Happy Independence Day America – A Roughnecks View of “Independence”….

Back in 2015 I explained why CTH would support Donald J Trump, and what the statement: “Make America Great Again”, really meant from my perspective.  Not only has Donald Trump been a President true to his word, he has far exceeded our expectations.

America, our America, is greatest -most blessed- nation on the face of the earth; and every person within her borders is lucky.   I make no apologies for my patriotism and neither does United States President, Donald J Trump.   American independence is a swagger:


President Trump proudly says: “We will Make America Great Again”, and when I hear that, I hear someone who gives a damn about America.  Actually, physically, purposefully and intently ‘gives-a-damn’ without the hint of apology for it.  And that is buckets more valuable to me than a perfected highly-rehearsed set of 30 second sound bites and think-tank policy.

You see, from my perspective any average hard-working American could eat every one of DC’s political elites’ lunches, all of them; and if they want to go down the intellectual superiority path… well, where it really matters, intellectualism is useless.

  • Florida Power and Light won the prestigious International W. Edwards Deming award for excellence in multi-platform engineering quality and efficiency superiority. They didn’t blow every PhD intellectual out of the water with slide rules, CAD programs and engineering acumen.  Nope, they did it with hard hats and dirty fingernails.

Because they lost the award, the Japanese team spent six months studying FPL and later published a 1,000 page dissertation essentially saying FPL “wasn’t really good, they were just lucky”….. FPL field leadership laughed, took out markers and wrote on the back of their hard hats: WE’RE NOT GOOD, WE’RE RUCKY….

  • When every Kuwaiti oil field was blown up by Saddam Hussein, they said it would take five to ten years to cap them all off and restart their oil pumping industry. The Kuwaiti’s and Saudi’s called Texans; we had them all capped and back in working order in ten months.

We are a nation that knows how to get shit done.

  • When the Northern Chile mine workers were trapped two miles underground, they said no-one could save them. Who did they call for help? A bunch of hick miners from USA coal country who went down there, worked on the fly, engineered the rescue equipment on site, and saved every one of them….

That’s our America.

  • When a half-breed Islamic whack job, armed with an AK-47 and a goal to meet his imaginary virgins began opening fire on a train in France, the Americans on board didn’t run to the nearest safe room and hide themselves amid baguettes and brie. They said “let’s go”, and beat the stuffing out of that little nut with a death wish.

Legion d’Honneur or not, that’s us.  That’s just how we roll.

Lady Liberty can stroll along the Champs-Elysées with a swagger befitting Mae West because without her arrival they’d be speaking German in the Louvre.  Yet for the better part of the past decade a group of intellectual something-or-others have been teaching an insufferable narrative that it’s better to be sitting around a campfire eating sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other.


When I hear Donald Trump say “Let’s Make America Great Again”, I also hear the familiar echo “cowboy up” people.

It’s high time we stop being embarrassed about our exceptional nature, and start being proud of it again.   Because when it matters most, when it really counts, when it’s really needed, there’s a whole bunch of people all around this world of ours that are mighty happy when swagger walks in to solve their problems.

Yeah, “let’s make America great again”.  Swagger on !

Happy Independence Day !!

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207 Responses to Happy Independence Day America – A Roughnecks View of “Independence”….

  1. boomerbeth says:

    Too bad, Toby Keith is at Mohegan Sun Casino tonight.

    Here’s a sample:

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Am thankful on this Independence Dat for two wonderful blessings: almost 900 days with a nephew of our Uncle Sam as the POTUS. Donald J. Trump, loyal to the nation rather than beholden to special interests and money and power. A great blessing from God and for that we should all thank Him constantly. Oh, the second blessing, Hillary ain’t.

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      • Aleksandra Rohde says:

        My parents Nazi detention camps were liberated by Patton’s Third Army in World War II. My family knows American greatness first hand. Happy 4th to the best nation on earth!

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        • Alison Wilson says:

          My English dad and his parents were in a Japanese concentration camp in China during WWII. You can see a lot of the story in the movie Empire of the Sun. It wasn’t the British or French or Australians who saved them, it was the Americans. My dad raised me to be grateful to America, always stand for the flag and anthem. I grew to love America so much that I became a citizen, married an American and raised two conservative, God and country loving young men.

