BIG PICTURE – White House Responds to Speaker Pelosi Unconstitutional Impeachment Effort – (Full pdf and background)…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Lawfare allies can change House rules (they did). Pelosi and Lawfare can also change House impeachment rules (they did). Pelosi/Lawfare can change committee rules (they did); and in doing so they can remove House republicans from the entire process… Which They Did.  However, what Lawfare and Pelosi cannot change is The U.S. Constitution, which they are desperate to confront.

Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Lawfare House rules‘ and/or ‘Lawfare impeachment rules‘ cannot supersede the constitutional separation of powers.

Nancy Pelosi cannot decree an “official impeachment inquiry”, and as a consequence nullify a constitutional firewall between the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch.

~ Speaker Pelosi and House Attorney Douglas Letter ~

All of that said, there is a distinct difference between a congressional subpoena intended to compel generic testimony, and a congressional subpoena intended to compel impeachment testimony.

Attempting to compel testimony that crosses through the separation of powers; and goes even further in an attempt to penetrate the firewall around executive privilege; requires the House -or a committee therein- to carry “Judicial Authority“.

“Judicial Authority” is not absolute authority, but rather a legal reference and framework that forms the basis for an impeachment ‘compulsion demand‘ (or subpoena) by the House.  Judicial Authority is the House saying they have a legal basis to make a demand.

The reason judicial authority is necessary, is because creating Judicial authority, via the Legislative Branch full chamber vote, gives the Executive Branch access to appeal any legislative demand via the Judicial Branch (federal courts).

Repeat for emphasis:

…The reason judicial authority is constitutionally required, is because creating Judicial authority, gives the Executive Branch a process to appeal any legislative demand via the Judicial Branch (federal courts)….

Absent the creation of judicial authority the House has not created a penalty for non-compliance.  However, absent a penalty for non-compliance the Executive Branch has no process to engage an appellate review by federal courts.   This is the purposeful trick within the Pelosi/Lawfare road-map.

Speaker Pelosi’s current Lawfare-inspired road-map (House and committee rule changes therein) attempts to construct a path to impeachment that avoids asserting House “judicial authority”; because they fear losses from a Judicial Branch ruling.  Those who constructed the road-map are also concerned about outright blocks by the courts in their proceedings.

This process issue was argued by Lawfare member Douglas Letter today during a hearing on the topic of the House Judiciary Committee gaining access to Weissmann/Mueller’s grand jury evidence.  [Expanded Here]

Here’s the bottom line: “Judicial Authority”, granted by a full House vote, gives the House of Representatives more authority in their impeachment construct.  However, “judicial authority” also grants the Executive Branch a path to appeal via the Judicial Branch.

Because the Lawfare/Pelosi roadmap intends to subvert judicial authority, it is destined by design to end up running head-first into a constitutional problem; specifically separation of power and executive privilege.  That predictable constitutional issue will end up with arguments to The Supreme Court.  THAT is why the Democrats have been working for months to delegitimize the Supreme Court.

Please let me repeat for emphasis.  The Lawfare impeachment road-map is designed to conflict with the constitution.  It is a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of the plan, not a flaw.  Pelosi and the Lawfare group know they are creating a constitutional crisis; that is why the background attacks against the Supreme Court were started months ago.

Understanding this, here’s the White House response:


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308 Responses to BIG PICTURE – White House Responds to Speaker Pelosi Unconstitutional Impeachment Effort – (Full pdf and background)…

  1. Cathy M. says:

    Schifty is likely in deep caa-caa from Pelosi in re his made up version of the Trump / Ukraine telephone call.

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  2. Tl Howard says:

    Frustration: why can’t Sean let his guests talk KISS.

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    • ezgoer says:

      Because Andy McCarthy is another GOPe idiot. The party is full of traitors.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        He’s not a pol. He’s a former US attorney and is now a columnist, one of the few who finally had a Come to Jesus moment and recognized the conspiracy. He brings Sean back to earth sometimes.

        McCarthy was talking law; Sean was emoting “should be’s.”

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        • Jan says:

          Except that Andy is a never-Trumper. To be fair, he’s attacked the process by which the Dimms are conducting their investigation of the President, but he has no love for this President and often turns on him frequently, especially over tweets.

          Mind you, I don’t always enjoy what Pres. Trump tweets, but given the 99% unfavorable coverage of the Media, he has no choice.

