AG Bill Barr Defends John Durham Investigation, Praises FBI Director Chris Wray “Outstanding Support”…

Earlier today Bill Barr gave an interview to Fox News on the sidelines of a law enforcement event in Chicago.  The U.S. Attorney General discussed the ongoing investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham, and gave high praise to FBI Director Christopher Wray for his “outstanding support” therein.   [Link to Fox Interview Excerpt Video:


(Via Fox) […] The attorney general said that while he’s assisting in connecting Durham with countries that could have valuable information, Durham is running the show.

“He is in charge of the investigation, I’m not doing the investigation,” Barr said, while describing Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, as “thorough and fair” and saying he’s making progress.

Further, Barr took an implicit swipe at Comey as he maintained current FBI Director Christopher Wray is cooperating.

“I do want to say that one of the reasons Mr. Durham is able to make the kind of progress he’s making is because Director Wray and his team at the FBI have just been outstanding in support and responsiveness given to Mr. Durham,” Barr said.

“As you know, I’ve said previously that I felt there was a failure of leadership at the bureau in 2016 and part of 2017, but since Director Wray and his team have taken over there’s been a world of change. I think that he is restoring the steady professionalism that’s been a hallmark of the FBI. I really appreciate his leadership there.” (read more)

This interview, and particularly the Barr perspective on FBI Director Wray, is challenging to reconcile against the historic behavior of the FBI under Wray’s tenure.   In order to reconcile Barr’s characterization of Chris Wray, those who follow the issues closely would have to ignore or suspend all disbelief in Director Wray’s conduct.

Here at CTH we accept the behavior, actions and statements by federal officials as they are, and not as we would wish them to be.  There is no action in evidence that would support Barr’s characterization of Wray; so it leaves the audience having to take a leap of faith that suddenly, in the past three months, Wray had some ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment.

Given the documented history of the FBI blocking transparency during Wray’s tenure at the helm of the FBI that’s simply a leap of faith we are unwilling to take.

Either Bill Barr is covering for Wray, just like he has done in the past for Rosenstein, with a goal of institutional preservation as his compass heading (Bondo Barr); or Bill Barr has some -as yet- unknown motive for presenting an alternate reality.

It’s up to you to make up your own mind.

June 2018:


May 2019:


In 2018 Christopher Wray undermined the Nunes memo and refused to present FBI documents for congressional review. Chairman Nunes, HPSCI; Chairman Goodlatte, House Judiciary; and Chairman Grassley, Senate Judiciary; each had requests for document production blocked by FBI Director Wray.

As a result of those roadblocks a list of declassification requests was presented to President Trump by congress. *AFTER* the 2018 mid-term election the bucket list for those still outstanding classified documents was handed to AG Bill Barr.

Barr was granted unilateral declassification authority in May 2019.

Not a single document has been declassified and released from that original list, by the DOJ or FBI; including the authorizing scope memos that were used in the Mueller investigation which concluded in March 2019 and still remain hidden today.   Those scope memos have no investigative value to the IG report on FISA abuse.

The only documents released to the public have come from a FOIA lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch to attain the Bruce Ohr 302’s, ordered to be released by a DC court, and the Comey memos which were released by the IG as part of the evidence underlying the IG report on James Comey activity.

No documents have been declassified by AG Bill Barr; and to this day the FBI still refuses (Flynn case) to unredact the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages.

It defies credulity for Barr to say Director Wray has been of “outstanding support” while simultaneously the same FBI under Director Wrays’ authority has been the primary blocking mechanism for exculpatory evidence within the Michael Flynn case.

Those who choose to believe in the characterization of AG Bill Barr for Director Wray, have to choose to suspend all prior knowledge of the mountain of evidence that supports an entirely different characterization.

This suspension of disbelief is beyond my personal capability.  However, in the strongest of possible terms – I hope I’m wrong.  By disposition I accept the statements and actions of government officials as they are, not as I wish them to be.

Perhaps FBI Director Christopher Wray has, in the last 4 months, had a come-to-Jesus moment. However, that outlook would require me to possess a trusty-plan disposition.

Unfortunately, I lost that ability in August 2018 when the DOJ and FBI covered-up the demonstrably proven James Wolfe leak of classified information.

Lastly, to underline the Wray issues, and simultaneously provide evidence that is only tangentially connected to the current matters at hand…. it is worth remembering Christopher Wray in the ridiculous framework of the pre-midterm-election Cesar Sayoc case.

You might remember: FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined during his remarks that the Sayoc devices consisted of PVC pipe, clocks, batteries, wiring and “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”.

The FBI director went out of his way to state: “these were not hoax devices.”  The DOJ then moved to seal all court filings, and the case against the nut continued behind the curtain of ‘national fucking security’.

I digress.

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393 Responses to AG Bill Barr Defends John Durham Investigation, Praises FBI Director Chris Wray “Outstanding Support”…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    This earlier posting of the article from Oct 25 at the Gateway Pundit by Larry Johnson does give me some hope that SOMETHING has changed very recently.

    Here is the condensed version to the article but worth the read.

