Andrew McCabe Files Federal Civil Lawsuit Against DOJ and FBI – Claims Trump Carried Out “Unconstitutional Plan” Against Him…

Today former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe files a federal civil lawsuit (full pdf below) claiming wrongful termination by the DOJ and FBI.  Exactly the same parameters are used by McCabe as were asserted by FBI Agent Peter Strzok in a very similar lawsuit earlier this week…. Only McCabe claims a conspiracy carried out by President Trump.

Again, as with the earlier Strzok lawsuit, both are not going through the process within the Department of Labor for a wrongful termination complaint.  Instead both are using federal courts in an effort to construct a narrative of sorts.

The motive here is 100% political obfuscation, and the same Lawfare team is involved in the construct.

Both Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok are claiming their first amendment (speech) and fifth amendment (due process) rights were violated.  Both have filed civil suits under the same pretext.  However, McCabe’s Lawfare lawyers construct an argument that goes one step further.

According to Andrew McCabe, President Donald Trump constructed a master conspiracy of influence upon the DOJ and FBI; thereby usurping the powers of the constitution in a sketchy legal theory they cannot define.  Thus the McCabe lawyers define the action by President Trump under “legal nullity” – An operation that theoretically is, or might be, of some legal significance, but in fact lacks any identity or distinct structure of its own.

These Lawfare ideologues are nuts.

Seriously, think about the reality that these people were in charge of some of the most important institutions within our government, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.   Don’t rush into the weeds before contemplating his.

These ideologues, purely political partisan ideologues, were running the DOJ and FBI.

These ideologues are so entrenched within the echo-chamber of their network, family, friends and political allies, they cannot even see the scale of ridiculousness they are operating in.  And they just didn’t get there…. they’ve been in this bubble for years; while simultaneously making decisions that impact the lives of every American.

These are not normal-thinking people.  These are radical leftists, with a perspective of educated activism and organizing at the core of their self identity and effort. These are Marxist views, outlooks and engagements with the world around them; demanding conformity and manipulating the law to achieve an ideological goal.

Read these highlighted paragraphs and think about this carefully.  You don’t have to be a lawyer to see stupid:

The people assisting Andrew McCabe with this nuttery are not stable people.  These are the same “small group” operators with the exact same mindset as we highlighted yesterday when a former FBI Deputy Director of Counterintelligence is saying publicly that President Trump is signalling coded-messages of “heil Hitler” by having flags lowered until dusk tonight.

People carrying this outlook; hanging out in the same circles; holding the same discussions at work and in their social circle; disconnected from any sense of accountability or responsibility.  Completely isolated from the inherent normalcy found within right or wrong.  Everything is grey; everyone gets a trophy; intent defines responsibility; and anyone who challenges their world-view must be removed or eliminated.

This mindset is deep inside the operating institutions of the United States government, the FBI, DOJ and State Department.  It’s jaw-dropping to think about, REALLY.

Here’s the lawsuit:


Remember, this lawsuit is being brought by the same guy who was fired for this:

(IG Report McCabe)

Per the Inspector General report into the behavior of Andrew McCabe, he is a compulsive liar.

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307 Responses to Andrew McCabe Files Federal Civil Lawsuit Against DOJ and FBI – Claims Trump Carried Out “Unconstitutional Plan” Against Him…

  1. OpenMind says:

    A possible explanation for both suits could be to create leverage as to potential deponents by opening discovery. Sue the FBI, Wray, and the Attorney General, and you gain access to most of the DOJ. If the reference to the Mueller’s phone in McCabe’s book was a warning shot at Rosenstein, then it’s not impossible to imagine that the civil suits from McCabe and Strzok allow them to seek discovery from almost everyone they dealt with during the years leading up to their terminations.

    Even though they’re both bad actors, I’ve no doubt their attorneys can make even the most seemingly upstanding members of the bureau break into a cold sweat at the prospect of a wide-ranging deposition. Afterall, these buffoons all seem to spend their entire careers circling the revolving door between DC firms and the top of the bureau; it’s highly improbably that any of them is lily white through and through.

    By filing the cases now, they may be hoping they can get ahead of any grand jury indictments. That is, if they can rattle the DOJ, then maybe Durham will back off on what he presents to a grand jury as to both miscreants.

    Dirty pool.

    Just a hair-brained possibility offered by a recovering law nerd.

