Senator Rand Paul Speaks for First Time Since Serious Lung Surgery…

Senator Rand Paul had to undergo recent lung surgery as an outcome of an attack by a violent member of the Democrat resistance in 2017.  In his first interview since the surgery Senator Paul discusses his ongoing recovery and the continued expressions of violence from the political left.

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97 Responses to Senator Rand Paul Speaks for First Time Since Serious Lung Surgery…

  1. tominellay says:

    I like Rand; he’s got integrity.

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  2. Kerry Gimbel says:

    No doubt if a republican attacked a Dem Senator he would get four years.

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  3. The Boss says:

    This senator got seriously messed up by his ex-neighbor. Hope he recovers fully.
    (We’ll know he’s OK when he starts pissing some of us off again).

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    • Must concur… and he will.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Or when he starts pissing regularly again.


    • Carrie2 says:

      The Boss, well everyone should have someone who ticks them off because that is part of our Republic of freedom and rights. If we all thought the same, did the same, we would wind up looking all the same. Heck, we know a lot of people do not like the way Trump talks. So what. Express what you feel you can do is a good thing. If we don’t like it, so what? For sure I feel confident that many of us don’t like what others say or what we say, but the bottom line is we can say it.

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  4. I feel sorry he was injured. I still do not like him because, imho, he is NOT a team player supporting PDJT and the MAGA agenda. Perhaps, if he swallowed his pride for a bit and stood-up for what, again imho, is right and best for the United States, I would have sympathy for the man. Otherwise, he’s on his own. America is 1st – Senator Paul is not.


  5. cheryl says:

    I hope he is ok but I don’t appreciate him supporting the red flag law. He says he does support it but only with extreme due process. What he and others don’t understand is that due process takes money and lawyers that most of us can’t afford and I do expect liberals to point fingers at conservatives and abuse this law if it passes.

    Reminder: Trump rally tonight 7 pm

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    • Becky Ross says:

      I agree. One of many things most nice-people conservatives don’t get is that the modern left has ZERO respect for rule of law and even less for its constraint by constitution. Law and constitution are weapons to be wield against their enemies when convenient and irrelevancies to be ignored when inconvenient. If you give them an inch, they will take 10,000 miles. Conservatives supporting any red flag law put the ‘stupid’ into ‘party of stupid’. They WILL be abused, not might, WILL be abused, openly and as frequently as the marxist-globalists deem necessary.

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        My answer to “red flag laws” is “What will you do to punish the LAWFARE that will use those red flag laws to go after political enemies?”

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Becky, they would definitely you and me with this Red Flag garbage because they don’t like up so why not go after us illegally. What I would like to see is again opening institutions for those with some mental problems as not possible for a parent or parents to completely care for any child or children who need real help mentally whether they are or are not possible dangerous people. When they closed down the institutions that meant dumping those who needed help or more help were on their own and incompetent. Possibly they were made angry to have no “help and home” and decided to get revenge. Difficult to be in any one person’s mind, but to me this is what we need and help them as we did before. Many times as children need help for many reasons and yet are expected to attend school and upset the classroom and no one gets educated. I have seen this way too many times.

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        • wondering999 says:

          ^^^ THIS ^^^
          The maniac who threw little Landen over the balcony in Minneapolis has been disturbed for a long time and his sister had been trying to get help for him. She got nowhere with her efforts, although she clearly knew that her brother was a risk to himself and others.
          One of the problems is exploitation of the mentally ill when they are confined to institutions. Another problem is that not many people want to guard the mentally ill, it is dangerous and sometimes dirty work (as in feces smeared around, or other anomalies). Generally speaking, people don’t want to pay the people who have to watch over the mentally ill.
          If you are willing and able, please go sign up with one of the agencies that house and protect our mentally ill in subsidized homes. And be aware that what is taught in college Sociology classes (“the mentally ill are not dangerous”) is only true when it is true… don’t turn your back on people who are delusional. They can’t help what they do.


  6. cheering4america says:

    Very telling that hundreds of people felt comfortable posting online that they hoped he would die. And with no consequences. Tells us how evil the left is and also how free they are to make public threats.

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  7. Mo says:

    Good Man

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  8. 4EDouglas says:

    Ask not why he was beaten-all of us are targets who are conservative..
    If you won’t/can’t do firearm training-basic martial arts. Heck they’ll have to take my cane out of my cold,dead fingers..

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    • Comrade Terry says:

      I use a shillelagh for a cane. It has an ounce of lead in the head of it. I recommend it.

