Government Refuses to Grant Flynn Lawyer Security Clearance – Also Refuse to Produce Original January 24th FBI Report….

There was a scheduled joint status filing due today between DOJ prosecutors and the Mike Flynn defense team led by Sidney Powell.

As Mr. Flynn’s cooperation has ended in all other aspects related to the former special counsel, there are apparently many issues still to be resolved prior to Flynn’s sentencing.

In a filing today (full pdf below) Flynn’s defense lawyer, Sidney Powell, notes two significant issues: (1) Ms. Powell is being denied a security clearance she needs to review all of the documents in the case; and (2) the DOJ is refusing to provide the original FBI notes from their interview of Michael Flynn on January 24th, 2017.

(Source – Page #2 pdf link)

(source – Page #3 pdf link)

Both issues are concerning, ESPECIALLY when you consider this is yet another case under the direct responsibility of U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu. [Same U.S. attorney who let the Awan Brothers escape justice; same U.S. attorney who let James Wolfe avoid prosecution for leaking FISA; same U.S. attorney who ran out clock on McCabe grand jury and punted McCabe prosecution decision back to Main Justice; etc.]

The failure of the DOJ to produce the original FBI notes (FD-302) is directly tied to the efforts of the “small group” to frame and entrap Michael Flynn.

Within the case….  Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack filed a cover letter attempting to explain the reason for the Flynn interview on January 24th, 2017, and the official filing of those interview notes (FD-302) three weeks later on February 15th, 2017, and then again on May 31st, 2017.

To explain the FBI delay, Van Grack claimed the FD-302 report “inadvertently” had a header saying “DRAFT DOCUMENT/DELIBERATIVE MATERIAL” (screen grab)

However, what the special counsel prosecutor appeared to be obfuscating to the court; and attempting to hide from the judge; was a process of deliberation within the investigative unit, headed by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, surrounding the specific wording of the 302 report on the Flynn interview.   That deliberagion was likely about how best to word the FBI notes for maximum damage.

In late 2018 Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack was attempting to hide the length of the small group deliberations within the FBI. It seems he did not want the court to know Andrew McCabe was involved in shaping how the Flynn-302 was written.

But we know there was a deliberative process in place, seemingly all about how to best position the narrative, because we can see the deliberations in text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok: See below (note the dates):

The text message conversation above is February 14th, 2017.

The Michael Flynn FD-302 was officially entered into the record on February 15th, 2017, per the report:

Obviously the interview took place on January 24th, 2017. The FD-302 was drafted on January 24th, and then later edited, shaped, and ultimately approved by McCabe, on February 14th,… then entered into the official record on February 15th.

The interview report was a deliberative document from the outset. Thanks to the Strzok/Page text messages we know the 2018 cover letter from the Special Counsel was  misleading.  The Feb 15th, 2017, date was the day after McCabe approved it.

May 17th, 2017, Robert Mueller was assigned as special Counsel. Then, the FD-302 report was re-entered on May 31st, 2017, removing the “Draft Document/Deliberative Material” header; paving the way for Mueller’s team to use the content.

This level of overt corruption, and corrupt intent within the special counsel, is one of the many reasons why Rod Rosenstein apologists and the ‘trust the plan’ crew should be collectively slapped across the face with a cold fish.  I digress.

Here’s the filing from today: Hat/Tip Techno-Fog


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205 Responses to Government Refuses to Grant Flynn Lawyer Security Clearance – Also Refuse to Produce Original January 24th FBI Report….

  1. We consider Schooling and Colleges as indoctrination’s of the liberal left…..You must then include the Law schools with few exceptions……We are seeing this play out in the corrupt FBI/DOJ……Corrupt Lawyers……All of the exposed corruption at the FBI/DOJ and other Bureaucracies has been willfully committed by Lawyers……Do not think of Comey or McCabe as an FBI agent…Think of them as a corrupt Lawyer…….. Why their Law license isn’t revoked is a question for Bill Barr….

