DOJ Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission in Flynn Case – Prosecution “Mistakenly” Attributed Wrong Notes to Wrong FBI Agents….

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT – Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack sends a letter to Flynn’s defense team today containing a stunning, almost impossible to comprehend, admission of a mistake central to the claims of the prosecution.  In March 2018 the FBI presented notes taken by agents Pientka and Strzok, now they say they made a ‘mistake’.

For almost two years the DOJ misidentified, misattributed, and never corrected that the authors of the Flynn interview notes were actually reversed.  All of the notes attributed to FBI Agent Peter Strzok actually were taken by FBI Agent Joseph Pientka, and vice-versa:


What kind of f**kery is this?  The DOJ never confirmed the authorship of the FBI notes that are central to the FD-302, upon which the entire prosecution claim of Flynn lying to investigators is based? …Seriously?

The entire FBI case against Flynn; meaning the central element that he lied to FBI investigators (he didn’t); is predicated on the FD-302 interview reports generated by the two FBI agents; later discovered to have been edited, shaped and approved by Andrew McCabe….  And for almost two years the entire outline of their documented evidence has been misattributed?

C’mon man.  This is sketchy as heck.

Obviously what triggered this re-review of the notes was a smart sur-surreply from the defense that highlighted how Peter Strzoks notes were far too neat, organized and well constructed to have been written during an actual interview. [SEE HERE]

For the prosecution to now reverse course and say the agent attribution was transposed, is either the biggest screw-up in a high profile case…. OR, the prosecution now needs to reverse the note-takers due to the exact, and common sense, reasons highlighted by the defense.

This is so far beyond sketchy the light from where sketchy emanates won’t reach this sketchy location for a year.

This ain’t no ordinary ‘whoops, my bad‘…. move along, move along folks.

So the prosecution didn’t change authorship of the individual FD-302 reports, but now changes authorship of the agent notes that underwrite the FD-302 reports?

Sorry, I ain’t buying what they’re selling.

Hopefully, at the very least, Judge Sullivan requests Agent Strzok and Agent Pientka to appear in his court and asks them to swear to the authorship.   This is nuts.


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581 Responses to DOJ Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission in Flynn Case – Prosecution “Mistakenly” Attributed Wrong Notes to Wrong FBI Agents….

  1. Another Scott says:

    In Jessie Liu’s letter notice how Strzok Is called by name but Pientka is “the other agent”

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  2. WSB says:

    Remember that Pientka was never called up for any deposition or any report, subpoena, nothing. Is this now making sense?

    Where the heck is this guy?

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  3. Retired IG says:

    I am nut sure if this is fl***ery or just sheer stupidity re this memo from the FBI. “We got attribution mixed up”. Well so forking what? From what I understand, they haven’t provided any of this information to Flynn’s defense no matter who wrote what on their interview form. But its still a crock of shite.
    In my daze as an auditor, there were always two persons or more in an interview taking notes. Usually scratched out on pen and paper. Then someone had to write up the meeting using all sets of of notes. by rote: Title, Date, Purpose, Source,(participants) Scope, Conclusion.
    Don’t know if the FBI process is the same. But this “sudden” realization by the FBI holds no thrill for me. Just pisses me off to no end.
    “Someone” fudged the results of the interview notes to create the desired outcome of the meeting with Flynn. Stop the GAMES. Just forking hand the over documents you piss flaps and let someone else (like Judge Sullivan) form their own conclusions.
    And SHAME ON YOU ALL AT THE FBI. Comey and McCabe, etal. involved in this attempt to paint the Letter T (traitor – as opposed to the Scarlet Letter A re Nathaniel Hawthorne). The TONE IS SET at THE TOP.
    There are thousands of people in this country who are Investigators, Auditors, Cops, etc. who REALLY DO GET what you did with Flynn. We’re not dead yet!, BUT ARE INCENSED and ENRAGED at how you broke the professional ethical code all of us hold: The TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, SO HELP ME GOD.
    You are not good for us. Just fess up to your crimes and let us go on doing what we held sacred before you came along.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Even the FIB are not stupid enough to make a “mistake” like this. I think they are even more nefarious than they are stupid.

      That’s ok, Ms. Powell is still working toward exposing the entirety of corruption rather than havving the case thrown.

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    • Tom Eberlin says:

      Obama wanted to nail Flynn. That is all that matters to the FBI and DOJ.


