Maria Bartiromo: IG Report on FISA "Will Be Released October 18th – As Thick as Telephone Book"…

Against new information that U.S. Attorney John Durham has lengthened the time-frame for this investigative inquiry into the DOJ and FBI activity around the 2016 election, earlier today Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo revealed (and President Trump tweeted) the FISA report by Michael Horowitz will be released on Friday October 18th.
If that time-frame for the IG report is accurate, that means the classification review has been completed; any remaining classified information not specifically authorized in the inspector general report, a decision granted to AG Bill Barr, would be placed in a classified appendix that is not available to the public.

A publication date in/around October 18th would also mean the time allotted for principal review has expired.  Generally the people whose conduct is under review are granted a preview of the report that covers their activity.  The IG may or may not include any response from the principals outlined.  If the IG permits inclusion of a principal response, the IG usually outlines additional information to rebut or support the principal position.
A final draft is assembled only after the OIG administrative referencer makes a final review of all statements of fact and provides citations therein.  Then things get a little troublesome…
If Bartiromo is accurate as to the size of the IG report; this is where the ‘summary of IG findings‘ becomes critical.  Generally speaking the IG writes the full body of the report, but may not author the ‘executive summary’.  The executive summary can be written by administrative state career officials and their priority is institutional preservation.  If they are motivated to shape public opinion of the report content, the executive summary may be written to dilute institutional damage outlined within the main body of the report.

We saw a profound disconnect between the 14-page ‘executive summary’ and the main 568-page body of the investigative report when the DOJ and FBI released the IG report on FBI and DOJ handling of the Clinton Investigation.   The summary was completely disconnected from the material within the report; stunningly so.
The June 14th 2018 OIG Executive Summary was so ridiculously detached from the evidence within the report; and the roll-out day was so transparently coordinated; FBI Director Christopher Wray held an immediate press conference to announce the “inspector general found no evidence of political bias” during the 18-month investigation.
Director Wray made that specific proclamation at 5:30pm on Thursday, June 14th, 2018, less than three hours after the 568-page IG report was published.  The FBI timing was purposefully positioned just before the 6:00pm broadcast evening news, so that media could run with the headline “No Bias”.   It was a transparent DOJ/FBI public relations and political con job.
The June 2018 IG report was full of examples of political bias, but Director Wray’s intentionally misleading proclamation -in combination with a profoundly obtuse executive summary- set the foundation for how the report was broadcast to the public by the majority of the media.  Christopher Wray is still the current director of the FBI.
If Ms. Bartiromo is correct that DOJ officials are releasing the widely anticipated IG report on a Friday (October 18th), unfortunately that Friday document dump would be an indication the intent of the DOJ leans toward diminishing the content.


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315 Responses to Maria Bartiromo: IG Report on FISA "Will Be Released October 18th – As Thick as Telephone Book"…

  1. PBR says:

    Please don’t let us be disappointed, again.

      • BocephusRex says:

        Anyone else feel like Barr and Durham are the last hope?

        • trialbytruth says:

          Bocephus I have clung to what seemed like last hopes before. Sometimes it pans out sometimes it doesn’t.
          On the other hand truth always wins becAuse truth doesn’t change. Cover-ups change with the winds the truth remains underneath to be found.
          I understand we need and we want it now and I am not prescribing patience. I am merely saying we may die but the truth never does.
          I pray to God for earthy vengeance on those who have caused this suffering. I pray I will witness their fall. Given the opportunity I would assist. My faith tells me in the end they will pay and wrongs will be righted.

    • Lester Smith says:

      Thick as telephone book for the blind. Or maybe fusion GPS document requests.

      • Meagara says:

        This thickness makes it sound like not limited to Carter Page–
        unless it turns out Carter Page is a super spymaster with finger in every thing like Chris Steele fantasises about himself (if he truly wrote dossier)!
        I think there will be a lot of dossier matter and hope we get to see how much of the redacted Mueller origination memos were dossier sourced.

      • littleanniefannie says:

        Which means the executive summary will be 10-15 pages. 50 pages in to the report, we’ll know if the report and the slummary were written by the same person or even someone in the same country.
        Didn’t take long with the HilLIARy report to know that the report and summary were as similar as a pasta noodle and a swimming pool noodle. I only read about 75 pages of the report after reading the summary as I was looking for specifics. As I read, I kept noticing the difference in detail between the writing of a novel of considerable depth compared to a cheap knock-off of Cliff’s Notes Q&A section.
        Wray needs to be sent to investigate the $10,000 paid to PapaD in Italy to determine where the money is and to make sure to have copies of all prints on the bills. He should not come home until he, personally, has checked the fingerprints on each and every bill while also thoroughly examining the meeting places. No help. No shortcuts. Complete, thorough investigation. He can read the report when he gets home (in 2024)!

    • tax2much says:

      Sorry. The fix is in.

    • Peter Rabbit says:

      We saw this movie twice before with Horowitz as author. This has been destined since the start to be yet another whitewash. Horowitz is deep state, as known all along.

      • Truth seeker says:

        His reports have been pretty damning, but as SD mentions, the summary’s… not so much.

      • ristvan says:

        His second IG report on Comey memos included a criminal referral. Pretty strong stuff. IMO DoJ declining to indict based on the referral was smart for two reasons: a weak case, since technically Comey did not leak, his special FBI access bud did; and ‘proves’ no political vendetta when the BIG Comey indictment comes down real soon now.
        Want to kill swamp critters, don’t go after baby gators. Go after the momas and papas.

        • dwpender says:

          Ristvan — I know your posts are widely acclaimed here. Your knowledge of relevant laws, systems and processes is impressive.
          I note you now say — “BIG Comey indictment” “real soon.” I hope I can soon congratulate you on your prescience.

        • Anonoma says:

          The problem with Horowitz isn’t that he fails to find and publicize corruption to the extent that he’s legally able to do. The problem is that he isn’t willing to stick his neck out to get actual justice. He’s happy just having the facts out there. He had many opportunities to say Director Wray misled the public. He had many opportunities to say he disagreed with the characterizations in the executive summary. He had many opportunities to investigate whether an declined prosecution was the product of corrupt intent. He doesn’t take those opportunities. That would involve personal risk.

          • Rhoda R says:

            Hmmm. Is that his function? He’s more like an accountant that reports the facts of an audit but doesn’t give moral judgements on how the money was spent so long as the facts are accurate.

            • Revelation says:

              To be honest, I see Horotwitz as being a pretty straight player. One thing he’s not going to do is get into the politics of it.
              You’re not going to get a subjective report past the MSM propaganda. Only indictments will do that, and even then the MSM will scream political prosecutions.

          • Bogeyfree says:

            Sugar coat, water it down, temper everything, soften it up are words that come to mind.

        • Shyster says:

          Also, because Comey would be a main witness in a McCabe indictment and trial, better to let him slide on the weak small stuff rather than try to convict McCabe using a star witness who himself has been indicted for criminal acts. Oh and on the McCabe thing, still waiting.

        • LULU says:

          LIKE – once again…

    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      PBR – LOL – Don’t expect much, and you won’t be much disappointed

    • The Admiral says:

      It would be very wise, to parse our expectations of how the IG Report plays out, with the understanding that the corrupt DC establishment and American media are not two separate things.
      They are two “separate offices” in the same rotten building.
      We shouldn’t kid ourselves….
      It’s possible someone will go to jail… but there will be a metric crap ton of very very bad actors that will cut backroom deals, and who will negotiate who they are willing to throw under the bus as a sacrificial lamb for the appearance of “justice”.
      I would sure approve if John Brennan was one who got sacrificed. H.R. Clinton would be another. Incontrovertible humiliation of many others, with the certainty of their actions publicly revealed would be somewhat gratifying as well.

      • Rhoda R says:

        Only if it’s tied to them permanently losing their law licenses and security clearances.

        • Bill says:

          My vote is for termination of breathing with a length of hemp
          or a little chunk of fast moving lead!

      • Peppurr says:

        And I sure agree about Brennan. Both him and McCabe should go down for spying. on Trump.

        • ann says:

          I want the DoJ leaders, Yates, in particular. institutions are ultimately guided by individuals who hold the decisive authority and continued to make a series of immoral, deceptive and destructive choices. .
          . The Russia roll out and entrapment WH interviews were done on Yates watch,
          To Subvert the election of an outsider she hates.
          Yates partially blocked the transfer of power & attempted, using false evidence & a phonied up surveillance apps, to delegitimise the President, General Flynn.

  2. Angel Martin says:

    “A thick as a phone book.”
    I am always suspicious when they tout the numerics of how many investigators were involved, how many people were interviewed, how many pages the report is.
    The emphasis on quantity is usually a cover for no significant content.

    • Akindole says:

      Just noting that our phone book is about 1/8″ thick….Fortunately for us. Half of the thickness is ads for garages, hairdressers, bait shops and BBQ places.
      Life is good outside the hives with Tracfones.

    • Ray Runge says:

      Let us not for a second forget the core of this investigation AND that is not complicated.
      FUSA Warrant and 3 renewals were signed by Small Group people. The warrants were granted by the evidence supplied cy the Steele Dossier. The known compilation of the utter excrement that contributed to this Dossier would make a criminal plus.
      Any thing short of unvarnished condemnation and clear recommendation for criminal prosecution for Comey, McCabe and all is a whitewash.

      • George Hicks says:

        It’s amazing: How many off us have known for years about Ed Buck and his involvement with drugs and homeless gay men and his friendship with Shiffhead? How about Weinstein and his Pedo Island and his good bud Bill Clinton?
        This stuff is finally coming out for some reason…could it have anything to do with who is the Prez now?

      • Peppurr says:

        Wow !!! We’ve been overdue for some good news! Another job for Lawfare? ;-))

    • Palafox says:

      Didn’t you just define bureaucracy?

  3. Bogeyfree says:

    Executive summary version:
    We found no bias, they thought the Dossier was legit, they were just following orders, they need more training as they may have exceeded procedures & policy but see no violations of the law.
    Oh and many have suffered enough as they have left the job they love with full pensions in tact.

    • The Snark is strong with this one.

    • cjzak says:

      My hope is for a better outcome, for much needed justice finally, but I fear you are right. My cynicism since 2008 has grown exponentially and I am in the final throes of ‘show me the money’ before I will be excited about what comes out here. They all do seem to be protective of the large steel fortress they have created for themselves in DC to the detriment of the rest of us.
      My clues are from the perps themselves. None of them seem overly worried, oh maybe about their gravy train being cut off, desperate about that fact and the blow to their major egos to be found out as corrupt. However, not ‘running out of the country’ scared, all writing their books about how great and patriotic they are, some changing jobs, some collecting hefty retirements. Lol, one of the most guilty ones is hinting about a 3rd run for President in 2020.
      Sigh, I just have to keep a positive outlook on all this and not expect much to happen really. Ugh.

