Trump/Pelosi Deportation Deadline Looming Without Congressional Action…

On June 22nd, 2019, President Trump agreed to postpone any deportation enforcement after a call with Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Two weeks from June 22nd, would be July 8th, 2019.
However, a review of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional calendar reflects Pelosi’s House has been out of session since June 28th, and does not return until July 9th.
This schedule and deadline is exactly why House Democrats are pulling border stunts and urgently pushing media narratives in the headlines.  Pelosi had no intention of fixing the legislative issues; instead, she used the time-delay to create maximum political position for herself, democrats in congress and their media allies.

(Calendar Link)

…..So it does not come as a surprise to see this series of tweets today from President Trump:

WHITE HOUSE – Yesterday, a single, unelected district judge in Seattle issued an injunction that prevents the government from ensuring the detention of those aliens who cross the border unlawfully until the completion of their immigration court proceedings.
The decision ignores an express statutory prohibition on granting class-wide injunctive relief against enforcement of the immigration laws and also holds unconstitutional a statute passed by bipartisan majorities in Congress during the Clinton administration that specifically prohibits the release of certain immigrants on bond.
The district court’s injunction is at war with the rule of law. The decision only incentivizes smugglers and traffickers, which will lead to the further overwhelming of our immigration system by illegal aliens.
No single district judge has legitimate authority to impose his or her open borders views on the country. We must restore our democracy and ensure Americans have the voice to which they are entitled under our Constitution. (link)

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163 Responses to Trump/Pelosi Deportation Deadline Looming Without Congressional Action…

  1. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    So why did President Trump allow the delay?
    It’s not like him to get played by the dems.

    • Because of the leak and to explain who and why the deportation “raids.” Also shows the dims against rule of law.

      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Spot on!
        President Trump as had time now to stop the leakers.
        (BTW, why is Nancy using a 60 year old, out of date pic in her Tweet?)

      • Newt Love says:

        I remember when the Walker family, father, son, and other relatives were handing the US cypher crypt codes to the Russians, who gave the decrypted Johnson / McNamara Vietnam War instructions to the North Vietnamese. This was confirmed by the huge number of villages and supply depots that were empty when attacked.
        Now, the head of Homeland Security leaked the deportation action plan to his lover at the WaPo who he flew down and back, on his government plane to a big meeting in Central America. With dates, times and targets printed in the WaPo, PDJT had no choice but to cancel the OP, because the ICE Agents lives were in danger.
        Like the DoJ / FBI put the entire Walker clan of spies in prison, they need to prosecute this current idiot.
        I live near DC, and frequently take out of towners there for a tour. Every time I see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, I wonder how many of those names were killed due to the actions of the Walker family spy ring. They should have been hung as traitors for their actions during war time.

    • Eric Kennedy says:

      He’s not getting played. He knew this would happen. He’s showing the idiots in the middle who and what the Dems really are.

      • Which, as I have been saying since the Eeyore syndrome became constant, is what he is doing on EVERY aspect of corruption and criminality. Maybe it’s because he is the Megalodon of Trolling it’s hard for normies to understand, but it’s absolutely true.
        I know a few casualties of thought will occur, but they could be reduced easily by just accepting that it’s trolling for good and that plenty of disinfo from our ESG President is a must… if we want the net filled to the top before pulling it up from the nasty depths of the swamp we all so desperately want drained.
        Get woke! 😉

        • Amy2 says:

          I agree PDT wants to show them for what they are, but in the meantime, they get a lot of press to their base about “conditions” (false as they are) at the border and detention centers. Frustrating, but trusting the president!

          • bertdilbert says:

            Trump is chasing all illegals to California where shortly after 2020 election, all Federal funding will be cut off. Savings will go to build the wall…

            • bentley1blog says:

              Bert…If only this is true we can jump with joy. The fact still remains what are we going to do to rid Cali and other states of these vermin? Waiting for the 2020 election seems a lifetime away from stopping this invasion. Just giving illegal aliens more time to steal our sovereignty with thousands more currently marching toward the US.

          • botchedcasuality says:

            There are so many citizens living worse than those detention camps: I feel for them. We need a tax payer strike, there should be a massive populous objection like France over the mishandling and outright fraud against the citizens. Where is the govt. funded
            machine protecting Seniors living in abject poverty? Where are the free “aggressive” Attorneys representing Rights of Seniors? How about our homeless?
            The only way I would grant anyone Amnesty is either: three years of military service or three years of public service. We are speaking about a demographic group that have lived here and received public education, and other services; it is time to say thank you.

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      How did he get played?
      The more the Democrat position is shown to the “normie” parts of the country the better.
      Now President Trump has all the reason to act from an even stronger position.
      A simple bait and switch by Trump.

      • Yippeekiyay says:

        Agree, SAM! People need to see the Democrats for what they are. They can’t win without lying and buying votes. That is what’s driving the border and the census issues too.

        • FrankieZee says:

          That is why they sent OCCASIONAL COTEX down there to stir the pot up. They know they are losing the issue. They are desperate now. my problem is that the Gov did not release the video of Cotex showing her as the lying cunt she is.

