supposed to vote for, again?

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387 Responses to Big Club Bloomberg Enters Democrat Presidential Primary Race….

  1. Newman says:

    So, who does the Big Club choose after this ugly toad flames out? Back to Hillary? Or Michelle Zero?

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    • Johnny Boost says:

      There’s always Walter Mondale again.

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      • RedBallExpress says:

        FWIW old walter lives in a mansion on the St. Croix river and mows the yard right to the water. Because it is a national scenic river and basically a beautiful federal park you or I would be dead by nightfall if we did that stunt. I support the preservation of the river but can’t stand the double standard.


    • Publius2016 says:

      the Electoral College Steal Plan is Harris Obama Bloomberg Kasich Romney Ryan…the key is to throw it to the Electoral College so no one candidate gets 270…their problem is the REPUBLICAN PARTY was built to win National Elections…look at how they “stole” Kentucky? Libertarians voted to have a Dimm fill Rand’s spot if something happens again! Sad!

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    • legtingle says:

      I do believe it was ALWAYS going to be Big Mike, until Trump got serious with Barr. The swamp is now wigging out.


  2. Susan Jacob says:

    Susan Jacob
    Replying to
    just read on the blog “The Conservative Treehouse” re Bloomberg entering the race, as a Democrat:

    Mitch McConnell, Tom Donohue and Mitt Romney raise a glass, “cheers“.

    Ronna McDaniel texts: ‘congrats team, too bad I can’t be there in person – yet’.

    Anything to this, Ronna?

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  3. Ivehadit says:

    Ick. Mitt redux. Can’t wait to see him in a pair of jeans./s

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    • “Can’t wait to see him in a pair of Jeans”. Or eating a corndog at an Iowa event (washing it down with a Big Gulp). Riding a horse with no shirt on. Body surfing in Hawaii. Come on Mike, cameras are waiting !


  4. Boots says:

    Most anti-gun politician in America. He’ll without doubt pick up Beto:s baton. There WILL be gun confiscation efforts.

    And targeted gun owners will take out as many of the confiscating team as possible before it ends.

    There will be widows and orphans of confiscating team members. Some will rage against the gun owner who defended their God given right, their birthright, to KABA.

    Others, with true insight and wisdom, will ask why Bloomberg enacted an unlawful a unconstitutional action that sent their fathers to certain doom.

    Molon labe.

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  5. will the FBI/CIA open a counterintelligence investigation of Bloomberg for being a Chinese agent? Wait, let’s make up a dossier and insert it into the intel system, get spy warrants via our illustrious secret court system, infiltrate his campaign, and do it all “by the book”. Where’s Comey when we need his higher-loyalty ‘service’?

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      littleredmachine, I love your sarcasm. Comey is busy studying more tall trees but I think Andy, Peter, Lisa, Val, Sally, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Clapper, Glenn, Bruce, Nellie (Neigh)……oh I forgot our beloved Judge of a lesser cause…Jessie Lui.

      Good God..there are so many willing to carry the flame of deceit, lawlessness and sedition that I can’t name them all.

      But Sundance has named them all and his/her/their competence has given us the truth we needed to fight these scum to the end.

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    • WSB says:

      Ha! I just want to see Comey and Mike in the same room!

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  6. jx says:

    China Mike doesn’t have a chance. The apparatchiks may like him but no one else does. His 2nd Amend hatred may appeal to some, but only in coastal cities. And no one likes being told what size soft drink they may have.

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      Bloomberg and those on board with him: the China Syndrome

      so rotten with greed they are willing to sell out our sovereignty if you let them get at the levers of power

      they were only too happy to sell out American jobs and move them to slave-labor in China

      they are the illustration of that last line in the “Communist Manifesto” which went something like this:

      “the greed of the capitalists themselves will cause all that they have fall into our hands like an overripe fruit”

      So, how do people like Bloomberg and the Bushes and Romney think all this works out a few generations down the road? Do they think that once the PRC has all the control that they will be allowed to continue merrily along?

