Stunning, Potentially Game-Changing, Court Filing by Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell…

In a lengthy court filing surrounding the issues of Brady discovery material, Mike Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, drops some serious evidentiary bombshells on the court.  Ms. Powell brings Lady Justice to the courtroom, and her revelations are stunning. [Full pdf’s below]

We’re going to go through the primary filing and four exhibits to the evidence Attorney Sidney Powell is delivering to Judge Emmet Sullivan which contain some explosive discoveries.  Toplines including:

(1) Lisa Page edited the Flynn 302’s, then forgot when questioned by DOJ officials, then re-remembered when shown her texts. (2) The 302’s themselves were written with lies that do not match notes taken during the interview. (3) The felony leaker of the Flynn-Kislyak phone call is named (James Baker). (4) New texts from Page and Strzok that highlight the entrapment plan. (5) ODNI James Clapper telling WaPo reporter Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn“. (6) The purposeful use of Judge Contreras to take the December 1st 2017 plea agreement; and much, much more.

What’s the objective of this filing?

Attorney Sidney Powell outlines:

Lisa Page played a role in editing the Flynn 302:

The relationship between Judge Rudy Contreras and FBI Agent Peter Strzok was never revealed to the court, or to the Flynn defense team prior to a plea agreement that was overseen by Judge Contreras.

The FBI leaked details of their investigation to the media and then strategized over how they could weaponize the media reports to conduct investigations.   Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Counterintelligence Director Bill Priestap discussed if this approach would work.

The prosecution then intentionally withheld the text messages from Flynn and the public, in their prior releases, showing Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussing the Strzok & Priestap strategy sessions on using the leaks.   Those texts, clear Brady material, were purposefully hidden by the DOJ, until Sidney Powell went to find them on her own:

Holy cats, this next part is incredible.  The 302’s were modified to make claims that were never made in the interview.  The language was purposefully and willfully made to look like something is wasn’t; and in some cases they made it up completely counter to the actual statement given by Mike Flynn:

[Keep in mind Powell has the interview notes to back up her statement]

Joseph Mifsud phones…. James Baker leaking the Kislyak phone call to David Ignatius and James Clapper saying “take the kill shot on Flynn”.  Good grief:

None of this information was provided to the defense.  All of the Brady material was withheld by the prosecution prior to the high-pressure plea agreement:

Folks there’s so much more in this filing you really need to look at it from beginning to end.  What is screen grabbed above isn’t even half of the devastating and documented evidence Ms. Powell is bringing before the court.

Quite simply the content of this 37-page filing is incredible.

Here’s the primary filing:


Here’s the timeline provided to the court that gives context to what was happening in/around all of the events included:


Here’s the new text messages that support Ms. Powell’s primary filing. Including texts outlining how Lisa Page made edits to the FBI interview reports (302’s):


Here’s the documented edits made to the Flynn 302 as it was debated for several weeks by the FBI ‘small group’.  This includes the edits made by Lisa Page and others to give the appearance of Flynn lying to investigators when, prior to the editing process, Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka readily admit they did not see Flynn as lying (and they had the call transcripts for comparison):


Here’s the questioning of Lisa Page about her making those changes to the Flynn 302’s.  Initially Page can’t remember, then all of a sudden -when confronted with the text messates- she conveniently remembers:



Attorney Sidney Powell has really done an excellent job putting this motion together with a mountain of incontrovertible supportive material to highlight how her client, Michael Flynn, was set-up.

If you take the time to read the primary 37-page motion, and then review the material that supports every assertion within the motion, you will be hard-pressed not to come to the conclusion that Mike Flynn was a victim of seriously unethical, borderline criminal, prosecutorial conduct.

If Judge Sullivan accepts this motion and goes through all of this material I think there’s a pretty good chance he will dismiss this case.  The next round of arguments within his courtroom are going to be very, very interesting.

Phenomenal job by Ms. Sidney Powell.  Exceptional.

