President Trump Explains Extracting the U.S. From Syria…

In a series of tweets today, President Trump explains the U.S. position toward the current quagmire in Northern Syria:

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338 Responses to President Trump Explains Extracting the U.S. From Syria…

  1. Harry says:

    Why CNN is silent about turkey except they want to highlight graham breaking from trump.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley and Meghan McCain Outraged After President Trump Removes Troops from Northern Syria — About 25 People in Total

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      • bullseye500yards says:

        Lindsey is so scary when he gets all butch!


        • bored identity says:

          Lindsey should deploy his own busy little tush to Syria’s Northern Whogivesafu@kanistan and save our Meh Important Allies In The Universe….Kurds :

          TEHRAN,— Despite the reimposition of US sanctions on Tehran, oil exports and sales from the Kurdistan Region to Iran have continued unabated, according to a Kurdish envoy.

          ” Representative of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Nazim Dabbagh said that US sanctions on Iran had not affected trade between the neighbors.

          “Exports and sales of the Kurdistan Region’s oil to Iran still happen every day,” Dabbagh said in an interview with Voice of America published on Monday (January 7).

          The rest of US should grab pop corn and wait for Ottomans, Persians,Saudi Wahhabis, and Russkies start imploding and ‘sploding each other in 3,2,1…

          President Trump, January 2019:

          “Syria was lost long ago. It was lost long ago. We’re not talking about vast wealth.
          We’re talking about sand and death. I’m getting out, we’re getting out of Syria.”

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    • anthony dincecco says:

      when was he with PDJT?

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    • Hanuman says:

      Why do you say # graham breaking from trump.#
      Trump want Congress to act .


  2. Trump is at times, so Jeffersonian. I love it!

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    • bullseye500yards says:

      I like the way this guy Trump thinks, we ought to put him in charge of a few things and see where it takes us.

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      • Hawken Cougar says:

        Nothing like having a President that is looking out for the best interests of this country and it’s citizens. The best part is he doesn’t give a damn about what his detractors think.

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  3. wtd says:

    Jihadi bride who married an ISIS ‘playboy’ has citizenship STRIPPED leaving her children stateless

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    • ATheoK says:

      Why the concern? Exactly what was she expecting her children to grow into?
      Hard working honorable honest church going Australians?
      Or RPD carrying Jihad warriors, for the boys.
      And potential suicide bombers for the ladies?

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  4. KAR says:

    Trump is doing the right thing. We’ll never get out until we GET OUT.

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  5. Heika says:

    Now this is the truly the President Trump we thought we knew and loved to start with. God knows how hard its been for him to finally speak and act out his truth. Amazing. Bolt head out, Mattis out, to name a few, and finally Pres can finally say what he really means- and see the actions he desires. To do what the people asked him to do when they elected him.

    Stay strong on this President. He has finally seen through the tricks the military and his neocon advisors has been playing on him.

    He knows full well that Russia had a huge hand in rounding up the remaining scum, and it was only very recently that Russia and Assad’s forces finally cleaned out the last pocket of the mongrels. That they (the last vestiges of the scum ISIS invaders) are all sitting in prison camps percolating – being kept on simmer (and most likely protected by the the dirty CIA – who had a hand in creating them), matters not – leave that to the country they invaded, to the sovereign….Assad to deal with ‘as he sees fit’… and that may well be not pleasant, but what was pleasant about the dirty filth that chopped off the heads of babies and children for those years?

    Trump knows who can clean this up – Putin, and he is delighted to leave it to Putin’s budget to do so. Not to use the fine young people in the US military as little meaty disposable tools to fight wars for the Military corporate profit dogs – in order that their ‘govt orders’ are kept flowing.

    I just hope he can hold this position. This position alone will annihilate the dems in 2020 – completely finish them. As for Lindsay Graham (the guy who smoothes over trouble with a carpet the size of half the globe while talking tough) and that screwy hawk Nikki Hayley, who needs hormone replacement therapy, (Hillary needs to take up complex knitting) – they are most welcome to go over with the weapons of their choice and ‘deal with whatever it is they think is wrong’… but they DO NOT speak for the American public, and I would prefer they all go to hell.

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  6. burnett044 says:

    here is a interesting headline….