    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Kindly support the patriots of our ‘Rule of Law FARE’ group by giving at their GoFundme pages/s?

    • DeLuxe Deplorable says:

      Bogeyfree, I call it the George Costanza Defense – if only someone would have told me, I wouldn’t have stumpfed the the cleaning lady. A standard govt response, as is the old news response. We already took care of it.
      The talking heads on TV and print media fail to explain an IG investigation is an administrative proceeding. By definition, the IG does not investigate crimes. For that reason, the IG should be referring criminal matters immediately after it discovers evidence of a crime, and not wait until it concludes its of non-criminal conduct. The idea that a criminal investigation would not commence until after an IG investigation makes no sense, except in the swamp that is federal government. That process allows govt to bury misconduct.
      That Durham is investigating is a good thing, but talk of his preparing a report is not.

    • Revelation says:

      ” they thought the Dossier was legit,”
      Not going to wash, they committed to the judge that all the info was verified.
      They lied their asses off.

    • Suspect Device says:

      It’s like you have an advance copy. All these justifications for their corrupt behavior even though most of the information could easily be disproved. Cbp database would easily prove Cohen in US. Cell tower information would also prove Cohen was in US. And for Carter Page to be a Russian asset would require the Russians to bury two of their spies to give Page the perfect cover that the FBI unwittingly used him as a CI in a case. Luckily by chance a political campaign just happened to hire a former uk spy who last worked in Russia in 1993 with such high sources produced all this “solid information” about trump campaign officials that our fbi cia and nsa didn’t know. And we know this uk spy’s was a reliable source cause he told us that soccer was corrupt.
      So yeah. The fbi willingly believed this nonsense and pursued a case against trump with the sources leaking about the investigation and now this will all be whitewashed. All to protect the surveillance tools.

  4. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Whoever composes the Executive Summary, or the tone/content of it may, or may not demonstrate bias or slant, who knows?
    Same situation with some of the redactions in the memos/emails recently revealed regarding Rosenstein.
    Guess “…we’ll see what happens…”, to coin a phrase.
    But I will bet my money on Trump.
    Every time.

    • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

      It’s not Trump who concerns me.

    • I would betcha’ a donut that PDJT is looking at this report with Jaundiced eye…HOWEVER, what gives me great hope is the FACT that is lambasting ANYONE IN THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY AND PDJT is not stopping there. Between now and the report coming out…BOOM…BOOM…BOOYA!!!!

      • TPW says:

        I can tell you all this. I am now convinced I was right about PT’s opinion Of Barr…..that he has been trolling Barr in his tweets. Pushing and prodding him with all the phony compliments… pushing his back up against a wall….so that when Barr tries to sweep everything under the rug it will be very painful for him to justify. Guess PT can still take the evidence back into his possession if it came to that, but would have been much easier if Barr had some backbone. Also believe that’s why Rudy was sent out on a mission ….to spread sunlight and further pressure Barr….JMO The real eyeopener will be what PT actually does with all this criminality and how he handles it.

    • Green Bucket says:

      There are trillions at stake and they will do WHATEVER they need to do to protect themselves – Horowitz included. Recent history tells us to be prepared for the worst, and if it does happen again (e.g., no consequences for anyone), we must not let them get away with it!
      This is our moment in history; I hope AG Barr chooses America and not the Deep State. If he doesn’t choose America, I’m afraid of what could happen..

      • IGiveUp says:

        You’re asking Barr to be a hero. Very few people are heroes. What will motivate Barr is Trump letting him know how much he knows and how much will be made public if Barr punts. In other words, all these thousands and thousands of gov’t employees who willingly work for the DeepState (Establishment) do so for reasons of personal gain and self-preservation. The trick is to “help” them to start to realize that their personal gain and self-preservation is best served by serving the new Sheriff in town. It’s not just the Arab world that support the strong horse. Save the boyscout stuff for the kids. Time to go in for the kill.

  5. Bigly says:

    This time Barr has his hand on the phone book, no? Sessions was a patsy.

  6. fanbeav says:

    I think President Trump needs to sign an executive order….no more summaries written by career politicians who want to spin the reports. It’s like telling a bank robber and his attorney – here’s everything we have found on you – now you can present this to the jury with your summary.
    What if Durham is prosecuting these people? They get to have first hand knowledge of their crimes so they can start preparing their defense? Only in government!

    • BobR says:

      perhaps you answered your own question. Whoever is in the report will not be prosecuted . If indictments were coming they would be in the form of charging documents not some squishy IG report

    • The Boss says:

      Those who did wrong know damn well what they did, and so do their criminal defense attorneys. And if those who did wrong are out of government (as many are) then the IG couldn’t reach them anyway. So let’s all relax until Friday next, shall we?

  7. jeff montanye says:

    what’s going to matter, for the 2020 elections and for the history books, are the criminal prosecutions that grow out of this and the new laws established.

    • Carrie says:

      Given the article yesterday which confirmed that 702 queries continued long after Admiral Mike Rogers blocked them, I think there will need to be tougher repercussions than just new laws…

      • Boots says:

        Heh, heh, heh. I agree. Hemp or lead would do.

        • littleanniefannie says:

          Or hot needles inserted under the fingernails and toenails. Slowly, not removed, without access to your own nails. Do what ya gotta do IF you want the summary released.

  8. Mr e-man says:

    Thick… a brick.
    And the stonewalling begins.

    • Tl Howard says:

      CRimes buried in words, words, words–so long there’s something for everyone, sadly.

      • butch cassidy says:

        The old baffle em with bullshit routine. We’re about to find out where this is all heading.It’ll be interesting to see who writes the summary if there is one.

  9. Mortimer says:

    “Generally speaking the IG writes the full body of the report, but may not author the ‘executive summary’.”
    IMO, this is why the first couple of OIG reports were so watered down. Rosenstump is said to have exercised final editing authority over the conclusions.

    • jackalix says:

      We will have to see what kind of editor Barr is for me they just need to be honest and present the facts.

    • Beau Geste says:

      Would rosen-coup, the same guy who signed a misleading/false FISA spying-extension against President Trump, and tried to get Cabinet Members to remove PDJT under the 25th Amendment, have any problem ignoring or spinning the full body of a report? /s

    • littleanniefannie says:

      How about Tom Fitton to rewrite the executive summary?

  10. Kleen says:

    Ask any teenager;
    What is a telephone book?

  11. evergreen says:

    Telephone book for which small town?

  12. Meems says:

    One can only hope that truth prevails, but unfortunately, don’t hold your breath. The deep state is deeeep! The lies never stop and they all protect each other!
    Keep going, President Trump, we’re behind you no matter what.

  13. amwick says:

    This doesn’t leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy, but optimism is to kill though.. very hard.

    • lotbusyexec says:

      These are the days that you need to play EXTRA tennis. All will be well in the end. If not, it’s not the end 😉

      • amwick says:

        I just have a feeling that things will get fixed, but not in the way that most of “us” would like.
        What I do know is that VSGPotus will have four more years to work on it.. absolutely.

  14. montanamel says:

    Time to wind up the missiles and flush the subs….eh?
    We appear to “finally” be reaching the point of inflection…..of the nut-cutting as it’s most commonly called out here in the west… BILL BARR – where do you REALLY STAND??
    With US, or ‘AGIN US — so say you????
    Now we have 10 inches of fresh-wet snow….it’s going to be harder to get out and make any march in DC or Rally in some big city…. This is when some “private” or “locally controlled” ground launched cruise missiles would really come in handy, eh?…. “When you only care to send the very best” comes to mind….hell, some old 8 inch or 175mm tubes would come in handy…..maybe we can “re-animate” some of the big ugly fat f–kers (BUFF’s) down in the desert parking lots…

  15. MicD says:

    Horowitz: I taught I taw some Puddy Tatts.
    Summary: Wir sehen keine Muschikatzen.
    As translated by the “German Tourist” Peter Strzok

  16. jrapdx says:

    If an “executive summary” is included it will test whether AG Barr is “the real deal” or just going to whitewash the inevitably devastating findings.
    We strongly want to see the perpetrators of the attempted coup suffer the lawful consequences of their actions. Assuming the IG makes referrals for prosecutions, we’d expect such prosecutions to be forthcoming. As we’ve seen in prior instances, the opportunity to prosecute has been “declined”.
    However it seems very likely that the crimes found by the IG will hardly be trivial and virtually scream, “arrest those crooks NOW”. That is, I anticipate any lack of action will prompt a deafening outcry from the public and become a serious impediment to advancing the MAGA/KAG agenda.
    I’m keeping a good thought that the IG did his job in a thorough and honest manner, and the report triggers a purifying avalanche that’s been on hold for way too long a time.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Recall that Barr was pitch perfect with his “Summary of Conclusions” for the Weismann Mueller Report.

      • jrapdx says:

        That’s true. And the Democrats hated Barr for how he handled the whole thing. It will be great if the Democrats have new reasons to fume and moan about Barr when the IG report is released.

    • Robert Smith says:

      Has not Barr indicated that while he is waiting for the IG report, the DOJs investigation is ongoing as a separate entity?

      • gda53 says:

        He has indeed!
        And yet there is still concern that nothing will happen b/c “everything is awaiting the IG Report. Which will be a nothing-burger.” Is this just people crossing their fingers and downplaying high hopes for fear of crushing disappointment?
        So far under Barr the IG’s Report Summary is 1 for 1 (Comey recommended for indictment)
        I’m predicting he’ll be 2 for 2.
        Comey is being very quiet considering what’s coming next week. Sally Yates? Hello?

      • jrapdx says:

        That’s sure what I understand is the case. Barr has been beating the bushes in Italy, etc., and Durham along with him. Let’s hope it comes to fruition soon.

    • littleanniefannie says:

      Funny that the Lame Stream Fake News can only read the Executive Summary. Way too many words in the report itself, nowhere near enough pictures, big words, for the Fake News. They only deal with the shortened, short word (level PP), picture included version. Day Kant fink fer demselves on-less sum body splains everthink dats be go-wine on in shot, babie werds dat don rekwire de a-bility two fink. Ya no, don’t knead two n-gage de brane.