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    • PBR says:

      And the taxpayers are funding these schools! Even some private ones get tax dollars.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I don’t believe the A.G. has ANY authority to revoke ANYONES law licence, as he doesn’t issue them, nor does the DOJ.
      That would be the BAR (not BARR) association. He, Judge Sullivan or anyone else, COULD send a letter to the Bar,association, reccomending discipline, or file a formal complaint.

      However, my impression is the Bar association, like the AMA and APA has been taken over by lefties.

      They would be more likely to hoist Weisman, Liue, etc. on there shoulders, and give them a parade,around the courthouse, than to discipline them.

      It occurs to me this may explain weismans boldness, in practicing his special brand of ‘creative prosecution’, as he seemed to have no fear of consequences to his law,career, despite bold acts if prosecutorial misconduct.

      It might even explain SOME of the timidity of Judges; some are obviously left wing ideologues, but others are not, and yet seem disinclined to aggressively call a halt to the raping/sodomising of lady justice we have been witnessing.

      The Bar,association has authority over all lawyers, including Judges, they can have a behind closed door ethics investigation of any of them, and discipline them, up to and including revoking licence.

      Such a hearing, even without discipline, and with strategic leaking, could end a Judges career. I figured many of these Judges were compromised by blackmail, perhaps obtained by 702 searches. However, if lefties control the Barr association, the way they control the AMA, THAT could explain a lot.

      Like a Dr. who calls out this gender dysphoria/ reassignment nonsense for what it is would find himself in serious trouble with the AMA, a lawyer or Judge who strays too far in his actions (to the right) may find himself looking at censure or disbarrment.

      And, it may explain the boldness of weisman, Luei, and the whole lawfare group. If they know the Barr association won’t DO anything to them, they can act without fear of consequence?

      I always wondersd why, at the end of the,Ted Stevens case, Judge Sullivan didn’t refer weisman to the Barr.
      Perhaps he DID, and nothing happened, or perhaps he KNEW nothing would result, and so ordered ethics training, cause he knew a referral to the Barr would go no where?

      Certainly would explain a lot of otherwise inexplicable behavior.
      Another OMG! epiphany?

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      • lftpm says:

        Dutch, just a small correction: you are confusing state bars, which are government offices, with bar associations which range from county bar associations to state bar associations to the American Bar Association, all of which are private voluntary-membership non-profit corporations. In most states today, a licensed attorney can practice law without joining the local bar association, the state bar association or the ABA.

        Only state bars, which operate as government agencies of state supreme courts, have the authority to issue, suspend and revoke lawyers’ law licenses.

        The ABA does “approve” (accredit) law schools, essentially ensuring that they provide a standard nationally-relevant “core curriculum”, and admit only students who should be able to pass any state’s bar exam . By reciprocal agreement of state bars, every graduate of an ABA-approved law school is authorized to take the bar exam(s) of any state(s) or D.C,that he/she chooses, and if he/she passes, he/she receives license(s) to practice law there. For example Yale alumna Hillary Rodham took the D.C. bar and flunked. She moved to Arkansas and passed there. So she became licensed to practice law in Arkansas, but not D.C. (nor Connecticut, the state of her law school whose bar exam she declined to take).

        This is different from medical licensure. A graduate of any Association of American Medical Colleges and Schools member-school, takes 3 exams during med school and first-year residency, administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners. Osteopaths take a similar set of exams, administered by the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners and receive regular medical licenses. There are other exams such as FLEX and USMLE that are taken by foreign medical school graduates who wish to practice in the United States. (Texas long required FLEX for its own state grads and all other American grads who wanted to practice in Texas, but switched to accepting NBME and NBOME many years ago.)


        • Dutchman says:

          Thank you, I stand,…er lie down, corrected. So who or what was it, that took away Bill Clintons licence to practice, for Life?
          Why haven’t they taken his wifes, cheryl mills, Weinsteins, Comeys,…well you get the idea.