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  1. Syren123 says:

    Not sure if anyone has posted this already, but to understand the mechanisms and tactics used by the govt here more thoroughly, as well has how Sidney Powell knew about and has fought against them in the past, read her book “Licensed to Lie.” This case is a near replay of the cases she describes in the book. As a result of her past experience, she is not to be fucked with. May she bring down the house with the Flynn case.

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  3. swimeasy says:

    Reporting James Baker has flipped.

    Annie Frey


    Big breaking news today with @JackPosobiec on the show. Listen here 👇

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    • zorrorides says:

      So what is James Baker doing to return Lovinger’s good name to its rightful owner?
      This needs to be done, pronto! Prosecute the swamp with twenty simultaneous cases.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        ” Prosecute the swamp with twenty simultaneous cases.” = RICO

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      • Firefly says:

        Posobiec talked about James Baker turning – General counsel to Comey and McCabe not the James Baker head of office of net assessment.

        They don’t seem to be doing anything about Hillary. Hence, I doubt the pentagon will do much about Lovinger’s case. Last I spoke with a Lovinger his attorney to forward up additional evidence I sent him regarding Karen Meyers who was retaliating against him in he WHS agency and Karen Finnegan being the same person. Recall Karen Finnegan was in the state dept helping Hillary legal folks sort thru the emails. Whistleblower cases are very hard to win. I won mine-typically 2 out 650 cases win annually.

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      • BitterC says:

        Not the same James Baker. The flipper is Comey’s former chief counsel. The alleged leaker of Kislyak call/Adam Lovinger guy is James Baker of ONA or something like that…military


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Thete ate w James Bakers. My guess is this is the former attorney in the DOJ, but just a guess.


      • Sidney Powell says:

        Different James Baker. It’s the one at the FBI who likely flipped. The bad one at ONA is still there!


    • Gort says:

      If that is true: Game, Set, Match.


    • WES says:

      Easy: Not sure but I think there are two James Baker’s! One is Col. James Baker’s DoD not the other DoJ or FBI one!

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      • swimeasy says:

        No, this is the FBI Baker. At that link I posted:
        97.1 FM Talk
        discussed James Baker, former FBI general counsel member, complying with Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. Listen to it on the @anniefreyshow
        4:46 PM · Oct 25, 2019·TweetDeck

        Jack Posobiec explains on the audio that Baker was caught as an illegal leaker (which is in Sydney’s filing that Sundance detailed) and Baker is now cooperating with Barr and Durham aka ‘flipped’.

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  4. Bogeyfree says:

    So as we have identified there was 3 slam dunks if uncovered that would turn the Russia Collusion into an obvious frame job and coup IMO:

    1) Prove who was the real author of the Dossier?

    2) Prove the Russians did not hack the DNC Server and provide the emails to Wikileaks

    3) Prove Mifsud was always a known Western Agent and not a Russian Agent

    The good news we think we may have 2 of the 3 assuming Barr and Durham have spoken to Steele and assuming the Italy trip provided evidence that Mifsud was a western agent along with maybe those phones.

    So now wouldn’t it be great if Assange would step forward and reveal to Durham proof that the DNC emails didn’t come to Wikileaks via the Russians but an internal source as some people have indicated.

    Mr. Assange, now is the perfect time to share with the world the proof on those emails. If it wasn’t via the Russians and it turns out to be an internal source then Durham is going to need to expand his team even more.

    Please don’t let the truth die as that has never been what you have stood for!

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  5. fabrabbit says:

    OMG! From timeline… FBI raids Manafort’s home; searches his wife in bed at gunpoint
    Rosenstein Authorizes Mueller to Target Michael Flynn Jr. despicable scum!

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  6. Zephyrbreeze says:

    Once people see the pattern of what is done with this case, it will expose the corrupt individuals. More people will start to understand.

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    • gawntrail says:

      The blowback will be extreme. A tsunami of appeals for convictions of others that anyone in this ‘small group’ had anything to do with.


  7. Hangtown Bob says:

    Assuming Flynn prevails completely in all of this abuse of the law and the case is totally dismissed, can he sue the government and/or all of the persons individually to recover financial damages that he has suffered? Can he also possibly recover punitive damages?