    • bunky says:

      It isn’t just the top echelon.
      Many are career employees.
      In other words, they came up through the organization.
      The whole thing is rotten.


      • Zippy says:

        “In other words, they came up through the organization.”

        In the 2004 book, “1000 Years for Revenge: International Terrorism and the FBI–the Untold Story” it was pointed out that one of the major reasons the first Trade Center attack was not stopped was because management personnel at the FBI are too often NOT former field agents.

        From what I know about 9/11, it appears that was a major problem there, too:

        “Hey, boss,” reports a field agent, “Saudi’s in a US flight school are learning how to take off and fly large commercial passenger aircraft, but show no interest in LANDING them as reported BY the flight school.”

        Boss: “OK, so what?”


      • tularevava says:

        I totally agree with you and I’m tired of the media saying. ‘but we know the line officers are not corrupt’. Well, think about this. The Roger Stone raid used nearly 100 men/women. Not counting the ones huddled in their offices. They all knew what they were doing. I rant on this a lot but Catherine Edelbrecht of True the Vote is another example. After she started a conservative group to ensure voter rights in Texas, she was inundated with alphabet agencies. She got multiple visits from IRS, FBI, DEA and OSHA. Now Ms. Edelbrecht lives in no where Texas. What you want to bet she knew some of the thugs who invaded her home and businesses. I think their names need to be publicized and those of the Roger Stone enterprise. These institutions are corrupt and they will not soon recover from what the entire US knows to be true. If the excuse of just doing my job and following orders did not pass muster at the Nuremberg trials, it shouldn’t here either.

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    • artichoke says:

      Lots of big words and probably fake emotion, but you still want to set it back as if none of this had happened. Nope that shouldn’t happen either. Let Flynn go, put some real criminals in there, I can think of a few right now in fact …


  4. Julia Adams says:

    Sydney Powell has stated several times on Lou Dobbs’ show and elsewhere on other instances where she prefers not to file a motion to dismiss Flynn’s case yet, but is pushing for all exculpatory evidence released first. I suppose that means she wants a full exoneration. To that end since she needs the government to release all of their evidence and supporting documents. What’s the likelihood of that really happening. Highly unlikely. Maybe….in 10 years

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  5. evergreen says:

    “Last evening,”…we were informed…by whom? And, why after normal business hours?

    Meeting at the restaurant because the office is inaccessible to one of the parties? Who would have this special info, and why? Why now?

    If the correction is accurate, then the tipper was a friend of the prosecution; otherwise, the tip would have gone to Flynn’s defense.

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  6. Dusty says:

    any chance the 302 swicheroo was a routine step in the “7th floor edit process”? could this maneuver have been employed tactically in other interview “edits” via same agents, page and mcabe?

    one in particular comes to mind…

    just curious if its possible that the “a priori” swicheroo was in the hillary file…

    after the doj um, disclosure, sidney appears to continue to call for handwriting analysis. there are many good reasons to analyze the handwriting.

    but is even possible that, although the hillary and flynn notes now appear to match-up between files, that BOTH files may now have the real authors switched?

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  7. OldSaltUSNR says:

    I do not believe “original” FD-302’s are OCR scannable paper forms. I assume/understand that the FBI transcribe their original interview notes from their legal pad, “wheel book”, phone, PDA/notebook, or whatever, into an FBI document management system. (I suppose that it’s possible for an agent conducting an interview in the White House to be sitting there, pecking away at a laptop connected to the FBI’s network, completing the to form “live”. I highly doubt it, as it would be distracting.) If I am correct, and the FBI is NOT the only Federal agency still using OCR scannable forms for input into it’s legal case management database, then the “original” has an audit trail for every person who reviewed it, updated, or changed it. Since it’s a legal document, no longer admissible in a court of law if it’s been tampered with, it should not allow changes after the fact. Additions, modifications at the bottom, but not changes to the actual, original text.

    That also means that the idea of “lost” or “mixed up” FD-302’s is ridiculous nonsense. FBI agents use their ID (or maybe a CAC card) to authenticate to the system, and that “should” uniquely sign their FD-302’s as being legitimate, from the interviewing agent.

    Everyone seems to be assuming that the FD-302 is a handwritten form. Why would they assume that?