    “I do not believe in coincidence. I do not believe that it is a mere coincidence that these three events occurred late last night:

    1. The investigation of the roots of the plot to destroy Donald Trump and his Presidency is now a criminal matter.

    2. A letter from Inspector General Horowitz announcing that his report on the FISA fraud would be out shortly with no major redactions.

    3. The Government caved to Honey Badger Sidney Powell and allowed her to fully expose criminal conduct by Michael Flynn’s prosecutors.

    What is going on? Two words. Bill Barr.

    The Attorney General has pulled the trigger and altered the landscape in the Russiagate saga. Having been granted full authority by the President to declassify information, including intel from the CIA and the NSA, he has now acted in a powerful, but low key way.

    The announcement that this is now a criminal investigation means that anyone, including FBI agents and CIA officers, who try to hold back information or hide information will be vulnerable to obstruction of justice charges. Criminal penalties attach.”

    Now if Ty Clevenger posts and says that in his Ed Butowsky/Seth Rich case that the FBI is now cooperating with his FOIA request then I think Larry Johnson just may be on to something.

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    • bluebongo says:

      Although not a popular opinion here the election is still a year away, anything declassified now will be long forgotten.

      I like Barr’s deliberate approach, keep the bastards twisting in the wind.

      My take is Wray is sacrificial, until the big ugly gets released he’s just warming the seat. Barr has everything he needs so he’s just petting the rabbit to keep it calm before it gets clubbed.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Or…..perhaps Wray was bait and a trap for corrupt DoJ leaders, dirty cops in Obama’s FBI and especially for crooked dems in the Obama Administration and Clinton Campaign. All along.

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      • babrightlight says:

        Yeah, I think Barr is doing to Wray as Rosenstein part deux. Wray is not a main target, but has been a bad actor as Sundance notes. If he plays nice from here on in, he’ll get to keep his retirement; his other option is he can go stand in line next to Comey and McCabe.

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    • franz dorn says:

      Agree, Barr made Wray fold like a cheap suit.

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      • franz dorn says:

        Alexander Pope said it best, ” Damn with faint praise”. “The Poet’s ear” would love this play on his words – Barr’s satirical Corollary- Damn with FEINT praise.


    • CM-TX says:

      Words without actions are just words. Barr can claim it’s now a criminal “investigation” (vs. a pointless “REVIEW”), but w/o any ACTUAL indictments/prosecutions to back that up– it’s just lip-service. A convenient excuse to continue dragging out this Shit-Show.

      And for many of those paying attention, desperate to see any signs of life from Justice/Law & Order – we latch onto it, as was expected. They saw the natives getting restless, so in turn they escalated the faux-threat level.

      Back in reality… “Barr & Durham” is just a redux of the “Sessions & Huber” Plot ….. “🎬 Take 2″. Only this time it’s going to be different in outcome. 🙄

      The cast changed, giving Durham the role b/c he looked rough around the edges. They figured he’d appeal to deplorables– sort of like a biker” version of do-nothing Huber.

      How do we know this? B/c the Left have NO original ideas. They recycle the same schemes/narratives ad-nauseaum!

      The overall objective? Run down/out the clock, a/o wear down those who continue holding out hope that Justice will finally be restored. Maybe also garnish that with 🐿… direct the focus & efforts over here– while they continue doing whatever over there [likely further deconstruction of our nation].

      Meanwhile, the Coup continues in now Phase 3, c/o The House. They’re likely expecting PDJT to acquiesce in some sort of deal– they’ll end 🍑-Mint efforts, in exchange for NOT holding them accountable for their ongoing criminal activity/conspiring.

      Probably as was done to end the Fraudulent Mueller Probe. The only problem– they lied. It never really stopped, the baton was simply passed to the House. Barr helped it along by publicly releasing the (confidential) report the Dems needed.

      Essentially they’ll get PDJT to relent (again), under the illusion of having committed some crime/wrongdoing– & this while they’re actually guilty as hell. But despite any Deal made, their efforts to destroy/remove PDJT will NEVER STOP. Best not to negotiate with lying liars who only know to LIE.

      I could be wrong, & if so– great! I’ll be pleasantly surprised by their prosecutions.


  2. Personally, am out of hope and faith regarding those in the political arena until concrete, tangible results are clearly in evidence (which is not now the case).
    Swamp still in charge.
    Wall not built.
    Immigration not reformed.
    Sanctuary cities all over the place.
    Known criminals go uncharged.
    Irregular procedures in the House proceed unchecked.
    Almost a trillion a year for the military-industrial-complex (and that’s just what’s published for the military alone).
    And so on.

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    • vladdy says:

      Why do people keep saying “wall not built,” like it’s a Saturday afternoon project? It’s in progress, with Mexican troops on the border.

      However, it disheartens me to hear Wray praised.

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    • GB Bari says:

      The President was shut out of funds by Congress to build an entirely new wall across the 2000 mile border so he worked within the existing laws and found that he could replace existing wall with any “found” unspent money in the budgets he inherited.

      That has resulted in massive amounts of old porous uselsss fencing being replaced with the steel bollard barrier with anti-climb plates at the top, sound detection equipment and a massive substructure. They have built many miles of this so far and are continuing.