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    • Dutchman says:

      Flynn CAN sue the Government, for the actionsof the Prosecutors. He can NOT sue the prosecutors individually. They are currently immune from civil suit, for their official actions (prosecuting someone ) even when they violate the Constitution, the Law, DOJ policy, AND the canon of ethics.

      The law needs to change, but good luck with that, as Congress writes the laws, and many in Congress are former Prosecutors.

      The law SHOULD indemnify Prosecutors from ‘honest mistakes’ resulting in wrongful prosecutions, but NOT give ‘free reign’ to prosecutors to violate the law. The law NEEDS to be changed!

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      • Trog Luddite says:

        As I’ve posted in other threads, I believe that there may be a window of vulnerability for the individual prosecutors, but that would likely depend on whether they objectively knew, or should have known, that the evidence that they were given by investigators (Strok, McCabe, whomever else were the Flynn case agents) was a flaming garbage dumpster.

        Federal employees are only protected from individual liability if the misconduct that they are accused of committing is within the scope of their duties – and committing a crime is never within the scope of their duties.

        Just as police officers can be sued for intentionally and knowingly doing something wrong (e.g., groping a drunk female) during what they claim was a routine arrest, I’m relatively confident that a prosecutor who knowingly and intentionally prosecutes someone wrongfully (e.g., coerces witnesses and hides exculpatory evidence to prosecute their ex-wife’s new boy toy) can both be prosecuted or civilly sued.

        It most likely doesn’t happen very often, but if there is a legal ethics expert in the house, they might know of a case or two.


        • Dutchman says:

          Mueller was exempt of any PERSONAL FINANCIAL LIABITY, for knowingly, wrongly prosecuting 4 men for murder.
          The men and their families got 4 million in sueing the GOVERNMENT, but it cost Mueller,…NOTHING.

          As I posted, the law needs to be CHANGED, to make a clear distinction between WILLFUL conduct, and honest error.

          Right now, for Prosecutors, it doesn’t. Flynn can NOT sue the Prosecutors. He can sue the government, and the prosecutors, and Comey, McCabe Stroxz and page can be criminally charged with Conspiracy to obstruct Justice, misprison of felony, coerce and commit perjury,..any # of crimes.

          But Flynn can’t get a DIME from the barstuds that did this.


          • billybob says:

            I don’t believe those facts are correct . Mueller was not the prosecutor, he entered the case much later . The payout from the government was over $100 million ! What Mueller did,in my opinion , was much worse than the initial prosecutor. While knowing of the men’s innocence he petitioned the parole board against releasing them while at the time the death penalty was still in force in Massachusetts. Think about that , Meuller was ok with letting 4 innocent men go the electric char to protect his beloved FBI . What kind of a sick mind can do that and sleep at night ?


            • Dutchman says:

              I was going from memory, (1st or last to go, but can’t remember which), but my faulty recollection is the Prosecutors in that case couldn’t be sued, as individuals, only the,Gov’t.

              And thats the point, the law giving Prosecutors a shield from being sued, needs to be changed. It INVITES Weismann and Mueller type abuse.


  8. I only have had the chance to read the excerpts SD highlights and plan to read the rest tonight after dinner, but isn’t what Lisa Page did a criminal act? Certainly Wray and Barr have known about this for a long time. Why had Barr not acted yet? This is a criminal conspiracy clearly outlined.


    • Cal Ricky says:

      PLease please please all Sundance friends lets ask Sundance to stay just on this Deep State stuff and ignore all other stuff All of it as it is a waste of time and we already agree about DEM Debates, GUN Control, etc. etc. etc. WE already know and agree about all of it. SO just spend all his Sudance’s time on the Deep state stuff at the exclusion of ALL other stuff. We can do all that other stuff after we Destroy the Deep State.


      • Mike Van says:

        Sorry cal ricky…i can’t think of a single post of sundance’s that im not better off having read.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Agree with Mike.
          To focus on the minutia of the deep state, and ignore the Trade reset, MAGAnomics, Economic Security is National Security, etc.,…as an example, is to foolishly restrict yourself to one small part of the story.