    This is a good overview of the FBI interview process. They make an error that the agent will complete the actual FD-302 from his/her notes “the next day or a month later.” Actually, FBI policy is 24 hours max. It is significant if an agent deviates from FBI procedures & policy, and submits it late. If he cannot justify the late submission (and document it in the FD-302), the FD-302 could, and should be inadmissible in court, as an unfaithful record of the interview.

    So, I question the entire premise behind the government’s “inability” to produce the original FD-302, and a reliable audit trail. Check the stupid FBI database, idiots. Judge Sullivan should toss Flynn’s case based upon this alone.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “I do not believe “original” FD-302’s are OCR scannable paper forms.”

      Isn’t the first step handwritten notes? At time of interview?

      No, they wouldn’t be OCR scannable but – then again – I don’t believe they’d be considered 302’s yet, would they? (unless the regs designate them as such)

      I’d think the second step would be to type up a “302” (into a 302 electronic form on a computer) and at that point it becomes a 302, having been created on the official form.

      Most everyone’s adept at typing these days, I’d imagine agents do it themselves.

      In the old days it was probably common for agents to get back to the office and hand-write on a 302 form a fuller account using the primary notes as a guide. And then that handwritten form was probably both preserved as well as handed to an office typist to create a type-written version – again, on the official form (in the boxes provided).

      But I’d imagine agents typing their own forms up since about the mid-80s or early 90s and no longer hand-writing on the official 302 forms.

      But I’m speculating – my only interest is to distinguish between official 302 forms and “notes”, with only the notes being hand-written in this day and age.

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      • OldSaltUSNR says:

        “Isn’t the first step handwritten notes? At time of interview?”
        I’m assuming that is still the case (and pretty much wrote it a such). Legal pad? Wheelbook (i.e. wire bound flip pad)?

        In the old days, the agent’s notes would be stored in a tote box with the rest of the Justice criminal case files related to the case. That may be still the case. However, those aren’t really audit-able. An original FD-302 sitting in an FBI database, with an automated date/time/”who did what” automated audit trail, IS audit-able, and would constitute a legal document admissible in court.

        I did some things for DOJ related to my Navy role, and I know a few things about DOJ/FBI procedures (just enough to be dangerous and ignorant, I suppose). I could be wrong. Maybe the FD-302’s are all handwritten hen-scratched letters delivered by pony express, with no audit trail other than the (“trust us, we’re with the government”) agent’s own log book.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Thanks for the details, OldSalt, I certainly trust your experience

          One possible update: these days handwritten notes CAN be made part of a permanent record and within the electric records-keeping system.

          The note pages can be optically scanned in and saved as an image file (jpeg, gif, etc) and named with descriptors.

          Before I retired, we had a new-generation xerox copier machine. You could runoff xerox copies as usual, but I could also place any page face-down on the glass plate, close the lid, and punch a few buttons to direct the copy to an electronic file in my directory structure, then walk down the hall to my office computer and re-name the file to something descriptive and move it into any of my directories (“folders” these days). You can click and view it same as photos stored on your system.

          The same machine would also do OCR (optical character recognition) on published pages of text and direct those pages into a Word document, converting the printed-page characters to editable, character-recognized text in the Word doc.

          But as you said above, you can’t do OCR on handwritten material, so the handwritten notes can only be stored as an image of the notes page.

          But it’s an advance that the notes can be stored in electronic document systems, although in image form.

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          • mark says:

            Nimrod man, kinda like what’s her names document that said there was no Russian Consulate in Miami.

            I remember looking at that and thinking this is just a scrap of paper with some notes and a signature.


    • Will Hunt says:

      The “interview” of the nat sec adv to the US president by a fed gov investigative agency is not recorded!!!! Why???

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      • Learned Hat says:

        True but remember they were trying to make it look informal — otherwise, he may have had counsel present. This stuff frustrates me so much. I have read the books and followed the sites and do not doubt for a minute what has happened (although, paradoxically, I still find myself in disbelief of it everyday).

        3 or 4 decades of skullduggery and Machiavellian BS and I just feel helpless – let me know when it is time to put a claw hammer into somebody’s skull because that’s about where I am on all of this crap.


  8. frances says:

    Very neat handwriting?? Sounds like a women’s writing rather than a man, best to get Strzok’s paramour’s handwriting while Sidney is at it.

