Peter Navarro Discusses China Tariffs, Fed Action, and Wall Street Response…

Earlier today China’s commerce ministry said it will impose additional tariffs on thousands of U.S. products, including agricultural products, crude oil, small aircraft and cars. Tariffs on some products would take effect on Sept. 1 and others on Dec. 15.

The Wall Street multinationals are exposed to significant losses because of their investments in China.  White House trade and manufacturing policy advisor Peter Navarro appeared on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the dynamic.

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41 Responses to Peter Navarro Discusses China Tariffs, Fed Action, and Wall Street Response…

  1. Nick the Deplorable says:

    FBN showing their true colors today and it is red as in red China. Mentions so far, Navarro needs to be fired, US needs to be in TPP, President needs to stop tweeting.

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  2. Psycho Monkee says:

    Xi tariffs are targeting swing States.

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    • clulessgrandpa says:

      Isn’t that election meddling?

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    • Pedro Morales says:

      China should never be underestimated. They targeted key AG states in the 2018 mid terms. They will do the same in 2020. Biden is/will be on Chinas payroll. There is a lot at stake. China is going to roll the dice and risk another year of pain in order to avoid a trade deal with Trump. The only pressure from Xi will be from the oligarchs and not the public. China is a tough enemy. But we also benefit from no trade deal. Businesses will exit China due to the uncertainty. And the panda mask is coming off. Its not so great to deal with China. American businesses benefit for a few years until they steal your business and technology from you. Xi is trying to tank the US stock market and ramp up the recession and trade war talk. Trump is trying to counter with “I think we will get a deal talk”. Trump is in a tough spot. The media and China’s interest have aligned. They both want potus45 out and will ramp up the bad news to shake consumer confidence.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        China, Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, and Trudeau will fight USMCA.

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      • amjean says:

        I beg to differ; China is in a tough spot. We don’t need them as much as they need us.
        We don’t need to export or import from them. I bet there are countries just chomping
        at the bit to increase trade relations with the US.

        Remember, in 2017 US GDP at $20 trillion; China at $12 trillion; Russia at $1.527 trillion.
        Other countries GDP in 2017:
        Japan – 4.872 T
        Germany – 3.684 T
        United Kingdom – 2.624 T
        India – 2.611T
        France – 2.583 T
        Brazil – 2.054 T
        Italy – 1.937
        Canada – 1.652 T
        The countries below 1 Trillion –
        Saudi Arabia
        South Africa
        etc. etc.
        Do you think any of these countries would like to take a portion of product
        we either import or export with China? You bet your sweet a$$!

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      • piper567 says:

        market being “off” still is < 1% drop.

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      • ATheoK says:

        Makes no sense.

        “Xi is trying to tank the US stock market and ramp up the recession and trade war talk. Trump is trying to counter with “I think we will get a deal talk”

        A) America is not in a recession! Not even close to a recession.
        B) Exactly how can China tank the Stock Market?
        A 623 point drop in the DOW is a 2.3% drop. That is, not even slightly a correction movement.
        The DOW has risen from 10/30/2016, 7,741 points to reach today’s 25, 628.8 level.
        A 623 point drop is only 8% of the the increase since President Trump election.

        C) I have no idea where you get the idea that Trump is countering China with words alone.
        What your statement does identify is that you have not read today’s news above posted by Sundance. President Trump has hammered China for over two years.

        D) The media, over the last three years, has clearly identified themselves as spoiled partisan fools. Who cares what they align themselves with? Nor does the media aligning themselves with China change any fundamental part of our economy.

        The media has been shrilling alarm about President Trump since before President Trump’s election. Only the addled listen to major media now; i.e. the media has destroyed their own audiences.


  3. Anon Amos X says:

    Agree, Nick. None of the alleged news networks actually report. A host tosses out swill. A panel of idiots give their completely juvenile and|or completely clueless take on the swill. Then, they argue and shout over each other. This isn’t news.

    Support OANN. I gladly pay them 4.99/mo to stick it to the pinheads in the p!$$stream “media”

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    • GB Bari says:

      Absolutely. FBN puts the stock status board right up on the screen next to the image of Navarro and Bartiromo as they are speaking. As soon as Navarro counters her leading questions about rising prices declining markets, the numbers reverse and start rising.

