Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Upcoming Mueller Testimony…

HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes appears on Fox News Weekend to discuss the upcoming congressional testimony of special counsel Robert Mueller.  Additionally, Nunes discusses the aggregate issues with the FBI and DOJ.

The Gang-of-Eight meeting Nunes notes McCabe attempted to get him removed from was the May 17th, 2017, meeting by Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe where they briefed the Go8 on the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel prior to the public release.

During that 3/17/17 meeting DAG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were concerned that Devin Nunes would support President Trump’s position when McCabe and Rosenstein launched the corrupt and fraudulent Special Counsel.


For deep-weed CTH readers: After listening to Nunes strongly implying he expects a full DC cover-up of the entire weaponized DC operation against candidate, president-elect and President Trump. I started a new intelligence research project to identify what might lie at the center of that concern.

Many of you know I work with old school research filing systems and timelines. One aspect that stands out; and considering Nunes has been a Go8 member since Rep. Mike Rogers resigned – therefore he has a particularly valuable insight; is the strong possibility that all of the Obama-era surveillance was actually a political CIA operation.

There are a host of small details -and individual characters- that only have one commonality, the CIA.

Starting with the footnote from FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer:

The pre-existing MOU, suspected origination in around 2012, is a key piece of this puzzle. If the Terror Threat Integration Center (TTIC) is the premise behind how the FBI and CIA memo of understanding connects shared information from NSA database extraction (I think it does), then John Brennan is actually the originator of this contractor problem.

At the very beginning of the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) origination, the task was to synergize the CIA and FBI.   John Brennan was THE GUY, (back in 2003) who was given this task:

On 1 May 2003, the Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC) opened its doors. Led by its first Director, John Brennan, TTIC filled its ranks with approximately three dozen detailees from across the US Government (USG) and was mandated to integrate CT capabilities and missions across the government.

Prior to the establishment of TTIC, individual Federal departments and agencies (largely CIA and FBI) provided the President their own assessments of the terrorist threat. (link)

It would make sense that Brennan and Mueller (pre-comey) set up the standard of the CIA and FBI working together on domestic surveillance efforts.   It does not seem coincidental that Brennan was made CIA Director in 2012, at the exact same time as Obama and Holder dropped the IRS ‘secret research project’ and shifted to NSA database extraction.

The timing here is too damned coincidental.

FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer didn’t pick the year 2012 out of thin air when she noted the government’s unreliable “non-compliance rate” since that time frame.  In essence, based on admissions to the court, the FISA-702 contractor database search abuse began at the same time Brennan became CIA Director, and likely the same time as that FBI and CIA (or ODNI and TTIC – matters not) Memorandum of Understanding.

You put all of that together with Brennan’s 2016 “Working Group” and the “Deputies Meetings“, and then stand back and look at who the known participants were in/around the exact same time…. and, well, the one constant is the C.I.A.

The Working Group operated out of the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, where it worked in secrecy away from the other members of the various intelligence agencies. Agents that participated in the Working Group had to sign non-disclosure agreements to access the shared intelligence of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. It has also been described as “informal”.

The Crossfire Hurricane investigation team, in conjunction with a number of agents at the Eastern District of Virginia under United States Attorney Dana Boente, reported to the Working Group, including the Central Intelligence Agency.

Robert Hannigan GCHQ meets with Brennan (CIA) instead of Mike Rogers (NSA).

Joseph Mifsud – CIA

Stephan Halper – CIA

Peter Strzok – CIA

Carter Page – CIA (admitted)

Oleg Deripaska – CIA (attempted recruitment)

The London Center – CIA

The Cambridge Symposium – CIA

Erika Thompson – (Western Intelligence) (CIA)

Charles Tawil – (Israeli Intelligence) (CIA)

Nellie Ohr – CIA

The list goes on and on.

If you drill down the curriculum vitae of any key participants in the 2016 events you will find a direct connection to the CIA; not an indirect or obscure connection, but rather an admitted direct relationship between their professional endeavors and the CIA.