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  9. Jennifer Verner says:

    The first question that needs to be asked by Judge Sullivan is “When did you figure out that you had the notes confused?” Now prove it. Because their confusion has certainly made Sidney Powell’s job more difficult, and seems intentional unless they are such bad prosecutors that they are not even vaguely familiar with the evidence they used to extort an innocent man into a plea for a crime he obviously did not commit. And what are they charging Gen Flynn with again? Sullivan needs to throw this dog of a plea out ASAP. Everything is based on those 302s and with those Srtzok-Page texts, and the utter confusion about edits, changes timing etc, combined with Strzok’s past history totally impeaching him as a credible witness/interviewer–they have less than nothing. The 302s are totally degraded.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Remember, this is the crew that didn’t expect the lawyers for the “Russian Troll Farm” to show up on their court date ready to Rock ‘n Roll. And then there’s that Robert S. Mueller, III Congressional Testimony fiasco. Not ready for Prime Time.

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  10. gda53 says:

    Gives Sullivan the opportunity to dismiss because of a ‘technicality’, so:
    – no requirement to expose Brady material
    – good excuse to avoid Brady material exposure
    – provides an excellent opportunity to continue to smear Gen. Flynn. (Argument being: The case was, after all, only dismissed because of a technicality). Every MSM outlet will continue to consider him GUILTY.
    – Flynn is free, but his righteous cause is left frustrated and unfulfilled.
    – probable greater difficulty to seek redress and compensation because it was a “dismissal due to technical error”.

    Sydney had them by the balls. They just took the path of least resistance which also did the most harm to Flynn.

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    • Buttercup says:



    • saintoil says:

      Works for me. Let him go.


    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Unless Powell doesn’t push for a dismissal. She is angling towards a complete exoneration which can only be accomplished if all evidence is brought to light. I can see Sullivan allowing this to happen.

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    • tav144 says:

      Sidney has not yet ASKED for a dismissal with prejudice. Only if she asks will the judge give it. The judge is not going to dismiss a case until there is a motion to dismiss, whether by her or by the government.
      The government is hoping she will ask for it so they won’t have to. She’s smart. She has not asked for that yet. She’s asked for the Brady material first. Because that will both exonerate Flynn publicly as well as be the basis for the motion to dismiss she will ask for after it is produced.
      The government could ask for the dismissal themselves rather than produce the Brady material. And they might do that to stop the bleed. But that will still put the tarnish on Mueller’s dream team, the DOJ and the FBI. I’m sure that is preferable though to having all their dirty laundry aired.

      It is a win/win for Flynn. Sidney holds all the cards. She doesn’t have to ask for dismissal right now, and makes a point in her last response that she is emphatically NOT asking for it right now….for this very reason.

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    • I too want more.
      But, Sydney has one of the greatest spoilation cases ever. The technicality characterization won’t work. The law presumes the worst. Sydney and General Flynn can fill in the blanks now. They have extra wide paint brushes with buckets of red dripping paint. The High Plains Drifter would know what to do. Clint is still alive

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  11. John Hyland says:

    I believe that many recent commenters have taken a path into the weeds. The government is not referring to mistaken attribution of any 302s, but, rather, the agents’ notes supposedly taken during(or, I suppose, possibly, immediately after) the interview with Flynn on January 24, 2017. These notes are not what the DOJ is claiming to not have the original, unedited versions of. It’s the notes that were supposedly used in the production of the 302s. How the incorrect attribution of the notes has or has not impacted the accuracy of the 302s is an open question in my mind, but I haven’t read anything of how that is viewed by Powell or others.

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    • John Hyland says:

      That last sentence of my comment was a mess. The 302s(even the most recent, edited versions), were produced a year before the date which the FBI says the mistaken attribution was made, so the mistakenly attributed notes would not have affected the 302s. However, what I meant to say was they may or may not have impacted how the 302s were evaluated by the defense for credibility or accuracy or significance in building their case.
      Well, I guess it’s obvious that I’m not a lawyer.


      • Chewbarkah says:

        Each FBI agent’s notes should provide a basis for comparison to what was eventually written in that agent’s 302, looking for discrepancies. Flipping the authorship of the notes confounds the defense’s ability to make those comparisons. The nature of each set of notes also should match the DoJ’s narrative of what each agent was doing ( allegedly Strzok handled the questioning while Pientka took notes). Flipping the authorship makes that suspect — how did Strzok handle the questions and simultaneously take detailed long-hand notes? One can only suspect that the sloppy short-hand notes were made during the interview, and the more precise ones concocted afterwards. Uncertainty and probable lying about who did what, and the origins of the primary evidence against Flynn (and that is the notes, not the much massages 302s) matter quite a lot.


