Wait, What… DOJ Has Possession of Joseph Mifsud Cell Phones (Blackberries)?…

Inside an otherwise innocuous court filing (full pdf below), General Mike Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, files a motion to compel (MTC) in an effort to gain discovery of the content from two cell phones belonging to Joseph Mifsud.   [Hat Tip Techno Fog]
Apparently, according to the information within the filing, the DOJ has somehow gained custody of two cell phones belonging to Mr. Mifsud:

(Source Link)

The filing notes that “western intelligence” likely tasked Mr. Mifsud against General Flynn as early as 2014 in order to set up “connections with certain Russians” for later use against him.  Essentially, an intelligence entrapment scheme.
Unfortunately the filing only identifies the cell phones along with the request for production of the content therein.  However, the fact the DOJ has two cell phones belonging to Joseph Mifsud opens up a whole bunch of questions:

#1)  How did the US Dept of Justice gain custody of Mr. Mifsud’s cell phones?

#2) Were these Blackberry cell phones issued by U.S. intelligence? (unknown agency)

#3) Why has the U.S. DOJ taken custody of those cell phones?

#4) If #2 is yes, wouldn’t that automatically destroy the “Mifsud as a Russian intelligence asset” narrative?

#5) [Less important] How the heck did Sidney Powell find out about them?

Something is certainly happening here. The cell phone models are from 2011 and 2014.
With U.S. Attorney John Durham and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr traveling to Italy to listen to the taped deposition of Joseph Mifsud last month….. and now the discovery that the DOJ has his cell phones from a period of keen interest in the Russia collusion-conspiracy framework….  It would appear Mr. Mifsud might just be the Maltese Fulcrum.
In response to the defense Motion to Compel, the U.S. Dept of Justice told Ms. Powell: “if they determine the information is discoverable or relevant to sentencing” they will produce them.

(Source Link)

Here’s the full filing:

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493 Responses to Wait, What… DOJ Has Possession of Joseph Mifsud Cell Phones (Blackberries)?…

  1. L4grasshopper says:

    Ms Powell is the polar opposite of, say, Trey Gowdy.
    She’s all cattle…no need for a stupid hat ?

  2. fabrabbit says:

    Question #6. When did they obtain the cell phones?

    • everywhereguyy says:

      They got this US govt property back from Mifsud for “safekeeping” after his US IC assignment in 2016 (creating pretenses for monitoring the Trump campaign) was completed.
      What a story. Watergate is chump change compared to this. Where oh where are the Woodward and Bernstein of today in the MSM? Oh, I forgot, they are 1000% partisan and ignore anything that might “hurt their side.”

    • Maquis says:

      Sure. Calls, texts, and emails, and, possibly, if a secure US government issued Blackberry, maybe some form of a secure messaging application too.

  3. Sentient says:

    Hi Sydney, you animal, you! (Meant in a good way)

    • Duke of Cumberland says:

      That red boxed text up there? Sydney was probably winking at the Treehouse when she wrote that.

    • WSB says:

      Ha! Young Fraunkunstein!

    • tjkeller says:

      From Sydney on Twitter just a little while ago replying to that clown “stealth Jeff”:

      The prosecutors in this case have not admitted possession but I have it on good authority the “government” does now.
      The prosecutors should read.
      They should have sufficient information now to find them.
      “Certain persons in the government only recently came into possession of these phones that had been given to Mifsud to use. Of course, pretty sure bad actors knew of them previously–certainly the operation that gave them to him! ??”

      • icthematrix says:

        Get ‘em Sidney!

      • ann says:

        “replying to that clown stealth Jeff”:
        You got a chuckle from me re “that clown, Stealth Jeff”.
        Before the blessed day I found Treehouse, confusion reigned here.
        Stealth Jeff had me going, I’d found an authoritative expert. Ha!
        even apologised for being skeptical!
        Oh, I was ripe, after months of frenetic searching, tap, tap, tap. & such bizarre results.
        Ugly minded people out there!
        Sundance’s curated site is a sanctuary. Facts, analysis, deep dives, primary sources w sane, knowledgeable contributors. . .
        Sure, Judicial Watch, Clarice Feldman, a VERY FEW trustworthy sites, but I needed factbased interpreters to integrate.
        Above all, the unreason of politicos!
        Horrified as GOP drank deep of the Bucket of Russia BS Yates and that man. brewed up.
        Their credulous passivity was inexplicable! ,
        I’ve learned so much here.

  4. Linda K. says:

    Mr. Misfud gave them to AG Barr?

  5. Steve says:

    Would be interested in WHEN the DoJ came into possession of them.
    Just recently would indicate Barr is plea dealing with Roh and Mifsud or if they have had them for sometime and Sidney has been tipped off to their existence would indicate even more widespread corruption within the DoJ.

    • lolli says:

      Steve, my thoughts as well.

    • Somebody says:

      I think DOJ has had them. Misfud probably turned them over to Italian officials when he recorded his statement and asked for protection. My guess is the phones got the Hillary treatment and/or got lost. They’ll never see the light of day if Misfud is who he says he is. Although FBI could have put whatever they want on them to point toward Russia.
      If Barr had just come into possession of them I doubt Ms Powell would know that yet.

      • Some old guy says:

        Why wouldn’t Mueller’s sham of an investigation have given them the same treatment he gave the untecovered Strozk/Page texts then? If Misfud is and has been afraid for his safety, his phone(s) could have been leverage for him. I’m of the mind that he’s the source of the phones that he’s given to the Barr DOJ. If so, that tells you a little bit of what thought about Sessions/Rosenstein DOJ.

        • ann says:

          W NSA, i’d gathered it is not actually possible to eradicate data, .
          The NSA captures everything
          , one cannot destroy or bleach, i
          I’ve assumed those claims are handy talking points, to avoid disclosures.
          a priori status of “deleted” ?
          Its silly, as obviously other countries collected her & her gangs data.
          IMO. Humbly. ,

    • Rockitz says:

      Wondering if the Italian Police seized Mr. Misfud’s phones at the time of the deposition and then provided them to the US recently when the AG visited?

  6. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Sidney, I think I love you.

  7. Paco Loco says:

    What’s John Brennan’s number doing on Mifsud’s cell phone?

  8. markone1blog says:

    But Democrats have nothing to hide. Right, Schiff? Right, Pelosi? Right, Clinton?

  9. bayouwh0 says:

    The intricacies of the scheming to stop Trump and then later to try to depose, are mind boggling. Global powers turned against America. Obama’s hope and change, he was at the head of the snake.

    • ann says:

      When Sundance explains trillions are at stake, their willingness to abandon any presence of respect for the constitution, us, the nation’s international reputation,
      The open disregard for citizens, facts, global security condemns this clique as unfit for high office.

  10. everywhereguyy says:

    Bit by bit, everything is coming out. It’s been two years now, and is still isn’t all out, The wheels of justice grind finely, but exceedingly slow.

  11. PS says:

    What else happened in 2014…. oh right, Gen Flynn wrote his letter in support of Special Agent Robyn Gritz in a sexual harassment case against McCabe.
    Many believe this incident is the beginning of the retaliation against Flynn that got him on the FBI radar. If Misfud was tasked in response, well, this takes on a whole new dimension of criminal intent.

    • ann says:

      I also read quite a few desk jockeys under General Flynn became disgruntled
      To paraphrase, the hierarchical, clubby culrture was deficient, out of touch. Performance expectations were raised re willingness to get some field experience, outreach, etc.
      Sorry can’t cite source, but it wasn’t hostile, linked with background context
      W Robyn Gritz

  12. justlizzyp says:

    Can the Judge respond to DOJ and say ‘I’m the judge, so I’ll decide what is discoverable and what isn’t thankyouverymuchyoumaysitdown.”?

    • frances says:

      My first thought too.

    • James Acomb says:

      Absolutely. The “prosecution” does not get to decide what evidence may be relevant for a defendant’s defense. In fact, I expect the Judge to order all material be handed over to the court so he can make a determination.

    • Firefly says:

      Judge Sullivan directed the DOJ he decides what is a Brady – not the prosecutors. The law states that if questionable whether Brady the information is Bady- ie err on the side it is released.
      These prosecutors work for Barr. So it will be interesting why they responded so arrogantly. It will be interesting if Barr/Durham received the Tapes- or who in the DOJ received the first.
      The Upcoming hearings with Judge Sullivan will be most interesting. Can’t wait.

  13. California Joe says:

    In 2011 BlackBerry Cellphones were in widespread use by the DOJ and FBI. Every FBI agent and federal prosecutor had a BlackBerry issued to them.

  14. Gary says:

    How did Sidney know about the phones? I didn’t read the filing.

    • Pew-Anon says:

      It doesn’t say, which is why that’s one of SD’s questions. I can’t fathom how she would know unless a white hat on the inside tipped her off. If so, that’s a much needed good sign.

    • LULU says:

      Are some of us supposed to read the filing and then do Cliff Notes for those who don’t?

      • Rhoda R says:

        No. People can do their own reading. Except for tweet links – some of us don’t have the links showing up so a summary would be nice but not required.

  15. Roger Duroid says:

    Mr. Flynn isn’t going to be poor after this is over. His 1st team really let him down.

  16. Vince says:

    If George Webb is correct, these Blackberries feed a server dedicated to small groups working together on illegal activities. Find the server and the whole group is exposed.

  17. Interesting way to publicize the possession of the phones by the DoJ. How much of the lawsuit is simple PR….

  18. SteveT says:

    Never mind “relevant to sentencing”, how about relevant to the defence?
    The DoJ is not the correct arbiter of how the defence should proceed, maybe withdrawing the plea for instance or taking another course altogether. It should not be assumed by the DoJ that sentencing is the only option as a next step.

    • DesertRain says:

      I took a look at the Webb link posting. re Posting here to make it easier…
      “We told you Dmitri Alperovich of Crowdstrike configured the Blackberries for Mifsud, Millian, and Timofeev to recruit BOGACHEVA and Krylova for Fiona Hill and Andrea Chalupa to spy on Trump campaign in May 2016. Now Sydney Powell wants Mifsud’s Blackberry for the OCONUS lures”

      • Linda K. says:

        Fiona Hill again! Crowdstrike…Rudy, are you part of this?

        • spoogels says:

          Fiona Hill was exposed by Lee Stranahan
          But the real significant tell comes in the part of the article were discusses where she works for the Brookings institution.
          you see, at the same time Fiona Hill was the resident Russian expert at the Brookings institution, it was being run by Bill Clinton‘s college roommate Strobe Talbott.
          REPEAT: Fiona Hill, testifying against @POTUS today for Schiff and Pelosi is a PLANT in the Trump administration.
          Her treachery was entirely predictable.
          Fiona Hill spent 19 years at the Brookings institution, headed by Bill Clintons Oxford roommate.

      • jx says:

        Chalupa’s ultra-nationalist zeal for her grandparents’ country would make her an excellent target for recruitment by Ukraine intelligence.

