President Trump and PM Boris Johnson Discuss Brexit and Trade Deal…

According to the White House:

President Donald J. Trump spoke by telephone with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom earlier today to discuss a wide range of trade and economic issues. Prime Minister Johnson also provided the President with an update on Brexit. The President expressed great enthusiasm for his upcoming meeting with the Prime Minister at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France. (link)

The G7 is being held August 24th – 26th.  The word of a tentative post-Brexit U.S-U.K trade agreement was first released last week. The potential construct has the assembly of mutual benefit and follows a plan previously recommended by President Trump to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Aides to Trump and Johnson are laying the groundwork for an announcement on the issue when they meet on the sidelines of the G-7 summit in France. Such a statement could outline a road map for negotiations and how the two countries envision their future trade ties, the official said.

The timing of it — during the G-7 and at their first meeting — would be intended to demonstrate a united front between the U.S. and the U.K as Trump and Johnson gather with European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

CTH could see the outline of what President Trump had in mind back in 2017.  If my suspicions are accurate, it’s a stunning maneuver but also difficult to explain.   Think of it like a U.K. version of the NAFTA fatal flaw where Britain is positioned like Mexico/Canada, and the U.S. is positioned like China. There would be massive, beyond stunning, economic up-side for Britain.

What Trump and Johnson could construct is a bilateral trade deal between the U.S. and the U.K that has genuine reciprocity and negligible trade barriers.  Like a trade freeway between the U.K and the U.S, but only between the U.K. and U.S.

With the EU no longer able to influence trade agreements involving the U.K. European companies, and countries (Poland, Hungary etc.) could get tariff-free access to the U.S. market by operating out of Britain, or using transnational shipping through Britain.

Simultaneously, the U.S. could ship tariff free into the EU (to a receiving EU corporation, or EU subsidiary of a U.S. corporation) by exporting to Britain.  The UK would be the hub for massive economic activity between North America and Europe.

If France (the EU) is charging Canada a high duty for imported Canadian cheese; Canada, through the USMCA pact could ship to a holding company in Britain who would then transfer product (duty free) to the receiving French company who is operating in the U.K, and distributing in France.  [A French company in the U.K. would receive in the U.K without the French (EU) duty.]

Eventually all corporations in the EU, who wanted to do business with North America, would start operations in the U.K….. OR, the EU would have to drop it’s one-way tariff policy (ie. the Marshall plan is ended).  Think about the leverage this creates.

Of course this process would completely change the trade dynamic in Europe; and completely change the trade dynamic between Europe and North America.  So how would Trump and Johnson start?  Answer: Establish an interim tripwire to measure success. Hence you get this phrase:

 “[…] Such a deal could last for something like six months, the official told reporters.”…

Of course an interim deal… because the EU bloc will respond to it… so a reevaluation at six months, prior to any massive investment outlays, is exactly what a CEO would create.

Donald Trump isn’t a politician, he’s working through a plan for what he views (we agree) is bigger than any ideological aspects.  “Economic Security is National Security.”

After the G7, President Trump and First Lady Melania are scheduled to travel to Poland as the special guests of Polish President Andrzej Duda and his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

Lots of supporters in nearby Denmark are trying to get President Trump to visit while he is in the area…

[Copenhagen, Denmark Link]



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114 Responses to President Trump and PM Boris Johnson Discuss Brexit and Trade Deal…

  1. I had to check. PDJT really did tweet “I promise not to do this to Greenland!” LOL. Master trolling.

    I seriously hope that PDJT and PM Johnson are able to enact a deal that scares the beejesus out of the EU. One thing is for sure, PDJT knows how to get everybody’s attention because he understands that it’s always all about the money.

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  2. 1911pistolero says:

    DJT, why? LOL. I see good things happening with the Brits and us. China who? We don’t need China. However China needs us. Not that hard to figure out.

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  3. DJT2020 says:

    I have a former colleague that moved to Denmark many years ago who hates Trump and he is going absolutely bananas over this sign.

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    • Smack says:

      I can understand the foreign sentiment to object to Trump as US president (he is, after all, ending the EU’s sinecure), but I just don’t understand the hatred for the man.