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    • Yy4u says:

      I have thiught for awhile now that those of us with gray hair should walk with a cane. No one would suspevt we are carrying a weapon. Better than nothing.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      4EDouglas, and this why in my mid-60s took kickboxing and martial arts in my Integrated Medical studies (and I mean real martial arts). We must be prepared until we get rid of the communists (they ain’t socialists because Iived under socialism), globalists, and all those with brainwashed minds and I could name a few but don’t want anyone coming after me. Too easily the RF would find it way to all of us but protect them. So many in this swamp congress are not truthful, real Americans, and think they own us, i.e., Pelosi! Schumer!


  9. Paul Sapp says:

    Rand Paul is unique in his integrity. Do I agree with him on everything? No. But, he is honest and consistent with his principles. We need more like him.

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    • swissik says:

      Indeed, I’ve been saying the same for hid father Ron as well. I like both of them, although I don’t always agree with their position on issues. Wish we had someone like them in California.

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    • DiogeneseVindicated says:

      To me Rand`s only fault is that he allows perfection to have it’s way against very good, which in some cases allows bad to prevail.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      I like Rand Paul too. It was good to see both Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelly on Fox and Friends. The Senator has had a tough go since his radical Democratic physician neighbor attacked him from behind and caused so many physical injuries. I am glad Senator Paul is recovering with help from his Doctors, nurses and his loyal wife.
      His attacker needs to spend time in the slammer. What a hateful Democrat! Unfortunately there are many like him.

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  10. Georgia says:

    The Judge who gives 30 days for breaking 6 ribs of a US Senator in a sneak attack?: “Judge Battani was nominated to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan by President William Clinton in June, 1999 and confirmed by the Senate in May, 2000. Prior to her appointment to the federal bench, she served as a state circuit court judge in Wayne County, Michigan, since 1982.”

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  11. mazziflol says:

    Bet hes glad he doesnt get stuck with Obamacare like his constituents and the rest of us.

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    • elizabethross1776 says:

      I read an interview with him where he said he, too, was forced into Obamacare, but I suspect he also pays out of pocket. I remember he shopped around and had an attack-related hernia repaired at a private clinic in Canada because they had good prices and outcomes. Of all the so-called conservatives in the Senate, Rand Paul actually walks the walk.

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      • spoogels says:

        That private clinic in Canada is AMAZING
        Its the SHOULDICE repair clinic

        They really don’t use any mesh (that has been causing problems all over the world) in 98% of cases.
        Instead they cobble together the anatomical layers
        The surgery is done by GPs/generalists who specifically trained for this.
        Thats all they do
        And mostly under local anesthetic
        I think they are amazing.

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        Yes a very well known Hernia Clinic in Toronto, that many for all walks of life go to. My neighbor did as well, nothing but high praise. The doctors that formed this clinic are making a fortune as OHIP (Ontario Health Plan) does not cover anyone going there. Smart doctors they saw, and see anything the government is involved with is pure s….t. There are many private clinics that have reared their heads.

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  12. MicD says:

    Brutally body punched from behind, and the guy thinks he has bad knuckles?
    I’m not a WP member, can’t post inline so somebody else please post this –

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    • Carrie2 says:

      MicD, thank you for this. I knew the name but not the man as I don’t really like boxing altho more civil now than centuries ago in Europe. I am impressed that he is very intelligent, well learned, and above love God. To top it all he adopted a Korean child thinking it was a Chinese child. This means his heart if large and loving and I admire him for all I have seen today and how he listens and talks and expresses himself.

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  13. JonS says:

    I’m tired of F&F. They dodge the uncomfortable issues.


  14. Mo says:

    “Senator Rand Paul Speaks for First Time Since Serious Lung Surgery…” luckily the cameras were rolling and caught it.

    His injury and surgery have to do with a dispute independent of anything to do with our nation. CTH’s principles are slipping.


    • Amy2 says:

      Really? Did you watch the interview? He hadn’t had a conversation with the man in 10 years. Rand Paul was a presidential contender (and still could be in the future) and some whacko attacks him; that has nothing to do with our nation? Also, it was nice to hear about his book and have the stories out there about the attack debunked.

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    • neal s says:

      Why would you believe the media spin? It should be clear to all but the most blind that leftists and demonrats are ok with physical attacks on those who they think oppose them. Why are you so dumb as to take the “Speaks for First Time Since Serious Lung Surgery” headline literally?

      If you think CTH’s principles are slipping, then you are free to stop reading here and stop posting here. Find some other place to spread your snark.


    • GB Bari says:

      Your assertion is in direct conflict with the actual truth as told by Rand Paul himself in this interview.