      As far as new wall, PDJT is using what money he has to build wall in the most needed places. Here is one such project:

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    • InAz says:

      @ BaronAsh


      President Trump is doing all he can with his hands tied.

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  3. Right to reply says:

    The only faith I have left in the system, is my vote for Trump will count toward a landslide victory in 2020
    God bless President Trump, and keep him safe

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  4. mugdiller says:

    Did the little bureaucrat Wray change his tune after the investigation went criminal?

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  5. TBDM says:

    Stay reminds me of every upwardly mobile middle manager I’ve ever had.

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  6. Just spitballing here. What if first we have to “un-f&ck Flynn before we unf&ck Trump” and take back America from the commie deep staters in the IC?
    Also I still have yet to see how Sidney Powell got the Page/Strzok texts that I believe were never released before.

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  7. Boots says:

    What’s another prime candidate for a fair trial and a fine hanging. Let’s hope and pray he gets one. He worked hard to earn it.

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  8. Yy4u says:

    Where us Huber

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  9. owtolunch says:

    Wray was buddies with Comey… He left govt service and went to King & Spalding…He represented Christie in Bridgegate issue… He left King & Spalding to become FBI Director… Sally Yates went to King & Spalding after defying Trump… Wray has all the money he needs…FBI Director is not a high paying job… when compared to earnings at a high power law firm it is on par with retirement or partial pension …. Comey was in a similar situation – he got millions from Lockheed-Martin and them became FBI Director…. It was not for the pay…

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  10. Basically … if Barr said what he said about Wray, in the way that he said it, then I choose to accept Barr’s words as spoken and not to read anything further into it. In forming my present opinion, I’m going to defer to his judgment and Mr. Durham’s, et al. But, I’m not going to speak about “your opinion, whatever it may be,” and I’m not going to say that I made the right call.

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    • MACAULAY says:

      I have to agree.

      I don’t think Barr left an easy rich life…to come back and be AG again…and say he came in with questions about how all this Russia BS started…and then say the answers he had gotten just raised MORE questions…only to sell out the Country to protect a corrupt FBI/DOJ/CIA.

      We don’t really know what’s going on. We have to recur to our understanding of Human Nature.

      Barr cannot be that depraved.

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      • mark says:

        There was no reason for Barr to heap that praise on Wray. I’m with Sundance on this. Because if Wray is the deep state guy most of think he is and helping to coverup rather than uncover…that would require Barr to walk back that praise. Barr is a very deliberate, careful guy when chosing words. I cringed when I saw him say those words about Wray. Very puzzling.

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        • Laure says:

          Here’s a theory…praise Wray as cooperating so deep state actors wonder if Wray has changed sides…puts pressure on Wray and may force him to pick sides…kind of like when you arrest and release a criminal and thank him for his cooperation his accomplices get nervous…Barr is quick thinking, strategic and an opportunist…he knew the media would ask him about the investigation…

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          • PVCDroid says:

            Barr knows he’s got trouble throughout his domain but he has to stick up for his agencies in public. I believe you’re right that he’s indicating a lot of information is coming through from Wray to Duram. That may be true or an exaggeration but it has to be unnerving to those that are guilty. It could be that was his intent. Trump would have to fire Wray on Barr’s recommendation. I believe that is how it works and the press and dems would have a meltdown. Both Barr and Trump know they are stuck with Wray until the next election.

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      • Ray Runge says:

        MACAULY, what is your baseline measurement for Barr to perform that he will banish the current two tier justice system.

        Just maybe some form of punishnpment for the criminals to deter the current and future criminals to not repeat the present lawless circus.


        • MACAULAY says:

          I think (hope) that Durham has proof that Mifsud was working for the West; not Russia, when he planted info on Papadopoulos. That will establish a clear serious crime that must be prosecuted.

          Then, work back, and establish who in Obama’s Administration set this up with either England or Italy—to commence this Criminal Seditious Fraud. I suspect (hope) Durham has done that too—and the culprit would likely be John Abu Brennan, or one of his lackeys. Clapper may also be involved. We will never get Obama–he has a Get Out of Jail Free Race Card.

          If Clapper and or Brennan is indicted, I will be very happy.

          Then the FBI took over with bogus FISAs. I expect the IG Report to say they were improperly obtained, but I am afraid they will end up calling it negligence…possibly negligent reliance on CIA etc—but negligence only (extreme carelessness) and not Perjury with Intent. More huge embarrassment for Comey, but not criminal charges. Possibly same for McCabe, which breaks my heart—that turd needs at least 6 mo. to a year. So does Strzok.

          Tough (overwhelmingly Democrat) Washington Juries may be an excuse for not prosecuting, but it should not be. Indict at least, and as Barr said, let the cards fall where they may. But fear it won’t happen. Hope I’m wrong.

          Nail the CIA; damage the FBI under Comey, then a claim it is cleaned up now—may be all we get. It was likely a conspiracy between the two, but the Deep State too strong to get “a kill shot” on both at the same time.

          Obama told one truth. He said he was going to change America, and he did. Trump must have a second term if he is to wrest it back. Four years is not enough, especially with the disastrous appointments Trump made when he was just learning.

          Thanks for asking.