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    • RLTW says:

      Happy Independence Day America. God bless this Country. God bless the People of America who are true American Patriots. Especially, God bless the millions of American fighting men who died to establish this bastion of freedom.

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  2. rashomon says:

    My maternal grandfather returned from WWI to take a job at a major Oklahoma oil & gas company where he eventually became chief geologist. Along the way he married my grandmother, who was from a Texas ranching family. Both saw more red dirt traveling around those parts by horse and jeep that most. He met Red Adair, the oil well handler, early on as well as Howard Hughes’ father, who invented s bit that transformed the drilling industry. The company kept him on a few years after the typical retirement age, but finally had to let him go due to protocols. One month later they hired him back for another ten years or so as a consultant when he made “more money than I ever made while I was on their dadgum payroll!”

    Both grandparents hated FDR and LBJ, feeling they were politicians who didn’t have the foggiest about hard work and how true Americans approached a job. My grandmother was an election judge at every single election and took me with her so, when she went to the ladies’ room, I could bite the hands of the Democrat judges should they misbehave with the record keeping or hand out ballots without her signature.

    They loved Reagan for restoring America’s patriotism after Vietnam; my only regret is they passed away before they could see the rise of Donald Trump and actually cast a vote for him. Both grandparents would conclude that it’s all about “attitude” — which either runs in every cell of your body or doesn’t — and PDJT oozes attitude.

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  3. boomerbeth says:

    Miley Cyrus: “Party in the USA”


  4. SquirrelDoc says:

    Your post reminded me of the many 4th of July days in my youth, when people were proud to display their patriotism and their love for the USA. I wonder, would it be too much to hope that at some appropriate point in the future, say, right after our VSGPDJT wins re-election in 2020, that he awards Sundance the Medal of Freedom.
    Just sayin’

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    • Maquis says:

      I have been hoping to see that.
      Right after the hangings.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      They killed the 4ht of July. You notice how many small towns across America do not have 4th of July parades anymore. I remember taking my kids to 4th of July parades around many small cities where a lived. Not done anymore. That is how they slowly kill us. We have to fight back on the local level big time.

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      • Lester Smith says:

        It’s an out to justify saving money and we have to respect their rights. We’ll how about our damn rights. We out number these fools and need to vote out those that are lacking moral courage and can’t find their family jewelry and get the hell out. We keep voting these aholes to office come on would you keep going to the same doctor that doesn’t take care of you. Samething politicians are intrusted with maintaining our countries health. Vote study look at the history if each candidate give a damn again do you just go to a doctor or check their back ground.

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      • LookUp says:

        It takes cooperation to be “ruined”. As a nation, we need to say aloud, “Enough!” And then raise our dukes and mean it. It’s work. Hard and ugly. But your don’t get a gator living beneath your house out any other way. Roll up your sleeves and get at it, America. This needs to be done. The gator ain’t leaving on its own..


      • MTeresa says:

        Some do try to kill it, but it’s not gone yet. There are young kids that DO see it and I can tell you………they LOVE being around it and being a part of it. There millennial parents see it they can tell that it stirs something in themselves that they thought was gone.

        The left tries to make people feel bad about what this country is. They don’t always succeed, praise God!


  5. Alan J Stang says:

    My great grandfather was a roughneck in Venezuela in the 1920’s. He knew how to get shit done. My grandfather was a Navy EOD tech in WW2. He knew how to get shit done. When the Saudis crashed oil prices in 1986, my grandfather’s net worth went from a couple million to nothing. He went right back to work and pulled himself out of the hole.

    My other grandfather fought in both WW1 and WW2. He knew how to get shit done.

    My father fought communists in the streets of the south in the 1960’s and stopped a communist coup of a New Mexico county in the 1970’s.

    I was a platoon sergeant in 2003, and dodged scud missiles every 30 minutes for two months straight in Kuwait and Iraq, and brought every one of my Marines home. I work in Oil and Gas, and when the Saudis tried to drown us again, we stopped them.