        • jx says:

          At the time Ukraine was under heavy influence by the Democrats. Chalupa has a long term relationship with the Democrats & Clinton, closing the circuit. Another tick mark in favor of her recruitment potential.

      • Redzone says:

        Remember PT asked Ukraine about the “server” on the call? Perhaps, it was the Blackberry server he was referencing.

  19. Pyrran says:

    If those phones were in the custody of the DOJ, who here believes they still have anything on them that could compromise the CIA or the Deep State? I’d be amazed if those phones weren’t in a blast furnace or on the bottom of the Potomac by now.

  20. seanbrady says:

    Please reread the last sentence from the motion. This post misquotes it as saying:
    if they determine the information is discoverable or relevant to sentencing” they will produce them.
    That is only 1% as explosive as what it actually says which is:
    If “they contain information that is discoverable”.
    If the defense team’s quote is accurate, the government has gone out of its way to craft a response that ADMITS THEY HAVE THE PHONES.

    • covfefe999 says:

      I don’t understand your comment. Sydney Powell says the Counsel for the government wrote “If we [the prosecutors] determine that they contain information that is discoverable or that is relevant to sentencing, we will produce them to you.” Where are you seeing that different wording?

      • Cocfefe999, you ask, “Where are you seeing that different wording?”, with regards to the sentence in the filing that states, “If we [the prosecutors] determine that they contain information that is discoverable or that is relevant to sentencing, we will produce them to you.”
        The United States Government has just ADMITTED that they actually possess the telephones. The Government is NOT arguing about whether they do or do not have the phones, or whether the phones even exist. They admit to having possession of the phones, and the only thing they are arguing about is whether they should or should not have to turn them over to General Flynn.
        This is a very unusual thing for the Government to state. The expected position would be for the Government to deny that the phones exist. This would seem to indicate that the Government knows, that Sidney Powell KNOWS, that the phones are there, and it’s pointless to pretend that they don’t have the phones.

    • WSB says:

      The entire sentance is a hand grenade, IMHO. Possession of exculpatory evidence and un-Constitutional predetermination of an outcome that is only to be weighed within the Judicial Branch, not the Executive Branch.

  21. seanbrady says:

    Please reread the last sentence from the motion. This post misquotes it as saying:
    if they determine the information is discoverable or relevant to sentencing” they will produce them.
    That is only 1% as explosive as what it actually says which is:
    If “they contain information that is discoverable”.
    If the defense team’s quote is accurate, the government has gone out of its way to craft a response that ADMITS THEY HAVE THE PHONES.

  22. seanbrady says:

    Please reread the last sentence from the motion. This post misquotes it as saying:
    if they determine the information is discoverable or relevant to sentencing” they will produce them.
    That is only 1% as explosive as what it actually says which is:
    If “they contain information that is discoverable”.
    If the defense team’s quote is accurate, the government has gone out of its way to craft a response that ADMITS THEY HAVE THE PHONES.

  23. seanbrady says:

    Please reread the last sentence from the motion. This post misquotes it as saying:
    if they determine the information is discoverable or relevant to sentencing” they will produce them.
    That is only 1% as explosive as what it actually says which is:
    If “they contain information that is discoverable”.
    If the defense team’s quote is accurate, the government has gone out of its way to craft a response that ADMITS THEY HAVE THE PHONES.

  24. Putting On Its Shoes says:

    It seems I have a memory that FBI “interviewed” Mifsud in the US in February 2017. Perhaps they confiscated them then?

  25. highdezertgator says:

    SD “It would appear Mr. Mifsud might just be the Maltese Fulcrum.”
    The Black Berries were sealed inside the “Maltese Falcon” that was buried in “Schiffty Schiffts” back yard along with numerous other skeletons hidden there right next to the “Truth”.

  26. Jimmy says:

    I want Powell to be head of CIA and I want her to be tasked with purging the entire intelligence community as she sees fit.

    • Coast says:

      The reality is that these agencies (FBI, CIA) are national security threats to the USA. They should be eliminated.

      • Abolition Man says:

        Coast, you are entirely correct, the FBI and CIA need to be “fundamentally transformed” or eliminated! We need a citizens commission to look into this seditious coup attempt and come up with recommendations on how to prevent any recurrence. I think the commission should include Sidney Powell, Joe Digenova, Victoria Toensing and a few others. Maybe throw in Alan Dershowitz as a sop to the few honest Democrats. The perpetrators need to be stripped of all federal retirement benefits and should pay the victim’s legal fees in FULL!! They made up crimes, convicted the innocent and kept right on fomenting an open revolt against the most patriotic president in history! Hang ‘em all!

  27. hokkoda says:

    People identified in the IG report are given an opportunity to review the report prior to release. Since the IG is looking at FISA abuse and likely the monitoring of US persons, it seems plausible that Flynn appears in the IG Report, that the IG discloses DOJ possession of the phones, and Flynn/lawyer found out in their review.
    Also possible this info was leaked surreptitiously to Flynn’s lawyers, but that’s risky whereas the IG Report seems more plausible to me.

  28. Kent says:

    …..hey joe’s…..everybody knows…

  29. littleanniefannie says:


  30. Zippy says:

    #6 [-MOST- important] W-H-E-N did the DO”J” take possession of Mifsud’s phones?

  31. GB Bari says:

    I remain a very interested observer in the Treehouse.
    I have no speculation to add as to the path this information traveled to come into Sidney’s sphere of awareness. But sure as the sun rises tomorrow, it’ll come out eventually.
    Great catch Sundance.

  32. Ma McGriz says:

    “It would appear Mr. Mifsud might just be the Maltese Fulcrum.”
    Now words.
    Just silent adoration.

    • Zippy says:

      And it’s only CIVILIAN legal action to defend Flynn that brings Mifsud to the surface where he belongs where concerted, TARGETED investigation and questioning of him by “Barr’s” DOJ/FBI could have DESTROYED the Russia collusion BS LONG AGO. But, golly, he had “disappeared” (cough, cough…).
      How much more do you need to believe this is all a slow-walked farce?

    • L. E. Joiner says:

      That’ll be the title of the movie.

  33. JC says:

    Explosive. Sidney Powell, my respect, admiration and gratitude for you knows no bounds. Heard you interviewed yesterday – outstanding! Praying for you.

  34. Bogeyfree says:

    Didn’t PapaD meet with Mifsud also?
    I wonder if he has his cell number and if he tries it would it ring in the DOJ evidence room?
    Also shouldn’t PapaD’s lawyer also ask via discovery for every call made to and from these cell phones as well?
    Why stop with just Flynn?

    • Maquis says:

      Papa D took the jail time, he is not engaged by a prosecution, that case is essentially closed, and I presume it would take him attempting to sue the government in order to attempt to gain discovery. I would like to see that, but there’s only one Sidney and it’s a dangerous expensive proposition with so many opportunitues for the Derp State to “dismiss” the suit that the proverbial snowball in hell would be more likely to see a positive outcome.
      I do hope that everything eventually comes out so powerfully indisputably damning to the Derp State that many if not all the surviving victims of Obama and friends are exonerated and made whole. Not holding my breath, but cheering as the dike springs ever more irrecoverable leaks in its vast fissures.

  35. Deplore Able says:

    Sidney doesn’t just know the phones exist, she has all of the information including serial numbers and sim card ID numbers. How did she get that info?
    Michael T. Flynn (“Mr. Flynn”) requests the government be ordered to produce evidence
    that has only recently come into its possession. This evidence includes the data and metadata of
    the following two devices:
    Manufacturer BlackBerry
    Product 9900 Bold
    Model RDV71UW
    IMEI 351504055559948
    PIN 2B08EC98
    SIM Card ID 89441000302074582859
    Manufacturer BlackBerry
    Product Classic SQC100-1
    Model SQC100-1
    IMEI 359892051315486
    PIN 2BFD0057
    SIM Card ID 89441000300487623120

    • Bogeyfree says:

      “that has only recently come into its possession”
      Sounds like the Italy trip may have paid off!

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Team Trump is everywhere. White Hats everywhere.
      I noticed how the deep state enemies need use the same people over and over.
      At this point it feels like we’re a lot stronger than them.

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      As I said many months ago.. General Flynn wants to be in this position and he might’ve planned to be in this position years ago.
      He could’ve gotten off easily with some deal and enjoy his retirement but instead he choose to drive this trojan horse into the deep state.
      Several storylines seem to culminate right before the Democrat primary. Surely all coincidence 😉
      Lucky Team Trump..

  36. How do you think Judge Sullivan feels about this little revelation?

  37. Brian Colley says:

    According to George Webb Flynn had his own Blackberrie.

  38. gda53 says:

    Perhaps we should get together on a CTH pool, wagering on which event occurs first:
    1) Flynn’s case gets thrown out
    2) IG FISA Report is released
    3) Barr/Durham unseal indictments
    4) Brexit
    We seem to be hurtling towards a series of inflection points, happening more or less simultaneously. All of them are good news for our VSGPDJT.

    • they’re okay in the order you listed

    • Kent says:

      ten on Flynn convicted
      ten short on IG FISA meaning anything
      ten double down barr.durham don’t accomplish shit
      bet the farm Brexit ain’t gonna happen
      The lefties have us cornered…long time coming……brought to you/us by the muthamutha Chinese lobby….
      They gon’ go democratic..unh hunh….hide and watch….
      America is lost……because we have been sold out to the Chinese…..
      Thank you CFR….

      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        Next time you cry could you format it in a shorter way?
        Or even better.. cry in silence?

        • Kent says:

          gda asked for bets…I placed mine…
          We have been sold out…past tense…..for the past thirty….or more. years…..it’s over…said and done….cry to yourself when you finally get that…we’re fxxxed…..the Chinese won this round….
          What do you propose the next question is??
          How do we back the Chinese and their corruptive influences out of our economy?

          • Kent– Did you actually read the book? Brigadier General Robert Spalding repeatedly states that the book is written as ‘a wake-up call’, ‘an alert’, a ‘call to arms’. Multiple times the author cites a need for Americans to become aware of the China problem, but there isn’t a single instance where Brigadier General Spalding concedes defeat, and that there isn’t time to still remedy the situation.
            It’s disingenuous of you to assert otherwise; you ask, “How do we back the Chinese and their corruptive(sic) influences out of our economy?”. The book is very current, copyrighted in 2019, but time is required to write a book and get that book published. Brigadier General Spalding wasn’t able to see the progress, especially the exfiltration of U.S. dollars from China, that President Trump has accomplished in the previous 18 months. As more decoupling from China continues to progress, PDJT is doing the very thing that the Brigadier General stresses need to be done.
            Your sense of defeat is misplaced and unwarranted.

      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        Kent, you are distraught. Step away from the edge of the building, take a pill, and call me in the morning.

  39. Look for the phones to be accidentally ‘lost’, or perhaps damaged beyond repair.

  40. 2013gti says:

    DOJ probably already handed them off to Hildabeast for proper disposal.