          Yes, ‘Deep State’ is HOW a small group attemptedto overthrow a duly elected POTUS.

          But, TRADE, MAGAnomics, etc. is WHY they attempted it.

          Put in criminal terms; MOM. Means, Opportunity and MOTIVE. The ‘Deep State stuff’ is the Means and Opportunity, but the TRADE (and inherent corruption) is the MOTIVE.

          See the whole board. The request for SD to restrict himself is,….frankly silly, and I am confident he will disregard it.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Agree with Mike.
          To focus on the minutia of the deep state, and ignore the Trade reset, MAGAnomics, Economic Security is National Security, etc.,…as an example, is to foolishly restrict yourself to one small part of the story.

          Yes, ‘Deep State’ is HOW a small group attemptedto overthrow a duly elected POTUS.

          But, TRADE, MAGAnomics, etc. is WHY they attempted it.

          Put in criminal terms; MOM. Means, Opportunity and MOTIVE. The ‘Deep State stuff’ is the Means and Opportunity, but the TRADE (and inherent corruption) is the MOTIVE.

          See the whole board. The request for SD to restrict himself is,….frankly silly, and I am confident he will disregard it.
          Darn I-net!


        • Austin Holdout says:

          Ricky: I feel like it would be presumptuous for readers to tell Sundance what he wants to talk about his own blog. The granular details about the coup attempt are very valuable and of course you can ignore any posts that are not what you’re interested in reading.


      • Bill says:

        You can’t ignore the other things Trump is doing. Every single thing he is doing ties back in to the deep state case. When Sundance says there’s “Trillions at Stake” hes telling you that every political move, whether it be trade, human traffic, main st Vs Wall Street, he’s detailing the action that are the motive of the deep state to have executed the Russia Hoax. EVERYTHING Sundance writes about is part of the deep state coup in one form or another. GO DEEP.


        • Jeff Chapple says:

          I think the US government should reimburse Flynn all of his expenses related to this false accusation and the funds should come from the pension funds of all the people involve with this sham.
          Those people convicted of causing this case to go forward should additionally have removed from their pension funds double the costs of the General.
          Government employees who are crooked and corrupt only pay a price if they fo to jail.
          There have to be additional serious financial consequences if we are to stop this
          cesspool of crime in our governments


  9. TwoLaine says:

    Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How the FBI Trapped Flynn
    25 Oct 2019
    Hannity radio interview of/Sidney on these filings and more.

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  10. mtk says:

    Meanwhile over at Breitbart…

    A clip from article I am looking for clarity on is…

    In a footnote, the filing adds that former FBI general counsel James Baker “is believed to be the person who illegally leaked the transcript of Mr. Flynn’s calls to [Washington Post reporter David] Ignatius.”

    While the read through of actual PDF says something quite different…

    Flynn has requested the records of Col. James Baker because he was Halper’s “handler” in the OFFICE OF NET ASSESSMENT in the Pentagon. … Baker is believed to be the person who illegally leaked the transcripts…”

    To me this Col James Baker is a different person than FBI general counsel James Baker.

    It DOES NOT serve transparency for a major outlet, i.g. Breitbart to conflate(confuse) the issue that Flynn’s defense team is naming a Col. James Baker, yet the reporting over at Breitbrat is following a false bread crumb trail by saying it was the FBI general consul James Baker.

    Actually, it does a major disservice, since in the end by having the name confusion enter into social media discourses, likely enables the counter argument of those in the MSM pre-disposed to lable everything a conspiracy, to easily say, “You folks can’t even get your facts right and chasing down the who and what is all so big piles of BS leading to false ghosts.”

    Correct the record Breitbrat.

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    • mtk says:

      I write this because I did not see anything feedback mechanism to Breitbart for the linked article. I am trusting there are people in the CTH that can get this obsevation across to Breitbart more effectively with a two hop direct email, than I could ever possibly achieve.