    • meaculpa365inau says:

      Because now it wasn’t any animus on the part of Scary Stroky, since it was his ghost pardner who wrote-and mebe edited-the infamous 302!

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    • Rob says:

      If the original notes, taken during or soon after the questioning, are not the notes used to produce the first 302, then what notes were used?


  12. Kerry_On says:

    PERFECT! This is the DOJ prosecution team showing up in Judge Sullivan’s court and, in essence, saying “The dog ate my homework”! ROFLMAO! Sundance has got it right. Bring Strozyk and Pientka (aka “the other agent”) into court, raise their right hand and swear, UNDER OATH, to the authorship of their 302’s. You might want to have a handwriting analysis expert handy, just to enhance their memories.

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    • Jive Pawnbroker says:

      Sidney caught the prosecutors in a lie when they failed to keep their story straight. That’s the challenge of telling lies and Sidney (along with Sundance) are modern-day Sherlock Holmes by seeing through them. Since the prosecutors were caught in that lie, then that should make Judge Sullivan wonder what else they lied about.

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  13. Don L says:

    “Mistakes were made.”


  14. zaq123 says:

    This is the FBI/DOJs way of duping the court. That’s all. They can come up with this excuse, which should effectively toss out the case. Then, the subject of re-trying Gen Flynn. They will then say that due to the cost of the trial, blah blah blah blah blah, they are deciding not to prosecute. What this does is let them off the hook, but it doesn’t wipe Gen Flynn’s record clean. He still has the marks on his record.

    He can file for an expungement and drop a suit to recoup his money, but I doubt he’d be successful with either. While Sullivan seems to have issues with how the DOJ/FBI came after him, if I’m not mistaken he also had some very harsh words for the General, as well.

    So, at the end of the day, Sullivan or some other Leftist judge will tell the General to be thankful he’s not in prison, even though the FBI/DOJ lied and toss his lawsuit.

    Lord knows I wish it were different and he was able to recoup every penny he spent and borrowed, 10x over, put them all in prison for Perjury, etc, but they’re not going to let some of their own go down.

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  15. Fred head says:

    The dog ate my homework excuse. We know how that turns out. The doj is a criminal enterprise like the rest of the cartel it works for.

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  16. FreedomLover says:

    “even in earlier versions of the 302 exist” – means “we’re not even going to consider going there – this is our approach and we’re sticking to it”. They may have made mistakes in the sur-reply or whatever it is that divulges more info for Sundance and Powell, but it seems to me they stuck with their old approach, so nothing new.

    From a straight forward, logical point of view, it is mind boggling that the President, and the AG continue to allow this kind of process and behavior to continue.

    The President has spent a lot of time pointing out that these various agencies that supposedly are under his control really aren’t under his control. Very frustrating for us. But because of that, increasing evident how bad it is to the entire public. He’s putting us “in his shoes”. A really long, frustrating set up for something.

    Drain the swamp!

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  17. Merkin Muffley says:

    Isn’t it against the law to present false information to a court?

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  18. Once again, when finally close to proving bad intent, they cry incompetence and then a few moments later, say “what difference does it make now anyway..” Move along.

    Same playbook, different day. 🤬

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  19. Phil Bacon says:

    If the agent’s contemporary notes were misidentified, when did that happen? In the sur-reply that Jessie Liu references, in previous filings with the court or at the very creation of the FD302s? She doesn’t say.

    Next, how were the resulting FD-302s identified and do the agent signatures on each FD-302 match their notes.


  20. 1) Now the BIG question – Who’s handwriting IS that?

    Time for a subpoena from Flynn AND THE SENATE for ALL copies of handwritten documents from Strzok, Pientka, Page, McCabe, and Comey.

    2) Wait, Strzok testified before CONGRESS.

    IIRC, somebody asked Strzok about his notes

    Did Strzok mis-identify his OWN notes to Congress?