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    • David Dean says:

      The only option either is an appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), them an appeal if the AJ turns them down to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, then t the US Supreme. This is a federal personnel action and must go through the administrative procedure (MSPB) before the matter can be appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, an Article III court. If the matter was not timely filed with the MSPB they are out of luck. Some lawyers are taking their money for nothing.

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    • Linda K. says:

      McCabe is projecting his own unconstitutional coup onto Trump and it does not hold water. First of all, McCabe’s position had nothing to do with the constitution. He was just a fancy pencil pusher…and not a very good one, at that.


    • Linda K. says:

      McCabe is projecting his own unconstitutional coup onto Trump and it does not hold water. First of all, McCabe’s position had nothing to do with the constitution. He was just a fancy pencil pusher…and not a very good one, at that.


    • Bulldog84 says:

      Discovery is a double-edged sword. If the plaintiffs ultimately get it, they will have to submit to it.

      Notably, both Strzok and McCabe have experienced white collar criminal defense lawyers on their respective teams. This indicates the certainty that both men know they are at risk for criminal liability. Under the circumstances, I would not be surprised if they seek to delay or avoid discovery from their clients, who are at risk of further self-incrimination.

      You might be correct that both men seek to get ahead of any indictments in the sense that they want to infect any future jury pool with their own narratives. That the explains the lengthy complaints and any concept of notice pleading being tossed aside.

      From one recovering law nerd to another, FWIW.


      • OpenMind says:

        I would agree, but the Gov’t usually doesn’t engage in discovery with the same fervor as a private party. I’m not saying that any depositions will be held, but without engaging in blackmail, the plaintiffs’ attorneys can now place courtesy calls to certain Departmental and Bureau employees…you know, to let them know they would like to know their availability for depositions. How fast will the plaintiffs get the Wolfe treatment?


    • 1987bear says:

      Best defense is a Good Offense.


  2. Carrie says:

    Rosie memos thinks McCabe might have been cleared in the OPR investigation?! Ugh… Please no..

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    • Carrie says:

      Sundance had earlier surmised that Jessie Liu had dropped charges on McCabe, but this apparently confirms it.

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    • Merkin Muffley says:

      I just read your link and several adjoining links. These emails are roughly a month before the IG Report on McCabe was released. Do these email exchanges pertain to that report or something else? And isn’t the IG office different from the OPR office? Any clarification you can give will be helpful.


  3. Attorney says:

    Let’s see some Prison Orange.


  4. ezgoer says:

    The only way to end this and clean out the corruption that is deep within DOJ, FBI, State, CIA is to build the gallows and use them . Only way to excise this.


  5. “You can’t put me in jail! I’m suing my accusers !”


    • 1987bear says:

      & msm will scream He;s a political prisoner & we don’t do that in America. Well we don’t spy & try to overthrow a candidate/President either.


  6. Danimal28 says:

    And another Deputy Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division is throwing around the H8 stupid conspiracy… These people are rabid and need to be held accountable. Problem is, I don’t think it is possible as they all have ‘pictures’ on everyone. What a damnable joke.


  7. mugzey302 says:

    Pretty obvious that these 2 wombats would never make it in corporate America. If you don’t think the new department manager will kick you to the curb if you refuse direct orders or continually obstruct his efforts or undermine him with other employees ~ then you’re just stupid.


  8. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Haha! They must be 💩ing bricks right about now! Enough to build a little fortress of 💩 to hide in, and shoot little 💩 spitwads at the world they despised for all these years.

    Now they’re finally gonna get whats coming to them.


  9. boomerbeth says:

    Antidepressant addiction is the cause. These “law degree” actors are suffering from serious cognitive deficits. Their executive decision skills are seriously impaired. They are completely irrational.
    It is doubtful any one of them could function at a real job in the private sector.

    WARNING: Don’t give any of these unstable creeps an ak47!

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  10. Brian Baker says:

    All of these cases are in the DC area. I don’t trust any jury or judge there to be fair and impartial on any of this.

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    • Battleship Wisconsin says:

      The lawsuits are intended to create a narrative in the media, in the halls of Congress, and in the minds of potential jurors for criminal trials held in the DC area that the Spygate perpetrators were performing their duties properly in defending America from Russian interference, and that they are now becoming the victims of retaliation from Donald Trump and his AG for having done the work that was expected of them in the day-to-day performance of their jobs.