Given the nature of Devin Nunes open concerns about accountability; and when you honestly take a ‘big picture’ look at the participants in/around the activity he is talking about…. what you end up with is a sense that Nunes concern is related to how all of the players are enmeshed with the CIA.

Heck, it’s enough to make you ask if  the DOJ “Russia” angle, which we can clearly see is transparently fraudulent -and was pushed by DAG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, was actually created to hide the 2016 fingerprints of the CIA?

Wait, what-the….

Yeah, think about it.

How would you best hide the fingerprints of the CIA trying to influence a U.S. presidential election?

Maybe, blame the Russians?

Now the reason for the WaPo and NYT recent stories about AG Barr and the inquisition into the CIA start to make more sense…. and that further backstops Nunes public concern.

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260 Responses to Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Upcoming Mueller Testimony…

  1. Garavaglia says:

    Any individual or group (all the way to the top of the current leadership) who skirts this is “in on it”. Plain and simple.

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    • EJS says:

      I would love to see the congressman ask old Bob what he and his number two knew about the sweetheart Epstein deal. He was FBI director when that went down. Now multiple sources have reported that Acosta was told from higher ups to stand down. All this corruption is intertwined and it’s all coming to a head now. Sit back, watch, and enjoy the show.

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    • inspectorudy says:

      The only US investigation that ended in death was Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg who gave the Soviets the A bomb plans that I know of. I wouldn’t hold my breath too long or you may become the third to die waiting for justice from the Department of Justice!


      • Lamont Cranston says:

        And it only took 2 years to execute the Rosenbergs, not 30 years as is customary today. (It only took 3 weeks to execute the “immigrant” who killed McKinley)
        What happened to my country ? 👌


    • strateshooter says:


      I am starting to think the only way we will ever see the truth is for Devin Nunes/Jordan/Meadows to stand up in Congress , lay out the treason , and so to IMPEACH Donald Trump and /or Bill Barr for breaking his sworn oath to protect the Constitution of the USA.


  2. Dreg1 says:

    “When a true genius appears in the world,
    You may know him by this sign, that the dunces
    are all in a confederacy against him”
    – Jonathan Swift
    “Thoughts on various subjects,
    Moral and Diverting”

    This strikes me as appropriate to this thread!

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    • Gregory Sherman says:

      A time is coming [it’s here now] when men [democrats, hollywood, msm, nevertrumpers, CIA, FBI] will go mad, and when they see someone [like Trump] who is not mad, they will attack him, saying ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’
      – Saint Anthony

      On a planet of insane people [democrats, hollywood, msm, nevertrumpers, CIA, FBI], the sane man [like Trump] must appear insane.
      – Mr. Spock, who seems to have read Saint Anthony

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  3. Dav says:

    This makes the speech 45 gave (on what, his 1st full day in office?) in CIA’s Langley HQ lobby all the more powerful

    POTUS Trump’s very 1st act was to go to the enemys house, and lay down the gauntlet. That’s brass balls of an entirely different class, folks

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    • Stickboy says:

      “POTUS Trump’s very 1st act was to go to the enemys house, and lay down the gauntlet. That’s brass balls of an entirely different class, folks”

      Brass balls is right, and he’ll need them. Another President went after the CIA back in the 60’s……..didn’t work out so good for him.

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      • The other President didn’t have people like Gen.Flynn and Admiral Mike Rogers with him Along with others we don’t even know about, I can 100% For a FACT. tell you that Trump has ALWAYS had his own personal security agents which are some of the best of the best, along with his own intelligence personnel and still does to this day! You don’t really think that Trump is taking the word or trust any of them in Washington do you? This is why they want to get rid of Trump, they all have known this about Trump for years! If your an expert in one of those fields would you go work for the government for maybe, what $200,000 a year or a Billionaire Private Citizen who will pay Way more than that and you get all the perks along with it? Our Government does NOT employ the best of the best in those fields! Trump has his whole life!