      • snarkybeach says:

        you could send a note to the writer of the article or click the help link at the bottom of the site.


      • WRB says:

        Yes, OAN did the same thing, conflating the DOD and DOJ Bakers. Apparently both are involved, but the DOD Baker is the one suspected of leaking to Ignatius.

        I am thinking all these “ace” reporters have not figured out there is more than one Baker.

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    • jx says:

      James A. Baker III (DOS), fmr. Sec. of State under Bush
      James A. Baker (DOJ), Comey General Counsel, “Mr. FISA”
      James H. Baker (DOD), Director of the Office of Net Assessment, Department of Defense, involved in the Lovinger affair


  11. Perot Conservative says:

    Post the 37 page Powell filing where you can. I posted it several times on The Hill.

    MSM comment sections need it!


  12. fabrabbit says:

    Someone help me understand why Joe Pientka’s name is always redacted?


  13. deqwik2 says:

    Not too many are talking about how this brief shows how the FBI planted fake info to make it seem like Flynn lied to Pence which is reason why Trump fired him.

    In the early days of this, some people were upset at Flynn for lying about the phone call when he had the right to do it anyway. Mike Flynn Jr came out to defend Gen Flynn & said his dad didn’t lie to Pence & it was a big misunderstanding.

    Now we know. Gen. Flynn didn’t lie to Pence. The FBI faked the 302 & created the lie.

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    • deqwik2 says:

      I don’t have the tweet where Mike Jr. said it was a misunderstanding & that his dad nor Pence lied but here is where he came out defending his dad.
      When Mike Jr said his dad didn’t lie, the msm said if it wasn’t Flynn then it was Pence that lied. Looking back, you can see the damage that the corrupt FBI leaders did to our country.


    • Lisa in TN says:

      And I just recently watched old clip where Pence says Flynn lied to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pence is dirty.


    • jeans2nd says:

      We here at CTH knew the day it happened, that Gen Flynn did not lie to VP Pence.
      There are so many new people here that have not read the posts from 2016-7-8-9 that have missed so much.

      When someone such as I tells you Sundance was the one who initiated all that has transpired, you may take that to the bank.
      Many many many people have read here and stolen Sundance’s work and presented it as their own.
      You will know it when you see it – and you will – and you, too, will be infuriated.
      All the best, deqwik2


  14. snarkybeach says:

    Sidney is going to be on Lou Dobbs tonight to talk about her case. I will post video when I find it.

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  15. apcharles says:

    As the defense points out, Flynn talked to dozens of countries because that was his job as the new National Security Advisor.

    Obama’s administration was SUPPOSED to be working with Trump’s transition team. Who was Obama’s National Security Advisor?

    Susan Rice

    What is the chance that the Obama Administration didn’t know exactly who Flynn was calling and when? And since they were supposedly working on the transition together, did Obama’s team have anything to do with scheduling those calls to ambassadors across the globe?


  16. Valery Vebelfeltzer says:

    (5) ODNI James Clapper telling WaPo reporter Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn“.

    Sounds like conspiracy to me.


  17. Oldretiredguy says:

    Since all of this evidence of government corruption is now out in the open, can’t wait to see what other bombshells are coming from Durham. If true that Baker flipped, this thing is over but the crying

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    • John Bosley says:

      This shite reaches all the back to J.Edgar Hoover and probably even further.
      I doubt the American public will even know a teany tiny sliver of crap that has flowed through Washington DC.
      If they did, we would all be out in the streets with pitchforks ,rope , stringing all the Corruptocrats and Fecal Repubs up from any lamp post we could find.
      It would make the stuff done in the movie “The Purge ” look like child’s play.


  18. Dwayne Diesel says:

    As I was reading through the comments it was posted by someone that the judge ruled in favor of releasing the full Mueller report, unredacted and Grand Jury testimony, to the House.

    Now, I understand the precedent in releasing the GJ material. Not a good thing…but I started thinking. Trump knows how the swamp operates. Barr does as well. Both know Trump had nothing to do with muh Russia, so why not give them the unredacted version? Barr and Trump know what is in there and neither are concerned with it. But, Trump especially, knows how to play the same game the swamp plays.