  41. Greg1 says:

    Those Blackberries will be located right beside the ones Hillary turned in without SIM cards and shattered with a hammer…………and they will be in the exact same condition.
    If info has been left on them, presuming they are not or will not be physically destroyed, like Hillary’s, then they will be wiped as clean as Mueller had Stzrok and Page’s phones wiped.
    If the govt gives up relevant info from those phones the entire Mueller construct implodes. And they already made their excuses, and furthermore, declared themselves to be the one determining whether info is relevant. Not Sidney. That ain’t how is supposed to work.
    If they try this stunt AGAIN…………..I hope Sidney wears.them.out.

  42. We seem to be getting to a point where, not only do all the actors have to insist they believed the silly “dossier”, they have to deny they knew Mifsud et. al. were part of their own team to get out from under this . . but make no mistake, SOMEBODY knew.

  43. convert says:

    Best.Day. Ever: Pelosi admits House members returning from their little home district visits said hell and no to a vote on impeachment; Barr and company have Joseph Mifsud’s cellphone (and no doubt piles of other evidence); Project Veritas proves that Trump is 100% correct that CNN is no different from MSNBC and is, in fact, way more dangerous to democracy and a free people because they deliberately try to lie and deny their plotting and scheming and trick people all around the world with their propaganda. Good times.

  44. MicD says:

    I want to read just one yoga email. :/

  45. hokkoda says:

    Clearly not a “Clinton” / IRS operation…they all were smart enough to collect, wipe, smash and otherwise destroy their phones….lol

  46. bluebongo says:

    Wait, I thought he was a Russian asset….why would we have his phones then?

  47. Bryan Alexander says:

    Hello Conundrum.
    I’m guessing that the following situations apply:
    – If the phones exist, then Powell has proof.
    – If Powell has proof, then the DoJ can’t destroy them.
    – If the DoJ has the phones, then how did Powell know?
    – If Powell knows, then she likely knows why they were used and what numbers and messages might be on them.
    – If Powell doesn’t know, this is a World Series of Poker Final Table, Heads-Up, All In Bluff
    – The Small Group in the DOJ is “running the numbers” now to see if they can get away with lying about the phones.
    – At some point, this thick headed judge has to have an “Aha” moment and see this for what it is. I can’t believe a person can make it to a Federal Judgeship and be as stupid/clueless as this one appears to be.

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Well, she knows everything Flynn knows and Flynn knows A LOT!
      Trump and his closest team knows everything Flynn knows.(Many hours on Trump force 1 through 2016)
      Btw. I doubt that it’s that easy for the Judge if he does his job thoroughly. I’m sure he knows what’s up but has to judge in on what he has infront of him and if it applies to the Flynn case.
      Besides Team Flynn isn’t rushing either. They’re delaying too cause they want more info exposed.

    • warrprin1 says:

      That might depend on who’s threatening the judge.

  48. Pyrthroes says:

    About all any objective observer can make of this is that “storm clouds are gathering” about Mifsud et al.– that is, revealing Rats’ dezinformatsiya directed by Gangrenous’ operatives to sabotage both Trump’s election and his subsequent Administration.
    Verifying even one-tenth of this Brennan-Clapper-Comey “Intelligence Community” seditious libel amounting to actual subversion would incriminate every snuffle-grunting MzBill acolyte within a 100-mile radius of DJT. The question is, having lost control, can Rats’ lurking-menace Deep State apparat contain this threat, and if so– for how long?
    Even should a fellow billionaire like Michael Bloomberg, Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, attempt to knock off Trump, on-the-record he appears invulnerable to any squeaking Rat. More likely– how’s about a MzBill – Fauxcahontas ticket, sure to garner 50+ Electoral Votes? Should 2020 prove another 1972, 1984, Donk prospects might see 1860 – 1912 redux; and good riddance to ’em.

  49. NC Nana says:

    Sidney Powell has been one of the bright spots in all the chaos the corrupt government has laid at our feet.
    I think Truth, Justice, and the American way could easily be her motto.
    Thank God for her willingness to fight for justice.

  50. WSB says:

    What are the phones’ phone numbers, I wonder? LOL!

    • theresanne says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t already smash them with a hammer.

      • chipin8511 says:

        I told you guys get the goddamn phones George Webb has been saying this for 3 friggin years..Pelosi Shifty Warner Burr all of congress have them .Intl people there are 2 spy rings in Congress and that’s how they run their rat line for drugs weapons Uranium child trafficking oil…

        • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

          G.Webb is a disinfo agent jumping on every conspiracy, true or not, that’s out there and if there’s none available he makes one up. Very suspicious character.

          • John Rawls says:

            feel free to support your claim with evidence:

          • Orbanista says:

            He did seem to be slamming McCabe long before anyone else.

          • chipin8511 says:

            What G.Webb has been saying for 3 years is now coming mainstream. The key to taking them down is the communication system they use.This is about congress trying to protect their rat lines drugs weapons child trafficking Oil Uranium and more its their flow of campaign $$$$$ and how they get rich they are all comprised and being blackmailed both sides why do you think so many are quitting and not running they are all scared to death.The problem is the DOJ FBI CIA NSA DNI HLS are all corrupt run by SES members trying to disrupt Trump’s agenda at any cost..There are trillions at stake.Trump upset the apple cart. But who do you tell ? That is why Giuliani did what he did no one would listen COVER UP…they are all trying to protect each other. Graham the Mutt Romney are involved. They all belong to the exclusive club that does not have our best interest at heart ever.Follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$ lets see their tax returns and children’s tax returns,How do they become so rich?on a 180k per year…Where does the money come from for the rat lines and George Webb has uncovered it all MIC and corporations…We live in the most corrupt country on earth you just dont know it yet some of you do…Pray for Trump

        • Bogeyfree says:

          If true, then my guess is they are having a blackberry smashing party tonight.
          Better question…
          Could someone like Binney take the phones and somehow bust through their encryption software assuming there is something on each phone in order for Barr and the boys to see actual verbiage/direction?

          • trialbytruth says:

            Ino need the way this seems to be coming down the phones were probably surrendered to Barr and or Durham when they contacted Misfuds lawyer to get the taped deposition. If that is the case they have the passwords.

            • RAC says:

              I think (hope) you’ve got it right, and if the phones were in safekeeping of the lawyer likely not tampered with.

            • Dwayne Diesel says:

              I agree with this assumption. Why? Because it is now clear with out a doubt that Misfud is a Western asset. Misfud, as an intelligence asset, understands the CYA standard. As an intelligence asset undertaking these type of gigs, that keeping and maintaining the orders and communications with those positioned above you is vital to that CYA.
              MIsfud knew that if this ever came to light he would need evidence to CYA and to walk away with out injury. He would be smart to keep the phones and turn them over to his lawyer for safe guarding.

      • rmramerica says:

        Somebody call Hillary, we need an expert to properly care for them.

      • Zippy says:

        “I’m surprised they didn’t already smash them with a hammer.”
        Too obvious. Selective wiping would be better. Don’t bet against that having already happened.

      • molonlabe28 says:

        They will.
        These phones won’t see the light of day

      • Justin Green says:

        Rather than violate the law by destroying evidence, if the phones opened up more liability for the prosecution, it’s more likely they will just drop the case against Flynn. Better that than pile more lawbreaking onto the existing Mount Everest of broken laws.

      • Xbonesny says:

        Or wipe them clean…like with a cloth or something

    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      Way, way, way past popcorn.
      Gonna whip up a batch of spicy jacked-up Chex Coon-Ass Party-Trash and pass around some Bloody Marys extra Tobasco, and put the toilet paper in the freezer.

      • Truthfilter says:

        Hello from Thibodaux. I am very interested in your Coon ass Chex party mix recipe.

        • bocephusrex says:

          …as am I! Sounds like an excellent addition to our Deplorable White Trash holi-daze coming up!

          • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

            Truth and Bocephus…..I could tell you but then I would have to kill you….

            • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

              Just teasing?
              Substitute blackened seasoning (you can use Paul Prudhomme’s or Emeril’s….I make my own using smoked paprika) for the Lawry’s Season Salt, real butter (not oil), a few good dashes of Tobasco, and a couple of pinches of ground oaxaca pasilla chipotle.

        • Texian says:

          I remember when The Foundry was just a waterin’ hole..

        • Rex70 says:


      • Abolition Man says:

        Throw some horseradish in the Bloody Marys and you might need some dry ice for the T.P.! Enjoy!!

      • Cathy M. says:

        “and put the toilet paper in the freezer.”
        Gaawd I wish I thought of that way back when I lived in Nu Awlins & Lafeyette!

      • CountryDoc says:

        No time for popcorn. Be calling your senators and reps, asking them to find out what is going on. Inform them. Share the web links. Ask the specific questions. Ask why they’re letting Shiff run the show. Talk to your neighbors, post it on facebook and delete the spammers.
        We need to education those who will listen, make them doubt their smug “facts”, and keep the sunlight and questions coming.

        • Austin Holdout says:

          Checked in with all 3 of my Congress critters today, mostly to say “where the he// is your voice while the Dems in the House take a wrecking ball to our Constitution?!” Maybe now that McConnell has come out from under his rock, other members will speak up.

        • farrier105 says:

          This is the most productive advice a lot of people need to hear. This needs to be investigated just as many other facts uncovered in this site by Sundance and others. Don’t just write Members of Congress and Senators. Go on Twitter and send Tweets to investigative reporters with large audiences. Spread the news far and wide. Maybe someone with a large following will pick up on it and cause a chain reaction.

      • john says:

        Ok, I give up. Toilet paper in the freezer because it feels good later then you’re having the sh*ts?

      • JAS says:

        Toilet paper in the freezer!!! ROFLMAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week. ?????

    • TradeBait says:

      JMO – if they have not been bleached clean, those cell phones have been Mifsud’s “insurance policy” from which to cut a deal.

    • Zippy says:

      “Certain persons in the government only recently came into possession of these phones that had been given to Mifsud to use. Of course, pretty sure bad actors knew of them previously–certainly the operation that gave them to him!”
      And there’s the start of getting the most important question answered, who had the phones and when, but it has to go from “pretty sure” to “positive” on exactly who those bad actors were and when they took possession of them because those phones would have shown that he was working for Western intel, potentially kneecapping early on the Russian collusion’s “justification.” Of course, those bad actors probably WERE Western intel personnel.

      • Kintbury says:

        I think Misfud got the phones to Barr. It would fit with the recently came in to possession of. If that is the case, I suspect Barr told them. Now the people involved in this charade are messing their pants big time.

    • bocephusrex says:

      “Bill and John’s Excellent Adventure!”