      • jrapdx says:

        That’s the MSM we know and despise. Curiously (or rather incuriously) the media didn’t even bother to read the transcribed notes of President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president. Sure don’t expect their “reporters” would slog through hundreds of pages of documented data.

  17. giveadamn says:

    whatever happened to the “element of surprise”??? i’d keep my enemies in the dark re: the drop. limits their chance to strategize the “spin”.

  18. MfM says:

    Phone book? They don’t even have much of the way of Yellow Pages left. Ones I remember as being 3+ inches are now an inch… if that!

  19. Tl Howard says:

    I’m lost here: isn’t Barr Wray’s BOSS? Doesn’t the AG have say over HOW the evidence is presented?
    Wray isn’t going to suddenly turn into a white hat. He knows Donald Trump’s days as POTUS are numbered: he’ll either serve another year or another 5 years, but still, his days are numbered.
    Wray, on the other hand, is a much younger man who wishes to either stay in the DC bureaucracy OR use this job as a stepping stone to money and status in private corporations, which happen, most of them to be anti-Trump.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Last time around Rosenhack was Wray’s boss.
      For this critical Report, I would be shocked if Barr doesn’t either write, or at least retain final review authority, for the content any any Summary.

    • graphiclucidity says:

      Wray’s not going to write the summary.
      The Attorney General’s office will do that.
      Sundance’s point was that Wray took advantage of the way the previous IG report was presented in the Executive Summary (probably overseen by DAG Rosenstein) by claiming in his press conference there was no bias, when the actual report was full of examples of bias.
      If the forthcoming IG Report Executive Summary is lacking compared to the actual report, that’s on Barr and his subordinates.

  20. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    How many pages/footnotes will state “lacks candor”?

  21. NOTHING more should be said after Sundance’s statement: “The executive summary can be written by administrative state career officials and their priority is institutional preservation.” Any other comments made on the executive summary will only induce headache, heartburn and acute diarrhea……………..but, I’ll read them anyhow. MAGA

  22. islandpalmtrees says:

    I’m hoping for a New York Telephone Book! Size in 10 point.

  23. USA First! says:

    I think it’s going to be different this time. President Trump is done with the games and Wray knows he’s in the crosshairs already.

  24. Nigella says:

    I want to be optimistic, but it’s hard

  25. ristvan says:

    Several observations.
    1. MB may or may not be correct about 10/18. Dunno. Rep. Collins wrote on 9/13 that Horowitz had finished and given the completed report to Barr that day. ~5 weeks is unusually long for the final review—typical is 2-3 weeks. Discussed previously. And classification should not be a big delay, since Barr has declass.
    2. Exec Sum is likely more accurate this time. The Clinton IG ES was prepared pre Barr. Barr has had Durham working for months now on the likely IG and certain Nunes criminal referrals concerning FISA. At a minimum we already know Comey has committed perjury; he signed the first FISA then told congress in sworn testimony the Steele dossier wasn’t verified. That is not so easily whitewashed, unlike FBI ‘bias’.
    3. Ratcliffe said will be explosive. He knows because he examined this stuff for Nunes when Nunes was chair of House Intelligence in 2017-18.

    • tax2much says:

      Executive summary will be reported as some people did the WRONG things for the RIGHT reasons. Mitt and the Republican “boys” will confirm on all of the newscasts and now we need to look into the Ukraine scandal.

    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Good reasoning, Ristvan.
      What I care about from a rule of law point of view is what Durham and AG Barr are doing about prosecuting criminal behavior.
      The IG report is only useful as a tour guide book. Indictment, trial, conviction, and sentence are where the rubber meets the road.
      That is, if we still have a republic.

    • Rhi says:

      Good take ristvan. On one hand you have Hillary brashly spouting how she’ll ‘win again’ and the other you have Clapper blaming Obama ‘he made us do it’. The targets know what’s in it against themselves. They seem worried.
      The spin machine media will get their dnc DS talking points full of sound and fury.
      The only question is whether we have any indictments from this report. It will tell us whether we still have a constitutional republic or not.

    • graphiclucidity says:

      I agree.
      This report will not come down to nebulous concepts like “political bias” and whether or not the IG has direct stated proof of such bias.
      These clowns broke several rules, regulations, and laws, while continuously lying to everybody from the media, to the FISA court, to Congress, and to the President while covering their own butts by conducting investigations from here to Europe.
      I still don’t see how this forthcoming report can come out any other way than devastating for the coup plotters involved.

    • LULU says:

      Drowning in Eeyores and clowns, I drag myself up on the beach called Ristvan Sanity… Thanks…

  26. appraisher says:

    If the “Summary of IG Findings” differs from the ACTUAL findings, it’s imperative that the IG dispute the untruthful summary. The last “summary” was a vague word salad, purposely designed to misinform the public and the IG shamefully allowed it to go forward. Even worse, when the IG was questioned about the summary by Congress, he was deliberately imprecise with his answers, until forced to be clear (i.e. the report stated that FBI personnel were biased, the summary that the IG stood behind stated that there was NO BIAS, but when pushed, the IG admitted that there was bias). While the IG did recommend that criminal charges be pursued for a few, the DOJ refused.
    I believe that if this is the same road that all the current investigations will be taking, this will be the first opportunity for us to see if Barr is there to protect the Deep State or prosecute the Deep State’s obvious attempt at a coup.
    This is your litmus test, Mr Barr. America Patriots are woke and watching…choose wisely.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      That was all done while Rosenhack was in charge.

      • appraisher says:

        You mean the same Rosenhack that’s still being protected?
        Justice delayed is justice denied and we’ve been denied justice for too long. When I see that paradigm change…I’ll be a believer.

    • franz dorn says:

      This may be an appropriate litmus test for Barr as opposed to others that have been suggested.
      Wray has backed down before. I would like to see Barr, Wray, and the bearded guy at a news conference where Wray is frozen making Rosenstein faces. The only reason Wray has not been fired is because Barr can get around him.

      • appraisher says:

        Barr isn’t just the IG’s boss, he’s the head of the entire DOJ and he needs to exert all the pressure his job requires to get justice for the American people. Wray needs to be taken into hand and forced to do his job, rather than being the cover-man for the agency, the FBI needs to be an unbiased investigative agency, rather than a place for the truth to be buried, and the IG’s Summary needs to match the Report exactly. These out-of-control agencies need to be reined in…Americans will stand for nothing less.

        • gunrunner03 says:

          PDJT second term is going to be ass-kicking (especially for DoJ and FBI). House will come back to Republicans. Senate seats will be gained. It will be historic.

  27. johnparham1 says:

    I hope the difference this time is that Barr is driving the bus.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      It better be…….it HAS to be.

      • Jim in TN says:

        The Barr bus will protect the DOJ. The Rosenstein bus protected the conspirators. In as much as they are different, good things will happen. But not if they are one and the same.
        It is good that most conspirators have been fired or resigned. So they may be fair game. On the other hand, just about everything to do with the Dossier and the carter page FISA was handled by DOJ conspirators. So even if they are fair game, that would be a black eye on the DOJ.

  28. Mormon Insider says:

    There was an interview with Brett Baier this morning where he discussed the expanding Durham investigation. I was happy to see, Baier thought Durham would release things in pieces after the IG report. It would be so helpful to have indictment pieces released on pieces of his investigation instead of waiting for the whole investigation to be complete before doing anything.

    • Kleen says:

      Yeah it could be, maybe that’s the avalanche the tick-tockers have been talking about.

    • I Hear You Now says:

      Sundance retweet
      Bret Baier – Durham Investigation is Expanding Exponentially

      • QCM says:

        FISA drops on 10/18, the USMC Reserves are activated on 10/19, that would put Durham first drop around 10/21. Well, we will see what happens.

        • Rhoda R says:

          What is with this USMC reserves being activated nonsense? I’ve heard it from several sources and it STILL doesn’t make any sense. If the President feels he needs the military for civilian control all he has to do is declare martial law and direct the current active duty units to appropriate locations.
          Sounds like of like alt-right hysteria/porn to me.

            • All Too Much says:

              Would you mind deciphering the linked message?
              I reviewed it a few days ago, and it was way over my head in military language.

              • Woogumz says:

                “…following a request for Federal assistance in response to a major disaster or emergency within the United States. Requests for Federal assistance will come with little warning. As required, the Marine Corps must rapidly mobilize RC units and personnel IAW this MARADMIN in order to respond to threats in the Homeland.”
                The majority of it is housekeeping. Who pays for what. Who can be activated, who can not, Marines must have a current health status report in the system, Reserves will not be activated in excess of 120 days. Commands are to get their administrivia in order and prepare packets of manpower that meets the criteria in to plans in anticipation of a future need. There is a significant lead time to anything the military does.
                Just because the Admin message has gone out doesn’t mean that there will be an activation of Reserves, but if it is necessary, the Big Green Machine will have it’s i’s dotted and it’s administrivia t’s crossed. There isn’t anything that states a purpose or hard date for activation, just an order compelling Commands to get organized to be able to respond to a last minute request.

    • I Hear You Now says:

      Sundance retweet
      Rush Limbaugh – Durham Report Collision Incoming

    • Bill Hollinger says:

      It would be heartening to us, and frightening to those culpable for the coup attempt.

  29. Publius2016 says:

    Why announce the date??? Just release today!
    Every time big news hits, Deep State Think Tank Black Ops comes out with more TERROR!

  30. Minuteman says:

    Executive Summary: “Mistakes were made.”

  31. donny2837 says:

    Thanks for reminding us about the last OIG Executive Summary Sundance, I had forgotten about it. Probably due to my excitement of battle. It’s an important thing to consider. Okay, let’s say this report will be the same as the last. It will have deep state disinfo in it for the media.
    This poster says: It doesn’t MATTER. We on offense now, today is D+10. ( FYI, have msnbc playing in the background. Anchor (Katie Tor?) and her experts are very subdued. Acting like someone walked over their graves. Especially Evelyn Farkas. Her mouth hanging open when not talking and her eyes bulging out of her head).

  32. MicD says:

    When is a Coup to over throw a government not a Coup?
    “I was being sarcastic about wearing a wire” ?
    “F-Flynn, and then we will F-Trump”
    “Dunno ! Must have been just bad DATA”

  33. Waiting with bated breath. NOT.

  34. Old Dawg says:

    I don’t think anything will happen until millions of US arrive in DC to deliver OUR report on the status of our government, which states, you have been weighed and found wanting. The purge would then commence and continue until the swamp is dry.

