Multinational Business Roundtable Now Claims “Social Responsibility” More Important than Profit….

CTH suspected this was going to happen. This was predictable if you have followed the fracture between Main Street (Trump) and Wall Street (multinationals).  Remember, there are trillions at stake.  This news today is part of the battle.

Here’s the cut through the BS motive behind the multinational association of Business Roundtable CEO’s (these are all pure Wall St.) suddenly saying “social responsibility should be put above profit“…

NEW YORK (Reuters)Top CEOs say companies should put social responsibility above profit.  Corporate America is responsible for providing economic benefits to all, not just its investors, the Business Roundtable group said on Monday.

The group’s “statement of corporate purpose” was signed by the heads of more than 180 U.S. companies, including the CEOs of Inc (AMZN.O), American Airlines (AAL.O), the largest airline in the world; and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), the biggest American bank.

Although largely symbolic, the group’s statement goes against a roughly 30-year-old viewpoint that corporations exist to serve shareholders. (read more)

This is self-serving and highly manipulative decepticon double-speak.   They haven’t changed their view on ‘stewardship’, not one bit.  They are stewards for self, and by extension they were ultimately stewards for their shareholders.   However, their allegiance was/is always to the bottom line; the “international” bottom line.

The multinational corporations that make up the Business Roundtable are the same multinationals who exported jobs, destroyed manufacturing industry in the U.S., and created the rust belt.  These are the Wall Street multinationals who benefited the most from purchased political policy over the past 30 years.

What they are doing now, ties directly into what Nancy Pelosi is doing.

The Democrats and big multinational business interests are now in alignment.  Their common adversary is President Trump.   Pelosi, Schumer et al, have spent years blaming corporate greed for all the ills within society; while simultaneously taking billions from their trough.  It was always a con; it is part of the UniParty aspect of DC.

Now Pelosi and Schumer need to use their commonality with the Big Club to attack their common adversary: President Donald Trump and his Main Street America-First agenda.

The forecast long-term interests of the Multinational Roundtable means they need to align with the social proclamations of Pelosi’s Democrats.

They will do this fake metamorphosis by shifting from “shareholder” stewardship (those who own stocks), to “stakeholder” stewardship (those who purchase their products and demand a seat at the table to influence corporate ideology).

That’s the motive for the change in position.

According to their strategy, as soon as President Trump is removed everyone goes back to their former activity.  Business as usual for UniParty, and business as usual for the Big Club.

If these U.S. corporations were concerned about “social responsibility” they would pack-up their overseas operations, invest in the United States economy, and join with President Trump in trying to maximize the benefits to Main Street.  But that ain’t their plan….

Their plan is to retain their overseas investments and fight against U.S. policy that undermines their multinational business models.  Ergo they need to re-brand, put on the mask of social justice, and find alignment with Democrats toward the united objective.

That’s what they are doing, and it is brutally transparent if you understand the fight.

Cue an Example:

Peter Schiff is the CEO of  “Euro-Pacific Capital” an investment group that puts their investment portfolio where?…  Europe and China.   The entire purpose of their existence is to funnel and manage investment funds in Europe and Asia.

Do you think Peter Schiff and his Euro-Pacific investment firm might be uniquely exposed to capital losses while the economy of Europe and China shrinks?

President Trump’s economic plans and trade activity is 180° in opposition to Peter Schiff’s entire portfolio.  If Trump is successful, if the USA wins, Schiff goes out of business.

Nuf said.

This is the battle we’ve been waiting for.  This is the USA -vs- the Multinationals who almost destroyed Main Street and the U.S. middle-class.   President Trump is the only candidate who would have waged this fight…

There are trillions at stake.


…”complicated business folks, complicated business”…

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262 Responses to Multinational Business Roundtable Now Claims “Social Responsibility” More Important than Profit….

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

    There are large companies with actual values like Chick Fi lay that value employees and trulky give back to community.

    However, I’m sorry but do you know what “social responsibility” really means?

    Social responsibilities = politics

    These corrupt corporations have been aligned with liberal globalist ideology (and dem party) for decades. Nothing new here but public virtue signalling .

    Sundance explained it well.

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    • Smack says:

      “CEOs say companies should put social responsibility above profit. Corporate America is responsible for providing economic benefits to all, not just its investors, the Business Roundtable group said on Monday.

      The group’s “statement of corporate purpose” was signed by the heads of more than 180 U.S. companies, including the CEOs of Inc (AMZN.O), American Airlines (AAL.O), the largest airline in the world; and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), the biggest American bank.”