      • mugzey302 says:

        I still like SD’s “the Maltese Fulcrum”!! lol

        • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

          So let it be written, so let it be done.
          Mr. Mifsud might even become a movie star!
          “Just pucker your lips and whistleblow…”

          • I am thinking that the HildeBeast is drawing an Arkancide ‘Target’ on Mifsud’s back as we speak. I would not be at all surprised if he suddenly disappeared or ‘committed suicide’ by shooting himself in the back of the head 6 times….. with a double-barreled shotgun.

        • farrier105 says:

          I called him “The Maltese Dummy” since Mifsud started his grooming of Papadopoulos too early in March 2016. Mifsud’s handlers should have told him to wait until Papadopoulos’ name was announced publicly as being on the list of “foreign policy advisors” to candidate Trump. By starting ahead of the public knowing, Mifsud revealed he had inside information about the Trump campaign.

    • The Obama Administration Intelligence Community, FBI and DOJ set up an American hero!!! A highly decorated United States Army Lt. General and former Director of Defense Intelligence Agency. A man whose hard work, determination and courage made a profound impact and invaluable contribution to the safety and security of our nation. If a man such as this can be screwed by the USA, what chance do any of us have against them? This must not stand!

      • doofusdawg says:

        Pretty clear that Sidney is not just trying to get Flynn off… but rather laying the groundwork for a massive civil suit against the government… regardless of who wins in 2020.

      • Sofa King says:

        One caveat:
        He went to work at RT.
        Don’t get me wrong, I like RT on occasion, but the optics are ALL wrong.

    • WSB says:

      Would a Russian use a Blackberry? Asking for a friend…

    • wlbeattie says:

      One is left to wonder if this may also have contributed the setback release date of the DOJ’s IG report?

    • BitterC says:

      After some thought & re-reading Sydney’s tweets…I believe “Certain persons” are Barr/Durham.
      At first I thought perhaps FBI or CIA had been sitting on them & Barr learned of them in Italy. But, as she goes on to say they were known about by the people that gave Mifsud the phones, I am leaning towards Barr/Durham getting those phones in Italy. If they had been in govt possession all this time I think she would have worded 2nd sentence differently

      • Kintbury says:

        I think they also have pap’s money which they are now checking for prints. They arrested him at the airport which was a bit desperate. Probably because they needed to make sure those bills were recycled quickly.

      • Dixie says:

        You must be right because if the FBI and/or CIA had been “sitting on them”, they would have already been destroyed…..probably with a hammer.
        After reading this thread, thinking of choosing a Blackberry? Think again…..you might be blocking the NSA but opening the door to China….
        BlackBerry the hardware manufacturer is no more….a Chinese company called TCL now manufacturers phones using the BlackBerry brand and running Android.

    • konagirl says:

      “Maltese Fulcrum”: Great play on words , Sundance. Whole plot becomes more intense and interest ?.

    • 1riot1ranger says:

      Be interesting to see who was communicating with Misfud. The possibilities are endless but conjecture is meaningless at this point

    • 1riot1ranger says:

      Wait…we’re quoting Brian Cates…is Sessions finally making his triumphant return, alongside Rosenstein, with HRC, Brennan, and Comey in cuffs?

    • cali says:

      @Sundance: To answer your question: These Blackberry’s were issued by the CIA who is running the current coup against president Trump.
      These phones were programmed by CrowdStrike and Imran Awan remember him/them?
      Mifsud was not the only one having this CIA encrypted/programmed phone: Fiona Hill the CIA spy and ringleader of the spy ring in the white house has/had one. So did the other congress critters involved in the coup. All coup plotters used these phones.
      Even our twin of no name aka Lindsey Graham used/uses such a CrowdStrike phone.
      Since Mifsud is fearing for his life and hiding I would guess that he turned his phone back over to Coats/Sue Gordon/CIA or whoever is threatening his life or Durham and Barr picked up this goodie in the second visit to Italy.

      • Linda K. says:

        I understand they want the phones as evidence of his communications and contacts, but is there anything else about them that is of value? Just proof he was a spook setting people up?

        • cali says:

          @Linda K: The Mifsud phones actually contain the exculpatory evidence of PapaD in form of conversation recording and more.
          PapaD was lured by Mifsud et al to London which Peter Strzok and Lisa Page labeled “Oconus Lures” entrapping PapaD.
          Conversations between Mifsud, Downer, Brennan and Comey just to name a few others so yeah Brennan will shortly start weeping.

    • Sofa King says:

      “…these phones that had been GIVEN to Mifsud to use…”
      Number #2 answered, Sundance.

    • JL says:

      Under the Yunis standard, the DOJ does not have discretion to determine relevance.
      Judge Sulliivan and the Court will determine relevance and what get’s handed over to Flynn.
      The DOJ is acting in contempt.

  51. Dutchman says:

    As to how ANYBODY found out,…..
    Who do we know who IS investigating, and in the past, while investigating Gov. employees use of cell phones, refused to take “no” for an answer,…THREE TIMES, and as a result uncovered a veritable GOLD MINE of information, from the page/stroxz texts?
    And, rather then keeping that info under wraps, released it?
    So, for that reason my GUESS would be that perhaps this starts with I.G.Horowitz.
    How Sidney found out?,…no idea.
    I also recall PapaD saying when he was talking to one of the IC operatives trying to entrap him (Misfud?) the operative kept holding out his cell phone, making PapaD suspect he was recording their conversation.
    But, he certainly wouldn’t have known the serial #. This is like a # of things that have ‘come out’ that Sundance has written about. Things he can NOT detirmine WHO authorised the release of, and that seem to help ‘our’side.
    IIRC, the Page/Stroxz texts is another.
    At one time, Sundance was speculating it MIGHT be someone in the DNI office, but that was months ago.
    Would be interesting to review all such info, to try to figure out who. But, perhaps not on a public forum, …

    • chipin8511 says:

      I am hearing the text that were deleted were talk of assassination per Doug Gabriel former NSA guy AIM for truth..Page Storkz

      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        Fake doom drama from sources that make up b.s. to keep people hooked.
        Douglas Gabriel aka Thomas Paine like George Webb is making up shit and is wrong time and time again.
        Posers, acting important, fishing for “crowdfunding”.

        • chipin8511 says:

          Everyone is entitled to their Opinion Sam..I can tell you George Webb has been on the money stuff that is coming up now he put out 2 to 3 years ago.. The fight is about protection congress rat lines for payoffs ..Drugs Oil Weapons Uranium Child trafficking and more.rat line $$$ why else would they fight so hard Biden is a prime example…Romney screams hard about Ukraine why his associate Cofer Black also on the Birimisa board in Ukraine.Shift and pelosi tied to Ukraine weapons dealers..He said get the Blackberrys its key to everything cut off their communications…Just look up Imran Awan …Pelosi and WAsserman /Schultz IT guy who ran the spy networks set up blackberrys CrowdSource also…

    • jx says:

      She has very specific identifying information about these phones. Perhaps Ms. Powell contacted the Italian government.

      • chipin8511 says:

        Pelosi is trying to save her whole family from jail..If this dont work you know whats next even though they have tried…I pray everyday… You want to see what goes on watch the mini series on Amazon Prime called The Night Manager…Bad guys and Intel agencies working together soon as rank and file good guys get close they shut the investigation down..MIC $$$ gotta flow that’s why they are mad at Trump he upset their $$$$$$$ 99% of congress is being blackmailed and corrupt that was Epstein’s job and why he had to die..The whole key to this in my opinion is Gen Flynn and if he gets off OMG the revenge he knows where all the bodies are buried he was in on it also $$$ they set him up to take the fall.Most all retired Generals are used for their contacts and get paid big $$$ by MIC..Can’t blame them Paterias is a very bad guy corrupt $$$$$..This stuff is so deep. Now its good vs evil and its WAR…Trump is by himself though who will help him Military Intel the rest cant be trusted….Military Generals ask him to run bet on it…And they will protect him best they can..Pray Pray Pray….Something has to turn this tide brainwashing propaganda MSM whores are in on it..

        • farrier105 says:

          Pelosi, and people like Romney who is also indirectly involved with Ukraine, should think about making a deal instead of play acting at impeachment. It isn’t helping them.

      • Dutchman says:

        How would tje Italian gov’t know the specific info, of misfuds cell phones?

        • Bogeyfree says:

          Only if Mifsud gave them to the government to give to Barr in exchange for a deal IMO.

          • jx says:

            That’s what I’m thinking.

          • gymcy81 says:

            if the phones were insured some place, the insurance carrier could have the cell IME number etc.
            Not sure what the protocol is for obtaining information on other persons insurance. (permission from the insured client)?

          • Dutchman says:

            Now THATS a possibilty. However, until I seesomething definitive, like the ONCE AGAIN delayed I.G. report, that has a summary/conclusion that matches the body of the report, AND doesn’t have all the ‘good stuff’ buried in a classified appendix, I am not putting any hopes on Barr/Durham.
            Reports they are here or there,…reports they are doing anything,…are just rumors.

        • Susan Bolle says:

          He is holed up in Italy and has likely been interviewed by authorities…just a guess.

    • ChampagneReady says:

      The one that was holding out his cell phone was Downer. The bastard in the bar in London.

      • Dutchman says:

        Ah, thanks. I remembered the generalities, NOT the specifics.
        Gowdy and Marie Baritoma, with a nudge from Nunes, have already outed they have transvcripts of the conversations misfud had with PapaD, Downer probably also.
        But, thesecell phones of Misfud COULD be gold. Which is why Prosecutors will fight like heck to prevent access.

        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          The potential is definitely stunning, but I only hope any restricted access is due to Barr preserving the integrity (evidence) of Durham’s investigation, and not Wray’s attempting to preserve his crooked, corrupt, TREASONOUS agency.
          I also agree that it looks like Misfud gave Durham the goods to try and get a deal. You know when Ol’ Sparklefarts’ butt-buddy, Renxi, is raising hell over in Italy, that somebody is over the target.

          • Dutchman says:

            So many nuts in the fire; theres THIS, theres the Ukrainian ambassador asking for intel on American reporters, ,..this stuff is leaking out all over.
            They can’t contain it, and there ‘have an investigation that,concludes with “mistakes were made, but nobody did anything wrong or illegal” just AIN’T gonna cut it.
            I don’t think they KNOW what to do! They are ‘at a loss’, and simply HAVE no plan. Desperation, like a trapped animal, with no place to go.

            • Mark L. says:

              “like a trapped animal”, Desperation could be their down fall. Things don’t seem to be lining up for the Dems or MSM these days.

      • Holmes says:

        I specifically remember Downer saying in a TV interview that he did NOT record his conversation with Papadopoulos. I think it was a BBC interview earlier this year, can’t remember. I made a mental note of Downer’s statement because I thought he was probably lying.
        Would be nice to see THAT Clinton Foundation supporter’s lie exposed. Not that anything would come of it.

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Cause maybe just maybe Team Trump is everywhere, knows more than they appear to and are actually following a plan(not Q nonsense) and Trump was never as isolated or oblivious like it might’ve seemed..
      Just imagine what Flynn told Trump on his long flights through the country in ’16..
      What was their plan, their idea on how to drain the swamp, going into the next 4 years?
      Well,.. we see it. Look back on what was revealed all along and how it all aligns.. Couldn’t have happened without a big team going for the same outcome..