  11. loteal2014 says:

    My concern about is the courts are stacked with liberal judges and that’s really the next hurdle.

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  12. DeWalt says:

    Going in to home stretch of elections and ending of first term. No One Charged, No One Jailed.


  13. I agree wholeheartedly with Sundance, especially his laying out the profusion of evidence against Wray, and thus against Barr now. That many commenters here don’t see it that way is another sign of this time, and its tattered intellectual atmosphere. Sundance laid out the evidence; ignore it at your peril.


    • DeWalt says:

      And the Barr reputation didn’t start with him working for this administration. It started way back with Bush1. Being cynical is healthy in the case of Barr.

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  14. dawg says:

    If this is true, which was reported by OAN on Friday, it would explain exactly what Barr meant when he said that. The timing is interesting. Barr really could be sending out the signal that if you are going to try to flip, you better do it now. See below…

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    • dawg says:

      Interesting tidbit in that video that Barr’s previous job was a corporate defense lawyer against government corruption and abuse.

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    • dawg says:

      I mean, Sydney Powell just stated in that filing that James Baker is the one who leaked Flynns phone call with Kislyak. Thats a heavy accusation that she wouldnt make if she didnt have the evidence, which means its true, and thus entirely plausible that he is cooperating, which could be the basis for Barr’s comments.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I trust OANN and Jack Posobiec. But I don’t know Posobiec’s guest in the linked interview – a guy named Ned Ryun who Jack introduced as CEO and founder of American Majority.
      I checked out the American Majority website and although it took a few minutes to load, I did not get any immediate red flags from it:

      But as far as Baker is concerned, we have been previously told of others in the coup group who allegedly flipped or were cooperating, or other “good news”…. only to find out later that the person on TV telling us these things was getting the info from “trusted” sources or informants… whose information turned out to not be accurate (I’m thinking of Hannity or Joe DiGenova). I’m just sayin’.

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      • dawg says:

        Yeah, I looked up American Majority too. Seemed legit. Also looked up James A. Baker to see what he has been up to lately, and this is what wiki says…..for what its worth…


        “James A. Baker is a former American government official at the Department of Justice who served as general counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).[1] In December, 2017 he was replaced as general counsel and reassigned to a different position within the FBI.[2] It was revealed on April 19, 2018 that he was a recipient of at least one Comey memo.[3] On May 4, 2018, Baker resigned the FBI and joined the Brookings Institution as a fellow who will write for the justice-focused blog, Lawfare.[4] In January 2019, Baker left Brookings to become the director of national security and cybersecurity at the R Street Institute, a conservative think-tank in Washington, D.C.[5] He also teaches at Harvard Law School.”

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        • dawg says:

          Again, for clarification, I got my James Bakers mixed up. That is the James A. Baker of the FBI that OAN is reporting has flipped. That is NOT the James Baker of the Pentagon who allegedly leaked Flynns phone call in Powells filing.


          • Tony Romo Jr says:

            But that is interesting that he switched from Lawfare to a conservative think tank. If that is true it would lend credence to the theory that he has flipped.

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    • The flip side of that coin is that, while such flipping will help the flipper, it won’t help we the people. Protecting the institutions, though they are now worthless, and worse.


      • dawg says:

        Well I wouldnt call it the flip side of the coin because if he flipped, then Barr’s comments are not really a cause for concern. Im simply trying to figure out what we can make of Barr’s comments on “Wray and his team at the FBI”.


  15. Matt G says:

    Barr’s Panda mask maybe? Anybody else catch the “by the book” comment?


    • DeWalt says:

      Where did we hear that before?


    • DeWalt says:

      Curious if Barr thought letting Wolfe of the hook was by the Book?

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      • I think they can go back after Wolfe with a more serious charge and “who cares” what Senators he may implicate. (hopefully)

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        • dwpender says:

          I hope the suggestion of that possibility has caused Wolfe to “flip.” Wouldn’t it be great to see a breaking news item at the bottom of our TV screens saying simply, “Senator Warner resigns.” ?

          We had Sundance’s cryptic suggestion last week — without further elaboration, that the Wolfe/Watkins romance was a fable. If so, Wolfe lied to the DOJ , FBI and the Court (at his sentencing hearing). The discovery of such deception would provide powerful incentives to flip.

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  16. Conservative members of Congress should recycle all the trite talking points used by Dems to “protect” Robert Mueller during his investigation, to now “protect” the Durham investigation.

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  17. namberak says:

    Wake me about 5 years from now. By then, this might all be over and we’d know whether there is more than one honest man in DC. But I don’t hold out much hope. … uh … Wait… Never mind. I’d miss the shenanigans of the grand kids. Scratch that. First things first. 🙂

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  18. Regulator says:

    “Either Bill Barr is covering for Wray, just like he has done in the past for Rosenstein, with a goal of institutional preservation as his compass heading (Bondo Barr); or Bill Barr has some -as yet- unknown motive for presenting an alternate reality.

    It’s up to you to make up your own mind.”

    Spin. We don’t know how Rosencrans & Guildenstern come out in the end.


  19. dawg says:

    I dont know, read that from Lawfare and tell me that the deep state isnt scared. They sure sound scared to me.