      I think this new found ‘social responsibility’ can be used against them. Isn’t Amazon in a fight against unionization? Where’s their sense of social responsbility to their workers? Doesn’t JPMorgan Chase charge continual overdraft fees and other various penalties on checking accounts? Where’s their social responsibility to those who are the most economically disadvantaged? Isn’t American Airlines like almost single-handedly responsible for rising atmospheric CO2 emissions. Where’s their social responsibility to the planet?

      If they’re going to fight you by changing the rules of the game, you’d best make damn sure you hold them accountable to the new rules.

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      • pochas94 says:

        “I think this new found ‘social responsibility’ can be used against them. ”
        Precisely – They’re now sitting ducks.

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        • Now, where did I put my PORTFOLIO? OH…Not in one of these companies, that’s for sure!!!

          You can have the SJW but it will come back to bite these 200 or so companies when shareholders/investment managers start pulling their monies out of these companies…You want SJW and I want a return on my investment!!! Pound Sand!!!


    • Notice that the message is filled with high-falutin’ parseltongue, and ZERO concrete terminology?

      People who buy into their BS are ceding their futures to liars who will TELL THEM what “Social Responsibility” looks like.

      ie: When they want our opinions, they will tell us what they are.


  2. unconqueredone says:

    This smells exactly like the supposed “campaign finance reform”, which served the incumbent.

    Unless I miss my guess, it will serve to reduce competition (after all, you shouldn’t do business with a company that isn’t “socially responsible”) while increasing the market share of those holier-than-thou corporations. The special villains will be the hungry, agressive start-ups with unique, highly profitable ideas..

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    • luke says:

      I wish I could could quit doing biz with Bezos but he just makes it so easy to part me from my money.


      • Jan says:

        I ONLY use Amazon if I can’t find what I want anywhere else. EBay is my best friend. I’ve only bought 3 or 4 items on Amazon. But my sister-in-law buys everything on Amazon,, like you. I actually try to buy what I can from local businesses.

        This “social responsibility” crap reminds me of Gillette and Nike, and I’ve had it with their brand of SR. So if Amazon and all these others are promoting this crap which results in the destruction of the middle class, why would you continue to contribute to your own demise?

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      • chickenhawk says:

        His name is Master Bezos. Please use proper deference when referring to your sovereign.


        • fyisaki says:

          Jeff Bezos’ newspaper, The Washington Post, ran a story a while back about the dearth of grocery stores in African American neighborhoods.
          Shouldn’t SJW Bezos be opening his Whole Food Stores in every African American neighborhood in the country ???
          I’ll bet his Amazon profits would make that EMinently possible.


      • unconqueredone says:

        Sadly, boycotts of business tend to be useless in the long run. That said, buy local when you can even if it costs you an extra 15%. Once the competition is dead, the big online retailers can charge whatever they want, following the WMart model of killing local businesses.


  3. Thomas Holsinger says:

    Tell your broker and your lawyer about any such companies you have stock in about this. And tell the broker to sell those. I smell class action stockholder suits coming. There are big bucks in those and that sort of blood attracts big sharks.

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  4. Sammy135 says:

    Social Justice responsibility, how does doing business in Communist China work with all their social Justicing, give me a break.. You have 2 million Hong Kong citizens out in the streets just a thought of being forced to live more under China rule. This about cutting off anything they don’t like, abortions, guns, illegal deportations,

    Schiff dude has been saying almost every other month since 2011 a recession is a coming, if not a not recession a depression.

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  5. Nigella says:

    Social responsibility? Like child labor in Foreign factories that they own and make obscene profits from?

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  6. Vince says:

    The CEO of Gillette must be a firm believer. After losing 8 billion dollars on razor non-sales, it is the cause of her problems, and the reason she won’t get fired for losing 8 billion dollars.

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  7. H.R. says:

    “social responsibility should be put above profit“…

    Poppycock. Stupid on the face of it. How can you continue to be socially responsible when you go out of business because you didn’t make a profit?

    Nonsense of the highest order.

    Per customers being ‘stakeholders’: They already have a vote on your business. They vote with their wallet. Customers don’t get a share of the profit. They provide the profit.

    More high level bafflegab.

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    • sickconservative says:

      Yes many things to doing business but social Justice isn’t one of them.
      Nice post.

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    • Vince says:

      There are literally millions of organized, registered not for profit organizations in this country. Most of them do good work and are efficient at what they do. Anyone who wants to do fulfilling work can do so at a charity.