    Pardon my French, but I am proud to come from a line of get down mother *******s. Their blood runs through my veins.

    Sundance, you can edit this if you need to, by my blood runs hot when people run down my country or my people.

    (Edited by Admin…)

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  6. boomerbeth says:

    Trace Adkins ( celebrity apprentice) ARLINGTON

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  7. snarkybeach says:

    I watched an old movie today (F- Fox for not showing the parade). The movie was The Story of GI Joe (as told from the perspective of a real WWII reporter). I found comfort in the depiction of a version of the America I grew up in. The snowflakes of today would crawl in their cocoons rather than save the world like our GIs did. After the movie, the liberal host had to make a stupid statement about “a free press is not the enemy of the people.” The current crew of propaganda-pushers are as dangerous to society as the one’s that worked for the Germans or the Russians.

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  8. boomerbeth says:

    1972: Don McClean: American Pie

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  9. Amy2 says:

    Nicely done Mr. Sundance! As usual. Although I wrote a check to Florida Power for many years with gratitude, my favorite mention was the guys on the train in France. I was so proud of them when it happened!

    Happy 4th of July everyone. Continues to bless America!

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Me, too. I wish I were still writing checks to FPL. 😦

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      • Amy2 says:

        We live in the country now and our electric company is a co-op in the next county. When the power goes out (frequently) we are the red haired step children who get ours last (I’m on the far side of the county line)!

        What I miss most is the budgeted billing. So handy!


        • Peoria Jones says:

          I miss FL altogether. 😦 Gotta find my way back.

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          • California Joe says:

            Florida isn’t what it was 20 years ago. I drove from Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale and then to Miami several times a week. I was the only white guy on I-95 and the traffic was bumper to bumper. Obama moved Section 8 recipients from Dade up to the rental apartments around Town Center Mall and St. Andrews Blvd. The town is gone and it was the most beautiful place in South Florida when we bought a house there in 1984.

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  10. CopperTop says:

    This post. Best fireworks I’ll ever “SEE”. Thank you Mr. SD and CTH community.

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  11. boomerbeth says:

    John Mellencamp: Pink Houses

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  12. snowfalling says:

    Happy Independence Day America

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  13. covfefe999 says:

    Hell yeah!

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  14. boomerbeth says:

    SPRINGSTEEN: Born in the USA!


    • This nut job is worse than Miley Cyrus. He’s actually lived.

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      • Judith says:

        His song “Born in the USA” is actually a thinly disguised complaint. The refrain is shouted in arrogant disdain for our great country, by that virtue-signaling moron!

        “The Boss” brays like a rented mule about small town America to sell his records. Yet, he openly despises the most patriotic President in our lifetime, who actually brought back to life those ghost towns he wails so incessantly about!

        The hypocrite, true to form, refused to wear a red ribbon, even as he accepted a prestigious award for “Philadelphia.”

        The Boss is just another self-aggrandising, morally bankrupt, limousine liberal. Sad!


    • sickconservative says:

      Take the content of some of his songs he should be the biggest Trump fan.
      Liberalism is social disease and really Trump is the cure if they are willing to see it.

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    • 13wasylyna says:

      I see you have a hate america trend going with the music you have chosen.

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  15. Perot Conservative says:

    Kudos. Agree 100%. I recall in grade school being taught we were successful because we were blessed with natural resources. Ugh. As if Africa, South America and North Korea aren’t blessed.

    Re – “The Kuwaiti’s and Saudi’s called Texans” – one clarification.

    Dr. Bill Wattenberg (RIP) of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, the Apollo Mission, inventor, talk show host, nuclear power / weapons researcher and bulldozer operator had a significant hand in this remarkable success.

    As he recounted numerous times on his Open Line to the West Coast on KGO Radio, the managers and bureaucrats were getting ready to roll out 4-, 5-, 6-year contracts for putting out the oil well fires!

    The strapping Wattenberg would have none of it. He strongly advocated for an incentive-based performance system (capitalism).

