Nadler’s Workaround – Pelosi’s Upcoming Impeachment Vote – Trump’s Response…

For the past several weeks House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler has been trying to get the grand jury transcripts from the Mueller investigation in order to further advance his political goal of a presidential impeachment.

However, Nadler has been stymied because the official -legal- House impeachment process has not been followed. A DC district court judge knocked down Nadler’s attempts.

The full House of Representatives has never voted to impeach the president, which would be the first step that authorizes Nadler to begin an “impeachment inquiry.”  Nadler needs that authorization in order to gain legal authority and access to Mueller’s investigative evidence that underpins the highly political Mueller report as it relates to obstruction.

Keep in mind… The Weissmann/Mueller and overall special counsel team investigative effort was always designed to construct the obstruction case. A minimal amount of time was spent on Trump-Russia collusion, because it did not exist.  The primary team effort was to assemble evidence that could give the impression of Trump-Obstruction; according to their map, that obstruction angle would ultimately lead to impeachment.

It does not seem accidental that Chairman Nadler was rebuked by the DC judge in mid-August; and then subsequently Adam Schiff steps forth with a mysterious “whistleblower” report and a fake Trump-Ukraine narrative surfaces.

Indeed, as many have noted, the Trump-Ukraine narrative and subsequent impeachment discussion has almost identical fingerprints as the Trump-Russia impeachment narrative.

Techno-Fog astutely notes the use of the faux-Ukraine narrative seems planned, designed and rolled-out to provide Nadler’s much needed Full House impeachment stimulus:

The Lawfare group and their media narrative engineers have been working overtime to position House Democrats to support a full house impeachment vote.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now referencing a pending announcement for this vote. The Trump-Ukraine  narrative has been the booster fuel for this shift.

While the Full House vote would be framed around both the Trump-Russia obstruction case and the Trump-Ukraine influence case, it’s almost certain there is no “there” there with the Ukrainian angle for a successful run at impeachment.

Therefore the real goal is the House vote itself which will grant Nadler the legal authority to go back to court against the DOJ  and demand all of the material gathered by Weissmann/Mueller and the corrupt partisan team of investigators…. including the grand jury material.   Remember, all of this Mueller material was assembled over two years with the intent to create the illusion of ‘obstruction’.  Access to this material was always what Nadler needed to enhance the optic of obstruction.

While the formal impeachment vote grants the House legal rights, including constitutionally enforceable subpoenas and access to documents that do not exist without the vote, the presidential impeachment inquiry is a political process.  A process that holds value going into the 2020 election cycle.

Speaker Pelosi has been waiting for enough political momentum in order to advance an “official impeachment inquiry.”  She did not have enough material from the faux Trump-Russia narrative; she needed more.  Pelosi now has the work of Adam Schiff with the Trump-Ukraine narrative to advance the highly political legislative process.

It appears President Trump’s advisors have now caught on to larger Democrat scheme.

However, with Nancy Pelosi delivering a House impeachment announcement later tonight it may be too late:

Yes, frustrating… in the extreme.

Everything in this Democrat plan, including the original construct of the Mueller special counsel team and the continual goal of “obstruction”, is simply part of the Lawfare continuum.   All of the names constructing the background information are the same.

All of the people assisting Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff -including their paid contractors and hired staff- are the same.  All of the players (inside and outside government) are identical over the past several years.  Reference this from 2018:

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614 Responses to Nadler’s Workaround – Pelosi’s Upcoming Impeachment Vote – Trump’s Response…

  1. Jenevive says:

    John Roberts said what I did .that it sticks in his mind
    that POTUS the other day taunted the press said Go for it
    when the truth comes out you will look like fools..

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  2. Lion2017 says:

    John Roberts was just on FOX wondering if this Impeachment is a setup by President Trump. He mentioned that he keeps thinking about something President Trump said last week: something about the Dems climbing & having a long fall. Did anybody else hear this?

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    • I hope they do! But I don’t watch FOX! or any cable!


    • Jenevive says:

      Yes I did and I agree with John Roberts
      I found it a bit odd that the President was taunting
      them to go for it.. He has always called then the
      enemy of the people and Fake News. But the other day
      he dared them to run with the story and when the truth
      came out they would look like fools..that is what he said.

      Maybe that is why the Dems are now saying the Transcript
      isn;t enough..


    • conservalicious says:

      The call will probably have the Ukrainian President calling the Biden’s corrupt and criminal, that would be a very Trumpian outcome!


    • MaineCoon says:

      The video was posted here. PDJT said: (paraphrasing) go ahead fake news, keep talking about it, build it up and then you’ll have farther to fall.


