Transcript of Michael Flynn Status Hearing – June 24th (full pdf)…

One of the reasons why the Flynn legal situation is so interesting is not really because of Flynn himself; but rather because the Flynn situation is a likely example of President Obama’s surveillance network in operation.

Tenuous legal theories (Logan Act) and obscure laws (technical FARA violations) appear to have been exploited by DOJ administration officials, in close ideological alignment with the Lawfare Group.  In association with overall Obama administration officials, the fellow travelers used the legal system to create a DC surveillance network.

At the 30,000 ft. level Obama’s surveillance network looks like this:

• White House identifies a target; •passes request to the DOJ National Security Division (middlemen); •who then use the auspices of possible FARA violations to pass the instructions to the FBI contractors; •who data-mine the NSA database.

•The FBI results are then passed back to the DOJ-NSD; •who weaponize the information for FISA applications (becomes legal cover); and •pass the authorized surveillance (spying) results back to the White House etc.

It’s a circle of surveillance activity that could encompass almost every politician in Washington DC as they network with foreign lobbyists and special interests.

Techno Fog was the first person to identify FARA violations as the tenuous legal basis for the DOJ-NSD to gain FISC authorized surveillance warrants. It makes sense.

Those warrants then permit surveillance and the unwitting targets can infect anyone they come into contact with.

Using this process unwitting targets would be carrying surveillance like an ebola virus, and the Obama administration would be monitoring almost everyone in Washington DC.

Throughout the weaponized process there’s an element of plausible deniability, and a tenuous legal justification to protect the participants. If questioned the first line of defense would be to assert National Security; and almost all of the activity would be considered “classified”.

Obviously the purposes and intents of the surveillance would be political. However, by using The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), there’s a useful legal cover story. Exploiting the NSA database also ties in neatly to this process. The database is how the FBI would get the evidence for the DOJ-NSD FISA applications.

Restrictions on Title III 4th amendment privacy protections are worked-around by using Title-1 national security claims; and conveniently everything around FISA is classified.

It is not coincidental that Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn were all charged or threatened with FARA violations. Additionally, in the one known FISA application Carter Page was called an “agent of a foreign government”.

Extending the legal theory into action, the Special Counsel, and particularly DOJ prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, can be viewed as simply charging forward with a pre-existing process all the special counsel participants were familiar with.

Michael Flynn is a case-study in the exact type of target this process would be perfect to ensnare. [Explained Here] Now, whether what’s left of Flynn’s case is enough to drag this political surveillance system into the sunlight is yet to be seen. However, as explained, this is why Flynn’s case is so interesting.

That said, here’s the status hearing from yesterday:


Here’s the details from last month when Techno Fog first started to see the FARA surveillance pattern within the Flynn case filings.

Read the Twitter THREAD HERE

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397 Responses to Transcript of Michael Flynn Status Hearing – June 24th (full pdf)…

  1. Cocoon says:

    The more we know, the more we know the FBI/DOJ presented half-truths to obtain their desired end result.
    Mostly, to protect themselves from their own actions.
    When the FBI had its powers increased to include foreign terrorist plots after 9/11, there was concern by some the Agency would become too large and its powers too broad.
    But nobody even hinted that this international exposure would create a window for external forces to impact the FBI and our election process. And subsequent Presidential governing.
    And yet here we are.
    If we are to address the real problem, we must downsize and contain the power of the FBI.

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    • Streak 264 says:

      Bush was not duped. He is part of the problem.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      By not going after FARA violations so that they can keep spying options open, the FBI/DOJ encourage bad behavior. If nobody goes to jail for robbing a bank, there are going to be a lot of bank robberies.

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    • 3rdday61 says:

      As in rip it out by it’s roots and burn to ashes the remnants. They and the entire ‘IC” are a stain on this country’s history. Unelected domestic enemies of State protecting the bureaucracy from accountability to the sovereign power of The People.

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    • goldduggar says:

      Downsize the FBI?? Why not eliminate theFBI?

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      • mariner says:

        We wouldn’t need so much federal law encouragement if we didn’t have so much federal law.

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        Not really. Here’s a basic concept: Just separate the world wide FBI offices that investigate overseas into THE MILITARY JUSTICE SYSTEM, let them refer US citizens to DOJ for prosecution, along w evidence — unless it is sedition or treason! FBI stays in it’s US lane only, and only investigates in USA.

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        • Retired USMC says:

          Screw the FBI. They are no better then the Gestapo. Burn it to the ground.

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          • Amy2 says:

            Yes. Start over. New guidelines, new rules, new name, new reputation.


            • Walt says:

              NEW PEOPLE. All the old people to be pensioned, conditioned on never working in law enforcement in any capacity, EVER. Sure there are some honorable ones. And given that we had about three whistleblowers out of tens of thousands of FBI employees, how would you pick out the good few?

              Keep the J. Edgar Hoover Building. Convert it to a barracks for illegal immigrants pending adjudication and/or trial on charges. There’s far too little appreciation of what third world migrants are like in Washington; 10,000 or so living on cots in J. Edgar for six months or so each would be an immense help.

              Congressmen could take them home on weekends for some ‘family time.’

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      • NICCO says:

        U.S.MARSHALLS .This was proposed by judicial watch a while back

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    • Mrs. E says:

      Yes, Cocoon. And we also have a lurking problem with DHS. It was never necessary, and should not have been created. We need to downsize it, and be rid of it too. The potential for real problems with DHS is huge. It could truly become a monster.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        It’s already a monster.

        The more centralized things are the faster things will ultimately reach full control. We’re pretty close to full control. The freedoms we still have are “allowed” us to present the illusion we have free action. Until we actually see actual proof things are getting better. they’re getting worse. Just about everyone has a cellphone. They already have everything they need to dissect your life just there. Many people have some version of electronic toll payers, EZ Pass etc. that ping all the time to track you. “Social” Media has already made their choice long ago and it isn’t recent. When Twitter started cutting off access during foreign unrest the DeepState here took note and got woke really quick to the dangers Social Media posed to them.

        Unraveling the coup is our last shot. I believe in Trump but it may be they fight him to a standstill on that – which mean we lose. And, yes, I don’t believe we’ll ever have mass armed insurgence to fight this. You won’t ever get started surveillance will throw you in jail before you do anything. We are too well off and people aren’t going to rouse themselves. I could be wrong and I hope I am. America is filled with exceptional people wherever you care to look for them.

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        • Bendix says:

          When a relative of mine went to see a friend off at the train station, she found that only ticketed passengers are allowed on the platform now.
          Janet Napolitano intended for this to happen, Americans would no longer have any means of traveling without government permission/surveillance/control. and even the she’s gone, her policies are still being implemented.
          There is NO reason for those nude scanners at airports, yet there they are.
          This is not liberty.

          BTW, Napolitano can’t even keep a potential speaker at the university she runs safe.

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          • Alligator Gar says:

            But our new newly-walked-in replacement ‘citizens’ are flown around the country to resettle chez vous with no proper ID; only a notice to appear. They bypass all of the TSA b.s. we normal travelers must endure.

            Citizens born and naturalized are treated like the enemy by this satanic government.

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        • redridge45 says:

          As far as tracking goes; the utility company put smart meters on everyone’s homes that constantly are sending signals into your home looking for your other smart appliances, tv’s, etc. In California, we can still opt out of the smart meter, so I did and it cost $75 plus $10 per mo. Plus, I heard some smart meters have caught on fire for no reason…. Hmmm, fires in CA…how many ways can they start? But that’s another story!

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          • Robert Smith says:

            I forgot what it was, but on of Google’s Smart devices had an undocumented microphone in it. It doesn’t seem to have been utilized yet, but it’s there..


        • RLTW says:

          You’re wrong Mr. Smith. Going to war is scary for both sides. You imagine the enemy to be ten feet tall and invincible. Seasoned warriors will tell you that the enemy sees you as ten feet tall and invincible as well. Truth is they’re more scared of us than we are of them. The FBI routinely backs off taking down subjects who are deemed to be too well armed, too well prepared, too dedicated and too damn dangerous.

          As for technology, unplug. The terrorists realized we were tracking cellphones about two decades ago so they stopped using them. Bin Laden went dark and used messengers to relay information. Took us forever to find him. We found him because his messenger used a cell phone. Old school intelligence field craft is completely dead in the USA intelligence community. Today we rely solely on nerds behind computers tracking cellphones and email traffic. Laziness.