    • Skies says:

      The full title for those of you who don’t want to help their click count is:
      Pat Robertson ‘Trump in Danger of Losing the Mandate of Heaven’ For Withdrawal from Syria


  7. theresanne says:

    And why does the greatest President of all time, and Commander-in-Chief of the greatest, strongest military of all time have to explain his actions on Twitter? Because the adversarial MSM would not deliver his message straight and without lies. And the pity is, they don’t even realize how irrelevant they have become.

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  8. Herbert Kroll says:

    I wonder if Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are grateful enough to show their support for the President on this one. I think that the President should invite her to do so. This difference of opinion between hawks and anti-war idealists within the Democratic Party is severe enough to break the party in two. That is how Corbin won control over the UK Labour Party.


  9. TreeperInTraining says:

    I’d love to remind all Congresspeople who are frothing at the mouth over this situation…


    Declare war! On someone. Turkey? Iran? Russia? Syria?

    Stop with the whining and rhetoric.


    Do. It.


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  10. Chick-fil-A Traffic Jam says:

    Alright, was not expecting that tweet from Graham. I was expecting Neo-Con nonsense and got shrewd politicking to give peace an actual chance.


  11. mark says:

    I really think it would help the reader better understand the Middle East chaos, and the schemes of the CIA / State Department/ obama administration if he/she could identify the sect of islam, Shia versus Sunni in these posts.

    If obama is muslim which sect is he? How about brennan? Turkey vs Kurds? Syria/Assad vs rebels, Arab spring, Awan brothers. I know it’s hard for me but I’ve only been here a year or so.

    The average American is living either a rich, middle class or 2 pay check life and doesn’t have the time or inclination to care about what the CIA/State Department/obama Administration/ Senators and Congress did to facilitate the chaos in the Middle East.


  12. White Brahma says:

    This is why Fox News has been spinning things against our President more lately: Fox is owned by Socialist Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who’s sons now run it. Murdoch owns Turkey’s biggest TV station and other media there and holds Turkish citizenship. So when Pres. Trump speaks up about Turkey, Murdoch feels pressure to speak out against Trump, which is easy for him anyway because he’s a Socialist.

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  13. rustybritches says:

    President Trump said this morning that there is only about 50 of our troops in Syria, and that they are doing nothing more than being police and he just wants to get them out of the way so that nothing happens when Turkey decides to do what they are going to do.. Time for all of these people to chill out PT would never abandon any one who has supported us and he wont now
    all of this teeth crunching and screaming by Washington is just BULL Crap My gosh, It was just a few months ago when all these screaming senators and house members was trying to think of a way to take his WAR POWER AWAY FROM HIM SO PLEASE TELL ME HOW CAN THEY BE AGAINST BOTH THINGS according to NewMax to day There are Thirty five Senators who will vote to impeach the President and the dems are Flooding his office with paper work to obtain
    Docs about Ukraine I honestly don’t understand how he puts up with this junk. I am not sure that I would be able to do the same with out doing something not so good..

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  14. Jason Ross says:

    Reuters declares POTUS Trump attacked ‘NATO ally Turkey’ with threats of economic retaliation if Erdogan attacks the Kurds.
    What a completely asinine jab to reminds its viewers how ‘unhinged’ Trump is. A less hysteric and Trump-deranged news outlet might instead declare ‘Indications point to Member State of NATO to invade neighboring country; Europe Stands Idle’


  15. Zippy says:

    Trump: “I Will Totally Destroy And Obliterate” The Turkish Economy If Erdogan Breaks Promises In Syria

    In another salvo of sweets sent about 20 minutes after the last round, Trump insists that “I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!)” if Erdogan does anything “off limits” – presumably implying that there will be some punishment if Erdogan attacks the Kurds.

    Erdogan’s Syria Invasion Begins: Turkish Jets Filmed Bombing Kurdish Targets


  16. Larry says:

    Make Constantinople Great Again


  17. rjcylon says:

    So we’re supposed to go from this to someone who only wants to talk about climate change and transgendered restrooms next November?

    Any world leader who read those tweets, even those who are not involved with this particular issue, must be shaking right now at the thought of challenging this man.