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    • Lefty says:

      IIRC, Strzok testified that he was the one asking the questions, and Pientka was the one taking the notes…

      I believe that is likely what really happened… The problem for them was that Pientka’s notes didn’t show Flynn lying, which is why Strzok and McCabe had to go back later and edit/compose new notes to make it seem like Flynn misled…. This is also why the gov’t has multiple edits/drafts, and yet refuses to hand over the originals and also why they have refused to allow Pientka to appear for any testimony.

      These 302s are fubar. We need the judge and court to say it.

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  21. Justin Green says:

    So are they trying to protect Stzrok and throw someone else under the bus?

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  22. Bulldog84 says:

    “Last evening, we received word ….” Such a curious way to begin a critical letter. What precipitated “receiving word?” Was one of the agents — or Page — following the case and initiate contact? Did Van Grack get a call from Weissmann or some other Mueller team alum advising him to change course in anticipation of Judge Sullivan potentially deciding to put the agents on the stand? Was there an after-hours meeting to collude with one or more of the conspirators?

    Is it possible that because Strzok would not be a credible witness if forced to testify, someone has decided that Pientka, who is less radioactive, has to step up?

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  23. Mike says:

    This double secret impeachment farce is merely giving some kind of lame “Legal” rationale for the overthrow of the US Government after 15 Republican Senators are bribed or blackmailed by Obama/Brennan/CIA/FBI to ‘remove’ the President. It will become obvious to all when Horowitz releases his redacted IG Report on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Remember all that crapola from Q about trusting the Sessions plan and the risible ‘Silent Assassin’ baloney? Stall tactics to give time to complete the Overthrow of the Elected Government. We are now seeing the same stall with the phony Barr and Durham ‘investigation’.

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  24. Lefty says:

    Let me get this straight. Would this mean that its likely that Strzok (and/or McCabe) wrote or rewrote both sets of notes about the Flynn interview, attributing one set of notes to himself, and then wrote another set of notes that they then attributed to Pientka? Which is why the FBI and DOJ have never allowed Pientka to testify…. it would have blown this lie out into the open.

    Strzok’s texts with Page allude to the fact that he wrote notes about the Flynn interview but when he testified to congress, he said Pietnka was the one taking the notes during the interview….

    Sounds like Pientka took the real notes during the interview, but those notes didn’t show Flynn lying, so Strzok (with McCabe?) rewrote two new sets of notes, attributing one set to him and the other to Pientka, these new notes would of course have Flynn lying to the agents… but they were fake.

    The fact that Peintka was also the guy putting Bruce Ohr’s Christopher Steele generated nonsense down on FIB 302’s means he’s part of the small group. So he is not likely to help our side unless we have the goods on him. The fact that nobody has heard or seen from this guy means we either have the goods on him and he’s flipped, or means we will never hear from him and all of this will be swept under the rug again.

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  25. Joe says:

    Why didn’t the agents simply tell the prosecutors they had it reversed?


  26. UncleGrumpy says:

    General Flynn is a master of spycraft. I wouldn’t be suprised if he produced a recording of the “ambush” interview any day now.

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  27. fractionalexponent says:

    Sidney Powell applies pliers to testicles.

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  28. Atmospheric Bee says:

    Seems the entire case against Flynn was based upon false pretext with the intent to harm.

    Who would have called the “late night meeting” to inform prosecution of the “FBI errors”?

    Perhaps someone who does not currently have access to FBI headquarters due to a “pulled” security clearance. (You can’t enter the FBI offices without a “visitor request” without proper clearance; all visitors are recorded in a visitor log) Can’t have that evidence to be discovered!

    Or a meeting that had to be kept “off the record”.

    My paranoia?

    Inquiring minds….

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  29. willthesuevi says:

    Good grief.

    This stunt belongs in the “Hail Mary” Hall of Fame.

    Weissmann must have taught the ethics class at their Law School(s).

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  30. Brian Baker says:

    Understandable mistake. It’s easy to get the dirty cops mixed up when you’re trying to frame someone.

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  31. Paprika says:

    There are so many things wrong with this “oops, we made a mistake and just now noticed it” notification that there is no way that any of it makes sense–at all ! Go back and reread this wanky letter and then remember these questions and thoughts and apply them when you reread it again.