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    • Rhoda R says:

      ‘China Mike’ sounds like a good nickname to label him with.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

    Won’t Bloomberg take votes from Biden, elevating Warren and Bernie?

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    • nimrodman says:

      No, I don’t think you understand

      I don’t think there’s any concern that Bloomberg will “draw votes” from Biden, Warren, and Bernie

      I think Bloomberg is meant to be THE END of Biden, Warren, and Bernie … all

      I think he’s meant to be the centrist-enough candidate to stand a chance at getting enough votes to beat PresTrump …

      … that Bernie and Warren are incapable of being because they’re too extreme left

      … and that Biden is unlikely to be successful at being … at least judging from recent performance (gaffes, mentally adrift, not compelling – you name it)

      Sundance points out that the globalists and China need such a candidate
      But Biden’s not measuring up

      So … Bloomberg

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  8. Jimmy says:

    All the Dems have now is Pete Buttigeig. Liz is toast, Joe is toast. The rest are flops. So, why shouldn’t Bloomberg give it a whirl? It’s not a deep bench over there.

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  9. Jimmy says:

    Don’t think in terms of “beat Trump.” Think in terms of “get the nomination.” Of course he can (unless the DNC blackballs him like they did Bernie.) What the heck does Bloomberg care if he loses the general election?

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    • SEDeuceTER says:

      Who wouldn’t Our President destroy?

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      • oldumb says:

        Good question, one the demoncraps have been asking themselves for several years, as they complain how bad POTUS Trump sucks. hehe


    • Raptors2020 says:

      Suppressing the inevitable socialist takeover of their party for one more election cycle may be all the plutocrats have in mind.
      The bizarre attachment wealthy Jews have to this nascent socialist party springs from their neurotic conviction that Christians intend an American Holocaust. Gun confiscation, hate speech suppression, the constant labeling of Trump and Republicans as Nazis: Jewish Democrats are waging a war against Republican Fascists that only they can see.

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  10. Zimbalistjunior says:

    With respect SD as I am a huge fan and proud treepers Bloomberg cannot be the chosen one.

    He is an awful speaker and campaigner is old and a yutz. He barely beat McCall. He is ancient. He has baggage.

    The president would destroy him.

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    • Doug Amos says:

      Think you guys are missing the point. Whoever it is, they are just the cardboard cutout. All the levers get pulled in the background. Think about it; have you ever seen a Rothschild? It is $ $ $ and power power power leading to a privileged lifestyle beyond the imagination of the masses; and by design never within their reach. Now go hug a tree and don’t ever bother them again, you Deplorables.

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  11. Sherri Young says:

    Hillary must be furious.

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  12. DaughterofLiberty says:

    I should think the DemonRats would breathe a sigh of relief over this…finally someone who doesn’t come across as a compete and utter freak.

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    • alligatriot says:

      You’re beginning to understand the DNC strategy.

      Present a gaggle of fruit-loops as presidential hopefuls, find out how far left your base is willing to go, then – POOF! – a “sensible” candidate appears on a white donkey to save the day.

      Sundance outlined this scenario a long time ago. Prescient, he is!

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      Sorry to disagree. Somebody who bought out the entire New York city council to run for a non-allowed third term is an authoritarian freak.

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      • oldumb says:

        What you know and voters thinks are 2 different subjects. The reverse is also true, so don’t get confused. The only votes demoncraps will collect this election is ANTI-Trump votes developed by a brain numbing media-borg.

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      • And I may be wrong but is this the same guy who would not allow soft drinks to be sold in cups of a particular size?

        Banned soda being sold in big gulp type cups?

        He passed out money to a lot of “gun grabber” groups.

        I don’t know much about this guy Bloomberg but when I hear his name I think “The guy that ran NY City into the ground”.

        A real weirdo and freak.

        THIS is the guy the Dems were waiting for?

        THIS is the guy their data crunching led them to?

        Perhaps sunnyflower5 is right and they are waiting for their 2020 Spring Collection.

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    • WSB says:

      Wait until Mike opens his mouth again. Did you watch the video up top with Hoover?

      It is a doozy.

