Cambria CEO Marty Davis: “You cannot have free trade with a dictatorship that is harvesting the prosperity of an American Democracy”…

This is another one of the rare interviews where an American CEO calls out the specifics of how Wall Street greed created the China problem that pummeled Main Street.

Cambria CEO Marty Davis discusses the root of the trade issues with China and President Trump’s efforts to address the problem.  He accurately calls attention to the origin of the issue; and then brilliantly explains the current consequences of decisions made by an alignment of Wall Street interests and powerful U.S. politicians.

CTH readers will notice a significant amount of similarity in the words and phrases Mr. Davis uses to describe the issues. This guy gets it.

This is well worth nine minutes of your time.  Mr. Davis really gets it, and is not afraid to call the baby ugly. His criticisms are so spot-on accurate they made Maria Bartiromo uncomfortable in broadcast. These things are usually not said.  Must Watch:

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213 Responses to Cambria CEO Marty Davis: “You cannot have free trade with a dictatorship that is harvesting the prosperity of an American Democracy”…

  1. Donzo says:

    I didn’t notice Maria as uncomfortable with anything being said in the interview. She did remark about some swings and volatility as a bit of counterpoint and fair enough. She’s clearly occupying Main Street, but maintains an on-screen professional distance and avoids boosterism leaving opinions to her guests. Maria is awesome.

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  2. tav144 says:

    Was it so good that they removed it? The video isn’t there anymore.

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  3. Bryan Alexander says:

    Just to educate those posters who are younger.

    In the early 90, Bill Clinton threw in with the Corporate Globalists who wanted to open much more trade with nearly 2 billion Chinese. They wanted better access to a 2,000,000,000 person market. So, Bill Clinton tried to help.

    He sold his soul, and pretty much the country, to China. China began exfiltrating technology, money, anything they could get, out of the US to China. Clinton even helped by allowing dual use (commercial/military) technology to be sold to China. Read Bill Gertz’s book “Breakdown” to gain some insight into that.

    Oh yeah, Clinton didn’t do it for free. The Chinese illegally gave millions of dollars to the Clinton re-election campaign. Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, John Juang, James Riady, the Lippo Group are just a few of the names that if you google them you will find China deeply involved in American politics back in the mid-90s.

    American companies began investing in Chinese factories “to build products in China for the people of China”. The Chinese turned right around and began exporting those cheaply made products right back to the United States.

    President Trump is trying to reverse the policies enacted 25 years ago that have nearly destroyed the US Manufacturing sector.

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    • GB Bari says:

      That was Clinton monetizing (for himself) Americans’ hard-earned wealth and prosperity as a commodity.

      I’m still impressed by Sundance’s brilliant analysis and expose of that aspect of the Clintons and their many willing co-conspirators.

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    • It would behoove us all to remember that China is the author of The Art of War.

      “All warfare is based on deception.”

      “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

      “Therefore the master of war causes the enemy’s forces to yield, but without fighting; he captures his fortress, but without besieging it; and without lengthy fighting takes the enemy’s kingdom. Without tarnishing his weapons he gains the complete advantage. This is the assault by stratagem.”

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    • GenEarly says:

      The NWO Bushies and Clintoons exposed. Obamymammy is a more radical Marxist-Moosie offshoot from the Clintoons Cartel.
      All Treasonous sellouts along with their Feral Reserve Banksters.

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    • Susan says:

      The Year of the Rat is also a good Clinton corruption refresher

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    • DJ says:

      “He sold his soul, and pretty much the country, to China.”
      No, Clinton did not sell his soul to China.

      He has no soul to sell – only allegiance to making money.

      But he did sell America’s soul to China.

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  4. Caius Lowell says:

    CL: “You cannot have a DC Swamp led by a corrupt, Marxist, foreigner-loving administration that is harvesting the prosperity of an American Democracy”…

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  5. This was a GREAT interview. Heard it yesterday on Sirius in my car – He really laid it out there – called out Bushes, Clinton & Obama & public company CEOs that will sell out their town/state/country/fellow citizens to get better quarterly earnings and make a pile of cash – to heck with long term – get as much $$ as you can today…. Told how the ChiComs with state-financed companies, banks took out top players in his market that was CREATED in the USA. And DC did NOTHING to stop the predations, probably because lobbyists/pols were in China’s pocket. Great Interview, and Maria get’s lots of very good and insightful guests. Definitely TRUTH being spoken here.