    1. At the beginning it states; “Last evening, we received word that…”–Exactly who gave you the “word”? It could not have been the FBI team, the DOJ prosecuting team, or the Mueller team because for some strange reason not a single agent or lawyer in one of those dedicated professional teams ever noticed that the agents were mis-attributed since the March 13, 2018 discovery letter. And those are the folks, including the 2 agents that wrote them, that had full access with no redactions that were making the case!

    2. Keep #1 in mind when the prosecutors said; No reason to hand over original 302’s and electronic chain because they are essentially the same as the ‘regurgitated’ (my words) 302’s we gave the defense–trust us. Well, except for the fact that we did not know which agent took notes or wrote which 302 because we never looked at our available un-redacted evidence to see the signatures and to know who wrote what and did not think it was relative to the case anyway.

    3. In this oopsie letter they admit that the FBI does indeed have the electronic chain record and the original hand written interview notes and 302’s or the FBI could not “confirm the next morning” that they looked back over those to agree that the prosecuting bunglers mislabeled the agent’s original interview notes and 302’s!

    4. 13+ angry democrat ‘brilliant’ lawyers, the renown paragon of law and virtue himself, Mr Mueller, 50+ FBI professional and stalwart agents, additional DOJ prosecutors and FBI agents, and General Flynn’s own original defense lawyer team never picked up this mistake of attribution? Really?

    I use to wonder whether ‘they’ are all incompetently criminal or criminally incompetent, come to find out — ‘they’ are both!

    Maybe the whole Russia, Russia, Russia Collusion nonsense might be attributable to Peter Strozk mistakenly writing down Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton in the correct ‘villain box’! Aw gee, just a simple mistake, no worries. Somebody still did something, no biggie!

    The insult to our intelligence is absolutely astounding!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bulldog84 says:

      Regarding # 1, I think we can assume that the small group and Mueller team alums are voracious readers of media about the Flynn case. I think we can also assume that Van Grack is in panic mode (he’s likely not the only one who is) and ready to seize any opportunity to deal with the possibility that Judge Sullivan will ask for testimony about the interview notes and 302s. Given these circumstances, anything is possible. Van Grack’s much belated and suspect realization of a “mistake” is simply too odd to have come from nowhere at this stage.

      We know that after she became Flynn’s counsel, Powell was in communication with the higher-ups at DOJ. Perhaps Powell is right that the AG is giving Van Grack the rope with which to hang himself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paprika says:

        About the only thing I might have a slight divergence of opinion with your post would be your word use of “the small group”. Seems to me that this is a rather “large scale group”! (smiles)

        Liked by 1 person

    • Paprika- EXCELLENT ^^^


      • Paprika says:

        Thank you for your kind words, sir! I’m not sure my post was “excellent”, but I’m damn sure trying to stab “the steely beast” from every angle I can think of!

        Liked by 2 people

  32. clayusmcret says:

    So Powell (Flynn’s lawyer) slams the DOJ for Lisa Page editing (read as changing) Strzok’s 302 to make Flynn sound more guilty.

    DOJ then comes back with a cockamamie story that “No, she didn’t! We accidentally mislabeled the 302’s and Strzok wrote the one that wasn’t important to the charge.” That way they can claim that any edits Page might have made were inconsequential.

    Wait for it. You read it here first.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paprika says:

      –“cockamamie story”– is a delightfully apt description for this mess!

      Kinda like little Johnny saying: ” I did not turn in my homework today because Patty’s dog ate her homework last year on Tuesday!” Makes just as much sense as the DOJ prosecutors’ response of illogical reasoning and misdirection.


    • Bulldog84 says:

      The significance of Page doing the editing is two-fold: (1) she worked as counsel for McCabe, and therefore any edits she made could further implicate McCabe, and/or (2) it shows a conspiracy, because why on earth would a high-level FBI agent need his girlfriend to work on his interview notes, even if it was for an interviewee as important as Flynn?

      Liked by 2 people

  33. ericxblair says:

    In the edits of the 302s, did they also remove all pronouns? It may be possible to tell who the writer is based on wording or the way questions were asked. Did Strzok, while under oath, mention any questions that he asked Flynn? How were those questions written down in the 302s?


  34. Elle says:

    So many Oh Wow!! stories coming out every single day now. I’ve followed news for years and now isolated incidents over the decades are seemingly coming together in a pattern that might very well blow everyone’s mind – even the minds of those, like me, who may have been so cynical that they questioned the depths of their own cynicism.