          And if you don’t think that a mass insurgence could ever happen in this Country you might want to stand on an overpass of I-66 East when Rolling Thunder rides into DC. It is a never-ending convoy of over a million weathered combat veterans riding Harley Davidson Motorcycles in honor of their fallen comrades and POW/MIAs. And it scares the hell out of the Deep State creeps in our government, which is why they have done everything they can to stymie it and shut it down with administrative hurdles. President Trump saved it.

          That’s a turn-key army. Rolling Thunder could just as easily make that ride with AR-15s slung across their chest and 1911s strapped on their waist. They have already announced that they will ride on DC if the Democrats try to impeach President Trump. President Trump need but say the word. Guarantee those combat vets would be more than happy to burn DC to the ground.

          Buy yourself an AR-15 Mr. Smith. You’ll feel better. And trust me, We The People are going to be just fine.

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      • Bendix says:

        It seems like when INS became ICE under Homeland Security, immigration lawlessness got a lot worse.

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    • chojun says:

      This is entirely the result of a politicized Department and Bureau being used as a weapon against an administration’s political enemies. The solution, unfortunately, is replacing leadership at both organizations with trustworthy patriots who can keep their political ideology checked at the door.

      This really means that we can’t ever trust the organizations, especially under the current media climate (which has existed for over 60 years) which won’t hold government accountable.


    • jnr2d2 says:

      Not really. Here’s a concept: Just separate the FBI foreign investigative offices and put them under the US Military Justice System. They would then refer cases to DOJ for prosecution in the USA, or pass information to other cooperating countries for their consideration for prosecution in their county. Except Sedition and Treason Cases!!


    • As a man thinkth says:

      If you carefully read the numerious Articles generated here by Sundance…you will note the common thread…THE LAWFARE GROUP…the think tank dedicated to munipulation and perversion of the U.S.CONSTITUTION…
      This organisation represents the epidimy
      Of the academia currently turning out lawyers by the thousands and reflected by a major portion of the federal judges currently residing over the courts…They should be identified as a terrorist organization…the doors kicked in and ALL RECORDS and computer data conficated…Keep in mind at least TWO of the actors in the Coup work for Lawfare and were granted access to the NSA data base…

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    • Mike says:

      The more we know, the more we realize that this was not an activity carried out by a handful of people at the top. This was a massive operation involving hundreds, if not thousands, of personnel at many levels. Where were the whistleblowers? Crickets.

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    • mike says:

      Essentially the DOJ/FBI “infected” Flynn et al with the political equivalent of an Ebola virus for the American elites’ deep police state to infect and destroy everybody.

      I don’t think Barr can sanitize them enough to save us long term. Sterilize or nuke from orbit and start over.


  2. Pokey says:

    I am smelling real bad fish in here. No place left to go for fresh air. This mess is not really fixable because it is truly a Pandora’s Box. The People have lost control and it appears this began to happen a long time ago.

    We should start by removing the entire Patriot Act. George W Bush, as usual, was duped into believing that the provisions of that law would prevent political corruption in the future. Obviously, he was wrong. Then we need to rebuild our entire system of spying so that it can never be used on American Citizens again.

    Of course, since this whole mess is a Pandora’s Box, no amount of revisions in our Government will ever stop it. DC has become a real smelly place. Our Government is completely fubar.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      And thennthe whole FBI?

      Or just FBI – HQ?

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        I think it depends upon your perspective. Roger Stone, could say, its the whole FBI since his family saw 29 agents upfront and personal. Others could say, it’s only the FBI leadership..

        Must, the whole crop be burned because it’s infested? Has the infestation gone to far?


      • dd_sc says:

        FBI HQ at a minimum. Treat them like a corporation. The corrupt DC office is totally shut down, and the head of one of the satellite offices is promoted to Director. The new Director gets one year to reconstitute the DC office, no re-hires of former DC FBI.


    • Mrs. E says:

      Oh, I am optimistic. We have a terrific president; look at what he has accomplished, and promised to do that has not yet been done? Imagine if he had 3 or 4 terms, how much he could do to curtail government. He would like to abolish certain departments. But we need to start that discussion to bring about the possibility of those terms. The dems had their FDR. Now America needs their DJT!

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      • Pokey says:

        We need to focus on 2020 and figure out how to keep PDJT in office with social media controlling the messages to the voters. It will not be easy. I would guess that social media will flip at least 10 million or more of our most ignorant voters. That means PDJT will have to win a sweeping landslide among the rest of us just to get the win. Even if he manages to win, there will be a re-run of all the coup crap we are dealing with 2 1/2 years after the election.


    • chojun says:

      There are certain aspects of the PATRIOT act which are, in my view, desirable. For example, at my company (an HSA custodian/administrator), we have to go through extra steps to verify that account holders are real people, to comply with the law. This step alone makes it very difficult to conceal the source of money and makes money laundering very difficult.

      With that said, I find the surveillance aspects of the act to be intolerable, because we simply have to trust the people who use these tools.

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      • Judith says:

        You may be onto something @chojun. Our very stable genius President favors financial solutions (trade resets, tariffs, economic sanctions) to kneecap and greatly reduce the influence of hostile foreign actors. It is a fantastic foreign policy to sever the puppet strings that bankroll the DC corruptocrats.

        We already know who’s who and what’s what. We don’t need more spies. We need to put these swamp critters and their pimps on a street corner with tin cups and make them all irrelevant.

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    • p says:

      Sorry, Bush was not duped. Open your eyes. These guys are not innocent actors — with only “outside” bad guys pulling wool over their eyes. Someone earlier, or on a separate thread, said, I used to think 0 was a nice guy. How many bridges to sell!

      How can so many intelligent Americans be so stupid. Sorry – but stuped, duped, often too willingly, this is the way I see it. We have had marxists agents working in our country for years. (Lots of difference between “classical liberal” – old fashioned, red blooded American – and “liberal” — marxist masquerade, cemented by so-called Republican conservatives who demonized the “L” word – so not one could think.)

      Maybe they (Bush types) did not think of themselves as “marxists,” but globalist-elite and totalitarian-think — no difference (our wonderful CEOs). Add islamists to the mix – no different. We lose our old-fashioned, can-do, red-blooded American selves to this dangerous trash. They are out to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

      Thank God for President Trump. We all must MAGA right with him. I wish it were KAG, but that means a tremendous amount of clean-up. Can he, we, do it?

      Thanks, Sundance for being our best antidote to treasonous lawfare – terrorism of all American citizens. Excellent sleuthing. Even more excellent reporting. I hope everyone contributes frequently — keep all the investigating going.

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      • Pokey says:

        You do a good job of smearing George W Bush’s motives, as if you know them. I don’t know his motives, and I have even read his lousy autobiography. I believe he was a dupe long before he was a sinister schemer who had a secret Globalist agenda. His greatest accomplishment was an ownership interest in a Major League baseball franchise. I say he was a dupe.


    • Austin Holdout says:

      And of course we have the problem that we have liberally granted residency or citizenship to foreign nations who are here plotting attacks on our soil.

      Obama’s ruthless commandeering of laws designed to protect the country from terrorists will now require us to restrict legitimate laws and investigation and cost American lives. The man’s legacy gets uglier all the time.

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      • MVW says:

        Government exists with force, but force can be good or evil, it is the hand that wields it that determines which it is. Obama and the ideology he held determined how that force was used. We can see the hand by the results, which were clearly evil.

        I believe that it is God that has turned the tide. Whether Obama and supporting minions see justice in this life or afterwards is really of no true concern to me, but justice will be done, I am sure of that.

        Others can benefit that would follow in Obama’s footsteps if threats from justice done now put caution to would be evil, but ultimately it is everyones own responsibility to do good, true good, not feigned good, fake good, that a person of truth would judge is not good. So, threat of justice from todays delivered justice is only mercy to those that would follow evil otherwise.


  3. Bendix says:

    I remember just after Barack Obama was elected president, at least I think it was, 60 Minutes had an interview with someone who knew him back when. This was an older black man, and I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. He stated that people were “going to be surprised” at what the new president was going to do, in the area of “national security”.

    That shows prior planning. One would think that because a great many Americans voted for this new, unknown guy precisely because of what the Bush regime had done in the name of security, that such a statement would have piqued the curiosity of the interviewer, but no.

    A reminder, both Obamacare and the Common Core, especially the Common Core, have data mining components.
    The Common Core hasn’t gone away.

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    • beach lover says:

      No one wanted to tell the true story of Obama and his shenanigans in Chicago. I know some are fairly public because of books by Jerome Corsi (humm where have we heard that name recently). But the black community was very disillusioned by him. They felt they were used. He made tons of promises and then left town never to return or do anything to improve their lives. typical dem.