      • So true Sam.
        The raging liberals in my family that are usually so smug about EVERYTHING have been very quiet and amazingly thoughtful the last several weeks.
        They have not been at all happy about the news of the illegals from India and Africa who have shown up at our southern border, especially the ones from Africa who were sick with Ebola.
        They are not stupid people and know that poor, suffering, starving and huddled masses do not have the money to buy a plane ticket and travel from India or Africa and then get on a bus and travel 2000 more miles through Mexico.
        And even with all of the shenanigans at the detention centers by Ocasio-Cortez and some of the other Dems trying to claim abuse by the hard working Border Patrol agents, they have not been distracted from the reports of the huge numbers of illegals pouring across the border. Many of them sick and many of them convicted criminals.
        They are also dismayed by the news of the homeless people and the typhus coming out of California.
        So watching the Dems in their debates offering sweet deals to the illegals is not working well with them.
        I am not sure what is going on but I would guess that a lot more of the so called Dem base is not at all happy with what they heard during the Dems debate.

        • yucki says:

          Typhus, rat-fleas.
          Fleas carry bubonic plague, too.
          My raging liberals get kinda quiet, to. Thinking that over…

        • Murray Smith says:

          maybe raving is more accurate than raging, how can any reasonable person watch Dem lying, cheating and game playing and believe they are good people worthy of support and trust?

          • cali says:

            @Murray Smith: For me it would be urgent to find and prosecute those who finance all of it – airplane tickets, train and bus tickets, personal necessities, new clothes and I-Phones – the whole shindig.
            America is being systematically invaded with thousands and millions of people from all over the world. I consider this ‘war’ against America and its sovereignty.
            Nothing else makes sense and the daily arrivals tell the story. This did not just get set up overnight – that was an agenda the Hussein admin started – silently.
            At this juncture it would be best if president Trump let our military men and women protect and close our border. Since he declared and activated via EO on 21 December 2017 our military based on national security threats together with the 9/11 declared war it is clear that the activation of our military must step in.
            The border patrol is outnumbered and unable to get a handle on this emergency.
            I would not be surprised if the real number of invaders currently residing in this country numbers in the upper 60 million total. We have a country within a country.
            I have lived in west Africa for a number of years and know for a fact how expensive it is to get to Europe and then to the US border. There are some deep pockets financing this as we see hundred of Africans being held at bay by the Mexican military on their border. They are a violent lot of people. Many make it here so who is helping them?
            Something got to give and its time to declare the country to be under a national security threat ergo close the border and let our military handle these invaders preventing them from getting into this country.

        • Hillaryisguilty says:

          How is ICE gonna start deporting all the illegals?
          Juan by Juan……

    • Because swamp leaker DHS guy is going before the House next week & will get ripped apart from both sides so it will be easier to move a Trump loyal nominee through the Senate cuz the children?

    • BornAgain American says:

      He is playing the Dumbcrats perfectly ’cause after July 8th, he is free to kick the illegals out and get even tougher on the border. Don’t try to outthink Pres-T, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

      • Sentient says:

        Hopefully ICE has the names and addresses ready of a bunch of those already ordered deported and Kevin McAleenan doesn’t know who they are – the filthy rat bastard.

        • Newt Love says:

          find my response post above. where I equate McAleenan with the Walker family spy ring that gave our crypt codes to the Russians who then gave the decoded Johnson / McNamara battle instructions to the North Vietnamese.

    • listingstarboard says:

      The delay also took away their ability to manufacture “tragic human rights abuses” and probably more dead bodies washed up that the Dems could hammer him with at the debates.

    • ggknana says:

      Trump did not get played. This judge would have done the exact same thing. Give me a break.

    • sharon goodson says:

      Trump wanted to wait until after the DEM debates. They are stuck with their positions now… Open Borders.

      • JC says:

        Yes! Right on the money, Sharon. He’s led, and is leading, them with a host of strategies to a box canyon of no escape. This President NEVER gets played. If someone betrays or double-crosses DJT, woe unto him/her, and President Trump works it to his and our benefit.
        With the extreme level of corruption in DC and elsewhere, he has a ripe field from which to harvest. Easy to turn things to the country’s advantage with so much deception and thievery everywhere. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Fish ugly as sin, but right there all the same.
        I stopped hand-wringing very early in his Presidency – too much evidence of stunning competency to doubt him. I don’t believe he fears mistakes. He’s had almost infinite experience making the best of them. I find this enormously calming.

    • Attorney at Law says:

      Au contraire, President Trump is the one playing the Dems, always in all ways.
      He is a clever grasshopper.

    • Zippy says:

      “So why did President Trump allow the delay?”
      Because it gives the targeted illegal aliens more time to DISAPPEAR because videos of deportations will be ripe propaganda for the Dims, also with the FORLORN hope that more than a TINY percentage of voters other than those like the posters here will actually notice the Dim’s hypocrisy.

  2. 6 Jul will be 2 weeks. Bring it on!
    My bet, they already have a priority list and known locations. There will be no leaks this time.

    • Bob Parker says:

      Agreed. Pres Trump’s 2 week delay allowed time for the smoke to clear on the leaked plans + by providing the 2 weeks, Trump simply gave the Dems more than enough rope to hang themselves as the do-nothings that they are.