    • James Carpenter says:

      Bring your ARs (or muskets) and they will be taken from you while being arrested, then they’ll just ignore you.
      Don’t bring your AR or musket and they’ll just ignore you.

  35. Shyster says:

    This one is a real brain twister. On the one hand, Barr and Durham traveling to foreign countries and expanding the time scope and personnel of the origin investigation seem legit and promising while on the other hand we have clear posturing to protect institutions and Horowitz doesn’t seem to know what FBI agent clear multiple occasion acts and when taken together hits you in the face bias is. Looks like we’re just gonna have to wait till the fat report sings.

    • giveadamn says:

      well, in the “real” world, this should all be a coordinated effort where the first piece lays the foundation for subsequent pieces to build upon. the ultimate conclusion has to all “hang together” i.e. the pieces should reinforce each other. in that regard, the ig fisa report should provide the opening that durham needs to justify his fact-finding. his work should amplify horowitz’s in terms of detail/color. we move from general to specific, but all in the same direction, supporting the same conclusion–insider coup of duly elected president. fingers crossed, america.

  36. Caius Lowell says:

    At the end of all this, 0bama’s legacy will be nothing more than a steaming SF sidewalk poop, which CL cleverly calls “Pommes d’0bama”…

  37. booger71 says:

    Hopefully it is thicker than Wild Cherry Arkansas phone book.

  38. Mark says:

    Mistakes were made and some people appeared to be less than candid. Rules and regulations with further training could be helpful.

  39. Jaap Titulaer says:

    Off-topic, I know.
    But still funny 🙂

    Democrats better have a better candidate than @HillaryClinton and forget about @JoeBiden—he is "doner" than done!— Charles Ortel (@CharlesOrtel) October 9, 2019

  40. Fishelsea says:

    Just gives us a summary from a patriot. I for one have given up reading phone books. Time is too precious.

  41. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Now that the WSJ story rolled out (which no MSM dare touch), and the anticipated Oct 18 IG rpt,, FBI Dir Christopher “Bouffant” Wray has announced he will address the American ppl as to the troublesome findings…..once he returns to Washington from his “all 57 field office visits” tour. ?

  42. lurker2 says:

    I need to buy my snacks. And make time on Oct 18 for reading. I’m glad it’s a Friday.
    I just thought … the MSM will be super quick to blast out headlines the moment the report is released, right? Isn’t that what they did with the Mueller report? And with the prior IG report?

  43. ristvan says:

    Be of good faith. Barr is not there to whitewash. PDJT chose him to help drain the swamp and insure NEVER AGAIN.

    • FL_GUY says:

      I totally agree. If Barr was not going to do something to them, the D-rats would not be frantically violating the Constitution trying to get rid of President Trump and their media-rat allies would not be trying to smear Barr. One has to look at the behavior of the enemy to see what is really going on behind the scenes. We the People, will not know a thing until the hammer drops; just like that smug POS from the DOD who got busted yesterday. I bet he didn’t see that coming. I only how that these so-called “journalists” go down with him. Would make the rest of them think twice, that is, if any of them have an IQ higher than Mad Maxine. JMHO

    • ChampagneReady says:

      All 4 FISA warrants have already been determined to be i-l-l-e-g-a-l. That means 4 deliberately false affidavits of probable cause were presented UNDER OATH to the most secret court in our nation.
      There is no way Barr is going to let them waltz off into the night. And him and Durham didn’t go to Italy to ride a Gondola.
      This is not a Sessions and I didn’t pick my user name for nothin’ !

      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        Absolutely belly laugh every time I see your ‘nic’ .. And Lord knows we need some comic relief these days.
        And now you’ve done it again
        “Christopher ‘Bouffant’ Wray!

      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        Absolutely belly laugh every time I see your ‘nic’ .. And Lord knows we need some comic relief these days.
        And now you’ve done it again
        “Christopher ‘Bouffant’ Wray!

  44. willthesuevi says:

    I have hope with all the card houses falling, the Democrat dumpster fire, and with Durham expanding his scope, that Wray, the swamp creature that he is, has a driving need for self preservation.
    Especially since he sees that McCabe is disgraced with an indictment still hanging over his head and an employment lawsuit that is the joke of the town.
    Maybe, just maybe, Wray will reluctantly do the right thing.

  45. ChampagneReady says:

    It’s not only that Durham is expanding the scope and time frame of the investigation, but he is HIRING MORE PEOPLE.
    There can be no other connotation to that than meaning he has ALREADY found the Hope Diamond equivalent of evidence in felonies. That just makes me feel great all over.
    They better pull obama’s passport too. He’s now up to his Kenyan eyeballs in the frame up and will be looking frantically for countries that don’t extradite.
    Clapper yesterday: “WE ONLY DID WHAT OBAMA TOLD US TO DO.” ………….. BAM !!!!!!!

  46. Right to reply says:

    We march on DC!

    • realeyecandy1 says: … going to Washington next Thursday
      Everyone who has been saying we need to march, well here is a great opportunity. I’m getting plans together

  47. islandpalmtrees says:

    Hannity with a somewhat reluctant John Solomon indicated that they expect no-one to be prosecuted. John said, is the DOJ able to prosecute one of their own, that’s the question.
    I have heard, five or six Congressman and lawyers including Hannity that no one would be prosecuted. I believe Hannity said he used were I have heard from my sources, That no one would be prosecuted.

  48. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Just how thick is a phone book anyways?
    Ahem… I nevertheless feel compelled… to point out… when is the last time anyone even used a phone book, much less even saw one?
    They haven’t brought them to our house anymore for some time.

  49. Gunner says:

    Just a thousand pages of [email protected]#$ that goes nowhere. How ’bout one page of substance and lock up the guilty. What a novel idea that would be.

  50. Cat Lady says:

    WHOSE phone book?? I live in a small town – our phone book is 5” x 7” and less than half an inch thick!!!

  51. 6x47 says:

    Analogy time!
    If the IG report were an investigation of the 9/11 terror attacks,
    The Body: Contains very detailed information about the terrorists, their radical Islamic motives, ties to international terrorism, and how they planned, coordinated, and executed a terror attack that involved hijacking 4 commercial airlines, striking targets in New York and Washington, DC, killing 4,000 Americans.
    Executive summary: “Some people did something. Islam is the religion of Peace.”

    • Zippy says:

      FISA Court Rolls Over, Plays Dead
      Aug 28, 2013
      A newly declassified opinion shows FISA court “oversight” in the face of egregious, unconstitutional and potentially criminal government misconduct means nothing.
      Last week, thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s excellent FOIA work, we got the gift of a newly declassified 2011 FISA court opinion. The opinion finds that the government misled the FISA court for over three years about the details of its illegal and unconstitutional surveillance programs. These lies hid from the court the fact that every year, the NSA is collecting at least 56,000 emails – and possibly many more — between innocent Americans who have no foreign connections and are suspected of no crimes. That’s bad, but the worst part of it is, when the government’s lies were finally exposed the FISA court demanded … that NSA analysts read our private messages right away, so they can be used or deleted more quickly. In other words, the government got not a slap on the wrist, but a pat on the back.
      This was the third lie in less than three years that the FISA court had learned about. The judge described one such pattern of lying in Footnote 14 of this newly declassified opinion. There, the clearly outraged judge said the NSA had misrepresented so frequently and systematically how it conducted its program to collect and query Americans’ phone call records that the agency had utterly subverted the Court-mandated oversight regime for that program.
      So what did the court do when it found out it had been lied to, that purely domestic communications were fair game, that untold numbers of innocent people were being illegally spied on, and that all the safeguards in place needed to be rethought?
      Nothing, really. The court suggested the NSA should train its analysts to notice when their queries turned up an MCT – i.e., an Internet transaction containing multiple messages — and then to look carefully at all the by-catch. If existing procedures allowed them to use anything in those purely domestic messages that they were never supposed to have collected in the first place, great! Otherwise, only after collection and review, should the information be deleted. The NSA adopted this approach, and continues to blithely collect Internet transactions containing wholly domestic communications between innocent Americans to this day.
      So in the face of illegal, unconstitutional and potentially criminal conduct — conduct about which the NSA repeatedly lied to the FISA court — the FISA court “corrected” the problem by requiring … banner warnings that something might be an MCT, and an extra round of review by NSA analysts. The real problem – that the NSA regularly collects Americans’ most private communications that the law does not permit it to collect and lies about it to the FISA court – was simply waved away.

      • Tom says:

        they want to live quiet old lives – the fate of seth speaks loudly in them

        • Orygun says:

          If the Int communities don’t work for us who do they work for? Maybe someone should ask them.

          • Dave Radetsky says:

            The problem is that they see the average citizen as simply a peasant that is an annoyance if they are allowed to get in their way.

            • Speaking Truth to Groupthink says:

              It’s worse than that. They allow maniacs under their long term surveillance and/or handling, act out violently against their fellow citizens, in order to advance and grow their bureaucracy and fiefdoms.

              • American Heritage says:

                Crazy disconnect: ordinary citizens are ever more tightly controlled by laws and regulations, while criminals, psychopaths, and other known miscreants are allowed to roam free. Anyone see a sinister pattern here?

            • American Heritage says:

              ,,, and a cash cow, useful for supporting the lofty positions they have become accustomed to.

          • Gene Graff says:

            They work first for themselves and second for the agency that employs them. The public that funds them? Meh. Works the same at the state level, sadly, although there are some good ones.

          • Woogumz says:

            They are all pretty sure they are all smarter than YOU and know what’s best.
            Obama did a pretty thorough job purging the IC of independent America-First thinkers and installing, promoting and training hardened zealots. Actual competence no longer required; blind obedience to any directives is the key job skill demanded.

      • frank field says:

        Dear Zippy: Justice Roberts is clearly compromised. Kinda sick.
        Trump for Rushmore ?

        • prairiedayz says:

          Keep in mind Chief Justice Roberts’ mystery ObamaCare ruling and the fact that he will preside over a Senate Impeachment trial….plus 36 year veteran NSA real Whistleblower William Binney’s public disclosures of Deep State intercepts of the judiciary, etal…Could Roberts have been or be blackmailed?…we’re living in very perilous times….