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  13. fangdog says:

    I cannot comprehend how any red-blooded American can vote for a guy as Bloomberg. It is disheartening so many American are not “Americans”. Definitely two political persuasions under one flag.

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    • yucki says:

      One of those persuasions doesn’t have much use for our flag.

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    • NYMinuteman says:

      Not every Jew is a traitor to America. In fact, most are incredibly loyal patriots. Israel presents the only real and viable threat to Russia’s natural gas monopoly in Europe. Honestly, why do you think Vlad is in Syria? To get a tan?

      Trump took the Syrian oilfield away from Vlad… that makes Vlad very angry. Assad has been selling black market oil to enrich himself for decades. 20 years ago Syria produced 1m bpd. Suddenly, it dropped to 400k. Assad has been selling the unreported production to squirrel away offshore. Now Kurds will sell oil to pay for their protection.

      Bloomberg will protect Israel and assist building out its gas infrastructure and getting a pipeline to Europe underway STAT. This may be enough to drive Putin to war. 40% of Russia’s economy is resource driven. Between US LNG and Israeli pipe, Vlad’s markets are going to shrink. China will try to buy Israeli infrastructure, but it will be blocked.

      The campaign may awaken Trump to these realities. Israel presents the biggest threat to Putin’s energy hegemon.

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      • oldumb says:

        “… may awaken Trump to these realities.”
        Are you kidding me? Maybe you should fly out a teach President Trump about these realities, because he is completely clueless about them, having never considered the balance of power in that part of the world.

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      • trumpmemesandreams says:

        Better look at where Jew votes and money goes in the US as it’s not Republicans — and it’s been that way for well over a hundred years. The Jewish diaspora have an odd proclivity towards left-leaning political ideologies, even if their brethren in Israel are ethno-nationalists. Go figure, eh?

        The best thing the US can do is walk away from the Middle East and let China in to bleed in the sand. Israel can take care of its own clay, and to do so can continue to purchase US-made weapon systems, of course.


  14. McGuffin says:

    Sundance, Is it time for Hollywood Squares yet?

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  15. Iwasthere says:

    Lol – just play that clip over and over and over – what a globalist!!

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  16. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Can’t wait to see the working man’s unions endorse this Chinese puppet.

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  17. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    So, while I understand your concern, please remember that our wonderful President KNOWS this guy. Really knows all of his secrets as a fellow NYbillionaire.
    Also, many of the Black Spanish and other BY residents couldn’t stand all his ridiculous regulations, including how much soda you could buy.
    Not popular at all when he left.
    If this was Rudy, I’d be worried.
    Even my liberal friends are groaning.

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  18. GB Bari says:

    Could this be a trial balloon to create some more delay and distraction until the real “Chosen One” is finally ready to be rolled out?

    Despite his deep pocket$, this clown does not appear to have the gravitas to pull off a win, IMHO.

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  19. Zero threat to Trump, the Warren/Sanders group are ~40% of the Dems base now……they are already ranting all over social media about “Elite Billionaire” Bloomberg. The best chance for the Dems by far is a ticket that has Warren as the head and a moderate as the VP – Bloomberg wouldn’t tolerate a leftist as his running mate so he’d need to rig the machines something special to even get close.

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  20. dogsmaw says:

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  21. PCS says:

    Can’t be nanny Bloomberg. Even the Club members think he’s a whiny douche.

    Can’t see it. No matter how good the marketing effort. The man is a laughingstock to normal humans.

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  22. 3D says:

    Wow! So moving the coal fired power plants (without any pollution control) and cement kilns outside the city limits will improve China’s air quality? Didn’t know they created an atmospheric wall around their cities. And what about the rural peasants air quality and what will all those sulfur emissions do to their crops. Is Bloomberg that stupid or does he think we’re that stupid.

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  23. pucecatt says:

    I hope it’s Bloomberg, our POTUS will crush him in a debate and at the ballot box 🗳.. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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  24. dufrst says:

    Bloomberg is not ready for this! I actually think he’s there to take on Elizabeth Warren and to allow Joe Biden to glide through. Biden is the candidate they want to get in because he’s made the deal with the devil (Obama) to put Stacey Abrams on the ticket!