      • sickconservative says:

        Good point and doubt Flynn wouldn’t tell everything.
        Really hope the truth comes out soon.

        • chipin8511 says:

          Flynn was in the deep-state compromised working on huge nuclear reactor packages big $$$$$ he flipped.. Obama hated him he was targeted and setup remember most Generals are used by MIC greed is a funny thing…..Flynn Papa-D Page not who you think they are they just got used and setup…All dealmakers for $$$$$$$$ in their field of expertise…

      • Dutchman says:

        Small team, I suspect. For seriptiscious, small is better.
        And to whatever degree their are,white hats, they are being VERY serriptiscious.

      • trialbytruth says:

        Anybody seen Trump’s personal body guard from the good old days?

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Somebody should tweet PapaD and see if he has an old Mifsud cell number?
      And also ask him did he ever turn over serial numbers to Barr or Durham?

      • Dutchman says:

        How would he get serial #’s?
        Although, he probably does have sn old #. And some whiz kid could probably GET the serial # and sim card #, from the phone #?
        These hacker types can do all sorts of stuff?

      • dwpender says:

        I hope George also has Azra Turk’s cell number.

    • DeWalt says:

      Could be a squirrel. May not contain anything but would start a whole new conspiracy to muddy the water. Ownership of the phones is an interesting question and I would suspect they are U.S. Government property.

    • petey says:

      Sid got a heads up from DJT,he s had all this stuff since he was elected, he scooped it up after Rodgers informed him of the wire taps. if he dumped it all at once the media would just cover it up. getting it to Sid allows her bring it out in court. DJT don t never ask a question he don t have the answer to. he s building a mountain of evidence against the bad actors who will be crushed by it . when he recommends disbanding the FBI and CIA most Americans will agree. along with the space force will be a new intelligence agency that can work inside and outside of the USA. with the failures of FBI and CIA see 9/11 Boston, Las Vegas , bin laden and spying against americans we can do better. buy pork futures the chinese are killing pigs and are screwed, buy corn futures because we will be eating a lot of popcorn during the trials. gonna be fun

      • mcmahon says:

        the Chinese own Smithfield pork

      • Dutchman says:

        One of the problems with the I.C., among many is there USED to be a ‘natural’ rivalry, a competition between the FBI and CIA.
        Along the lines of the Founders thoights, on dividing the government up, and establishing a dynamic tension, between the branches (to avoid tyranny) the rivalry actually was a GOOD thing.
        After 911, when they were ordered to ‘play nice together’,…well, they did!
        And, just look at the result!
        So, I don’t think we want one agency that operates both inside AND outside the U.S.
        THATS what,we have, now. Ironically, when Truman created the CIA, he intended it to be a tool for POTUS; to get intelligence (information) on our enemies.
        And hear it is,spying ON the POTUS, and trying to topple him.
        Its definetly too big for its britches, and has to be reigned in.

        • Aeyrie says:

          You make a very good point about healthy tension between agencies. “Shatter it (CIA) into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”, like JFK wanted to do. IMHO.
          By the way, Dutchman I don’t want to be the spelling police or embarrass anybody, just wanting to be helpful. Correct spelling is “surreptitious”. It’s a tricky one. Almost had it wrong myself by putting in a c in instead of the last t. Good thing I checked before I hit the post button! 😉

          • Dutchman says:

            Yeah, I got tired of auto correct,…and turned it OFF. Although, SOMETIMES it gets things,right, like when it changes “FBI” to “FIB”,..Lol.
            And, got tired of constantly doung follow up posts, to CORRECT the darn auto correct, like “I meant PHONEY, not PHONE!”.
            So, there are some words I spell phonetically, hoping most readers can get my meaning, cause I don’t want to turn the stupid auto correct on, just for one word.
            I usually KNOW I’m spelling it wrong.
            Also, only have a stupid ‘smart phone’, no computer, so can’t open a seperate window, during a post, to check for correct spelling.
            I hope most commenters won’t be put off by my occasional mis spelling.

  52. James Acomb says:

    Don’t forget that President Trump signed an executive order granting AG Barr authority to declassify as he sees fit. Fairly certain that Mifsud just wants out of the game now, and passed along some information to Barr/Durham last week. …

    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      Had to have been Barr or Durham. And that brings us to Mifsud’s whereabouts since the Comey firing.
      Oh, what a story this dude will tell.
      Watch Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein, WP/NYT run for cover like roaches when the kitchen light flips on.
      Fits in with the Simpson mea culpa.

      • jx says:

        Once Mifsud’s presence in Italy became known Powell could have contacted Italian agencies who then provided the identifying information. These particular phones are certainly significant in her client’s defense.

        • Linda K. says:

          Maybe General Flynn still has a few friends in intel who tipped him off.

          • dwpender says:

            I’ll bet General Flynn has many, many friends in DIA and elsewhere in the military. They probably were perplexed/disappointed for the longest time by his plea (and silence). Now that Sidney is aboard, and she’s mounting a REAL defense, his friends on the inside see the whole picture and are probably coming forward in droves to offer helpful information.

    • covfefe999 says:

      Notice what Sidney said, the the phones “had been given to Mifsud to use”. Given to him by whom?

    • Bogeyfree says:

      But George did you ever provide Barr or Durham with serial numbers to trace? Simple yes or no will do!
      Time to bust this wide open.

    • Mifsud wants out because he found out he’s collateral damage; i.e. – expendable.

      • Rhoda R says:

        “The Spy that Came In from the Cold” didn’t end all that well for him either.

      • Mark L. says:

        Every one is potential collateral damage.
        Your mission Joesph, should you decide to accept it, … As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape/disc will self-destruct in five/ten seconds.

  53. ChampagneReady says:

    So Mifsud was setting up FLYNN too ? There is just no bottom to this barrel.

    • chipin8511 says:

      I told you guys get the go***amn phones George Webb has been saying this for 3 friggin years..Pelosi Shifty Warner Burr all of congress have them .Intl people there are 2 spy rings in Congress and that’s how they run their rat line for drugs weapons Uranium child trafficking oil…They have their own satellites to run these spy rings setup by Eric Schmidt 30 times to WH to visit Choco…aka The jug ered Jesus of Chi-town aka Obama the Kenyon…Intel agencies are all corrupt what will Barr do is the question he is former CIA These guys are all friends for life…

      • DeWalt says:

        My guess. Nothing will happen. It’s a slow motion cleanup operation.

      • farrier105 says:

        George thinks the Awan Brothers hacked the DNC, too, does he not? Luke Rosiak suspects the Awans had motive, means, and opportunity to get into that network just like an Advanced Persistent Threat could do it. The Awans would look like users. The “Act Blues” stunt used to get Democrats to go to the wrong Web site to make Congressional campaign contributions sounds more like the Awans than Russian intelligence agents. Stealing donations sounds more like the Awans taking advantage of the opportunity to steal money along with the emails to create Trump-Russia-Wikileaks hoax by SELLING (More $) the emails to Wikileaks.

    • Linda K. says:

      Just a job, for a spook.

  54. Julian says:

    What do they mean “If”?

  55. Margaret Berger says:

    We live in amazing times. This story is going to have a female riding in on a white horse to save the day! I love the equality that is America.

  56. MaineCoon says:

    “How the heck did Sidney Powell find out about them?”
    The Great Sidney Powell is still great.

  57. Chilidog says:

    Surely these phones have been wiped. Maybe the point of the filing was to make the public aware that Mifsud was a western intelligence asset and that the US government provided him cell phones to conduct operations.

    • covfefe999 says:

      I think the phones were recently acquired, perhaps by Barr? I wouldn’t worry about Barr wiping them, and Powell seems to be certain that what’s on them contains exculpatory info.

      • Kintbury says:

        I think you are correct and that is why she has all the details on the phones themselves. That part is truly amazing and those guys cannot substitute something else.
        This is going to be good.

  58. Right to reply says:

    I keep saying they have been spying on Trump for YEARS! Ever since the FBI wiretapped Trump Tower in 2013 to listen into the Russian who had rented a suite there. He was arrested for money laundering etc, but I believe they overheard Trump in 2013 saying he was running for President, and they then kept the wiretap going.

  59. Shyster says:

    The motion seeks to compel the government to “… produce evidence that has only recently come into its possession…” (Motion, Page 1, par. 1). Since the evidence has only recently come into the governments possession, I surmise that Barr and Durham recovered the phones when they met with the Italians this month and viewed the Misfud deposition. May be wrong, but seems probable. The next question is did the DOJ itself disclose the recent acquisitions to Sidney or did she learn of such through some other source, and if so, who. Interesting to say the least.

    • covfefe999 says:

      Would there be any sort of ethical issue if someone on Barr’s team disclosed the info to Powell?

      • Shyster says:

        Probably, but I am just spit balling, they are attorneys and have ethical obligations and fiduciary duties to the government as their client as well as duties governing their conduct in practicing before the Federal Court. But like I said, spit balling.

        • Linda K. says:

          Someone may have wanted to get this information to the public, but didn’t want to try leaking to the msm, and gave it to Sidney or Flynn to use in his defense? Trump could have given it to them or Rudy, if he knew about it. Would not be illegal for Trump to allow Flynn to use in his case.

      • Jaap Titulaer says:

        Not if some FBI agent went rogue. Happens all the time you know.
        Two can play that game 🙂
        Won’t really help the bad guys to argue that some righteous dude leaked this too early.

      • Leon0112 says:

        What if Barr is in a fight with Wray and the Flynn prosecution team about declassifying documents and information about the phones? If Barr takes his Brady obligations seriously, then he gives Powell the information about the phones and her motion to compel becomes the hammer for Barr to win the fight with Wray and the Flynn prosecution team. If that is what is happening, I am not sure what the ethics of this are.

    • WSB says:

      What about evidence of who ISSUED the phone?

      • Rhoda R says:

        It counts in the bigger coup picture, but what is on those phones may help Gen.Flynn in the short term. Ha! Twofer!

      • farrier105 says:

        Try tracking the serial number along with the name of the person supplying the Blackberry. There is ALWAYS PAPER about this stuff inside the bureaucracies. These Blackberries are on a paper or electronic record somewhere. Someone/some entity has to pay the Blackberry bill. This is where CIA Proprietary Companies, and entities that launder CIA money (Soros organizations, various tax exempt foundations, etc.) might be the ones paying the Blackberry bills.

  60. Jim Smith says:


  61. What Barr is prosecuting is far more than what happened in Flynn’s case.
    The coup trail leads to Obama.

    • chipin8511 says:

      Amen Besthope I want that Jug eared Jesus of Chi.town taken down

      • No AG in our history has attempted a prosecution of this magnitude against the highest ranking members of our govt. .. including a former president, a former secretary of state, a former CIA director, a former FBI director.
        It must be done perfectly.

