Sunday Talks – Senator Lindsey Graham -vs- Maria Bartiromo….

Fishy… Senator Lindsay Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss issues related to Iran, Ukraine and the ongoing DOJ/FBI investigation by IG Michael Horowitz.

Regarding the IG report, again Ms. Bartiromo noted congress doesn’t call Mr. Horowitz to ask questions about his report on James Comey… that specifically led to criminal referrals for the former Director of the FBI?

Skipping right past the 800lb gorilla beating him over the head with judicial bananas, Senator Graham -again, Chairman of the Senate Committee- offers no explanation for his own disinterest. …Instead, Graham states he will call for IG Horowitz to testify at some later date based on the FISA report outcome.

Just in case anyone missed it…. The DOJ Inspector General, carved out a report and specifically referred the former Director of the United States FBI, James Comey, for criminal prosecution; yet Graham is awaiting a FISA report.



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111 Responses to Sunday Talks – Senator Lindsey Graham -vs- Maria Bartiromo….

  1. Genie says:

    Maybe he is waiting to bat when the bases are loaded.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      He waiting for the professional pitcher to be replaced by a batting-T with a beachball on it and the opposition has been restricted to the dugout.

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    • Bill_M says:

      We could also consider that there is possible overlap in these two investigations (both do involve the FBI after all. It may be more productive to combine the two, especially is there is more overlap than we are aware of. Just a thought.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Bill M,
        Well, yes I SUPPOSE we COULD,……
        Or we could face reality.

        Graham, along with McConnell, Ryan and Grahams late buddy McStain were ‘in on’ the sloppy, soft coup from the outset.

        One could, in fact say they were the true GENESIS FOR the sloppy soft coup.
        After all, the Dems in CONgress didn’t NEED a reason, an excuse or ‘political cover’to impeach PDJT.

        They and their base have been screamin “Peach 45” from day ONE.
        In order to Impeach 45, it would require RepubliCON votes, in House to indict, and Senate to convict.

        Hence, the Mueller/Weismann Insurance policy, to trap 45 in an Obstruction/ Perjury trap, in order to give RepubliCons a reason, an excuse, ‘Political cover’to do what they were longing to do.

        Graham angled for and got head of Judiciary, AND worked for months to ‘buddy up’ to PDJT, in order to manuever for his role.

        HE was the one that would go to PDJT, to ‘break the news’to him that ‘the votes are there. For good of party and country, have to resign.

        THAT was the plan. And the actions if Republicon leadership, consistently supporting the stonewalling of ANY serious investigation, are the tell.

        They are being blackmailed by Comey, McCabe, Stroxz etc. By their actions, they have made it abundantly clear they will not take the fall, and its not just Democrats protecting the active coupists. After all, what better story to highlight, in the run up to an election, than this attempted coup by “the other side.

        And yet, crickets from Graham, he’s too busy working with Dems on a Natl. Red Letter law. Those same Dems ha chastised should never have power again.

        And Ryan countenances a baseless ethics investigation against Nunes, forcing him to recuse as head of Intel Committee, AND does everthing he can to gift Pelosi with the gavel. Which meant that Gowdy the,cleaner took over.

        The same Gowdy that cleaned up Fast/Furious, Lerner/Tea Party, and Benghazi. And for the same REASON.
        Because the gang if eight, the,Senate and House Intel committees, and leadership of both parties were fully involved in ALL these scandals.

        And, they were IN on the 2012 MOU between Fbi and CIA, which allowed Fbi access to NSA database.

        And the Congressional RepubliCON leadership are doing everything they can to protect the ‘active’coupists, in order to hide their own complicity.

        Its the only explanation for their behavior. There is NOTHING preventing Graham from calling Weismann before his committee.
        Or calling Horowitz. Or holding hearing after hearing to expose the coup.

        “Mueller is an ‘Honorable man’and his investigation should continue.” And by saying that, McConnell, Graham and the rest were supporting the continueing effort to entrap PDJT, and to destroy the lives of Gen Flynn and the rest, in order to get at PDJT.

        DO NOT try to make excuses for these scum. DO NOT stay in ‘Denial’of what is playing out, right in front of us.

        FACE the reality, and TAKE the red pill.
        IMHO, living with reality beats living in a fantasy, hands down.

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        • magaxena58 says:

          You nailed it Dutchman!!!!!! For once I was disappointed with Maria that she didn’t press Miss Lindsey on what the heck he is waiting for ……what a load of “bullsh$t he got away with on this interview!