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          • Kintbury says:

            I actually totally disagreed with the point about Hunter Biden. He is not in any race that I am aware of and it is obvious he was neck deep in corruption. How could that be off limits?d


      • Bob says:

        All those traitors are worrying about their piece of the congressional gray train….this is all about the hidden money that no one will talk about.


    • muckeyduck says:

      Have tweeted him many times, “Shut up and quit interrupting you guest”, while screaming at my television.

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    • Mikey likes it! says:

      But his whole family was FBI, come on man, and his Mom was a security guard. he can’t help it if he’s a D*(&^%%$!


  3. Well, the White House response truly speaks for itself.

    But, it is also important to note that “Ukraine is a Sovereign Nation too!” Even though a great many officials in the American Government (including a very great many “you know who’s” …) seem to have considered this Nation to have been nothing more than their Appointed Football™, it seems now that a great many Ukranians do not agree.

    They elected a brand-new President on their own version of “Drain The Swamp™,” and they and their respective legal institutions are now eager to avail themselves of the mutual-cooperation ratified treaty that we have had with them for quite some time. Yes, I daresay that quite a few “extremely(!) well-placed American Officials” now have quite a bit to be worried about . . .

    “Sux to be an International Organized-Crime Boss” …

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      How convenient.

      Everyone remember the mysterious death of one of our greatest Constitutional Justices?

      HRC was a sure thing for the Presidency, we all knew that but the way Sundance describes the attacks on the Supreme Courts starting months ago, it makes perfect sense why Justice Scalia mysteriously passed months prior to HRC’s Crowning. (Thank God for Trump)

      Please tell me I’m way off base here.

      I think not!

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  4. joeknuckles says:

    Freaking Andy McCarthy showing his nevertrumpism. He’s claiming that Trump pressured Zelinsky to investigate Hunter Biden. Of course, nobody else could think fast enough to counter it with the fact that there was no pressure, per Zelinsky himself. Instead, they all talked about the justification. McCarthy must be under orders to attack Trump from the right.

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    • swissik says:

      Never trusted this guy and am not about to start.

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      • CNN_sucks says:

        That’s why I never bought his book. He is “Johnny come late”. He will be proven wrong again! Never trumpism cloud your better judgement.


    • Jimmy says:

      The National Review set, with few exceptions, will skillfully destroy the left. But they are devoted to aristocratic honor, according to which one always fights by Marquis of Queensbury rules, even when one’s opponent does not. One of these rules is that if one’s election opponent is found to be a crook, one doesn’t take the opportunity to get him arrested and therefore removed from the race. It isn’t cricket, you know. It’s not what an honorable chap would do, you see. One finishes the campaign and beats him fair and square. A gentleman doesn’t take the easy way out, even if it is more just than the alternatives. Therefore, Donald Trump was in the wrong for pursuing justice with regard to Joe Biden because doing so would benefit Trump.

      As Rudy has pointed out, “Does this mean that if Biden had committed murder we should look the other way during the campaign?”

      It’s an alien set of rules. It’s an Old European form of honor that is totally alien to American thinking.

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      • Mike Fletcher says:

        I think you give them too much credit. The explanation that they aren’t really on the right makes more sense and holds up if you scrutinize the pattern.

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      • The Boss says:

        Today’s National Review “set” couldn’t collectively hold a candle to William F Buckley’s intellect.

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      • ruckustom says:

        The French at the battle of Agincourt were certain they’d beat the English with their … chivalry. They were noblemen. They were landed gentry. They were ordained by God.
        The English king, on the other hand, didn’t worry about chivalry – only winning. So he emptied out all his prisons and promised the convicts their freedom if they’d come fight for him. For those that agreed and joined him, the English king gave them a bunch of long bows and arrows and they proceeded to mow the chivalrous French down when they, rather pathetically, got stuck in the mud in full armor. Those folks over at National Review are the chivalrous French.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Solomon took the wind out of the argument today.

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  5. TPW says:

    Ok Sundance has not touched on this cause it is happening now in real time. I am hearing Talking heads making excuses for why we will not see charges. Because of Blah Blah Blah……Don’t like it one bit……..I don’t think this is going to fly and I PT makes sure with Rudy that it doesn’t.


    • sundance says:

      Rolcons should speak english.

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      • In the Land of Poz says:

        What is a Rolcon? Roleplaying as conservative? Residue of liberalism, Rather obedient leftist, Regular OnLine, …?

