Holy Cats – CBS Margaret Brennan Embarrassed Herself During Meltdown Debate With Rudy Giuliani Over Ukraine…

Remember when CBS hid President Obama’s admission about Benghazi being an act of terrorism, and was later exposed for their corrupt political bias?  Well, this is worse.

During a Face The Nation segment today, host Margaret Brennan was trying to refute Rudy Giuliani’s evidence about corruption in Ukraine.  Unfortunately for Brennan, the truth has no agenda.

Margaret Brennan kept interrupting Giuliani and saying CBS had spoken to the Ukraine prosecutor.  Giuliani asked “which one?” Brennan ignored.  Giuliani persisted: “which one?”… “which one?”… which led to Brennan saying “the current one” as she cued-up a pre-planned video segment of a BBC interview with Sergy Lutsenko. [Notice CBS intentionally didn’t put up a chyron during the video snippet] Giuliani started laughing because Lutsenko was the corrupt prosecutor Joe Biden demanded to be installed.

As soon as Giuliani mentioned who Lutsenko was – Brennan was completely eviscerated and she immediately knew it…. The blood drains from her face as she recognizes her credibility was melting away live on camera. She re-positions as the angry resistance, and tries (and fails) to keep the narrative afloat.  Priceless:


Rudy Giuliani is a one-man wrecking machine to the constructed Ukraine narrative.

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199 Responses to Holy Cats – CBS Margaret Brennan Embarrassed Herself During Meltdown Debate With Rudy Giuliani Over Ukraine…

  1. covfefe999 says:

    That was fun. 🙂 She’s not looking so good lately. Must be some serious bags under her eyes if the makeup artists and lighting crew can’t hide them. She needs Hillary’s people who somehow made her look lifelike in her recent interview alongside Chelsea.

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    • RJ says:

      Hillary is anything but “lifelike” in my opinion.


    • Phil Bacon says:

      You caught the other lie about no evidence on Joe Biden.

      Watch the video of the reporter (about 2:41). Lutsenko says Biden wasn’t his jurisdiction, so of course he had nothing.

      BRENNAN: “Actually CBS news and our partner BBC News in Ukraine went to the prosecutor general to ask him specifically about the Biden Questions you’re raising. Let’s Play the clip.

      REPORTER IN SUV INTERVIEW WITH LUTSENKO: “Have you got any evidence that Joe Biden acted in any way that supported …this company, Burisma?

      LUTSENKO: “It is not my jurisdiction.”

      REPORTER: “But have you got it?”

      LYTSENKO: “It is not my jurisdiction. I can not do nothing anything not connected with Ukraian…”

      REPORTER: “So under Ukranian law you’ve got nothing.

      Reason being, he wasn’t investigation Joe Biden. He was investigating Burisma which, if it went down, would empty Hunter Biden’s feed trough.


  2. Chilidog says:

    Is it possible that ambassador Volker resigned to avoid being questioned by a corrupt state department inspector general? One by product of the Trump election is the elevation of the inspector general as the premier investigative force in the country.


    • skaebne says:

      Inspectors General are empowered by statute to provide independent oversight over government agencies. The twelve Inspectors General who oversee federal departments and agencies were created by Jimmy Carter; the office of Inspector General for the Intelligence Community was created by Barack Obama. Although the Inspectors General are appointed by the President, they report to the head of the agency they oversee and to the Congress. The IG’s DO NOT report to the President.

      The statutory authority of IG’s hardly makes them “the premier investigative force in the country.” If you believe the office is so easily corruptible, maybe you should stop voting for Democrat Presidents who are responsible for creating the office.


      • chipin8511 says:

        And what they say is where the truth goes to die…


      • Chilidog says:

        Ok, if IG’s are so incorruptible, When was the last time senior leaders of the deep state were held accountable for malfeasance? I feel like I’m being lectured by Rosenstein when he speaks with righteous indignation about “career government officials” and how preposterous it is to think that they would ever act on personal biases. Paul Sperry has an article out on how Horowitz has pulled punches on every deep state investigation so far. He cites many examples over several different investigations. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to conclude that that behavior will continue with the FISA investigation. If the likely outcome of the FISA investigation is the IG concluding that mistakes were made but there was no corrupt intent, what is the likelihood that Barr will overrule that conclusion? But perhaps the deep state made a mistake when they neglected to task the IG with investigating the origins of spygate.

        So far the IGs have successfully quashed the Hillary Clinton email, Loretta Lynch tarmac, and Comey leaking scandals among others that I’m probably forgetting. The McCabe leaks and FISA abuse are still to be determined. The ICIG successfully triggered an impeachment inquiry under the most bizarre and unbelievable circumstances. And he did it in about two months. Mueller couldn’t do it in two years. If the FISA report goes the way the other reports have, than we are witnessing 90’s era Jordan dominance. I stand by my assertion that the IG is top dog.


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