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    • At Langley, Trump said Pompeo was a “total star, a total gem” and revealed that Pompeo was the only candidate he vetted for the CIA directorship, one of the most powerful positions in the US government. After meeting Pompeo, Trump said, he canceled interviews with eight unnamed alternative candidates.

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  4. Sherri Young says:

    Jesse Ventura recounts a visit from the CIA shortly after taking office as governor of MN. Always take Jesse Ventura with a grain of salt, but the CIA verified that there was a conversation.

    “He claims the agents’ questions focused how he campaigned for office, or as Ventura writes “how had the independent wrestler candidate pulled this off?”

    Sounds like the CIA wants to be prepared to meddle in our elections.

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    • John says:

      Quite interesting to listen to Ventura,as well as his trip to Cuba.By the way the CIA was once again in breach of their charter.The they inserted a watchdog in his administration.

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  5. David R. Graham says:

    It has been Brennan all along.

    Brennan is Moslem Brotherhood. So is Mueller.

    Decentralizing operations of the Central Intelligence Agency would be a boon for USA national sovereignty and purity, both.

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    • Mike says:

      Rudy Giuliani has called Brennan the quarterback of the Russian hoax months ago. Trump knows what really happened. The issue is how best to reveal it to the public.

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      • David R. Graham says:

        Yes, reason Mr. Brennan is so “outspoken” regarding POTUS Trump’s presence at the head of the Executive Branch.

        You know something else? FWIW, IMO the entire blow up is about their — Brennan/Obama, Clinton, Moslems, and their several minions — trafficking in slaves (boys, girls, and women) and injurious substances (drugs, rare animals and woods).

        Only the truly stupid would imagine they can get away with such things indefinitely and with impunity … and /or the truly suicidal. Brennan’s raging at Trump and ranging against Americans demonstrates that he knows he “done wrong.”


    • Phil Free says:

      Clowns in America

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  6. Meagara says:

    2102–did the spying start on the Romney campaign? Not unlikely.

    Then proceeded to “Jews and others against the “Iran Deal.”” Anti-dealers talked about how they suspect they were being listened on.

    Then etc. then the 2016 campaign. Did they spy on Bernie too??

    Russia was locked in as the excuse when Trump hired Manafort. Glenn Simpson thought he had gift from heaven since he researched Manafort many years. Also Team Hillary needed a distraction from her own Russian ties.

    The framing of Flynn as a Russian agent started long time before Trump. He was not good for the private intel-Russophobia industry. Also he was against the very lucrative Iran Deal. They likely got spy powers over him with the story about his flirtation with the Russian-American historian woman. If they weren’t hypocritical and liars they would have had even more surveillance on the Clintons for their Russian ties.

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    • The CIA centrality in the coup has been recognized by everybody for at least a year. I have referred to it in a number of comments as a “CIA In-Country Regime Change Operation”. The premise for the spying et al. has all along been assurances by “the intelligence community” that indeed the Russians hacked the 2016 election and Trump colluded with them in it; this allowed them all to get away with the most unprofessional libelous attacks on President Trump. And remember the “17 intelligence agencies” in the Jan. 2017 ICA was no such thing, but only Brennan, Clapper, Comey…and Strzok, who was the CIA-FBI linchpin, working in both at the same time as “chief, Counterintelligence Division”. See:

      It’s interesting Sundance takes the FBI-CIA collusion all the way back to 2003, but not surprising, as it was inherent in the whole “Patriot Act/Homeland Security” spying apparatus put in place by Bush Jr.. Just as some had “tingles” up their legs when Obama/Soetoro was implanted as President, many like me had spidey-sense tingles about that “patriotic” crap after 9/11 (on the part of Bush and the intel people then, who DID NOT keep 9/11 from happening).

      There was something else I wanted to put in here, what was it? …about the Muslim angle…Valerie Jarrett, Obama…oh yes, remember how Obama got his Senate seat, when the sealed records of his opponent’s divorce were strangely unsealed and made public. Unmasking, anybody?