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  6. KJ says:

    Marty Davis is shilling for his company. The situation is more complicated than he or MB think it is. By allowing China to make our products the USA gets products cheaper and thereby has more money to use for other products including investments. It also forces our workforce to seek education, training and experience in non-manufacturing. Of course, this is painful for those workers who lose their manufacturing jobs. And of course, there are significant advantages to maintaining our manufacturing capabilities. The point is that the situation is more complicated than Mr. Davis or MB think it is. Note: I am all for POTUS’s China tariffs but lets not get dumb thinking that the situation is less complicated than it really is. We forget Milton Friedman at our peril.


    • “KJ … bullshit.” 😀

      “Getting products cheaper” (sic) is not the most important concern – as John Ruskin famously said in a quote I first saw on the wall of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store.

      The entire actual economy is based on … “making things.” How ironic to watch people talk about “non-manufacturing jobs” which utterly rely on things, such as computers and phones, that America does not make.

      Henry Ford realized that, if he paid his workers more than he had to, they’d use the money to buy Ford cars. If we pay our own citizens to produce products in our own land, the money that we pay them as wages will travel a very short domestic distance before it returns to us as sales. Furthermore, if we take the time to make products that are better … even though they cost a little more … the world will beat a pathway to our door to buy them. When we export our manufacturing capabilities, the money passes out of our hands and does not return.

      No, there’s no such thing as a “service economy.” Services are always ancillary to the fundamental business of making things. No nation on Earth can begin to approach what the USA is capable of doing, once it remembers how.

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      • Patricia Leonard says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth. Let’s also not forget who we’re doing business with; Communist China. It’s like mixing oil with water, someone is going to rise to the top and it better be us.

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      • GenEarly says:

        We “paid” with Feral Reserve funny money, that will actually Has Bankrupted our economy.
        Only way Out is to abolish Feral Reserve Banksters, convert Feral Reserve “Notes” aka “money” back to Treasury silver certificates at about 100 to 1.
        Reset will be traumatic but it’s coming one way or another. A managed reset back to silver/gold is preferable to a Fiat collapse with the Banksters owning all the Real Assets of production and land.
        This is why Trump must’ve ReElected, “it’s the Economy, stupid.” China must be reformed also, as the Chinese people are slaves as we are peasants to the current NWO Elitists.

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        • Gen, I respectfully counter that “no, nothing’s going to ‘collapse.'” But an economy is not based on bank notes. There’s not nearly enough gold nor silver to denominate all the transactions we need to perform every day.

          But yes, we’ve been greedy fools. Symbols whirling around on a computer screen on Wall Street are not “money” even when there are currency symbols in front of them. Money is only symbolic of the actual economy that lies beneath it, and this is what our nation has sorely neglected for the last forty years. (I knew we were in big trouble when I first heard the term, “Reagonomics.”)

          In order for any of the numbers that the bankers see to actually be meaningful again, we’ve got to “bloom where we are planted.” And, the need for international trade notwithstanding, so does every other country in the world. All at the same time. If all of us will just take care of “our country, First!™”,” everything else will magically follow. If we continue to try to prop-up other countries without putting ourselves first, the entire world economy will continue(!) to fail as it is doing right now.

          We should have driven the money-changers out of our Temple years ago. They were wrong.

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      • … and, KJ, I hope that you understand that I meant my rejoinder “very forcefully, but not in any way personally.” Knowing my intent to “make my position very clear,” I did not intend to offend you, and if I did so I sincerely apologize herewith.

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        • Bugsdaddy says:

          I would also add that “cheaper” is less expensive. If you have to purchase Brand A widget that costs 75% more than a competing product from Brand B, but the life cycle for Brand B is half that of Brand A, which one is less expensive?

          Peoples first reaction is to default to disposable income, but that’s a false argument. Hence the opportunity to introduce someone to the concept of delayed gratification. Which unfortunately in our society is more rare than “common sense”!!!