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        Those who hate Trump hate capitalism, hate Christianity, the family unit.

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        • ooicu812 says:

          They don’t hate capitalism, they love capitalism. For themselves, not for anyone else. All loyalty has to be for the communist party. Religion and/or family would be a divided allegiance. Like subjects born under a kings rule, you live to serve the king. (party) The king (party) has the power of life and death over you. You are a subject not a citizen under monarchy rule. The only difference is, it’s the church that has convinced the royals they are of divine origin and therefore entitled to rule. The RCC is about as evil and devious as it gets when it come to crimes against humanity. Read up on some middle age history like the crusades and the kings that came before King George II.

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          • ooicu812 says:

            King George III


          • hans says:

            nobody in europe loves capitalism. they are indoctrinated since 1994…

            Telling europeans the concept of freedom and capitalism is impossible. They truely believe state intevention is the only way to live..

            an european..

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            • CharterOakie says:

              “Sozialdemokratische blah blah”


            • tonyE says:

              My family back in the old country loves capitalism…. but they are petit bourgeois with small businesses. They hate the Socialist regulations. It makes it very difficult to hire anyone. It’s almost like you have to have kids to ensure a next generation of employees.

              I kid you not… really… my great grandfather started the business. It’s all a family affair now. My nephews and nieces are in their late 30s now. Cheaper to hire you kin, because they are part owners and hence not really employees.

              Socialism sucks when you are the owner of your business.

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        • KAR says:

          They hate success. It makes them feel like failures. They also hate personal responsibility, which is what Trump stands for. “There is nothing more annoying that people who set a good example.” — some great literary writer whose name I’ve forgotten.


      • donna kovacevic says:

        Serbia loves Trump.

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      • evergreen says:

        Groupthink. No one hated him until they were told to. And, because the press portrayed him as crude and worse, no uneasy person would publicly identify with him, leaving a vacuum into which only accepted anti-Trump behaviors flourished. Naturally, people look around for confirmation of correct behavior and thought, and anti-Trump is all that is civilly tolerated. So, they come to believe they should hate.

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        • tucker7518 says:

          It is because many of the Democrats won’t listen to what President Trump says. I keep telling them to at least listen to his “Copter Conferences”. President Trump answers many questions, and he can really think on his feet.

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          • I agree they are very good!

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          • Dutchman says:

            Actually, I had one turned, until the p*ssy grabbing tape. Told my sister, to read 2-3 transcripts from his speeches.

            One,was the Oct.16, 2016 speech, I think it was. Anyway, she read all 3. Then I asked her, was there ANYTHING DJT said, that,she disagreed with, and she admitted there wasn’t.

            She hated Hillary, was a Bernie fan. Said “O.k., don’t tell my husband, don’t tell ANYONE, but I’m voting Trump!

            A week later, the,access hollywood taoes came out, and she slipped the hook.
            But, ALMOST had her!

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        • Dekester says:

          Great post evergreen. Perfect!


        • JumbleD says:

          In the millennial’s world of moral relativism, there can be no principles, so you run with the crowd that makes you feel good and either safe or important. Look what social media influencers were able to create from literally nothing with the Fyre Festival and even the Russia insurance policy.

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      • CharterOakie says:

        Trump is brashly (and refreshingly) iconoclastic. And he is unapologetically successful.

        He confronts the snowflakes and the others who detest him with the absurdities of their pathetic socio-political fantasies. This they cannot abide, so they recoil with pathological disgust and hatred.

        That’s my very unprofessional explanation of TDS.


      • Clarissa says:

        You would understand, if you were a globalist Marxist gunning for a one-world all-encompassing government – and looking to subvert the US and its bill of rights to the scrap heap of history.

        President Trump is THE major roadblock to such plans, which were well underway before he came along. That’s why globalists of all stripes (whether Koch Brothers, mainstream media owners, multinational corporations, or Antifa) HATE him so much…

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    • WSB says:

      Tell him we all said “Hi.”

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    • Sporty says:

      Send your buddy a MAGA hat.