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          • Dutchman says:

            Oh, he’s an old hand at shoveling the sh*t, been doing it for years!
            He is as phoney as old Joe, with his tough guy, middle class background ACT.
            Lindsey is a fraud, a phoney, a sincophant and a traitor.
            He is every bit as much a Globalist/elitist Conmunist as Nancy Pelosi or DeFi.
            So is McConnell, Ryan, Burr of SSIC, etc.
            To me, THEY MUST BE EXPOSED, for their complicity in;
            Lois Lerner
            2012 spying and blackmail
            And the sloppy, soft coup.
            Only if THEY are exposed and hounded from office, will we go SOME way towards insuring this never happens again.

            Put another way, ‘getting’ the ‘actives’ is of no real value, UNLESS it leads to those who planned, green lighted and are now actively covering up/blocking exposure.

            The others, as reprehensible as they are, are small fry, just following orders.

            Like prosecuting a nazi death camp GUARD, while leaving Goebels and Hitler running the government.

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        • fractionalexponent says:

          When Dutchman and Ristvan explain stuff, to me it gets clearer. When others try to explain stuff it gets murky.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Wow, flattery will get you everywhere! High compliment, indeed, thank you.
            But hey, give the others a chance, ones ‘voice’ generally develops over time, and different approaches to explaining something, reach different people.

            ristvan and I differ on our views on some things, but share a deep, abiding for the American Criminal Justice system, as it is intended to work, and a respect for each other.
            The Treehouse is a better place for his contributions. So, again thank you for the compliment, I am honored.

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        • The Third Man says:

          Jeezuss Dutchman, what an accurate, concise, powerful comment.

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        • GP says:

          Hi Dutchman-yep. No one is going to jail. I started saying same 18 months ago and I was pilloried for doing so.


          • Dutchman says:

            Yes, well I started out dilligently defending Sessions and Huber, and hung in a long time, making the same arguments ristvan and others are now making about Barr and Durham.

            Then I reached the point of saying nope, I can’t hang there any longer, and publically (on this forum) ate crow, and became a Sessions detractor, an eeyore or troll.
            As I say, for me before I even get into Barr, I look at,who appointed him, and thats McConnell. And McConnell is NOT going to confirm someone unless he is SURE they will contain the situation, so it doesn’t implicate Congressional leadership.
            But, I AM optimistic.
            In my 64 years, I have never seen such a lopsided election as what,we are looking at in 2020.
            After reelection, PDJT will have more flexibility. He has said this must never happen again, and the only way to do that is to expose the ringleaders.

            If Conhessional leadership isn’t exposed and expunged, they will not only continue to stymie him, but will quickly undo his legacy after 2024.
            But,…in the swampland of the corrupt, the Honest man is King!
            They have thrown every kind of dirt against him, and none sticks, because he is not corrupt.
            However, THEY ALL ARE. And facts and truth are tough to refute. Look how this Ukraine deal is effecting Biden. And we haven’t even got to China/Biden, yet.
            How hard would it be, for PDJT, master at manipulating the media, to shine a light on McConnells ties to China?

            AND the rest. They are,all ‘blind’ (compromised, corrupt).
            He is the ONLY one with sight.
            (NOT Corrupted).
            He can pick them off, one by one, or lay the responsibility for the coup, (or any of these other scandals ) RIGHT at their feet.

            And, as we see with Biden, they can’t deny it, cause its,TRUE.

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    • Redzone says:

      Maybe he’s waiting for a private meeting with Shep Smith, Judga Napolitano, & Anderson Cooper to discuss strategy.

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    • WDS says:

      The only thing the Grahamster is waiting on is to be….. You guessed it, re-elected.


  2. listingstarboard says:

    Once a McCain buttboy, always a McCain buttboy. The dirt that “They” must have on Lindsey must be powerful is all I can say.

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  3. Two questions – A) why do they bother to have him on all the time and B) why does anyone bother to listen to him

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    • jkcinsalem says:

      Because he’s the only one who stays in town. He’s available. No family. Lonely Lindsay.

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    • GB Bari says:

      A) Because Lindsay loves to talk and the more you keep a self-absorbed chatterbox talking, the more likely he’s going to spill something new and important (good or bad). However you have to have a good BS filter…

      B) people listen to him because he is in a position to know a lot of relevant information, so they hope to (1) hear him say anything that supports or confirms their views and/or narratives, and (2) to hear him spill something new and important (good or bad)

      As for me, I only listen to him when Sundance posts a video of him speaking. Fortunately that isn’t too often since Graham is rarely totally honest and substantive.


