Tom Fitton Discusses the IG Report on James Comey…

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses the IG report on James Comey’s activity during the 2016 election including the motives behind the soft-coup attempt:

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215 Responses to Tom Fitton Discusses the IG Report on James Comey…

  1. sixgeese says:

    No, he absolutely should not wear a suit. He looks fine. Suits represent oppression by an outdated British aristocracy. Ties carry bacteria, making doctors spread infections. Suits force an overuse of air conditioning. Whenever I go out in a hot summer day in a short-sleeve shirt, I am obligated to carry a sweater or a jacket with me, since the place I may go to might be air-conditioned to death. This is totally crazy. Fitton is at least making a statement that these harmful traditions should be done away with, and he shows that you can do an important professional job without appearing to be a snob. He is talking to the people, not to the so-called high-minded intellectuals.


  2. mtnforge says:

    I am ceaselessly astounded by the courage and conviction of Tom Fitton.
    We have a veritable leviathan of government actors and swamp things, their handmaidens of corporate collusion and support, and out of the millions of these supposed government people, their power and influence, Tom Fitton, who is outside this regime and it’s handmaidens oligarchy and sphere of control, as of now, across this entire great country, the only voice in a wilderness of Truth, Fitton’s voice is almost singular steadfast committed to the Rule of Law, and not, the rule of men.

    Hypothetically saying…
    Funny how this amazing man, Tom Fitton, for all his tireless, thankless selfless patriotic efforts…Right on cue…this negative comment is top of the thread.
    Did you have your finger over the keys waiting to pounce, to set the tone in this negative, this pejorative light?
    Where do people find such abiding deep rooted hate, how do they find the energy to cultivate and ferment it I can not help but wonder in amazement. It permeates everything, like a bad odor of something decomposing.

    No, I said to myself, why of all the things which could be said about Tom Fitton and his crusade for truth and justice in a desert bereft of rule of law, somebody could find the energy and time to make such a subtle insult?
    Makes me wonder.

    And yes, my comment is in keeping relative to the post, because the human extinction movement is connected to the crimes and treason Mr. Fitton exposes.
    They infest everything.
    Weaponize everything.
    Hate is a very powerful thing.

    Hypothetically, I’m thinking here, Troll’s trolling dissident right alt-media they have not yet converged, censored or de-platformed, liquidated.
    It is very cunning and sly tactics.
    There is actually a well established formal term for this.

    You will recognize what it is. We see it every day.
    – (copy & pasted verbatim at the bottom of ShareBlue’s daily Journo-list distributed talking points and targets for pejorative action and attack of badthink or unapproved persons, culture, economics, religion, politics, and in particular, The Truth within the fake media complex):

    ROLCON: “role playing as a conservative”

    Rule #5 of the ShareBlue fake media instructions on how to fabricate lies and spread doubt, discontent.

    ( This, all this, is getting very stale, do you not feel some how soiled by these scalawags and their endless hate and depravity for our great civilization, that they see us as untouchable’s, Deplorable’s, unfit to think for ourselves, nor can we be permitted to be self determining, even exist on their earth, as words of late abound across all platforms and media indicate our genocide would be welcomed joyously)

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  3. Shyster says:

    Some people never put a suit on whereas people who wear suits always wear casual clothes at some point. In addition the lying media hosts always wear suits. Not wearing a suit imparts more common man common ground (like Obama in only a dress shirt with sleeves rolled up) and distinguishes Tom from the lying media. Broad down to earth appeal is the goal.


  4. snailmailtrucker says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  5. curator55 says:

    Some of the earliest comments here about Tom’s attire etc. were likely written by trolls intending to discredit CTH’s website and downplay Tom’s articulate excoriation of Comey or by some that are so disillusioned by the lack of indictments against Coup members and other disappointments, they frustratingly lash out anyone in their path with fatuous irrelevancies. I suspect Tom and the JW crew know that their efforts are greatly appreciated by millions. Being bombarded with inane criticisms is unavoidable in today’s world of instant communication.

    I believe the DOJ can still prosecute Comey later regarding any or some of Tom’s legitimate concerns. The DOJ is either waiting to file all charges at the same time or not to file any at all. Meanwhile, the reputations of the DOJ and the FBI are still significantly damaged without a major repair.

    Whenever I watch a well done series or show that highlights the best aspects of the FBI, like “Mindhunter” based on the “true crime book “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit,” I can’t avoid being depressed as I think about today’s FBI under the leadership of stonewaller Wray. It will take much more than Wray’s deflective “bias training” solution and legal obfuscations to eradicate the vast political corruption in the FBI that metastasized inside the Bureau without treatment during the Comey years and likely earlier,


  6. Thomas Minnehan says:

    Somewhat OT but related: a good summary of the Flynn prosecution corruption and malfeasance:


  7. Whenever I see Comey I fondly recall the day that Comey misjudged the electorate and helped hand the election to Trump. He thought he could open and quickly close the Clinton email investigation to clear the record of that pesky Weiner laptop, like, wiping it with a cloth. Being an insulated snob, Comey never figured that the electorate would vote against Hillary because we were so tired of all their crap.

    Comey knows he screwed up. Every day he wakes up and remembers his role in electing VSGPDJT. Then over his morning coffee he dwells on how Horowitz and Durham are smudging his page in the history books. These will be his waking thoughts every day for the rest of his life. We win. Comey loses.


  8. farrier105 says:

    Something happened to some posts about a comment I made about “MR. TRUMP declaring bankruptcy.” A reply to it declared that Trump never did declare bankruptcy. Actually, he did. I produced the proof and posted it, but cannot find it on this thread where WordPress says it was placed.

    This denial of Trump’s being fallible in any way is a concern. If he never makes a mistake, that includes with personnel, which sets up circular arguments based on the assumption that he could not have made a mistake hiring someone. There has to be some kind of “plan” afoot. No, it could just be a mistake. Trump makes them from time to time as do we all.


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