Ukraine, Kerry and Quid-Pro-Joe: Steve Hilton -vs- Marie Harf

Oh, this is funny.  Fox News host Steve Hilton is well versed in the issues where U.S. government officials sent money to Ukraine and then received personal financial benefit from a return of those funds to their own interests.  A circle of corrupt money.

As Mr. Hilton expands on the issues of corrupt U.S. officials using Ukraine as a piggy-bank for their own affluence, he highlights examples of both Joe Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry.   Former State Dept. Spokesperson Marie Harf, is shocked, s.h.o.c.k.e.d, at the allegations…. and then, they are all saved by the bull-Shiff bell.  WATCH:


Too funny.  Well done Mr. Hilton.

Slightly longer version (video embed in tweet):

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175 Responses to Ukraine, Kerry and Quid-Pro-Joe: Steve Hilton -vs- Marie Harf

  1. Justin Green says:

    We have a dead body.
    We have the murder weapon.
    We have the suspects.
    We have DNA, fingerprint, and gunshot residue tying the suspects to the weapon.
    We have witnesses who saw the suspects shoot the deceased.
    We have video camera showing the suspects shooting the deceased.

    Harf still says there’s no evidence.

    What a sick joke Fox has become. So glad I cut cable over a year ago.

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  2. snarkybeach says:

    I love how Harf tried a “How dare you tell me to my face that I’m lying” and Steve pushed back with facts.

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  3. sdh says:

    Marie Harf has always been and will always be so dumb her head caves in when the wind blows. Appropriate that she went blonde. Thank you Steve Hilton.

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  4. John Doe says:

    I’m still plugged in and pretty much watch Outnumbered every day. Truth be told, the ladies on the couch have been going after the 2 leftist loons, Marie Harf and Jessica Tarlov with more vigor in the last few months than ever before. They lay off Capri Cafaro and they’re a little scared of ol’ Donna B.

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  5. “Please don’t accuse me of corruption …”

    Oh, please. Your job is to sit in front of a camera. Don’t get self-righteous on me. 🙄

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  6. Right to reply says:

    Sick to death of the revolving door DC corruption. When is something being done, what can we do to ensure something is done? Taxpayer dollars going to foreign countries so their lobbyists can bring it back for senators pockets!

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  7. littleanniefannie says:

    I am just glad Marie Barf isn’t a real regular on Outnumbered. She needs to be on the View. The View needs another Obama syncophant. I don’t need to watch her but I saw Steve put the screws to her this afternoon. I loved the look of horror on her face but Schitt spoiled my fun. Even Harris got a little catty with them.

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  8. CountryDoc says:

    There a whole object lesson for my sons in her instantaneous reply, “Are you accusing me?!! I’m sitting here on this couch with you!!”

    Yes, my sons, when your ears perk up to the sounds of Sirens….. shoot to kill.

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  9. sticknca says:

    I was saddened by the news that Seth Moulton had dropped his candidacy for 2020 as I knew that meant Harf would be returning to Fox.

    Marie tried to defend the charges out out there by Hilton by saying that she had never heard of Kerry’s advisor as if that speaks to innocence rather then her being kept out of the loop.

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  10. aol925 says:

    I believe that Mitten’s chief of staff, somebody Black, is also on Burisma Board. Hence, Mittens fake arguments as well. The Ukraine where tax payer dollars are laundered for the DNC and Rinos.

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  11. Troublemaker10 says:

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  12. Guffman says:

    Isn’t that interesting how FOX had to cut away the second Steve Hilton accuses Obama shill Marie Harf of being complicit in the lying and coverup of the Bidens and Kerry’s corruption in the Ukraine.

    Coincidence?… I think not.

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  13. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    I urge everyone to read Hiltion’s article here:

    This blows me away. It is a criminal money laundering enterprise using US aid money.

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  14. Justin Green says:

    Democrats tried to screw Bernie out of the nomination.
    We learned about Hillary’s corruption, and Seth Rich died.
    Democrats tried impeaching Trump on Muh Rusha Clooshun.
    We learned about Democrats abusing the NSA database.
    Democrats tried impeaching Trump on obstruction.
    We learned about Democrats defrauding the FISA courts.
    Democrats tried impeaching Trump on Stormy Daniels payments.
    We learned about shady Democrat lawyer practices.
    Demcorats now trying to impeach Trump on Ukraine.
    We learned about Joe Biden and John Kerry corruption.

