Curious Statement, Curious Timing – Senator Lindsey Graham Announces Intent to Abdicate Judiciary Chair Following 2020 Election…

Senator Lindsey Graham, who has increasingly come under pressure for doing nothing as the powerful Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, announces today that he will be abdicating his chairmanship immediately after the 2020 presidential election:

(Via Politico) Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) plans to hand the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee back to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa.) in the next Congress.  Graham took over the panel this year from Grassley, who left to chair the Senate Finance Committee.

In an interview Thursday, Graham said Grassley asked to come back after his tenure on the Senate Finance Committee. Graham responded “absolutely.”

“Love Chuck Grassley. That’s the way the Senate works,” Graham said. “He took the Finance Committee so I could be chairman, and he’ll come back and fill out his time, and I’ll come back, and somebody else will come along.” (read more)

Obviously this announcement begs the question:

Did Graham -who has done nothing promised- assume the Chair for 2019 and 2020 as a designed effort to protect the backroom interests of the upper-chamber?

Despite some initial side-eye to the cynicism, the premise would actually not be that far fetched.  Such a plan was laid out by GOPe political consultant Alex Castellanos [SEE HERE].  […]  “The best way to do it is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs.” (link)

The Senate Judiciary Committee could be questioning a myriad of people from the DOJ, FBI and national security apparatus that have been identified as participating in a lengthy scheme to usurp the office of the presidency; however, Senator Graham has done nothing.

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko presented US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham with the Order of Freedom and the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise respectively, ahead of a US delegation meeting in Kiev, 2016.  WATCH:


The Senate Judiciary Committee will have structural organizational responsibilities for an upcoming senate impeachment trial after the House impeachment managers deliver their articles of impeachment.

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423 Responses to Curious Statement, Curious Timing – Senator Lindsey Graham Announces Intent to Abdicate Judiciary Chair Following 2020 Election…

  1. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Graham is pulling a “paul Ryan”.

    He flaps his lips while leaving Trump to flap in the breeze.

    Graham may not be actively attacking Trump, but (in the swamprat tradition) he is going to try to wait him out and see if the democrats can finish him off.


  2. John says:

    curious – no longer!

    This is a Grassley maneuver, and not a Graham action.

    Lindsay Graham has been primarily a placeholder as chairman of the judicial committee. He is one of the “perpetrators,” and will be taken out at the appropriate time. At this time, Atty. Gen. Bill Barr, is handling all of the initial duties of “Justice,” and will bring the primary “swamp creatures,” under indictment. Sen. Grassley will take over The Senate Justice Committee in the next Congress, and will bring down the Clintons, Obama, congressional perpetrators and the remainder of the swamp.

    Grassley Received Classified Briefing on Acquisition By Chinese Firm Tied to Hunter Biden


  3. Major Kalhoun says:

    If the Senate Judiciary was representing Conservative interests, it would be looking into the full background of this Eric “Charlie” Ciaramella, under penalty of perjury. That is the least the Senate could do for Trump after all he has done to save the idiot Republicans from political suicide.


  4. StarKissed says:

    I truly hope the Republicans aren’t counting on just the Senate to kill the vote for impeachment. There’s no guarantee their allegiance in voting down the procedural changes will stop some of them from voting for the Impeachment of the President; we can’t trust that. Republicans have more than enough information to ready their own witnesses that contradict Schiff’s Political Activist’s Testimonies, unless doing so goes against Schiff’s twisted rules.

    Now that Graham has announced giving up his Chairmanship, will he just go and hide out? There’s a whole year he could still do something helpful, like looking into the impeachment or arrests of Pelosi & Schiff for subverting procedure, or at the very least, their lies to the public. I doubt he’ll go out of the way to do anything that could cast a light on his own nefarious side deals however. What a waste.


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  6. keltin1 says:

    Graham is complicit in his desire to continue to be a Never Trumper. He is on the borders of Deep State, like he has always been. What was strange was him going from being a big critic of Trump before the election, to all of a sudden being a ‘friend’ of Trump and then making statements of outrage that what the Democrats are doing is against the Constitution.

    He is NOT trustworthy. And neither is Grassley. Remember Grassley was as supine as Paul Ryan was. We need to get rid of all of these Mitch McConnell boys and bring in fresh blood. Donate to any non-incumbent you can, donate to ALL the non-incumbents if you are able.

    We must get rid of these Senate poseurs that only want to be in the way of the Constitution. Look for Hillary to win the nomination (even if she does zero debates), because then the Deep State and these cowards like Grahamnesty and Grassley will be happy being the RINOs they are.


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