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    • WRB says:

      ***By allowing China to make our products the USA gets products cheaper ***

      When Rockefeller (Standard Oil) undersold all their competition (providing cheap oil for all their consumers) people took a dim view of those actions…because they knew predatory practices in the long run are harmful. The answer was to break up Std Oil. I would submit that China is playing the same role today, but across multiple industries.

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      • Apply the Sherman Anti-Trust Laws to the Chinese.

        Where to start? Predatory pricing, collusion, attempts to monopolize markets.

        How do you compete in a market where the competition gets subsidized by the government, infringes on copyrights and patents with impunity, forces technology transfers, and whose government keeps foreign competition out of their own market with tariffs, and thus establish large economies of scale so as to dump their surplus in their competitors’ home markets?

        You can’t. It’s a losing game.

        Thank you Mr. President defending us from this predatory authoritarian regime.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I Emphatically Disagree on All your Points.

      Davis was not “shilling” for Cambia. He had an experience with China and is a great example of a successful American manufacturer who Maria brought on air to explain his enthusiastic support of the President’s policy regarding China.

      Your opinion that we should be content with being a service economy with markedly lower wages is, IMO, a purely elitist, Globalist position that holds little promise or prosperity for the middle class of this country.

      Finally, your opinion that those who support the concept of returning more manufacturing to the USA is “dumb” and simplistic thinking is exactly the elitist hubris that Sundance and most of the Treehouse vehemently opposes.

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      • Soon enough, nimble domestic manufacturers will be mopping the plows of all their competitors who are forced to “wait for their ships to come in.” They’ll be the ones who can make better products, who can deliver faster and cheaper, and who can respond to their customers’ requests for changes by making a simple phone call. The companies who are dependent upon China will be dead in the water. It won’t matter that their products “cost less money” because they won’t be able to sell them. (The price differential will actually be small, and the other business advantages will be compelling.)

        American entrepreneurs, start your engines! You’re in the right country at the right time!”

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    • j says:

      Yeah, jam that “service economy”, AKA “McJobs economy” where the sun doesn’t shine, KJ! I see you enjoy the globalist, cultural marxist coolaid.

      Without a good manufacturing base, a nation’s economy is a POS.

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    • NJ Transplant says:

      KJ – we didn’t just get products that cost less. We got products that were cheaper – no quality control. I am a pet owner and remember the dog food and dog treats from China that killed many dogs. Luckily, I only bought from Purina, which was always US made. The pet owners were the first group to insist on “made in USA.” Some things are worth more than a cheap cost.

      Of course, once China took over almost all of our manufacturing, the cost wasn’t so cheap anymore. A couple of years ago, I paid a lot of money for a cheaply made winter coat that was “made in China.”

      I am old enough to remember when we only got imported items for specialty reasons, like Belgian Chocolate, Bosch speakers, etc. Items made in China were known for their cheapness, both in cost and quality.

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    • Joemama says:

      KJ – what does Milton Friedman have to say about the Chinese requirement that you hand over your intellectual property to the Chinese on how to make quartz countertops (or anything else) in order to gain access to the cheap Chinese communist party controlled feudal slave class?

      You are a F’ing idiot!

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      • KJ says:

        Ghee whiz folks, I said supported POTUS’s China tariff policy. I just said that the matter was more complicated than the rhetoric of a man who is speaking on behalf of his business interests. What a fantastic learning experience this discussion has been. I’m a “F’ing idiot” because I didn’t expect as many straw man arguments from folks who I basically agree with. I can see that you folks are no better than the leftists who rhetorically do exactly what you do. Congratulations for showing me this essential truth. Lesson learned.


  7. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Wow. “Trump’s the smartest man in the room.” Marty’s not too bad himself.✔️

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  8. labrat says:

    And just like that, I’m suddenly happier with my gorgeous new Cambria countertops.

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  9. What a fantastic interview! So few in the DC bubble understand the true risk entrepreneurs take to “make it” in the United States. 45 was a blessing to helping restore this spirit of risk and reward against globalists supporting the “government knows best and will take care of all your needs” attitude pervasive over the last 2 decades. CEO Marty Davis HAS to be smart on this for his company to survive. How humbly he outlined the history of the Wall Street enmeshment with their Chinese puppet masters was incredible.
    So Mr. Davis, if you are reading this, you have a true fan here for what you have done for our country. (Jobs, investment) Big salute!