      • FrankieZee says:

        Trump will not back peddle on this. He will attack Sanctuary cities first and then hold anyone accountable for stopping this. He has given them enough time, they are testing him .

        • Newt Love says:

          I’d love to see a huge number of several flavors of obstruction indictments handed out to Sanctuary city “leaders.” Let them spend 5 to 10 in a Federal Penn and see if that softens their pointy heads.

          • Jerry Joe says:

            Ironically, an indebted thank you may issue to the State of Illinois and its currently incarcerated ex-Governor Blagojevich for setting a 14 year minimum standard for sentencing guidelines of convicted corrupt officials… They didn’t even have to formally name the person he was attempting to sell his seat…

    • albertus magnus says:

      I bet there will be yet another delay.
      Any takers?

      • swissik says:

        Yes I am a taker! I am tired of all this caving and the delays and the excuses for them.

        • Donald says:

          Everybody understands your frustration.
          We all feel it.
          But on another level, the critical event has already started and is on-going: President Trump is holding a gun (not a real one, AI Bots!) to Pelosi’s head, and threatening to shoot if Nancy can’t create a legislative fix.
          We’re already witnessing an extraordinarily suspenseful strand-off with very high stakes.
          Trump’s desired outcome is to change the law. But that’s the last thing Pelosi wants.
          So how will it all turn out?
          My suggestion? Enjoy your barbecue and the holiday.
          Ain’t nobody like Donald Trump.
          Happy Fourth!

          • dbobway says:

            In Charlotte yesterday, arguably the banking capitol of our country.
            The highways were full of work trucks, no Audi’s or BMW’s but flat beds and trailers and heavy equipment. The financial sector is at the beach already. I love the smell of diesel and burnt brakes. Well not really. How about Air Conditioning and fresh paint.
            Every Independence day is special.
            I’m going to mark this one down as very special.
            The wind is at our backs and freedom is moving forward again.
            Happy Birthday America!

      • I bet they are already deporting those that were ordered to be deported.

        • botchedcasuality says:

          Yes I would have provided my leak list and had my action list very close and moved forward with it. I would have kept my word about holding off on the leaked list though, I always keep my commitments.

      • Blaze says:

        Delays = illegals running free, selling dope, driving drunk, theft stealing jobs and that list is a mile long. I wouldn’t want to be a victim of gov’t bureaucracy or delays. Its not right and they are here ILLEGALLY!

      • bentley1blog says:

        albertus…count me in.

    • Sentient says:

      Don’t let McAleenan know who they are!

    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      I sure hope you’re correct, but there seems to be an unlimited supply of America haters deeply infesting all branches of the federal govt. It will literally take years to flush even a majority of them out.

  3. I don’t which I despise more…
    Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Stalinists, Maoists, Satanists, or Progressive Activist Judges.
    Oh wait…they’re the same, or at least, almost the exact same. Never mind

    • rayvandune says:

      In the USA, all those kinds of crooks, deviants and traitors share membership in one criminal enterprise. Starts with a “D”.

      • No Sir… it starts with a U.
        If we refuse to accept it, then we aren’t going to get as far as we could. We would be much farther along already if the republicans weren’t 98% NeverTrumpers, which translated means globalist puppets like the dhimmicrats that have no allegiance or loyalty to our nation or its people.
        We would still have the House if they weren’t.

    • We can fix that problem if only we would.
      They are all “simply” fascists. Always have been and always will be. That’s what ALL those other labels are “masking”.
      fascistsneed masks and phake phlowery “ideologies” created to fool the lazy, ignorant n’er do wells that would live life on the gravy train off the backs of others if/when the opportunity is presented.
      And that sick nature of these human sloths always leads us to being screwed by totalitarian feudalist fascists, now of the global variety to boot.
      Since I don’t care, and don’t mind being railed on through attack I will list the names of some most recent and also GLOBALIST fascists that occupied the white house. bush, klinton, bush, soetoro. Not shouting folks, it’s just emphasis, bear with me!
      If not for TRUMP, President and ESG, the list would have had yet another and quite nasty very evil krooked klinton on it.
      We owe him the great debt of working on our end to take control of our own localities, but that requires sacrifice and action. Are we up to it? If not us, who? You know the rest, and also that I am right.
      Yes, I am trying hard on my end and have been for the 29 years since bush 1 announced from the oval office, OUR oval office, that the “new world order” was here to stay and would be successful. And so far it has been very successful as you should know!
      TLDR? Shame!

      • Agree. I have several friends overseas in various countries that I get to speak to on a weekly basis (sometimes more) and EACH ONE OF THEM says exactly what you say: “they’re all fascists”.

    • Mark Thimesh- all those beauties deserve what great Chilean patriot general Pinochet done to them – you can talk to them it is waste of time..but VSG/ESG PDJT want public to see what they are before he/Mr. Barr drop hammer..

  4. trapper says:

    First concentration camps in the history of man where all you have to do to escape is to just tell the guard you want to go home.