        Also I have been trying to call your attention to yet another bogus Democratic rule adjustment targeting impeachment: the upcoming FEC meetings (executive Oct 16, open meeting Oct 17) related to the sudden, hastily drafted Sept 26 “interpretation” by Ellen Weintraub (FEC chair and Resistance drama queen) that information from foreign sources counts as an illegal campaign contribution. , published on her Twitter when another commissioner pushed back.

        Not sure if you see all the comments, sorry to keep reposting. And thanks enormously for all your work here and on Twitter.


        • All Too Much says:

          What is a Rolcon?
          Thanks. I was heading to DDG to ask what a Roll-on when, lo and behold, you were there with the answer. Nice.


  6. Jimmy says:

    Possible outcomes for Nancy:

    1. She backs down or holds the vote the House fails to impeach. Disaster.
    2. She holds the vote and the House impeaches. Senate subpoenas and cross examines under oath the Bidens, the “whistleblowers,” Schiff, and Schiff’s staff. Disaster.
    3. She holds the vote and the House impeaches. Senate immediately holds vote and votes not to convict.

    #3,, though lackluster for Nancy, is the best case scenario now for her. Dems can run on Republican Senate neglecting to do its duty by neglecting to try the case. Will Mitch follow #2 if the House impeaches?

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    • icndark says:

      I feel like the time is at hand. Right?
      If not now, when?

      “They” are scrambling to even manage believable spin? What a charade! I’ve seen more convincing screenplay from Wylie E. Coyote. Jus’ sayin’


    • ezgoer says:

      It’s not a disaster for the Dems because the 2020 campaign will be all about the impeachment and character assassination and not the economy, trade, jobs and all the strong things Trump can win on. I wish it weren’t so but this all helps the Dems in 2020. Without it, Trump cruises to a win.


      • Ma McGriz says:

        oh bull.

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      • iswhatitis says:

        ezgoer says: “It’s not a disaster for the Dems because the 2020 campaign will be all about the impeachment and character assassination and not the economy, trade, jobs and all the strong things Trump can win on. I wish it weren’t so but this all helps the Dems in 2020. Without it, Trump cruises to a win.

        You didn’t answer the begged question!

        Assuming you are correct (don’t think you are, but – assuming..):

        Without it, Trump cruises to a win.

        The begged question:

        What about “With it”?

        I’ll answer:

        Trump cruises to a win.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      I don’t think Mitch wants a lot of “stuff” to come out in a public Senate trial—-he knows some Repubs will be implicated. He doesn’t want a convict vote or Kentucky will vote HIM out!

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      • GB Bari says:

        McConnell already posted an ad on his Facebook page that basically says that a vote for him means the Senate will stop the impeachment.


      • Judith says:

        Mitch and the UNiparty have too many skeletons rattling in their closets to risk a formal impeachment proceeding, which would afford the President a legal defense. This sneaky and unconstitutional Lawfare non-impeachment impeachment construct is as much to protect the Republicons as it is the Democrats.

        Even more so, as the Republicans can now feign indignation at being written out of the process. But never forget that they are the ones who quite intentionally abandoned the House. They willingly ceded their power to the Democrats and left their President high and dry.

        Both Republicans and Democrats are implicated in the ongoing COUP to remove a duly elected President. And we know exactly why they’re doing it, to hide their own indefensible graft and corruption. Treason applies in some cases.

        That phonecall to Ukraine was nothing compared to what is in store for them now, notwithstanding Mitch’s tepid, come-to-MAGA moment.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Pelosi could make Trump take the issue to court, and let the court kick her ass, I mean, tell her Trump’s right and she’s an idiot, I mean wrong. So, she backs away from impeachment able to tell her people, hey, at least we tried. In the meantime, though, the narrative continues, only now the court is in on the obstruction.


      • Judith says:

        So, we’re back to “obstructing” a legally flawed and unconstitutional process? Got it. /s

        And I suppose that *any* action taken henceforth to drain the swamp, can now be construed as “retaliation” for a TREASONOUS COUP?

        I want what they’re smoking. PDJT announced his intention to drain that swamp wayyyy before he even became President. Seen in the light of day, aren’t THEY the ones engaged in “retaliation” for having been outed as the TREASONOUS co-conspirators they truly are?


  7. icndark says:

    I asked that I could read it in its entirety on a previous thread.
    It did not disappoint!