      The reason they are attacking corporations is not because of a social need, it is because communists want to destroy the foundation of capitalism, the profit motive.

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  8. This is quite unprecedented. It would make for a very interesting shareholder lawsuit against corporate Directors for breach of fiduciary duty.

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    • The Boss says:

      Yes, you are right. And it’s not as if there isn’t a plethora of law firms which specialize in shareholder class actions.

      Now let’s see…which of these companies has the deepest pockets?

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  9. Elle says:

    I suspect it works like this: Epstein gets some good photos of the board members and /or CEO, and is granted a seat on the board. Then he invites his well connected “friends” and once they possess enough of a controlling interest on the board, they promise the board members and CEO increased salaries and golden parachutes in exchange for allowing raids of the corporate coffers. The shareholders lose when stocks tank on progressive posturing, but the board, the CEO and the insiders all profit handsomely. If the parasite kills the host, well then they just move on to the next one and do it again. Nice business you got here, it would be a shame if something bad happened to it.


  10. MD says:

    “According to their strategy, as soon as President Trump is removed everyone goes back to their former activity. Business as usual for UniParty, and business as usual for the Big Club.” The problem with this strategy is that it cannot go back to the way it was or “business as usual”.

    A. We are well aware of the fake news media
    B. We have seen Trump’s economic policies work VERY well
    C. The curtain has been pulled back on all the liberal policies / objectives to harm this country
    D. We have seen what one sided trade policies have cost us…..

    You can’t erase what has been exposed to the American people. If they attempt to revert back to their old ways they will face backlash like they’ve never seen before.

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    • MelH says:

      MD, you maybe forget we are a minority, too small to make our backlash matter. MSM will make sure the exposure does not extend to the Liberal masses. They have NO idea what trade policies were, before and/or after. You can look on Twitter and see that the Liberals have not been exposed to their harmful objectives and policies. They WANT them all back, good or bad, NOW. They don’t even know for sure why Trump is the worst thing to ever happen to this world. They can’t love Jesus by Faith but they sure as hell can hate Trump by Faith, and they ARE committed, hook, line and sinker. Which is why i think the slow declassification is a grave mistake we will only be sure of when it is too late.


  11. tod says:

    This is more than “there are $trillions at stake!”

    Ideology has the priority position, Wall St is aligning with International Communism (aka Globalism).

    That is the prime directive!

    They are the ones we are fighting.

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    • Daniel says:

      It’s absolutely critical to realize that ideology is exclusively for foot soldiers in these types of wars. The real motives of these globalists is about control. The shallow, virtue signaling ideologues are just the useful idiots who think they are “Good people”(tm).

      The globalists have no ideology. Only useful idiots are motivated by their ideology.

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  12. Barnestormer says:

    Be interesting to know what David Taylor (P&G Chrmn.,CEO,Pres.) had to say. (How much was that Gillette write-down again, Mr. SJW?)


  13. 335blues says:

    I wonder what the salaries of all those CEO are?
    Their “social responsibility” should start with themselves by
    donating all of their salary to American charities,
    keeping only the average wage of the average American citizen,
    and then they should live on that.
    Now that would be “social responsibility”.
    Who wants to bet a quarter they will give up their salary
    in the name of “social responsibility”?
    I’ll just come right out and say it.
    These CEO’s have sold out America
    in favor of boosting a brutal communist regime in china
    that treats its citizens like animals,
    giving them a bullet in the back of the head
    if they complain.
    These CEO’s want the same for you and me.

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  14. ltravisjr says:

    This is not wholly new. It’s a renewed focus on the triple bottom line, “people-planet-profit”, what we recognize by the label “sustainability”. Its been incubating for 50 years. I always had a hard time making logical sense of the premise that more than just financial profit drives companies at the most fundamental level, and exactly how environmental justice, social justice, and profit could be related in common vision.

    It’s clear now. While I recognize it as a gateway for ideology, in the end it’s not about altruism; it comes back to the almighty dollar. The difference is where the dollar lands.

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  15. john says:

    Officers of a company owe fiduciary duty to the shareholders.

    After Gillette lost 8 billion dollars due to a ridiculously woke commercial that insults their primary customers the CEO, Gary Coombe, stated the loss of revenue from those customers is a “price worth paying” in an interview with Marketing Week.

    How does this not shatter that fiduciary duty?

    And how does this declaration not potentially do the same?

    This is madness.The world has lost its collective mind.

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    • 😎Gunny66 says:

      Ya know what happened to Gillette?