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  20. What is behind the curtain?
    I don’t know, I can only hope
    Am I frustrated as Hell?
    Yes. We have known the players and the crimes and the motives all the way up to obama for 3 years, since before the election and what is the result?

    What DO I know?
    That contrary to MSM’s characterization, President Trump is a very, very patient man.
    He studies a problem, and then, he stages the steps in order to maximize the results he seeks.
    He has operated this way his entire life.
    He worked on projects early in his career in NYC that NO ONE believed were possible to solve the bureaucratic problems necessary to market a viable product.
    Years and years spent on some projects that everyone thought were wasted efforts and capital which turned into some of the premier projects in the City.

    What does President Trump know?
    He knows everything regarding the coup. No matter what he says, or has said, he knows everything.
    He put it all together when Admiral Rogers and Devin Nunes alerted but he already suspected what had been going on knowing the media and the socialist democrats, but I repeat myself, as he has known them for over 40 years of observation, seeing the criminality, the bribes, the payoffs, the corruption at work.

    What do I know?
    That President Trump is probably the best poker player I have every seen, even if he never plays,
    He misdirects, he dangles bait out to see what is biting, i.e. who squeals the loudest,
    He notices the reactions,
    He knows that the rot is so deep, that it can’t be exposed all at once or it will be inconceivable to the American electorate, incomprehensible,

    He is using the tools he has been given to do what he has always, done,

    He is on a mission,
    AND he is DEEPLY offended by their treachery, treason, and hate for America.

    He won’t let this stand
    Will it eventually be Barr who pulls the trigger?
    It doesn’t matter, he won’t let it STAND

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  21. Mac says:

    The key here is that Wray is “allegedly” cooperating fully with Durham in his investigation. Now, so far, Durham has not presented any case to a grand jury. So, whatever information Durham gets from Wray, et al, is confined to Durham’s and Barr’s hands. Where that info goes and what is done with it is yet to be seen. Remember, when a “prosecutor” praises someone, it makes it more difficult to prosecute that person or bring pressure to bear to guarantee their cooperation as a witness. I’ll get excited when we see some actual indictments.

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  22. dawg says:

    Is there a link to the full interview? I couldnt find one on the Fox News link


  23. Republicanvet91 says:

    “or Bill Barr has some -as yet- unknown motive for presenting an alternate reality.”

    The only way I can reconcile this is if Barr is playing Wray into thinking he is not under the microscope. If Wray believes the boss thinks he’s doing a good job, perhaps the rats will continue playing unaware.

    Would the rats act more overt if their guard was down?

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  24. dawg says:

    Barr is talking about “Wray and his team” solely in the context of Durham’s investigation, and nothing else. This doesnt really have anything to do with what Wray has done or not done in 2018.

    Barr says “ONE of the reasons that Durham has been able to make the progress he has…” and he emphasized the “one”…. “is the support and responsiveness of….” The more I watch the video of him talking and making this comment, the more I think this is NOT a red flag for Barr. Barr is trolling. He’s trying to smoke ’em out. The timing of everything is just too coincidental.

    “has been outstanding in the support and responsiveness they’ve given” ???

    support and responsiveness??? Its like he’s trying to say COOPERATION without saying “cooperation”.

    I think the Comey’s and Strozk’s and Clapper’s and Brennan’s hearts skipped a beat when he said that.

    Maybe its the devil’s advocate in me or my misguided optimism, but thats just what Im feeling. We shall see.

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  25. Margaret Berger says:

    Dawg, I sort of feel like that too. If Wray is a baddie, I think Barr has taken him hostage. I think he took rosy hostage. At the mueller press conference rosy looked like he was going to throw up. I think Barr now has wray in a corner too. At least this is what I am hoping for. I agree with Sundance that wray’s behavior shows him to be a deep stater. If he is co operating he is being compelled.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      I believe this as well! Wray is definitely Deep State!!! I think Barr said to Chrissy just what he said to Rosey…Unless you want to go down with the hurricane, here’s what you’re going to do!

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      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        “Definitely”.. If true, Trump is either deep state too or a big fat weak dummy.
        So most probably you are just throwing shit around without a clue.

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  26. Julian says:

    Part of the “Plan” talk relates to Julian Assange being extradited to the United States and everything – including relating to Seth Rich – being exposed.

    Given the physical and mental frailty of Assange I feel this is all but impossible to believe.

    The point of mentioning this though is that Assange’s extradition hearing is set for February 25, 2020.

    Given that – you can be certain the ‘Trust the Plan’ folks will be relying on this theory at least until March 2020.

    If (and I believe he will be) Assange is extradited then this particular theory will continue perhaps in lieu of an “October surprise”.

    So – at least 3 more months…

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  27. huecowacko says:

    “Either Bill Barr is covering for Wray, just like he has done in the past for Rosenstein, with a goal of institutional preservation as his compass heading (Bondo Barr); or Bill Barr has some -as yet- unknown motive for presenting an alternate reality.”

    That thought gets my vote, the DeepState must be preserved at all costs sayeth the DeepState.


  28. Jim in TN says:

    Barr is an open book. Bondo it is.

