President Trump Delivers Public and Coded Message to Chairman Xi Jinping…

On Tuesday afternoon President Trump was asked a question by media about Kim Jong Un.  President Trump responded to the question, and simultaneously delivered an openly coded message to Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping that few would understand:

[Transcript] Q (Inaudible) about your meeting with Kim Jong Un while you’re in South Korea? Are there discussions underway?

THE PRESIDENT: So, I see that. And I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong Un, and I think the relationship is very well. But I appreciated the letter. I saw the information about the CIA, with respect to his brother, or half-brother. And I would tell him that would not happen under my auspices, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t let that happen under my auspices.

But I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong Un. I can’t show you the letter, obviously, but it was a very personal, very warm, very nice letter. I appreciate it.

And I’ll say it again: I think that North Korea has tremendous potential, and he’ll be there. I think that North Korea, under his leadership — but North Korea, because of what it represents — the people are great, the land is great, the location is incredible between Russia, China, and South Korea — I think North Korea has tremendous potential. And the one that feels that more than anybody is Kim Jong Un. He gets it. He totally gets it.

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. I have not heard about that, but we’ll see.

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: I would, but I want to get it further advanced.

In the meantime, no nuclear testing. No major missile testing. Nothing like when I first got here. When I first got here, it was a bad mess.

We have a very good relationship together. Now I can confirm it because of the letter I got yesterday. And I think — you know, I think that something will happen that’s going to be very positive. But in the meantime, we have our hostages back. The remains keep coming back. We have a relationship.

Q Do you think he had his half-brother killed? Do you think he had his half-brother killed?

Q Are you saying that the CIA (inaudible) was wrong?


Q Was the CIA wrong? Did he have his half-brother killed?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know anything about that. I know this: That the relationship is such that that wouldn’t happen under my auspices. But I don’t know about that. Nobody knows.


Q Any plan, any thought, about another meeting with Kim Jong Un?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it could happen, but I want to bring it further down the line.

Look, in the meantime, he’s kept his word. There’s no nuclear testing, there’s no large, you know, long-range missiles going up. The only thing he sent up were very short-term, short-range. That was just a test of short range. It’s a whole different deal.

But he’s kept his word to me; that’s very important. And again, the letter he sent was a beautiful letter. It was a very warm letter. That’s a very nice thing. And I don’t say that out of naiveté. I say that was a very nice letter. (link)

The media immediately began criticizing President Trump for saying he received a “beautiful letter” from chairman Kim Jong Un who the media have labeled a brutal dictator.  However, what everyone has missed, for over two years, is the hostage dynamic.

China controls North Korea as a proxy province.  Beijing also controls the top-tier of the DPRK military leadership.  In essence, North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un is a hostage to the manipulative interests of Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping.

Beijing uses the DPRK as a military foil against western influence.  It’s not Chairman Kim in charge of the North Korean missile tests; it’s Chinese Chairman Xi…. And almost no-one understands that dynamic.

When you understand the hostage dynamic, and you evaluate President Trump’s public response today, you also find the stunning answer to a long-standing question: Who killed Kim Jong Nam?…

(VIA CBS) The 2017 assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the older half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, was recorded by security cameras. Two women came up behind him one at a time and rubbed chemicals over his face, which combined to make the deadly nerve agent VX.

At the time, it was assumed North Korea’s ruthless leader had simply eliminated a potential rival. But now, the plot surrounding Kim Jong Nam has thickened.

“He seemed to be short on money in his final years, so he had been supplying information about North Korea to the CIA,” said Anna Fifield, the Beijing bureau chief for The Washington Post.

Fifield has written a new book about Kim Jong Un. In it, she suggests that Kim Jong Nam, who spent most of his life living in exile outside North Korea, might actually have been returning from a meeting with his CIA handler when he was killed.

“On the day he was killed, he was found with $120,000 in cash in his little backpack and so that may have been as a payment for his services,” she said.