      Now they hav these “Tiny” Electric razors that cut just as good, if not better than a razor….and shaving cream…..and a sink…..and taking off your shirt to shave….and cutting yourself….

      Turn the electric on……………done…less than 20 seconds.

      Gillette got caught with a billion razors it could not sell
      Plus they had a women in charge of men’s shaving.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      The 8 billion loss was in ‘good will’, not revenue. Basically the value of your reputation. Only worth something when the firm is sold. Since Gillette isn’t for sale, it was effectively funny money to start with. That’s why Coombe could laugh the loss off.
      If they start losing actual bottom-line money, Coombe won’t be laughing any more.


  16. bluebongo says:

    Having been a Program Manager at a $5B organization I can honestly say this is entirely eyewash. If you honestly think corporate executives give a rip about social image you are delusional, there are zero metrics to rate any executive based on feelings. They get paid to make shareholders rich, nothing will ever change that fact.

    Those crossed fingers work both ways.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      I suspect a lot of the shareholders are all in on their campaign. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Call it short-term pain (to get Trump out) for long-term gain.


  17. Pale rider says:

    Our president is playing political chicken with these people. Either we win or lose no in between at this point. My money obviously is on Trump, like it or not all of us are in the same boat.
    These globalists would just as soon see every one of us starve to death or die from disease then give a single penny for our welfare. China ain’t got nothing on these people, people being my third or forth choice of words to describe them. And I’m not talking about hand outs. When the cost of living has been steadily going up but wages are dead for years now, it’s not working.
    When we start hearing about these devils committing suicide due to losses we may see them back up a step. I’m not even sure that will get their attention.
    Two weeks pay to fix a relatively minor car repair for most people on the ground. A five year to seven year car loan? That’s crazy.

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  18. How do the masses of low information voters be educated – in simple terms – about the Globalists’ agenda?

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  19. justlizzyp says:

    This is profoundly disturbing.

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  20. Justin Green says:

    I’ve tried without result to get a law firm interested in class action suits against companies that tank their shares by destroying revenue based solely on management’s political biases.

    It’s coming, though. Who would want Twitter in their 401k right now? But I guarantee you it’s there in many of your mutual funds.

    Shareholders have rights and the management of almost all of these tech companies should be sued into oblivion. Or, just get the HELL out of my 401k with your sub 1% annual returns.

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  21. Bill says:

    This has gotten so out of hand it’s laughable. Shareholders need to revolt. Problem is they will find out really quickly they have no power. And the board of directors should be the voice of reason and demand responsibility from the executives. But oh, wait, they are all fellow elitists that are only concerned with lining their own pockets, not shareholders.

    And the scary part is, the leftist shareholders will agree with these people and let them take and piss away their money. The time for revolt draws closer it would seem.

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  22. Arrest Soros says:

    Oh look Sundance, there is even a scientific basis for this nonsense. (Man, have they got the Global Warming play book down pat. First make a claim, then find some white coat wearers to write-up a paper about it. “Scientists say”)

    Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has developed and commercialised a new science-driven approach to tackle declining trust in corporations, enabling companies to better manage their social licence to operate, starting with mining and agriculture.

    Link to article here

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  23. MAGADJT says:

    These are just words. They will not stop trying to enhance shareholder value as the primary goal. Their compensation and bonuses are tied to stock price; their personal wealth rises and falls with the stock price. One thing they will not do and sacrifice their own income and/or wealth to virtue signal. People only virtue signal with other people’s money.


    • Bill says:

      If all the top CEOs agree to tank their companies and take the shareholders with them, they still remain the richest people in the room. Economy tanks and they remain on top. If this is a concerted effort they are protected.


      • TarsTarkas says:

        A lot of the shareholders are government employee pension funds. CALPERS for one. Whose CEO’s are pretty much unaccountable. They’ll go along with the scheme.
        Of course if the scheme works out like Muh Russia they might be in a lot of personal trouble.


  24. Bob Guertie says:

    I call it the happy recession. Wall Street will be hit. Not Main Street. Prices of useless cheap imported goods might go up, but durable and repairable U.S. made stuff will thrive again!

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  25. Nessie509 says:

    The only thing we can do to turn back globalism and Socialism is to vote every time we still have that right and shop until we drop.

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  26. shiftyshoes says:

    JPMorgan found a $30 billion ‘unexpected bonus’ in the remains of Washington Mutual

    Jamie Dimon can start by giving back the 30 billion he stole, then bragged about, to the old WAMU shareholders decimated by the 2008 FDIC/JPM bank seizure. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. WAMU was very, very solvent, and JP Morgan, not so much. The media still proclaims that Jamie D. saved us all.