    • starfcker says:

      GREAT point, Trapper

    • alliwantissometruth says:

      Or, the first concentration camps in history to have people begging to be let in

      • So true alliwantissometruth.
        And people will voluntarily walk thousands of miles, pay human smuggles thousands of dollars to help smuggle them into these concentration camps, pay money to rent children to try and pass them off as their own to get into the camps.
        And lately people from entirely different continents will buy plane tickets to fly to Central America, THEN travel thousands of miles more ( after paying human smugglers) to get into these horrible concentration camps.
        I am sure some treepers could come up with more “first concentration camp in the history of the world” to add to the list.

    • livefreeordieguy says:

      That would have made me laugh (okay, I did a little) if the left wasn’t warping so much public opinion with the allusion to such camps… It is so true… You just tap the “guard” on the shoulder and ask to leave and go home… But, of course, conditions in the “concentration camp” are 100 times better than home. So why would you? These people aren’t stupid. But so much of the American public is. “Suicide of a Superpower”….

  5. albertus magnus says:

    I bet there will be another delay.
    Any takers?

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Trump had this path ready before he said he will start raids.
      He knew Democrats will do nothing but grandstand.
      I’m confident he has a plan A and B for next week.

    • yucki says:

      Why? Second time so far on this thread.

  6. trapper says:

    Keep McAleenan out of the loop this time. Or give him a bogus list you can trace back to him when he leaks it.

    • vikingmom says:

      I think giving slightly different info to a handful of people in order to see who leaks it has been done successfully in the past – it’s a great strategy but should also lead to immediate prosecution of the leaker once they are identified!!

    • rah says:

      It’s called “The Canary Trap”. Give classified information that is almost the same to suspected leakers with an important detail that is different in each version given to the different recipients. The one that divulges the detail that varies in their particular version to an unauthorized source is the leaker or has a leaking subordinate that is in the loop.

      • bentley1blog says:

        rah…read Dixie’s comment. Catching them means nothing unless there is severe punishment.

  7. benifranlkin says:

    So, may PTrump ignore the unelected district judge in Seattle?

  8. James F says:

    Do it tomorrow when all the invaders, traitors and their lapdog media least expect it and are less capable of responding quickly to interfere with and sabotage this law enforcement action.

    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Like????. Meanwhile Patriots can enjoy our beautiful tribute to America and her CITIZENS????.
      GOD BLESS our President and Happy Independence Day, Treepers.

    • dallasdan says:

      No, and the roster of leftist judges eager for their spotlighted performance on the national stage is lengthy. IMO, the deep state effectively controls the legislative and judicial branches.

    • FrankieZee says:

      Somewher I saw that Trump was going to start on the 4th. Maybe that is why he is bringing in tanks so the LIBEWAL LOONS focuse on that.

  9. How many really thought the Dems would actually come up with a solution? They can’t. They are too invested in their current direction to backtrack. They are too stupefied that nothing they do is working against Trump.
    But they’ve been planning for this for a long LONG time….and have more in their arsenal yet that they can bring to bear – or TRY to….LOL
    How long before the direct attacks from their thug armies on Supporters become common everyday occurrences in the next wave of attempted bullying to get their way?

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Trump for sure knew they would not.
      It will be a constant back and forth until 2020.
      At best more Americans will realize what D’s are up to and we win congress with a pro-American majority.

      • MDNA I says:

        There were always risks on both sides & ways to profit from any outcome. POTUS at least positioned himself where, if Democrats failed to do their part, after the ball landed in their court, then both he & the GOP would be able to say “we acted in good faith, they didn’t”

  10. Ned schremslnn says:

    It’s time to require legitimacy from the courts, State the obvious fatal flaws in the judge’s action and proclaim that his order will be ignored antil they are remedied.

  11. snarkybeach says:

    NPR had a Dem congresswoman on to complain about the Border Patrol and the appalling conditions there. The reporterette did push back a little by playing a sound bite from CBP saying the Dems can fix this, but when the BP is not given funding, a crisis is what happens. The Critter then blamed the BP for not spending some funds that were allocated in January (I think they were for legal help for the invaders) and for blowing her off when she asked about it. She’s going for scalps next week when they pour over the Oversight report on the border. She is not about to change the magnet that draws the illegals though.

  12. MDNA I says:

    Daily reminder how easy it is to run on “Congress obstructed me, let me finish the job”

    • Bigly says:

      Omg. Clinton. So polished, so smooth. All fluff. Knowing what we know now about what he was doing to destroy this country with selling China military secrets and nafta.
      Compared to trump. Pure unadulterated Americana realism. Crazy to consider the differences. And dole. Omg. Biden = Dole.

      • MDNA I says:

        The comparison Dole to Biden is pretty astute. One of the most honest things I ever heard former VP Biden say was “I’m a Senate Man, that’s where my heart is”
        Trump has always reminded me of Clinton, except without the psychological weaknesses that made Bill easy to manipulate & quick to sell out anyone. Both are “naturals” like Nixon or Reagan: they bring so much to the table they don’t need much or any coaching, & they learn the political game quickly. Both are monsters of energy who love the Presidency, love their job, no matter how hard it is. Both are “method actors”: unlike Hilary, they don’t read cold from a script, they channel REAL FEELINGS – both have warmth.
        The difference is Bill Clinton – for psychological reasons – NEEDED (a) to be loved by all, & (b) to hold onto power, so he was always vulnerable to pressure. IMO Bill’s childhood turned him into a monster, but there was a sweet person inside that was compartmentalized from his monstrous acts. Hilary OTOH there’s ice in her veins, no heart, just a void. Harsh, but my gut reading
        This post-presidency interview reminds me SO MUCH of how Trump must’ve felt going thru the Mueller debacle.