      Isn’t that interesting?

      So as soon as possible after Navarro is off the air, FBN (and CNBC as well – let’s not let them off the hook either) starts bad-mouthing the Administration’s trade policies and the network opinion blatherers express their “deep concerns” about China’s rising tariffs on imports from the US. They talk down the markets as a deliberate strategy.

      This becomes painfully obvious as you watch the markets react in real time to what these Globalist propagandists blather on their networks.

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  4. Top_10 says:

    Maria couldn’t help herself from minimizing the good and accentuating the made up bad. When will someone build a major network not beholding to Wall Street, globalization and liberalism?

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    • BigTalkers says:

      They did to get us hooked. As with other “freebies,” now we’re stuck with the downside. (It began when they rolled out O’Reilly.)


  5. Top_10 says:

    Maria couldn’t help herself from minimizing the good and accentuating the made up bad. When will someone build a major network not beholding to Wall Street, globalization and liberalism?

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    • highdezertgator says:

      A) The Money Honey is married to Jonathan Steinberg; Chairman of Wisdom Tree assets in exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
      B) Works for the Murdochs
      C) Has to stay on script or go work for OAN


  6. bob says:

    I’m all in on shutting down all trade with China. All! 100%, zero, nada thing, closed, bye bye, adios. Freaking commies can esad.

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  7. 335blues says:

    Maria, the stock market is only one part of the economy.
    It is obvious that globalists want communist china to succeed at America’s expense,
    and so they have heavily invested in china while killing markets and manufacturing
    in America. People who work hard in America would rather have low unemployment,
    rising wages, and creation of jobs in America, than the people heavily invested in the
    stock market helping communist china kill America.
    Investors should invest in America, not communist china.

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    • amjean says:

      Usually, Maria is a little smarter than that; must have received her marching orders
      or bad info from her producers. I bet that little biatch, Degan, is going nuts.


  8. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Navarro’s Rule: If you hear information about the trade talks and no one is quoted, then you’re getting lied to (false report).

    Navarro is strong, won’t give in. Good to see.

    I made a reply earlier to a poster in the presidential thread. Said what is happening now — including POTUS calling out Powell — is part of a strategy. This is not off the cuff.

    This current round of brinksmanship began, at the latest, when POTUS’ informal adviser about China said several weeks ago that China feels POTUS is weak. Don’t have time to look this up now but will later. Have to leave for something now.

    That was right after Powell lowered rates 0.25%. Then POTUS put on the newest tariffs.

    It was clear then that POTUS was going to go full-force on China. What’s happening now is just an extension of something that was planned some weeks ago. Navarro is all-in, as he always has been. China doesn’t want to back off, either.

    POTUS is working to force Powell to cut rates, since Powell doesn’t want to help out and have the USA’s back (in Navarro’s words) otherwise. Good.

    Likely going to be some pain in the short term, but POTUS feels this is what he needs to do (be strong) with China, and as Navarro says, the USA backs POTUS up.

    POTUS “ordering” companies to back off China may be a meaningless gesture, in terms of law (don’t know), but it sets up a very serious quandary for companies. Are you for the USA or for China?

    Either way, POTUS gets the result he wants.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Ok, here is the information from the POTUS adviser (Michael Pillsbury) who said that he believes China feels POTUS is weak:

      The upshot was, I believe, that since POTUS could not get justice against the Coup, I believe Pillsbury said, then POTUS was weak (and therefore China could defeat him in the trade war).

      I think the interview was on July 31, 2019. The same day that the Fed lowered the interest rate by 0.25%.

      I believe it was this information that steeled POTUS’ nerve to make sure China realized he was not weak, and was ready to dig in for the fight.

      Thus, I think what we are seeing today was in play since at least the end of July. POTUS is not going to back down here, and he’ll continue the battle with China and drag Jerome Powell along with him even if Powell doesn’t want to come.

      This is strategy. Deliberate, methodical strategy. Even if it looks like helter-skelter, unplanned execution to those outside of POTUS’ circle.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Should have added: The day after this information from Trump’s adviser came out (China thinks Trump is weak), I think it was, POTUS put the new tariffs into place.