    It’s unreal! It is 100% unimaginable the depths of depravity that has been happening almost in plain sight for almost a century, but covered up by the likes of Stephanopolis and Joy Behar, Tom Arnolds and others who willingly overlooked raw evil in exchange for piles of money soaked in the blood of trafficked children, weapon sales, addiction, and needless war.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Feds want a dismissal because dumping more documents will put them in trouble.


  36. Scott says:

    Why does this quote from Andy McCabe come to mind again?

    “First we eff Flynn, then we eff Trump”

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Scott says:

    See if any of you give this scenario greater than a 5% chance of being reality.

    The FBI/DOJ have come to realize that Lt. Gen. Flynn now has real representation and their collective arses are in a crack. Some FBI/DOJ officials either had a “come to Jesus” moment and feel bad for “effing Flynn” or more likely, came up with another CYA plan upon realizing their fraudulent behavior is about to become even more exposed. Now they can just duck out of the case by saying “whoopsie…an honest oversight has been noticed. Our bad. We’ll just call it even by dropping the case”. You know, in the words of Emily Litella “Never Mind”? They lift up a corner of the rug and sweep all the broken pieces of several people’s lives and move on to the next corrupt investigation.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Laramie Evan says:

    With all due respect, this is probably just a clerical error made by some junior lawyer responsible for producing discovery (here, Brady material) to Flynn’s lawyers. Simply transposing the name with the bates numbers of notes is an easy mistake to make:

    Pages FL19162 – FL19165 = Strzok Notes
    Pages FL19355 – FL19359 = Pientka Notes

    Get those backwards when you put them in a letter to Flynn’s lawyers and you end up here. Not a hard mistake to make. I don’t know that this is what happened; but I wouldn’t jump to sinister conclusions, either.


  39. ericxblair says:

    It seems like the only way out of this mess is for the feds to purposely create a mistrial. If they get away with this, they can still claim Flynn is a felon and Trump won’t be able to use him. Which is what they wanted in the first place.


  40. alan479 says:

    Now you see it and now you don’t. The hand is quicker than the eye. Whatever shell you pick the pea is never found.


  41. spoogels says:

    Handwriting analysis of Peter Strzok from his IRS form:

    Handwriting is uneven -all over the place–disorganized
    Uses capitals in middle of sentences inappropriately
    Cant spell briefings
    Hes in consistent–check out the “e’s” in “none’– No 40a & 40c–all different
    The capital ”A’s” are different–Agency,MinnesotA
    Handwriting slants 3 ways–backwards, upright and forwards
    The “B’s” are different–Board member and Benge

    Seems to me the guy isnt stable from the way he writes


  42. thomaspsyche says:

    Sounds like hey judge throw out case we don’t want you looking at all our files ( because Durham is in the wings).


  43. thomaspsyche says:

    Sounds like hey judge throw out case we don’t want you looking at all our files ( because Durham is in the wings).


  44. thomaspsyche says:

    Sounds like hey judge throw out case we don’t want you looking at all our files ( because Durham is in the wings).


  45. thomaspsyche says:

    “Hey judge you won’t believe this but…guess you’ll yell at us and throw out the case…that’s ok you see because more lies would be exposed and well uhh Durham has criminal grand jury and if you ask for everything we won’t be able to hide this until 2020 election,” says Van Geck


  46. thomaspsyche says:

    “Hey judge you won’t believe this but…guess you’ll yell at us and throw out the case…that’s ok you see because more lies would be exposed and well uhh Durham has criminal grand jury and if you ask for everything we won’t be able to hide this until 2020 election,” says Van Geck


  47. Joe Renaud says:

    So these gov. prosecutors who have been trying to railroad Gen. Flynn into jail for the last 2 years are now claiming they got 2 reports completely reversed!!! Are yo kidding me!!!? These slim-bag prosecutors need to be charged for their complicit crimes immediately!!


  48. angech says:

    The purpose of claiming the reports were transposed was partly to get around Sidney’s observation that Strzok’s notes we’re too neat. Now they seem better fitted, if he indeed wrote them.
    Handwriting analysis urgently needed.
    On the other hand how did the other go write such neat long winded legalistic notes during an interview, if he did write them.
    Pasty notes on other cases also need to be compared.
    Past cases with these two involved probably need reviewable and acquittal as well.
    Needs a long review


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