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  7. islandpalmtrees says:

    AM, I right in my understanding?

    Extract from my reference above. “The FISA court was not notified of this illegal sharing agreement, which had been ongoing since Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, until two weeks before the 2016 presidential election.[19]”. We all know by now that the FISA ACT is an illegal law, in direct violation of our constitution and now we know the FBI and CIA must have violated the FISA ACT, with direct knowledge and full understanding of it’s consequences.

    If so, then the signers of this MOU have committed a felony, right?


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      note: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


    • mr.piddles says:

      My understanding is that the ORIGINAL FISA Act was not a problem (as far as we know). It was strictly limited to Foreign Operatives and Actors (again, as far as we know). But it morphed into this Civil Rights Dumpster Fire From Hell. Like these folks used the U.S. Constitution like a roll of toilet paper.

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  8. Fangdog says:

    Now the hard part for the everyday dingbat Democrat is explaining why he or she are democrats. What ever justification with the answer they give just makes them look dumber than they already happen to be.

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  9. dallasdan says:

    “For deep-weed CTH readers: After listening to Nunes strongly implying he expects a full DC cover-up of the entire weaponized DC operation against candidate, president-elect and President Trump…”

    The keywords are “a full DC cover-up.” IMO, Nunes and SD concur that choice of words clearly includes the FBI and DOJ, underscoring the futility of anyone expecting punitive, judicial results from any investigation done by any entity.

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  10. Darren says:

    AG Barr is CIA. I’m finding it very hard to be hopeful.

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  11. Stickboy says:

    I would hope nobody is surprised to learn that the CIA is behind everything, hell, they’ve been deciding American politics for decades……not like this is new or something.

    I keep seeing references to the spying going back to 2012……it’s been going on since 9/11 at the very least. The Patriot Act was already written, just needed the catalyst to implement it.

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  12. Mooch says:

    I’m surprised Nunes has time to do interviews-I thought he’D be too busy stuffing his pockets after voting tlast week to give away 300,000 IT jobs to Indian H1Bs. I

    In addition to Nunes these guys voted for the House Bill H1B job give away as well:

    Jim Jordan
    Dan Crenshaw
    Matt Gaetz
    Lee Zeldin

    So much for these guys being on board with MAGA

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  13. spinoneone says:

    I understand full well that the President doesn’t make personal choices for USG employees under most circumstances. However, given the atrocious choices for some jobs, I wonder if Barr isn’t the last hope of the guilty to put this all under a rug.


  14. tominellay says:

    “But I didn’t know until this day that it was Barzini all along.” – Don Vito Corleone


  15. CM-TX says:

    ‘ … mandated to integrate CT capabilities and missions across the government.’

    I didn’t see where it clarified what CT is short for… it sounds like a ref to the program/group (TTIC or other), or maybe some technical term.
    FWIW… Comey had a notebook labeled: “CT” in his SAFE. It was on the List of contents found in his office. Items were catalogued & boxed up.

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  16. Dr.Jay says:

    As I responded earlier (weeks ago), the agency who was using the FBI access to the NSA database was indeed run by Brennan in 2012, but it was not the CIA. He was running some anti terrorism outfit at the time. He became CIA boss only later.

    And secondly I think that they seem to have been making their own little research database containg information about all Americans, using exported extracts from other systems like those from the NSA and IRS. Cross correlating data makes it much easier, even with just partial information. That means that the small set of searchterms were not so much used to target a few spevific people, but are intended to extract all data in batches (batch 1: surname starts with A, batch 2, surname starts with B, etc). This is needed because there are usually pratical limits to query results, so you cant just ask for all at once.
    And this needed to be repeated periodically & for each timeperiod, which also points to the idea of some data warehouse being build using extracts from various systems.

