UPDATE: Chinese Mar-a-Lago Intruder Found Guilty…

The Chinese woman who tried to lie her way into Mar-a-Lago was found guilty today.  Previously, U.S. Magistrate Judge William Matthewman said: “It does appear to the court that Ms. Zhang was up to something nefarious when she unlawfully attempted to gain access to Mar-a-Lago”…

PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A jury found a Chinese businesswoman guilty of lying to the Secret Service to sneak into President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

Yujing Zhang represented herself at trial and claimed during opening statements she did nothing wrong.

Zhang now faces up to six years in prison on charges of unlawful entry of restricted buildings and making false statements.

Prosecutors claimed she had no right to enter the private club. Secret Service agents detained her in March.

Authorities said they found Zhang in possession of a number of cell phones, USB drives, a thumb drive believed to be full of malware, and a signal detector to check for hidden cameras. (Link)

From the BBC: “Despite the guilty verdict the trial did not establish why exactly she was there. She told agents after her arrest a friend in China had encouraged her to speak to a member of Trump’s family about Chinese-US economic relations.”

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67 Responses to UPDATE: Chinese Mar-a-Lago Intruder Found Guilty…

  1. bluecat57 says:

    She gets swift justice but Americans don’t?

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  2. JonS says:

    Spy you long time, Joe

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  3. sundance says:

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  4. beaujest says:

    Can she still vote from jail ?

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  5. She is chinas spy that can’t trust her,i’m glad that she got found guilty,

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  6. rozelave says:

    she Chinese
    she play joke

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  7. She’s the last remnant of the “small group” that Sundance is always talking about.

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  8. tax2much says:

    She’s just someone who did something. No worries.

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  9. Of course, she now has a lucrative job offer from Dianne Feinstein’s office…

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  10. emet says:


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  11. Guffman says:

    So what will be her sentence?


  12. Tiffthis says:

    Joke from my gramma: “ What was the name of the 3 Chinese virgins? Tu old tu, tu yung tu , no yen tu” 🤣 Old jokes reign supreme in my book 😁

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  13. Garavaglia says:

    I wonder if everyone who lies to the secret service faces 6 years. I guess she’s really guilty of being a pitiful spy.

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  14. listingstarboard says:

    Follow the money–who orchestrated this spying?

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  15. MitchSteel says:

    Ho Lee Phuq

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  16. johnnyfandango says:

    She also goes by the alias name, Azra Turk.

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  17. rcogburn says:

    Boy is she dumb. Just claim Trump assaulted her at a White Supremacist keg party when she was 16. She can’t remember when or where, no witnesses, but every White male had a gun.

    Instead of going to jail, she’d be on CNN every night.

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  18. Mike in a Truck says:

    She looks 14.

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  19. willthesuevi says:

    What a clumsy attempt at who knows what. I wonder if this is a poor attempt at some kind of industrial espionage from a Chinese business? I find it hard to believe this lady was state sponsored.

    Wonder if she is related to Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao and her family?

    Ya that was tongue in cheek, sort of.

    Following that line of thinking; McConnell and wife may appear to be on the Trump train, but I would not be surprised if they come back to bite the Republican party because of their Chinese government ties. Hard to hold Biden’s feet to the fire when our own people are dirty.

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    • Zippy says:

      “I wonder if this is a poor attempt at some kind of industrial espionage from a Chinese business? I find it hard to believe this lady was state sponsored.”

      Beijing’s New National Intelligence Law: From Defense to Offense
      July 20, 2017


      The Intelligence Law, by contrast, repeatedly obliges individuals, organizations, and institutions to assist Public Security and State Security officials in carrying out a wide array of “intelligence” work. Article Seven stipulates that “any organization or citizen shall support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work according to law.” Article 14, in turn, grants intelligence agencies authority to insist on this support: “state intelligence work organs, when legally carrying forth intelligence work, may demand that concerned organs, organizations, or citizens provide needed support, assistance, and cooperation.”


      In other words, trust mainland Chinese visiting the US as far as you can throw them.


  20. SwampRatTerrier says:

    “….Zhang WAS UP to something nefarious when she unlawfully attempted to gain access to Mar-a-Lago…” FIFY Judge. Don’t let it happen again.


  21. TheWanderingStar says:

    Send her directly to Gitmo for some of them there enhanced interrogation techniques.

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  22. Haveaspine says:

    Not a word from the Chinese government???