    The rest as Sundance has said is chaff and countermeasures. This is what I think is afoot. Let Bloomberg take all of the incoming from Warren and Sanders by taking them on about their socialism and Biden skates through.

    Bloomberg fundamentally faces the same challenge that Giuliani did. He’s well known as every mayor of New York is, but has no natural constituency nationally or even in the party. New York has a way of making a Republican (too liberal on social side) and a Democrat (too close to Wall Street) a bad fit for the voting base on each party. Bloomberg has no shot for the nomination but with his money he can be the foil to assist Biden to the nomination.

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    • oldumb says:

      How do you know Biden made a deal with Obama to put Abrams on the ticket? This is your belief that you state as fact or do you have any evidence? You write it as fact.

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    • Sadly not all mayors are as well know as you (and they) seem to think they are.

      Some of us peasants here in the heartland have lives that do not weave and twirl around the NY big shots.

      I hear their names but can never remember if they are the mayor or the governor of NY.

      And Bloomberg just did not register, mayor or governor?

      I knew he was a jerk but could not remember ( did not care) if he was a citywide jerk or a statewide jerk.

      The posters here have been kind enough to give the info that he was a citywide jerk.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I doubt black men think much at all of Abrams. Women don’t like her either, not unless they’re lebians or far lefties. Seriously, not an attractive candidate in any number of ways and no experience to be POTUS at a moment’s notice.

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  25. jello333 says:

    Yeah Sundance, I’ve been mentioning Bloomberg for some time now, and once you wrote that post a few month ago, and some other comments, it was good confirmation of what I was thinking. So nope, not really surprised by this news. But I’m also not terribly worried. Oh yeah, I think the guy might be a tougher opponent than any of the others the Dems have thrown out there. But I have no doubt Trump can take him, if it comes to that.

    Now I must admit there WAS one person who I’d hate to see get in the race and win the nomination. The other one we often hear mentioned in the same breath as Bloomberg… Bill Gates. Him, I WOULD worry about.

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    • Annie says:

      Gates!!!!!!!! He would need a personality transplant..actually both of the…Doomsberry is a midget!!!!!!!!will give him props tho for buying his daughter the best horses money can buy….


    • Rileytrips says:

      Bill Gates has Aspergers. He would not do well – at all – in a debate. He rarely speaks publicly. He can’t look a person in the eyes as he is speaking to them.

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      • jello333 says:

        We lived in Seattle years ago, and I got to know a lot of people who know Gates personally. (I never met him myself.) They all say that in private he’s actually a pretty fun guy to hang around with, and knows a little (or a lot) about just about any subject you can imagine. But yeah… transferring that into the public realm may not be that easy.


  26. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Here are the ages of the eldest Dem candidates.

    Biden…………….born Nov 1942……………76
    Bloomberg……..born Feb 1942……………77
    Bernie……………born Sep 1941……………78

    POTUS is 73.

    Biden is old. Bernie just had a heart attack. Bloomberg seems in good health but still, he’s old. He’d basally be starting his first term as a 79 year old.

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  27. A2 says:

    Not to beat a dead donkey, but read this article on Bloomberg from jan. 2016.

    He is consistent. Consistently wrong.

    “Michael Bloomberg Has An Achilles Heel And It Is Not Guns Or Age But China”


    (This is in 2007)
    “In probably his most extensive statement of his attitude to China, Bloomberg contended in the Financial Times in 2007 that the jobs China takes from the United States are jobs that America would lose to foreign competition anyway.

    He commented: “Countries that run away from globalization in the 21st century – as with those that ran away from capitalism in the 20th century – will pay a heavy price for decades to come.

    “This week I am meeting with business leaders and government officials in Beijing and Shanghai to discuss the increasingly important relationship between the US and China – and the opportunities that we hold for each other. Some in the west believe that a growing Chinese economy is a threat. As a businessman, and now as mayor of the world’s largest financial capital, I believe the opposite is true: Chinese growth is, in fact, an opportunity for the US and the world, because the global economy is not a zero-sum game. We all share in each other’s success.”