    • Scott Forman says:

      The American people Know who should be hung for treason, and it’s not Michael Flynn. The list includes Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, and many, many others.

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    • son of liberty says:

      Unfortunately Bill Barr will prove to be just as dirty as the rest of the rats. He has a long history as a member in good standing of the Deep State. They are all laughing at us patriots who believe the law will deliver justice. I am afraid only pitch forks will get justice in the cesspool we cal Washington D.C.


  2. cboldt says:

    From court filing in Flynn case today, link above, this is a tease …

    IV. There Are Serious Fourth Amendment Violations.

    In addition, there are egregious Fourth Amendment violations at issue in this case. Either Mr. Flynn was (i) the subject of a pretextual counter-intelligence investigation apparently resulting from an FBI/CIA operation routed and funded through the Office of Net Assessment in the Department of Defense, using Stefan Halper to smear him as an “agent of Russia;” (ii) part of the documented abuses of the NSA database; (iii) the subject of a criminal leak of classified information regarding his conversations with Ambassador Kislyak; (iv) illegally unmasked; or (v) some combination of the above.

    Judge Rosemary Collyer, Chief Judge of the FISA court, has already found serious Fourth Amendment violations by the FBI in areas that likely also involve their actions against Mr. Flynn. Much of the NSA’s activity is in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. Not only did the last administration–especially from late 2015 to 2016–dramatically increase its use and abuse of “about queries” in the NSA database, which Judge Collyer has noted was “a very serious Fourth Amendment issue,” it also expanded the distribution of the illegally obtained information among federal agencies.10 Judge Collyer determined that former FBI Director Comey gave illegal unsupervised access to raw NSA data to multiple private contractors.

    Sidney requests the prosecutors be removed and replaced.
    All sorts of “coup related” material in this filing.

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  3. JRD says:

    Buck Farr !
    I’m fed up with the corrupt Bushie.

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    • P. M.Garbe says:

      It’s liberal DOJ Liu who is making these rulings, not Barr.

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      • dallasdan says:

        Barr is the ultimate authority in the DOJ, and he is responsible for the administration of justice through the conduct of all his employees.

        IMO, the FBI and DOJ have been perpetrating an unconscionable vendetta against Gen. Flynn, and now that he has a competent attorney, she is being prohibited from giving him the defense to which he is entitled.

        It’s deep state business as usual, with Barr ultimately calling the shots.

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  4. Heika says:

    I have a crate of barracuda here for you Sundance. Happy to help

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  5. Bryan Alexander says:

    I read through the whole motion. Powell unloaded with both barrels. Judge Sullivan will not want to have a verdict reversed on appeal because he didn’t do his job. She cites examples IN THIS CASE of Brady material being withheld in contradiction of Judge Sullivan’s order.

    Powell is basically calling him out, courteously and professionally, to DO HIS JOB and force the government to do what they are constitutionally required to do, or this WILL be reversed on appeal.

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  6. Kleen says:

    If Flynn was under Counterintelligence Investigation wouldn’t that explain why they refuse to provide the documents being asked?

    Also explain why they entrapped him? Just like Comey did to Trump and got away with it?

    Also Comey lied about everything, but under Counterintelligence Investigation is allowed. Am I right?

    So these crooks will get away with it?

    Basically if the Gov places you under Counterintelligence Investigation you have no recourse and rights? What a sweet deal for the tyrants!!!! Legalized tyranny!

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  7. Peter Trombetta says:

    My first reaction is that the government wants Ms. Powell to move for a retraction of Gen. Flynn’s guilty plea and a dismissal of all charges. if the Court grants her request, DOJ is not required to produce the requested documents, keeping them hidden. I do not expect the DOJ to strongly object to the dismissal request if it is made.

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    • cboldt says:

      The Brady obligation she is seeking compliance with exists regardless of keeping or withdrawing the guilty plea.

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    • Jennifer Verner says:

      But they could drop it. Especially if they are forced to change prosecutors. She has made an extremely compelling case to do just that.

