Sanctimonious and Disrespectful Neil Cavuto Defends Wall Street Chinese Investments…

Fox News host Neil Cavuto is well known for broadcasting an hour long infomercial for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street daily.  White House manufacturing and trade advisor Peter Navarro interrupts Cavuto’s multinational talking points to explain a Pro-U.S. trade initiative that will help level the playing field.  Things go downhill….

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172 Responses to Sanctimonious and Disrespectful Neil Cavuto Defends Wall Street Chinese Investments…

  1. GP says:

    I could take only a couple of minutes of Cavuto. I used to live in the DC Swamp. And I used to see TV personalities at Redskins games, either from afar when someone would point them out or up close like I did Frank Herzog. I think if I was still living in the Swamp and got a chance to KO Neil Cavuto I would take it. Cavuto is only behind Chrissy Wallace on my imaginary hit list.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      Charles Gasparino is a Globalist advocate.

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    • legtingle says:

      Yes those two are imho the worst. Their hatred for POTUSDJT is very obvious. Wallace hides it better, always trying to hide behind being MR. FAIR AND BALANCED, but Cavuto just can’t. I remember watching him and finding his show interesting, and he was pleasant and informative with a good on air persona. Now, his bitterness and smugness are insufferable. I get it that he’s angry about his health, but it almost seems like he has taken this seething anger and poured it into all things Trump. I gave up the cable/tv because of this crap. I still watch vids of Tucker, Judge Jeanine, Maria B and Greg Gutfeld…oh and the great Stuart Varney. But Fox can go to Hell.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      I have no idea what the bail is for cracking a U.S. Senator’s jaw, but if I ever find myself within arm’s reach of Chuck Schumer, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to control myself, and find out; he is the most insufferable, non-female, smug, pompous, America hating pr!(k I can think of……there’s just something about his face, his expression, that only an extremely hard and accurate right cross, thrown at high velocity and low opinion could correct.

      I would gladly cash in a couple of CD’s to see pictures of that bastard eating blender smoothies through a straw 😉

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  2. Jan says:

    Cannot stand Neil and many others on FOX News. He whines, he opines & he’s full of himself.

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  3. Thomas says:

    He’s a pompous ass. As arrogant as they get. Charles Payne and Stu are the ones I watch. Besides, Rush comes on at the same time as Chamber boy, a no brainer decision for anyone with a clue.

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  4. Steve says:

    As usual, Sundance nailed it. My tolerance for Cavuto is down to more like ten seconds – or however fast i can “quick draw” the remote and switch to the Golf channel (a safe maneuver; better than hitting “down” channel and risk landing on CNN or God forbid MSNBC 🙂

    Cavuto thinks way too highly of himself – i think he imagines himself as some kind of sage “wiseman”. Cannot stand his arrogance and bloviating. There are more and more like that on Fox, and they are dragging more liberals in weekly to boot. Yuck, my Fox time is down 90%.

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  5. Alec Rawls says:

    Bizarre to see a supposed newsman stick to a dog that won’t hunt like that. The dog is lying dead on the ground, he’s kicked it fifteen times already, the frown on his face getting more and more fixed and adamant, like it’s his job to NOT HEAR, and not let his audience hear, the message his interviewee keeps articulating. The monkey doesn’t just have his hands over his ears but he has his mouth going WWwweeeooowwWWWwweeeooowwWWWwweeooww the whole time like a Moonie hitting his head on concrete to beat devil reason out of his skull whenever it starts to intrude. The guy belongs on CNN.

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    • Steve says:

      I heartily agree with your description of Cavuto’s selfish, igornant egotistical behavior, and I do not think you have overstated it one bit. The media has just become so stupid.

      Watching them, I often feel like I’ve woken up in the middle of the movie, “The Idiocracy”.

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    • Eric French says:

      Very true! Patriot Trump has removed the scales from our eyes, once you see and understand what they did to us for the last 40 years, you simply cannot unsee it.