      But, to your point, Bendix, he had lots of help along his way, from many nefarious characters. So, I would not, for one minute, doubt the many skeletons in his past.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      I wish Ben Carson had been given Education which is what he wanted and asked for. He’s highly educated himself, very well read on political theory, history and many other topics and I think he would have made some great fundamental changes.

      He lives in Florida and I wondered why he wasn’t at the kickoff rally.


  4. youme says:

    Meanwhile, the spying architect himself:

    The Obama family continued their luxurious European vacation over the weekend, spending time in Italy with two special friends: George and Amal Clooney!

    The former first couple arrived in Milan around lunchtime on Saturday via private jet and a phalanx of security and vehicles.

    “We often see important people arriving here in Milan, but rarely have I seen such an impressive security operation,” a source says. “They even had one big van just for their luggage and a police helicopter which took off as soon as they departed from the airport to escort them all the way to their final destination”

    The Obamas arrived at the Clooneys’ villa just as the day’s stormy weather began to break, around 2:30 p.m. local time.

    On Sunday, the former president and the Catch-22 star were spotted arriving by boat near a dock on Lake Como in Cernobbio — near where the Clooneys have a home.


  5. Perot Conservative says:

    FUBAR. And they thought in 2012 they could get away with this – indefinitely?

    A base conclusion I have come to is – if 90% of DC government positions are held my Democrats, radical Democrats, and Socialist Big Government types, how will things ever change?

    They won’t.

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    • 3rdday61 says:

      They damn sure won’t change with a defeatist attitude. Have you stopped to realize just how many people are NOT in Government.? And own weapons ?
      Remember that President Trump said that his election gave the Government back to The People. You gotta want it.

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      • Rynn69 says:

        3rdday61: HIGH FIVE TO YOU! All opinions are important and matter, but we must stop the self-defeatist talk.

        IMHO, a lot of this comes out of frustration and the perceived inaction so I understand it. Perot Conservative and others must have faith and realize the two-tier justice system and socialist tendencies will not play well in America, Land of the Free. No matter how it plays out – freedom will prevail as we must realize most Americans are good…just uninformed. No one knows how long it will take, how it will happen, or when, but the ship will be righted. Working people are not going to pay for other people who don’t work and the injustice of two-tier legal systems won’t fly.

        In a way, the slow implosion of California is a blessing in disguise. An awakening for the rest of the U.S. California cannot sustain a behemoth public trough with the middle class and business leaving the State. The Golden State is sinking into a mire filled with over-taxation, feces, used needles, rats, tent cities, drug-addled occupants, illegal migrantion and crime, disease, and PC insanity.

        As Thomas Paine said: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

        THE ONE THING EVERY SINGLE TREEPER CAN DO? Educate. Educate every single person you know on what is going on. Refer them to real news. Red pill them. If you are a parent, PARENT. Explain to your millennial children that they will have no future if they continue voting Democrat because they will be spending their lives paying for others who are not working.

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        • jett96 says:

          Thank you Rynn, your point on parenting (well all of your points) but the parenting note is critical. We have a young son and I always tell him when the political debate every becomes confused or you feel that perhaps you don’t understand a political debate, always, always go back to our founding fathers and related documentation. Let them be your guiding light in the political storm. They will never let you down and never blindly trust anyone regardless of political affiliation. I tell him as my mom always said, “America was not built for the faint at heart”. It was meant to be a place where you were free to make your own way in life (succeed or fail on your own merits) and to not be handed everything on a silver platter. Yes, parenting is always the key component. Thank you again.

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        • Phil aka Felipe says:

          Good words, Rynn69.

          “Explain to your millennial children that they will have no future if they continue voting Democrat because they will be spending their lives paying for others who are not working.”

          The Apostle Paul’s remedy for those who will not work: “neither should he eat.” 2 Th 3:10

          Time to wise up.

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        • leftnomore says:

          It’s easy to lump all of CA into that description, but those visuals are the domain of a few big cities out here. The tent cities practically stop at LAs borders…the surrounding municipalities don’t allow it but LA does. Voting D is a trend that can be reversed…. Texas used to you know. We have to let the duped public experience the end result. We’re getting there. However, the majority of CA looks pretty good so that day isn’t here yet.


          • PBR says:

            I listened to an interview with Thomas Sowell by Wm F Buckley today. Circa 1981. Find it on YouTube. Sowell was wise to the ways of govt even as a young man. He hits hard on things like- the Govt and complicit media want to keep you uneducated and uninformed (my words). He starts out talking about IQ and education, and performance, but still with it and you will get a real education. On point- he iterates how the media (and politicians) want people to think “everybody wants it, everybody believes it). Shockingly appropriate to today. And remember- this was 1981. This should work:


    • rcogburn says:

      Our founding fathers were a bunch of pissed off, gun toting farmers crazy enough to think they could defeat the British Empire, and crazy enough to do it. The power of positive thinking!

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      • PBR says:

        Some of the things going on now remind me distinctly of the fight the colonies had against the oppression of their government- England. We too want independence from our Deep State.


        • rcogburn says:

          Yes. They were ruled by an increasingly autocratic government of an unelected elite who saw them as inferiors, had no regard for individual rights, a two tiered system of justice – and they were being fleeced to pay for it all.


    • Pokey says:

      I don’t believe you are being overly pessimistic. I think we have to completely overhaul and radically shrink the Government before things will ever change. The rules are rigged to perpetuate Big Government, and that includes the ballot box. So, you are more likely being realistic than pessimistic.


  6. J Gottfred says:

    Anyone know who Techno Fog is? Sure has keen instincts.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Even if someone knows him/her personally, no one should dox anyone.
      Please and thank you.

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      • boogywstew says:

        That’s how I handle being a guest here. I don’t encourage any talk about who what a ‘Sundance” might be. Now … I want to know more about “Suspicious Cat”! Someone should do children’s stories about SC. “Menagerie”?

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      • J Gottfred says:


        FTR, I am not requesting anyone to dox Techno. It makes no sense to compromise a reliable source. But I would like to know in broad terms who he/she is–an investigative reporter, government insider, clairvoyant, or other. The integrity of sources in this whole government corruption case is key to getting to the truth sooner than later. I have followed TF closely and really appreciate the disclosures made todate.


  7. Brian Baker says:

    It’s clear that the DOJ/FBI are unable to police themselves against political corruption.
    And the FISA Court is unwilling to police them.
    So what do you do about an inherently corrupt intelligence apparatus?

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  8. Beau Geste says:

    We should not forget that the secret Star Chamber FISA court is complicit in all this. They MUST know that the warrants they automatically rubber-stamp are ill-gotten political spy authorizations. They approved “MOTIONS TO SPY” on hillary’s opponent, without any hearings, or questioning about the probable cause for the spying on an elected President. The FISC never disciplined the attorneys or oath-swearers for withholding information about fraud on the FISC, and never withdrew the fraudulently-obtained warrants to spy on PDJT. Absolutely astounding corruption by a secret court, as a separate branch of government, with an extra-heavy duty to protect 4th Amendment constitutional rights because the defendants are not represented. And with a “2-hop rule” in a political campaign organization, this is thousands of innocent people the FISC willy-nilly authorized to be spied on.
    The FISC MUST know that it is complicit in political spying, with the thousands of FISA warrants it has issued during the obama administration. The current FISC judges need to be replaced. And the “2-hop” rule needs to be curtailed.

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    • beach lover says:

      This ^^ has to be addressed by Durham. First place to start.. well if Horowitz hasn’t already been referring people already. But, lying to FISC is a crime. That makes those that did.. criminals. Those judges have to now know even if they were lied to at the time.

      Why are they being protected? Is it a case that if the judges don’t want the fact they were played? So they just went along. The fourth time gets easier. It’s the first one that should garner the most scrutiny.

      Release the FISAs. And it will truly all come out.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Is the price being paid by thousands of American citizens to high, to continue with the use of the FISC court?

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      • GB Bari says:

        The country existed from its beginning up to the point when the FISC was created.
        It’s not necessary. There have always been other ways to catch spies, cheats, and liars.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        The unconstitutional price of knowingly complicit judges in a secret court is too high. The crooked judges who have no respect for their constitutional responsibilities need to be removed. How to find honest judges? An honest Chief Justice (Roberts is responsible for their misbehavior). Who watches the watchers?

        One approach is to eliminate or severely limit the absurd “2-hop” rule willy-nilly rubber stamped by these errant, knowingly complicit, secret court judges.

