Sunday Talks: Jim Jordan -vs- George Stephanopoulos…

Representative Jim Jordan was present during a closed-door interview with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Kurt Volker.  Jordan appears on ABC to debate George Stephanopoulos over the carefully selected excerpts, and subsequent spun narrative, by House democrats and media.

Notice ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Fox’s Chris Wallace repeat the same defensive talking points in a united effort to protect the customary behavior of DC politicians who sell their political influence for personal financial gain.

At the heart of the matter, the selling of influence is the process that must be protected. The process of gaining wealth by selling influence is how/why most DC Senators and corrupt politicians run for the office.  President Trump is spotlighting this; hence the fury of the backlash from those the DC industry.


Part two below:


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162 Responses to Sunday Talks: Jim Jordan -vs- George Stephanopoulos…

  1. Kent says:

    “At the heart of the matter, the selling of influence is the process that must be protected. The process of gaining wealth by selling influence is how/why most DC Senators and corrupt politicians run for the office. President Trump is spotlighting this; hence the fury of the backlash from those the DC industry.”

    Succinct, clear and precise…..

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  2. RJ says:

    Jim Jordan, a republican Congressman who has balls and knows how to use them! Pretty boy George, who loves the Clintons, is no match…

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  3. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    I live by interstate 74 in ill where jim jordans nephew died in a single car crash within days of his testimony calling out the corrupt fbi/cia russia plot. That road is prob some of the easiest driving in the united states. Straight & flat. They killed his nephew to send a message to him. The man has suffered as many others have to bring the coup to justice. Prayers to him. Fire, brimstone & eternal damnation to the crooked ones.

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    • Ellen A. Lopez says:

      I well remember the death of Jordan’s nephew and how it seemed like a threat/a deadly message. We really need to clean up this country and get these disgusting deep state criminals behind bars or, better yet, where conviction has a death penalty, execute them.

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    • Xena Laminak says:

      Why wasn’t that front page news? And why is no one asking for audits of each member of Congress and the Senate to find out how they all got rich – not just them but each family member including the Turtle’s wife?

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      • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

        Prob the same reason hillary deleted 33,000 gov emails. Comey leaked to his professor buddy & biden, his brother & kid sell the vp office. The democrats run the show.


  4. Bird Watcher says:

    “Asking” China to investigate Biden is pure Trumpian trolling. Just like when he “asked” Russia for Clinton’s emails. He wasn’t really asking China, or Russia. He was speaking to air just to frazzle the LSM. If he wanted to really ask, he would have written a letter, or made a phone call. Are the media that dense?

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      They’re not that dense. They are just willing to turn every word the President says, logic be damned, into an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!!!!!!

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      • ann says:

        Yes, a deliberately obtuse strategy of eradicating context by restricting meaning into their pet legalistic boxes.

        The goal is to avoid admitting the obvious: we have a CONgress that REFUSES to represent the interests or defend the American people’s economic or national security. .

        Resist has always been a reactionary movement, a collective display of psychological defense mechanisms. Projection, splitting, denial, etc.

        To deny the President has “ purview” (my Mueller world) that encompasses defending our foreign relations from predatory networks who engage in extortion and corrupt practices is ludicrous.

        IF we had the benefit of a functional Justice Dept for the last twenty five years , neither POTUS or Americans would need to get involved.

        The problem is THEM, Beltway Enterprises Ltd. , not President Trump or us. .


    • Deadbeat says:

      Georgie Porgie contradicted himself when he said that the Chinese denied the deal but is asking Jordan whether it was “appropriate” for Trump to inquire about investigating Biden. How would the Chinese be able to deny Hunter Biden’s graft if they didn’t investigate?


    • John Perry says:

      Remember the media claimed Trump worked with Russia to get Hillarys email when he jokingly asked for them during a press conference? The media knows he is joking, but its good business for them to act like Trump is doing something wrong. Speaking of which, we never hear about Russia anymore… The media does well to move the goal posts.


  5. PBR says:

    George S- asking the same irrelevant question over and over and over. A question that has no answer. Troll.

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  6. MIke T says:

    I think the media hacks are harping on the question “Is it appropriate for Trump to ask China to investigate Biden?” because the answer is of course, yes, what Trump said (he did not actually ask China to do anything) is entirely appropriate…. and they want to use that fact to clear Obama for ordering surveillance on Trump (which has not been proven yet, but probably will be)….
    Jordan’s answer, “yes, if there is corruption” was the right one, because the difference between Trump asking for an investigation of the Biden’s, is that it is an investigation of crimes (quid pro quo, pay for play, bribery). When Obama ordered an investigation it was of a person (candidate Trump, the democrat’s political opponent) looking for a crime to attach to him which they ended up manufacturing and laundering through various channels….
    It is my opinion that MSM is working to blur the lines between the two vastly different situations in order to, later down the road, draw a false equivalence.

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  7. ooicu812 says:

    George Stephanopoulos is such a kuck

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  8. Danimal28 says:

    I know Congressman Jordan has been fighting back for years, but I will still say that it is good that more Pubs are pushing back, hence the fright from the DC industrial class and their media.


  9. Lunatic Fringe says:

    I thought Jordan let Stephanopoulos distract him from the stated purpose of the conversation, which was to address the impeachment process that the Democrats have cooked up and lost the opportunity to point out the lack of due process. The Democrats are going to push through impeachment and the Republicans need to be demonstrating the total sham of a show trial the Democrats are performing. Eventually it will come down to a vote in the Senate and in order for the Republicans to avoid looking like their vote is purely partisan politics is to make sure the public which is just starting to pay attention sees that this impeachment is entirely different from any in the past and the books are cooked.

    Instead he let Stephanopoulos focus on the non-asking of China to investigate. Pedantically speaking Trump never asked China to do it, he stated they should be doing it.


  10. Justice Warrior says:

    President Trump is the Top Law Enforcement Executive, yes it’s appropriate!!


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