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  10. Archie says:

    Before everyone goes nuts remember everyone depends on the stock markets for their retirements. You can not just throw everyone to the wolves just because you are an armchair economist.


    • Yes, but the stock market responds to the actual market. There’s absolutely nothing that says that China must manufacture for the greatest manufacturing nation on this planet – the United States. Our foolish reliance on distant dictatorships has cost us dearly, leading to a lot of the “emptiness” in our financial markets. If, instead, we manufacture for ourselves, China will be ten thousand sea-miles out of place. And the financial markets will eventually respond to the new reality.

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    • GenEarly says:

      Depending on the rigged NWO Bankster stock market is foolish. It’s all paper like the tulips were in an earlier Scam. There is underlying value in stocks but current valuations like current Feral Reserve Fiat money is soooo overlnflated that in the coming collapse it will appear almost worthless, IMHO.
      Two facts that stand out to me.1 .a twenty dollar gold coin is now equal to 1500 Feral Reserve paper. 2. there are more 100 dollar Feral Reserve paper notes in circulation now than 1 dollar bills.

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    • ann says:

      Pension funds? We’ve heard that drum beat for twenty five years. It’s an an excuse for holding an national estate sale. Just stripping jobs from breadwinners has a massive indirect cost on our families, personal quality of life and cultural traditions.

      We were not made stronger by globalist free trade, generations of disenfranchisement that targeted American men

      I’d rather leave younger Americans pride in their country, healthy families and vibrant futures.


    • ezgoer says:

      Short term pain for long term gain. That is far better than short term gain and long term pain — for retirement accounts.


  11. This interview makes you wonder how much longer FOX is going to keep Maria on the air, at the rate they are going.

    SD thanks for posting, this Was a gem.

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  12. dallasdan says:

    Davis stated that the American public must get educated to the real situation and understand it before wide-spread support for the President’s trade war with China takes hold.

    That is not going to happen in the relatively brief time remaining before the election. The msm, leftists, Wall Street, and RINO naysayers will continue and intensify their anti-President trade rhetoric and, IMO, succeed in influencing the majority of people via an unprecedented audio and visual sensory overload that will effectively scuttle the learning/understanding process that Davis describes as required.

    The “man/woman on the street” presently has neither the time nor the interest and, in many cases, the intellect, to discern the fine points of the USA – China trade mess amidst all the “noise” from the President’s enemies..

    IMO, the President will have to do the explaining and convincing during the debates to provide the voters with the clarity needed. Moreover, he is capable of doing it.

    Davis has a cogentt argument, but it is lost on the majority f American voters. JMO

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    • Sparty says:

      Disagree completely. It is OUR JOB to educate everyone in our sphere of influence, leveraging what we’ve all learned on this very site.

      It takes practice, fine tuning, yet I’ve been able to wake people up, dozens and dozens, to The China Crisis by keeping it simple, non political (blame weak wimp Mitch and Co more than Dems-to Dems), provide examples. My “no aluminum smelters in Mexico yet 4 million cars “assembled” in Mexico last year-with 400-500 lbs alumninum each is 2 million metric tons-so where does the aluminum come from with no smelter in country? Answer: China!
      Then my “prior Ford Fusion is made of Chinese steel and aluminum, made me sick, so I ditched it” For blue collar audience or my “I love unions, American unions, and it’s disgusting what’s happened, the Chinese and pols from both parties shipped union jobs off overseas—then blamed THE UNIONS! That is criminal. Trump loves unions and union membership is skyrocketing because Trump cares about us, the screwed over middle class, not Wall Street—everything he is pushing is about Main Street USA, not Wall Street. And we are winning!” Dog Fox and all cable news from hiding all these truths. And go from there.

      It has worked. And worked well. Keep it non political, use illustrations they can “see” like the Ford Fusion example, and build from it. Leverage knowledge gained on this site. And win.

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    • ezgoer says:

      Trump is missing a huge opportunity to address the nation in prime time to explain his trade policy and need to confront China in 15 minutes. The MSM just spews lies and disinformation. He needs to talk unfiltered to the nation in plain & simple language to get this across. So many people are just believing the Wall St talking points they hear from the MSM. I fear if he doesn’t do this it will cost at the ballot box. And you cannot explain this involved topic in a 30 second answer on the debate stage.