    Barr had a strong strategic purpose in covering for Rosenstein. He coopted the authority that legalized, controlled and supervised the Mueller/Weissman abomination, and closed out the abomination, standing side by side declaring no collusion and no obstruction.

    I don’t like that Barr is protecting the criminals still in the DOJ, but he is. Barr did not come out of retirement to save Trump’s ass. He did it to save the DOJ and thereby save the country. I think that is bad thinking, but he is doing so.

    Barr tried to telegraph an acceptable escape route to all the coup plotters. And he did so in testimony in Congress. Paraphrasing, ‘There is nothing wrong about spying. Spying on a presidential candidate is troubling. It just needs to be properly predicated.’ The escape route is clearly marked, I am holding the gate open, please stay within the clearly marked lines.

    At the same time, just a couple paragraphs later, after he discusses setting up the inquiry, Barr offers his deal to Wray. Again paraphrasing, ‘The FBI is great. It has gotten a bad wrap. Bad leadership at the top was the problem. Wray is doing great restoring honor. I am going to need Wray to clear up this mess.’

    Right there, in open testimony, Barr promises that he will work with Wray to cover up the FBI if Wray and the FBI will help finger the past leaders.

    The Bondo Man in action. This latest is just an open reminder and a continuation of puffing up Wray and the FBI.

    Now the chips statement made right before could be construed as a threat. Quit interfering, or you might be one of them. And the rest could be ‘but you’re so great you would never really interfere’ and a reminder of the promised path.

    Again, Barr’s goal is to extricate this nation from this travesty, and to save the DOJ. Saving Trump is only because Trump was innocent, not a goal. If it had turned out otherwise, Barr would have taken Trump down. Saving the FBI is part of saving the DOJ.

    Liked by 1 person

    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Sundance, being oh so prescient, has told us on more than one occasion that Barr & Durham’s biggest obstacle will not be so much investigating and uncovering new information, as it will be they’re having to navigate through the universe of already publicly released and disseminated information; irrefutable, proven evidence; Hell, there’s been a dozen books already written about most of it!

      Anyway, I hope that IF Barr is not the valiant prince in shining armor we wanted, that President Trump is able to convince him that only a thorough cleansing of the bad actors within the FBI — DOJ — CIA and State Department will save those institutions.

      Another Potomac Two Step whitewashing will only leave an open, festering sore, and the FBI will have to rely exclusively on bench trials, as no jury in America will convict anyone based upon infamous 302’s, no recordings, and no videotaped confessions.


  29. lemontree says:

    Barrs comments that they are willing to let the chips fall where they may, gives me hope that he has grand juries impanelled. That to me, is the only meaning for that comment. Once cases go to the grand jury it’s no longer up to the DOJ.


    • redthunder238 says:

      I took that as something just to give us hope, just like the fatalist comment he made a few months ago. IMO this Barr/Durham “investigation” is a head fake, just like Huber was. Durham has known swamp members on his team. Let’s be real about this, they’re lying to us.


  30. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    I agree with you Sundance. My optimist side hopes he is just speaking about how Wray has cooperated with Durham and is not commenting on the other issues fubar by Wray.


  31. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    It’s nonsensical what you guys throw around.
    If this was all true then please lose all hope cause it would mean you’re all smarter than our President(not)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gosh Sam, rather than admonish other Treepers why don’t you throw your shit at them since it’s based on “the clue of all clues” & your being as smart as President Trump!?

      C’mon dude, share the wealth man!


  32. Retired IG says:

    I almost typed my name in as Retarded (politically correct – challenged ) IG, but I for one, laughed out loud when Barr made that comment about Wray being so cooperative. In my mind, Barr was being an actor (he was on the TV after all).
    Barr reminded me of John Goodman when he said that. Wondered how long he had to practice that statement in front of mirror or camera to keep a straight face while saying it? Think Barr’s statement was not so subtle “code speak” to Wray that he hasn’t been cooperating with ANYONE since day one.
    In his litany of offenses posted here I would add his totally INANE and DO NOTHING response to the first OIG report. My Gawdess. I can’t even imagine how DEMORALIZING his limp dick response to that report must have been to FBI people who adhere to the codes of conduct in their FBI work Or for that matter, the OIG auditors. NOT ONE CRIMINAL INDICTMENT. We need more training. Right. Sir LIMP DICK, and I might add COWARD. Whose skirts is Wray hiding behind?
    I’m not looking for Barr or anyone else to save any of us from the TOTAL insanity, or what I am feeling is the Great Unraveling in our government these daze. I’m not about to give up believing that people “reap what they sow.” In my life I have seen Justice accomplished, many times over. But that experience cannot take away the years between ‘twixt and the tween. Hold to the light.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Two things I’ve observed. And yes, I am fully qualified as an observer. The first thing.Trump doesn’t bluff and he has said repeatedly that we can never allow this to happen to another president again. The second thing. I heard someone say that now, with this being a criminal investigation, the obstruction that has gone on in the past can now be charged as obstruction of justice.
    The first thing is the most important because there are a lot of actions falling under that statement. The second thing is almost as important because the more that is uncovered, the more action that takes place.
    I’m really glad now that I got that Masters degree in Observation. It worked out a lot better than being an expert at everything else.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Well, JustOldCowboyBill… I’m glad ya got yer Masters Degree in Observation too, I did the same and now I’m working on my PhD.