CBS News could not independently confirm Fifield’s reporting and the CIA has no comment. So the bizarre life and death of Kim Jong Nam is likely to remain one of the many mysteries surrounding North Korea. (read more)

If Kim Jong Nam was recruited by the CIA, due to the dynamic of China covertly controlling Chairman Kim Jong Un as a hostage, then it’s almost a guarantee Jong Nam was assassinated by China in an effort to remove an intelligence emissary who might work to enhance hostage rescue efforts with the Trump administration.

But President Trump did something in 2018 China did not expect.  U.S. President Trump openly engaged in direct face-to-face talks with Chairman Kim.  Essentially, President Trump entered the hostage chamber and the Chinese control agents were cut out of the private discussion.

So when President Trump said:

…”I saw the information about the CIA, with respect to his brother, or half-brother. And I would tell him that would not happen under my auspices, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t let that happen under my auspices.”…

In essence President Trump is saying, he has put nothing between himself and Chairman Kim.  There is no concern of intelligence compromise on Trump’s side of the dynamic. There is no risk from Trump’s end; and there is no need for an intermediary… Kim is safe with Trump.

The hostage rescuer is talking directly to the hostage; and both are clear-eyed about the dynamic of who is the terror agent,.. Chairman Xi Jinping.  But the world can’t yet see it.

More stunningly, by his remarks today President Donald Trump just let Chairman Xi Jinping know through open -albeit coded- public comments, that he is aware China killed Chairman Kim Jong-un’s half brother.

When you look at all of the activity through the correct lens, every irreconcilable action suddenly makes sense.

Additionally, when you know the correct context you can look at the action of China against the backdrop that Chairman Xi is aware President Trump knows the historic manipulation of North Korea by Beijing; and their control over the people around Kim Jong Un.

Quite remarkable.

[SIDEBAR – Now the role of former CIA Director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, takes on more importance.  It also makes sense why the ‘government’ of North Korea, the covert Chinese agents within Kims’ government, said they no longer wanted to work with Pompeo.  It’s not Chairman Kim making that decision; it’s the Chinese agents within his government.]

It’s highly likely the recent conflicts about Kim Jong Un officials being killed or sent to labor camps is directly related to Beijing taking action to disrupt any assembly of allies close to Chairman Kim.

Xi (China) needs to keep Kim (DPRK) isolated in order to try and retain the increasingly important covert leverage of North Korea.  Given the conflict between the U.S. and China, Beijing cannot give up the usefulness of their covert control over North Korea.

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266 Responses to President Trump Delivers Public and Coded Message to Chairman Xi Jinping…

  1. InAz says:

    About two days ago I saw a headline on a commie liberal site. The headline said that President Trump did not make any sense during the interview on D-Day, and would someone please translate / explain what President Trump said.

    Commie Commie Core Idiots.

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  2. NoTwoSystemsOnlyOneChiCom says:

    Winnie is too busy pulling chops of Lam in HK to extradite himself on this. And if Thursdays DPP polling keeps Tsai, well, the fun begins. No KMT. Official diplomatic channels now Mr. President.


  3. sundance says:

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    • dufrst says:

      Interesting connection you are drawing here, but maybe Hong Kong is emboldened by Trump’s strength versus Xi and so are revolting against further Chinese encroachment. It’s hard to imagine this happening in Hong Kong under Obama due to his weakness.

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    • SGH says:

      Thank you, Sundance! I always learn from you, but I literally knew NOTHING about Hong Kong before your post. I appreciate you and pray for you every day.


  4. Payday says:

    It could be a challenge for PDT if China continues to eliminate all of the Kim/Trump allies. It will be fascinating to see how our VSG deals with this.


    • Dan Casey says:

      A plurality of Kim’s governmental personnel are loyal to another ideology (China).
      Hmmm, Kim and PDT each have their own deep state subversives to contend with it seems.