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  8. spoogels says:

    SORRY DEMOCRATS, IT’S OVER!… John Solomon DROPS BOMB: Info Omitted from Whistleblower Report – Ukraine was Re-Opening Probe into Hunter Biden’s Company in February

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    • spoogels- thanks very much for posting. So John Solomon now works for FOX? Is that what Sean was referring to about “joining the family?”


    • Boknows says:

      Spoogels, great post.

      Exactly right!! There are now 3 elephants in the room:

      1) President Trump released the transcript.
      —The democraps are basing this ruse on lies they are telling about a conversation coming from someone who wasn’t even on the call!!

      President Trump releases the transcript!!!
      Nothing inappropriate was said.
      End of story, take 1.

      2) The leader of Ukraine says himself he was not under any pressure from that call!! This statement by him is consistent with the transcript.
      End of story, take 2.

      3) Ukraine has had an open investigation into the Biden matter since February….months before the call!!
      End of story, take 3.

      The Democrap Party and the Fakestream media need to quit while they are behind.

      They won’t, and so..

      I pray earnestly for the tables to turn and see prosecutions against them for the high crimes they have blatantly committed against our President and our great nation. I pray they receive the maximum penalty under the law, and their party and their names be disgraced for all of history, beyond even the level disgrace they currently bring upon themselves.

      Lord, in Your name, may Your will be done.


      • Judith says:

        The UNiparty and their baying Enemedia hounds sure are making it more palatable for the masses to see this to its logical conclusion.. drain the freaking swamp already! We know who the bad guys are and President Trump isn’t one of them.

        It is interesting that, when this all started, President Trump was painted as an unhinged lunatic while the Enemedia calmly pushed our buttons. Now the tables have turned, and PDJT appears very presidential, calm and resolute, while the Enemedia are positively frothing at the mouth.

        This reminds me of the fable of the tortoise and the hare. They charged out the gate and ran outta steam. President Trump is the ultimate closer!


    • Conversefive says:

      The reopening of the case was reported back in May in no less than the NYT.

      From May 1, 2019 NYT article:

      “But new details about Hunter Biden’s involvement, and a decision this year by the current Ukrainian prosecutor general to reverse himself and reopen an investigation into Burisma, have pushed the issue back into the spotlight just as the senior Mr. Biden is beginning his 2020 presidential campaign.”

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      • Judith says:

        “..just as the senior Mr Biden is beginning his 2020 presidential campaign.” Hmm.. I smell a rat! NY Slimes has planted the seed to make it seem like election interference. Sound familiar?

        Hellary ran her pay-to-play racket through Obama’s State Dept, funneling billions through her “foundation.” She hid her criminal activities on a private server which she then destroyed, along with 30,000 incriminating emails, in response to a Congressional subpeona. Yet, bringing her treasonous crimes to light is spun as election interference? These people are insane.


  9. billybob says:

    “We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.”
    ― Eric Hoffer
    Right now it must be deafening for those who would steal our god given rights if allowed .

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    • icndark says:

      I will not hold against you the fact that you quoted such a despicable individual, due only to the fact that said individual had a temporary moment of clarity when he said, or supposedly said that.


  10. Some old guy says:

    The enormity of what’s being attempted and the means by which it’s being attempted seem to lay the foundations for one of the biggest Supreme Court cases ever, notwithstanding the Demoncrats attempts at delegitimization of the Court. I am still amazed the Demoncrats are hellbent on recreating a modern days “Pickett’s Charge” and cannot but help wonder whether they are today more driven by hubris or fear. At the same time as history is literally being written, I’m amazed by GOPee fools like Romney who can’t or won’t see the magnitude of big picture of this epic struggle while mocking the President’s style et cetera.

    How did I ever vote for any of these fools? May the Lord have mercy on us all and protect us.

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    • icndark says:

      More to the point, I think.
      Where are these GOPIdiots and Never-Trumpers going to come down. I pray lots and hope for the best. I see the rally turnouts and watch the footage and get just as juiced as anyone.

      If we could just double our MAGA reps…Jus’ Sayin’.

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    • If the Dems attempt a Pickett’s Charge, one third of them will not get past the Emmittsburg Road……………………


  11. @ChicagoBri says:

    “betrayal of our democracy” – once again, the Ds accuse the opposition of the exact nefarious thing they are in the process of doing.

