President Donald Trump Surprises Visiting Tour Group…

A group of spectators and supporters were gathered near the South Lawn to watch President Trump depart the White House.  The visiting group included Representative Mark Meadows and likely some of his North Carolina constituents.

President Trump takes the time to visit with the group of normal Americans, and arm himself with support, prior to engagement with the assembled hyenas.

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76 Responses to President Donald Trump Surprises Visiting Tour Group…

  1. BroMole says:

    Meanwhile the CNN headline: “Trump costs secret service thousands of extra dollars and shows up late to a meeting”

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  2. MaryfromMarin says:

    Tanking up.

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  3. Hyenas of the world unite! And reject the comparison.

    Nothing deters PDJT, his relentless push toward the goals of the people makes me think of how relentless the founding fathers were.

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    • wlbeattie says:

      IMO You’re spot-on there.
      Trump does seem to be of same ilk as your forefathers.
      He has truly inherited their forthrightness, honesty and mettle!
      Since becoming POTUS, every day has been a war for him!


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  4. Sherry Higdon says:

    Yeah, there he goes being all racist again!!!

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    • Rachel Guess says:

      Sherry Higdon,

      That was my first thought as well! If those are the actions of a ‘raciiisssstttt’, then you can call me one too. I stand proudly with PDJT!


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      • Carrie2 says:

        And another thing I like about him is he loves children and they don’t cry when he picks them up. This little girl will have a picture as she grows up that I am sure her family and she will keep. He connects with all no matter sex or color because we are all just peope!

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    • palafox says:

      Not just racist, but a Nazi and a war-mongering tyrant! Just look at all that Tyranny!

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  5. beaujest says:

    God bless this great champion of the people !

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  6. permiejack says:

    10 minutes in his busy day to have human contact with deplorables. Pays back huge dividends! I can just imagine all those pics being pasted on Facebook pages. VSGPDJT

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  7. FL_GUY says:

    Did you see all those young people and how excited they were to see President Trump!

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  8. Coast says:

    And he did this not playing politics but because he love the American people. Democrats just don’t get it.

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  9. stats_guy says:

    Ok, I know I’m a, but really how does this guy not win 55/45 in 2020?

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Just stay away from the Paid, and Lying Pollsters!

      Figures don’t Lie,
      But Pollsters Do!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      I think we all know his % is way higher but remember a poll can be bought to say what it wants. He is too loved and wanted and hundreds of thousands there yesterday for a super great speech and recommendations to our service men and women. He doesn’t lie and that makes fake news and democrat communists madder than hell. I am sure that yesterday those against him, us and our country did not like what he said about God, that is if they sneaked in to listen and I do believe many did, which might again cause many democrat voters to switch to vote for him and for his keeping his promises, is touchable, can send emails to him, and if he is around get him and you in a photo.

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  10. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Every Time You Say President Trump,
    A Deplorable Gets its Courage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Maybe wings too!!!!!!!!!)

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    • Bill_M says:

      And don’t forget: “Every time you say President Trump, a liberal’s head explodes.”

      Was going to say “…and Hillary gets heartburn” but she doesn’t have a heart.

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  11. CanaCon says:

    I think this is what “government OF the people” looks like.

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  12. How very unpresidential. Clearly such a lack of decorum. Absolutely grounds for impeachment. / s

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  13. jeff semda says:

    More people than at a DNC rally

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  14. jeff semda says:

    More people than at a DNC rally

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  15. Those people were excited to see president Trump, Great for Them,

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  16. Let’s be fair…the number of times bho showed affection & respect for people was________. ???

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  17. flatlandgoober says:

    Donald J. Trump is a spectacular leader who gives me GREAT JOY!

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  18. Alex Pazzo says:

    ……….in a landslide!!!!!

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  19. LafnH20 says:

    🇺🇸The PEOPLES President🇺🇸

    🇺🇸🇺🇸ALWAYS, Time enough.. For The People🇺🇸🇺🇸


    GOD, Bless This Man.
    AMEN 🙏

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  20. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    All these people think he is a legitimate President, former President Cater.

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  21. MustangBlues says:

    What an awesome man we have as President;

    Donald J. Trump is a true man of the people, so genuine and friendly and gives everyone eye contact, a few words and a handshake plus family photo.

    We are blessed as a nation, to have President Donald J. Trump. MAGA, KAG 2020 for the USA.

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  22. listingstarboard says:

    I love Mark Meadows, he is a quiet steadfast guy with integrity and has backed our POTUS 100%–pray NC keeps electing him!!

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  23. Being with Mark Meadows </I? Tour Group, it's very likely these Folks were from….

    North Carolina ..
    I’m PROUD of the Folks in My state, part of this group, Showing Patriotism, GRACE, And Respect, to Our President!

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  24. Man!!! Will PDJT ever slow down. And be less spontaneous. I hope not.

    He must drive the SS nuts, ask Bongino that question.

    Hearing all the cheers and seeing all the happy faces tells us how bad it was under Zero. Lots of women and children.

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    • permiejack says:

      He’s a blue collar billionaire and a real people person. Couldn’t tell what he was saying but had people belly laughing just like at the G20 group picture video.

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  25. Iwasthere says:

    Meh. Just the greatest President ever, out greeting the deplorables. /s.

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  26. visage13 says:

    I love our President but he must make the Secret Service crazy lol because he is truly a man of the people and will not hide. That is why we support him!

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    • cplogics says:

      I suspect the SS love him for all the same reasons, visage13. This President is “real” flesh and blood real and his love for this country is genuine, not contrived just for a holiday. I don’t know where he gets his energy, but please Mr. President, start bottling it.

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  27. ann says:

    I see an unrehearsed, relaxed gathering of Americans,
    I don’t see sullen people with chips on their shoulders.

    Hmm, bet there’s a substantial proportion of moderate & swing voters, & some walk aways too. President Trump’s respect for fellow citizens, his concern for our country’s future is manifest in actions. He unites, .

    A master communicator, POTUS advantages hostile interviews into opportunities to hammer home basic economics and nat security.

    The Resist’s war by proxy on citizens contrasts poorly with a President who turns their conflicts into a strategic way to educate an electorate long starved of candid, authentic leadership.

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  28. nerveman says:

    The Boss baby. Obama…..selfies with stars. Trump…..selfies with us. I could watch him do that all day.

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  29. fred5678 says:

    Did you hear the shouts of joy from the North Carolina crowd when the entire black family was invited to cross the rope line to get a family photo with President Trump???

    Trump supporters are the most RAAAAAACIST people!!!!!

    (I trust I don’t need a /sarc )

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    • permiejack says:

      Though I wish it different, this video will never be shown on the msm. If it was, it would be construed as a photo op instead of our president that is color blind.


  30. BigTalkers says:

    My man!

    He’s the only one who makes our Govt even tolerable.

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  31. TreeClimber says:

    I daydream about one day meeting him – my toddler still loves him, still wants to be picked up by him, even as he (the toddler) grows more wary of people in general.


  32. Disgusted says:

    Never been as happy to watch the way these S.S. guys being as watchful as I think these guys were! Right beside him, or up front watching everyone! Thank you guys!


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