    He said the structure was similar to, “We give you 5 oil well fires to put out. Every fire put out gains you a $1 Million fee. Complete 5, we give you 5 more. Produce, and you get more work. No guarantees.”

    He often fought the bureaucrats with his common-sense approaches. He fought fires in the late summer in Northern California, in his late 60s driving a bulldozer on hillsides.

    Sundance is right, the train, Chile, who always seems to step up?

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  16. Dixie says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for posting that again. I could read it often and never tire of it. It always swells me with pride for my fellow rednecks and roughnecks and their ingenuity and ability to get things done.

    You, sir, have been awesome for the five years I’ve been here and you just keep getting better and better. Thank you for the education. We never get too old to learn.

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  17. Yippeekiyay says:

    Excellent post, Sundance. “American independence is a swagger.” You definitely have swagger! Thank you for all you do.

    I have no doubt that those self-proclaimed intellectuals would have a had time surviving without the hard-working Americans that made this country what it is.

    Happy Independence Day to all the great patriots here at the CTH. I rest better knowing that you are here, fighting the good fight.

    God bless you all!

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    • Judith says:

      I really believe their (pseudo-intellectuals) biggest problem with Americans is simply jealousy. They wish they could be the cool kids who can have it all and never take themselves too seriously.

      Those anti-American bozos are all super serious. They PHD in seriousness. They seek constant reassurance of their relevance, and they require certificates and proclamations of their substantial contributions to humanity.

      What they all lack, however, is the ability to put a greater ideal before their own petty grievances. They simply can’t do it. And so they will never know the greatness that lies just beyond their own selfish desires.

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        That is insightful.
        Well played.


      • MTeresa says:

        You nailed it. I saw a clip of Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson who takes up so much space and time saying absolutely nothing but is so incredibly impressed by his own ability to string together words that are supposed to sound like something. It’s such BS.


  18. boomerbeth says:

    Toby Keith: Soldier

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  19. waltherppk says:

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  20. waltherppk says:

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  21. boomerbeth says:

    1986: Peter Paul & Mary: This Land is Your (Our) Land


  22. alliwantissometruth says:

    The so called “intellectuals” today believe…

    Flooding America with needy third world peasants makes us stronger
    Diversity of skin color is true diversity
    Murdering unborn (and born) babies is a civil right
    Socialism / communism is a viable system that works for all
    Open borders and a welfare state is the way to go
    Fifty million unskilled foreign workers makes American wages go up
    Spilling American blood and wasting untold amounts of tax dollars in endless wars makes us all safer

    Now, unless the definition of intellect is “stupidity”, “immoral”, “corrupt” and “idiotic”, there’s nothing intellectual about today’s intellectuals

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    • Judith says:

      They believe that open borders makes us more “compassionate.” They can’t grasp the concept that you must first put the oxygen mask on your own face before you can hope to save the next person.

      They also believe that a strong military defense is somehow rude, and that we should instead project weakness to our enemies in the hope they will somehow like us better.

      They think Americans are selfish and do not deserve their wealth and prosperity, which should instead be shared with less productive societies.

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  23. boomerbeth says:

    Chuck Berry: Back in the USA!

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  24. hoosiergranny says:

    For at least the past 20 years, we watch Yankee Doodle Dandy on Independence Day. George M. Cohen was an old fashioned Democrat that the party would disown today. He was so proud to be an American and had the same type of swagger that our wonderful President has.

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  25. boomerbeth says:

    Lee Greenwood

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  26. boomerbeth says:

    Ray Charles

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  27. trumppatriot says:

    Thank you Sundance. May the wind be always at your patriotic back!


  28. bajawisconsin says:

    Mother Country – – John Stewart


  29. boomerbeth says:

    1991: WHITNEY

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  30. Peoria Jones says:

    Dearest patriot Sundance,

    Thank you for reminding many of us how this came to be the best pro-Trump site…and why. We may be a rag-tag bunch, but you have never wavered in your reasoning, dedication, or faith. You’ve guided us through seemingly insurmountable battles which no one else was willing to face.

    And we keep winning, in the face of all odds.