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  12. Davenh says:

    I have been on this site for 3 years, commenting for 2 years. I have gone from cold anger to white hot hate to resigned that all is lost, back to giddy excitement, you get the idea. At one point I felt justice would never be served but opined that if UniParty malfeasance could be exposed and understood by enough of the electorate that would damage the prog/UniParty/demo/Dino statists and I could live with that. However, the tone our President and his few trusted allies have taken in the past few days has rekindled hope. The good guys are clearly on the offensive and have baited a traps. I’m not that dialed in to know how this will play out exactly, too many variables at play, but it does seem as though the democrats are cornered and sweating profusely. Trump appears to be be righteously furious and my sense is this is coming to a head soon. Interesting times indeed.

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    • Davenh- KEEP THE FAITH!


    • Takeo Ischi says:

      My real, semi-rhetorical question to you in response to this is: how do *WE* help the malfeasance to get fully exposed? How many layers deep in the onion of corruption and rot do we have to go, and bring our fellow citizens with us, before basic facts and truth can be seen by the more casual observers without being covered over by the professional propagandists of the cult of leftist culture?

      The President is doing a lot, what can we do to help?


  13. Jan Anderson says:

    Upon reading this letter, I wanted to cry, shout in anger & take out any Democrat I get near, including the media.

    I fear for the future of this country. Due process is out the doors for people who defy Dimms, especially Pres. Trump. Congress is ok with that, including our feckless Republicans.

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    • icndark says:

      As well as a majority of our basic legal systems. Go with “declined prosecution/aggressive prosecution”. Thank you criminal IC…/s?


    • stripmallgrackle says:

      Cipollone quotes Nadler from 1998, citing his argument that a partisan and unconstitutional impeachment process would tear the country apart and undermine faith in our representative democracy.

      What was once a bug now seems to be a feature, or, as the Doobie Brothers put it ‘What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits’.


  14. Don McAro says:

    ** President Trump did not THREATEN Ukrainians to reopen investigation of the Biden Crime Family
    ** The Ukrainian government reopened the investigation of the Biden Crime Family in FEBRUARY
    ** The whistleblower may have known this but omitted it from his complaint against President Trump!

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  15. Congressional Democrats sunk below the level of phone scammers.

    Hello, this is the IRS Office of Adam Schiff.
    You must immediately send us your money private information or we will send someone will take you to jail.
    Press #1 now to be connected to an operator.

    It’s about time that somebody sue the lot of them for extortion and mail fraud.

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  16. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    I’m not so sure Pelosi and the dems have thought/planned this to the degree Sundance laid out.

    While the dems have the media and lower courts on their side, they can’t see around EVERY corner, like RBG making it thru a possible SCOTUS hrg.

    I’m not so sure she isn’t already on ice.

    One thing the dems are geniuses at is “timing”. The ⏳ was started today when Schiff came to the podium to speak w/the press (no q’s asked), to begin the narrative “obstruction of justice”.

    The WH refused to allow EU Amb Sondland to be interviewed. Of course, this is “OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE”! Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, the Mueller/Weissman rpt “unfinished business”.

    So they’ll keep issuing “subpoena letters”, which will be refused, and whammo OBSTRUCTION.

    That’ll be enough to keep the lofo’s hooked…..where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, Mueller.

    So the dems will “prayerfully” seek justice in the lower courts, with an obama/Clinton judge. This will drag on into the Primaries, at which time they’ll engage Plan B. Or C. Or D, arriving at SCOTUS just in time to halt the election.

    Btw, I see where Trey Gowdy has “accepted” Trump’s invitation to join the “impeachment strategy team”, (outside the WH of course).

    I’m nauseous. Who’s idea was this? Just perfect, a do nothing, all hat/no cattle orator. The hallowed halls of Congress are filled to the brim with them.

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    • icndark says:

      I C your Gowdy skepticism and raise you. However,
      I know that you don’t doubt. So you must infer a strategy…I do.
      Our Leader is so far ahead.

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      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        I have zero doubt that VSGPDJT wil utilize Mr. Gowdy in precisely the right way and for specific purpose.


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    • gnome says:

      I’m not sure obstruction of justice will resonate with any judge in the total absence of any legal protections for the subpoenaed parties.


      • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

        I’d didn’t say obstruction would be “pursued in the legal sense”. I meant it as a dog whistle for the lofo’s and the public airwaves.

        It sure worked nicely as the fallback for the Mueller rpt. There’s no collusion, but the obstruction was left dangling for the Congress to glom onto, which led to the next step…the never ending “investigative inquiries”.


    • CNN_sucks says:

      No trust with Gawdy. Why? Benghazi. No cojones.