    • donna kovacevic says:

      Why do people praise Maria B to the high heavens? She is I believe a journalist and it is her job to know the stories inside out right side left. So is it because she is an attractive woman to some(not me) I am a woman and would compliment another in a split second. What is it about her interviews that are so interesting and people drool about? She is doing her job that she is getting paid for, as is Pooper and Fredo on CNN. Megan Kelly was a very attractive woman and she screwed up royally and that was because of her stupidity she thought her looks would be first and foremost and didn’t count on getting sacked. So sad too bad. The saying do not judge the book by it’s cover is a good start. Sorry, my point was Maria having Miss Lindsey and others on yet still missing out on important questions. God Bless PDJT. I hope and pray that PDJT knows that millions of people all around the world not just America are praying and rooting for him. He is never alone in all this evil against him, and the most important is our Lord Jesus Christ is with him. Amen.


  4. f2000 says:

    Don’t fire ’til you see the whites of their eyes.

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  5. doofusdawg says:

    Lindsey is actually a good barometer… he does nothing that might risk his future. But the fact that he is talking the talk is good… hold him to it.

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  6. Trumpeter says:

    If I said it once, I said it a thousand times. Several times specifically about Lindsey.

    NEVER trust a Never Trumper!

    We may walk together on some part of our journeys, but we are going different places.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      He needs to keep the judicial nominees rolling through his committee and out to the floor for votes. His committee has a nominee for a 9th Circus seat in California coming up. Both of the senators for California oppose the nominee. Lindsey Graham needs to get focused and stay focused on the job at hand.

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  7. All Too Much says:

    There are several other senate committees which could have hearings.
    Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, as examples.
    Maybe not directly in the scope, but their lawyers to figure out how to do it.
    Leave Graham on the rearview and take control.

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  8. MicD says:

    Are there any Men left in South Carolina?

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    • TreeClimber says:

      Not running for office, no.

      But… where are you? Don’t diss my state if yours is as bad…

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      • TreeClimber says:

        (PS: I raise you Mick Mulvaney. And Joe Wilson at least had the guts to call out Obama as a liar.)

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      • So true TreeClimber.

        MicD did not just diss a state he/she insulted a whole section of our wonderful country.

        I myself have many fine male relatives in South Carolina, a beautiful state.

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        • The Third Man says:

          Perhaps true…but…but “Are there any Men left in South Carolina?” In America ? HST and Colonel Tibbetts made short work of Japan. What’s up with 18+ years in camel dung desert?
          Fire up the Enola Gay (Tibbetts). The only Tibbetts we have now is that dead moron
          Mollie “I hate white people” Tibbetts.
          My how far we have fallen.

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    • ann says:

      Pertinent question which applies to almost every individual seated in Congress.

      Answer: No, 99 percent are degenerate fascilimiles products of a centralised Uniparty political machine who are pimped out by financial interests hostile to a free prosperous American polity. .

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      • GB Bari says:

        Corrupt to the core. All of them in the Senate, and, it seems, 90+% in the House.

        But this isn’t a new phenomenon, we are just more aware of it because of the tireless work by dedicated researchers like Sundance and a few others, who have a platform (the internet) in which to publish the truth, instead of having it blocked or filtered and twisted by the MSM.

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    • mo says:

      Are you assuming this one is a man?

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    • MicD says:

      There are still men in South Carolina !
      I hear you Loud and Clear here in Ben Sasse Land.

      Now, if you would please do us the favor here.
      Maybe just maybe, working together we can get real Americans in office.

      Or we can just roll around on the ground and see who leaks the most.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Yes my friends husband a good honest hard working man of Scottish decent. Love you John and Yana.


  9. alliwantissometruth says:

    I knew exactly who Graham was when his response on the American peoples concern about the illegal alien invasion was “we’ll tell the bigots to shut up”

    That’s all I needed to hear to know he’s a bottom of the barrel scumbag

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  10. Summer says:

    I don’t see why inviting Horowitz to testify now is better than inviting him after the whole report become available. Horowitz would just repeat that he can’t disclose the info that is not public yet blah blah. We waited the whole year, may as well wait a bit longer.

    Sometimes I think Horowitz “carved out” Comey’s leaks specifically to highlight lesser offenses so the narrative “DOJ declined to prosecute therefore Comey didn’t actually did anything really bad” could be established before the big report hits the airway, with lots of Comey’s criminal activity classified and hidden from the public.