      • farrier105 says:

        Start the video at 5:40. This will indicate where this thing is probably going.
        The sheer volume of FBI queries of the NSA database indicate wholesale use in criminal investigations in which “parallel construction” is used. With “parallel construction,” an illegal source of investigative information is used to mine it for leads to construct a case that appears to have used only legitimate lead information.
        Maria Bartiromo’s description of the report being thick as a telephone book indicates wholesale use of the NSA database for every kind of case under the sun, and for FBI agents to pry into the lives of neighbors, co-workers, etc. The sheer volume of the queries should have raised suspicions years before these reviews of NSA database use. The fact that this went on without arousing immediate suspicion leads to the suspicion that this database was always intended to be abused in this manner; that it was far from a surprise that it was; and that nothing was ever intended to be done to correct it.

    • Dutchman says:

      This I.G.Horowitz report will detirmine Freds fate, for sure. If it is as 6×47 says, and as Sundance suggests, where the Ececutive summary and Conclusions are at odds with the material in the body of the report, and there is a BIG classified appendix,….then Barr and by association Durham are, repectively a cleaner and a head fake, and Fred flies free.
      If the report calls out serious, aggregious violations of the law and Constitution, and is followed immediately by indictments,…well then Fred may cease his soaring, and end up on my dinner table.
      Either way, I hope this,will at least put an end to the,speculation, one way or another. Barr is “the Principle”; head of the DOJ.HE, ultimately is responsible for the Summary and Conclusions, whether he,writes them himself or directs,subordinates to write, as Sundance says, and just as Rosenstien did when he was in charge.
      And ditto, decides what gets classified.
      So, Freds fate decided on Friday.
      We’ll see what happens.

    • Bucky Badger says:

      While Chris Wray and the press bamboozled America with their incongruent executive summary of the Clinton report, Jeff sessions was AG at the time and let that happen.
      When the Mueller report came out, the new AG, Bill Barr, provided his own summary and properly stated the truth, “No Collusion, No Obstruction.” The press and dems were flumoxed and outraged.
      Bill Barr is still AG and perhaps the summary will be more closely aligned with how the Mueller report was released and not the Clinton email report.
      It will be the clearest sign yet on where Bill “Bagpipes” Barr stands.

      • prairiedayz says:

        Unforgettable Barr and his or was he oblivious to the corruption dripping from DOJ hallways…he might as well been playing the fiddle while the institution burned…

    • Redzone says:

      That’s great 6x!

    • Patrick Healy says:

      “They” (the New world order Marxists) have had years of practice in altering the contents of reports by issuing synopsis to the sheeple.
      It is known as the IPPC report summery, telling us “it’s worse than we thought” – the world will end in 5,10, or 15 years unless we stop exhaling plant food.
      Meanwhile the actual 5000 page scientific report says the opposite, if anyone bothered to read it.
      Expect more of the same.
      Question – why are Wray and that female in the CIA still in charge?

  52. Ray says:

    Still in the gaslight with an aim to coverup playbook. Especially if a summary pretends it’s overalln ot a big deal.
    Then it is easy for the MSM to deflect,use isolated details etc to paint a different picture to already compromised mnds.

  53. RobInPA says:

    Well, considering that I have not seen a good old ‘thick’ phone book in at least 15 years, I am not sure that her analogy/comparison is a good thing!

  54. Tom says:

    I’m not big on the whole Dunham releasing anything unless it comes with a perp walk. Yes I want to see things released as bad as anyone here. Yet I also don’t want the prevailing here’s all the information in your face as we have been getting yet no one is held accountable.
    As far as the Rush Clip Durham releasing things on Joe Biden. Sorta hard for me to think Durham has been investigating Biden. Hopefully so yet Durham has his hands
    As far as Horwitz goes. I’m not counting on him for a thing. I’m actually prepared to be let down by him. For me it’s all about Durham. After the last IG report No biased Tara Tara yada. ugh

    • Dutchman says:

      Aside from anything actually IN the,body of the report, how the Summary/conclusions are written, will tell us pretty definitivly whether Barr is a Cleaner, or Housecleaner.
      Durham is irrelevent; if Barr is a cleaner, Durham is a head fake, on his janitorial staff.
      If Barr is a housecleaner, the Summary and conclusions will include reccomendations for prosecution, and Durham will unseal indictments soon thereafter.
      I don’t see any middle ground; any way after the I.G. report on FISA abuse, that we can still be disagreeing on Barr.
      This SHOULD settle the bet, and Freds fate, once and for all.

      • Sorry, but who the hell is Fred?

      • Sorry, but who the hell is Fred?

        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          Fred is a crow, that lives (for now) down the road from Treeper Dutchman.

        • Dutchman says:

          For those who are new to the sight, or haven’t read my posts;
          Fred is a very large crow, that lives near me. As I have taken the position that,I believe Barr is a cleaner, and laid out the reasons why I believe this, I have made it clear that if I am wrong, I will cook and eat Fred, i.e. ‘eat crow’.
          It will not ne the first time. Longtimers experienced the Sessions wars, on CTH, as some argued “Investigations take time, you have to nail it down, and properly done, we SHOULDN’T hear anything until indictments are handed down, trust sessions, trust DJT, trust the plan.
          For a LONG time, I was one of those making those arguments. Eventually, I publically ‘ate crow’ on this website, recognising that the ‘other side’, was in fact correct.
          A lot of bad blood, on both sides from the sessions wars. We lost good commenters, people were called names, etc.
          Anyway, once again I started out giving Barr some benefit of the doubt, but “once burned, twice learned”, by degrees, just like with Sessions, I came to the position that Barr is a cleaner, and Durham is a headfake.
          We hear “talk” that Barr/Durham is doing this or that. Shaking people loose, extending review.
          We heard similar things with Sessions/Huber, and I advanced such arguments, myself.
          Bottom line for me is McConnell green lighted Barrs confirmation. Since I am convinced McConnell is as culpable as Obama, for the coup and ongoing coverup, his allowing Barr to be confirmed means Barr is NOT going to charge the small group with cases and penalties that,would cause them to flip.
          McConnell ain’t going to slit his own throat. He is as culpable and complicit in ALL the corruption in the swamp, as anyone.
          Anyway, IF I am wrong, and Barr/Durham indict people, and break this whole thing wide open, I will ecstaticly eat crow, on these threads.
          But, if not I WILL say “I TOLD you so,…just a little.
          We should know, Oct.18 or a little after.
          IF he’s a cleaner, I suspect his summary/conclusions to be more deftly written than Rosie the hack,..but still anticipate declinations,..or trust the plan, Durham is,working on it.
          By the way, Durham didn’t nail mueller weismann before, cause his bosses said no? So, if Barr tells him no, its no.

          • Hahahaha Dutchman:
            “A lot of bad blood, on both sides from the sessions wars. We lost good commenters, people were called names, etc.”
            Case in point, I was once outed as being at the bottom end of the intelligence bell curve for simply commenting on how annoying the session wars were to read in the comments. Though probably true, as I had no special insight or even a dog in the fight, I do sometimes wonder where ol’ Rumpole2 disappeared to.
            Thanks for the memories, Dutchman!

            • Dutchman says:

              Yes, that WAS another negative aspect, the way every thread seemed to get hijacked, with insults of naive or troll.
              A new person, checking out the comments section, and seeing all the “Jane, you ignorant slut” and going on and on, with the same,arguments, ovrr and over, might have thought this site was no different than breitbart or fox commentary.
              Posters like yourself suggested creating a seperate thread, so the two sides could just duke it out there,..remember?
              Hopefully we are a little better, this time around?

              • GP says:

                I’ve been saying for 18 months no one is going to jail. And I was called numerous non-flattering things, but the one that sticks in my memory is “Negative Nellie”
                Believe me, when it’s revealed that no one is going to jail I will post an “I told you so comment.”

                • Dutchman says:

                  I used “nabobs of negativism” once, recently. Mainly cause I have ALWAYS wanted to ‘say it’,…lol.
                  Recieved and probably gave insults, from each ‘side’ in the Sessions wars,…let us STRIVE for no “Jane, you ignorant slut” kind of debating. Strive for the kind of debating we learned in debate class.
                  And, like striving to live a moral life, understand its a GOAL, may not ALWAYS achieve it, but always TRYING.

                • dawg says:

                  Well you could wind up being right, but also be a “Negative Nellie” for constantly harping on it for 18 months.

          • Julian says:

            Good post Dutchman.
            Great post actually.
            I can tell you this – the very first time I came across this website was in early to mid 2017 not long after Sessions’ recusal as AG – or put another, more accurate way, his betrayal of his boss President Trump.
            I came on here and blasted Sessions and called for Trump to immediately sack him – most likely in April or May 2017 either just before or just after the appointment of Mueller.
            I recall getting told exactly what you outline.
            Since that blasting – I have posted many sarcastic posts. I apologise. Call it frustration.
            I guess we’ll all find out by November 3. I’ll give Barr/Durham 2 weeks to act after this FISA report is released although presumably as you say the tale of what will happen will be told in Barr’s summary of the Report on October 18.
            The 2020 US Election is set for Tuesday November 3, 2020. We’ll know by Monday November 3, 2019 whether Trump will be getting any justice for the despicable treatment he’s received from his own DOJ & FBI.

            • Dutchman says:

              I came in about the same time. Was on both sides, first sessions ‘supporter’, then detractor, and insulted in both positions, and honestly probably dished some out, as well.
              One ‘problem’ was supporters tied “trust sessions” to “trust trump”, therefore if you questioned Sessions, you were a troll, trying to undermine support for Trump, in their view.
              Hopefully we have learned from the experience. Anyway, if I insulted you, or anyone else during the sessions wars, from either side I apologise.
              And yes, we SHOULD know,….soon. I just don’t see how Barr can ‘thread the needle’ on summary/conclusions, in such a way that we are still unsure, after reading them. Its “crunch” time, poop or get off the pot!

      • The Demon Slick says:

        I don’t like the Friday newsdump that’s a bad sign. But I’m hopeful that Durham is on the job. Durham wanted to prosecute Mueller and Weld over the Whitey Bulger mess in Boston a ways back. His bosses pulled him back. And the news that he’s caught up to the special counsel appointment is awesome, assuming he’s gone through everything up to that. The Mueller interactions are very well documented. It’s a lot easier than the older stuff. Just the volume of it is probably why he’s adding staff. One thing I noticed is no attacks from the left against Durham, that’s a little odd but I remain hopeful.