    Bare with me….

    Maybe Barr withheld it because they (Barr and the President) knew the Dems would sue for it. The Dems are now on the record and it has been broadcasted by all of the MSM. Heck, I think initially they went in front of the cameras crying and demanding stomping their feet. Maybe, just maybe….it’s a big stretch, Barr only withheld to get them to get on tv, stomp their feet, demand demand demand and then sue. Because now if they do get the full document and it shows nothing then what?

    We Treepers know it will just become a buried news story by the MSM but now Trump can go on the attack claiming the report disappeared just like the whistle-blower. They wanted so much they sued and now they don’t want to talk about it.

    Like i said its a stretch but a thought that crossed my mind.


    • John Bosley says:

      The Dems want more than just the Mule head Report.
      They want ALL the raw data and Intel surrounding it.
      Everything, the whole enchilada.
      Hoping they can find a nugget in there that can be used to open more inquiries and hobble the President until the day he dies.


    • WRB says:

      The Grand Jury material and “raw intelligence” is filled with every dirty rumor concerning POTUS’s friends and associates. The dems have ready-made smears, lives destroyed, people driven away from working for the administration. Gee! What a great idea! /s


    • cboldt says:

      The GJ Rule 6(e) material is not Barr’s to release.
      One problem with this court ruing is that it finds the House is conducting an impeachment inquiry.
      The House is not conducting an impeachiment inquiry. It is operating totally outside of its own rules. There is no House rule on impeachment. Every time an impeachment case comes up., the House passes a rule to deal with it. It has not done so with this case.
      The judge is a political hack.


  19. Conservative_302 says:

    I just finished reading her filing as Sundance suggested. Everyone should. It’s written so that anyone from a sixth grader on up can understand it, but I say this kindly since I think that was her goal. Anyone who reads it will understand that the government set up Flynn. Like Trump has said, the coup are very bad actors. They bleed evil. Their corruption blows my mind. I hope the go to prison for a very long time. Poor Flynn. I hope he uses and gets his money back and then some.


  20. Wes Howell says:

    Exemplary work.


  21. rcogburn says:

    That this naked criminality even sees the light of day is amazing and gives hope for the future of the republic. I truly hope Flynn’s case is dismissed and he gets back what’s left of his life. They’ve done unimaginable damage to him and his family.

    We know what they did to Flynn and what they tried but failed to do to Trump (they’re still trying). What’s truly fascinating, and deeply disturbing, is the details that reveal how they planned to carry out political assassination, and how they saw themselves and their actions.

    Clapper’s “kill shot” remark say it all. These people were running the biggest, most daring, highest stakes international covert-operation of their lifetimes – regime change the United States of America – and they loved it. They were getting off on it!

    Their days were filled with thrilling cloak-and-dagger intrigue, often behind enemy lines. It must have been a huge rush for Strozk to question an unsuspecting Flynn in his own office, for Comey to brief Trump on the dossier, then give the green light to leaking it; for the Ohrs to play Penn Station with Chris Steele and Fusion GPS – and on and on.

    How did we end up with such craven, disgusting, evil people in such positions of trust and power?

    Besides Flynn’s own freedom and vindication, exposing the “sources and methods” of these criminals is a non-stop wake up call to every American. The criminal attack on PDJT and MAGA continues. Fence sitting Republicans need to stand up and do the people’s business, or we will make it very painful for them next year.

    Republicans have a choice. Fight these criminals today, or fight us in 2020.

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    • cboldt says:

      For every case where the misconduct sees daylight, there are 100 cases where it does not.
      The government is fundamentally dishonest.

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    • Republicanvet91 says:

      “How did we end up with such craven, disgusting, evil people in such positions of trust and power?”

      1. A gutless Republican Senate who refused to even consider removing Clinton from office after blatantly breaking the law.
      2. Gutless Republicans in both the House and Senate who refused to hold any Obama administration official responsible for repeatedly breaking the law over his 8 year reign of error.