        • rashomon says:

          Clinton has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever.

          • With nothing “sweet” inside him whatsoever. The guy is a sexual predator for crying out loud, and the only one who obstructed his presidency due to his sick sexual proclivities.
            To compare he and President Trump is an insult to President Trump imo. Not to mention that klinton was a lot like soetoro, groomed for a destructive presidency from childhood by nefarious leftist scum.

        • Donzo says:

          I don’t find Trump to be anything at all like Clinton.

      • Peppurr says:

        Sounded like he had the questions in advance too !!!

  13. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Has anyone seen further confirmation DOJ reversed on 2020 census/citizenship q?

  14. Dutchman says:

    Notice how negotiating with Pelosi is,JUST like negotiating with China?
    Just posted on other thread about ‘negotiating’ with liars, cheaters, thieves with no honor; you CAN’T!
    HOW can you possibly ‘negotiate’with someone who will not honor any statement they make or paper they sign?
    Round em up, pitch them out, and don’t WORRY about the optics! Still chuckling that,AOC called Pelosi a “moderate”.

    • Those “optics” will certainly rouse up the base! Promises made, promises kept…
      It’s far past the time any of us allowed the pelosi/kaeperdicks of the world to rule us with the oxymoron of political “correctness”.
      There is and has been NOTHING correct about politics in my lifetime. NOTHING.

      • Dutchman says:

        Agree. However, they are NOT going to concede, ever that any of their plans, coarses of action or tactics are,”WRONG”. Therefore, we will continue to see them trying to USE “P.C.” and “shaming” to control behavior.
        They are like the Borg; they just keep coming, and “resistance is futile”.
        They HAVE NO SHAME, yet use shame to attempt to manipulate human behavior.

  15. starfcker says:

    “No single district judge has legitimate authority to impose his or her open borders views on the country. We must restore our democracy and ensure Americans have the voice to which they are entitled under our Constitution.” Okay. Now what does that mean in practical terms? Most sane people would agree with that statement, but most sane people don’t hold high elective office. We count on those that do to solve these kinds of problems. Your move, Mr President

    • dallasdan says:

      The President has no move, other than slogging through the legal system for an indeterminate period and hoping Roberts doesn’t ultimately dismiss him. Don’t forget that the resistance thrives on delaying anything MAGA, and lawfare appears to be the most effective weapon for doing so.

      • George 1 says:

        This is why most of these efforts are all for naught. The raids will be a 4″ net trying to catch a mile long and mile deep school of sardines.
        What might be long term effective is to simply say OK, if California and a few other states don’t want immigration enforcement then move the resources out of those states. Send the agents/officers to states that want the enforcement and then strictly enforce the law in those states.
        In the long term, liberty loving people are going to have to move to and take over states where it is still possible to have a free society. Eventually a national divorce is the only way out. The free states will then need to ruthlessly enforce their borders to include legal resident aliens who have been allowed to help destroy other parts of the country.
        Absent congressional action, and very quick action at that, national divorce will become the only way out to preserve the Republic. To put a point on this, Texas is turning blue. When it goes to the dems it is game over for ever electing a president again, much less a Nationalist who is interested in not allowing America to go full-Stalinist.

  16. maggiemoowho says:

    We all saw this coming, i’m not sure anyone expected Pelosi to do anything but use those two weeks to perfect her lies and plan more stunts. Democrats knew that the inspectors report was coming out about the detention centers on the border and they executed a very well choreographed routine, with perfect timing. What makes me really sick, is the fact that the Republicans should have known better and should have told the Dems to go to hell.
    There is no working with Democrats, you can’t work with people who hate this country and want it destroyed from the inside out. Democrats and Iran, there is no difference in the hate they both have for the US.

    • MDNA I says:

      “We all saw this coming, i’m not sure anyone expected Pelosi to do anything but use those two weeks to perfect her lies and plan more stunts”
      I actually hoped she’d assert more leadership & get something done. It was the smart move for her, it would’ve been better for her & her caucus. This kinda reinforces the impression that she is failing as Speaker
      I believe POTUS often thinks this way. Give someone the CHANCE to do better, & if they don’t, well, he takes whatever seems to be the best next step available to him

      • maggiemoowho says:

        Pelosi will never do anything that looks good for Trump. If Trump had a cure for cancer and Pelosi needed that cure for her child, she would let her child die before giving Trump any credit for that cure. Sadly all the Democrats would do the same, they hate this country and our President that much.

        • MDNA I says:

          This hurts her people down ballot. I feel for her without having sympathy, if that makes sense. She asked for the job & it’s up to her to lead her people or be controlled by them. She may go down as the 1st 2 time Speaker since Sam “Mr Sam” Rayburn but both terms as Speaker will be characterized by hubris

          • MDNA I says:

            PS, a good motto: If you can understand your opponent’s position as well or better than they understand it …… i

        • bentley1blog says:

          Ya think???