    In this particular interview, Graham, in my opinion, says a lot of stuff that sounds right to me. The only thing many of us, myself included, might disagree with is his warmongering re: Iran. I am sure the Democrats can’t wait for Trump to “start another war without Congressional approval” so they could add this to their impeachment script. I think a much better option is sell more weapons and equipment to Saudis and further cripple Iran with economic sanctions. That’s what the President is doing.

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    • ristvan says:

      The decision not to prosecute Comey for the leaked memos was probably Barr’s. IMO wise, exactly as you suggest. Plus, Comey could argue that what was classified (at the time) wasn’t leaked, and what wasn’t was—and technically it was Richman, not Comey, who leaked to NYT. Weak case on lesser offense ‘signifying’ political vendetta. Not worth a try.

      When Comey is indicted on much more serious multiple FISA abuse Spygate matters, the ‘political bias’ defense will be no longer viable.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        The (poorly attended) hearing a few days ago gave Congressman Jordan the opportunity to make the very strong point that the IG report appears to say that Comey was not only briefing the president-elect, but investigating him. Jordan and Horowitz had a brief exchange about a small group planning session, Comey’s execution of his part of the plan, and the documentation and debriefing afterward. Horowitz did not back up from Jordan’s assertions at all. In fact, Horowitz appeared a bit pleased that Jordan was drawing out the plot from the dry verbiage. Clips of that exchange are going around the internet and drilling their way into people’s heads.

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      • richard verney says:

        I disagree.

        First, it is clear that Comey was sent in as a spy to gather information on President elect’s response, and later on the President. As such all the memos should be classified since they touch upon sources and methods.

        Second, it was this action by Comey that led to the Mueller investigation, and it is the Mueller investigation, not the FISA abuse, that has derailed Trump’s presidency for some 2.5 years, and which probably led to the Democrats winning the 2018 Mid term elections. Mueller had his hand on the scales by not publishing his findings regarding the Russia collusion/conspiracy hoax.

        Third, this action by Comey has cost the US tax payer about $40 million.

        Fourth, Papa D, and Gen Flynn are direct casualties of the Comey leaks and the setting up of the Mueller investigation.

        Fifth, it is Comey’s actions leading to the Mueller investigation which is now paving the way to imprachment further derailing Trump’s presidency.

        Even if the prosecution would fail, it would cause Comey to incur substantial costs, like Gen Flynn who has effectively been bankrupted, by the Mueller investigation. Sometimes the punishment is in the process, not the ultimate verdict, and Comey deserves punishment for the damage that he has inflicted on America, Trump’s presidency, and all those who were collateral damage to the Mueller investigation.

        Do not forget that Comey knew at the time of the leaks that there was no there there to the Russian collusion/conspiracy investigation, so he knew what he was doing was an utter sham.

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    • JG3 says:

      War hurts the “people”. I think POTUS is wanting the Iranian people to rise-up and take their country back. Tighter the sanctions, better chance they will. Keep praying.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Lindsey sounds a lot like his dearly departed ideological warmonger bro, No-Name.

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  11. Garrison Hall says:

    Lindsey Graham’s loyalty is to the UniParty and the Deep State. His support of Trump is opportunistic, at best. He is not the only Republican office holder who pretends to be shock-shocked even while he deliberately slow-walks discovery of just how far-reaching the attempted coup actually was. I think there’s a tacit agreement among “governance” Republicans that it’s better to have slow-walked, pretend-investigations than it is to start changing the entire DC regulatory structure.

    He knows full-well that the federal bureaucracy is in open revolt against Trump and yet he’ll still protect the Deep State rather than start rebuilding it from the ground up. I’ve seen this happen in other bureaucracies where those with influence prefer to paper over even far-reaching corruption rather than undertaking the down and dirty work of real change. They’ll always make excuses about why they can’t or won’t act when corruption stares them in the face. When you see this sort of thing happen it’s always a pretty good indication of where their real loyalties are. Trump is no dummy so I’m sure he’s very much aware of what’s going on with his pal Lindsey.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      I will never forget when FLOTUS Melania was interviewed and asked if she trusts the people surrounding the President, she said NO. Smart, intuitive and stunningly beautiful woman. God Bless them both.