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    • OSP says:



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    • dissonant1 says:

      The EU press is even worse and more one-sided when it comes to PDJT than the American press. So I think it is hard for Europeans to understand his supporters in the U.S. Plus, they don’t have the “American” outlook and ethos in them that we do. I have friends in Slovenia who can’t understand PDJT’s appeal and why he was elected, and that despite Melania being from their country.

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  4. A2 says:

    Big spread of articles in the DM

    ‘Boris Johnson lays down law to the EU: Prime Minister DEMANDS Brussels drops plan for ‘unviable’ backstop and replace it with a new legal commitment to avoid hard border in Ireland

    Also in the Telegraph but behind a paywall.

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  5. A2 says:

    As usual Richard Littlejohn made me laugh, but not a bad idea 🤣

    RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Forget Greenland, why doesn’t Donald Trump buy Great Britain?

    “The UK and the U.S. share a common language and America’s legal system is based on English common law. The ties that bind are far stronger than any allegiance we are told we owe to an often hostile Continental Europe.

    Trump has only ever offered us friendship, free trade and support for Brexit, unlike our so-called European ‘partners’ who seek to humiliate us at every opportunity.

    So come on down, Donald. Make us a deal and make it straight.

    And if anyone doesn’t like it, I’m told Greenland is very nice at this time of year.”

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  6. SKIDROE says:

    Trump is a chess Master. Can play 40 games at the same time with his back turned away from the boards and not miss a move or lose a game. Lord please keep him safe.

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  7. Right to reply says:

    With Trump out of the country, will there be a document drop?

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  8. Ausonius says:

    Seriously: Greenland is a tragedy of socialistic colonialism.

    Alcoholism, suicide, etc. etc. etc. have been problems for many decades.

    See (from a Norwegian source):

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  9. ezgoer says:

    Pelosi has vowed to block any U.S. – UK trade deal from passing in the House. And you can’t trust the GOP RINOs like Romney in the Senate. So how does POTUS get it ratified?
    I’d like to see Trump make an example of a NeverTrump RINO and figuratively “castrate” him to create a sense of fear to cross him. Much like LBJ did with his fellow Democrats.

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    • Maquis says:

      Can’t remember the method, a Treeper or few here know it, can be done without Pelosi.


    • ristvan says:

      Simple. 19USC§2902. By law, Pelosi has NO say.

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    • Mac says:

      In a just country, Pelosi, Obama, Schumer, Brennan, Comey, Jarrett, Strzok, McCabe and both Ohrs would have been successfully tried and convicted of treason. Post-conviction, their only choices outside of their last meal would be picking either the rope or the firing squad.

      If any of them chose the firing squad, America could put a sizable dent in the national debt by auctioning off places on the squad. I think a lot of people would be willing to pony up quite a bit to legally put paid to any of that lot.


  10. JoeMeek says:

    When can we have an FBIexit and a CIAexit? And an MI6exit ?

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  11. Deplorable Canuck says:

    What a brilliant and very funny post. Liberal heads are exploding the world over!

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  12. The Boss says:

    I can see another President Trump tweet…”Back at you with your Cloward-Piven bullshit”.

    Our great president is overloading the globalist lefties with vicious attacks from every direction on all they hold dear. Now it is the EU and its freeloading and unfair treatment of the US. The Brussels crowd will be gelded, everyone will know it, and will want a deal like Boris Johnson struck with the US. (The non-UK part of Ireland was badly screwed by the EU, and they will want to deal).

    Here comes the return of the nation states! Ha!!!!

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  13. snailmailtrucker says:

    Here’s a Tip for Boris and POTUS Trump….
    Get rid of every Muslim in your Government and your Country…. or else you will never have any Peace !
    To Guarantee Peace…get rid of all of the Liberals/Democrats too !

    Good Luck Gentlemen !

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  14. Kaco says:

    I hope he does buy Greenland for us before the Chinese get their hands on it, we pretty much have to buy it.

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  15. Kaco says:

    I’m going to add something else. I don’t think the people of the UK, nor Europe, nor Canada wants our food supply. What was it they called out chickens? I forget, but I do envy their cleaner and less modified food. My dog’s food came from Canada, they have better regulations, but recently since that company built U.S. facilities, the ingredients weren’t quite the same, and I ended up switching brands.


  16. Hanuman says:

    Will that be like UK becoming like Hong Kong entrepot on a yuge scale?