      • Newhere says:

        Let’s consider how he handled the Mueller report. He declined to publish the “summaries” that Weissman helpfully prepared, and instead wrote his own summary OF CONCLUSIONS, which only contained the bottom line, and hued directly to the language of the report. That’s a good sign. (Calling Mueller’s team “snitty” was a nice touch). A summary of conclusions is NOT the same as a “summary of the report” — and very much shows an inclination not to “sum up” but to let a report speak for itself.
        He also explained later that he would have preferred to release the whole report immediately — and told Mueller’s team to mark the classified info — but Mueller’s team failed to do so, and since it wasn’t ready, *that’s* when Barr decided to write and release a summary. And even better sign. Again evinces a mindset to let the information speak for itself.
        Whatever comes of the Barr/Durham investigation; the LAST thing they need is a “summary” of a report that uses different language — or shows any daylight — from the content of the report itself.
        I really can’t wait to read this sucker — all the same, we all have known for a while it’ll be a letdown. That said, my interpretation of Barr, so far, is he’s not gonna stand for “creative “summarizing.”
        One last thing: If he were being the Cleaner, it probably would have been safer to sequence the IG and the criminal probe; let the IG exhaust itself, THEN put a prosecutor on it. Presidential allies suggested that the very existence of the Durham investigation shook loose some hold-outs for the IG investigation, and prompted others to go back and “correct” testimony. Not the the IG report has ever been the point — but if the aim is to sweep it all away, you don’t make moves that prod people out of the wood work.
        So, past conduct from DOJ/FBI on reports, redactions, etc, does NOT bode well; but I think Barr’s conduct, in particular as pertains to reports, DOES bode well.
        Looks like we’ll know soon!

      • skaebne says:

        I think there’s a third possibility that nobody has considered. Many career federal employees do their jobs conscientiously and answer to their superiors. That means they neither clean nor houseclean, they leave the question of how to use the results of their inquiries to the person in charge of making those decisions (like the chain of command in the military).
        The IG’s (Horowitz’s) responsibility is divided between the Congress and the DOJ, but he reports to Barr; Barr reports to President Trump. I don’t think Horowitz will whitewash his findings , and Barr will let Horowitz’s recommendations speak with editorializing. If Trump is looking for a house cleaning — which obviously is the case — Barr will support that to the fullest extent consistent with Horowitz’s findings.

        • Dutchman says:

          So, by this reasoning, if a POTUS were to say,…issue an executive order, barring immigrants from 5 countries, for Nstional Security grounds, on the basis that these 5 countries can not provide us with background checks,….no one in civil service would refuse to implement such an order,…right?
          Yeah, naive comes to mind, rip van winkle where have you been last two years,…and thats after I stopped laughing.
          Sorry, IMHO, you comment simply does not comport with reality.

    • Tom Azle says:

      The IG report will contain a lot of spin, no doubt. But, I suspect it will truthfully lay out all the facts Horowitz has uncovered. For Horowitz, whose focus is the FISA, some of those facts (like how many spies were in the Trump campaign and how many times the IC tried to setup/entrap the campaign) may only be peripherally related to the FISA itself. But it could be the basis for where Barr & Durham now are.
      My point is not to pay too much attention to the headline. Let’s crack open the report and see the details. Horowitz made a hint (and I could be reading waay too much into it) that makes me think he may have referred Brennan for criminal prosecution. That would be huge. For now, we sits, and we waits. I don’t think they can spin it to the point of saying nothing went wrong.

  55. Don McAro says:

    Ok its being released on a Friday for the least impact…
    How will this impact U.S. Attorney John Durham…Will the FBI try to undermine hime this time?

  56. Mike says:

    Ray is a Swamp Wrat. I am not optimistic based on history.

  57. Magabear says:

    As long as the words “and shall be placed under arrest” appear often throughout the report, It can be as big as a dictionary. ??

  58. railer says:

    There has been a confluence of events recently, which indicate The Swamp and Deep State are making moves:
    1. Schiff’s “impeachment” drive
    2. The FISC release of that opinion that rules were broken in NSA data searches
    3. The release of Durham’s report
    Item 3. would be the triggering event for 1. and 2., I suspect.
    1.’s purpose is to distract/cover for themselves and threaten Trump, and get the threat in before bad news arrives in 3. (oh like maybe an attempted coup or something?) which would foreclose any drive to impeach. It’s now or never, and they went for now, even with scattered crap (and to the impairment of Biden, who is expendable apparently).
    2.’s purpose is to leak out an “action” that government is taking to mitigate the obvious constitutional violations that will show up in 3. The FISC works for Roberts, and he eventually had to admit that the FISA warrant process is flawed, and he had to do it before Durham exposed him in his report. Roberts can say FISC did nothing wrong and oh by the way we fixed it.
    If true, all of this would indicate that The Swamp and Deep State are shaping the battlefield so that there will be no battle. Nobody goes to jail, we had some technical snafus but nothing major and besides Drumpff is a Nazi and should be impeached.
    I never expected much from Barr, as he’s both Swamp and Deep State. He might be prone to make minor institutional mitigations, but he won’t whack his fellow Swamp creatures nor attack the institutions themselves.
    But hey, maybe I’m too cynical and there are still patriots in Washington. I just see little evidence of that.

  59. StanH says:

    The swamp creatures probably have a some sort of drinking game for IG reports. They read it aloud at a local pub and laugh at the stack of useless drivel. It’s just another swamp protect mechanism. A massive waste of taxpayer money, but that’s what they are good at.
    Remember there was no bias at the FBI…still scratching my head on that one.
    Useless as teats on a boar hog.
    The real action will come from Barr & Durham, we’ll see.

  60. History Teaches says:

    Future generations will (hopefully) look back at this time as one of pure corruption. And mass insanity.
    They will have all the documentation from these IG reports. Plus whatever Barr/Durham produce. And wonder why nothing substantive was done against the main conspirators.
    When the dust of time tames the emotions, the facts will stand out as evidence of pure corruption and sedition.
    Any serious historian of the future will (presumably) have access to contemporary media narratives. Mainstream and alternative. Books will have been written from various perspectives.
    If civil society hasn’t been entirely brainwashed and documents destroyed or distorted, it will be a sad condemnation of one of the darkest blight in American history. Especially if more revelations reveal how far up, extensive and organized the coup plotters go.
    Imagine the Nuremberg trials, but no punishment at the end. We may very well end up with a quasi parallel situation. Multiple revelations of treasonous guilt, but little action taken.
    Hopefully this script takes a different turn and cynicism is replaced by a show of impartial justice.

    • RobInPA says:

      Future generations may look back at our ‘current events’ the way that you hope they will, but that will be entirely dependent on who wins this war and gets to write the history books and teaches it in the classrooms.
      Overcoming the msm, the entertainment industry, social media, corporate virtue signaling, crooked politicians and biased courts is of great concern as well.

    • All Too Much says:

      Some people did some things.

  61. Lee Moore says:

    Let us not forget that Barr himself wrote a very decent summary of the essential conclusions of the Mueller report, so it’s not like he’s a naif when it comes to the political importance of presentation.
    We’ll see.

  62. fanbeav says:

    We need an oversight committee who is not in DC that overlooks the House, Senate, and all intelligence agencies. These people have been spying on us and robbing our state department (through countries like Ukraine) for years! None of this will ever be looked into by any paid for politician or DC swamp rat!

  63. doofusdawg says:

    Maria said that it’s not limited to just Carter Page… which is different from what we thought. I hope she is right. Also said that Durham items would be rolled out over time rather than one big report. Sounds like Barr is going to release things strategically in response to fake news. They probably shouldn’t have pissed off the honey badger.

    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      Agree, Doofus (NOT). I initially wanted the FISA stuff AND the Durham investigation to be revealed hand-in-hand. But watch the Dems. They are reactive. We just saw that with UkraineGate, of which I am convinced was a sting. They started bracing for the FISA stuff after Mueller went splat face-first on the concrete, and the circular firing squad started making little moves here and there….McCabe and Co., hittin the sqwawk circuit. When FISA abuse hits, it will be more obvious (Clapper, Brennan, Rosie, and maybe Atkinson/NSD…talk about connecting some dots THERE…..) and there will be more leaks (“WB’s”) and probably more set-ups by VSGPDJT, who is the most underestimated dude to ever sit in the Oval. Whatcha wanna bet Mueller has tragically developed a tragic long-term case of diarrhea, maybe a little PSVT??? That cardioversion thingy…it’s a doozy! May be a good time to stock up on personal incontinence supplies and antiperspirant. Or just head on down to the local Bass Pro and buy a box of shells.
      Yep. That oughta pretty much do it.

  64. Legion of One says:

    The IG report is the appetizer. Barr & Dunham’s prosecutions will be the main course. The Obama officials turning on each other will, of course, be the dessert.

  65. ChampagneReady says:

    At the core of this crossroads of doing the right thing or whitewashing it, is that this was the overt attempt to SUBVERT A UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION through subterfuge and criminal acts at the highest levels of our entrusted Justice officials.
    If Barr sanctions that, he turns the United States into Afghanistan. We might as well hoist the hammer and sickle flag over the White House.
    There is no way Bill Barr who has been villified and PILLORIED for exonerating Trump of Obstruction of Justice and standing with him on every principal Trump has espoused since he was sworn in, is going to let those sacrosant tenets of what everything America stands for, be made a mockery.
    I just refuse to believe that. And remember, he had John Durham working 2 months before we even knew about it when HE WENT TO TRUMP’S OFFICE and asked for full declassification authority to break through the closed doors Durham had been encountering.
    Trump trusts Barr ……… I trust Trump AND Barr.

  66. amflyalex says:

    Blah blah flippin’ blah.
    When the telephone book hits, the left will say this (in their own pathetic way): “Whatever the Obama IC and FBI did, they did it because they BELIEVED that Russia was interfering in our election. They are both heroic and patriotic. I would rather have them do slightly illegal things than to lose our Democracy. And you know as well as I that if you’re not guilty of something, you have nothing to worry about. Now, onward to the impeachment and elections.” Not holding out much hope.
    And by the way, are we the only people on EARTH besides POTUS and his WH counsel that understand that DEMAND LETTERS ARE NOT LEGAL SUBPOENAS? You wouldn’t think so listening the pundits, talking heads and Congress-critters.

    • Chip Doctor says:

      Wow, really positive tonight. Do you trust President Trump? I do and will until proven otherwise. He is not going to let this go.

    • darose5308 says:

      You AMFLY are a Snowflake if there ever was one. Go back to CNN

      • DWIM says:

        With all due respect, hold on here please. Based on my read of amfly, it spoke to me of how the left (etc) would respond. I, for one, happen to agree with that assessment. Doesn’t make it what I’d prefer to hear from the left / msm / misc ‘crats, etc. But if they’re true to their well-established form. as others have stated in prior responses, what amfly states is prolly what they’ll say. I’m looking forward, as others, to reading detail, and hoping for real cleaning. Our President is clear and consistent in that manner. Hopefully he’ll get all actually in place and done, but a lot depends on serious follow-up by those working for him (directly or indirectly).

