Stephen Miller: “The Deep State is Terrified of Being Exposed”…

White House Senior Policy Adviser, Stephan Miller, appears on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs to explain the apoplexy coming from DC’s administrative state. Miller outlines the deep fear held by many in the professional political class in/around DC toward ongoing investigations by U.S. AG Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

In framing the opposition to the Trump administration, Mr. Miller identifies the Marxist roots that bind governmental ideologues in united resistance.  Impeachment is their best hope of defense.

Pro Tip... He won’t quit!


There is an inherent trait carried by almost everyone that can generate a disposition of fear, concern and worry. Only a few, a very few, have trained themselves to ignore the doubt.  When you see fearlessness displayed, within any human endeavor, it is quite remarkable.  Thankfully President Donald Trump is one of those rare few that can change the course of history…

People often ask: “what can I do?”   The answer is really quite simple, STAND.

Be tall, proud, unwavering, hardened, resolute, and support this leadership.

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257 Responses to Stephen Miller: “The Deep State is Terrified of Being Exposed”…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Here’s a guy who is Standing.

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  2. Ordinaryman says:

    Trump/Pence 2020 T shirts also speak out to make us visible in supporting the President. Sending Sundance a small donation helps him to keep us informed when we ASK What can we Do to Help?

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  3. ChampagneReady says:

    Hey Trump haters–explain why donations to the Clinton Foundation are down 65% since she is no longer Secretary of State.

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  4. dawg says:

    “Impeachment is their best hope of defense.”


    This is the conclusion I have come to. My first reaction to this latest impeachment fuss about the phone call was that it just seemed weak, desperate, thin, haphazardly contrived, just kind of thrown together in a rush.

    I think the Dems and Deep state got wind that Barr was actually doing some investigating, then they heard PT say “Crowdstrike” on a phone cal with Ukraine, and had their “Oh S#!t” moment.

    They threw this narrative together as their DEFENSE. They DONT have any real expectations of throwing PT out of office. They are simply forming a pre-emptive defense because they learned that PT and the DOJ was onto them and actually making progress. The Flynn case is falling apart, etc, etc….

    And if Lou Dobbs is right, that the Dems are now offering to work together on USMCA, etc…..its not because they think they have leverage with this impeachment push, its because they KNOW they DONT have any leverage at all!

    President Trump has the leverage because he has THE TRUTH! The President has all the leverage now.

    Now that its being reported that AG Barr and Durham LISTENED TO THE MIFSUD TAPES, the Dems and Deep State KNOW THAT TRUMP KNOWS.

    And Trump knows that the Deep State KNOWS that HE KNOWS.

    President Trump has all the leverage! And now the Dems want to come crawling back and “negotiate” on USMCA????

    No. There will be no negotiating. They have NO GROUNDS TO NEGOTIATE ON ANYTHING. Basically all they can offer is to go along with USMCA and give him that WIN.


    Make them continue to push for impeachment while you continue to expose the coup and force them to come grovelling back offering concessions on EVERYTHING just so they can try to save some dignity.

    We are winning! Dont let off the gas. Pedal to the metal.

    I say give them the cold shoulder for a while.

    But POTUS is a master negotiator. He was born this exact scenario. He’s got this.

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    • dawg says:

      *born FOR this exact scenario….


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      You got it, dawg! President Trump is the perfect president to have in office at this moment in time. Although a lot of the America haters’ vitriol and rage is targeted at President Trump, their ultimate target is US – WE THE PEOPLE.

      They have been attacking us for decades, slowly assaulting our institutions piece by piece, and using the media to shield their nefarious activities. The progressives (spit) knew as long as they kept us disorganized, that we would probably never be strong enough to stop them.

      But then PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP happened, and we got our leader. It may never be given the credit it is due, but President Trump’s decision to release the transcript of his 25 July call with President Volodymyr Zelensky was a genius masterstroke! It is both irrefutable evidence that President Trump did NOT commit any crime, and also very strongly intimates that Pigglosi had the transcript, or rather, what the “whistleblower’ (spit) claimed that the transcript would include BEFOREHAND…..hmmmmmm….