  5. California Joe says:

    President Trump should invite Kim for week of skiing in Colorado, Utah or even California’s Lake Tahoe next winter. Kim went to school in Switzerland and loves to ski which is why he built a ski resort in North Korea for the Winter Olympics! It would send the Democrats and news media into outer space not to mention the Chinese Communists! 😉

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    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      He wouldn’t risk it. And the logistics of trying to get him over here and back would be impossible to execute, to my way of thinking.

      But he would LOVE IT HERE!!!


  6. 2zymos says:

    Big to small:
    1. Korea’s (N & S) cultural preservation for thousands of years while living next to China cannot be underplayed nor underestimated. This cultural cohesion is the MAIN feature of Korea. Neither can the depth of the enmity of the Chinese and Koreans be held in mind when evaluating Asian geopolitics.
    2. Korean war was an inflection point for N Korea where TWO foreign invasion forces fought over their heads.
    3. N Korea has a common border with Russia (then USSR) even if it is short it is VERY important to evaluating what REALLY is happening in NK — & NK was ceded to USSR control/influence post Well not China.
    4. At the time of Korean war, NK was playing off Russia influence (remember the MIGs) against China.
    5. China was consolidating after the MAO revolution which came at the end of devastating WWll losses. Chinese power was compromised massively even more so by the invasion of NK across the Yalu river.
    6. Assumption: the invasion was NOT in aid of NK nor coordinated with NK. It was defensive on the Chinese own terms to the threat of a consolidated American influenced Korean Peninsula. It is more likely that China was more concerned with NOT getting into a war with USSR (and their massive common border was China’s bigger problem.
    7. Assumption and Likely the case: China retained very little control in NK post Korean war — NK was a USSR/USA cold war stalemate but active CIA/KGB conflict zone and NK continued its thousand year trajectory of trying to maintain cultural survival on Korean peninsula.
    7a)Evidence: we faced USSR weapons systems and mil doctrine across DMZ NOT Chinese
    7b)Evidence: Korea was a non-factor in Nixon initiative with China
    7c)Negative Evidence: China never develops a partnership with NK neither for defense nor for economic aid.
    8. Key Question/Confirmation: what was Bill and Hillary’s REAL relationship with China — how much industrial and military technology and secrets were REALLY transferred?
    8a)What about when Obama regime is in power w hillary as secstate?
    8b)How does our spy network in China become so compromised/maybe-eliminated?
    ****8c)Who gives NK missile tech and fissionable material?
    8d)Did they do it themselves?
    8e)Did Iran play a role? Did Pakistan play a role?
    ****8f)What is the REAL nature of U1 and of Iran “agreement”?
    9. Assumption: When we find out what was REALLY going on inside CIA we are going to pass out from shock!!
    9a)Evidence: Kennedy Assn.
    9b)Evidence: Vault 7 parallel to NSA broad elint capability
    9c)Evidence: Snowden war/assualt on NSA
    9e)Evidence: Brennan and compromise of FBI
    9f)Evidence: Bengazi ops and Syria isis gun running
    ***9g) !!! Eric Schmidt and GOOGLE put backbone comm/internet system into NK+++

    ++++++++++ So who really is doing what to whom when “CIA ASSET” in NK is assassinated “by binary activation of Nerve agent” and we get the reveal from CIA house “organ” NYT with due respect to Sheryl Atkisson’s postulate: Everything you see in the news is there because someone wants you to see it.
    Qui bono? No REALLY, qui bono.
    … And take into account Kim’s schooling in Swiss Boarding School, Kim’s relative familiarity with the west, and Kim’s accepting Dennis Rodman’s role in more recent years!!