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    • Dr J you mean the database that Mad Maxine Waters mentioned in 2013: “Obama’s Left A “very, very powerful” database in place…”Will have information about EVERYTHING…on EVERY INDIVIDUAL in ways that it’s never been done before”


      • Dr.Jay says:

        Yeah it is more like that, but officially intended for CI purposes. Of course, when you do not carefully control any extracts made, soon anyone can have a copy (as well).

        I first thought that the limited set of search strings used to scan the NSA database meant that they were just after a specific set of political opponents, but the mention of repeating the same query across different time windows sounds more like the query results getting too large otherwise and/or the need to repeat the same queries periodically. Both imply extracts made in order to load & update another database.

        And what they then do with that other database cant be traced at all. No logs, no audit, no traces.


  17. Phil Free says:

    The Clowns in America be busy! Lots of moppin’ up to do!

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  18. Newhere says:

    A couple 40,000-ft, sorta “dumb” questions:

    –Granted it’s never been laid out so plainly and elegant as SD does here, but haven’t we kinda sorta always known that the fountain head here was CIA? (Whenever someone drinking from MSM kool aid would probe me a bit on what I think — and I knew it would be useless to go into it — I’d instinctively say “I think John Brennan should be going to jail.”)

    –Doesn’t it almost make it *easier* for the institutionalists if they can wrap this up with a “CIA bad” bow and be done with it? Everyone already hates the CIA. Would save DOJ/FBI. Of course, that presumes they aren’t actually CIA operatives or sympathizers trying to save the rep of that venerable institution — and by “they” I guess I mean Barr. But really, CIA plays for keeps; if they know this one’s gone bad, they’d sacrifice some of their own scalps, throw in some officials from the last administration, DOJ, FBI, but keep their compromised Congressional shills in place to prevent any real reforms. Make sure it gets chalked up to bad “actors.”

    Honestly, in the back of my mind, I’ve wondered if the “deal” Trump’s people made with Barr was they’d leave the Bush circle alone if he’d honestly prosecute spygate.

    Also in the back of my mind has been John Brennan’s first ever tweet back in December 2017, commemorating the victims of the Pan Am terror attack. The one Barr is rumored to have helped blame on Gadaffi to cover for the CIA. Barr hadn’t been named yet, of course. But he’d already made public comments on obstruction in 2017. Every other one of Brennan’s tweets has been an attack against Trump. I thought it was a weird tweet, then stumbled back on it after Barr was appointed, and it made my hair stand on end. Barr’s more infamously associated with Iran-Contra cover up. Why go old school? Well Barr was CIA counsel during the Pan AM affair. It had the feel of one spook threatening another . . .

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  19. I would caution people here that much of their growing distrust of William Barr arises from impatience and cynicism. Sure, we have ample reason to entertain both. But I also think that we have good reason to expect results – not cover-up.

    Remember the “outrage trap.” This might be the biggest one of all. Consciously or unconsciously, you want “leaks.” You want the documents that you know about to be declassified and released to you, so that you may try the accused in the Court of Public Opinion.™ But if you do these things, the “perps” walk free. You can’t file charges against them because an unbiased Jury cannot be found. Plenty of Chicago mob bosses set up their criminal defense by publishing stories about themselves in the newspapers.

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    • ann says:

      Thanks Mike. I value your input.
      “waiting is the hardest part,” , Tom Petty.

      However, I’ll grimly note we’ve counted plenty coups, yet, have no scalps on our lodge pole.
      In soft war, does not attrition favour the authorian state?

      Scalps; as in convictions of executive commanders, proceeding briskly to incarceration in the long term max sec facilities their colleagues so generously provided for Americans. Hah!

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      • nbkilgore says:

        We will probably not see them marched to a level 6+ Max, but we may hear about their untimely death (suicide, unknown illness, sudden heart attack at young age or a very tragic accident). In the coming months the public and law makers (present/former) will learn about the “Brennan List”, it will begin with our POTUS DJT, Sen. T. Cruz, everyone of the Freedom Caucus members names, conservative media outlets/persons (L. Ingram) and many many more. There will also be the Brennan/Epstien Blackmail list of all those former republicans who bowed out of the 2018 elections thus losing the House. Medium and lil fish will fry, the big fish will swim away from the US coastal seas.