        Because the spied-on Defendant US Citizens (including all the multi-hop spied-on US Citizens who are unknown at the time these warrants are granted) are not represented to defend their 4th Amendment rights, there should be a “Advocate General Office – AGO” set up to review and interrogate the DOJ motions for multi-hop spy warrants. The military JAG has independent attorneys assigned to defend court-martialled defendants. The AGO would have the power to subpoena the FBI/DOJ oath-swearers and probable cause evidence-providers, and depose/interrogate them for the permanent record in the warrant proceedings. In the case of the “MOTIONS TO SPY ON UNNAMED THOUSANDS OF HILLARY”S OPPONENTS”, such an Advocate General Office would clearly understand the constitutional issues of political spying, require proof that Carter Page was a dangerous foreign agent (who was actually a known FBI witness asset), ask how the FBI knew Papadoc might be bringing $10,000 undeclared cash through customs, ask about hillary/DNC fabrication of the unverified Pee Pee dossier, ask who paid Misfud, Turk and Halper, ask how much money Downer gave to the hillary foundation, withheld evidence of unreliability and bias of Steel, etc. “Why not just spy on Carter Page, rather than thousands of other people?” Obvious questions to the political spy-warrant seekers.

        Such a secret Star Chamber Advocate General could file motions to discipline DOJ/FBI liars, and to withdraw fraudulently granted Warrants. The Advocate General Office would have authority to petition the Chief Justice (here Roberts) for removal or impeachment for bad behavior of FISC judges (with permanent copies to the US President and the Congressional Judiciary committees). Even crooked, complicit FISC judges now relying on secrecy, would need to be more careful.

        If Justice Brandeis’ Sunlight Disinfectant is not fully available, then the adversarial division of power designed into our Constitution is worth a try.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      So if the FISA judges knew what could that say about SC Justice Roberts possible knowledge, I wonder?


      I wonder if this is the place to insert the definition of LEVERAGE?


    • crash71234 says:

      Every FISC decision is approved by SCOTUS Roberts. Every one.


      • rcogburn says:

        FWIW, his wife Jane Roberts has the kind of career that could easily put her one hop away from a FISA, and thus him?

        “Jane is the Managing Partner of the Washington, D.C. office of Mlegal Group, Inc. One of Washington’s most insightful and experienced legal recruiters, Jane advises high-profile law firm partners and groups on lateral moves, and senior government attorneys transitioning to the private sector. In addition, she works with clients, primarily established law firms, on business-critical recruiting assignments such as succession planning in key practice areas.

        Prior to joining Mlegal Group, Jane was a legal recruiter with Major, Lindsey & Africa, based in Washington, D.C. Before that, she was a partner in the Global Technology Group at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, where she also held the position of Executive Partner for Talent Development.”


  9. Alex M says:

    FITON:HUGE Update: Judicial Watch causes Page-Strzok Lovers’ Spat; Cali Begins Cleaning 1.59 million names from voting rolls; and Clinton Emails Witness Can’t Remember if Server Wiped!

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  10. A2 says:

    2012 was a very interesting year

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    • GB Bari says:

      IMO, the re-election of Ozero spawned a much wider, deeper, and far more sinister corruption/ infestation of the federal government by anti American leftists than has been reported in any single source, and that 99% of Americans are truly aware of.

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  11. Esther says:

    Will repeat again, the DOJ cannot, police, investigate and prosecute itself. This cancerous corruption is too deeply rooted. Trump needs to first reverse what Obummer did to the military. He used his sniffer to identify and remove loyal Generals and top brass who love this country and put in his power hungry, warmongering communist NWO pics. Once that is done, Trump can put the military in charge of the clean up of corruption that is rampant throughout the government via military tribunals. All that’s happening right now is musical chairs at the DOJ.

    Barr is not going to penetrate the depths of corruption and weaponization of his department or the intelligence community. He came out from the swamp. No matter what he says or does, that is always at the forefront. Barr is former C_A, was appointed by the Bush family, and served them well. Its another whitewash. Everyone should be tired of the packaging and PR of people’s past reputations as sufficient scrutiny to accept they will do what needs to be done to root ot corruption. We’ve been hearing this about every single appointee to the Justice Department and bar none, they’ve all turned out corrupt as hell – Sessions, Rosenstien, Mueller, Wray. and over in the DOD Gen Mattis, Gen Kelly, his second in command, ICE, Border Patrol DHS, State Department.

    But still no firings over at State. DOJ still has Bruce Ohr and others employed there even giving them bonuses and raises. DOJ has turned down criminal referrals for prosecution. Trump needs to burn the house down by first axing all the Obama appointees. It has not got any better, only worse and more entrenched in the past two years.

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  12. Truth seeker says:

    Powell is being somewhat coy. There’s a specific reason she want’s security clearance to access Classified info, and it’s apparent in the transcript that the Gov’t reps don’t want her to have it. For which I’m sure there’s also a specific reason.

    This could get very interesting.


  13. Sammy Hains says:

    0bama and Mueller’s FBI spied on Romney and got away with it.
    They tracked his every move, had him bugged, and knew every detail about Project ORCA, which they crashed on election day 2012.

    They thought they could get away with it again in 2016, but they failed.
    And now they will pay the price.

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  14. Mrs. E says:

    The Bottom Line is this; dictators always use spying as a crime to put away anyone they want put away. This is not any different from that activity. So of course it is intentional. So glad that it is being discovered and exposed. Every American needs to know this is going on, and we must stop it. Pray, people, pray! We have a great president and serve a great God. May He be merciful and allow us to drain the swamp.

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  15. John55 says:

    What’s really alarming is that virtually nobody among the Republicans in Congress … and zero people among the Republicans in the Senate … seems to care even slightly about ANY of this. You’d expect them to be at DEFCON 1, but if anything, they appear to be joining with the Democrats to try to cover up and excuse what has been happening.

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    • rashomon says:

      2020 is as much about local, state and other national elections as it is about PDJT, and we must start working now to replace the UniParty with Constitutionalists.

      Also, the vast, over-reaching bureaucracy needs to be dismantled. What is the status of the SES employees installed since the Carter administration and greatly expanded by The Zero? Aside from those obvious traitors to our president (and, thus, our country), the number and power of government contractors hide the sheer shift from The Power of the People to Deep State Secrets and what that entity is developing with its secret budget in the trillions.

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      • rashomon says:

        In re the above: Financial planner Kathy Landing is running as a conservative Republican for the South Carolina First District. Her 34-year career in finance should be a boon to SC and DC, which lack people with business experience (vs. lawyers who often know nothing about the fine details of finance, but have become over-whelmingly represented in Congress). Now we need some farmers, doctors and entrepreneurs to step up.


    • Bryan Alexander says:

      It means they did it, too, or want to be able to do it if they can just make all this go away.

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    • Zorro says:

      Have you seen the term “Uniparty” anywhere?

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    • GB Bari says:

      IMO they care, but only about their personal wealth and job security, and little if any about their constituents or their country’s future.


    • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

      Remember how many Pubbies left office after all this played out in late 2017 and throughout 2018.
      Try to imagine the “NET ” as a huge commercial fishing net as opposed to a dip net.
      And more importantly, just what kind of bait was used??
      Leverage =blackmail!


    • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

      John…your post implies that you believe that there is a difference between the “D”s and the “R”s in the Senate and the House of Representatives. If you’ve been a frequent reader here, you’d be dissuaded from that notion. They are ALL Uniparty.


  16. Life cycle of a bureaucracy: Growth, self-protection, implosion, repeat ad nauseam.


  17. 335blues says:

    The more we find out, the more it becomes certain that the marxist obama
    is an enemy of America.


  18. California Joe says:

    Samantha Power unmasked 400 people but claims it wasn’t her? Coincidentally, those unmaskings were all related to the Palestinian issue one which she had strong emotional views….yet she has still not been charged with a single crime. Not a very complicated matter. Why is that Captain Ron?


  19. Brant says:

    FBI? Federal Bureau of Investigation…….or Face Book Information?


  20. Bryan Alexander says:

    FARA was first passed in 1938. NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT. Go read about it on Wikipedia. It was NEVER intended to be a backdoor to electronic surveillance.

    The ONLY way we will ever discover just how corrupted the government has become is to declassify ALL Title-1 FISA Warrants going back probably to 1990. Find out WHO has been targeted.

    Think about how many GOP politicians were put out of office in 2008. Any person who decided to do consulting work for a foreign government could have had a Title-1 FISA warrant put in place AND THEY WOULD NEVER KNOW IT!