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      • The President of Ukraine also won his election on a “drain the swamp” platform, and the United States has a ratified treaty with them pledging law enforcement cooperation. (“Hah …”) The two of them in conversation simply agreed to work together to get to the bottom of what’s been going on in that country – and the criminals promptly went apesh*t, thus immediately “outing” themselves on their own.

        “The guilty run when not being chased.”

        It is obvious to everyone that the corruption is coming in a large part from the United States. But, this time, the President is not a co-conspirator. We don’t yet know just how many illegal entanglements Members of Congress still have, but it is readily apparent from their actions that there’s a whole lot of it.

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      • Donzo says:

        Little does evidence concern the Dems in the Hohuse. They will impeach him anyway. And the Never Trumpers in the Senate would convict if it weren’t for the fact that they would never win elected office again. One thing is for sure; they can be counted on to take care of themselves first even if it means supporting Trump.

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  5. Kleen says:

    The left is interfering with Barr’s Investigation

    Obstruction of justice

    We must throw that at them daily!

    Remember when we couldn’t criticize Muller?
    The honorable Muller… lol

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Oh yeah, the Honorable Robert Mueller, III (spit) – besties with the honorable Whitey Bulger, well, until he had Whitey snuffed in prison last December, that is. But, THAT is another story altogether…..

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  6. Bob Parker says:

    Stephen Miller is an absolute GEM of an advisor to PT. He is unafraid to call out the Left for the Socialist/Marxist bastards that they are.

    And now that the Left & Deep State have gone ALL IN with 1 more DESPARATE attempt to impeach/oust President Trump, I believe that We the People are seeing:

    That these Leftist/Deep State bastards are not all that smart. They are clumsily stumbling forward & as they do, their lies, illegalities, corruption quickly surfaces no thanks to the Leftist Media lapdogs.

    Isn’t it amazing how Pelosi’s & Schiff’s Ukraine contacts are now being exposed as they stumble forward? And isn’t it astounding how the countries that Obama et al had locked in to try & thwart President Trump’s election are now in unison coming forward expose their past interactions with the Dems?

    Thank GOD that AG Barr & John Durham are moving forward with their investigations now expanding to other countries. And thank GOD, Biden has been & remains DDS (Dumber than Dog excrement) with his virtual Ukraine interference “confession” on tape as the Left looks like FOOLS attempting to cover up Biden’s CRIMES while remaining on the attack against President Trump.

    The Barr/Durham investigation is applying much needed PRESSURE against the Dems/Deep State. And in the process of applying pressure, the Good Guys’ actions are forcing the “Bad Guys into forcing their hands, making them act sooner than they would like, & consequently MAKING ERRORS!!

    I share Seb Gorka’s belief that the Deep State is indeed Crumbling & it will continue to erode as time & Barr/Durham’s investigations press forward.

    Godspeed AG Barr & Mr. Durham. Your country needs you now more than ever!!

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    • I look forward to Lindsay Graham finally openly agreeing with Sean Hannity when he is asked to confirm the theory that is all but proved to us now on what the deep state has been doing.

      On the other hand, given the power of deep state to mysteriously have their accusers suddenly commit suicide, maybe I understand.


      • Bob Parker says:

        Flimsy Lindseed Gramnesty needs to spend less time on TV & more time chairing his COMMITTEE.

        Let’s Go Senator Graham. GET OFF YOUR DAMNED ASS & start hauling in Biden’s sycophants & having OPEH HEARINGS on Biden’s Ukraine quid pro quo.

        And that’s is just for starters Lindseed. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE AGAINST THE LEFT DAMN IT!!


  7. Steve Holland says:

    How can there be an impeachment in quirt without a vote?

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  8. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Stand or fall…

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  9. deeperinfo says:

    “This is President Trump’s inner voice.”
    I kept concluding.
    Makes me feel good, very good!, about AG Barr.
    Expose and Indict.

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  10. ann says:

    Absolutely delightful interview.
    Intellectual integrity requires living grounded in reality.