      The hollowing out of America’s great middle class is now stopping and they simply will NOT be able to put that genie back in the bottle.

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  6. sbell22blog says:

    sp: “ignorant”. I guess the commies at don’t let you edit posts? 🙂

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  7. Conservative_302 says:

    Thanks to Sundance because he pulls the curtain open to expose people for who They really are. Cavuto is obvious and insulting to Navarro. Navarro is a patriot.

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  8. Merkin Muffley says:

    The Day Shift at Fox News.

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  9. ilcon says:

    The simple minded have a hard time imagining being outside the wire.

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  10. Mrs. E says:

    Stu Varney, Charles Payne, and Maria Bartiromo. NEVER cavuto! He is a whiner, arrogant, not very bright, – or as Bugs Bunny would say, ‘What a maroon!’

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  11. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Navarro should just retort each time, “Your way hasn’t worked in 30 years, Neil. It’s failed our country.”

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  12. sarasotosfan says:

    Oh my. I used to think Cavuto was intelligent. Not now. He can not think on his feet.

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  13. Brian Baker says:

    Neil “we can only do one fight at a time” Cavuto. That’s pure nonsense. He doesn’t even care that POTUS is doing something about deals that have been ripping off Americans for decades, each of which take years to fix or renegotiate. It’s almost like Cavuto doesn’t want too many of them to be redone.

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    • Joy Kelly says:

      Cavuto acts like he’s getting paid to support a pro-China deal (definitely not pro-Main Street). Considering how many talking heads have been caught up in the Obama propaganda machine, it makes me question every one who can’t maintain an open-minded demeanor when interviewing this administration.
      He has outted himself. It makes it easier for me.


  14. When Cavuto says ‘buy’, chances are you should be selling.


  15. The UPU is a huge scam. Neil is crying over something that began a year ago that is now coming due.

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  16. azchick says:

    Funny how Democrats can triangulate but Republicans are too stupid. Navarro just ran circles around HoHo man.

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  17. We the people know says:

    Rare find, Neil the Talking Head is, in actuality, a big fat load….


  18. Gunner says:

    Cavuto tries desperately to outshine his cous’, ‘Junior’ Wallace. FOX is full of sanctimony and contempt, Sundance. But, then, they are corporate, mainstream media.


  19. TradeBait says:

    Cavuto is just a horrible actor in the Fox play that is now openly exposed as globalist. That makes Cavuto a prostitute like most of the talking heads. Gasparino is their foot soldier. His trying to defend China over his supposed discussion with an unnamed Chinese high ranking official about not doing a deal with PDT because of 20 MM people in poverty in China, a nation of 1.3+ B people was snoozer comedy club material. I accidentally left the TV on after Charles Payne and there he was with breathless hypester Liz, who was even having a hard time swallowing.

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  20. 6x47 says:

    What an asshole Cavuto is. Questioning the integrity and competence of a man who has more knowledge and ability in his little finger than Cavuto has in his entire body.

    “One fight at a time.” “We can walk and chew gum at the same time.” “Can you?”

    “Do you ever lose track of all the fights?”

    And my favorite Derek Zoolander moment of obtuseness: “Why now?” “Because it takes a year, we gave notice a year ago BY THE BOOK, it’s coming up now.” “Yeah, but why now?”

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  21. StanH says:

    “but I digress” Cavuto is still a swamp weasel America hating globalist whose only concern is “what’s in it for me?” Neil “Tubby” Cavuto sat back and cheered as American manufacturing was decimated throwing tens of millions of his fellow Americans into poverty and government dependence. But hey, it was for a good cause, a strong bottom line for his Wall Street pals and Neil’s stock portfolio.

    Do yourself a favor, don’t watch.


  22. drlou007 says:

    If I happen to see Cuvotto it takes me about 3 minutes to hear his abject stupidity before turning it off.