      • 1987bear says:

        Nailed it!!!


        • Battleship Wisconsin says:

          Nadler has announced that formal impeachment hearings will begin when the Congress returns from its summer vacation.

          The blatantly false narrative of Trump retaliation against the Spygate perps is likely to become even more brazen and more bizarre. As the Big Ugly unfolds, the document releases will be painted as representing a continuing pattern of obstruction of justice on the part of the president and his AG.

          The ‘perps as victims’ narrative will become a topic for investigation in the House impeachment hearings as an example of Trump’s alleged continuing obstruction of justice following release of the Mueller Report.

          Any Spygate perps who are being investigated by the AG and by Durham for criminal actions while they held senior government positions will be brought before the Judiciary Committee to recount their horror stories of being the targets of Trump’s alleged retaliation.

          The impeachment hearings will become more grist for the MSM to chew on, and will supply more publicity that could influence the outcomes of any jury trials held in the Washington DC and Eastern Virginia venues.


  11. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    Another criminal attacking justice. So typical of that mindset that it has become a trait.


  12. dallasdan says:

    Each of the two lawsuits may be equally defensive of the other by complicating the legal process by overwhelming it. These cases, because of their complexity and multitude of witnesses to be deposed or questioned, seem of the multi-year variety from initiation to conclusion, which would serve the deep state very well.

    IMO, the resistance has successfully owned the lawfare aspect of the battle for justice. Moreover, Barr will now have additional opportunities to make endless his vigorous defense of the FBI and DOJ, such that an eventual settlement with both plaintiffs with details and evidence sealed for 50 years. Such circumstances will sweep away their criminality and that of their co-conspirators.

    The criminals will escape and the FBI/DOJ will not be shamed as bastions of criminality. Barr will have accomplished his mission.

    It makes logical sense.


  13. OmegaManBlue says:

    Not prosecuting Comey. McCabe, and Strzok has it’s downside. Also McCabe has close to 500k to bring this lawsuit from donations to his legal fund.


  14. In the Land of Poz says:

    Do the lawsuits create otherwise unavailable routes for passing material to or from Congress/DOJ/FBI? Maybe the point is not for Strzok and McCabe to win anything in court or in the media, but to provide cover for them to supply Nadler with information, or move things that they (or Congress) know into the public record.

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  15. Bromdale says:

    Is it possible that all this has been set up with the active connivance of the FBI? If the bureau tacitly agrees to “roll over” and fails to mount an adequate defence of its conduct, then if even one of the cases were to be won, that would “prove” that Trump conspired as alleged, and show that he was unfit to be President. Grounds for impeachment. Far-fetched I know, but some people are getting desperate.

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  16. Ospreyzone says:

    …and just like Strzok, this lawsuit will land on judge Amy Berman Jackson’s desk. …but, trust the plan.

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  17. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    “The Durham Effect”?


  18. Nowut Ameen says:

    This will be thrown out since McC and Strozk did not exhaust administrative appeals provided by law. They avoided that because their misconduct would be the focus. In this, they can try to force the focus on Trump.

    BTW what is an “unconstitutional motivation” ? Have they been talking to Judge Nap?

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    • 1987bear says:

      Possibly giving msm more ammunition for when this White Supremacist crap fails. They have to keep the attacks going thru Nov 2020


  19. Conservative_302 says:

    These corrupt government employees are Godless. They do not have an ounce of the integrity us deplorables have. I am not rich or famous, but I know when I get to the pearly gates I will feel humbly proud of my life here on earth.


  20. FreedomLover says:

    I saw several years ago that Obama systematically installed political officers top down at all federal agencies – I’m sure others did also. So, I’m happy to see Sundance make this clear. This means marxists are installed way down the line – Obama had two terms to engineer this. This is regardless of lawsuits. Trump hasn’t taken time to clean all this out, but maybe it’s easier to get that rot in place than to clean it out. Obama on down aren’t socialist leaning, they’re what I call “bloody Marxists” – wanting the true bloody revolution within the U.S. . As far as the lawsuits go, I wouldn’t focus on the people bringing the suits – they’re just cooperating with the lawfare group. As far as OIG finding things that could be prosecuted, I don’t find it that outrageous that the DOJ declines prosecution. It’s not like they are DOJ initiated investigations. More like a company where someone brings something to HR. Does the OIG ever really cause actions to take place? But, I think they’re very helpful in bringing information to us. After that, it’s up to us to win the information war and sway public opinion.