    We better have a strong candidate after Trump’s eight years is up. This is the new standard.

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  18. plane of the ecliptic says:

    Oh Boy, this will be worth another 4 “Whistleblowers” Snakes.

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  19. CNN_sucks says:

    Because the uniparty has made all these wars a political scoring points, trillions of dollars wasted and thousands dead. And until our politicians learn that middle east is not their playground to make money. PDJT has the cojones to end an endless war. Thank you, PDJT.

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  20. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    Four points. !). Our Commander-in-Chief (CINC) is keeping a promise that made many veterans and active duty personnel rush to the polls to support him. 2). Donald Trump is the first CINC in my lifetime who is actually telling the military/industrial complex to sod off! 3). Those of us who have spent many years dealing with many of the groups in the muslim world know the real Kurds, and know they are only allies with infidels when it suits their purposes. 4). The veterans of this nation are fast reaching a very dangerous place regarding corruption/incompetence in the political community and the media. I am afraid that not even the CINC can calm them!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    Note: The message below was submitted earlier. Considering the absolutely criminal/cowardly behavior of many in political community and the media think it is appropriate to remind Americans that many of the military community are growing very weary!

    America’s Military History: Never to win a war save the revolution via leadership and then only one, that being via logistics! The rest only served to enrich the elites among them with power and wealth, while stripping their youth of their lives and/or souls!

    First Mr. Kennedy, then Mr. Johnson, and finally Mr. Nixon; none wanting to hear the cries of those returning to their homes un-welcomed, nor the silence of those left in the jungles! Then Mr. Bush (the younger) in revenge for his father paid us no heed as he rushed into Iraq! Next, Mr. Obama surrounded by his brilliant young advisors so blinded by their arrogance and ignorance only to bring rise to un-imagined horrors. Now comes Mr. Trump with his Commander-in-Chief tasks divided for having to fight multitudes of self-serving cowards at home, while facing an enemy sworn to serve an unseen master to the death!

    The only prayer left to those of us who have shared the horrors of war is that God welcomes our brothers and sisters who’s souls have gone on to be with him, while we do not neglect those who still walk the earth today with souls just as dead!

    An old vet who cannot forget!


    We killed and crippled in the name of freedom; in the jungle we planted our young with only prayers to lead and feed them.

    Blinded to the enemy the death march began as the jungle screamed the beginning of their end.

    In subhuman conditions healthy flesh bred rot, while in the trees hung bodies stripped of only God knows what not.

    Some sought their own release unaware if friend or foe; thrusting against a shield to kill hidden foe, often never to show.

    Only the dead pained no more, the living were in hell forced to bear the daily death and gore evermore.

    Years uncountable passed while vast numbers died; others came home without welcome and with wounded souls who could only cry.

    Some retreated to the hills never more to be heard, unable to cope or live in a world grown so absurd.

    Others were productive and went on to multiply, but carried scars to affect the apples of their eye.

    We should have cleansed their mortal hurt instead of sweeping them under carpet like long forgotten dirt.

    For some the nightmares never end, haunted by a war that should have never been.

    They left as boys and returned as men; made old after seeing more than they could ever contend.

    They paid the price for a debt society can never repay; robbed of their youth and left with scars affecting generations today.

    Soldier, US Army

    PS Whether it be jungle or desert, the horrors are the same!

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  21. Julian says:

    By the way – ISIS won’t “come back” unless the US supplied weapons, funding and general supplies to them – ala via Benghazi and the CIA!!

    The only reason there ever was an ISIS was because of weapons funneled to them by Clinton, McCain & Miss Lindsey!

    So shut up Lindsey!!

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  22. George 1 says:

    No one except the neoclowns who are paid to, and a few other usual suspects want to remain in Syria. The neoclowns care nothing about the Kurds or Syria. They do see their long awaited war with Iran evaporating away.


  23. Jd^2 says:

    Step back, consider how much stronger America is today. Remember where we were in 2015, 2016. President Trump has made us stronger spiritually, economically and militarily.
    Project where we will be in 2024 after 4 more years.
    Reflect on the America for a 13 year old in 2016 compared to that 24 year old in 2024; and for a 21 year old in 2016 and that 29 year old in 2024.
    America stronger, more prosperous, respected, not involved in meaningless wars, and returning to Judeao Chritian values.
    The impeachment effort by Democrats is like a buzzing mosquito, swat it and keep working.