    • sDee says:

      Heck, Misfud himself could have told her they were on the way.

  62. PBR says:

    Obama hated Flynn and had him fired. The goal- to protect the Iran deal that Flynn vehemently opposed. Obama and his cronies continued a disinformation campaign to discredit Flynn when he was selected by Trump as NSA.

  63. mylabs5 says:

    Flynn was forced into retirement in 2014 due to a set up by Stephan Halper over a rumor he fabricated about Flynn and a Russian woman/agent. Flynn, in his book, maintains he was fired by Obama for taking a stand against radical Islamism. The thin skinned Obama with Brennan could have used Hapler involvement to justify. I’m not aware that Flynn ever was involved with a “Russian woman”.
    The counter intel ops started in 2014. Both Halper and Misfud were agency assets who worked together in these kinds of ops….with Brennan directing them. So it can be safely reasoned that Brennan set the op under orders from Obama. It’s a classic agency ops.
    Obama knew all of this. He had to approve the op since it was counter intel.
    Here’s the silver lining. Insiders are leaking to Sidney Powell…just as they are leaking to John Solomon. Thank God for the few patriots still left at these various agencies.
    Quick PS…this is exactly the same op going on with this so called whistleblower. My red flags went up when I read that the “WH” source was very upset about the call. That had to be a woman. No man would react so emotionally. Enter Soros puppet Fiona Hill. Then the Bolton news that has not been corroborated yet. I don’t doubt that Bolton is somehow involved given his Global size ego. But I’m going to wait since this would be the end of Bolton for any position ever again in any capacity with the gov and I don’t think he’s that stupid to burn all bridges.

    • dissonant1 says:

      mylab5, the “Russian woman” was Svetlana Lokhova (@RealSLokhova on Twitter), whose involvement with Flynn extended no further than being a co-attendee at an academic conference. She’s spoken out regularly about how she has been a victim of this hoax.

      • mylabs5 says:

        Thanks, I do know about her. By saying “involved” I meant having an intimate sexual affair with (similar to what Petraeus did). I guess I should have been more clear. Sorry…sometimes my upbringing comes through with my semantics (Sometimes..LOL).

        • Dixie says:

          I remember a picture of her sitting at the same table with Flynn at some dinner function….just happenstance, but a big deal was made of it.

    • Add to the list of targeted / entrapped Americans as enemies of the 0bama regime:
      Gen. Petraeus
      Dinesh D’Souza
      Joe Arpaio
      Sen Bob Menendez (D – Anti-Castro -NJ)

      • Zy says:

        There were also some journalists like Fox News reporter James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, and Michael Hasting, critical of Obama, died in a car crash.

      • Pelayo says:

        Add Roger Stone. The crap that Judge has pulled on him should be dealth with with her disbarrment.

      • mcmahon says:

        I would never put Menendez in the same paragraph with the other men he is corrupt and deep state

    • chipin8511 says:

      Bingo Bingo Bingo My lab 6 years Fiona Hill worked for sore ass Soros.

    • Rhoda R says:

      That “Russian woman” was a Brit intel set up and she is now suing them for defamation. Seems she was just an innocent academic who was seated next to Gen Flynn at some dinner or something and that was her ONLY contact with the General.

    • Despicable Me says:

      Not sure why but my reply to your comment is not posting here.

  64. Zy says:

    Phones only used for wedding plans and yoga study?

  65. gsonFIT says:

    I know that our IC favored Blackberry phones for their encryption and security. Blackberry has become a fairly obscure phone. Will be interesting to see what kind of phones Halper, Downer , turk et al used.

    • chipin8511 says:

      George Webb get the blackberries you got them all 3 years ago he said it…Rat lines in congress for weapons drugs Uranium child trafficking…

  66. thedoc00 says:

    Something to consider when pondering why some evidence, i.e. cell phones or other I/T, still exists. When a conspiracy consists of so many rotten people (who are not imitate associates), hidden but known “Doomsday or Deadman Files” are created. That is the weak link in this entire rotten enterprise. The coup consists of essentially an ad hoc group of bad actors, who do not trust each other.
    If the President has a sizable, reliable DoJ and IC leadership core, this coup would have been smothered in the cradle. Tracking down hidden doomsday files would not be hard with this group of conspirators.

  67. Lindy says:

    Can you really locate a cell phone by using the IMEI number?
    It’s listed right there in the filing paperwork, right after Manufacturer, Product and Model.
    Is that what Sydney meant when she said they should “read”?

    • chipin8511 says:

      They have their own dam satellites set up by Imran Awan paki spy in congress 15 years Nancy’s trusted staff,,,, Eric Schmidt google set the net works up he visited the WH over 30 times…Crowdsource run by a former FBI guy and a Ukraine spy Demetri Aplervich setup phones along with Imran Awan.. The phones are the key grab the phones from congrees bingo its over…. They use Apple now also not just blackberrys.

    • PoxOnTheDnc says:

      Every phone call, block of data, and SMS creates a call detail record or CDR for billing (even if the user has an unlimited plan) the CDR includes the phone number (MDN) and the IMSI, and the IMEI (or the ability for a carrier to associate the IMEI). For law enforcement it’s a simple phone call to the carrier to get the info.

  68. Publius2016 says:

    They really believe the American People are dumb…16 said it best: “you can’t fool all the people all the time!”
    45 said it the other day: so many came in bright eyed and bushy tailed but now so many many have had their lives destroyed…for what? a hoax? Lies? witch hunt? Sad!

  69. GSparrow says:

    Gen Flynn isn’t the only Trump related person that the DOJ and Intel spooks have been hiding exculpatory evidence from at every evil intended opportunity. They’ve been doing it to the President since before he was elected and are still doing it with relative ease by caterwauling the word “classified,” so the public can’t learn more about the truth. The intention is to maintain their political fantasy; not discover the truth. The corrupt spooks still in office are apparently preparing to hide as much inculpatory evidence against their former corrupt spook colleagues and as much exculpatory evidence as possible if it benefits POTUS from Horowitz’s IG Report.
    Nothing’s really changed except for the 2 recently added Rudy “associates” to the tally of the SDNY indicted while the Coup side remains at an unchanged and cozy zero. The corrupt spooks can now leak 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th hand etc. classified info or make it up completely at will and with impunity but the public are still forbidden to learn all the facts.
    If the spooks manage to redact 10-20% of Horowitz’s semi-watered down report can P Trump still read it all or would the howls of Obstruction and interference in an Investigation emanate from every Dem blabbermouth and every corrupt and aligned media source. Every day another chip is hacked out of the foundation that bares the weight of the Constitutional Republic. How many more unopposed hacks will it take for the tumbling to begin in earnest is uncertain, but it’s getting closer to that turning point every day and those that can prevent it are powerless to stop it or not yet noticeably and seriously engaged. It’s only the greatest country ever created in the world. What’s the big deal?

  70. Abolition Man says:

    Can General Flynn be restored to his rightful place as national security advisor to the Trump administration? I hope there is a large book contract in his future as well, as I would pay good money to get the inside scoop of how this cabal of seditious snakes was disentangled and chopped into little pieces. If things keep moving in this direction I’m not going to need all that extra ammo; maybe we could have CTH short and long-range shooting contests! Not until we see some arrests and convictions.
    Nothing finer that a sexy, naked woman holding a gun; except for a smart, conservative one with the future of our nation in her sights!!

  71. Bogeyfree says:

    Break their Blackberry encryption assuming there is and my guess is things will change instantly!
    I wonder who in Congress still carries a Blackberry?
    Can Tom Fitton FOIA a list of all congressional members who have been issued and still have in their possession a government Blackberry?
    I wonder if Mr. Binney can look at the two Mifsud Blackberry phones and tell us anything?

  72. Former lurker says:

    Sydney Powell is an American patriot, a hero of our times and has the sort of courage and love of American ideals that unmatched in our capital, with the exception of PDJT.
    She may force me to revisit my view of lawyers, she’s that good.

  73. Joey Bagadonuts says:

    Any one else think this is a little fishy or am I just paranoid??

  74. Bogeyfree says:

    Because this is the hot thread tonight and we like winning, Ty Clevenger just post the response from the FIB on his recently filed motion from 11/8 on the Seth Rich/Ed Butowsky court case.
    It sounds like the judge has called a meeting for this Friday to rule on the FIB’s response.
    With a little luck maybe Ty like Sidney can blow the lid off the DNC Russian Hack Fraud.

  75. appraisher says:

    “If we (the prosecutors) determine that they contain information that is discoverable or that is relevant to sentencing, we will produce them to you.”
    So, our justice system is at the point that the prosecution can use information that was illegally obtained against a defendant, hide exculpatory evidence if it’s damaging to their case, and decides on it’s own what and when they will or will not produce, even though ordered by the court to expedite.
    No wonder the Feds rarely if ever lose a case, and when they do, Weissman gets to shrug it off and continue using his law license to persecute rather than prosecute.
    Nice gig if you can keep it.

  76. Rich Gorman says:

    There is absolutely NOTHING happening here ( regards lying , unscrupulous , evil. cheating , win at any cost LAWYER / PROSECUTOR / INVESTIGATIVE TACTICS ) that I have not personally experienced in Tallahassee court rooms in 2003 / 2004 / 2005 and in later ” trashing by the Fla. Bar ” of a valid Bar complaint by me against a cheating prosecutor. The Fla. BAR declared the BAR COMPLAINT valid in May 2008 . It was proven true and valid.
    But then, in July 2008 the LEADERS OF THE FLA. BAR threw my COMPLAINT in the trash and let my son sit in prison. You see , these ELITE FLA. BAR Board of Governors lawyers ( 52 ) were too frightened to admit the TRUTH. They were pre- occupied finding a way for the State of Florida prosecutors to GO EASY on a certain Jeff Epstein. All in July 2008.
    Thank God I got all these facts to POTUS.

  77. rayvandune says:

    As for how to purge the IC of corruption, there is a lot to be said for solutions that end with
    “… and let God sort them out.”

  78. Blind no longer says:

    Please please please let this be the crack that breaks it all wide open!!!!

  79. Bogeyfree says:

    Would anyone be surprised if a FOIA request exposed that there are over 300 government issued Blackberry’s still active in Congress. (Just picking a number)
    Then wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many are in the hands of Republicans and which ones?
    It might just explain a lot.
    Calling Tom Fitton…..

  80. icthematrix says:

    This is potentially the biggest little moment in this saga for possible justice. Must admit it’s been discouraging at times, frustrating most of the time, just waiting with hope. Trusting our Lord to protect President Trump while rooting out these evil thorns is difficult, but I do put such monumental tasks on His shoulders…as He asks us to. Hearing the interview recently with John Solomon and Rudy talking and grinning, saying the next two weeks were going to be BOOM BOOM was the first sign of something…anything that might start a counter offensive. Now THIS. I’m starting to get that feeling.
    “I feel the need….THE NEED FOR SPEED!” Go get em Maverick.