      The gauntlet was thrown then. Anything happening now is just a follow-up to POTUS’ decision from three weeks ago. If China comes to fight, POTUS is going to fight. POTUS will not show weakness, and is not backing down.

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  9. The one and only most-important thing that I think investors need to see is this:

    “Holy sh*t! After all these decades, The United States of America has finally come to its senses!”

    Very sorry to have to be the one to tell you that you’ve been incredibly stupid all these years, but-t-t-t … you have been. Just sayin’. In your zeal to “save money,” you’ve exposed yourself to business risks that are now going to cost you very dearly. You swallowed every drought of every potion that this totalitarian foreign power measured out for you, and unless you now move extremely fast, factories are gonna start popping back to life all throughout the American heartland, and your entire business just might not survive(!) what happens next.

    Too bad for you that you forgot about this:

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Unfortunately, we lost a lot of manpower, knowledge, backbone.

      Vietnam, India, Mexico and elsewhere will see a big increase.

      Some guess there will be tariffs on India and others after USMCA passed. Timing.

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  10. grlangworth says:

    These people are day-traders, not journalists. The Dow 30 should not be used as click bait.

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  11. GB Bari says:

    This interview and the stock market movement as displayed on the screen during the interview are SO revealing about the propaganda being spread by the globalist-controlled tv news networks. Another great illuminating post by Sundance.

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  12. scrap1ron says:

    Multi-National Companies and Wall Street Banksters have a choice to make, The USA or China.

    Choose wisely.

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  13. Mike in a Truck says:

    Abolish the Federal Reserve.

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    • Pyrthroes says:

      Amen! This unconstitutionally “independent agency” (subject neither to Executive, Legislative, nor Judiciary oversight) originated with William McAdoo, a notorious Wall Street fixer and Woodrow Wilson’s son-in-law, who mounted a literal conspiracy complete with “sealed trains” to Alabama with his cabal of cronies in 1913 (shades of Lenin, injected by the Germans like a bacillus to Petrograd’s Finland Station, 1917).

      From then on, first wildly inflating the 1920s boom, then arbitraging the 1930s Great Depression, the magical Fed has played a worse-than-useless Devaluation Game trashing private-sector bond-buyers (creditors) on behalf of the debtor U.S. Treasury’s worthless Grand Theft scrip. For decades now, Big Banks have acquired risk-free U.S. Debt at zero interest-rates (ZIRP), re-lending to private enterprise at 10 – 15% (a mathematically infinite return).

      For over a century, fancy academics, so-called economists whose stock-in-trade consists solely in concocting Big Gummint rip-offs, have acted like fortune tellers at a County Fair, holding naive marks’ attention while confederates pick their pockets. When Trump calls ’em out, it’s “lawks a-mercy, Mabel; hasten, Jason– bring the basin!” Our heart bleeds.

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  14. TradeBait says:

    And so it begins…

    I just want the perps to go to prison. I am in 100% agreement with PDT on trade. The multi-nationals that whine and want to continue to mess with We the People can go pound sand with their fake news cheerleaders.


  15. montanamel says:

    With the depth of the MSM’s anti-Trump efforts now on full display….
    And, the “get Trump at any cost” tone being everywhere – ie: in the NEWS, etc….

    The only way I see this going is Piglosie tries to start impeachment in the house….
    We, THE PEOPLE, come out of our houses and into the streets of Main St USA…..
    AND, we continue down roads and lanes, until we get to DC in-mass….
    At which time/point we take back our Country — lay siege to all movement inside the beltway!

    In the meantime – China pays more and more hard cash….
    Their “known USD bonds” (CUSIP number’ed) are voided or reissued into 100 yr zero’s at face!
    And, their access to US or “Western” airspace is shut-down…period
    Along with any access to the money moving system – ie: SWIFT and others.

    Perhaps a few of us will get a “leg up” and start by taking control of some local papers/TV, etc…
    Viva’ La Reveloucian …. or, pin a tail on the ass! Check-6


  16. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Xi called Trump’s bluff, only to find out that Trump wasn’t bluffing.

    It was a desperate move by xi, but Trump is holding all the face cards.

    Watch for xi to punt.


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