Inspector General Michael Horowitz Testifies on Matters of High Interest – FISA, Comey, McCabe, SpyGate…

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified before congress today on matters relating to the overall IG office.  However, with Democrat majority chairs refusing to call Horowitz for testimony on the recent Comey Report, republicans on the House Oversight Committee took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions about the FISA investigation and the prior IG reports on James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

The full hearing is below. However, to save time the key parts of the discussion are time sequenced and identified (each prompted, just hit play):

[@59:55] IG questioning by Rep. Hice begins to center on issues related to the IG report on FISA.  Mr. Horowitz discusses the current status of the FISA IG report as under rough draft review by AG Bill Barr, where decisions on classification are taking place.

[@01:11:55] Rep Steube asks Horowitz about the criminal referral for James Comey. The IG responds that both Comey and McCabe were referred for the same overarching issues relating to the leaking of FBI material to the media. One interesting aspect (amid many) in this segment is Horowitz noting there is more evidence toward the referral of McCabe than currently exists publicly.

Mr. Steube notes the stunning aspects about the DOJ Inspector General sending criminal referrals for both the Director of the FBI and Deputy Director of the FBI. Mr. Steube goes through the three prior IG reports (Clinton Investigation, Andrew McCabe and James Comey).


[@01:16:26] Rep. Jim Jordan takes over from where Steube was and asks Horowitz if any Committee Chairman has asked him to testify. Horowitz confirms that neither Chairman Nadler nor Chairman Cummings has asked for IG testimony. Democrats are attempting to hide the investigative findings.

Additionally, Rep. Jordan outlines how the Comey report shows the former FBI Director acting in an investigative capacity to question President-elect Donald Trump.


[@01:22:40] Ranking Member Mark Meadows takes-up where Jim Jordan left-off. Meadows outlines some of the specifics around James Comey’s leaks to the media; pointing out that Comey’s testimony to congress conflicts with some aspects of the IG report on James Comey. Mr. Meadows notes that he and Jim Jordan anticipate sending an investigative referral to the IG based on the contradictions.


[@01:27:55] Rep. Grothman asks questions about the “small group” within the FBI being “shocked” and “stunned” to discover the FBI Director leaked FBI investigative material to the media.


[@01:29:50] Rep Grothman yields the balance of his time to Jim Jordan. Rep Jordan then asks additional questions about exactly who was in the “small group” who had a debriefing immediately following the meeting between James Comey and President-elect Trump.

James Baker, Jim Rybicki, Andrew McCabe and likely Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were part of the team debriefed by James Comey at the conclusion of the meeting with President-elect Trump.


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301 Responses to Inspector General Michael Horowitz Testifies on Matters of High Interest – FISA, Comey, McCabe, SpyGate…

  1. dwpender says:

    Notice the “news” floatiing around MSM this AM? A “whistle blower” “reported” on some allegedly inappropriate Trump conversation “with a foreign leader.”

    Want to guess why this is leaking NOW, and who is leaking it?

    Hint: The Archey Declarations insist portions of the Comey memos MUST be kept secret because they reflect “the President’s foreign policy decision-making.” Think the “small group” had spies in State, the WH and/or elsewhere in the foreign policy apparatus who were tasked with reporting on any “evidence” that Trump was trying to improve relations with Russia (including asking other foreign leaders to act as go-betweens)? Think the presently classified portions of the IG Report reveal this outrageous DOJ/FBI spying on the President’s “foreign policy decision-making” and ID the perps on the “inside” who were watching and reporting back? Think TPTB are leaning hard on Barr NOT to reveal this information?

    If the spies are outed, might we even be able to put pieces together and finally identify the brazen leader of the internal “Resistance” who had the audacity to write a NYT op-ed on his operation?