    In every way, the spirit at The Conservative Treehouse is analogous to that of our founders who battled for INDEPENDENCE so many generations ago. We have so many enemies – many more organized – but we have a just purpose. We have righteousness on our side.

    We will win. Thank you for this post, and the many others, and the opportunity you’ve provided to connect with you and other patriots. Let’s pray for understanding of the nuances of war, so that we may all stay strong.

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  31. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Happy Independence Day everyone;

    I posted this once previously….but just for our President and our country today….some of my insights on our President.

    He’s a builder at heart. He speaks to people so that they understand. You can’t speak to construction workers like you are in a tea room / meeting room, with platitudes and statements where they are left with a blank look saying and thinking…..Huh….?

    And not just construction workers. His business required him to speak to the truck drivers, the cooks, the designers, the maids, taxi cab drivers, golfers…the entire gamut of individuals who were involved in building his empire. He had to understand their problems and their needs in order to “build” quality hotels and golf courses. And he had to talk to them in the way they understood…talk like us…Americans..

    And, he was from Queens….where there is a language all it’s own…

    Queens…and even where I’m from…where you gave everyone a name…everyone…you wore glasses you were “four eyes”, you were overweight, you were “Wimpy”, you were smart you were Professor” if you were Polish you were Ski….and if you lied your were Lyin, or Crooked, or Lazy, you were Lazy, or whatever….it comes natural to our President….it is were he’s from.

    And he did not only learn from speaking with other people but by doing himself. His father taught him to get down with them, get down with the workers, and do it himself. As he has stated. His father had him counting nails, driving fork lifts, cooking meals.

    And then as he grew to be a billionaire, he was in the meetings, the parties, the society of the high minded and powerful. He heard their conversations…their plans for the world…in the back rooms…he heard the names of the powerful who controlled everything. all he had to do was listen…

    And he did not like what he heard…

    So here we are …with a President who is one of us…did you see any of the video of him speaking with the Olympians who won medals? Just touched your heart…he gave almost everyone one of them a chance to speak and say whatever they wanted. Joked with them like one of the guys and made them all feel special…from Bronze to Gold.

    You can truly say he is one of us. The left hates him because he is just one of us…and…
    He saved us…..he saved us all…….We should thank God every moment….

    And to be quite honest, he is now also saving the world one country at a time….
    God Bless our President and his family.

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  32. Patriot1783 says:

    Amen Sundance.

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  33. Roughneck: So now I know: Sundance is a guy. Up to now, I was sure Sundance was an angel.

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  34. waltherppk says:

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  35. waltherppk says:

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  36. waltherppk says:

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  37. waltherppk says:

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  38. waltherppk says:

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  39. dufrst says:

    We will never allow Leftist scum to destroy our great nation, our birthright! They whine, cry and bellyache every single damn day and I’m sick of it! Time to fight for our nation twice as hard as we did against all odds in 2016 for victory in 2020!!

    “We will never give up, we never give in, we will fight, fight, fight all the way to victory!!” – Donald J. Trump

    Let’s get our swagger back patriots and not give an inch! They may cry, the may divide but they may not have our country! Our country is great! Our country is blessed! Our country is the best! The greatest piece of land on God’s green earth. The greatest civilization in human history!

    No one will ever take this from us. No group will beguile us into self defeat. No entity, no government, no confederation of nations will ever surpass us! We are Americans dammit! We have a lot to be proud of and it’s passed time we stop feeling bad for the rest and for being the best!

    Let our greatness shine all over the world. Let our nation rise above all. Let our people prosper and grow and be stronger than ever before! Let the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob continue to be our God and Jesus our Savior!

    We are more than the defeatists. They bark loud but have no bite! Let’s roll!

    Happy 4th ! God bless the USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    • Judith says:

      I keep it simple. I display my Trump MAGA sticker (before there was Pence) and an American flag on my vehicle, side by side. A subliminal message.

      I want my neighbors to intuit that Trump and the USA go hand-in-hand. They wouldn’t know it otherwise, if all they see is 24/7 Enemedia propanda. Baby steps. 🇺🇸

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  40. waltherppk says:

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  41. waltherppk says:

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  42. cplogics says:

    Swagger on Mr. President, swagger on!