  23. California Joe says:

    ….but the federal judge did not see any nefarious intent: “Zhang in possession of a number of cell phones, USB drives, a thumb drive believed to be full of malware, and a signal detector to check for hidden cameras”. What a freaking idiot!!!! These are the clowns that the police and prosecutors have to put up with on a daily basis.

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  24. Tom Idlewood says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but she looked a lot more like a honey pot when she was booked than after 6 months in detention. Must be the baloney sandwiches.

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  25. KingBroly says:

    I have always wondered what she was doing. I can only think Sundance believes something here that he hasn’t discussed, or I missed it.


  26. Confucius say: Woman who go camping must beware of evil intent

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  27. Zippy says:


    She’s a 33-year-old Shanghai consultant.

    Prosecutors have filed under seal secret evidence that they say has national security implications, even though Zhang is not charged with espionage.

    The Secret Service said when agents detained Zhang at Mar-a-Lago she was carrying a computer, a hard drive, four cellphones and a thumb drive containing malware, although agents later recanted that accusation.

    Agents said Zhang told them she brought the electronics to Mar-a-Lago because she feared they would be stolen if left at her nearby hotel, but in her room they allegedly found a device to detect hidden cameras, computers, $8,000 in cash plus credit and debit cards, all in the open.

    They have said she appears mentally competent, but she wouldn’t speak to a psychologist. They said Zhang’s Chinese relatives told them she has no mental health problems.

    According to a 10-page criminal complaint filed Tuesday:


    Yujing Zhang attempted “to gain access into the Mar-a-Lago club” which is designated a “Restricted Building or Grounds” by the U.S. Secret Service under the terms of a federal statute authorizing such temporary designations. The Miami Herald reported on Wednesday, however, that there had already been an ongoing investigation into “possible Chinese intelligence operations targeting President Donald Trump and his private Palm Beach club.”

    But that’s not all. The newly-revealed investigation also centers on immigrant entrepreneur Li “Cindy” Yang, the former owner of the Orchids of Asia massage parlor [Ah, yes. Potential blackmail material. – Z] where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, among others, was busted for allegedly soliciting prostitution. Yang was photographed with Trump at a Mar-a-Lago Super Bowl party, where they watched Kraft’s team defeat the Los Angeles Rams. Yang has also popped up at Mar-a-Lago fundraisers, and shared an autographed photo of her with Trump on Facebook.

    Here’s where the Yang and Zhang story was connected by the Miami Herald. Charles Lee has been identified as “an associate of Yang[‘s]” who “also pushed out the advertisements on Chinese social media” about event opportunities like the one described above.

    More about Lee:

    Lee is the founder of the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association, a for-profit Delaware-based company that is not listed by the United Nations as an affiliated organization. Instead, Lee uses the company to advertise Yang’s Mar-a-Lago invites to Chinese clients hoping to get close to Trump. The name of the company is almost identical to the event Zhang said she wished to attend.

    The group’s website promoted the Chinese Communist Party, and promoted President Xi Jinping’s business diplomacy agenda — an effort to send Chinese business leaders abroad to befriend politicians in hopes of gaining favor for China and its agenda.

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  28. Gort says:

    She’s now officially qualified to be hired by CNN.


  29. fanbeav says:

    Which lawyers represented her? Lawfare lawyers?


  30. iwasthere says:

    Well as I recall it was the Trump staff at the desk that made the bust. The SS was asleep at the switch. But now the SS is getting credit?

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  31. GB Bari says:

    From the BBC: “Despite the guilty verdict the trial did not establish why exactly she was there……”

    Maybe the trial did not establish the reason but the evidence sure did for anyone with half of a functioning brain.

    Authorities said they found Zhang in possession of a number of cell phones, USB drives, a thumb drive believed to be full of malware, and a signal detector to check for hidden cameras.”


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  32. Herbert Kroll says:

    Australia is currently drowning in Chinese spying, bribing and infiltration scandals, involving both Labour and governing Liberal Party officials. A Liberal MP named Gladys Liu was recently outed as a former member of multiple Chinese propaganda organisations. I bet there is close to zero media coverage outside of Australia…

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  33. Graham Pink says:

    China needs to send better spies to America.
    This one obviously failed a few courses in spook-craft.


  34. Benedict Comey says:

    Was she any relation to Dirty D ChiFi’s Driver/Spy? Just askin’…


  35. czarowniczy says:

    Well, held off as long as I could but…

    Apparently the Secret Service found a chink in Mar-a-Lago’s security.

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  36. Night Flight says:

    Represents herself?…More like, left swinging in the wind.


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