    Beltway Bubble Narratives are crushed by Mr. Miller’s Mighty Hammer of Plain Facts.

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  11. Worsel says:

    No sir. The left doesn’t fear exposure of their tactics or socialist goals. They revel in them. It shows that hey have power to do as they wish. Their leftism is nakedly apparent. The doxing, persecution, firing, intimidation, and yes the impeachment are all outward tactics of the communist left.

    What they fear is the people rising up and putting them in their place. Appeals to the civil society are a strategy in their enslavement and delay is the best weapon the left has.

    It’s past time to put the fear of God into the left. To do any less is to surrender.

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  12. Oldretiredguy says:

    “Watch the shinny penny”, or as the Dims are currently doing, they know the exposure of the criminal corruption of the Odumbo admin and the Evil Hag will be devastating. They’re doing everything possible to distract from the Barr/Durham investigations into their coup attempt and illegal spying on an opposing political party. Of course they want to attempt to remove PDT from office but there is not much chance of that. What happens post 11/2020? Once the criminality of the Odumbo bunch becomes known and PDT wins another term, what is left for the left? Hard to imagine what other dirty actions they’ll attempt, but roughly 1/3 of the nation will still be outraged while being fed by the equally corrupt MSM. Scary stuff.


    • Mr e-man says:

      They will ignore it and continue with their corruption. They don’t have the integrity or fortitude to actually admit they have been wrong. This isn’t a trivial issue. To falsely accuse is a major mistake. You have to have character to understand that and make amends.

      To that end, those who participate must be marginalized so more ethical people can step in and restore honesty, truth, and justice.

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      • Donzo says:

        I am 100% convinced you are right e-man. Here in San Francisco there are few liberal people I know in this sea of liberal extremism who could ever use better judgement and facts to re-evaluate their position. You might as well talk to a wall.

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  13. Mr e-man says:

    I stand with President Trump.

    I do not stand with corrupt politicians in the Democrat party and the Fake News media that fabricated a story about Russian collusion, and now fake Ukrainian collusion, to overthrow and remove from office a duly elected President, or even to use that tactic to resist his governance.

    To frame someone and attack their character like that is a despicable act and I don’t support those who do that or associate with those that permit it. I will fight them tooth and nail to restore justice and truth in America. Their despicable corruption will be called out at every turn and will not stand.

    I stand with President Trump

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  14. If anyone remembers ‘pizzagate’ from the election, that was scoffed at, but what we have now seen from both Hollywood ANd from DC elite, is the ties to child sex trafficking. What we have now seen from Hollywood and Planned parenthood and D.C. elite AND rogue judiciary is the REFUSAL to look at young prostitutes being taken in for abortion, either dying from this or being put back on the streets…and now courtesy of the 20/20 style story that David Daleiden did, we see that those babies are being sold black market style for MILLIONS.

    Drug cartels are not gone after and the elites do their best to SHRIEK that there is no crisis there.

    And MYSTERIOUSLY, you go to D.C. or our state capitols and you come out rich…while never saying a thing about sex trafficking, soylent green level baby selling and drug cartels and murders caused by those under the influence or those whistleblowing.

    Here is the scenario that I strongly believe lies in part, (LARGELY in part) behind the panic: if America actually saw that our deep state (and the global deep state) have been profiting off of the misery that their propagation of sexual promiscuity carnage and drug use carnage and child abuse perversion have caused…there would only be the most horrific corners of the world where their debased and evil behavior would be accepted without them suffering the most dire of punishments.

    Their money, gone. Their freedom, gone. Their influence, gone.

    THIS, the wet dream of them having trillionaire wealth and one world tyrannical power, is what they cannot have exposed.

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  15. Jimmy Jack says:

    I totally dig Miller. He’s bold and resolute.

    And I consider myself lucky to STAND among patriots such as all of you Treepers.


  16. Jack Schiraldi says:

    The Ukraine is so poor and corrupt and there New President loves our President and he doesn’t need to be asked for help. He’s been unloading everything they have to Trump and they all know it. The question is will they go quietly?


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