    • stripmallgrackle says:

      With each passing day, as Pelosi pursues this, it dawns on a registered voter somewhere that there may be a reason the democrat majority in the House doesn’t want to work on its constitutionally assigned task of advancing a legislative agenda

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  17. ezduzit63 says:

    I know why the Informer didn’t Testify..he did not fit their Narrative they try to rope him in to lie…
    Sondland responded, “Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The President has been crystal clear no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign. I suggest we stop the back and forth by text.”

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  18. The lib dems STILL don’t know who they are dealing with…… Thank God.

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  19. Patience says:

    Joe DiGenova & Rudy on Laura Ingraham (fox) tonight. Informative. Worth watching.
    >And too funny -also.

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  20. DeWalt says:

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once. I think I could condense that letter significantly. To, I don’t know, a gum wrapper in size. Here it goes. “PACK SAND NANCY”

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  21. JoeMeek says:

    How does that go now?

    It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no native American criminal class … … … except for Democrats.


  22. Bogeyfree says:

    PT should post the letter on and then tweet tomorrow, I ask that every American take the time to read and understand this letter and……

    imagine if the government came after you or your family with false claims and took away your constitutional rights to due process and your attorney could not cross examine or subpoena documents to try and defend you.

    Would you just accept that? Would you think that is fair?

    We have a Constitution that is for EVERYONE. The House does not have the right to circumvent the Constitution and the rights granted to all of us.

    I fight not just for myself on this but for you because many of you could be next!

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  23. luke says:

    SD I mentioned this in an earlier post and I think it has merit “Why did Team Mueller Quit?” This question needs to be understood. They had a lot more latitude with Team Mueller as opposed to hurling Molotov cocktails of impeachment at the Pres. Why, how, or what stopped Mueller; I don’t believe it was that he was simply out of time.


    • icndark says:

      It was a clear result of the change in leadership. Or more pointedly, regarding the case at hand, the “appearance” of leadership. Inferring of course that leadership hadn’t been present before…ty Sessions(feckless…).

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  24. icndark says:

    Preferred WH response to Pelousy team response:
    Please refer all future communications to the office of
    You will find a plethora of tools and features to aid you in your quest to impeachyourself.
    Remember, it’s not a flaw…it’s a feature!

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  25. Disruptor says:

    Finally fighting back. Pelosi and Schiff are perpetuating the sleaziest, most unethical farce I have ever seen. I’d like to know which Dem candidate the fake whistleblower worked for.


  26. Best Comment Award: “If it were not for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all” — Joe diGenova on Ingraham tonight 🙂 He and Rudy tore apart the Schiff/Pelosi fake ‘impeachment’

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  27. snailmailtrucker says:

    Tell the Witch what you think of her and the rest of Satan’s Minions !

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  28. Todd says:

    REPORT: Trey Gowdy Signs On To Help Trump Fight Impeachment Battle per daily caller.

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  29. Truthfilter says:

    So when this farce leads to the inevitable constitutional crisis, what can we expect to see happen? Will there be a constitutional convention or convention of states? New amendments? All of this would require enormous amounts of time and political/legal quagmire. Years. 2/3 states approval, etc, etc. What exactly do they hope to gain by running head strong into the predictable Supreme Court’s objections to their bogus impeachment demands? I feel so lost and stupid sometimes.

    What would a constitutional crisis in 2020 look like? It’s not like we are in the thralls of a nationwide battle over issues concerning slavery or women’s suffrage. It’s just so hard to imagine that all of this effort is being spent just to reverse one election of one man—President Trump even if it’s just to delegitimize him in the media and in the minds of the public. They’ve already tried that and failed.

    How does a confrontational Supreme Court battle benefit them if they lose? They’ve had to pay people to protest before and their numbers haven’t grown since 2016. They aren’t exactly raising a lot of money, either. They have lost support. Outside the beltway, the media, and the larger sanctuary cities, who the Hell supports them? I get that PT is an existential threat to globalist interests but to be this crazy and unhinged to the point of consciously destroying the Constitution, his enemies in Congress and DC must be guilty of some pretty horrific criminal behavior that goes beyond mere greed. There is something very sinister-even demonic-to this level of hatred. Its bigger than my comprehension.