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    • A2 says:

      Bloomberg news was banned in China after they published an article in 2012 about Xi Jinping’s hidden family wealth.

      Then Bloomberg began kowtowing and publishing only sycophantic articles and then China began to relent.

      Just wait until the twitter snoops begin tracking down his financial stakes in China, and for that matter UKraine.

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    • Jimmy says:

      A2, thanks for your China posts. Do you have a Twitter feed I could follow?

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      • A2 says:

        Not on social media at all and if I was I’d be Gulag-ed and have to read Xi Jinping Thoughtism until I went mad.

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        • Jimmy says:

          Yeah, I guess. Behind the firewall there. I had a former career pertaining to (ancient) China. I have an immediate family member who’s a Chinese linguist in the military. My wife and I speak hacky Chinese. So, I’m especially keen on your posts.

          With the Uighur camps and HK, a little voice is starting to tell me that the regime won’t be here in 10 years. Think of our attitude toward the Soviet Union in 1980. It was a permanent fixture. And then POOF gone. The difference is that hundreds of millions of Chinese have no objection at all to the regime, I guess. But still I don’t see that regime fitting in with the 21st Century.

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    • ann says:

      Ugh. A Warmongering globalist.


  28. Moe Grimm says:

    Isn’t that Bush and Bushita the pious guardians of the Fourth Estate in the picture? This gonna be fun. Will Brennan, Clapper, Co-me & Co. soon join in? More will surely follow. And can’t wait to hear what generation Zyklon has to say.

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  29. Heika says:

    “Even in countries that you don’t think are democracies, there’s lots of stake holders who have an interest ….and they have an impact”

    Yeh, thats right, and you know all about ‘selling out’ AMERICA you great big fat con artist bullcrap artist. THEY (like you) have an impact and it was to absolutely decimate industry in the USA in order to line your stinking pockets. MAD AS HELL just trying to stomach watching that interview. Good on that young lady for pushing him

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  30. Genie says:

    Now we just need McAuliffe and his glittering “moderate profile” to get those Dems in line. I suppose he is just waiting for Clinton’s approval.

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    • ann says:

      This governor got on his high horse and lumped everyone who voted for Trump & MAGAZINE as white supremacists,

      He couldn’t wait to verbally abuse Americans by distorting the mayhem in Charlestown. Pretended there wasn’t two perpetrators. . ..


  31. Mr e-man says:

    Oh my goodness. They have done it. They have finally figured out how to beat Trump. Run an old rich white guy. Who knew?

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  32. bessie2003 says:

    Will he have to give up operation/ownership/control over his Bloomberg Network, or be required to give exactly equal time to his opponent President Trump for equivalent dollar value, not only commercial space/time but also its news reports because they will be seen as in-kind contributions?

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  33. The Deplorable Tina says:

    I like the part about how China is reducing emissions by moving the coal plants away from the cities. Huh?

    And don’t get me started on Ronna Romney. She purposely turned Virginia blue by not running any Republicans in approx 30 races. Sure, it’s the Virginia GOP that should have taken care of that, but as the head of the RNC, Ronna should have been on top of it and she should be grooming people to run for office like Obama is. Unforgivable & I wonder what else she is doing to undermine the GOP in other states. I wish our POTUS would replace her.

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  34. Texian says:

    Congrats to Sundance.. He called it first..

    I will bestow a gen-you-wine west coast Floridian stainless steel straw award on the beach in your honor.. a treasure hunt..

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  35. In the Land of Poz says:

    I’ve said for a long time here that Warren would be the nominee but that Bloomberg might do better against Trump.

    Then Bloomberg started opening his mouth about China and that was the end of that.

    Trump is the only major US politician with a TRACK RECORD of doing anything significant about China as an economic threat to US security and prosperity. If Bloomberg enters the race and looks like he will take the nomination it will push Trump to go further and faster against China and on immigration/wall. If Trump does both of those he will crush Bloomberg.