    Keep going, Dems. You’ve shot off both feet, legs and arms.

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  15. Kerry Gimbel says:

    I agree with you Guffman. That was no coincidence that the plug got pulled on Hilton. Fox management was cringing big time. I hope that doesn’t cost Steve his job but I appreciate his guts

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    • Justin Green says:

      Fox will fire Hilton and keep the bimbo. That’s what they do. No offense intended to non-bimbo women, of whom there are many.


  16. Marc says:

    Marie’s reaction to Steve’s factual bombardment:

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  17. spoogels says:

    BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Gas Firm Urged Obama Admin To End Corruption Allegations, Report Says


  18. mtk says:

    Would not be surprised if somewhere in this timeline is AND was the means to get former AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself.

    Maybe some type of crossover connection, whether incidental or actively that involved AG Sessions tenure on the Judiciary Committee.
    Went to Mr Sessions wiki…
    Under the U.S. Senate (1997-2017) Heading
    – Committee assignments
    – Committee on the Judicary

    Specifically the…
    – Subcommittee on Adminstrative Oversight and the

    There has got to be huge overlap within that subcommittee with regard to the many issues surrounding the ‘witch hunt’, more so than the publicly announced(assumed) pretext for Sessions to recuse. Which is to say the…
    Russian communications intercepted by U.S. Intelligence agencies discussing Ambassador Sergey Kislyak meeting privately with Sessions at the Mayflower Hotel during a Trump campaign event in April 2016.


  19. Rynn69 says:

    Marie Harf, look at your game girl.


  20. Von Henry says:

    I think it’s amusing that he laid out the facts, and she tried to act like the facts were nothing but an unproven conspiracy.

    That’s the Democratic party today.


  21. Gary Lacey says:

    Hilton, like the rest of us….where is the justice? For one, the Democrats are not going to investigation their own corruption….SOooo where o where are the Republican investigations???

    So what’s wrong with this picture…..I think we all know….an investigation would uncover Republicans hands in the Ukrainian piggy bank!


  22. The Boss says:

    One hundred seconds. That’s all it took for Hilton to lay out the facts and harpoon the great blond whale, Moby Harf.

    Well done indeed!


  23. ale81inn says:

    Yes, well done Mr. Hilton. This points to something… sees a great deal of lamentation in these threads over the lack of curiosity in these matters demonstrated by the MSM. And it is true; they are not curious and this because they know full well what happened. They can’t report any of this whole mess because this leads to the exposure that they many of them were complicit in the whole affair.


  24. railer says:

    Now we see how valuable it was for Hillary to hide her corruption by working off a private email server. Kerry thought he could do the same thing as her, and steal cash same as Hillary, but he worked on-line with a State Department computer network so those communications are discoverable.

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  25. jbrickley says:

    Marie Harf is just upset she didn’t get a cut and was forced to go out day after day and spew propaganda on TV. She was practically a child at the time, very young and naive and they used her every day. Of course she knew nothing about any of these shady dealings it was well above her pay grade.

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  26. namberak says:

    Did you hear it? The inappropriate laughter is a dead giveaway that the liar’s being uncovered…

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  27. dawg says:

    Marie Harf is 100% spook, Fox News knows it, and thats why they hired her.


  28. William H Warrick III MD says:

    Marie Barf is a MSM State Department liar. She is also a clown.


  29. TwoLaine says:

    Delicious! Much more detail here!


  30. TwoLaine says:

    They lied through their teeth to us for 8 long years. 10 if you count while they campaigned for the 1st term, and that’s all they have done since they left office. It feels like groundhog day.

    The biggest lie of all, and it covers all of them, is that they were scandal free. They are all just as delusional as ILLary Clinton thinking she won the 2016 Presidential election, OR the popular vote You CANNOT win a race that never existed. Unless you are cuckoo. 🙂

    There never was a race for a popular vote. It didn’t exist. And we have video & social media & innerwebs proof. Miles and miles and miles of proof.

    But at least now we finally really know What Happened. She apparent;y tho’t she was looking for letters of recommendation, not electoral votes.

    Bummer. Wrong contest. If anyone hears of that contest maybe let her know, for next time.


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