  22. Carrie says:

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  23. Earl Smith says:

    Hoover used the FBI to obtain blackmail info on the whole Washington scene.
    The FBI crime lab was shown to routinely fabricate evidence back in the ’90s.
    Even in the OKC trial the lead scientist lied on the stand to hide the fact that the janitor routinely washed the lab down with ammonia chemicals (which were found on the wood chip evidence that was washed down the street during the downpour – which should have removed any traces).

    The FBI is a batch of lying scum who should all be dismissed if not imprisoned.


  24. Wouldn’t it be great if media scum got charged, like David Ignatius. Icing on the cake!


  25. Bogeyfree says:

    So if there is now a criminal investigation why does Durham just collect all the emails, texts and phone calls of key suspected people in FIB, CIA, DOJ and Congress who may have participated and see where that leads you?

    After all, there are enough international players and connections for a counterintelligence investigation.

    And as we have learned, it is OK to get a FISA warrant today and go as far back in time as needed to surveil legally right?

    Isn’t turnabout fair play!


  26. Conundrum says:

    1. Contreras recused.

    2. Judge Sullivan takes over, a judge known for his stand against prosecutorial misconduct.

    3. Sidney Powell, scalp taker and Weissman hunter hired.

    No way those three things happened by accident. No way. That is a perfect storm.

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  27. ezpz2 says:

    Wow…Jillian Turner just *reported* about this on Tucker (Mark Steny guest hosting).

    When she was talking about the ‘lawyer’ alleging the 302s were tampered with, she said that ‘Flynn’s lawyer….is not saying who they think manipulated that form.’

    What a liar!
    Or ignoramus.
    Or both!
    It says right on the filing: Lisa Page!

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Her entire *report* was very misleading. She put up a quoted response from the prosecution, without mentioning that said response was obviously to something else because it was dated October 1st!
      More than 3 weeks ago!

      Yet, she would have the audience (many of whom listen rather than watch) think that the prosecution’s response was to TODAY’S filing.


      • ezpz2 says:

        Just saw her again on the repeat, and to correct my former comment, Jillian Turner did say “earlier this month…” with regard to the response by the prosecutors..


    • ezpz2 says:



    • Jaap Titulaer says:

      The filing makes clear (IMHO) that Lisa was just one of the people who made edits.
      Hence the request for all copies, all versions and the audit history for the filing system.
      See Filing, section D.

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  28. Robster says:

    My fear is that Van Grack actually withdraws the case against Flynn in an effort to keep these documents hidden. Same with a dismissal, good in some ways for Flynn, but bad in other ways in that neither he or we get to see the Brady documents.

    Are the Mueller team prepared to let Flynn go in order to keep hiding their corruption.


    • Tess from Philly says:

      I have been informed by someone who should know that there’s no way a federal judge would let a case be dismissed after a guilty plea without a big, long, on the record explanation.


  29. Republicanvet91 says:

    “(1) Lisa Page edited the Flynn 302’s, then forgot when questioned by DOJ officials, then re-remembered when shown her texts. (2) The 302’s themselves were written with lies that do not match notes taken during the interview. (3) The felony leaker of the Flynn-Kislyak phone call is named (James Baker). (4) New texts from Page and Strzok that highlight the entrapment plan. (5) ODNI James Clapper telling WaPo reporter Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn“. (6) The purposeful use of Judge Contreras to take the December 1st 2017 plea agreement; and much, much more.”

    This is just delicious in knowing everyone in the media, politicians and leftist media had pushed the idea so hard that Flynn was corrupt. Now when he has a competent attorney not trying to throw him under the bus, they are all being hammered harder than if they would have left Flynn alone.
    They can’t cover things up when Sidney is making it public in her court filings. Those filings are not some fancy words in an IG report that obscures what happened.
    The contrast between what she is doing in her representation of Flynn and how his previous attorneys represented incompetence bordering on malpractice is amazing.