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  21. chickenhawk says:

    These people are so disgusting and reprehensible. I’m thinking a full post on lawyer jokes is warranted.
    However, I realize that not all legal beagles are evil. No offense to lurking lawyer.


  22. dbobway says:

    Andrew McCabe is a traitor.
    It’s that simple.
    He is a traitor to every American who voted for Donald Trump.

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  23. jbrickley says:

    Classic example of villainous swamp dwellers diving under a rock as the sun bakes the swamp into oblivion. If justice still means anything in this country, they will be dragged kicking and screaming into criminal proceedings. Time will tell if they will flip for a deal and take down the whole lot of them. Winter is coming!


  24. JeffD_NC says:

    Again, when you’re at work your 1st amendment rights are waived. The companies that allow it on the clock are few (NFL) & even then it’s clearly stated the company “recognizes” that right in the workplace. Am gonna go out on a limb here & suggest that it’s highly doubtful the FBI wants their agents to do anything other than the task at hand. Just a small side note that Trump didn’t fire McAbe or Strzok so their lawsuits about being terminated unfairly by the President is just that more laughable.


  25. uptothere says:

    In my opinion these lawsuits point to the importance of bringing charges against these traitors instead of firing them for valid but minor infractions. They have to be stomped on to remove any wiggle room for ridiculous suits such as these. Lord knows the evidence is there. Just need to use it in court.

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  26. Dougger says:

    These lawsuits are a way to avoid media interviews when the IG report comes out. They cannot discuss details regarding ongoing litigation, and therefore, cannot answer the question as to whether or not they are lying crap weasels.

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  27. Rockitz says:

    Possibly a preemptive ploy so that he can claim retaliation when he is finally indicted?

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  28. I expect all of these civil cases to be procedurally dismissed before trial. If they weren’t, everyone who had ever been fired with cause would be pummeling the civil court system with “Constitutional violations.” Neither the First nor the Fifth Amendments guarantee you a job, or prevent you from being fired with cause from a job. (And in both cases there is abundant documentation of why their supervisors acted as they did.)

    The Department of Labor already has well-defined processes for dealing with legitimate abuse … which does happen, from time to time … and established law already requires you to avail yourself of these processes first, before you are allowed to take your employer to court. Neither of these former employees has done so.

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  29. RAC Esq. says:

    I don’t have any legal knowledge so don’t laugh. Most say that these two are going to fail in their unusual quest. I wonder if it’s a threat aimed at their own side. They both know they’re in trouble, if they got to court with their action and called witnesses from FBI who they knew to be crooked and asked them awkward questions. They might be sending the message, “help us out or we will drop you in it too”


    • I’m 100% certain that a trial will never come in either case. “So What” if you say that your Constitutional Rights were violated when someone decided to fire you with cause. Anyone could say that, and if it were really that easy, everyone who’d ever been fired (and who could afford to hire lawyers) would be doing so. The civil court system would be overrun with frivolity.

      So … that’s not what US labor law says. There are established processes by which you can officially raise a claim of “wrongful termination,” outside of the civil court system. You must file an EEOC complaint and(!) receive proper determination from the EEOC before you would be allowed to file a civil court case. State laws also apply.

      These “disgruntled former employees” have not bothered to do any of these things, so they have no standing to file a civil lawsuit anywhere. The cases should be, and no doubt soon will be, procedurally dismissed.


  30. shipley130 says:

    Top Law Enforcement Officer: You’re fired.
    Particular FBI agent: Even though I broke 1 million laws and FBI rules, it is unconstitutional to fire me.


  31. I’m sure that these attorneys who call themselves “Lawfare” are making tons of money from gullible politicians and government officials, but they sure aren’t giving credible legal advice. They’re telling these people what they want to hear – that the Law is whatever they want it to be, and maybe that frivolous lawsuits like these are the cat’s meow. But, that isn’t a counselor giving his/her client good counsel. Their legal opinions and strategies when tested by actual courts are turning out to be worthless. I’m unimpressed. (And, since they billed our nation $38 million for the piece-of-junk called the Mueller Report, I want our money back. Their work product is incompetently prepared and legally worthless.)


  32. kathy says:

    Love how the guilty one accuses someone else of his own crimes. Sigh. The Leftist play book never changes.


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