  27. Curt says:

    Peter Schiff has always been a bit of an eccentric and a little on the strange side anyway. Any yes, he stands to lose all if Trump is successful and puts America back on top. These globalists are all scared shitless. Their “guaranteed” trillions are not such a sure thing anymore and the American workers will be the winner. Can’t have that!

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  28. cthulhu says:

    As a long-time CPA, I can firmly state that any such pronouncements that aren’t auditable against objective standards are hogwash from start to finish.

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  29. As for me, I’d say: “if these too-rich idiots actually understood where True Wealth comes from, and had been practicing it for the last fifty years, they wouldn’t feel the need to be saying any of these silly things.

    They would already know that True Wealth naturally comes from “[Right Here] First!” From blooming where one is planted. From a vibrant domestic economic system which naturally generates the surpluses needed to support foreign trade … not(!) “the other way around, a.k.a. ‘globalism.'”

    ‘Globalism,’ when finally put to the test (by Donald Trump …) demonstrates itself to be a failure. A product of a mad accountant’s balance sheet which had nothing to do with … reality. Turns out that it wasn’t better than the “nation-centered” viewpoints that it briefly displaced. Turns out that … it didn’t work at all.


  30. trapper says:

    “This is going to be an inflationary recession. There’s no way out and it’s political disaster for Trump because the recession is going to start before he finishes this term, which means he won’t have a second term. ”

    There isn’t anything the least bit difficult to understand about this. Schiff is not the only one making these predictions. These aren’t forecasts. They are threats, telegraphing that they are going to do everything in their power to deliberately crash the economy if thy don’t get their globalist way.

    This isn’t anything new. Business guys have been pulling this stunt forever. I always called it the “suicide ploy.” Lend me more money or I’ll file for bankruptcy. Sell me more product on credit or I won’t pay what I already owe. Lower my rent or I’ll close up and move out and won’t pay you anything. Same old suicide threat. The appropriate response is to not get rattled and reply “go ahead. Do it.”

    It’s actually a loser’s gambit.


  31. modspell says:

    I used to support that guy and followed his run for Senate in 2008 I think it was…he got nowhere. He bragged how he predicted the 2008 recession. Sure, when you predict recessions for 25 years you’re going to be right eventually.


  32. TwoLaine says:


    That’s why they are illegally importing low wage foreign workers and trying to get Medicare for all, so they also don’t have to pay medical for their employee slavess.


  33. JeffP says:

    RIP Schiff & Co. Trump and Main Street are coming for your Trillions and you CAN’T STOP US!!!!!
    Naner naner naner!!!!


  34. SKIDROE says:

    Went through the list of the 200 member Business Roundtable C.E.O.s. I think there is only one maybe two Blacks on the list. One of them founded their own company. Why do the Blacks support the DEMs? I ask you “ what the hell do you have to lose”. SUPPORT TRUMP!


  35. California Joe says:

    Nike pays child labor in Vietnam 25 cents an hour to make basketball sneakers they sell to poor Black kids in the ghetto for $300 who then kill each other over them. That’s what they call social responsibility!

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I found that the little innercity turd-thugs will kill each other over nothing, the booty they gets fo’ poppin’ a cap in summon’s azz be jes a extra.


  36. czarowniczy says:

    I wouldn’t get my knickers in a knot over ‘corporate responsibility’, the CEOs will say what they need to say but know that profits are the bottom line. We’ve heard the ‘responsibility’ stuff before and still they are seemingly found irresponsible at regular intervals.

    The Federal government and the parasitic politicians who form its base feed off of taxes and political contributions aren’t stupid…OK, not totally stupid…they aren’t going to deep fry the golden goose. If they screw the corporate pooch they’re going to have to go out and gert jobs, as it is they actually spend more personal time raising funds than they do actual legislation so if they kills dat golden goose they’s gonna have to be out on the streets with their staff selling Windex and squeegee jobs.

    Short story: I trust corporate execs telling us about their ‘corporate responsibility’ as I do Congressjerks telling us about their dedication to the Constitution and the citizens of this grrrrrreat country.


  37. rcogburn says:

    Baloney. Nobody is putting “social responsibility” above anything.

    They can call it whatever they want, this is all about corporate profitability. No doubt they expect the leftist morons of the world to cheer on the virtue signaling multinationals brave enough to join “the resistance.”