    • Actually, what I expect but usually do not find from Members of My(!) United States Congress is … first, professionalism … then, teamwork. Because I did not hire two Congresses, and I do not want to see them operating as though they were split in half. I also don’t want to see the Speaker(!) of the House acting so apparently-cravenly to pursue her own agendas.

      “Congress, you work for me. And for (at this particular instant …) 329,176,507 people just like me. You do not work for ‘you.’ And if you have forgotten that, you’re fired.”

      • livefreeordieguy says:

        We should all expect that Mike… Well said… But when was the last time we have seen true professionalism and teamwork from the majority of ‘the 535′? Yes it is particularly vicious right now because President Trump is exposing the whole bunch of these frauds. So we are understandably more disgusted than usual. But, seriously, when was the last time these ’employees’ of ours were truly aligned around the true best interests of the American public?

    • UNIPARTY maggiemoohoo…
      “republicans” are just hoping to wait out the Trump Presidency with their lifetime “careers” stil intact. That said, they knew better but chose to tell US to go to hell instead, as usual.

  17. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    The timing of WA Judge is no coincidence. When AG Barr implemented detention order, he attached a 90 day (comment) grace period, which would expire about this time.
    This judge timed her ruling in conjunction within the 90 day period, with the knowledge SCOTUS can’t hear an emergency petition from the govt.
    Coupled with AOC histrionics at the border/leaked videos from Julian Castro, and Cummings proposed hearing to give DHS a tongue lashing (replete with big colorful pics), the dems are right on schedule.
    It’s gonna be a looooong hot summer.

  18. redthunder238 says:

    These anti-American Leftists have gone too far. These people are without a doubt the ENEMY of this Country. Only one thing will put them back in their place. Get ready, Patriots.

  19. I would give Nancy one day’s grace to get back into her office and back to work. I see no reason to play “political brinksmanship” and thus de-evolve down to her level. But then, proceed as planned.
    If the Democrats think that the most important thing for them to do is to play craven political games with innocent lives, then they need only wait until November 2020 and then they won’t be Democrats anymore! Problem solved.
    Otherwise, I regard them as Members of Congress, and I don’t give a tinker’s dam what color T-shirt they prefer to wear. I expect them to recognize the need to do what Donald Trump continually demands. He is right. And “dereliction of duty” is a great way to get fired.

  20. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Here we go….Buzzfeed confirmed DOJ reverses on citizenship q (so it must be true)!
    Bet the open borders, NY AG and dems will be eating burnt weenies on the 4th.

    • dallasdan says:

      If the report is true, it raises the question of why the emailed concession was approved by AG Barr. IMO, it is unreasonable to think such an important DOJ decision was not coordinated with his office in advance of its release.

      • H. Hawke says:

        Not if they’re DOJ holdovers still loyal to Barry and bent on sabotaging POTUS.

        • dallasdan says:

          IMO, no persons who have ascended to a high level in a professional career field would be so colossally stupid to openly and sensationally out themselves in a manner such as this. I may be completely wrong in this instance.

          • H. Hawke says:

            Does the name Sally Yates ring a bell?

            • dallasdan says:

              She is a poor comparison; an appointee of the President with all the attendant protections of him and his highest-level minions vs. a virtually unknown DOJ Trial Attorney on a lower-level rung of the legal career ladder.

              • Maybe she’s paying attention to just what does and doesn’t happen to people that get paid millions to screw the nation over these days, and for the last 30 years.
                Could be quite the resume enhancer in the krooked klinton/soros crowd. Maybe she already has a book deal and high paying lobby gig lined up!

  21. meadowlarkspring says:

    Lara Logan interviews incoming acting incoming Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan. The guy Sen. Schumer wants fired already.
    A message to America from top Border Patrol official
    by LARA LOGAN, Sinclair Broadcast Group Special CorrespondentWednesday, July 3rd 2019

  22. boomerbeth says:

    OMG – AN AMERICAN BARRISTER & MEMBER OF THE Bar who swore under oath to preserve & protect the constitution says:
    “How nonsensical that is…To distinguish between illegal immigrants and citizens”
    Please gag him with a spoon and disbar this conman forthwith.

  23. burnett044 says:

    no more warning …just do it..deport.

  24. bulwarker says:

    Plenty of us predicted this inevitable non-outcome. Next time Mr. President, start the deportations (and tariffs) until things change for the better.

  25. 2020liberty2020 says:

    Yep and at barr does nothing. Why the he’ll is it that there is settled law against something, a judge will break it and nothing is done. Ignore the judge. Wth is going on here. There is no more law and no us attorney or judge does a thing.

    • dallasdan says:

      The leftist federal judges have no fear. They are employed for life with no real threat of discipline or impeachment. Their judicial power and willingness to use it has effectively stonewalled MAGA-related policing of illegal aliens.
      Contemporaneously, the House has killed the President’s immigration-related legislative agenda.
      Collectively, the deep state presently appears to be more powerful than the President. I anticipate that another federal judge from leftistville has been using the two-week dispensation on deportations to prepare an injunction that will impede or forbid them. Wait for it.