    • cheering4america says:

      ” There is something very sinister-even demonic-to this level of hatred. ”

      Yes. I don’t know if it, among other things, portends the End Times, or is just palpable evidence of the demonic powers at work in this country at this time. But the fact that we battle “not against flesh …” is more evident now than any time I can think of, up to and including the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

      One of the things that I love about the Treehouse is the consistent admonition to pray for our President/VP/Cabinet/Country, etc., the offering of prayers, and the many who choose to join in these prayers.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. hokkoda says:

    The letter isn’t for Pelosi. It’s for the Supreme Court. Trump’s team is expecting Democrats to try and set up a court battle over “obstruction”. Trump’s point is that he does not have to comply with a kangaroo court which is intended to set him up – to frame him – for obstruction.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. In the Land of Poz says:

    The key rules issue in case of an impeachment vote by the House seems to be how the House “managers” (Congressmen chosen to present the case to the Senate trial) would be selected. If they are all Pelosi slaves then the Senate will see only the material presented by them, plus some witnesses called in by Trump’s counsel. Presumably the Lawfare people have thought this through, but how much freedom to manipulate do they have under current rules?

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Patience says:

    “At the very least, Chairman Schiff must provide all documents”….

    >Time for show n tell.


  33. dustycowpoke says:

    SD and the group of research assistants love this post. It was a winner for sure. The RATS never thought there was this much fight in the Reformed GOP.


  34. Kleen says:

    John Solomon and Hannity are hearing that it may be difficult to get a conviction on the FISA court abuse ( Horowitz Investigation) so what’s likely to happen is just a lot of people being embarrassed.

    There you go!

    That explains the delay delay delay.

    By the time we figure out that they are running the clock, time is up! Democrats already impeached using their fake impeachment and got a hold of grand jury info to smear Trump, his family and all around him.

    There’s something in the grand jury material that need and are desperate to get it.

    Remember one lawyer leaked grand jury information to someone… Schifft? Whatever that is, Democrats need to get their hands on legally to use it against Trump.

    They could care less about impeachment, Senate Trial or losing in court. They just need some informal impeachment and some Obama’s judge to gift them with grand jury material access, I’m sure it’s all lined up.


    • The Boss says:



      • Kleen says:

        Techno Fog

        8h8 hours ago
        Techno Fog Retweeted Darren Samuelsohn
        Something to consider:

        If the real purpose of the Mueller Report was impeachment (and it was), then the real grand jury “audience” is Congress.

        Team Mueller wanted this.

        Darren Samuelsohn

        Verified account

        16h16 hours ago
        Good morning from US District Court in DC. At 10 am, House Judiciary Committee & DOJ lawyers will appear for a hearing in the Democrats’ lawsuit to get Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials as part of their impeachment inquiry. I’ll live tweet some of the proceedings.

        Darren Samuelsohn

        Verified account


        Follow @dsamuelsohn
        Doug Letter explains they want to see grand jury materials related to what witnesses saw or heard w/ respect to both candidate Donald Trump and President Trump and WikiLeaks.

        Dems Weaponise Ukrainegate to Get Mueller’s Grand-Jury Evidence & Ruin Trump’s 2020 Bid – Observers


    • cheryl says:

      Jake Gibson ✔ @JakeBGibson

      1/2 EXCLUSIVE- John Durham, the US Attorney reviewing the origins of the 2016 counterintelligence investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign is probing a wider timeline than previously known, multiple senior administration officials tell @BretBaier and myself.

      Jake Gibson✔@JakeBGibson

      2/2 Durham has expanded his investigation according to multiple senior administration officials. The timeline has grown from the beginning of the probe through the election and now includes a post-election timeline through the Spring of 2017

      Liked by 1 person

    • C says:

      We should already know this but many still don’t. Things are only going to get worse in the long run and the tick tock crew has been a joke since the get go. They knew it too but ratings were more important.

      The fact is – the democrats wouldn’t be playing this silly game, along with the rest of the system, were it not for the fact that they knew the delays were coming. The rig is still in.


  35. Fools Gold says:

    I say congress needs a visit congress for days and days by Trump supporters. Sorta like a MAGA rally every damn day for days on end that don’t stop. I think the only man (President Donald J. trump) helping its citizens – Us) could use our help. Anybody here willing tosupport it?

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Heika says:

    Lets investigate everything in ‘the call’ including Trump’s curiosity about Crowdstrike…Yes Nancy, lets all look at all the things in ‘that phone call’… to the Ukrainian PM. Love to… things like this


  37. Fools Gold says:

    I say congress needs a visit in its chamber for days and days by Trump supporters. Sorta like a MAGA rally every damn day for days on end that don’t stop. I think the only man (President Donald J. Trump) that’s helping its citizens – Us) could use our help. Anybody here willing to support it?