  23. Wallace, Sheppard, Cavuto, and Baier, line up of losers,

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  24. golfmann says:

    Another reason I don’t watch T.V….
    WHY subject ourselves to these false faces of failure?
    What I like is President Trump just moves right along with 20 balls in the air like it’s nothing.
    Why now?
    Why the hell NOT now?

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  25. dobbsfan says:

    Can’t stand Cavuto.

    You gotta love Navarro swinging back at blowhard Cavuto who LOVES to interrupt and hear his own voice.

    Forced him to listen to logic. Cavuto is so swampy…….if you watch the video, you can see the PAIN in his face as he was forced to listen to the logic and expertise of Navarro who was having NONE of the backtalk.

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  26. If people like Cuvotto were really as smart as they say they are, they’d be a whole lot richer than they are. These people, while comfortably sitting in this(!!) nation, thought it an act of genius to manufacture shoes and socks, computers and phones, kitchen appliances and so on, “anywhere else but right here.”

    American entrepreneurs aren’t going to waste any more time listening to these idiots. They know they can steal these people’s business from right under their noses and keep it. They know that China can’t compete from “half a planet away.”

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  27. says:

    The problem with Gasparino and Covutto who are globalist is that they have not lost their jobs to China like people on Main Street. If they lost their job and had to work as a waiter at a restaurant their opinions would be different. They never ever walk in Main St shoes.

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  28. BE says:

    We mostly watch OANN 347 on direct tv.
    Few on FOX we watch nitwit Cavuto is not one .
    Varney, Dobbs, Maria mostly.. Waters is fun.


  29. Carrie says:

    Neil is literally having a hissy fit because PDJT and his awesome team are getting so much done! You can’t make this stuff up. Such an obvious globalist furious that with each successful negotiation, the US is one step further in cutting the globalist cord.

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  30. Bonitabaycane says:

    Kudos to Navarro for articulating MAGA and standing up to the insufferable, dweeb, jerk, anti-Trump, anti-American, Globalist Cavuto.

    Cavuto is one of the many dolts on FOX that I won’t watch.

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  31. A chubby version of Dagan McDowell. She is a real whiner. But she’s got a degree in Art History so I should probably rely on her to help me form my opinions.


  32. rcogburn says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. What a pie in the face for Neil Cavutto.

    The CoC Cavutto tactic here was ignore the issues and attack the competence of the negotiators. It’s a curveball to catch the guest off guard, put him on the defensive, and reframe the argument the host wants to have. Tucker Carlson is a master at this. Cavutto not so much.

    Navarro comes on the show to give an update on what they are doing and why it matters. Instead, Cavutto cuts him off with terse questions attacking his skills as a negotiator. Not “why are you doing this,” but “why are you doing this NOW?”

    Had Navarro taken the bait, the entire segment would have been Navarro playing nonstop defense of timing and tactics as Cavutto hammered him for stupidity and rank incompetence.

    But Navarro doesn’t take the bait. He hit the curve ball and stayed on message.

    So Cauvutto, flustered, keeps throwing the same curve ball, which Navarro keeps hitting, not losing his cool. The more frustrated Cavutto gets, the worse his pitch gets. At one point, I’m pretty sure he accidentally admitted the postal deal was a net positive. Then he got so upset, he finally blew it –

    “Do you ever lose track of all the fights?” No, Neil, he didn’t. But I think you just did.

    What a pathetic, impotent moment for the CoC’s designated hitman.

    CoC will not be amused.

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  33. Bree says:

    Pathetic hack for the Chamber. How embarrassing to see a grown man cry about multitasking.

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  34. deeperinfo says:

    Why now?
    Only because the last three Presidents failed to address it years ago.
    The real question is why wasn’t it done long ago and why did the press give a free pass to the Chinese lobby/bribery scam to keep it in place.
    Do some actual journalism and investigate, not pontificate!

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  35. I can’t stand loser cauvutto and other’s on fox ,I stop watched them,


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