  26. visage13 says:

    I say just ignore all these unlawful injunctions and start deporting and enforcing the rule of law including separating families again, it is the law correct? And I am “shocked” “shocked” Pelosi did nothing lmao The radical left is losing, they just don’ know it yet.

  27. Yy4u says:

    Democrats are used to rolling Republicans. They expect POTUS to act like a Republican and give in. He might but only if to gain an advantage. Think first president to enter North Korea. Hes always one step ahead. He will lose some. Inevitable with all the forces aligned against him. Hard to defeat the courts…especially with Bush’s “gift” of John Roberts.

  28. Alex Pazzo says:

    Short sighted on the Communists part. VSGPDJT is the one who holds the cards, and he sets the schedule.
    The American public especially the Independents are growing weary of these games that are being played, especially when it comes to the ILLEGAL immigration.
    It seems that the communists intentions are to destroy the United States of America humpf

  29. littleanniefannie says:

    July 5, 2019 2:00 pm. If the court decides to eliminate the citizenship question then the deportation raids should begin en masses and continue until every single person with a deportation order is deported ASAP. Train CBP agents to do asylum hearings at the border. If deportation is ordered, it should be done on the spot. This namby pamby crap that is going on in the 9th Circus has to stop!
    Cut to the chase. Pelosi asked for time. For what? Vacation? Sham visits?
    Time for national Voter ID, complete with fingerprinting. There’s a year. Let’s get on with it and preserve the Union. Otherwise, get your hearts and minds right for the country to become more than two countries. Nice thing is 90% of the middle and south will remain united!

  30. John Smith says:

    That is why they setup AOC. They made the Democrats look like crazy loonatics saying anything that come to their mind even when it makes no sense. Like how could you drink from the toilet if there is no running water. Where does the water come from for the toilet.

  31. California Joe says:

    There are 6,000 ICE agents and they can also use 4,000 HSI agents, a few thousand ATF and Deputy US Marshals plus local police and sheriffs to get the deportations rolling. We can deport 10,000 criminal aliens and aliens with deportation orders as well as any that get in the way!”

  32. namberak says:

    Cue Inspector Renault: “I’m shocked. Shocked!”

  33. Blue Wildflower says:

    The democrats have been using their time in an interesting way. They have been touring the detention centers in El Paso. These are the detention centers they voted against giving additional funding to so they don’t understand why the centers are overcrowded. AOC has thoughts on the problems but I don’t think I can explain any of her thoughts in a way that makes any sense at all. For some reason Booker and Beto are using their time to visit people in Juarez that are hoping to come across the border so we can pay for their medical, housing, and food costs for the rest of their lives. Insane!

    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Irish descendant Robert Francis O-Rouke even went into Mexico to preach “give you free shi…” to the illegal aliens there……..

      • WSB says:

        They are campaigning to their own head counts, to stuff ballots in the areas to where these illegals will be shipped.

  34. progpoker says:

    Pelosi had no intention of fixing the legislative issues; instead, she used the time-delay to create maximum political position for herself, democrats in congress and their media allies.
    Pelosi had no intention of fixing the legislative issues; instead, she used the time-delay to demonstrate once and for all, what ginormous jackasses herself, democrats in congress and their media allies are.
    FIFY ?

    • Zorro says:

      Ginormous seditionist jackasses.


      • progpoker says:

        Premature? We’ll see. If MaxiAOC is the best they have to offer, we’re good.

        • They have piglosi, we have mcturtle. All I’m saying is UniParty. This is more of a NeverTrump scenario than the likes of those who are trying like to out insane each other…
          UniParty never intends to fix legislative issues that would benefit you and I!
          So no, we’re not good. Not yet…

        • Lester Smith says:

          Nancy and Nutty dems are all about the children right. These are the type of no good trash that would put an I. O. U in a donation jar to save a child’s life. Trump knows this but the dems are smart it’s all trump all the time. He needs to ambush Nancy and Chuck have a meeting and have the press come in. Do it mid stream catch them yelling and going after the President. . It wouldn’t be hard to show their true colors. Also Fredricka Wilson the cow woman needs to take off her stupid cowboy hat and let her brain breathe for awhile.

  35. ezgoer says:

    After being given 2 weeks to be ready I’m sure there are a dozen Obama appointed judges ready to slap an injunction barring all deportations.

  36. mtk says:

    So if the census is taken, based on not asking the QUESTION. Mindful, by asking the QUESTION, does not mean the census won’t count these non citizens.
    Therefore, by indirect settlement of the QUESTION as implied and framed by MSM narratives, hence whether the QUESTION is asked or not, if illegals have been settled in a given State, this may be advantageous to smaller population states(by illegals in residence)(still won’t be able to vote) Where for the next tens years some states may pick a seat in Congress, given that some of the larger States may have lose a seat in Congress from populations moving from run amuck liberalism.
    Let that reality settle in and watch how fast the DNC throw illegals under the bus.
    Just saying, the Dems made this mess, won’t fix it. Now watch the likes of Idaho pick a seat while New Jersey loses one.

  37. How PDJT handles the illegal immigration matter will determine if he is re-elected.

  38. Proud American from Texas says:

    The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that including the question on the census is constitutional.
    No “motive” needed. How long will it take to supplement Ross’s claim of ensuring the Voting Rights Act and pass muster in the Supreme Court?