    • Dixie says:

      I think we need Superman. And Batman and Robin. Might as well add Columbo. And who was that vindictive guy who always extracted vengeance on perpetrators and got away with it? Him too.
      Not making a joke of your comment which, incidentally, was a good one. We just need all hands on deck, imaginary and otherwise.

  81. Zy says:

    Schiffty “subpoenas” phones. He claims they are integral evidence of Ukrainian/Trump corruption. Contents cannot be exposed due to national security concerns.

  82. Bogeyfree says:

    Any chance they used Mifsud in Ukraine and with these phones it might assist in exposing all the sins that took place there with various Americans?

  83. I’d say that was worth Barr’s travel to Italy to pick them up.
    Haha! Looks like the Italian govt had its own “Insurance Policy.”

  84. MD says:

    If they have phones from this guy, what else do they have and from whom?

  85. mtk says:

    Regarding, “Asking the right F’ing Question(ATRFQ)?”
    Is it an unrealistic observation to say, “The needs driving origination(predicate) and TDS just crossed massively into pre-escalator territory.”
    Another ATRFQ would be, “What the heck could the counterintelligence operation be hiding, such that the lessor of two evils is to drive the Nation into a Constitutional Crisis at all costs?”

    • QCM says:

      That the country has been run by the CIA shadow government since 1963.

      • Dixie says:

        There is a video about that, more than one I believe. Was on Youtube. Gone now. Wiped by the insidious powers that be who seem to be controlling the internet.

  86. Jballz1187 says:

    I wonder where she is getting such detailed information about IMEI, PIN, SIM Card, etc.?

    • Margaret Berger says:

      MTK, Prehaps the answer to that question is hinted in AG Barr’s speech at NortreDame. Epstein maybe dead but not forgotten.

  87. John Lott says:

    Love that pic at the bottom of the article, there’s a storm a comin to DC!

  88. Doppler says:

    Deep state aka the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Love Sidney Powell. Love General Flynn. Hope we all come to love Judge Sullivan. Appreciate the comment above that this conspiracy had too many participants who didn’t know/trust each other. Untied up loose ends from DC to London, Italy, Australia. Obama lacked any executive skills, should be played by Don Knotts in the movie. DJT on the other hand has executive skills like no politician I’ve ever seen.

    • spoogels says:

      She had served in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations in similar policy positions earlier. She had been affiliated with the center-left Brookings Institution, which is no Republican redoubt. She came from a leftwing part of northern England.
      She spent her entire academic time in the states in the faculty lounges of woke Harvard University. She also had an affiliation with Soros front group, the Eurasia Foundation, and Soros is very much at odds with Russia over precisely his NGO activity. So, it’s likely she never interacted with a conservative in her entire life.
      But someone, apparently one of the managerial generals of the Trump era, decided ideology didn’t matter. Hill was bright, she hated the Russians like he did, and he brought her onboard. Trump, in this lefty report, wouldn’t allow her in in his meetings with Putin out of fear she would leak.
      She came on in April 2017 and apparently left in July 2019, depending on the report, before President Trump’s Ukraine call was made. Here’s a report that claims she even got McMaster fired. I am not convinced that that report is even true, because why would a meeting with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice be a firing offense?
      Rice is a Russia expert and Trump has had only warm words for her. But I get a funny feeling when I read all the leaks that have come out about her supposedly secret Schiff committee testimony which focuses primarily on all the things NSC chief John Bolton told her. If true, these things are embarrassing to him, which means a political cost to him, not to her.

    • joeknuckles says:

      Shrek’s wife?

  89. Rhoda R says:

    These days? No even a little bit.

  90. California Joe says:

    If Mifsud was a bad guy Russian agent and the reason for the FISA warrants why would the FBI be providing him with US Government paid Blackberry cell phones??? Just asking for a friend!

    • Rhoda R says:

      That is the big picture question. The little picture question is “What is on them and how does that help Gen. Flynn?”

  91. graficgod says:

    wait…. wasn’t barr just in italy, where mifsud was allegedly holed up? did barr get them from mifsud or from italian intel?

  92. JAS says:

    If those phones were given to Misfud by someone in the US IC, wouldn’t it follow that all calls AND conversations around said phones were recorded? And if so, wouldn’t said calls and conversations already be transcribed and ready to go to Sidney?

    • lurker2 says:

      Now all of that was probably wiped before Jan 2017. That’s why it’s important to have the actual phone.

  93. cheekymeeky says:

    There are a couple of reporters in Italy doing a decent job in covering this story.
    “Lawyer Powell had already asked in September “any information, including records or 302s , about the presence and involvement of Joseph Mifsud in involving or reporting the presence of Mr. Flynn and Mifsud himself at the Russia Today dinner held in Moscow on 17 December 2015 ″. This is the dinner for the ten years of the magazine, during which Flynn met Russian President Putin. The photograph portraying them at the same table was fundamental to argue that the former general was a Russian agent and, therefore, to feed the narrative of the collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia.
    But what are the documents called 302 ? These are reports in which FBI agents summarize the content of the talks they had with their informants and “non-primary agents”. Which would mean, if there were 302 reports with Mifsud of that dinner, that the FBI had questioned the Maltese professor of Link Campus since at least 2015 and, therefore, he already knew exactly then who he was, even before he met in Rome then advisor of the Trump Campaign George Papadopoulos (March 2016). From the request of the lawyer Powell we learn that Mifsud would also have been present at that dinner and, therefore, his role in the Russiagate would be backdated to December 2015 compared to the first meeting with Papadopoulos.
    The two phones used by Mifsud could contain evidence that exonerates Flynn, according to his lawyer, demonstrating that it was framed, or in any case “material relevant to the defense, with particular regard to the OCONUS lures ( Outside Contiguous US lures , ed) and to the agents that Western intelligence used against him probably as early as 2014 to organize – unbeknownst to him – ‘connections’ with some Russians they would later use against him in their false accusations. Telephones that were used by Mr. Joseph Mifsud, “Lawyer Powell writes in the petition presented Tuesday.
    “If we determine that they contain information that is detectable or that is relevant to the conviction, we will provide it to you,” the Justice Department responded.
    The existence of 302 of talks with Mifsud and two of his telephones in the hands of the Department of Justice are important for the defense of Flynn because they show that the information of the Maltese professor ended up at the FBI, at the DOJ, while they claimed he was an agent Russian. Former FBI director James Comey called Mifsud a “Russian agent”, while in his report the special prosecutor Mueller merely presented him as a person with Russian ties and contacts. If during the whole Russiagate investigation these elements were not shown, then, it was because we wanted to avoid that it turned out that it was, instead, a “provocative agent” and that these “agents” had been employed against Flynn already in 2014.”

    • Dixie says:

      That’s what appears to be a pretty good understanding from foreign sources when it’s hard enough for us to understand fully. I doubt anyone in our msm fully understands it either as they are drowning a sea of corruption and collusion and too busy covering up the snake pit holes.

  94. digleigh says:

    I am sorry but I am afraid they will say…” nothing recoverable..”.move along…? I hope they do not fall into the black hole of the unknowable evidence locker called cover up cupboard….WHERE ARE OUR 99 % GOOD INTEL GUYS ?? WHERE IS THE CHAIN OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION? How long will this frame job stay out of MSM? This would normally be blockbuster news!!! Prayers for all to be uncovered….

  95. digleigh says:

    I am sorry but I am afraid they will say…” nothing recoverable..”.move along…? I hope they do not fall into the black hole of the unknowable evidence locker called cover up cupboard….WHERE ARE OUR 99 % GOOD INTEL GUYS ?? WHERE IS THE CHAIN OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION? How long will this frame job stay out of MSM? This would normally be blockbuster news!!! Prayers for all to be uncovered….

  96. digleigh says:

    I am sorry but I am afraid they will say…” nothing recoverable..”.move along…? I hope they do not fall into the black hole of the unknowable evidence locker called cover up cupboard….WHERE ARE OUR 99 % GOOD INTEL GUYS ?? WHERE IS THE CHAIN OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION? How long will this frame job stay out of MSM? This would normally be blockbuster news!!! Prayers for all to be uncovered….

  97. digleigh says:

    I am sorry but I am afraid they will say…” nothing recoverable..”.move along…? I hope they do not fall into the black hole of the unknowable evidence locker called cover up cupboard….WHERE ARE OUR 99 % GOOD INTEL GUYS ?? WHERE IS THE CHAIN OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION? How long will this frame job stay out of MSM? This would normally be blockbuster news!!! Prayers for all to be uncovered….

    • Moe Grimm says:

      And at the point of retrieval, if they have them at all, what at this point is recoverable though as you say chain of custody is important…. which they can also lie about.

  98. digleigh says:

    Somethingcontinues to be with posting etc. So sorry

  99. Bogeyfree says:

    So if the DOJ refuses to turn over the phones saying there is nothing of importance on them, can’t PT order via the NSA to declassify and unredact any and all of the emails and texts from these phones?
    If yes, then IMO we should flood WH.gov with emails requesting PT does this if his DOJ hinders Sidney’s request.
    IMO, The reason this is critical is…….
    It proves they knew Mifsud was a Western Agent all along
    It proves Mifsud was directed to go setup Flynn and PapaD to then use in the attempt to frame PT
    It also allows you to get to who specifically gave Mifsud his orders
    Then you go to that person and keep working up the chain until you reach the top.
    We can not let this go or be buried.
    This is why WE THE PEOPLE must press PT for a declass if necessary of these phones.

  100. Midnite says:

    We know that Mifsud has Counter-Intel experience because he taught the subject at Link and elsewhere. So, what would an experienced Intel guy do with equipment he was issued during the course of an operation (ie the phones) once that op was complete? If he’s smart, put them in a lock box and hope no one comes looking for them. Because in a perfect world with no loose ends the issuing agency would render the devices or the agent inoperative and move on. From Mifsud’s perspective he knew this whole thing had gone sideways the moment DJT stepped on the escalator and those phones became his lifeline.
    So, what does he do? He goes to the Italian police and asks for protection, but he has to provide some form of proof that he is in danger. He swears out a statement and maybe provides copies of text messages from those phones to corroborate his testimony. I’m not sure I’d hand over the phones themselves since they might accidentally run into a hammer on the way to the evidence locker. Hand them over to my lawyer for safe keeping? Maybe. He also gives a sworn statement to his lawyers detailing his involvement and naming names, this is another dead mans switch indicating he’s covering his ass from every angle.
    Eventually Barr and Durham show up looking for answers and they may be his only way out of this mess. As others have said before, he knows he could end up as collateral damage, the victim of a robbery gone bad with two in the back and that may not be how he wants to finish out his time on earth.
    For the sake of argument let’s say he turns over the phones to the AG, who’s got a readout of what’s on there from the Italians along with his original statement. If Barr knows there’s exculpatory evidence concerning Flynn what should be his response? I’m going to suggest that Barr believes what he said in that Notre Dame speech and he let’s Sidney know the DoJ has this evidence.