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      And who “just happened to find out about it”? Yep- Adam Schiff. If they are this desperate, then I doubt Barr/Durham is going to go soft on spygate. Also, I am not sure its the job of a IC analyst to determine what types of conversations a President is allowed to have or not have. Its a bit ridiculous and the MSM will have to invoke the Mamet Principle to level 10. Remember—“Tell Vlad I will have a lot more flexibility after the election”.

      I am sure there will be lots of pearl clutching– “How dare Trump have discussions that Joe Smith, Junior CIA Analyst felt were inappropriate. Trump needs to vet all his conversations through the mail clerks at the CIA before he dares engage in foreign policy”!!!!

      Trumps response will be at a chopper presser– “Look, I have a lot of conversation with lots of world leaders. I was elected President not Joe Smith.I dont need to run my conversations by a mail clerk. I will have whatever discussion that I want. If people don’t like it, then they can leave”. At this point another “bombshell report” from the WAPO fizzles and the public yawns.

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      • GenEarly says:

        While I agree, the “Public” is in the middle of an all out propaganda war, with the MSM still the principal controlling authority. Never assume our views are the Majority view, We must win the Congress as well as the Presidency in 2020, and assuming anything in War is fatal.
        The Feral Gov is not entirely controlled by the President. The Feral Gov is at a war within , as much as the Publix is divided.
        This is a fight to the Finish, no quarter, no surrender offered or expected. The democRats are Marxists and never ever control their Tyrannical objectives.
        President Trump hopefully will be president until 2024, then What?
        CW is unavoidable, imo.
        When is the only question, and those un-pre-pared will suffer terrible consequences.
        I wish us all well, but doing is what counts, not wishing.


    • Yeah, the Chief Diplomatic Officer of the United States Government – who is the only one tasked by the Constitution with communications with foreign leaders – surely did something “inappropriate.” Yeah.

      “OMG! The Russians! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!!”

      Well, we can plainly see that these people are “brazen,” and that they exist at the very top levels of our Government including seats in our Congress. But, “methinks they protesteth too much.”

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      Who is TPTB????

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump farted while having a conversation, making the conversation inappropriate.


  2. pyromancer76 says:

    I want Sundance to keep investigating all the who-dun-its and the whys – or to continue to hold everyone’s feet to the fire, including President Trump’s. None of us expect less with the clear, persistent investigative reporting we read here.

    I also want Sundance to continue showing “us” falling over (in a faint?) from keeping our Cold Anger in place for such a long, long time- each time it is timely.

    But I have faith that millimeter, by millimeter we are trudging toward victory. Our President is leaping along the path with his dodge, weave, and attack strategies (plural) in so many fields and from so many bases. (One, e.g., preparing Americans for the end of the Federal Reserve; educating us through our pocket books as to why “they” are an enemy.)

    Too many people on the comment threads keep focusing on the Hellary crime machine. I think they are small potatoes in the scheme of things that President Trump is attempting to upend, exposing the evil roots. Economics and the financial machines are at the bottom. I will keep trudging and keeping the faith. Law and order follows the money, I think, even though I wish “it” would follow Constitutional-Republic principles.

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  3. jus wundrin says:

    Great work SD!

    Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope.

    You ran four stories in a row that should be headliners, yet the MSM is willfully ignoring its duty to print stories that may discredit their protected groups. I was taken aback when I read ‘1984’ and thought at the time that it would never happen here.

    Boy was I wrong.

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    • “I intended ‘1984’ to be a cautionary tale, you damned fools, not an instruction manual!”
      – George Orwell

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      • Ausonius says:

        What is said is that no party is compelling managed news: the news is willingly creating Memory Holes, is willingly creating DoubleThink,* and is willingly becoming Orwell’s satire on the Communist and Nazi propaganda machines, The Ministry of Truth (where Truth is absent).

        * StupidThink is probably more appropriate today. The result is basically the same.

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      • Ken Lawson says:

        Mike, do you know when Orwell said that?

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        • Ausonius says:

          I cannot find a reference anywhere: probably it is an Internet invention. But yes, please let us know the source, if it is real.