  67. dallasdan says:

    “If they are motivated to shape public opinion of the report content, the executive summary may be written to dilute institutional damage outlined within the main body of the report.”
    “We saw a profound disconnect between the 14-page ‘executive summary’ and the main 568-page body of the investigative report when the DOJ and FBI released the IG report on FBI and DOJ handling of the Clinton Investigation. The summary was completely disconnected from the material within the report; stunningly so.
    The June 14th 2018 OIG Executive Summary was so ridiculously detached from the evidence within the report; and the roll-out day was so transparently coordinated; FBI Director Christopher Wray held an immediate press conference to announce the “inspector general found no evidence of political bias” during the 18-month investigation.”
    Helen Keller can see the whitewash that is coming. Barr and Wray are earning their Varsity letters for the Deep State team. JMO

  68. mylabs5 says:

    Barr is brilliant. He appoints Dunham to actually redux Mueller and sidebar Horowitz (just in case he goes weak in the knees with his report). Dunham starts releasing data a bit at a time which ties up any weakness that Horowitz shows (as his reputation has shown in the past).
    This is going to really good!

    • Don McAro says:

      I have to say Boom

    • John-Y128 says:

      Dunham’s investigation just got larger and like Mueller’s will drag on, unless the DOJ indicts someone and they start flipping, but he’ll stay quite, it’s Barr’s show.

  69. This is all part of the same old same old.
    Until a criminal from the Corporation known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is physically hand cuffed and perped walk and in jail awaiting trial ,
    Then calm down and watch the movie / show. Comedian George Carlin ( brilliant man ) said it best : ” it’s a BIG EFFIN club , and YOU / ME are not in it “. You are NOT IN THE CLUB — NEVER WILL BE.

  70. visage13 says:

    Unless arrests accompany it, it means nothing. And I bet there is nothing or mostly nothing we didn’t already know.

  71. Jim in TN says:

    Here is a good thought.
    Thick as a telephone book may mean that there are finally some declassified document releases contained within.
    Thick as …

  72. Johnny says:

    What we already know is in IG Report
    The 4 FISA Warrants were illegal!
    That means someone or some individuals broke the law by submitting false information to a court . (Lawyers) for the government conspired to deceive the Fisa Court so that they could receive Espionage Warrants against an American Citizen, just for the purpose of making their illegal surveillance legal.
    That is what we do know. That is amazingly damning.
    Rico every damn one coup participants. FBI CIA, Gang of Eight(minus Nunes), Senate Intel Committee, and any stragglers we are not aware of yet.

  73. jus wundrin says:

    A nuclear detonation on the swampers, or just some wrist slappings? Im still going with SD’s earlier 2nd opinion that the corruption is so deep and wide that Barr, in seeing how this ending would flip this country on its head, would offer up some wrists for a good reddening.
    This could also be a major reason that the fascist progs are now in panic mode.

  74. litlbit2 says:

    Well what could possibly coverup such a corrupt process? Maybe a corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ? A investigation(?) conducted by a previously employed Bush employee, carry over Obama employees, a comprised Chief Justice from Bush and a Soros/Bloomberg propaganda media. Can you say Benghazi, Las Vegas, Seth Rich, Fast & Furious, NAFTA so it goes.
    Thanks Sundance like your optimism and very blessed to have found CTH!
    President Trump 2020 the only hope for us USA!

  75. chuckyschmucky says:

    “The FISA report by Michael Horowitz will be released on Friday October 18th.”
    So the third “whistleblower” will come out the morning of October 18th.

  76. Jimmy says:

    I’m bracing myself for this:
    “…systemic dysfunction… reprehensible behavior… unethical transgressions of most important regulations that should be met with the strongest of condemnations… neverlethess… bearing in mind their service to the country as law enforcement … in the fog and confusion of intelligence failures… Russian…cannot be entirely blamed for…. do not rise to the level of criminal…. hereby call for significant reforms so that this never happens again… reforms recommended in appendix B….”
    Followed by
    Barr: “…not be seeking any indictments at this time… “

    • IGiveUp says:

      The Prog allies in gov’t can make this easy, or they can make this hard. Either way, we’ll get to where we’re going and supposed to be. Everything that happens is truly necessary.

    • bonkti says:

      Essentially, “No reasonable prosecutor…,” eh?

  77. Hanuman says:

    Do telephone book still exist?
    Nothing mean nothing.

  78. frances says:

    Sounds like yet another govt fail, if so, it is too bad but is anyone really surprised? Perhaps now that Trump knows that there is no negotiating with the Deep State he may authorize a full disclosure of all docs related to the false claims against him and perhaps use private attorneys to do the work the DoJ is incapable of doing.

  79. Jim in TN says:

    Using the past as a guide for what we will see soon;
    Horowitz has been quite willing to make criminal referrals. But the two he has made were made in separate special reports.
    And so far, the DOJ, including under Barr has been unwilling to prosecute those two criminal referrals.
    So don’t expect criminal referrals in the big report, and don’t expect any prosecutions to result. But you all knew that. There is after all a prosecutor still investigating.
    The IG reports have swept up a lot of criminal behavior, and discussed it in generic terms. We only recently found out who had taken the baseball tickets mentioned in his earlier report. So don’t expect a lot of finger pointing, or calling out names of the bad actors.
    Do expect the phonebook to be damning. But only the indefatigable Sundance and a few other souls will care to read it.
    Do expect the summary to obfuscate the damning details.
    Do expect more Wray like ‘Magical La La Land’ pressers telling us nothing was wrong and how wonderful all these people are.
    Don’t expect the culprits, nor the new major shareholders to admit anything wrong ever happened.
    Don’t expect this to slow the Democrat Impeachment Party down one whit. If they are scared of it, Pelosi will hold the floor vote before this report is released. But she may do that even if the report does them no damage.
    Do expect those under review to give their coconspiritors advance knowledge through leaks so that bad info can be countered in advance.
    And don’t expect me to bat 1000.

  80. namberak says:

    “… would be an indication the intent of the DOJ leans toward diminishing the content.” There is no reason whatever to expect anything else.

  81. Newhere says:

    I’ll admit I didn’t bother reading the IG report on Comey. Was there a summary?
    Otherwise — I think we’ve got actually TWO relevant data points here, the Clinton email IG report (a travesty) and the Mueller report. Arguably, the Mueller report is a more relevant precedent, because it came out under Barr, whereas the Clinton email report came out under everyone’s favorite — ROSENSTEIN (likely closely coordinated with Wray …).
    Barr’s handling of the Mueller report bodes well. He batted away Weismann’s executive summaries, and only provided any “summary” at all when he realized there’d be a time lapse in releasing the whole report. Even then, he merely stated the conclusions — the bottom line — and didn’t purport to “summarize” the contents. In testimony, he stated his discomfort in “characterizing” a report that speaks for itself.
    The Mueller precedent suggests Barr would not sanction summaries that deviate from the language of the report. Even if his goal is institutional preservation and an instinct to sweep, sweep, sweep — what his handling of the Mueller report shows is that he’s well aware of the perception that a “fix is in”, and any fingerprints need to be invisible (ie, baked in), not parting shots in summaries or press releases.
    I don’t think we will know how far Barr’s willing to go until the results from Durham. He’s smart enough to play everything beforehand professionally and straight-up; and as we’ve observed many times, “protecting a criminal investigation” just so happens to look a lot like “covering institutional corruption” until the end. The IG report will be interesting — especially for Treepers — but this ain’t the big BOOM.

  82. A2 says:

    Good thread, worth a read.
    7 hours ago, 17 tweets, 6 min read Read on Twitter
    Bookmark Save as PDF
    Let’s take a look at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruling that the FBI’s use of FISA 702 Queries was unconstitutional violating the 4th Amendment and the FISA statute. This thread will look at the DOJ process of ‘auditing’ FBI compliance with FISA minimization rules

    • BuckNutGuy says:

      I don’t think this ruling has received enough attention. This is the “get out of jail free card” that will be played. The whole rubric was mis constructed. We didn’t know it was wrong because procedures and protocols poorly drafted. Gosh, we are sorry and will never do again. Reform, reform, referrals to House and Senate for reforms…its so bad gosh golly geez we did not know….

    • Woogumz says:

      Yep. A fig leaf of “oversight” and “accountability”.
      No one seems to want to ask why Vince Stewart was moved over to DIA after Flynn was removed for being too competent and effective. Seems like a pretty key time period in all of this. Hmmmm ……..
      The time for using skin color as a distractor from challenging someone’s actual actions and abilities is over, IF we are to heal and move past the hatred and vitriol of the Cloward, Piven and Alinsky trainees and acolytes. Let people be held to account for what they did, the choices they made, the actions they took, and be held to the same standard as everyone else without the magickal get of out Jail free card.
      Here’s looking at you Maxine.

  83. EnoughIsEnough says:

    Apologies if this has already been suggested, but I don’t have time tonight to read all the posts. If there is a document dump next Friday, the 18th, in an attempt to downplay the corruption, I pray that President Trump will address the nation. It is that important. As a citizen of this great nation, I want to hear from our leader about how our rule of law is being circumvented by bureaucrats and unelected officials to keep the status quo intact.

  84. trialbytruth says:

    Just a comment about Friday released.
    We allngot very use to the Friday released of the BO admin to bury the lead. However it only worked on the mind numbed corporate media followers. The rest of us buried our selfs in the releases or went here for the update and analysis.
    I think Trump used the Friday release because us working class diggers have the weekend to dig.
    Consider this a Friday release and an immediate Trump troll on the media indirectly getting them to cover it and the Media frenzy on Sunday to bury it all. Rinse and repeat the story eventually gets out and Trumps base grows a little more.
    I may have to open a red pill dispensers.