      And, I too see the pieces falling into place, regardless of who does what and how it happens, it’s somewhat satisfying and I’m just trusting President Trump, who I gave more money to again yesterday, third time this week, to do what he came to do.

      That is to end the corruption and show folks that the false song of globalism is written and performed by the Pied Piper.

      So far so good, I always knew the ride would be bumpy and wild, with parts boring and parts mild to enhance the actual thrills. Yep. Our VSG certainly knows how to entertain!

      He also knows how to close the deal, get the job done, and win like a champion while doing it.

      Can’t wait to get muh PhD…

      Liked by 2 people

  34. Skeeball says:

    Ah, but keep in mind. President Trump publicly flattered the hell out of Rod Rosenstein fully aware that he was actively participating in the coup attempt. Bill Barr could just as well have put the squeeze on him or may possibly be faking the admiration. We shall soon find out.


  35. Daniel says:

    Wray is worse than worthless. We know that. What we are seeing is massive trolling by Barr making the soon-to-be-indicted question Wray’s loyalty to them.

    The trolling by Trump has likewise been escalated as he continues praise for the dog who cornered BagDaddy.

    We all see things through different eyes and while I don’t care for Scout Adams’s personal views, I can’t not see the pursuation powers at play here.

    Barr is doing it and Trump is doing it par excellence. Amazing times we live in.

    Liked by 3 people

  36. John-Y128 says:

    For once I’d like to see resistance to answering the democrats ‘false charges’, if everybody refused to answer the media’s ‘charge’ questions, they’d have nothing to print but their personal BS.

    Liked by 3 people

    • dawg says:

      This exact thought occurred to me this morning. (Im not exactly sure how it relates to this particular topic in this thread but anyway…) I dont like to tell Pres Trump what to do, but I think we need to stop responding to every bogus thing they throw out. We are wasting our time. We need to be attacking them for what they actually did, so that they have to spend their time defending themselves.

      At almost every presser, PT goes back to the call, says it was perfect, Uk Pres said there was no QPQ, read the transcript, blah blah and he keeps tweeting all this stuff too. I think that just gives it life, in a way. He should laugh off the questions and just say its ridiculous, and move on.

      Or if he doesnt move on, say something like “They just freaked out because I brought up Crowdstrike.” And then say “The American public needs to know and understand the collusion between the Dem party, Ukraine and Crowdstrike.” And make them start defending themselves. And then when they do, attack their defense of themselves, and again and again and again.

      We cant let them continue to control the narrative.

      This bogus Ukraine phone call thing is so ridiculous that it really doesnt even deserve a response. But sometimes I feel like PT keeps resuscitating it.


      • DiodeBill says:

        I think, this is good planning by POTUS and team to deal a good blow. We don’t give enough credit to the POTUS and team for thinking ahead. If Pres, screws this up, I doubt he will, then we of rational minds are screwed. Sydney Powell is a savior for our democracy. She is so smart, let her and IG get their work done. We can guess all we want, rant all we want, she will get to the bottom, I believe she already had. Love that super smart attorney with a heart of gold and mind of moral fairness. I just wish she hadn’t had to struggle against the uphill stream of misconduct and corruption. Read her book and have taken the time to read all the legal documents. I don’t know how her path could be ignored or be sublimed. Go! super MS. Powell. She is amazing. Read her book! Read al her court filings, the Ukrainian transcript, you will under stand what is so abysmal in this travesty of justice. GO SIDNEY, GO! She is my idol in justice.


  37. TwoLaine says:

    I think that is only because Bill Barr and John Durham have their ba11s in a vice grip.


  38. redthunder238 says:

    This doesn’t change much as Barr is already on record praising Rosenstein, a known Trump enemy. So is it Bondo Barr or 4D chess Barr? My gut says 70% chance of Bondo. 😦 I really can’t see any good reason to keep Wray around. He’s as swamp as swamp gets.


  39. Rick says:

    The sooner Christopher Wray is fired the better! that said, I think Christopher Wray has had a “come to John durham” moment, and he is cooperating with him fully as Barr has stated. The snake is still obstructing FOIA’s and Congress with impunity, but out of fear and trembling for getting hit with obstruction of justice charges and being wrapped up in a multitude of his charges conspiracies; you can bet he’s cooperating!


  40. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Haven’t heard from Wray in a while. Maybe he’s come to realize that he’s dealing with adults and there’s no gain in protecting the criminals he’s been hiding.


  41. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Haven’t heard from Wray in a while. Maybe he’s come to realize that he’s dealing with adults and there’s no gain in protecting the criminals he’s been hiding.


  42. Tom Hansen says:

    I agree with the CTH it is difficult to reconcile Barr’s adulation of Wray, knowing Wray’s obstructive actions the last two years. In my view there are two scenarios working here. One good, the other bad.

    Scenario 1): Barr recognized the compromised position Rod Rosenstein was in and told RR either tell me everything you know, and who was involved, and cooperate and we will give you immunity as a witness, and you can leave in good stead. Barr gave RR a bagpipe send off from the DOJ.