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  36. bessie2003 says:

    The other thing that comes to mind, when he was Mayor of NYC, he was a Republican. Will the AOC+3 aspect of the new Democrat Party allow a ‘former’ Republican be their party’s nominee?
    I don’t see how his entering their primary at this late date will not further tear what is left of the Democrat party apart.

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  37. T2020 says:

    Ain’t gonna happen. Everyone hates him. Can’t be trusted. He’s as bad as Newsom in being a Nanny, telling people what to do and think. He is no centrist. He is a lefty who happen to be a businessman.

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  38. Jimmy says:

    How could Kamala have blown this? She must be deeply stupid. The Dems have NO ONE else and Kamala is (1.) a female (2.) of color who’s (3.) easy on the eyes. I guess it’s because she seems slightly stoned all the time.

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  39. For once, I’d like to see Republicans set up a third-party presidential candidate geared toward draining votes away from Democrats and not Republicans. Dems groom and and generously fund Libertarian candidates in almost every race up and down the ballot who are really left-wing, but pose as Libertarians to siphon from the total Republican vote count. This spoiler technique has been finely honed and has caused gobs of Republican losses to date. Of course, our funding would have to come from the general Republican donor class, and, unlike Dems, we don’t have groups of Dem, bundler, hedge fund managers like John Corzines that can say with a straight face that a billion dollars, probably funneled to PACs), is missing from a hedge fund, and have no clue where it is, AND BE BELIEVED AND NOT PROSECUTED!! Or Chinese funding through Soros entities, or Johnny Tree types that funnel millions to Dems. No! we run our one and only nominee, and let the ‘chips fall where they may’ against a slate of other candidates carefully chosen to bring mayhem to the final election count, with razor thin margin wins and losses.
    Republicans, in other words, have to beat the slate, Dems only have to beat Republican nominee. Big difference!

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  40. The Boss says:

    I think Bloomberg will be no more than the first runner up in this beauty contest. He’ll contribute millions to his own “campaign” to organize the data collected this go-round and on-hand elsewhere, knock out pesky hangers-on, run targeted message tests and then get primaried by the eventual nominee…to whom he will graciously turn over all he has done. No need for the nominee to report the value of Bloomberg’s contributions. He will have already done so in his filings.

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  41. Baby El says:

    Damn, I was hoping to roll a hard 8 for Big Mike.


  42. EV22 says:

    Better half just quipped, “Can’t wait to see his rallies!”

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  43. DesertRain says:

    Ahhh…. The Big Deception is revealed…. Bloomberg taking a beating on Twitter.

    Followers choose leaders.

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  44. ATheoK says:

    ““He’s unlikeable” they shout”

    All a distraction.
    Bloomberg has always been an intolerant despotic tyrant.
    No one under Bloomberg’s rule gets to follow the Constitution, Bill or Rights, Amendments or precedent.
    Either Bloomberg buys you, jails you or crushes you.

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  45. California Joe says:

    I see Bloomberg as the only candidate with a reasonable chance to beat President Trump so I wouldn’t brush him off lightly. He’s a multibillionaire with tons of Wall Street connections and has many CEO friends. He also belongs to the same club as most of the Wall Street Bankers like Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley billionaires like Zuckerberg and media billionaires like Bob Iger and Jeff Zucker. President Trump will have to work hard to win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio on Bloomberg’s connection to China.

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  46. Zorro says:

    Bernie wants a vacation home in a warm weather location this time.


  47. nimrodman says:

    … those are nice-looking blue bottles, by the way

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Tl Howard says:

    I suspect they think a lot of GOPers will cross over into Dem primaries to vote for this short little totalitarian?

    I am wondering, though, what does the Dem base think of a billionaire running for their parties nomination? I really don’t know the answer.

    I suppose what’s planned is that IF Bloomberg doesn’t get the Dem nod, he’ll run third party?

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Tl Howard says:

    BTW, Dershowitz up in arms today about the Dems impeachment and he said they’re passing “bills of attainder” so kudos to the poster who kept talking about that.

    Liked by 2 people

  50. Reloader says:

    Same sort of walking stack of excrement as hildabeast.

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