    NK does not look at all like a China-influenced scenario pawn to me… not even a little bit. I don’t think we are going to find Chinese tech in NK missiles — China never gives Kim that kind of capability as its too dangerous for “them” — cultural and ancient emnity and historical arc says “not so much Chinese assistance offered or accepted”… and not seeing NK manufacturing base significantly developed for pure homegrown missile program.
    Hey, remember when exceptionally good counterfeit $100’s were circulating and reportedly coming from NK??
    So coded messages sent by Trump… coded messages sent by NYT in publishing CIA asset related to Kim assassinated…who is the REAL intended recipient?
    What does it really mean when Trump says (effectively) — this doesn’t happen under Trumps plan.
    Who’s “plan” or “action” was it?
    People are going to faint dead away.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      We have already found Chinese tech in the NK missles. It’s in the public domain. Our navy divers go get them after they drop into the ocean. You can google it. Assuming those stories aren’t fake news, of course. They didn’t seem to advance any particular narrative at the time they were published but who knows.


      • 2zymos says:

        Thanks…. wasn’t aware of that. It would be wise to revisit this “word” as well as the VX story on the assassination at a later date with more information… calculating in the mean time.
        Thanks again.


    • zorrorides says:

      2zymos, TY. Agree with how you layout the historical scene. What are your thoughts that North Korea was displaced into the ChiCom orbit after the fall of the Soviet Union? After all, Nork power was held by Communist Party individuals, so it keeping that framework would legitimize their positions.

      The CIA could also increase their influence in NK after the USSR fell apart. This can explain Chairman Xi as taking NK and Kim hostage, as well as how a secret internet for the globalists came to be based in North Korea.


      • 2zymos says:

        Difficult to prove but working assumption: Deep State and CIA have the greatest amount of influence, black money streams, deep into NK — basic corruption too and techno infrastructure. (aside — contemplate Google’s reported relationship/scenario with China with a “likely reality-based logical assessment of google/China interaction!!)

        Then best odds are that the KGB relative lack of power & $ as USSR comes apart is a very important factor in the repositioning of NKorea as a “Rogue” state in the narrative …BECAUSE Russian influence and aggression has become much less credible as an explanation for NK “posturing”. If you don’t think Russia would “go for this” then how do you explain Snowden and Russia’s tacit approval of “that story”? In any case, deep state is in control of the narrative (working assumption).
        Also important real world motivation — NK forced to find someone/anyone to provide energy and food and $ — begins cheating on sanctions with China’s help (when mutual benefit aligns).
        The “communist connection” has very little power to bridge the mutual hatred of Koreans and Chinese.
        The military “oligarchy” in NK adopts communism post wwII to maintain the flow of USSR reclaimed WWII weapons. NK effectively run as an monarchy/emporer overlay with family based, bloodline based, power transfers — Cultural/tribal patriotic considerations first v. communists considerations for survival and at best secondary.

        I don’t think China has ever achieved a decent consistent leverage position on NK — whether they want one is another thing all-together since China has historically had problems feeding itself and employing their own population – not willingly taking on NK too.
        Look at geography and consider for a moment:
        – Ponyang is dead center on a line connecting Bejing and Tokyo.
        – All long range missile tests go eastbound toward or over Japan.
        – None are accepted or allowed toward China… China is NOT helping the testing program.
        – Neither Japan nor US put a stop to this overflight before Trump — why not?
        – Trump’s approach to NK has NONE of the hallmarks of peeling NK away from China’s control/influence
        – S Korea is much more engaged and relevant… wouldn’t you agree?

        My educated and partially informed conclusion is that the revealing of massive secrets and retelling of history on the Korean peninsula is long overdue. More to the point, Trump is better informed and most likely using the Korean peninsula unification as leverage {{against}} the Chinese. This maneuver will be very much simplified (IMO) when deep state rogue operations are bottled up and Barry, Clinton 1 and Clinton 2 and prolly Baby Bush (with a few of their gang “generals and colonels”) are in high security prisons or dead and unable to exert pressure or direct payoffs to corrupted NK oligarchs.