    The NSD of the DOJ was not letting the IG do any reviews of the NSD. Remember Sally Yates?

    You get a two-hop FISA warrant on you and EVERY PERSON YOU TALKED AND EVERY PERSON THEY TALKED TO would be caught up in the surveillance. You talk to 50 people. Each one of them talks to 50 people. That is 2500 people that the government can get every phone call, email, text, EVERYTHING on that person….. and they would never know it. AND NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE 2500 WOULD NEED TO BE “UNMASKED”. The FBI, and who knows how many other people, can pull that info and it is all “legal”….. if the 1 person at the center has a title-1 FISA warrant on them.

    This might be the single greatest abuse of law by the government in American history.

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    • marymorse says:

      Please consider that FARAs drew DC politicos into the net of collection, but the language of 18 USC 951 is a wider net. This is how Carter Page was targeted. He’s an academic, interacting with foreign academics, some that likely work for foreign governments, even if he isn’t aware of such ties.

      Imagine a graduate seminar at an Ivy institution, taught by a foreign visiting professor. The professor tasks seminar participants with research tasks on his behalf. The seminar is offered several times during the professor’s visiting tenure. If, unknown to the participants, the professor works for a foreign government, under 18 USC 951 could all participants be subjected to a 2 hop warrant?


  21. Zippy says:

    The perps in jail in 3, 2, 1… 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…


  22. Bogeyfree says:

    Calling on Tom Fitton,

    It is time for a FOIA request to see if there ever was a FISA warrant on Candidate Trump that got renewed enough times to roll over to President Trump.

    If so, would this be the first time in history that a sitting President had a FISA warrant on him?

    Maybe that is how they knew so much about what was going on in the White House early on.


    Calling Mr. Tom Fitton, please report to the FOIA office immediately!


  23. avogadra says:

    Sundance often says we need to look at things from 30,000 feet. Maybe this time we need to look at things from 60,000 feet.

    Thanks to the new detail shared at CTH, we now know what Susan Rice was talking about in her 1/20/2017 “by the book” CYA e-mail to herself. She was saying that President Obama, Vice President Biden, FBI Director Comey, Deputy Attorney General Yates and Rice herself all agreed that THE INCOMING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES would not know that he was being investigated for collusion with Russia, that he would not be able to respond to any allegations, and that the investigations would continue to happen TO A SITTING PRESIDENT for the foreseeable future.

    In other words, we now know that the false rationale of doing things “by the book” allowed leaders of a political party out of power to continue to RUN THE GOVERNMENT IN SECRET, WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. This is earthshaking. This is unthinkable.

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    • rashomon says:

      “By the book” = Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

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    • wow……………that’s deep!


    • anthohmy says:

      Except there was nothing by the book in the way they were doing things (upper echelon of FBI handling the case instead of field offices ) and there is no evidence that Trump was formally named as a suspect so they had no standing to withhold information from him.


      • anthohmy says:

        By the book means you don’t get to treat a non-named suspect like a named suspect. And there was a period of time when Sessions was NOT recused and they didn’t have the right to withhold information from him, either.


  24. Doc Moore says:

    Given that most people here seem able to figure out several crimes and who committed them, and it may be safe to assume the various investigators and lawyers can also figure out the same things, WHY are no actual criminals being prosecuted. We know Flynn was framed…We know Mueller’s entire investigation was illegal. We know Hillary is guilty of about 12 Federal offenses each carrying many years of jail time. We know Obama knew all about it. And NOTHING is done but jabber. Utter bullshit everywhere we look.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Being able to “figure out” the crimes and the identities of the perps from publicly available evidence is usually a pretty far cry from being able to prove it beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law.

      I doubt that most Treepers, who express frustration and impatience with the lack of visible action in bringing the guilty to trial, are experienced trial lawyers or prosecutors. This is aside from the few cases we learned were referred for prosecution but declined by the DOJ for unstated reasons. For those we are all rightfully frustrated.

      Those Treepers who have identified themselves as lawyers or former prosecutors have for the most part advised the rest to be patient because such prosecutions may take a year or more to assemble an airtight case that won’t be derailed by jury nullification or other technical, or legal defenses.

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  25. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Speaking of encompassing every politician in DC…..former and current. Meet Sibel Edmonds, labeled “the most gagged woman in America”.

    In a post 9/11 panic, the FBI needed to ramp up surveillance of terrorists networks. Fluent in 4 ME languages, Edmonds was hired on 9/15/01 as a translator. She was granted top secret clearance(s) and began the arduous task of listening/interpreting suspected terrorist networks.

    Edmonds discovered much more than FBI/DOJ/DHS/CIA bargained for. Various named politicians (both D & R) were essentially committing treason against the US with a foreign govt – namely Turkey. When Edmonds reported this activity thru proper protocol/channels (DOJ-OIG/Congressional Oversight Comm for Whistleblowers (Grassley/Leahy), she was summarily fired. Even congress was prevented from obtaining the files and gagged under the auspice of “classified/national security”. She took her case thru the courts, all the way to SCOTUS. Even SCOTUS was rendered mute based on, you guessed it… invocation of the Ashcroft/Mueller established “States Secret Privilege”.

    This is the same method under which Flynn is being silenced…. we have you dead to rights, but we can’t let you see the evidence….States Secret Privilege.

    Edmonds named several members of congress, the executive branch (DoS) and DoD.
    Congress: Denny Hastert, ROY BLUNT, and Jan Shakowsky (D-IL) (married to one Robert Creamer). Shakowsky was being blackmailed over a lesbian tryst she had with a Turkish agent, which was recorded at her DC townhouse. Shakowsky has never denied it and refuses to take a polygraph to disprove Edmonds.

    Edmonds was deposed in 2009, Krikorian v Schmidt (OH), a case in which she provides (in detail) the treasonous activities of elected officials, SES employees, a former ambassador (Marc Grossman), as well as a at the highest level.
    None of her accusations have ever been challenged nor proved to be inaccurate. The govt simply wanted this to go away, thus “gagged” her from ever being able to bring it to a court for prosecution.

    Although are 5 parts to her deposition, I’m only linking 1 to get you started should you care to listen in its entirety. ⬇️

    Edmonds uncovers a wide range of cases as relates to govt corruption (treason) within the intel community’congress/lobbyists, all of which can be found on her blog and youtube. Who knows, she could have ulterior motives and be working as a disinfo agent, although sadly, I trust her more than our govt .

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    • rashomon says:

      Turkey/Erdogen was a key factor in the Bush(Cheney/Clintons/Bush(Cheney)/Obama(HRC/McCain) plan to take over natural resources and control the waterways in the Middle East. Edmonds and many other whistleblowers helped broadcast the pay-to-play shenanigans enriching these corrupters, risking their own lives to expose their use of the Muslim Brotherhood to bring about their Arab Spring.

      Note that Erdogen is losing strength in Turkey’s last elections. Whether his bid for a caliphate dies off depends on much diplomacy, not the chaos of war which always furthers terrorism and allows the Globalists to secure further assets using our blood and treasure as fodder.

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      • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

        There’s much to learn from Edmonds website. I can’t determine her views of Erdogan, but she loathes Fethullah Gulen, as doss Flynn, and sounds the alarms quite often. She notes the protection Gulen enjoys under every admin beginning w/the Clintons.

        She goes into detail as relates to Bush/Cheney, AG Ashcroft, the Clintons surveillance of political friends and foes, particularly the FISA abuse under Bill/Hillary, and Mueller.

        It’s a sure bet most of Congress is compromised, and those who “retired” make a beeline to continue the grift as lobbyists.

        Check out her 5 part depo. She names names, illegal weapons/drug deals, a top General and wife who came to her home on a Sunday in an attempt to hook her into their “trade deal” w/Turkey govt/military. She reported this immediately, which set FBI/NSA into panic mode and the beginning of her demise. FBI/DOJ may profess to care about their reputation, but from her reports, they’re essentially Congress’ fixers.

        Can’t recall the General’s name at the moment, but I vaguely remember the case. His wife was related to someone important, it made the news for a short time, and then ‘poof’ the obama admin buried it.

        I thinks it’s notable, so many shady deals b/t so many shady US Reps, think tanks (i.e. the CEO of Rand), and Erdogan govt officials/military. Also the number in Congress, upon retirement, go to work as lobbyists affiliated with Turkish.

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence Flynn’s biz partner(s) troubles, (in which he’s cooperating w/our govt) is yet again, linked to Turkey.