  20. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    The “convenience” of the DNC hack in April 2016 always seemed too good to be true.
    This is precise timeframe when Misfud tells PapaD about Russian dirt/emails from HRC.

    Facebook adds and troll farms would not have sold this BS.
    They needed an OVERT ACTION to attribute to “Russia”
    And voila……….
    The Russians hack the DNC

    All it would have taken at that point was PapaD to “bite” at Misfud’s tale:
    “Can you get your hands on them?”
    PapaD contacting Trump campaign offering to pursue this through Mifsud
    He did neither.

    When PapaD didn’t bite………….(Plan B)
    they sent in Erika/Alex to at least get PapaD to acknowledge he had been told the tale by Mifsud
    Which turned out to be enough to justify EC/Crossfire Hurricane launch

    The TT meeting with the Magnitsky girl was another similar ploy: “Hillary Dirt”

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  21. FishtheDish says:

    Remember – Nunes (and others) filed criminal referrals with detailed information. Nothing is happening. We ALL can see the Cristopher Wray problem – and yet Barr is not addressing that.
    We picked up rumbles that people in the agencies were not complying. The last OIG report was clearly whitewashed. Too many data points vector straight to a Potomac two-step cover up.

    I can’t wait (although it will make me sick) to hear the “story” – “some mistakes were made, some procedures not followed, ….but everything is A-OK, nothing to see here move along.”

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  22. dee white says:

    This is a test.


  23. Padric says:

    Well, from a political perspective if this does ever get revealed and it is true that this was done against the Romney campaign, Donald Trump will then completely own Mitt Romney at least as far as dealing with the issue goes (prosecutions, further declassification, etc). Think about it: How the heck would Mitt Romney oppose any of those actions if it turns out he’s a victim too?

    On a side note, maybe it was just me but I thought it was a given once we knew that Halper was CIA that the whole Russia thing was an attempt to cover their tracks, especially given the fact that they have the ability to hack a server and make it look like the Russians.

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  24. boomerbeth says:

    Jeffrey Epstein CIA
    Alberto Gonzales protected the Bushes


  25. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    If mueller actually testifies, the republicans should grill him on this, and maybe even throw him a curveball about what kind of information Epstein was giving him (just to get it out there in front of the media)


  26. islandpalmtrees says:

    That’s right, the Russian’s had nothing to do with the email leaks from the DNC. More proof, the Muller Dossier is a pile of horseshit. So the tax payer spend how much, on the Muller’s Dossier, more then 30 million. So why, has the Muller team not been charged with fraud? More FBI and DOJ corruption, right?

    BREAKING: Lawsuit Outs Reporter Ellen Ratner as Source for Seth Rich Information


  27. jeans2nd says:

    There is def some funny stuff going on here. Has to do with Gen Flynn. Will try to make sense of a few more weeds and write it down l8r.


  28. David Farrar says:

    Haven’t you head: Secretary Pompeo agrees with the Intelligence Community’s report that the Russian government attempted to sow discord in our democracy and undermine our election process., so there is no further need to question their findings?


    • jeans2nd says:

      You are comparing apples and oranges.
      Sec Pompeo is referring to Russian ads and entries on FaceBook and Twitter to influence American public opinion and undermine faith in our gubmint.
      Sundance is referring to illegal spying done by our gubmint on American citizens, Pres Trump, and the Trump Campaign.
      Two entirely different animals.


  29. jeans2nd says:

    This is difficult (for me) to articulate properly. Hope this makes some sense.

    Joe Flynn, brother of Lt Gen Michael T Flynn, spoke with late-night talk show host John B Wells 15 June 2019, and appears to verify your current research conclusions, with a few differences.
    (Joe Flynn has been on Wells’ show several times; Gen Flynn was on in 2016)

    There are two parts to this interview; 1:20:00 – 1:34:00, and 1:39:00 – 1:47:00 (times approx).
    The first part, beginning at 1:20:00, deals with Gen Flynn’s hiring of Sidney Powell after Joe Flynn’s talk with Ms Powell Nov 2018.
    The second part, beginning at 1:39:00, are Joe Fynn’s impressions on the genesis of Russiagate/Spygate.