  85. Donovan's Trigger says:

    Let’s not forget that humans are not totally predictable and in times of crisis the unexpected can play a major role. The Black Swan of the Watergate affair was that Charles Colson had a real faith encounter with Jesus Christ that changed his life every bit as much as St.Paul’s conversion on his way to Damascus. Colson’s conversion also impacted in no small way the outcome of the Watergate prosecution. Likewise, Whittaker Chambers, having found Christianity, blew open the entire infiltration of the Department of State. Only God knows the role, if any , that faith , will play on Barr’s judgment or any other actors in the DOJ. People that believe in the four last things have a tendency to not want to be condemned for all eternity because it seems like such a very long time.
    Additionally, if you were suddenly thrust into a position that guaranteed your actions would be a part of the American historical landscape such that your great grand children would study your record after you were six feet under, you may want to defend your sacred honor. Barr strikes one as a man in this camp. He certainly did not need to take the job.
    Faith and a high regard for posterity are still powerful motives that guide people of goodwill. It’s a major part of what America has survived. It’s a stretch to think there are not a dozen or so men and women in the DOJ that will defend our way of life.

    • John-Y128 says:

      Colson had his ‘come to Jesus’ moment in a federal prison system, and that’s great, I hope Brennan and Comey, McCabe, S. Powers, etc. all have the same experience.

  86. Sherri Young says:

    A month or two ago, Catherine Herridge told Byron York during an interview to pay close attention to what is in the footnotes. She stressed that point.
    We should take her seriously.

    • Moe Grimm says:

      Every-thing Catherine Herridge reports should be taken seriously. She is the veritable epitome of what real investigative journalism once was. The standard. She has some company in Sarah Carter and John Solomon. Tonight, John Solomon, as well as Devin Nunes, spoke about the possibility that now Solomon may have been e-surveilled “by U.S. intelligence”. He was being interviewed by Hannity, but true to his Code said only that it’s early and not to jump to any conclusions, but he plans to get to the bottom of it. It would be zero surprise if he was monitored by the cia or one of its 4th estate surrogates.
      Under 0bama it’s documented that James Rosen, Dennis Kucinich, Sharyl Atkkisson, Associated Press, and of course hundreds more under 0bama’s terms. Some 250 alone “unmasked” (NSA) by 0bama’s U.N. ambassador the witch named Samantha Power. Worse yet, Power claims some were done USING HER NAME. The result? Just issue more free Felony passes. things are really spinning out of control. At this point I see few alternatives besides that this Country will sooner rather than later have to be taken back by other than peaceful means. This next Horowitz report will mean as much as his first. Nothing.

  87. GTOGUY says:

    If you look at the IG report on Comey, Horowitz actually requested charges be filed, but alas, they were not. I think Horowitz is a straight shooter. Keep an eye on Barr & Durham. I think there will be some indictments rolling out between now and the end of the year.

    • John-Y128 says:

      If there are any indictments, they’ll be low level nobodies, like yesterday’s IC ‘wag the dog’ leaker, we won’t see Brennan, Lynch, Comey, Kerry indictments.

  88. cheryl says:

    CIA contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery asserts that “THE HAMMER,” a super surveillance system he designed and built as a foreign surveillance tool to spy on terrorists and other foreign adversaries, was commandeered by John Brennan and James Clapper to unlawfully wiretap Michael Flynn and Donald Trump.

  89. Troublemaker10 says:

    We will soon find out if AG Barr is a man of honesty and integrity or not. Will he be as transparent with Fisa investigation report as he was with Mueller report? I think he will be, but if I am wrong Republicans should raise h3ll.

  90. Cathy M. says:

    Hopefully bad news for the dems & a NYC phone book (Population: 8,601,186)

  91. ezgoer says:

    Releasing the IG Report on a Friday is the first tip this is going to be very disappointing. If you want maximum buzz and impact you release it early in the week. I expect this to be a giant nothing burger like Horowitz’ ( I’m part of the swamp) previous reports. Lots of obfuscation. Lots of excuse making. Lots of well there were irregularities but no criminal wrong doing or charges. Get ready.

    • GP says:

      Hi ezgoer-yeah, I agree. It’ll wash out something like this:
      “Some good people, with honest intentions, did some questionable things.”

  92. Liberty ONE says:

    The prior IG Reports led to NOTHING( DOJ refusal to prosecute etc). This report will be more of the same. It’s the Big Boys/Girls Club and WE the people are NOT members. Their attitude is saving the ” Institution(s)” are MORE important than the rule of law, the Constitution or ANY other law. Prediction: All smoke & mirrors & a three-card monte.

  93. Jackson says:

    What’s a telephone book?

  94. Tom Hansen says:

    I will shout with glee to see FBI Director Chris Wray be forced to announce the indictments of every signer of the FISA warrants and every FBI staff and agents involved in the coup to topple President Trump. Wray will want to cover everything up. That is his MO. But, there is enough public information out there now to know these people committed felonies and other crimes, so there will be true outrage against the FBI and DOJ if no one is prosecuted. McCabe for sure, but Comey led the pack, others knew of the corruption, but failed in their duty to report it. They turned a badge of honor into a badge of shame and made the FBI a laughing stock as a law enforcement organization.

  95. MD says:

    If the report is thick as a phonebook, a Friday “dump” may not be a bad thing. The Democrats always try to frame the narrative of whats in it before they even get a copy of it. This way many won’t be paying attention to their BS and it gives conservative voices a chance to review it thoroughly over the weekend.

  96. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    If Wray tries to water this one down, Trump should fire him on the spot and have him escorted out of the fbi building without even being able to pack up his crap.
    Just toss him out the door onto his shoulder blades. Give cnn the heads up so they can have their cameras ready.

  97. John-Y128 says:

    I’ll bet there are no DOJ ‘indictments’ accompanying the FISA Abuse IG Report.

  98. hokkoda says:

    We’ll know the IG Report is bad news if there is a mass shooting on 10/17.
    However, if your instincts are as mine, which is to assume the most cynical outcome of any situation involving our thoroughly and irredeemably corrupt government, then your default position is that they are going to bury, bury, bury, this report as fast as they can. Anyone “referred” will receive a “DOJ declined to prosecute” escape. The report itself will terrify anybody who not a hopelessly partisan toady for the Government Party. But the Government Party itself will laugh it off as “oh, those wascally wabbits and their abuse of power! Let’s marvel at how they got away with it all!” Democrats in Congress will announce that the IG Report is further proof that Trump is obstructing justice. The FBI Director will go on TV and without a trace of irony claim that everything in the report is based on the actions of “a few” who “no longer work at this fantastic and thoroughly trustworthy and incorruptible institution”. He will ignore how those “few” rose to their lofty positions to try and throw a Presidential election and ignore what this means about how the FBI promotes marginally competent partisan traitors to lead major investigative divisions. Over at the FISC, the judges will feign ignorance because their rubber stamp was apparently put on “auto repeat” to blindly approve the requests of said hopelessly corrupt FBI officials because FBI agents never lie. Lie to them, and you get a SWAT team kicking down your door in the dark of night. Over at the WH, the Trump team will be apoplectic that what is plainly obvious to the casual observer is immediately excused by Democrats, the Media, and most of his Permanent Government Employees, as necessary actions to protect the Republic from him. Even the ones who have the guts to admit how terrible it all is will state for the record that it was absolute necessary and that they had no other choice.
    At the end of Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country, after a successful assassination of a lead, a nearly successful second assassination, several hundred murdered, a space battle, a destroyed trillion dollar prototype spaceship, the illegal kangaroo court which imprisoned innocent men on a planetary gulag…James Kirk lightly intones, “Once again, we have saved civilization as we know it,” to which Bones McCoy observes, “And the good news is, they’re not going to prosecute!” Lt Uhura says, “I felt like Lt Valeris,” and McCoy chides Spoke, “They don’t prosecute people for having feelings.”
    That’s your Government Party. Completely illegal acts that resulted in false imprisonment, abuse of power, lying at all levels…but we don’t prosecute people for having feelings.

    • railer says:

      Trump can fire people though. He can fire them, then nominate an honest replacement and DARE McConnell to reject that nominee again like he did Ratcliffe. That’s the hammer on Mitch, Deep State’s Man in Washington, his reelection next year. Mitch would rather die than have an honest AG, but there are other inferior positions that Trump could populate with honest actors, and he may be able to pull off at least that much.

      • hokkoda says:

        If he fires ANYBODY, that will be used as evidence in his impeachment trial. Firing Comey – who Trump said even before he was elected should be fired – kicked off the phony Mueller probe. You are not allowed to fire Government Employees. They are the permanent Government, and you cannot talk back to them, lie to them, criticize them, or in any way take any action would could legitimately be considered appropriate accountability.
        After 9/11 and the deaths of 3,000 Americans…despite the warnings…despite all the crooked and twisted legal actions which let them in the door…despite the fact that within HOURS we had pictures of every terrorist including their names…nobody got fired.
        The fact that Trump fires people is exactly why they are trying to impeach him.

  99. “…unfortunately that Friday document dump would be an indication the intent of the DOJ leans toward diminishing the content” Danger, Will Robinson! Gross understatement alert.
    Insert your own sarcastic joke here. But I wonder — seriously — how do you hang the whole Washington government? Because that is what is needed here.

  100. G S 425 says:

    Nobody is going to be held to account. Take it to the bank.

  101. dwpender says:

    Folks, the IG report may be voluminous, and there will be much fodder for discussion and further research, but EVERYTHING with respect to Page “FISA abuse” turns on one simple thing: Does Horowitz conclude that the palpable bias among the CH investigative team (which he will find) affected the DOJ/FBI’s decision to apply for and/or the framing/form of one, some or all of the warrants on Page?
    If, like the MYE, Horowitz says “bias but no evidence of impact,” there will be no Page Fisa-based prosecutions. If Horowitz says essentially that a reasonable factfinder could or would conclude that bias did impact decisionmaking, it will be “boom, boom,” as Joe DiGenova phrased it.

  102. askandgettruth says:

    well we know the dems won’t read it before they sign it. ask PIG-LOSI

  103. TwoLaine says:

    Dear IG Michael Horowitz,
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE launch an investigation of National Security Division (NSD), from inception to now, next. It is WAY OVERDUE!
    Thank You!

  104. TwoLaine says:

    Nappy is being VERY disingenuous to insinuate that this is rare and that it only happened under President TRUMP with FBI Director Chris Wray.
    If you notice he keeps trying to take the conversation over from Maria during the whole debate and she talks over his attempted interruptions. He finally gets his little arrow in at the end, but we all know better.

  105. gilfavor says:

    Nap makes me sick to my stomach. .

  106. Perot Conservative says:

    Why can’t AG Barr put s stop to a mendacious OIG Executive (Misleading) Summary to the upcoming FISA report?

  107. Rodiebob Williams says:

    I kind of think Barr will not allow Wray the opportunity, i also am afraid they will stall this again!

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