        FWIW, she’s definitely pro Flynn and has a grasp of the targeted surveillance by obama.

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        • rashomon says:

          Gulen’s schools, teachers and network of contractors supposedly serving that population should be outlawed, Thanks to Bill and Hill, he has been treated with kid gloves since he entered the country.


    • PBR says:

      Read her Twitter feed to discern her nature.


      • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

        I’m taking this slow, one bite at the time, hence my trepidation as to motive(s). Regardless, some of the info I’ve pieced together is factual as I re-remember (?) and cross reference w/archives.

        She’s no fan of Israel, which doesn’t surprise me. That said, people can disagree on ideology and still offer historical info in good faith.

        I’m most interested in the historic corruption within the Deep State/IC/congress. Spygate has really shaken me to the core, and the more I learn about weaponized surveillance, a rogue judiciary and the extent to which these players will go for power & money, the belief I once held, that we as a people who cherish freedom and liberty, are just pawns in their games…vote for me!!!!

        There’s not a bit of difference between the corruption of Clinton/Bush/obama DOJ/FBI, anymore than the Trump admin.

        I pray for President Trump as I truly believe he is THE leader for THIS time. Yet, many of the treasonous lifers still exist in all branches and/or outside lobbyists for foreign govts – not all of them allies.


  26. albertus magnus says:

    It seems to me that Sundance has exposed just how corrupt and evil the Obama Administration was in their spying and how they operated WITHIN the law to so so.

    NO ONE is going to jail. NO ONE.



    • Git-R-Done says:

      if it is within the law to spy on political opposition I certainly hope the Trump administration has all 25 Dem candidates under continuous electronic surveillance so they know their every next move.


      • Albertus Magnus says:

        I think that it would only be legal if there was evidence to support the spying. General Flynn plead GUILTY to some crime or another that involved foreign governments (Ukraine, I believe).

        Once there is evidence to support the spying, then the target’s communications with others is also subject to spying.

        This is going to turn out to be one HUGE ABUSE of power that NEVER broke the law.

        Which explains:

        1) The confidence and hubris of pride of Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, etc; and
        2) The 100% lack of ANYTHING being done to them by OUR SIDE except threats, tick-tocks and smug taunts.

        Watch and see.

        Those evil people are NOT stupid. They are evil. They KNOW the system better than ANYONE as they have controlled it for DECADES.

        NO ONE is going to jail.

        But trust the plan. Tick-tock!

        Just saying.


    • PBR says:

      we hear this from you on every feed.


      • albertus magnus says:

        Right, as I have been here for years. However, unlike some, I stick to the topic of the thread and try to point out facts rather than just emote, call names and engage in conspiracy theory creating.

        To the best of my ability, that is.


  27. Bogeyfree says:

    I recommend that Sundance write to Don Jr and President Trump and specifically walk them through these 6 steps and HOW THEY DID IT.

    Getting this exposed can only come if PT starts to tweet it and demand Barr investigates these actions and this game/process by auditing and cross referencing for common people who show up on……

    1) A Possible FARA violation referral list to the DOJ/NSD.

    2) then that same name showing up on an NSA inquiry made by FBI contractors.

    3) then that same name showing up with an actual FISA warrant signed off on them.

    Document how many names from 2012 -2016 a bingo comes back on the same person hitting on all three boxes and you can begin to show the pattern and their massive scheme of abuse and leverage of the government for political purposes..

    Make PT aware of their game and process so he can order a specific investigation into these 6 steps be done ASAP.

    Most people think the left is so anti PT because Hillary lost when the reality is they are so anti PT because they are afraid he will expose their 6 step game and process that they used since 2012.


  28. CM-TX says:

    After I was targeted (Mar 2017…), & my ph visibly hacked– I changed my phone # (among changing my emails/passwords/etc.) Nothing worked. Including insisting at one point to use the store pc to set up a new iCloud account.
    I got home to discover the Apple “secure site” pulled up on my ph (not by me) as a hint- it didn’t matter.

    What I later discovered also, my Caller ID on new #, listed as some obviously hispanic dude. Going repeatedly to AT&T did NOT alleviate the issue. It didn’t show wrong in their system. Over 9+ months this continued. I Also documented it.

    I was also dealing with a sort of good cop/bad cop routine on my ph– one trying to help, the others not so much. Whichever during all this, was adamant I use a VPN. I refused b/c it occurred to me I would appear as a FOREIGN country IP… allowing them to access ph w/o FISA warrant.

    So then, in addition to the wrong caller ID, I got a random wrong # CALL from Mexico (went to vm, some spanish recording), & initially a random text from MX in the first few months prior also.

    I’m guessing this was how they could bypass FISA. (ie. I appeared either foreign a/o had foreign contacts.) Neither is true. I’m a Patriot by blood (literally).


    • tav144 says:

      “Whichever during all this, was adamant I use a VPN. I refused b/c it occurred to me I would appear as a FOREIGN country IP… allowing them to access ph w/o FISA warrant.”

      WOW. Never thought of that being a pretext. just wow. There are lots of people who use VPN and I bet they never thought about this either.


      • CM-TX says:

        I’m not sure if my theory holds up, & I may have simplified the process. But based on what’s been explained on here re. FISA, & the ability to monitor at least foreign communications without… it makes sense to me.


    • Debra says:

      I am a tech dummy. The depth of my experience is not shallow, tho.

      In every occurrence that strikes me as ‘odd’, I am able to correlate by date to things happening in my personal sphere that were too coincidental to be believed as ‘happenchance’.

      If the DOJ wants to really get to the bottom of this, I suspect that all they really need to do is just let one person know that they were ‘unmasked’ and the masks of hell will be unleashed . . .


    • CM-TX says:

      I should add that a NEW phone, also didn’t help the problem. And the harassment went well beyond my phone.

      I got the (brand new) CAR WON’T START experience… coming out of a store, very late-night. Followed by weird msgs popping up on my ph– resting on my dash… those of a threatening nature as warning.

      This was just as 2 (at least 1 truck– KC/fog lights), pulled up directly across street from me in a DARK lot. Clearly there for my entertainment, w/ brights on (stopping parallel, but apart enough to see they weren’t there chatting). There was subtle clues surrounding this, as well as b&a the event… to at least make me THINK– local LE would NOT prove helpful to my plight.

      Later, at the point I perceived the threat reached beyond me– to my dd 🤬… I tried to file an IC3 report. But they blocked it on the “submit” stage. My MAC had mysteriously crashed way back in the beginning, so I was forced to use my ph. In hindsight, whoever probably did me a favor– given what we know the FB¡ to be today.🙄 (FWIW, I saved a copy.)

      That threat extended into, & t/o my solo cross-country trip to retrieve dd from school in May. Which I could only compare to the “Twilight Zone” in events that occurred DURING. That’s after I resolved the Debit card & ph failures on trying to leave town. I’m pretty sure they underestimated me… guessing I’d fly to, turn back in route, or find some other way to get her. I also doubt they anticipated me driving straight thru– 30 HOURS, just to reach her!

      They must not have been familiar with that whole “Mother Bear & her cubs” thing on mindset!🤨
      And it’s not like I hadn’t ALREADY made it CLEAR— PROMISING, IF so much as a hair… “I WILL FIND you! I will HUNT you [Bleep!] DOWN!! And WHEN (NOT if) I FIND you, I WILL [Bleeping] DESTROY you!”
      Up until that point, I’d been tolerable on all their BS!

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  29. lurker2 says:

    Regarding surveillance, I think I read a few weeks ago that non-FISA surveillance (I think it’s referred to as Title III) requires that the target be informed if charges are made. FISA does not. Let me see if I can find that info again. If correct if would be more evidence that Flynn was the target of FISA surveillance.


    • lurker2 says:

      Good summary here despite being offered up by the ACLU.

      Both types of surveillance require notification, but FISA does only if charges are brought and the communications are introduced as evidence. I think the FBI never intended to charge Page (because IMO Page was working for them), and they did not charge him, so no notice was required though I think he was well aware that he was being surveilled and that’s why he kept communicating with the Trump team even after he was let go.

      Was Flynn notified that he had been under either type of surveillance? If not, then it appears he was the victim of a 702 unmasking. Or, worse, an illegal unofficial unmasking.

      I’m hoping Sidney Powell can sort this all out. Too bad Flynn’s prior attorneys couldn’t … or wouldn’t.