    • jd says:

      And in like fashion… Barr visits Murdoch, news breaks that Yovanovitch ordered DoS spying on Fox employees? Shep Smith quits w/o much fanfare?

  101. Dances with Wolverines says:

    How can any honorable, honest judge, whose duty is to protect the rights of the little man against a corrupt state with limitless resources allow this case to move forward knowing full well the dishonesty and contempt the prosecution has shown?

    • Midnite says:

      And I think therein lies the answer as to how Sidney found out about the phones.

      • Xena Laminak says:

        George Webb (TruthLeaks) on his YouTube channel and John O’Loughlin (who authored McDuff: Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA) both have been at Flynn’s hearings. On both of their channels they have been detailing how the criminals in our gov’t used Blackberries because the NSA couldn’t listen in on them or couldn’t to the extent they can listen in on other devices.

    • buckeyeman says:

      “…honorable, honest judge…”
      Oh, do you know one????? Emmett Sullivan is constantly heralded as being just that, and the guy who straightened out the prosecutorial misconduct in the Ted Stevens case (but ONLY after it was too late). I call BS. The entire Flynn case stinks like rotted fish but Sullivan is treating the prosecutors like they were are his own children.
      This isn’t that complicated. The first time, THE VERY FIRST TIME a prosecutor tries to play hide the salami with exculpatory evidence you put them in freaking jail for a week for contempt of court and fine them $50,000 of their own personal money and I guarandamntee you this will stop. Sullivan is afraid of his own shadow or he would have cleaned out this nest of vipers years ago.

  102. MR Smith says:

    Your #5 comment to “Wait, What… DOJ Has Possession . . . ”
    (btw – her first name has a ‘y’ after the ’S’) should be #1! She is one of the (too few) Warriors That Fight! And, easy on the eyes . . . interesting, the Terrier Girls that have got hold of the Vermin Stories, and keep digging.
    Keep up your work – thanks.

  103. jd says:

    Flynn’s fired August 2014. Mifsud tasked with setting up Flynn “as early as 2014”? Is there a timeline of Brennan’s travels somewhere on the web?

  104. Gerry says:

    Is he a Russian spy or not? This will prove that he wasn’t.
    The Mueller Report seemed to characterize him as a Russian asset, which convicted DJT by innuendo. It is also key for the Flynn case to help show this entire effort was a well planned set up. This is a two-for. Sidney Powell by asking for and confirming the phone contents will be able to exonerate, yes, exonerate both Flynn and DJT. She probably will also deep six Comey and Brennan in one fell swoop. This is a big deal. I don’t k ow why SD is the only one writing and talking about this.

  105. Marina Sapir says:

    DOJ tries to keep Russian Hoax secret, and Powell needs to show that there was a DOJ and intelligence conspiracy against Flynn to win his case. Barr is defending his agency against the heroic attorney and American public. This confirms my conviction that Barr is a deep state savior, a dirty cop.

  106. Tom Hansen says:

    If Mifsud was an actual Russian agent, logically, the DOJ would never have had access to his phones. The fact that they do have phones in their position, by itself, indicates that Mifsud is a western intelligence agent, probably for the U.K.
    Taking that information one step further means that the Mueller Report claiming Mifsud was a Russian spy was outright false, thus making the entire Mueller report, as a non credible document, and that the entire Mueller investigation was based upon a false premise. In other words, the whole report was bogus and was completely made up.
    This simply means that the DOJ/FBI, along with the State Dept., and the IC were all participating in a fraudulent conspiracy to falsely charge General Flynn, George Popodopolus, Manafort, Stone, and others, in their quest to frame Trump for conspiracy of working with Russian entities.
    Barr must act against all those involved with extreme prejudice so this will never happen again. It appears our entire federal government has a cancer of corruption that may be more than even Barr and Durham can even remove. Hopefully they can excise most of it.

  107. Dim Osmab says:

    Sidney found great way to make a lot of facts public – through motions to compel

  108. dwpender says:

    Folks, remember the “Team Obama” leak a couple months ago about our intelligence agencies running “spies” at not only the Trump Campaign, but also Cruz’s and Clinton’s. That presaged what is coming when the dam starts to break.
    Once the trail starts to establish clearly that our Government, with “key allies” helping, ran entrapment agents at several Trump campaign people, we’ll start to hear this is “Standard Operating Procedure” for our CIA, FBI, State Dept, etc.
    They’ll say, “this was a key ‘method’ ” our intelligence community always used abroad on Presidential campaigns! We did this all to PROTECT YOU! We know those evil Ruskies and other nefarious countries would try mightily to infiltrate and compromise the aides of future potential Presidents. We needed to find out who was weak and could be compromised first, before those BAD GUYS did!
    I’m not in any way endorsing this “defense,” but I do believe it’s coming.

    • J.Thomas says:

      I agree that the entrapment admission is coming and I’d expect leaks from the Coup Cabal soon to begin setting that narrative.
      What the admission does not address, however, is how they decided to use the counterterrorism wing of the FBI and CIA to subsequently destroy Trump with a years-long multi-front public battle. It’s going to be hard to come up with an excuse as to why they abused the system to destroy this guy.

  109. Mike says:

    Q says: “We have it ALL”. And I do believe they have it all, all the way to the top of the pyramid.

    • Scott Lyddon says:

      Well, then they’d better start using it. Time’s a wastin’

      • Mike says:

        They are using it, you are watching it unfold daily. In order to clean this mess up, the power of the bad guys has to be removed. Can’t really arrest all these people then take them into corrupt criminal courts and expect to win.
        Notice how Nancy cannot hold a vote on impeachment? Of course she can’t, then Trump Team would be issuing subpoenas, introducing evidence, and calling witnesses.
        Next up, concerted calls for a 2nd special counsel. That will fail also, spectacularly. Enjoy the show, final act is close.

    • chipin8511 says:

      Flynn is part of the Q team my guess

  110. Bill Henslee says:

    I’m more of the opinion that the phones were obtained by AG Barr on his recent trip to Italy or pre-trip proffer to the DOJ contact setting up the interview. If Mifsud is any kind of American asset, it would not be wise for him to play around with the new sheriff in town and thus the surrendered the phones.
    Then Ms. Powell must have gotten a tip that the phones were in DOJ custody by sympathetic new lawyers at DOJ and would be vulnerable to a Brady motion because they held important information regarding the entrapment of her client in an intel op designed to “…get Flynn first. Then we’ll get Trump.”
    Why didn’t Barr or Durham simply hold the phone information closely for a run out at the time of their report or indictments? It might be pure sympathy for the way a 30 year veteran General was treated as an enemy. Or it might be most effective coming out in open court in another related case earlier.
    Regardless, Gen Flynn now is being represented by one tough, smart, attorney who knows the sleazy tactics of the past years of the DOJ’s unethical attorneys. She documented some to the perps and tactics in her book.

  111. Proud American from Texas says:

    In the press conference with Italian rep today, PDJT called out Obama. “The corruption could have gone all the way to Obama. I personally think it did go up to Obama”
    Yowza. Sh*t getting real?

  112. lurker2 says:

    Most US media still ignoring the story, of course.

  113. Doppler says:

    Schizophrenic DOJ? It is very nice to see new evidence of Spygate apparently showing up. It was shocking to see from Judge Boasberg’s FISC report that millions of illegal surveillances continued to occur right up to October 2018 (with no indication and certainly no assurance that they stopped then). Post inauguration, all that illegal spying occurred on Trump’s and Session’s / Whitaker’s watch, and may be continuing under Barr’s. And especially on Wray’s and Rosenberg’s watches.
    I would think someone would ask Barr whether this outrageous lawlessness has halted and the guilty parties held to account. I would think he would volunteer that assurance and an explanation.

  114. Chris says:

    If the calls were to Flynn; wouldn’t the info be on his Phones? Ask the NSA for the metadata?

  115. Bryan Alexander says:

    She has the serial numbers of the phones.
    She has the PIN numbers. You can only get the PIN by having the phone ON and gain access to the operation of the phone. (da da da DAAAAA)
    Pause here. Think this through.
    The lawyer for General Flynn has someone friendly enough to give her access to the PIN number on the phone. That means whoever gave her the PIN number has had the pnone ON and access to the messages in the phone. I would say that it is 99.99% likely that she knows who called who and who texted/messaged who.
    The DOJ admitted they have them. They said it right in their response. “If we determine they have information useful….”. They didn’t say “If we find them” or “If we come into possession of them.”
    I would bet a LOT of money that AG Barr gave her the details of the phones and what she will find in them, IF THE PROSECUTORS DON’T DESTROY IT, OR CLAIM THAT IT IS NOT GERMAINE TO FLYNN’S CASE.
    The Prosecutors have to be wondering “Who gave her this info?”. Then they have to ask, “How much does she know that we don’t know?”

    • Cal Ricky says:

      I agree. And Sydney says they (phones) were recently acquired! Thus I believe tht it’s what Bar/Durham brought back from Italy – I sure hope so or they have probably already been wiped. I also hope that Barr/Dirham have placed two fake Blackberrys with BS communications Like talks between people and the ASPCA So these DOJ Pos’s grab them and wipe while that is completely monitored by Barr/Durham. Wouldn’t that be fun 🙂

    • Midnite says:

      And don’t forget the specific SIM card numbers, which should contain the contact list and any stored text messages on the phone as well as a host of other information. I think the value of these phones is in the contact list and the text messages between Mifsud and his handlers and possibly other co-conspirators. Contact with Halper, Turk, Dearlove, Downer, any FBI agent, any CIA agent, any Italian Intel agent, any UK Intel agent, Fusion GPS or any one else connected with Flynn’s case is noteworthy.
      I seriously doubt Sidney knows what’s on them because Flynn himself wouldn’t have a clue what was going on behind the scenes at the time he was being setup. With the SC’s office disbanded and the investigation closed Mueller would have no idea what’s on those phones either, besides they were “outside his purview”.
      It’s simply too coincidental that Barr and Durham are in Italy looking into Mifsud at the end of September and a few weeks later Sidney is filing a motion for exculpatory evidence based on very detailed information that only a handful of people would have access to.

  116. georgfelis says:

    The first thing law enforcement will (or should) do with the unlocked phones is image them. This creates a .zip (or equivalent) file archiving every bit in the phone, including the ’empty’ spaces, and Checksum/Date/Timestamps the image. All searches then get done on the image, and even if the phone were to be remotely wiped, the actual contents are preserved in a chain-of-custody fashion. The only problem is retention. Anthony Weiner’s laptop was ‘imaged’ in this fashion at the SNDY before they found Hillary’s emails on it, but the FBI demanded that the laptop and *all* images of the contents be transferred to the Washington office, where it seems to have slipped into a black hole.
    Barr better hang onto this one.

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