    What she is also discovering is a damning record that absolutely destroys any defense of Muh Institutions! There was thorough corruption throughout the leadership in the FBI and DOJ. Letting these evil bastards off to protect the institutions is like using boards from an old broken outhouse for living room furniture. It might look nice and rustic and historic, but the stink is a constant reminder of where it came from.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. nimrodman says:

    Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell was just on Fox, Hannity show with Jason Chaffetz subbing.

    About 25 minutes past the hour
    Friday 10/25
    look for a clip later

    only lasted 3 minutes, the time it took me to get a post up on the Pres Open Thread


  31. Republicanvet91 says:

    There have been references to Flynn being targeted as early as 2014. I believe the fact that they tried accusing him of having an affair in 2014 proves it.

    If he was not being watched then, why would they recall such details years later when they went to smear him?


  32. Dusty says:

    if not mentioned already, noting sidney’s exhibit 16…

    strzok’s contemporaneously handwritten 302 notes were doctored by someone other than strzok?

    so many little nuggets in there

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Retited IG says:

    Am overwhelmed by all of the info in this post, I LOVE Sydney Powell . Have her book, but had to slam it shut after I read some of it. Ms Sydney is a FORCE to be RECKONED WITH. Gives me the chills, As I hope she does to anyone else in her path.
    As I have been for YEARS now, I am,, deep in my belly,VERY DISTURBED that anyone in the FED has abused their CLEARANCE for the AGENCY they work for into a tool for their own POLITICAL and PERSONAL agenda.
    I don’t care anymore about who is going to flip or flop just so to HOPEFULLY save themselves OR perhaps to dream for even a polite slap on the wrist, for their TREASON.
    COLD ANGER. I have for SURE and in abundance.
    Don’t know if there are any other Treepers out there that have been through the NS clearance process, SNORT. I GUESS this whole process went by the wayside and was sidelined somewhere.when it became convenient for the Anti-Trump agenda;
    Piss test for drugs on a 24 hour notice. Reaming my companion with an investigation just for moving in with me. Oh but that all was so the early 20th century.
    I try to put myself in General Flynn’s ;place and find myself going ape shit wild and crazy with anger. FURY.
    Fledging a 302 interview in my time, would have been A FIRING OFFENSE. PERIOD. END of STORY. END OF CAREER AND BENEFITS. FIRED. I’ve seen it done.
    LISA, PETER, and all of you other flip flopping janx, DO YOU HEAR ME NOW? Work on getting a life devoid of treasonous acts.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. This case against Gen. Flynn was a hard core criminal effort from start to finish and it is only one very, very small part of a criminal coup against President Trump orchestrated by the Indonesian Muslim, non-natural U.S. citizen (yes, Donald Trump was correct all along) closeted homosexual and CIA front, Barry Sotero, and his choom gang, which includes two of the larger criminal organizations in the world, those being the CIA and FBI, along with the Clinton Crime Family, including pedo Podesta, and a whole cast of characters somewhat more usually behind the curtain like clap infected Clapper, Comey, Mueller, and others unknown who pull their strings, all if whom make Al Capone’s syphilis-infected, violently demented mind look pleasantly rational and kind by comparison. Clintons, the CIA, and the Bush Crime Family deal in narcotics, child trafficking, murder, and illegal weapons trade, intellectual property theft, and a whole host of illegal activities and they do all of it on our tax dollars.


  35. JPinBalt says:

    2016 10-19 Lisa Page text “DAG approves.”
    That is Deputy Attorney General SALLY YATES.
    And Strzok 2016 7-25 says “I’m charge of espionage for the FBI. Any espionage FISA …”
    Point blank admission FBI via FISA warrents were used for spying on Trump and info collected piped right into White House.

    This is so much worse than Watergate since government intell used for political spying, illegal FISA warrents via a DNC paid for made-up pissgate dossier. Watergate was just a botched burglary financed by private CREEP campaign funds with a cover-up which is a lot less than using the FBI, CIA, NSA and immense powers and resource plus massively expandec moderm current info collecting capabilities for political espionage. I am disgusted. People should go to prison.


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