      • emeraldcoaster says:

        Are you sure Flynn wanted things sorted out? I find it odd the former DIA head went along with Herr Mueller’s prosecution…and gets a renown fighter (Powell) only now. Lying to the Feds probably pales in comparison to what he was threatened with. Hopefully the arrival of AG Barr changed the legal landscape for Flynn.


  30. Og Oggilby says:

    First lady Melania Trump announced Tuesday that top aide Stephanie Grisham has been selected to replace outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders….


  31. CopperTop says:

    I understand this FARA ‘tool’ completely in another away:

    PDJT No FARA/No 951. (really more important than “no collusion/no obstruction”)

    Why? Because he’s Washington OUTSIDER.

    ONLY person who Obama had NOTHING on since all Washington insiders in leadership/legislative positions are most likely in violation of FARA. (If not themselves then their first born sons…see Biden/Flynn Jr.)

    Therefore, operation OBSTRUCTION frame up commenced Nov 9, 2016.

    Cold Anger had better turn out in 2020.

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  32. CopperTop says:

    So how many Washington Insider Judicial officials (aka Obamcare is a ‘tax’ Kennedy) have children in violation of FARA to give Obama — really Valjay –control over all 3 branches of govt.?

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  33. I simply want the legal system to stop all operations that were precipitated by Mueller’s cronies, because it seems extremely obvious that “this is not good law enforcement.” This is entrapment, blackmail, and so on. No one should go to prison for any such thing – least of all a four-star General.

    We should anull all indictments, void all plea agreements, release all prisoners for time served, and as necessary convene Grand Juries to reconsider any new charges for anyone who actually did break the law in a meaningful way.


  34. anthohmy says:

    So Sullivan is saying he doesn’t know the transcript of the recorded conversation was not produced. He didn’t keep track of what the Brady order resulted in or didn’t result in. He simply issued it as SOP.


  35. anthohmy says:

    Didn’t the FBI or IC have an obligation to tell the President that Flynn was suspected of being a foreign agent? POTUS himself was not, so there could be no legitimate reason to withhold this critical information from a President who might share information with Flynn the IC didn’t think he should have. In fact, if they had any legitimate concern about Flynn why did they ever let him set foot in the WH?

    Liked by 1 person

    • tav144 says:

      Because the fact he was under FISA surveillance was a fact they wanted to weaponize. Had Trump not put Flynn in, they wouldn’t be able to use it to tarnish the incoming administration.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Beau Geste says:

        For that, they had phony “evidence” that Carter Page was a foreign agent, the unverified “pee pee” dossier of Steel, who the FBI and State Department knew to be unreliable and biased, Papadoc who had $10,000 given to entrap him and mifsud, halper, turk and other spy entrapment.

        The rubber-stamp, secret FISC thought that was just dandy as evidence to secretly spy on the US President without his knowledge.

        The DOJ/CIA/FBI coup conspirators thought they would never be discovered after hillary won.

        The FISC thought its rubber-stamping of approval for spying on thousands of unnamed US Citizens as the presidential campaign personnel of hillary’s opponent (2-jump rule) would never see the light of day because it is a secret Star Chamber court, securely hidden from public knowledge of its behavior. The Constitutional remedy is impeachment for bad behavior.

        Liked by 1 person

    • zephyrbreeze says:

      Yes, and it would have been called something like a Defensive Briefing with the president or his campaign head who had top level clearances, so could have been provided the info was well. Everyone else who had this problem in recent times, got the defensive briefing.
      The protocol was to do a defensive briefing.
      Colonel Tony Shaeffer who worked DOD intelligence investigations for 30 years, now retired but active in the field of intelligence collection talks about this.

      Liked by 1 person

  36. rcogburn says:

    It is beyond frustrating that we have no way of knowing where, when, how, or even if these criminals will ever be brought to justice.

    But we do have a way of knowing where, when, and how they committed their crimes, researched and reported in real time. Once exposed, the truth can’t be concealed.

    Thank you Sundance. Your work today will pay dividends for future generations.

    Meanwhile, they need to re-open Alcatraz, fire-up Old Sparky, and bring back the firing squad.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Trump was clearly an outsider somewhat unknown to the DC spy complex in 2015. As a result many folks were injected into Trump’s campaign primarily to get the poop on Trump top to bottom and not necessarily to steal/overthrow Trump’s election, at least not initially. An example is Carter Page. Is another exeample Michael Flynn? I am not pushing such a theory, but has anyone ever considered that Flynn was part of the spying on Trump as a knowing/willing particpant at the spying’s inception in 2015 if not earlier and Flynn’s prosecution is just to cover the tracks that could lead to such a story?


  38. Bogeyfree says:

    I’m tweet, but I wonder if someone should tweet her and let her know there are two juicy Flynn threads over at CTH that she might be very interested in.


  39. Trump was clearly an outsider somewhat unknown to the DC club 2015. As a result many folks serving this club were injected into Trump’s campaign primarily to get the poop on Trump top to bottom and not necessarily to steal/overthrow Trump’s election, at least not initially. An example is Carter Page. Is another exeample Michael Flynn? I am not pushing such a theory, but has anyone ever considered that Flynn was part of the spying on Trump as a knowing/willing particpant at the spying’s inception in 2015 if not earlier and Flynn’s prosecution is just to cover the tracks that could lead to such a story?


  40. boomerbeth says:

    In the SWAMP, Surveillance is mandatory. That’s how the selectors find their frontmen.
    The real question:
    What is the surveillance info on Bari Malik Shabazz (aka Bari Soetoro many years later, aka Barack Obama even many more years later)?

    He obviously was “selected” because of surveillance on him since he was a child.
    What was bad news for his public persona was simple expunged from the record. ( grades, criminal charges, identity )
    He had cosmetic surgery & the first back potus was of to the races. He. Looks NOTHING LIKE HIS DEAD PARENTS.
    He just didn’t appear by metamorphosis; metadata is more like it.

    Surveillance is not a recent event occurring when obama entered office.

    Ask Edward Snowden.

    Bâri′ M. Shabazz, according to the Social Security Death Index, died in August 1994.

    If Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the same person as is listed in this Hawaii auto accident as Bari Shabazz, why would someone care to recall his arrest warrant on April 9, 2003 or almost 9 years after his death? Surely, it could not be Bâri′ M. Shabazz who was interested since he had been dead since 1994. On the other hand, if he was not dead he would be interested.

    Go to the Hawaii traffic court’s web site “eCourt Kokua”;jsessionid=FDFF513AA90109AC4375A7CBE7C8AF36.

    click “Agree” to the terms and conditions. Then click, “Search for case details by case ID or citation number.” Once there, enter at the prompt, Case ID or Citation Number(*): 1193041MO and hit Search.”

    Accident: Major
    REPORT Number: W50100

    Bari Shabazz was supposed to be arraigned and enter a plea on April 5, 1982, at 8:30 a.m., in Kane’ohe Traffic Court, Courtroom B, at the Kane’ohe Division. The case was continued to May 5, 1982.

    On May 5, 1982, at 8:00 a.m., Bari Shabazz was supposed to again be arraigned and enter his plea in the same court room. He apparently did not appear and so the court issued a bench warrant #“BWO 050582. The court set bail at $25.00. The record also shows the entry of “HONDA,” maybe meaning that Bari Shabazz was driving a Honda or that the prosecutor’s name was “HONDA.” The court ordered the “AP” (maybe meaning accused person) to show proof of “NEW YORK DRIVER’S LICENSE.”

    On April 9, 2003, the prosecutor filed an ex parte motion to recall the bench warrant and announced on the record “nolle prosequi.” (no further prosecution; “Ex parte” means that only one side made the application which in this case was the prosecutor.

    On 21 August 1994, the Illinois State Senate seat ‘officially’ opened up! Its occupant, Alice Palmer – for whom “Barack Obama” was working – could now set her sights on indicted Mel Reynolds’ Congressional seat.

    On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to “Pls. check.”

    Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?

    BM Shabazz (Bari M Shabazz)
    B 10/28/59 D 8/94 SSN 084-54-5926

    1 3226 98TH St Apt 1 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369

    2 3298 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369

    3 HQCO SUC BN Quantico, VA



    6 99999 MILITARY APT QUANTICO, VA 22134



    9 99999 MILITARY APT QUANTICO, VA 22134

    Quantico VA = CIA COVER WITNESS PROTECTION- a huge marine base and home of the FBI’s primary training center. The official records raise the possibility that Obama may, at some point, have been recruited into the US military, the FBI, or another secret service.

    Barack Obama has no Hawaiian accent if he actually lived there & went to high school there.


    • Debra says:

      Shabazz is the last name of Malcolm X’s wife.