  3. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    #DemsJumpTheShark. 😧😄😂😂😂😂

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  4. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    If the “inquiry” doesn’t work…



  5. Doug Amos says:

    Pelosi is getting too much credit. Cortez wants impeachment and the mainstream media has eagerly anointed her as the new voice of the left.

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  6. oldersoul says:

    The problem for the Democrats is that PDJT is going to replace Ginsburg with a staunch Constitutionalist, no matter what they do.

    And then he wins a landslide re-election.

    But it will be fun watching the DNC obliterate itself in desperation playing impeachment.

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  7. Call your Republican senators and warn them, they better back our President

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      It will be interesting to see which Republican Senators, are instructed to vote against PT?

      Many in the Senate, DOJ and FBI will not be able to hide their hat color much longer IMO.


  8. Peppurr says:

    Just got a message on my phone – Nancy Pelosi just announced formal impeachment inquiry to proceed.MyI guess they’re going for the Ukrainian phone call.


    • Shannon says:

      Good breakdown. I’ll use it to red pill.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      President has already said that the call transcript will be released tomorrow. Democrats and their lapdog media will have big nothing burgers to chew on for a few days. Meanwhile, most Americans are laughing at yet another failed attempt to overturn the last Election.

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      • Bogeyfree says:

        Again, someone tell me how within 18 hours this classified conversation/document can get through all the necessary sign-offs within government in order to be fully declassified and unredacted but yet AG Barr has had direct orders from PT from over 125 days ago to declassify and we the people have seen zero!

        Again, things that make you go hmmm……………………

        Just another head scratcher.

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        • cboldt says:

          It’ll be clear if and when you read the transcript. I doubt there is much in the way of juice in there.


        • thedoc00 says:

          By Federal Code, the President of the US does not need a “sign off” to declassify anything, especially material he originated.


        • Rhoda R says:

          Simple. This transcript originates in the White House with PDJT. It doesn’t need to go through any red tape loops to be released. And, apparently today PDJT talked with the Ukrainian president and got his hooky-dokey to release the transcripts as well.


      • H. Hawke says:

        No American is laughing at this despicable display of politicized power when President Trump was on the World Stage, speaking at the United Nations and meeting with individual leaders.

        It was a disgusting slap in the face to all Americans but especially POTUS supporters.
        It might even be considered seditious by some, including me

        What happened today is as serious as it gets..


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Annnnnnnnnndddddd they’re going to regret this fake action b/c…

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    • emeraldcoaster says:

      POTUS already said call’s transcript comes out tomorrow. I expect the coming months to make the Watergate Hearings and Clinton impeachment seem tame. Of course Clinton did break the law and Watergate was based on actual criminal activities. An absence of illegal activity won’t stop the Dims this time around. I expect the MSM will try to keep the folks stirred up on the bovine scatology sure to flow. Godspeed Mr. President, clear-minded Americans are behind you.

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  9. visage13 says:

    I just watched fake news ABC nightly news on the issue. Melania had daggers in her eyes for whoever the interviewer was. Also, I do NOT think the transcript of the call should be released, because then game over. They will demand to see every phone transcript the President ever has with anyone. Please Mr President do not do it. Release the whistle blower complaint if you must but NOT the phone call.
    Also time is up, arrest McCabe and whoever else and start declassifying now.

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  10. Bogeyfree says:

    Let’s assume there was always 2 people who were “selected” to become the Special Counsel overseeing the Russian Collusion hoax.

    If that were the case, I’m curious if Sundance might do a thread that could suggest how we the people might help expose this fraud and second person.

    For example would there be any specific documents of communications by key people that Judicial Watch or even Sundance could FOIA?


  11. What we have here is a Democrat party — an illegitimate, lawless one, since 2008 — that doesn’t even know the rules of the ballgame they are trying to play against the President. It’s Trump vs. Washington, and the score is either 35 – 0, for Trump, or maybe 178 – 3. They play this game the way I played soccer when forced to play it in gym class (I never knew the rules either): When in doubt, kick it out of bounds, half the time, you’ll be a hero.


  12. magatrump says:

    Pelosi blinked big time. All she admitted to was an Impeachment inquiry and that has been going on for sometime under Nadler. She does NOT want to bring up an actual vote.


  13. David R. Graham says:

    Anti-Americans define self-defense as obstruction of justice. Sweet.

    I see indications that this Ukraine business is sparked by normal review of US financial aid to Europe, which procedurally includes Ukraine, against the “pay-your-share” standard. So-called NGOs — there is no such thing — would be the first to yip about that, through their alphabet soup sponsors, look for ways to raise a stink. Rice bowls.