      Please read the article and watch any video that is posted with the article before attempting to make false comments.

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  15. Apfelcobbler says:

    The GOP was way more upset about Ron Paul’s moderate success in the 2012 primaries than they let on – he started people re-thinking the wars. NPR, in particular but all the MSM really, hated Ron Paul in the same way the democrats hate Tulsi. His candidacy was an embarrassment to Bush and it cleared some space for PT to follow 4 yrs later …

    That was about the time Koch brothers started pouring millions into CATO and polluting the far-right corner of the GOP. They cleverly married small government purists and fanatics (who take it to the extreme, believing in no borders) into the overlapping paleoconservative wing (Pat Buchanan for ex). In one decade, they have diluted the Libertarian Party into a “pro-immigration” lobbying group full of complete leftie lunatics.

    Ron Paul didn’t talk a lot about social conservatism, but he now has more in common with Pat Buchanan than the Libertarian Party.

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  16. Rockitz says:

    Here’s Ron Paul as lead singer of the B-52s as a much younger man. ;o)


  17. mopar2016 says:

    The exchange between senator Paul and candidate Trump at the debate three years ago was priceless. I’m starting to like Rand Paul a little more than I used to.
    Not much, but a some. I’ve been following him a little closer since he was attacked.
    His attacker should be doing time.


  18. GB Bari says:

    Very glad that Senator Paul is recovering. He did not deserve the violent attack that threatened his life. Only 30 days jail time for the attacker was obscene and devoid of justice.

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  19. Laurie Walker says:

    The Libertarian philosophy is the most confusing to me. It seems to be a combination of anarchy and small government.


    • wondering999 says:

      Decades ago, a friend from California began to pass out Libertarian books to all his friends (this was before internet).

      The way I understand Libertarian ideals is that people should mind their own business more, and mind other people’s business less. A lot of problems are solved this way (obviously not all)


  20. curator55 says:

    All the best to Rand and Kelley Paul and a full recovery for Rand with no other problems associated with the injury. 30 days for attacking “a GOP” Senator. I wonder what the Judge doles out if it’s a Dem Senator that’s attacked.

    Exposing socialism or “The Case Against…” it and how it always ends up stripping citizens of their freedom and ruins economies is a well timed book given the rising numbers of low information socialist dreamers today.

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  21. Reitired IG says:

    Very disturbed after watching this interview and reading some of the CTH responses to this post. What does it matter whether Senator Rand supports President Trump? For crying out loud, he’s a human being that has been maimed and injured by a deranged forking neighbor who basically gets to walk for his crime. Surgery, at least for myself, would be the VERY LAST RESORT for a healing outcome.
    Adding insult to his real injury, to hear that a hoard of “so called humans” descended on him as if in a swarm of mad hornets to wish him ILL just blows my mind.
    Am working through my thinking re social media (not a participant thank you, did enough time behind the lines to know better).
    Am wondering whether these are these real people who sent ill wishes to Senator Rand? Or is it a generated algorithm without a persona, face or name spewing this stuff? Think it is the latter.
    If you can find it, watch the movie “Brazil.” Truly frightening. My VHS tape of it is broken. Or read a book by Marshall McLuhan.
    For whatever he can accomplish in office, my best to President Trump for even daring to call out “Fake News.” He may not prevail over the Swamp, but he has called out the media for their FAKE NEWS. That is an AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT.
    President Trump has tasked us with thinking about what we read in the “newspapers,” or on-line. To me he is saying – develop your ability to DISCERN. the difference between what is real and what is an illusion. Think he is well on the road to break through the Matrix and destroy the Borgs that want to rule us.
    Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius tonight. Anniversary of Woodstock. Lots going on in the universe. Will be deeply disturbing to many humans. Hang in there. The war against the Borgs is only beginning. Love to all.


    Myself, I believe the greatest dis-ease of human kind these daze is the instant gratification of posting a comment. Just for the sake of doing so. I write this without judgment or condemnation. Despise that I had to resort to spell check to write this. Amen.


  22. Herbert Kroll says:

    I once had multiple parts of my body surgically removed, tossed and placed back in random order by a troupe of clowns. Luckily, it wasn’t serious.


  23. treehouseron says:

    His wife is adorable, this attack probably took a couple years off of his life with her which is a crime against humanity.


  24. Sherri Young says:


  25. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    Ah yes, more evidence of the violent, nontolerant, punk thugs, cognitively challenged radical misfits aka known as Democrats and the Party of the KKK. May the degenerates never win another election.


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