  12. YvonneMarie says:

    Hopefully more folks like Corey Lewandowski will run & win for the U S Senate🇺🇸

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    • mopar2016 says:

      And how many years will the Ukraine investigation take?
      Who will our trusted DOJ task with heading up this wonderful investigation?
      The truth is already out there about Biden and his son.
      IMO it’s being ignored.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        You are hitting on a real problem there. Our FBI has offices set up in Ukraine in a group called NABU, National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine. There has been no reporting that I have seen that would suggest the recently recalled Never-Trumper US Ambassador to Ukraine ever stood in the was of the FBI in Ukraine. The investigation would need to come from the Ukranian authorities, not NABU or we might find ourselves with a coverup.

        Can you imagine that Lindsey would want an investigation of US politicians engaging in corrupt behavior in Ukraine when Lindsey and his buddy No-Name were over there egging on the Maidan and calling for weapons transfers to parties in the Ukraine unless there was a safety apparatus by which he would be protected?

        The FBI is providing leadership and support for the Ukranian anticorruption efforts. I do not trust the FBI in this, especially if Senator Graham wants an investigation in Ukraine.

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        Well, since Mueller was the sham or Weissmann to investigate Trump why not have Comey be the sham for Lanny Davis to investigate Biden? Maybe Nerkle Nadler could fast walk the Congressional white wash (that is unless he has another candidate in mind and wants to prop him/her (oops, to be correct gendertorially IT) up.

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  13. RJ says:

    I told you last week that the former (temporary) DOJ Attorney General…aka Skinhead, laid out the escape plan that will be put in place for these rats to leave the ship…Lindsey is just smoothing out the bumps for those scum snakes to slither down the rat holes into oblivion as they gear up to improve their golf games at the local country clubs.

    Barr is no Wyatt Earp, nor Horowitz, nor Durham…they are pals who wish their friends did not do what they did, they want them to leave the stage, take their pensions with them and meld into the grass far away from the action.

    In essence, lawyers taking care of their fellow “fallen” brothers and sisters. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  14. LafnH20 says:

    He’s got a laundry list of things he’s a gonna do….
    A list so long and so dependent on others to do their stuff FIRST (before he can do his stuff), that at the glacial speed of dc, it’ll take decades.

    But we have to attack Iran RIGHT NOW!!!
    He’s even gonna get the U.N. to force the issue…. if he has HIS WAY.

    The ONLY THING he seems to want to do RIGHT NOW…. with ALL that’s going on in the world…



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    • RJ says:

      I don’t like the idea of sending our troops to fight Iran; however, they have been asking for a fight with the US for years, they have killed many of our warriors, they have invaded Iraq with Obama’s blessing and decisions, they have their weapons poised to hit Israel just as soon as the first American bomb hits their country.

      I note what President Trump did with ISIS and how he allowed our generals to fight the way they did…mean and nasty as an army is supposed to be!

      In other words, Trump is just waiting for Iran to take one step too far and then he will, in my opinion, drop a hammer on them the likes they never expected! New York City Mafia style…

      Iran deserves such a response by America! These nasty muslims need to learn a serious lesson, both here and abroad.

      Religion of peace you say? Where, I say?

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    • George 1 says:

      LafnH20, Yes, so like Lindsey to be quick to call for war. Attacking Iran would be risky in more ways than one. They could close the Straight and cause a worldwide recession or worse. The entire middle east could go up in flames. Not the same as Afghanistan or Iraq at all.

      It looks to me like the President is playing this just right so far, considering the cards he has been dealt. He is well aware of what a conflict with Iran could lead to. He also really has no idea if he is getting the straight story from the intelligence agencies. Pray for the President. It will be very difficult to navigate through all of the background noise and make the correct decisions.

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      • LafnH20 says:

        George, you said…

        It will be very difficult to navigate through all of the background noise and make the correct decisions.


        Running to the u.n. will only amplify the din!

        President Trump is our Commander in Chief….

        We don’t need no stinkin’ u.n.!

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    • Rhoda R says:

      One reason why he and the other deep staters might want an Iranian war is that it would deflect interest from the coup attempt and other DC corruption.

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  15. Mike in a Truck says:

    Im thinking this will all come to a head shortly before the 2020 election. There are limits to PDJT patience. Every week theres a new “scandal” coming from the lunatics on the left in order to eliminate the President. Wanna bet by Wednesday a new “crime” by PDJT will be revealed?

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  16. mj_inOC says:

    Providentially, Judicial Watch may get to the bottom of this sedition by the former WH sooner than Barr or Durham, just not before sundance.


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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Long live JW and Tom Fitton!