          Certainly it sounds like something George Orwell would or could say, if he were viewing our situation today.


          • Ken Lawson says:

            Well, since Orwell died in 1950, the year after 1984 was published and long before we got into the mess we’re in now, I suspect he probably didn’t say it and it was either a sarcastic creation someone made up that got taken as a literal quote or an error when it was quoted here.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      I think a lot of people never expected 1984 to really happen. I read it in 1971 and thought that it would happen, but I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. I saw it as something in the distant future, maybe late 21st or into the 22nd century. But things have moved so fast the last 50 years that I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that we’re already in the midst of it.

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  4. DDW says:

    I want Jim Jordan to be Speaker of the House. The gains that could be made under his leadership would be epic.

    However, I’m afraid, if the GOO does win back a majority McCarthy will be elected Speaker.

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  5. Carrie says:

    So there’s 2 reports. One is fit for public consumption, the other is classified. Both catalogue McCabe crimes and misdeeds. How can he be properly charged if we don’t get to hear all of the charges or see all of the evidence? How convenient to allow them the ability to just keep the secret report out of sight and then place it in a drawer?
    This is why declassification is absolutely necessary.
    The spotlight on Barr and his moves now could not be any stronger…

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  6. LULU says:

    We often hear charges in criminal cases without the public’s being given full access to all of the evidence, particularly if that evidence mentions innocent persons or would negatively affect our national security.

    Charge them, convict them, lock them up.

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  7. 335blues says:

    “Decisions on classification…..”
    For anybody to say the “methods used by the plotters” are secret and must be kept from the citizenry is preposterous.
    This is America and we must understand the weapons the government has given themselves to perpetrate the overturning of a free and legal election

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  8. California Joe says:

    So, let me get this right? The highest echelon officials of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Department, and members of Congress with the help of embassy staff overseas and foreign intelligence services from Italy, Australia and MI6 in the UK attempted a coup against the President of the United States and members of his family by framing him for a crime that not only he didn’t commit but a crime that never even happened. The response for the most egregious sedition in the 250 year history of the United States initiated by the Republican Attorney General hand-picked and appointed by President Trump is to have a federal prosecutor based in Connecticut assemble a “review team” of several lawyers, paralegals and secretarial support staff sitting in an office in Washington DC to assess what happened! Am I on Mars????


  9. Shyster says:

    This is another lawfare tactic, I.e., weaponizing purported “whistle blower” regs and statutes in order to unlawfully leak classified or confidential presidential foreign policy discussions to the dark hats in Congress through an IG investigation to attempt to blow up the president’s words into yet another public congressional hearing, whether public testimony or behind close doors testimony, designed to give Shifft for brains to go public and call POTUS a traitor. Lawfare’s fingerprints are all over this.


  10. dimbulbz says:

    I would like someone to ask the democrats if they intend to do this same thing for the next Republican President. If all you need is “a concern” that someone is talking to a foreign person to launch this same investigation all over again. If that’s the case, let’s just start the civil war now and get rid of these people who no longer believe in fair and honest elections, unless they win them (by cheating, of course). Its going to be this way from here on out, unless we always elect someone who is a part of the swamp. I say, “Never again!”. It is our FBI, CIA and DOJ that are to blame in all of this. If you are a law enforcement employee, You can say “NO” to a democrat. The Democrats will never again accept election results as long as they know they can accuse every non-democrat president of “collusion” and “corruption” – In fact every supreme court nominee will be accused of being a rapist, unless its someone who the democrats own. These people are children, and horrible spoiled obnoxious children at that. You cant have a country when 30 percent of the population are hell bent on burning it to the ground if they dont get their way.

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  11. Brant says:

    Dang he is cutting it close. But “brownface” out just weeks before Canada election. We still have more than a year to go. Wonder if whistleblower/leaker is a big sting. Tell several people the story of a call. Different people get different names. Easy to find the leaker.


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