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  17. JustScott says:

    Our Glorious Bast*rd is going to buy Greenland! You know it. Wait for it….

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  18. Pyrthroes says:

    We assume that purchasing Greenland from Denmark for ($500 mm to $1-billion) would confer status analogous to Puerto Rico’s– not a State but an autonomous, unincorporated U.S. Territory, a self-governing Commonwealth whose 56,000 fisher-folk inhabitants (about three square blocks in central Brooklyn) would possess full rights-and-privileges of U.S. citizens without Congressional (House) or Senate representation in DC.

    “Over centuries, Greenland has remained isolated and impoverished because the Danes treat the territory as a giant nature preserve. … politically correct Danes celebrate their ‘enlightened eco-conscience’ while marginalized Greenlanders suffer the consequences. Here in the U.S., Luddite sociopaths called ‘Greens’ oppose all civilizing progress, in Greenland’s case defaulting peace-and-prosperity to polar bears and puffins.” By opening the Overton Window –expanding the range of political discourse– Pres. Trump affirms that greatness comes from expansion and innovation, not contraction and enervation. Acquiring Greenland, developing that frigid region’s abundant energy and natural resources, could spark a global economic boom.

    For Denmark, ruling Greenland is a matter of historic pride: Copenhagen insists the island is not for sale. In 1397, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway united in the Kalmar Union, which aimed to counter the influence of the Hanseatic League, a coalition of Northern European cities. Sweden seceded in 1523, but Norway did not split from Denmark until 1814– after Denmark sided with Napoleon and lost. As Pres. Trump notes, the strategic island has vast natural resources, but Denmark subsidizes 60% of its annual budget without economic recompense. Despite Greenland’s untapped potential, the President has assured the Danes their “Arctic real estate” is not an obstacle to close relations.

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  19. Guyski says:

    Would not be surprised if some aspects of a England/USA trade deal will be very public. The UE will publicly announce something real stupid (though they think they are being clever) then England and the United State will counter punch with an agreement on an element of the trade deal, then the EU will be like ‘oh sh!t.’

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  20. MikeCLT says:

    If the UK withdraws from the EU, how do US and Canadian companies get tariff free access to the EU by shipping to or establishing operations in the UK? Won’t the UK lose that tariff free access when they withdraw from the EU?

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    • CharterOakie says:

      I had the same question.


    • dd_sc says:

      I think the EU regulations are set up that way. A EU [majority] owned company operating in a non-EU country can import/export under the same regulations as if operating the EU. So, for example, a French owned company operating in Central America can ship produce to France (EU) tariff free. Any US-UK deal will be getting deep in the weeds of EU regulations.

      If Sundance is correct about how the deal is structured, any EU response to close the UK loophole will be interesting, to say the least.

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  21. 13wasylyna says:

    And yetwehave Pelosi and Schumer whining about Northern Ireland with a population of 1.8 million will be used to batter and bring down the ambitious and much needed trade deal between UK and US

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  22. doofusdawg says:

    Waiting for the racism cries against Trump for wanting to annex Greenland.

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  23. KAM2020 says:

    Very good article. One trade mechanical detail is overlooked in the explanation of how tarrif treatment would be handled for goods “transferred” via the UK. The EU has a content rule similar to NAFTA and the new USMCA whereby foreign content must be “transormed” in the trade agreement territory or otherwise it would be dutiable/taxed on it’s foreign content value.

    Using Sundance’s example, if the cheese was simply shipped from Canada to a UK entity then to be transferred to an EU country, the cheese would be taxed at the same rate as though it was shipped directly from Canada to the EU.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Could Britain become like Canada then and assemble products from parts shipped in from North America? No real benefit to the agricultural industry.

      The real benefit to Britain may actually be as an exporter to US. Goods from Eastern Europe could be shipped through Britain to avoid the tariffs. With tariffs levied on China, clothing and textiles imported from Eastern Europe through Britain would be cost competitive.



    Fascinating history – culture – adventure – a treasure trove of firsthand accounts written by the people (military, scientists and engineers) who developed, supported and lived at Thule AFB starting in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Surprisingly high quality color photos.

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