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    • PBR says:

      It doesn’t matter who gets there first, JW gets the documents by suing the govt and brings the evidence to light. Sundance’s role is different- he/she gets the information out for all of us to consume and be better informed. As more people become informed, hopefully mountains will begin to move.

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  17. islandpalmtrees says:

    Lindsay – when are you going to pick up your socks!


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  18. cboldt says:

    Graham’s schtick is protect the scam. He’ll pass more toothless laws that the government can hide behind.
    WORSE that a mere windbag, he causes damage.

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  19. ristvan says:

    LG presently has one and only one value. Process PDJT’s judicial nominations thru his Senate Judiciary committee and onto the Senate floor for McConnell to get confirmed. PDJT will make nice for that reason, but probably has Graham otherwise well calibrated as useless Uniparty.

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  20. TreeClimber says:

    I’ve met Graham. Attended a GOP meeting where he’s spoken. Observed his behavior as I grew up in politics.

    He is Ted Cruz light: he talks a really good game. Straight up silver-tongued. Would be an awesome used car salesman. Could sell just about anything to just about anybody – heck, he’s sold himself for this long. But that’s it. That’s where it ends. Blather. Don’t count on him to do anything. He knows where his bread is buttered and how to make nice, but he’s not out to rock the boat and he’s no Devin Nunes. Don’t hold your breath on Graham.

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    • mj_inOC says:

      Yes, both lie when smiling…
      Let them stay in the Senate [sadly] to help with legislation, like many others… until we get Corey and other men and women with integrity and honor to restore our Houses of Congress.


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  21. scrap1ron says:

    I smell swamp gas.

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  22. CarolynH says:

    JMHO, but I have come to believe Graham wanted this chairmanship not to get to the bottom of anything, but to cover up and save McCain’s tattered reputation since McCain was right in the middle of the attempted coup.

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  23. PCS says:

    Trump sees right thru Graham. He’s dealt with clowns like this his whole life with real money on the line. I’m pretty sure he’s content to let Graham twist in the wind as the pressure mounts. There will be increasing ‘miscues’ by the lying, thieving corruptocrats as more and more is revealed.

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  24. Shop says:

    Lindsey has always been and continues to be a neocon Swamp Rat.


  25. H. Hawke says:

    I have never and probably will never trust Linda.

    Since Songbird was his BFF I’m sure Linda was aware of the dossier and approved of his pal’s efforts in getting it from Steele and then turning it over to the FBI with the intent of destroying Donald Trump.

    Unluckily for Linda, his BFF is now dead and he’s desperately juggling his Deep State Balls and attempting to evade blame and ruin.

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  26. ozymandiasssss says:

    The problem is there just isn’t that big reveal yet. Just a bunch of leaking. Need something BIG. Who wants to have hearings in chickenshit leaking


  27. curtisblacklabel says:

    I would ask him: “what if the investigation leads back to senators?”

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  28. dwpender says:

    Lincoln wrote the first draft of the Emancipation Proclamation himself. He called his cabinet in for comments, suggestions, etc, but made clear at the outset that his mind was made up, he was going to order this monumental step. They persuaded him to hold a bit and wait for a “victory.” Sharpsburg happened, and then he ssued the Preliminary Proclamation, effective January 1, 1863.

    I hope President Trump follows Lincoln’s example, and writes a Declassification Proclamation, ordering the ENTIRETY of Horowitz’s upcoming and prior reports (as well as all the underlying docments listed repeatedly by Sundance), released in THEIR entirety. Call a meeting with Barr, Wray, Haspel, acting DNI, acting NSA, Pompeo and anyone else involved in the “classification review.” Tell them, once it’s done, it’s ALL coming out. You’ve got some time — plan accordingly. If you need to get assets out of harm’s way, move them. If you need to alert “key allies,” do so. But my decision is final and irrevocable. The American people have a right to know.

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  29. AnotherView says:

    Miz Lindsey dodges once again. This piece of crap has Trump’s ear. Snake.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Ear, yes. Trust? I hope not!

      Liked by 4 people

      • LULU says:

        Our President has ears for a lot of people. Is known to be a very good listener and a sponge for information. He is also a pretty good judge of people. (Those bad appointment s weren’t his, folks.) I have a hunch he had blabby Lindsey figured out a long time ago. Will use him until there is no use for him. Better to have Lindsey believe he is on PDJT’s “team” than to make him an enemy. Lindsey doesn’t know as much about PDJT’s thoughts a he’d like to have everyone believe.