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  13. Zippy says:

    “Wall Street greed”

    And short-term thinking and a -STUPID- belief in a future market share in the potentially huge Chinese market which is how the Chinese have proved the truth of the old commie adage, “A capitalist will sell you the rope you hang him with.”

    It’s even far worse in this case: “A capitalist will fund and build your rope manufacturing plant, allow you to steal with no consequences all of the IP involved, and then BUY the rope you hang him with.”

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    • Zippy says:

      All in a -STUPID- belief in a future market share when, in fact, the Chinese will simply steal all of the IP and build their own manufacturing plants and supply chain completely bypassing any US industry involvement.

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  14. Zippy says:

    Will The Federal Reserve Refuse To Cut Rates & Allow A Stock Market Crash To Hurt Trump’s 2020 Bid?


  15. DJ says:

    The Davis family story goes back to 1936. For those who wish to know more about Mr. Davis and the rest of the family, you can go to these two sources:


    • Yes, I didn’t fail to notice his mention of “we put our family money at risk” to start their present enterprise. Entrepreneurs always do that – and other people’s money, too. It’s easy to imagine their horror as they watched what the Chinese were doing, and that no one was doing anything about it.

      (Wince …) “Obviously, no one in the US Government knew Jack Sh*t about ‘business’ … until now.”

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  16. 335blues says:

    MR. DAVIS, you speak the truth, and I stand with you, for America, 110%.
    Let’s get President Trump re-elected so he can finish the job.

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  17. Sparty says:

    Thanks SD for posting this fantastic interview. Perfect delivery by Marty. Anyone watching this clip, with little to no background knowledge of the issue like Treepers have accumulated, can quickly grasp what Marty is laying down. Credibility drives the point home.

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    There are a MILLION, perhaps BILLION, other American business men and women out there who will say the very same thing about China and their businesses. Or Mexico and their businesses. Anyone with two eyes knows that we have been sold down the river for decades, close to a century almost.

    He kinda’ reminds me of a farmer I saw on recently who laid out much the same case to the talking head about China & Wall Street’s trade war on them. He said something to the effect that he never tho’t it was fair that Wall St made on the $$$ on them while them farmers take all the risk, barely eking out a living.

    And then the tax code takes over when you die and you are lucky if you can pay the tax man and keep your family farm/business in your family. Think of all the property the gubt has stolen from us over decades and what do we have to show for it? Globalists and massive debt. A never ending charge card to nowhere.

    And, instead of fixing these problems, the next group of wannabe Presidents are lined up to see who can spend the most of your money the quickest. They don’t care that they’ve already blown thru you and your children and grandchildren’s $$$, their inheritance’s, family home, etc., and have nothing to show for it. They are working on your great grandchildren next.

    OH WAIT. We need to stop having children. Green New Deal, or something… 😉

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  19. Zippy says:

    Let’s hope so. Watch the whole thing, at least from 33:48.

    Will a Currency Crisis Bring Down China? (w/ Kyle Bass & Raoul Pal)


  20. WSB says:

    I wanted to post some research after comments by E1Tocaor, swampraterrier, and A2 on the first page regarding Marty’s me tion of the Blackstone Scholarships and Maria’s obvious reaction.

    Want to read something really disturbing in China’s ‘internal’ affairs?

    Regarding what I consider to be conspiracy of seditious espionage, the Blackstone or Schwarzman Scholarship program is like the Rhodes Scholarship on steroids.

    The Rhodes Scholarship program ironically seems to create a wealth of anti-American leaders, intent on taking the USA out of commission permanently. The Schwarzman recipients, the highest learning in our most sensitive national interests, are being plucked out of western learning and shipped over to China.

    Are Schwarzman and China just copying the same playbook?

    Not sure how these ‘attendees’ were participating in this ‘Palestinian Peace’ event by Kushner…if they signed up independently or were invited…but notice that Schwarzman and Scaramucci were both there. Scaramucci now has a small scholarship fund.

    Notice that we now see US Military Cadets being indoctrinated by Schwarzman:

    This is indeed very disturbing. Is the Bush family involved?


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