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  24. uptothere says:

    Levin this afternoon said that Turkey launched planes against some Kurdish positions. Can’t find any confirmation. I‘m personally not comfortable hanging them out to dry. Behind Israel, they are our strongest ally.


  25. uptothere says:

    Levin this afternoon said that Turkey launched planes against some Kurdish positions. Can’t find any confirmation. I‘m personally not comfortable hanging them out to dry. Behind Israel, they are our strongest ally.


    • trialbytruth says:

      If being an ally is based on the threat they face from neighbors then yes the Kurds are an ally. If being an ally is being able to provide intel and force upon a robust enemy then NO not so much.

      By definition of need and willingness to supply mercenaries against mutual foes is our standard then we will never leave anywhere and we become Da-Ta-Da
      Poooeleeaseman of the Wurrrrrold

      No thanks NeoCons use poor people as proxies and mercenaries just like the Globalists use poor folks as production slaves. It has to stop why not now.

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  26. jeans2nd says:

    Col (Ret) Douglas MacGregor just outlined the positions on Tucker Carlson.
    Col MacGregor stated quite clearly and succinctly the Catch-22 all the Mid-East guys now face, and how the U.S. and Israel are sitting pretty and smiling.

    If we can find that vid, it is worth posting far and wide. Col MacGregor makes so much sense, it brings tears to one’s eyes.
    Thank you for some clarity, Col.


  27. CNN_sucks says:

    The fatso meghan maccain is now a foreign policy expert? She can still sign up for military services or else STFU. You family had made millions already on all these wars. Enough already.


  28. Danimal28 says:

    Team, Respect everyone here… The Kurds have done things for us; they are some of our greatest allies – I have experienced this firsthand. Is Trump really leaving them uncovered. I know… the Kurds in northern Iraq are the most consequential. Looking for educated responses here.


  29. Danimal28 says:

    Team, Respect everyone here… The Kurds have done things for us; they are some of our greatest allies – I have experienced this firsthand. Is Trump really leaving them uncovered. I know… the Kurds in northern Iraq are the most consequential. Looking for educated responses here.


  30. Southern Girl says:

    I watched Lou Dobbs on FOX Business tonight and he listed the folks who did not agree with President Trump on the troops leaving Syria. He had Gov. Mike Huckabee listed. This blows me away. Is this a Lie FOX news or is this true. I myself would trust Gov. Huckabee more than FOX.
    Please someone let me know.


    • Southern Girl says:

      I look at all these post and people do not even know how many brave soldiers we even have in Syria. You know what, it does not matter. Not one soldier after all these years should lose a limb or their life anymore. The President is correct, fend for themselves. The Americans have shed enough blood, sweat and tears for these folks.


  31. FPCHmom says:

    Jesse Kelley thread – very good


  32. We have the best military in the world. And I would, and did, trust my life fighting alongside any of them. But I can tell you from experience, and the experience of two sons-in-law, constant, nonstop deployments take a toll on us and our families. Especially when it is a war fought by politicians for a political outcome. Which usually means tying our hands. And yes, we have a lot of generals that are politicians, not warriors looking out for the best interest of either their men our our country. I say enough. If we must go to war, unleash us, let us use our full fighting capabilities, and when there is no more need of using us as we should be used, bring us the hell home. Period.

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  33. Fuzzy Clown Wig says:

    We don’t have the money to take care of the Middle East anymore. Also Russia will go to war if need be in defense of its main ally Turkey.
    Don’t worry about any WWIII scenarios because our external enemies can’t see what is happening under impeachment mania and they don’t have diversity or transgender troops and therefore they don’t have a chance.


  34. Kent says:

    …the hounds of war were unleashed in the middle east long before Trump assumed office….

    A little operation referred to as islamic spring….

    Their initials are muslim brotherhood and islamic republic of iran…hamas….hezbollah….not the people of Iran…but the twelvers and their axis of evil….

    Prayers for my president….prayers for his wisdom in a time of difficult decisions…prayers for the victims of islam….

    KAG 2020


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