        Liked by 4 people

  30. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    The DOJ Inspector General, carved out a report and specifically referred the former Director of the United States FBI, James Comey, for criminal prosecution; yet Graham is awaiting a FISA report.

    Personally…..totally disagree here.

    Having a Comey Only SJC hearing NOW would just be a gift to the Dems and MSM.
    especially since prosecution was declined (at least for now) on these charges.

    It will be a zoo and Dems will be arguing the same thing the R’s are arguing in Nadler/Schiff hearings:
    The DOJ found there was no crime.
    This will distract, dilute and detract.

    I’d wait until the more damaging, straight forward FISA Report comes out.
    “This is what they were supposed to do. And this is what they didn’t do”

    Call in Horowitz then
    And ask about ALL of it there.

    Liked by 2 people

    • LULU says:

      IG Horowitz is an investigator. He has only the power to come up with referrals. It is Durham’s job to take those to a grand jury, who will bring down indictments or not. That requires more than a report from the IG. His report and referrals are the beginning of possible prosecution, not the end. It takes hard evidence of crimes committed that will hold up in a court of law. We try and convict here every day. The legal process is quite different. Painstaking and grindingly slow.

      The folly in charging Comey with just what has been proved so far – that he shared his memos memorializing meetings with the President with the media – is that the issue is small potatoes compared to his part in the overall coup attempt. Comey has to take a very big fall, not just stumble at a speed bump.

      Liked by 2 people

  31. Shyster says:

    Lindsey is nothing more than a globalist, part rino, who has been throwing us head fakes all along. There is absolutely no rational reason why having taken over as
    the head of the senate judiciary position that he hasn’t been going balls to the wall with any investigation of spygate or comey gate whatsoever. His continued excuse, we we’re waiting for the spygate IG report is transparent and ridiculous given that he knows for a fact that Horowitz cannot issue subpoenas or compel non governmental witness like Mifsud to testify. He should have been issuing subpoenas and questioning all those necessary leads and individuals who Horowitz has no power to compel or question. Even more questioning of McCabe, Strock, Page, Baker, Yates Nellie Orr, etc., would have been more productive than doing nothing. This guy is a Trojan horse who Trump has placed some trust in when all along, he has probably been designated as Trump’s handler and the one who is actually managing and limiting Trump’s and the nation’s knowledge of the true underlying facts and corruption.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fractionalexponent says:

      Maria Bartiromo made one quick comment. She said everybody she talks to says “CIA involvement.” Whoever she was talking to agreed.


  32. LULU says:

    We watched this. As much as I could take. After the break we fast forwarded (we prerecord) to Devin Nunes. Lindsey was his old depressing Squish self. All drama. And displaying his annoying penchant for pretending he is so insider with President Trump that he knows what he is thinking. Reads his mind.

    When he erupted during the Kavanaugh hearing, I thought there might be hope for Lindsey. Now I’d say NO.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. I think that Sen. Graham knows that there is more than one known offense that Comey could be nailed for. His “memos” would be a pissing contest; his signature attesting to the validity of what is known to be false is a cut and dry case of lying under oath. A judge doesn’t need to rule on that because a judge already did. The two IG reports taken together will make it abundantly clear that these men are guilty of more than one felony, and some will be much easier to prove in court than others.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. jeans2nd says:

    Lindsey and company are waiting for Atty Durham’s report.

    Andrew McCarthy spoke recently to a crowd in NYC promoting his new book, “Ball of Collusion.”
    One of the last audience questions was ‘who and when will someone be held accountable?’

    McCarthy made it quite clear that they are all waiting for Atty Durham’s report, which could take up to a year or more to complete.

    McCarthy expects no indictments. Just a report.
    From Atty Durham’s report they hope that “changes” can be made to the current “process” to ensure that something like “this” will not happen again.

    Now convince me Lindsey, and all of D.C., does not expect the same.

    Expect nothing from Graham. Not Graham, not McConnell, not Grassley, not McCarthy, not Meadows, not nobody.
    Pres Trump can only do so much. Pres Trump is only 1/3 of the gubmint.
    And we need to start massive, hard work now to re-elect Pres Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mr.piddles says:

      The “process” of spying on a rival political opponent during a Presidential Election?

      Uh. I guess that’s the New Normal, then? Er… something? Is that what Mr. Author means?