    With Wray, Barr recognized his obstructive behavior of covering up for everything negative of the FBI, and told him in no certain terms, either generously cooperate with Durham’s investigation, or Wray would find himself with a group of former FBI officials, namely Comey and McCabe, which he does not want to be.

    Scenario 2): Barr said Durham has complete control of the investigation and he is not part of it. The problem is, how does Barr really know Durham’s intentions? Barr knows Durham’s history which every one reports is unbiased and totally professional.

    However, there is a possibility that Wray and Durham are on the same page with each other, and that may be on a different page that Barr may be expecting, and when Durham’s report finally comes out, Barr might get a totally unexpected result where no one is held accountable for anything, just the way Wray likes it.

    I just do not see Wray changing his spots. I believe he is a true deep stater and will do anything to protect the institution and those working within it, including all the bad apples.


  43. Guffman says:

    Your closing lines echo my sentiments Sundance, and from the looks of it, many others here. There are SO many extremely questionable and suspicious actions or lack of actions the FBI has been involved in in the last three years, that it’s far beyond the pale. There is almost zero transparency in anything they touch and about that same amount of accountability.

    It really stretches the imagination to think that Wray is anything but another deep swamp gatekeeper… but as you said, we have to hope and pray that we’re all wrong, and something yuge is going on behind the scenes that Barr is referring to in his praise of him.


  44. Bob says:

    Maybe Barr read Wray the riot act.


    • DiodeBill says:

      I agree and we need to rest a bit to see how this plays out. We cannot be overly skeptical until the process plays out. Me thinks, would like to believe, theirs a shit load waiting to come out and lier and conspirators will pay the just do price. If I am wrong, annihilate me.


  45. Everett Miller says:

    Sundance’s analysis is spot on as usual–and includes the caveat that Future Actions disclosed may be in line with our hope for true Justice and the return of The Rule of Law. My initial reaction to Barr’s praise for the swamper Wray was like a punch in the gut, similar to many comments here. My second thought was, however, that this is a Public Instruction, indeed admonishment, for Wray. Remember that Sundance instructed me/us in the power of a turned or cooperating witness/co-conspirator. They may enjoy a specific immunity from prosecution–just so long as they do and say exactly as required under the immunity terms in aiding the Prosecution and CONVICTION of other criminal conspirators. I believe Rosenstien has long been in this position, and that Wray has joined him. With Barr able to declassify anything or any document, these fools can no longer hide behind false redactions–they have to turn or go to prison. The only other option is that Barr is also a criminal Co-conspirator (as I believe Sessions is; guilty of 18 USC 4-Misprison of Felony) and we’ll have to pray for Joe DiGenova to replace him. Meanwhile, the other important point to remember is that, if done properly, none of what Barr or Durham is doing should be leaked/known to us.
    Pray for Donald J Trump who would be in prison for Treason or Sedition is Hillary had been elected.


  46. De Oppresso Liber says:

    I find it compelling that through the plethora of very public examples of Way’s swampiness, that Barr can still find the time to very publicly heap both praise and thanks upon the wretched TRAITOR. The obvious question is how do we reconcile the two completely incongruous actions from our Attorney General?

    I cannot help but consider Sidney Powell’s extremely aggressive, yet astute motion she filed on LTG Flynn’s behalf before Judge Sullivan. That motion is only one example of the publicly known mountains of irrefutable evidence existing today. Listed within that motion are examples of intentional actions of sedition, designed to overthrow the presidency of Donald John Trump.

    The frame up, the conspiracy among foreign nations, the conspiracy, and the intent are all included. In a way, it almost appears, that Ms. Powell not only filed the motion in defense of her client (LTG Flynn), but also in defense of President Donald Trump.


    However, it is undeniable that the motion’s filing perhaps forced Barr’s hand, so to speak. Whereas the massive volume of very public, irrefutable, public information is absolutely undeniable, AG Barr seemingly has/had no choice but to declare the investigation shall, “…let the chips fall where they may.”

    But, these are simply the humble opinions of a lay Treeper observer.


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      By the way, Ms. Powell admitted on a FOX News program (I think it was Lou Dobbs….) that she had a highly placed and reliable source within the DOJ, that she would not identify at this time.


  47. Raymond Capwell says:

    Means nobody going to jail.


  48. Johnny Dollar says:

    When judging Wray or others in the beltway, I look to the President and his comments on that person.

    Judging from the Presidents comments made about them early in their association with the him, Wray and Sessions were both good guys. Sessions did not turn out well and the president was not reluctant to let everyone know his feelings about that, eventually firing him.

    Wray started off the same way, a good guy; but, ran afoul of the President when he rejected the “Spying” claim that Barr made to Congress. The President calling Wrays rejection of that possibility “ridiculous.” I thought at the time that Wray would eventually be let out the door. That hasn’t happened.

    Which leads me to believe Wray, in the intervening time , has learned, and now believes, his beloved FBI was used to promote someones political agenda. An enlightenment on Wrays part that, I think, has made him a cooperative participant to a fix. And , IMO, accounts for why the President has been silent on Wrays performance. And why Barr praises him.


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