    Re: the second part – Joe Flynn believes the originating object of Russia/Spygate is Gen Flynn. Insert this from Wikipedia (today) – note “Halper associate expressed concerns” re: Feb 2014 dinner with Svetlana Lukhova (sp?), not Halper. Also, Wikipedia says Halper himself was at that dinner. Not true. Halper was not there.

    From Wikipedia, today – “Stefan Halper, who worked for three Republican presidents and was a longtime informant for the American intelligence community, had a February 2014 encounter with Flynn at a London intelligence conference. Halper became so alarmed by Flynn’s close association with a Russian woman that a Halper associate expressed concerns to American authorities that Flynn may have been compromised by Russian intelligence. Flynn was forced out of the DIA six months later, although public accounts at the time cited other reasons for his removal, including his management style and views on Islam. Halper was later a central figure in Spygate, a conspiracy theory initiated by President Donald Trump that asserted the FBI had planted a spy in his 2016 campaign.[35]”

    Joe Flynn believes the spying on Gen Flynn began after his dismissal from DIA 7 Aug 2014. Halper stepped in with the initial accusation (altho Wikipedia says differently). The Gen Flynn accusations sound like the same ones pulled on Gens Petraeus and Kelly, do they not?

    The Gen Flynn spying continued and morphed over to the Trump campaign when Gen Flynn joined the Trump campaign, altho imo the Trump spying began separately.

    Gen Flynn knew who were the corruptocrats at FBI and CIA in the top echelon of FBI-CIA, according to Joe Flynn. One might surmise Gen Flynn has proof.

    This is difficult to articulate Suggest taking 20 mins and give this interview a listen.

    Note – the Wikipedia article has been edited many times, and is more fiction than fact. There are obvious blatant lies in the Wikipedia entry. The first line says Gen Flynn is a convicted felon.

    Also, John B Wells has been labeled another “conspiracy theorist” (he is not). But then, CN&N declared Sidney Powell a “conspiracy theorist” when Gen Flynn hired her.


    • jeans2nd says:

      The best part of this interview, to me, is in the first part. Joe Flynn and Gen Flynn went for a walk after Gen Flynn’s guilty plea, and Gen Flynn told Joe Flynn that it was all worth it, as Gen Flynn had stopped Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

      Those are the words of one of our finest Generals and Patriots.
      Our Lord will bless Gen Flynn and his family.


  30. jeans2nd says:

    More, from Larry Johnson over at the Colonels –
    “why was he (Flynn) targeted? A contributing factor was the lingering resentment towards Flynn for the role DIA played when he was in charge with respect to Obama’s Syria policy. The DIA was an honest broker in a heavily politicized Washington in the summer of 2012. The DIA, under General Flynn’s leadership, accurately reported that Assad’s government was withstanding the U.S. backed rebel onslaught. The integrity of analysis demanded by Flynn earned him enemies from policymakers keen on embroiling the United States in the Syrian civil war.”

    Johnson ties this in with an Israeli oil firm, Ration Oil Exploration. Johnson neglects to mention PapaD’s role right here. PapaD, of course, was threatened with FARA, being accused of working for Israel. Throw in PapaD’s mysterious guy who gave him the 10 grand.
    Appears to me this was all aimed at Gen Flynn, moreso than Pres Trump (that is a SWAG).

    Johnson agrees – all CIA origin. CIA advised FBI where to start and what to do.

    Good grief. These people are evil.


  31. MR52 says:

    I think you are missed Obama from the list. If just for a second you ask yourself what would an individual would look like that worked for the CIA, you have Obama. Nobody saw him at Harvard. His background make him the true Manchurian Candidate.


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