      What Little they know . . .

      Liked by 2 people

    • As for me, I’m really not interested in further “discussions” about whether Barak Obama’s presidency was “legitimate.” This matter was settled and he proceeded to serve as President for eight years. It isn’t in any way practical, now, to dispute this – much less to “reverse” it. So, there is no useful nor actionable point in continuing to flog this dead horse. Rightly or wrongly, the water has passed underneath this bridge and moved on – and, I believe, “so must we.” It has become a moot issue.

      Of far more interest to me, today, is the prospect of seeing him in an orange jumpsuit.

      We now know that this man hideously and obsessively abused the powers of his sacred Office. I sincerely hope that we will very soon see criminal indictments, sworn out by a Grand Jury, to this effect. He is obviously a very different man than the American people supposed they were electing, and his actions since leaving the White House now appear to be even more criminal than those which he engaged in while in Office.


      • boomerbeth says:

        The topic is “surveillance”. Obama was also primed surveiled vetted & expunged by a higher authority.
        Trump slipped through.

        Merely a Figurehead to achieve a nefarious goal.


      • Esther says:

        Unfortunately, its not so clean that Okenyan’s fraud upon the USA for the presidency can be separated from what he did while in office. Indeed it is because he lacked any allegiance to this country that he polluted and corrupted every last corner of our government. He used his position to compile a database to spy on everyone in our government , their families, friends an beyond. He still has access to that database and is stil wielding significant influence over our politics, politicians, our courts and our military. There is no room for any American to bury their head in the sand. The entirety of his treachery is far more than an orange jump suit. It is a noose as per the instructions of the founding fathers. He has to be made an example so noone ever ever EVER, tries to pull such a stunt again.


    • Esther says:

      Boomerbeth, just wondering why of all people you honed in on a ‘Bari Shabazz’. I follow the facts of what you present, but not the connections.

      Trump is in a position now to release, declassify or strategically leak information he dug up long ago about Okenyan. It would really put a fly in the ointment if he would let those records slip out to the public to counter what the Dimms are trying to do with his financial records. Trun about is fair play.


  41. Another Scott says:

    There’s a difference between legal and just. Those of us following the whole “spy gate” saga are starving for some justice. If Flynn’s guilty plea was reversed it would be really satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At this point, I do not consider anything that the Mueller thugs did to be “legitimate law enforcement.” I see blackmail, extortion, and lots of other equally-ugly things. Therefore, I want to see 100% of these actions to be reversed and set aside, but “without prejudice.”

      Next, convene Grand Juries to consider each charge that actually appears worth pursuing. Let William Barr exercise his declassification authority to provide these Grand Juries – operating, as they do, in secret – with anything they need to know. Should any of them return a criminal indictment, proceed appropriately.


  42. zephyrbreeze says:

    Sundance, that was my EXACT question:
    Why weren’t they enforcing these FARA regulations?
    Wow O Wow.
    I need more time to digest, but we cannot underestimate the amount of Machiavellian impulses at large in DC, and the world.
    Bond villan-esque.
    Head-spinning and mind-numbing amount of information.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • nimrodman says:

      Why weren’t they enforcing these FARA regulations?

      Why would they be interested in enforcing FARA regulations when they could use them as a cudgel? As a back-door that allowed illegal surveillance of their enemies?

      The regulations made a handy tool – just not in the way one might think at face value or the way the regulations were intended.

      Liked by 1 person

  43. Your Tour Guide says:


    (And everyone). If WE THE PEOPLE make enough of a
    presence known, then we’ll HAVE something other then
    lawyers running for office.

    WE THE PEOPLE have to really start letting them know
    (them being the swamp and MSM) that we no longer believe
    them. That we are onto them. Other “thems” we need to
    let know this are college alumni persons. Not a cent from
    Alumni until they start hiring professors and aides that
    have other reading material besides the little red book.

    There’s a lot of people that would actually join in and
    try to correct things. Run for school board, city or county
    offices. But, they have to feel that it’s “safe” to do so.
    This extends to a local level in heavily populated dem
    districts. There’s no way in hell anyone I’ve met lately
    would go up against Dekalb, Atlanta, Fulton, Gwinnett,
    Cobb, or state of Georgia politicians. Swamps extend

    The tuned in know who the bad people are. If we start
    seeing a surge of actual punishments for systems riggers,
    then we will see some worthwhile candidates come out
    of the woodwork. Nationwide. But, currently in many areas
    there’s just too much to lose.


  44. The White House was surely involved in spygate, but the scenario described above where DOJ-NSD gets a request from the White House is not the normal situation. I would wager the investigations arise sua sponte inside the FBI/DOJ-NSD. The permanent bureaucracy at the FBUI/DOJ in effect keeps an inventory of all the communications on everyone in DC for 20 years and all all years forward until this comes to an end. The fact that the FBI/DOJ has all this information almost makes it certain that no one will be held to account in spygate.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Esther says:


    Anyone still think Judge Sullivan’s public outburst and stigmatizing Flynn as a Traitor was not DELIBERATE and fueled by Sullivan’s bias and hatred of Trump has not been paying attention.
    US District Judge Emmet Sullivan issued TWO ORDERS today, both exposing that Sullivan is in the bag for the Dimms. In his first Order he r denied President Trump’s request to stay the current lawsuit pending an immediate appeal by POTUS Trump, of the Judge’s refusal to dismiss the case Sullivan’s intent is to bulldoze ahead with his damage, knowing that even when his orders are overturned and most likely dismissed ( as they will be), they victory for Trump will be hollow and moot as his private financial and other information will already be in the hands of the corrupt Dems.

    This is because Sullivan rendered a second order today permitting his cronies in congress to immediately begin accessing President Triump’s financial records!!!

    JESUS!!! This man should be run out of town with pitch forks he is so disgusting. I hate to be right, but I’ve been saying Powell’s only chance at this juncture is to push to have this dirtbag Mueller puppet RECUSED!!!! Flynn is toast otherwise.(but I hope I am wrong). Powell is smart and has to know that Sullivan’s intent is to punish Trump and help lawmakers remove him from office via his activist rulings. Flynn is intended to be part of that gift to Congress to help them shore up their baseless impeachment push. As much as Powell praised him in her book, she is not a fool and must know that Sullivan plans to bury Flynn in the same manner he is trying to bury Trump. THE SWAMP GOT TO SULLIVAN SINCE POWELL WROTE HER BOOK. Does she have the gumption to challenge Sulivan to recuse?? The writing is on the wall, and the scales are heavily weighed against Flynn. THERE IS NO COINCIDENCE BOTH TRUMP AND FLYNN’S CASES LANDED IN SULLIVAN’S LAP.

    Again, Chief Justice Roberts is permitting the lower court judges to hound President Trump as the Courts grab supremacy over the other two branches of government to tilt this country away from our Constitutional Republic foundations. Right now the United States courts have more power to scuttle the Executive branch than was ever intended or permitted by our founding documents because Congress, the DOJ the IC are deliberately transferring power to the courts. Folks this is really, really bad, much worse than people realize.

    A lot rests with Sidney Powell in this critical moment. She has a chance to try to even things out in a very tricky maneuver which would be to expose Sullivan in a request for his recusal, and do so in in a manner that also informs the public of the depth of his bias. Now that Sullivan has shown his hand once again ( in addition to the public outburst calling Flynn a traitor to his country) by showing his contempt of the law when it comes to President Donald Trump, by his recent extremely unprecedented gift to the Congressional Dems, Powell must see the futility of trying to get Sullivan to permit Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea. it’s looking too much like Flynn’s only chance is for his case to be heard before another less bias judge. But its Russian roulette with getting a judge not appointed or corrupted by Okenyan in that part of the country.

    Bit by bit, despite all the progress Trump is making with trade etc., the swamp has been creeping and expanding and getting much bigger instead of shrinking. Trump has got to have a scorched earth plan somewhere in his arsenal for this country to survive. The Dimms have absolutely no intention of allowing Trump a second term, and they don’t intend to stop him by the ballot box. Seeing him overcome all of this is definitely worthy of a celebratory parade. Its good to hold out hope despite everything, because I do believe the hand of God, the wisdom of God and the love of patriotic Americans together, have got to be bigger and far more powerful than the evil we have been witnessing. KEEP OUR PRESIDENT IN YOUR PRAYERS ALWAYS, and prayer for God’s vengeance to intervene.


  46. Tiffthis says:

    How many times did the judge say he doesn’t have any clue about classified information? Like 10? Very curious.


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