    More importantly, this allows them to justify massive corporate donations to anti-Trump “social responsibility” 501c’s, which will be deployed against Trump in 2020. I suspect that may be the real reason behind all of this.

    All of these companies face significant, even severe financial hits to the bottom and top lines; disruption; and loss of the China market for future growth. For companies with massive exposure, like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Levis, the threat is especially severe.

    Their math is simple: if we don’t get rid of Trump and keep the status quo, we’ve got big problems.

    1. the cost of massive tarriffs;
    2. the cost of disruption to existing manufacturing and supply chains;
    3. the costs of shutting down existing manufacturing and supply chains, moving, and establishing new manufacturing and supply chains in different nations;
    3. the costs of volatility as China trade becomes increasingly unstable.
    4. to companies reliant on growth prospects on China (e.g. Nike), the potential loss of their entire Chinese market if China shuts the door on them.
    5. For companies with significant generic/in-store brands made in China (e.g. Walmart, Target, Amazon); potential loss of marketshare as in-store generics are forced to compete.

    Social responsibility. Yeah right.


  38. ezgoer says:

    If any CEO said anything is more important than profit, then hypocrisy is #1.


  39. jnearen2013 says:

    Breach of fiduciary responsibility

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  40. Impossible says:

    “…Plough deep while sluggards sleep, and you shall have corn to sell and to keep” Ben Franklin… from the days of promise and an über-sane America….


  41. mtk says:

    This needs to be inject into the progressive movement as their answer to the eternal counter argument question, “How is all this free stuff going to be paid?”.
    The answer…
    Is to go after the 5th Ave marketing and the PR economy. Who needs 60 million dollar endorsements to the Michael Jordan’s of World. That money could be better spent on progressive social justice.

    I don’t know, maybe the resident Russian expert Neillie Ohr could better explain the ideological additude of Marxism towards advertising capital.

    This I know, if that type of thinking became openly main stream with the Bernie bros movement and the AOC squad’s fools. Just watch how quickly the MSM moves to throw ’em all under a bus.


  42. boogywstew says:

    More socialists doing what they do best … giving away other folks’ money to make themselves feel good.


  43. Redhotrugmama says:

    I can say with confidence this is not at all shocking. I have a family member that is a “C” level at one of the companies SD mentions. Word is layoff in the works with timing to coincide with election. Timing on purpose.


  44. MustangBlues says:

    Looks like another semantic ploy by the communist democrats, a signal from beta males to get the attention and favors from the alpha females, that is the only profit calculation involved.


  45. Deb says:

    Do we think Walmart and Amazon and other corporations will begin price fixing to bring about the inflation that has been predicted?

    I wouldn’t put it past them.


  46. Adam Schiff, Peter Schiff. It is obvious. There are just too many Schiffs talking schiff around here.


    • GP says:

      Irwin Schiff-Peter’s father, died in 2015, shackled to prison hospital bed.

      Irwin Allen Schiff (/ʃɪf/; February 23, 1928 – October 16, 2015) was an American libertarian and tax protester[1] known for writing and promoting literature in which he argued that the income tax in the United States is illegal and unconstitutional. Judges in several civil and criminal cases ruled in favor of the federal government and against Schiff. As a result of these judicial rulings Schiff was in a hospital prison serving a sentence of 162 months (13.5 years) at the time of his death at the age of 87. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reported that Schiff died on October 16, 2015.[2]

      Schiff was the father of businessman and former United States Senate candidate Peter Schiff

      Now, Jacob Schiff is a different story…as this Schiff financed Lenin and Trotsky and the Russian Revolution.


  47. grlangworth says:

    The shareholder has the right to buy or sell his shares. These CEOs are recommending “SELL”.

    Today, this still counts:


  48. Caius Lowell says:

    CL remembers when Cheney was selling globalization. Daniel Yergin in his excellent _Commanding Heights_ showed Richard saying, “Globalization has lifted many people out of poverty and has caused no harm” or something like that. We’re just now comprehending and dealing with the harm, which is the problem.


  49. Chump Change says:

    Let me translate this new-found “social responsibility”…most large US corporations are run by liberals. They are going to use their platform to push social justice, environmentalism, gun control, etc. in order to profit from the useful idiots they have been breeding in schools for decades..and to punish the rest of us.

    No question the silicon valley and MSM corporations are going to push for far left wing policies…and make it a profit center.


  50. scrap1ron says:

    Of course, they’re not so keen to apply this wealth re-distribution to themselves. Socialism is for the peasant class, not the socialist elites, as it has always been.


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