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    • DeplorableBill says:

      Having read and followed M Powell’s work, I think she is above that. I wonder if her work is pro-bono until the issue is resolved and Flynn seeks personal remedy against the FEDs for their “negligence”?


  8. Wish Sidney luck; she’ll need it.

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  9. Michael Osmon says:

    Everything is for show, right? Maybe this is the the thing the uniparty needs to start being honest about what really happened. Hey I can hope, right?

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  10. Pyrthroes says:

    Somewhere in Little Rock, Joe Five Angels is completing his spell-check on Mde. Powell’s suicide note. Somewhere in Langley, Virginia, an experienced special-contractor is selecting appropriate tools while waiting orders.


  11. PBR says:

    Pyrthroes- I don’t find this in the least amusing or appropriate.

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    • Templewind says:

      Nor do I. Why give air to that kind of malarkey? Words often give permission for their fulfilment spiritually, whether we know it or not.


  12. golfmann says:

    I imagine they shredded the original 302… Then what???


  13. ChampagneReady says:

    If the judge allows this lame and despicable ploy to prevent her from seeing ALL evidence or at the very LEAST doesn’t assign a Special Master to determine what should be made available to her and then provide any clearance necessary to use it any way she sees fit, any unfavorable decision will be ripped to shreds on appeal. That would flagrantly abridge Mike Flynn’s constitutional rights and make a mockery of juris prudence.

    These government cretins will either lose now or later. This is Sydney Powell, not just some amateur who will be sandbagged. The coming oral argument hearing September 10th will prove that.

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  14. Ohio Conservative says:

    Good for Sidney Powell! I stand with General Flynn

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  15. Mujhunter says:

    I would love to see Trump grant her that security clearance personally.. What a statement that would make..

    And I believe he has the authority to do it..

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  16. Bill says:

    Why should Sydney need a clearance to review any of these documents??

    Based on precedent set by, none other than, the former director of the FBI during his hearing on the Hill after he cleared Hillary. Have we all forgotten that when Jason Chafitz asked Comey if Hillary’s lawyers that she tasked with reviewing her emails to decide what was “work” related and what was “yoga”, had security clearances to be allowed to view the classified emails, Comey said he didn’t know nor really care. He was totally dumbfounded when JC asked him that question. He just shrugged his shoulders. That exchange stuck with me more than any other moments in this entire saga. And I’m shocked how few people, talk about that exchange.

    Powell is Flynn’s attorney, so she should be able to review the documents based on Hillary being allowed to let her attorneys read her classified emails. This is truly a banana republic we live in.

    Sydney, if you read this, please bring up this precedent set by Comey! I’m sure there is video of the exchange between Comey and Chafitz online somewhere. If anyone remembers this and can find it, please post it here. Let’s help as much as we can!!! Thanks

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  17. CNN_sucks says:

    Sidney Powell is on one hell of a fight. You go, girl…..but we have a corrupt system. Sullivan will side with prosecutors. That’s the end of it. The corrupts can drag this until 2020 election or until PDJT pardon him. The FBI and DOJ is rotting to the core…they will lie with impunity.


  18. swamph8er says:

    Barr could declassify and release the documents…but he hasn’t. The original Flynn 302 shouldn’t even be classified.

    I want to give Barr the benefit of the doubt…they could have completed the cover-up without Durham because at this point everyone either knows the truth or doesn’t care.


  19. xeroxero says:

    Who is running the government? Apparently not Trump.
    Because the DOJ (under his second AG) is still letting the lawyers and bureaucrats do what ever the hell they want.


  20. askandgettruth says:

    this is one of their one of many ways to hide evidence. classified my a$$. these corrupt dirty cops have been hiding behind and abusing the STATES SECRETS bull crap far to long to get away with their crimes against the people of this country. this must stop NOW. if judge Sullivan won’t allow this he is nothing but a paid swamp rat.


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