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  43. MDNA I says:

    SUNDANCE: “Back in 2015 I explained why CTH would support Donald J Trump, and what the statement: “Make America Great Again”, really meant from my perspective. Not only has Donald Trump been a President true to his word, he has far exceeded our expectations.”

    I discovered this site around that time. I still have the printed (lol) copies of some of the work that followed that, some w/ notes in the margin, lots of notes

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  44. NC Nana says:

    I love that word swagger. I have seen it in action for the last many decades. My husband has it and scores of our family and friends have it. They are able to come up with a solution before it becomes a problem. They get things done. You can count on them.

    We have an 11 year old grandson who is following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. He notices details and thinks things through.

    I am rucky (also known as blessed) to be surrounded by men of action and intellect!

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  45. HB says:

    Homemade booms…. big booms……I mean 7/4 booms….. that’s America too


  46. Blind no longer says:

    AMEN Sundance Amen!!! You sir, are a true American Patriot, and Donald J Trump is the greatest President to ever be elected in my lifetime!!! Happy 4th All you wonderful treepers!


  47. namberak says:

    “We are a nation that knows how to get shit done.” That’s it in a nutshell. When it looks darkest, whom do they call? Us. Americans. We can do anything.

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  48. My family is pretty typical. Farmers and ranchers on my mother’s side. Oklahoma lawmen and oil workers on my father’s side. And always, there was more than our share of military service. One grandfather served in The Great War and was there the day he and others shot Bonnie and Clyde down. The other grandfather escaped Germany in the 30’s and made his way to the Midwest to join relatives who had been farming the same land for over 50 years. My father served in the Merchant Marines in WWII and had 5 ships torpedoed out from underneath him.
    And I thought growing up that I knew more than they did. So on my 14th birthday, my father took me down to get my drivers license and then threw me out of the house. I found out real quick how much I knew. Or rather didn’t. I worked full time and still went to school full time. When I graduated from high school I joined the military. My mother cried. She’d just lost one son in Vietnam and didn’t want to lose another. A couple of helicopter crashes and a plane crash brought my military career to an end. My mother was so relieved the day I got discharged.
    My grandparents and now parents are both gone. We just buried my eighty five year old mother last weekend. A victim of an afternoon home invasion. It was a bittersweet day, the day of the funeral. It was the first time in 20 years that all five kids had been under the same roof. Two daughters whose husbands both serve, a daughter who serves, a son and daughter who have their own ranches. One in New Mexico, the other still in Oklahoma.
    I have a lot to be grateful for. A wife that I still love as much as the day I married her. Five kids, only one of which needed the same tough love as I was given. And two grandchildren with another on the way. And a country that is second to none. A country that the sky is the limit. As I read on another post. A country that just gets shit done that others say can’t be done. By people that roll up their sleeves, hand their beer to the bystanders, while saying “ This shouldn’t take but a second.” A country that doesn’t stop until the job is finished.

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  49. Rick554 says:

    I thank GOD that HE let me live long enough to see a Man like PRESIDENT Donald J Trump in our White House. And I pray everyday for his safety and his Leadership. Thank You too Sundance. What you do has kept us going and kept Hope alive. Since my ancestors arrived here in 1856, someone in our family has fought in every war, from the burning fields at The Wilderness to the dusty streets of Ramadi. Sundance, we know duty and Honor when we see it. Thank You Sir ALWAYS FORWARD. REDHORSE!

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  50. Rick554 says:

    I thank GOD that HE let me live long enough to see a Man like PRESIDENT Donald J Trump in our White House. And I pray everyday for his safety and his Leadership. Thank You too Sundance. What you do has kept us going and kept Hope alive. Since my ancestors arrived here in 1856, someone in our family has fought in every war, from the burning fields at The Wilderness to the dusty streets of Ramadi. Sundance, we know duty and Honor when we see it. Thank You Sir ALWAYS FORWARD. REDHORSE!


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