      No accountability… SERIOUS accountability… for any of this BULLCRAP is the end of the United States Of America as we know it. This is it. Despite years of corruption bubbling just under the surface, THIS is the tipping point. They went a step too far, and that’s just what we KNOW about. There is no “tweaking” Third World Banana Republic Police State Sh*thole. It either DOES exist, or it DOES NOT exist.

      Liked by 2 people

    • mr.piddles says:

      Besides, Durham’s job is not to issue a “report”. He has been tasked with determining the origins of this whole Illegal Escapade to determine if, in fact, laws were broken. If laws were broken and Bar has the Cojones to hold the perpetrators accountable (BIG “if’), then we will know about it what Durham found. If not, we will not know what Durham found.

      So I don’t know what McCarthy is talking about, if that’s what he said. AFAIK, there is no “report”. That’s the job of Congress, IG, Special Commission, Special Prosecutor, etc. And, technically not even a SC’s role… Weissman/Mueller Fiasco being a special case.


    • I cordially suggest that what you’re saying here is not quite right. I believe that they are waiting on the second IG report. Durham is a Federal prosecutor: he will be the one to finally initiate criminal proceedings. (Which, by the way, Sen. Graham cannot directly do. Durham can and will (has?) convene Grand Juries.

      Liked by 1 person

  35. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    I’ll sprout tits on my back before Lindsey “gets to the bottom” of the attempted coup.


  36. Sherri Young says:

    More referrals to IG Horowitz about inconsistencies in testimony under oath by James Comey coming right up.


  37. Ospreyzone says:

    I watched this performance by Ms. Lindsay today. His lips were moving, so that in itself is a problem. He wants President Trump to launch an attack on Iran so bad, he was almost spitting. This person has serious megalomania issues that make me think he was beaten like a screen door in a hurricane back in elementary school. Very creepy, … very, very creepy.


  38. Sherri Young says:

    Lindsey seems to be channeling No-Name.

    Exactly how many people would he like to see die to make sure the mullahs show respect? Does he want to see Saudi Arabia and Israel both go up in smoke so that he can feel like a tough guy?

    I was told years ago by a person who observed the Mideast on a professional basis that if Iran ever gained nuclear capability, the first one fired would be aimed at Saudi Arabia.

    Chill, Lindsey. Chill.


  39. zephyrbreeze says:

    Does he know how lazy and impotent he sounds?
    Does he care?

    Liked by 1 person

  40. ozymandiasssss says:

    Uh, People, did you listen to what he said? He was a special counsel (ok he says Investigator; same thing) to investigate Ukraine. Ukraine is where the money got laundered. This is important.


  41. ChampagneReady says:

    Graham, I thought you finally got some spine with the vehement Kavanaugh defense rant. But that was a one-off. You’re still nothing but a lot of hot air. You were on Maria Bartiromo’s show months ago passionately saying almost verbatim “I’m going to bring McCabe before our committee and I’m going to do a deep dive and get to the bottom of what he did.

    In fact, you didn’t do squat. Instead of issuing the subpoena like you said, you let him waltz on out of the government and into private citizen status so now he’s near immune to be brought in and he’s no doubt laughing at you.

    You talk “deep dives” but the only thing I see is deep BS. And now, you’re peddaling it again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • scarlettbr says:

      The Kavanaugh defending was a set up to get the chairmanship. Come on, less than a year prior he was “marching” into the Presidents office with Durbin to “demand” amnesty for all, and running to the media to cry about Trump yelling at them.


  42. One other thing that our readers should bear in mind is that ”conspiracies” are more difficult to deal with, since court cases are generally structured against one defendant at a time, and always with the presumption of [individual …] innocence. When Sen. Graham’s committee finally begins to move … as I remain confident that it actually will … their point-of-view and thus their scope and purview will be decidedly different from that of the Honorable Court. (As is the IG’s.) I submit that, in order to actually get to the bottom of a conspiracy as vast and as seditious as this, “we need them all.”


  43. WSB says:

    Does anyone know why or who authorizes Graham to be a part of the Executive Branch’s diplomatic corp?

    Why is Graham meeting with anyone?!

    Teeth grinding in upstate NY!


  44. scarlettbr says:

    Could it be Graham was part of it? Why do we think Republicans didn’t play a part in taking down then candidate and now President Trump? Seems lots of people may be dirty and why we will never see accountable, our government is too corrupt and is failing. They are moving on to create a new “scandal” to distract Americans.


  45. BigTalkers says:

    Once again we’re reminded Sen Grahamnesty is the same GOPe loser he’s always been.


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