        Long overdue…
        Trump’s probably talking coded to many more deepstaters than Chinese at this point… that “their” (the domestic enemy’s) plans for a NK false flag or wag the dog are long gone — gonna hafta call a different audible/play from here on out.


    • Zzymos,
      Lots of interesting points except! will side with Sundance regarding NK being essentially a province of China.
      While maybe 60 years ago it may have sided with Russia, we do not see Kim being summoned by Putin. We do see Kim being in attendance/summoned by Xi plus President Trump’s tweet also let us know that “his good friend” Xi is playing important role in NK negotiation.


      • 2zymos says:

        NK lives with a long border with China.
        Canada lives with a long border with US.
        Mexico lives with a long border with US and we with them.
        SK and NK share a militarized border.
        At times, countries that share borders can correctly be viewed as behaving “controlled” or “leveraged” by the other — in other words provincially… or perhaps dominated or leveraged or compelled.
        And you are right (with Sundance) that things change and China (more recently) works on economic leverage over NK since their economic power was waxing — and things “change” especially whenTrump gets involved!

        I do not assess China “summoning” Kim recently. Trump changed “somethings” that made it very important and obvious that China and NK should “meet”. Are you aware of NK leader being “summoned” to China and responding during obama/soetoro regime?

        My point is putting sunlight on the long term “narrative” that WAS a cover story about NK and NK intent, and NK capability — changes the calculus on “Trump coded communications”.

        The lies and spies and cover stories and censorship and propaganda and “narrative” CONTROL drives reporting with very few exceptions–CTH being a good exception. When CTH blew up narrative on Zimmerman based on knowing and finding the truth, this was an excellent maneuver.

        Looking at NK with better focus begins to reveal some VERY UGLY truths and probabilities… that rogue and highly classified American operations have much more bearing on the situation at hand than many are prepared to investigate/consider….
        Just like what is going on over Trump treason attacks in FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS, FISC, FISA, CIA, Extortion 17, Benghazi, Ukraine, MI-5/MI-6, 5 eyes, NSA, and even parts of DOD like DIA… and the reported firing of AF 2-star in charge of SAP classified programs, and the ongoing refusal to explain the nature and impact of SAP info on hillary’s server and the UNBELIEVABLE refusal to prosecute!!!!!!!!

        We’ll likely “soon see” more undeniable realities (truth) come out about NK which will clarify the situation here about “coded comms”.

        Remember well that obama/soetoro purged more than 200 officers with heavy emphasis on nuke command and control in AF and Navy, He purged Flynn, he thought about firing Rogers even though it was last days… we have no “decent” explanation for HI missile scare “in public domain”, we have no “decent” resolution to LV massacre… combined with the lack of decent resolution to deep state Trump coup attempt, I assess that it is not wise to evaluate China/NK/Trump/CIA-Deepstate with a “traditional” geopolitical lens of power politics.
        1. Deception and 2. Narrative Control, in domestic and in international affairs, are dominant here (China NK) just like they are dominant in obama-soetoro-treasongate.


  7. Ezgoer says:

    JoeChina Biden sides with Xi.


  8. rcogburn says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when Sundance and Madame Sec of State could actually agree on something. Her leaked remarks to Goldman Sacks –

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  9. David R. Graham says:

    I think Kim is trying to get POTUS Trump to protect him. If that happens, successfully, the strategic calculus of USA’s western strategic interests and goals (INDO-PACOM) — and Russia’s eastern strategic interests and goals — and China’s totally — will undergo radical transformation after spending time — with luck not much time — being sorted out and intelligently rather than impulsively . . . and by people at/from a military school rather than at/from Harvard, Yale, and/or Princeton.

    If Kim becomes a US ally, the current “US foreign policy establishment” is toast and will spit and fume at anything and everything it can hit as it roasts to its own self-destruction. Actually, they are toast already, and spitting and fuming, but not as much as they can be and will be if Kim actually changes sides.

    Put a man in the Oval Office whose word can be trusted and who enjoys talking with people and “miracles” can and do happen, certainly the paradoxical, the unexpected.