  39. Mac45 says:

    What has happened is that Trump has changed the game. For the first two years, he did everything that he could to convince the Dems, libs and Establishment cronies to work with him. He has made overture after overture and compromise after compromise and none of these people will meet him at all, let alone halfway. So, in the words of the greatest strategist in history, Bugs Bunny; “This means war”. Maybe the Establishment forces should have accepted the olive branch he offered after his election.
    Trump watched the Dems paint themselves into a corner on immigration. He watched the polling swing from less than 30% Democrats, who see immigration as a crisis, to nearly 80% of Dems, who now see it in that light. This was intelligence that both Trump and Pelosi had. And this is why she begged for time to get some relief through Congress. And, Trump knew that some relief would be passed. This buys him time. At the same time, it sets up a battle inside the Democrat party. The new Turks, led by AOC, will continue to hammer the “open borders/let the illegals go free” drum. This will accelerate the swing of the Dem base toward immigration enforcement. And, this means that the Dem leadership is going to have to resort to draconian measures to muzzle the New Turks. And, the Dem leadership is ruthless. So campaign #1 is to siphon off support for unfettered immigration within likely Dem voters, which will allow Trump to hold the support of his base while also reducing the availability of illegal immigrant votes in 2020. And, it sets up a potential civil war within the Dem party, going into the 2020 elections.
    Campaign #2 is to paint the Dem politicians as both worthless and even dangerous. Watch the homeless problem also become more central and be laid squarely at the feet of national, state and local Dem leaders. And, it is already having an effect. We are seeing some cities, all Dem led and with serious homeless problems, attempting to take stop gap measures to control homelessness. Being remedial, not prophylactic, they will fail. This will result in the Dems in these areas losing more support due to their inefficiency, or they will use draconian measures which will lose them support from their base. Either way, Trump benefits.
    Campaign #3 is a push to get Dems and libs to attack the US military. The US is facing an active threat from Iran and from the Taliban. At least our military is. And, the US military is our bulwark against military attack. So, Trump parks a couple of tanks on the Mall, for props, on Independence Day and the Dem/libs rise to the bait and began attacking the military. Iran will continue saber rattling and the Dems will continue to attack the military and they will lose even more support.
    Campaign #4 is economy and trade. China is the big opponent there. So Trump attacks one of China’s strongest pieces, North Korea. If Trump can reduce China’s influence in the DPRK, that is one less weapon that China can use in the current trade war. And, if Trump can make sufficient inroads in getting concessions from Kim, he becomes an international hero, as well as domestic one.
    Campaign #5 is to put pressure on the members of the last administration and the current bureaucracy, who have committed crimes. A lot of leg work on this is being done by civilian, not government forces. Servergate and Benghazi are surfacing again. NSA 702 spying violations are slowly becoming news. The use of IC assets to attack the Trump campaign is expanding. Misuse of the FISC by the FBI and DOJ is being further uncovered. And, the hits just keep on coming.
    So, sit back. Pop the top on your favorite beverage and enjoy the show over the next few months. Enjoy Independence day. Next year, it may be even better.

  40. omyword says:

    My sense on all of this is that the president and the DOJ are chumming the waters. This sets up the case for reigning in the rouge federal judges who are dictating issues from the bench and thwarting the presidents powers and circumventing constitutional law. The AG has so stated that this has been a problem. This case is bait for future action.
    All this is needed because:
    1 Congress will not do its job neither on enacting needed legislation(necessary because of rouge judges) nor impeach these judges.
    2. SCOTUS at this time is untrustworty due to a compromised cheif justice.

    • 1herder says:

      “……rouge federal judges who are dictating issues from the bench…..” …..well I guess you could call the judges “redish-like” ie sort of commie-like…..but I would think of them more as rogue-like as in “off the rails!”

  41. grahampink says:

    None of the major network will carry the Salute to America tomorrow but you can be sure they’ll all be there for the flag burnings. Which only helps President Trump’s re-election efforts.
    Let the rope unspool.

  42. President please keep forward To Deportation Deadlinet,
    We will fight with you and stand with you side By side,

  43. mickjt says:

    Yea, Nancy, we know, the Check’s in the mail…every time we get the Check it’s late and made out for 1 cent. WOW, if you only worked for that, it’s all you’re worth!

  44. Scott L Robertson says:

    Arrest that Seattle Judge as an Enemy Combatant intentionally and illegally subverting the Rule of Law to exacerbate a crisis of National Emergency as declared by the Commander in Chief. This “judge” is a tool of the Legal System not a Citizen, and does not have any rights to Freedom of Speech when administering to the Rule of Law.

  45. Unapologetic American Male says:

    What was it they said/sang at the beginning of the old (1960’s) TV Western, “Rawhide”, starring a young Clint Eastwood as “Rowdy Yates” oh I remember now it was “Round ’em up! Move ’em out!”
    Let’s “round ’em up” every last one of them, the “illegal aliens”, let’s “move ’em out” not on buses, trains, or planes mind you but trudging south along the side of the roads, a modern-day “Trail of Tears” in this case we will call it “The Trail of Tacos”.

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