    Liked by 1 person


      I’m in. I’ve been waiting for an occasion to fly into DC and get in the face of these scumbag traitors.


  38. joeknuckles says:

    IMO, when Chuck Todd threw his hands up and said “I don’t know how Fox News conspiracy theories got on here” he wasn’t talking to his guest, he was pleading his case to his masters.

    He doesn’t want to get Matt Lauered.

    Liked by 1 person


    Let me sum up the letter in the word (singular) of American Hero Gen Anthony McCaullife.



  40. BL says:

    this is a tad off topic but goes with this story of why we are here posting…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kleen says:

      It doesn’t matter. Demoncraps are moving quickly and when the truth comes out they have achieved their objective: get a hold of grand jury material.

      It’s all they want.

      Everything else is a pretext to get it.

      All they need is an Obama judge to grant them access.

      They are working on it quietly while we are so proud of ourselves for uncovering the WB’s farce.

      It doesn’t matter! As soon as they get their hands on the grand jury material they will throw the WB under the bus… they just want the GJ information.


  41. As Sundance kindly linked for us, the battle for access to Grand Jury information began today in Federal Court with none other than the Deputy Director of the Civil Division (think Che Guevara territory) representing DOJ, and by extension POTUS, in battle to keep Grand Jury info confidential as mandated by law.
    I’ve never seen a more horrid, detached, un-informed lawyer in my life, Elizabeth Shapiro, who spoke in 3- word sentences of incoherencies against the a determined lawfare wacko, the aforementioned Mr. Letter who represents the House in its quest for the confidential information.
    The President should have a chat with Mr. Barr.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. ATheoK says:

    “The Lawfare impeachment road-map is designed to conflict with the constitution. It is a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of the plan, not a flaw. Pelosi and the Lawfare group know they are creating a constitutional crisis; that is why the background attacks against the Supreme Court were started months ago.”

    Words and Actions that clearly establish Pelosi, her cohorts and even quite a few neverTrumpers as willfully breaking their oaths of office.

    Another reason the CIA, FBI and DOJ were severely corrupted and damaged as the normal expectation would be that the FBI detects and nips groups conspiring to destroy the Constitution before they put their plans into destructive motion.

    AG Barr will have his hands full prosecuting this massive conspiracy to destroy SCOTUS and the Constitution while deposing a legitimate very effective and quite wonderful President!


  43. k4jjj says:

    The problem for Democrats is the disintegration of their battle strategy. Their goal is to remove the President but they have no coherent strategy and keep careening like a cue ball from one edge of the pool table to another. They can’t keep their frantic herd of cats moving in the same direction. There are 50 Democrats trying to row the impeachment boat across a swift current using pancake spatulas. They are like ballroom dancers trying to waltz smoothly when overcome with an agonizing urge to run and urinate.


  44. Kleen says:

    Darren Samuelsohn

    16h16 hours ago

    Good morning from US District Court in DC. At 10 am, House Judiciary Committee & DOJ lawyers will appear for a hearing in the Democrats’ lawsuit to get Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials as part of their impeachment inquiry. I’ll live tweet some of the proceedings.


  45. Riwdyone says:

    Can anyone give a logical reason as to why all of the signers of the bogus FISA warrants have not been indicted yet? Is it because the DOJ IG report will cover this and he does not have authority to do so? And why must we wait for a conclusion to Durham’s investigation before people are charged? Isn’t that how the Feds usually work by charging, then dealing the little fish to get to the big fish? This is what Mueller did, yet I see no evidence of “our team” doing likewise. This does not inspire confidence that justice will be served.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. WSB says:

    I have never read a more entertaining attorney’s letter in my life.

    First, there is a hit on every legal issue with a scalpel.

    Second, there is a casual condescending response to the traitors. Absolutely love that!!

    Third, there is a snarkiness that perfectly fits the threat.

    May God bless you, Pat, whoever you are!!!


  47. gawntrail says:

    That is a well written response. I wish people understood right and wrong and acted accordingly. Like a protection order against an ex, it is still just a piece of paper. A raging psychopath, in this case raging psychopaths, are not going to be thwarted by a piece of paper.

    Best advice given for protecting yourself against anyone hell bent on causing you harm is to keep that piece of paper where it belongs, in your pocket. And, when confronted by the raging psychopath(s), you draw your weapon and use lethal force to insure your future.


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