    That is the deep lesson here: the power of the word once given and kept.

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  10. Screaming Eagle says:

    As Sundance says, Panda Mask is coming off. China gave Amash an ultimatum: WE can nationalize your +$1MM profit business over here, or YOU can bark like a good little American doggy at Bad Man Orange. Choose wisely Mr. Amash….

    What else could explain such a shocking betrayal?? Have you seen Amash lately? He has the look like a man who’s just lost his wallet. Checkmated, played for the fool he is.

    Amash is a small potato, conveniently in the House, where his words can have some weight. They are starting small, trying to send a signal to all of the big auto, tech, and other US born business’s, that signed a deal with the devil, while worshiping on the alter of cheap labor, along with their sellouts on Wall Street. US will become a service economy my azz!!

    As Ben Franklin said: “Those who trade Liberty for Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety”

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  11. Brenrod says:

    If this Sundance analysis of the situation is correct then it is unlikely that Kim will be able to leave China control. He would accurately conclude That Trump is in no position to rescue him and therefore it would be folly to confront the Chinese on his part. Trump does not have the capability to protect Kim, nor would he risk the dangers involved in confronting China over this issue.


  12. Chicom leadership needs their Luca Brasi to keep the neighborhood afraid and US cautious. It allows them to make better deals and when required, to make offers that can’t be refused.

    So can they be persuaded to stop using Kim as their weapon? Looking at it thru the prism of military-economic-geopolitical power .. I don’t see how.

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  13. John Maier says:

    I hope China does not become cornered (in their communist view) and start a war to stay in power, in their own country…the Chinese are not happy people I think


  14. Gary Lacey says:

    Today I learned that the MSM narative, Kim had his half brother assassinated, was perhaps more fake news.
    Yeah, I learned two things, China did the hit and second, a dollar will get me a cup of coffee at McDonald’s.


  15. omyword says:

    Tell ya what folks, if you pay attention you will see china is in a bad way. Did you know of the 440 million hogs in china, HALF are dead from the African swine flu? And to try and recoup some of their loss china is canning these contaminated animals and shipping them world wide. Thailand just caught them at it and so did the Philippines. Now all canned foods from china are banned. Vietnam has found china mislabeling clothing in an effort to get around the tarriffs. Their banks are on the cusp of failure and the regime is having to pour more and more into the won to prop it up. They have few if any alies left. 3rd world nations are starting to say no to their attempts to “modernize” that countries infurstucture because the cat is out of the bag on the chinese using these ploys to take over that nation. Even in S.E. Asia they are reviled and no one trusts the chinese or likes them. China is going down the tube as their pretend cities (built out of wood slathered over with concrete)crumble. Also they are called ghost cities because no one lives there.It is all a facade.


  16. Republicanvet91 says:

    I’m curious how China would have known about him working with the CIA.

    Would that information have come from some sloppy hacks private email server?

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    • Exactly what I was wondering.
      We know that Hildebeest’s server was hacked, and that as a result there were significant losses of US intelligence assets in China.

      And think, that even IF the Chinese did not learn about the CIA working with directly from hacking Clinton’s emails, they could well have extracted that information from intelligence assets captured and tortured after their existence was known via the hacks.

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  17. Newt Love says:

    I am really getting tired of the (D) media and politicians demanding that Trump say really horrible things about Kim, Xi,. and Putin. Don’t they realize that our enemies read our media reports?

    All public statements by PDJT are part of his negotiation strategy. It’s The Art of the Deal! It serves no good purpose to antagonize anyone with which you are in negotiations. It does no good to tell your adversaries what your strategy is to defeat them, and when you will act on that strategy.

    OMG I hate the stupidity of the (D) media and their sycophant politicians.


  18. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    China has other vassal states. The most interesting one is Russia.

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  19. Really sucks to be Kim Jung Un doesn’t it?


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