    POTUS’ facial skin does not look healthy since last weekend. The man endures such enmity.


  14. gda53 says:

    Transcript (shortened version):

    PDJT: What’s that Zel, you say you’ve been trying to get crucial information to our State Dept. on Joe Biden and his son Hunter for the past year? But our ambassador was blocking it?
    Z: ……….
    PDJT: I’m astounded that VP Biden could be corrupt. Are you sure?
    Z: ………
    PDJT: And you say his son Hunter got paid what?
    PDJT: And you’re sure the money was routed through Cyprus? Because that would be money laundering, which would be very bad for both Bidens, I would think.
    PDJT: And you say there’s video of Joe Biden boasting about a quid pro quo?…
    PDJT: I can’t believe even Joe Biden would be that stupid. Or that venal.
    Z: ………
    PDJT: Well, I feel it has to be my duty to let America know about this thing with Biden if true. We cannot have a potential President who would be so blatantly corrupt. Best to do it now, though I doubt he would have got the nomination.
    Z: ……..
    PDJT: Alright, Zel, thank you for this information. Send me all the documentation and video evidence on the Biden matter as you can and we’ll take a look.

    Biden mention 8 times. A beautiful conversation…..

    John Roberts sort of suspects this is going to be the gist of what will come out. Big Boomerang!

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    • Debra says:

      Yep. Or, along the lines of Z saying, ‘you are not going to make us give a certain percentage back to some American interests in order to accept this — like your predecessor made us do — are you, sir? ‘


      • Debra says:

        And PDJT says, ‘well, this money is supposed to be used by you to purchase American-made arms, so what you are saying is that we are doing this transaction the same way the Obama administration did, are you not? ‘. And Z answers, ‘Well none of your family is working for the arms manufacturers . . .’


  15. Gil Stonebarger says:

    because we all sat around counting on WHITE HATS or TRUST SESSIONS or the Q debacle….this is not a game and alot of folks have sat back and BASHED people like me who continued to point it out……….

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  16. stringplayer55 says:

    This entire whistleblower (who has not direct knowledge of events and therefore, cannot be a whistleblower) account used to drive an impeachment narrative seems timed to distract from the IG’s FISA abuse report that is about to be made public. It is necessary to shift the focus from the criminal behavior of the previous administration and legacy deep state apparatus. It is no accident that this bogus effort to attach yet another allegation of nefarious activity to President Trump has come out just before what is expected on both sides of the aisle to be an absolutely devastating indictment of the FBI and DOJ. (I just wish Michael Horowitz could also lead an IG investigation of the intel community’s activity more broadly.)

    At the same time, this whistleblower account brings deepened inspection by the media of Joe Biden’s threats against the Ukraine when the Ukrainian prosecutor was set to investigate Burisma holdings which was paying a completely unqualified Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars per month for what, exactly? Being Joe Biden’s son? But the socialists (and the Dem party in general) are finding that Joe Biden is a deeply flawed presidential candidate. So, what better way to kill two birds with one stone than for the socialists to burn Joe Biden and make it appear that President Trump is engaged in nefarious activities against a “political rival”? (As if that isn’t exactly what BHO and Hillary Clinton engaged to do to candidate, and then President, Donald Trump?)

    But there is no evidence that Trump was guilty of anything, apart from allegations of someone who heard something from sources unknown. And for that account, Richard Burr and Mark Warner determine that there must be investigations of President Trump?

    A useless, corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee? Damn straight!

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  17. MaineCoon says:

    This squatter representative represents me — only he doesn’t. He squats and he is just as racist as Al Sharpton. Two peas in a pod.


  18. Mr. Morris says:

    Isn’t Congressman John Lewis the dude who colluded with a couple in Georgia to spy on then Majority leader Newt Gingrich? I believe the couple used an illicit radio scanner to record a conversation between Newt and another person.


  19. Sherri Young says:

    Pardon me for being petty. I have heard Nancy’s blather a few times this afternoon. Finally turned on Tucker and saw a video clip. Oh dear. Her eyebrows have been shaved off and Bozo the Clown eyebrows have been drawn on halfway up to her hairline.


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  20. wightmanfarm says:

    My theory about the impeachment stunt – I believe they have seen the IG report and it ain’t good. They are in full panic mode.

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    • Jason Ross says:

      Always seems like the DEM party is trying to goad someone into reactionary violence…. that’s their only chance at relevance in the 2020 election


  21. Gary Lacey says:

    The whistle blower strangely sounds akin to the Kavanaugh accuser


  22. askandgettruth says:

    maybe nadler should go back and eat himself into obesity like he used to be. it seems that is the only thing he likes


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