Sunday Talks: Clete Willems -vs- Leland Vitter – Trump “Perfectly Happy” to Hit China With More Tariffs…

Former White House China trade negotiator Clete Willems makes a rare appearance to discuss President Trump’s ongoing trade position with China; and the lessons they are learning from Trump’s severity with Mexico.

Fox News talking-hair Leland Vitter, a prime example of the axiom: “a little knowledge is dangerous”, tries his best to promote the preferred Murdoch points; however, Vitter finds himself struggling against the weight of the examples highlighted by Mr. Willems. Quite funny actually:


Worth noting: President Trump spoke with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (AMLO) yesterday (See Tweets Below).

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118 Responses to Sunday Talks: Clete Willems -vs- Leland Vitter – Trump “Perfectly Happy” to Hit China With More Tariffs…

  1. sundance says:

    Thom Tillis is trying to get on the right side of the issue:

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    • A2 says:

      Only a human fog- bank or someone on the #GreatChinaPayroll doesn’t get it.

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      • Pyrthroes says:

        Think Winslow Homer’s classic “Fog Warning” (1885), depicting a Grand Banks fisherman with a large flounder aboard, pulling hard to reach his ship before a high fogbank rolls in.

        We’d compare AMLO to Homer’s subject, rowing strong before Trump’s tariff cloud blankets Mexico’s economy.

        Upscale analogies can be a hoot.

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    • huecowacko says:

      Up for reelection in ’20, time to pander.

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    • Carson Napier says:

      Come on, man, China is not a competitor of ours!
      – Joe Biden, aka Chinese Asset, Agent 00$.

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    • Jonesy says:

      Yeah I thought I was watching an episode of Stranger Things and the Swamp/Sewer monster Tillis was in the upside down!

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    • I confess, I like what I hear. Now whether his position is genuinely altruistic or looking to 2020, or a mixture, not 100% sure.

      Having said that, we have to be grateful for any and all support that lines up behind the President in the meantime.

      Still think it’s going to get uglier with China first. But one area Tillis brought up that I wholeheartedly agree with:

      If we have to take some hits, especially in the area of China’s blacklisting of American entities in China, then so be it. Our economy is a helluva lot stronger and more resilient than China’s. I opine that the end all of it will hurt China far more than us.

      In the meantime, let American businesses and industry learn the lesson of getting into bed with China….whose bottom line will always be the heart of an all-consuming dragon. You ultimately pay for who and what you get in bed with.

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      • CaptainNonno says:

        He, like any R re-runner needs to be cornered and grilled on specifics POTUS has been trying and will be trying to get through. Border and Immigration Reform on top.

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        • I would definitely like to see that happened.

          We all have the heart of suspicious cat. I am by no means endorsing Tillis. He “said” some right words concerning the issue being interviewed for. But mere words aren’t positive-proof evidence of altruism.

          So yeah, some proof of heart about the border and immigration thing and his own personal political actions of support to back that up would go a long way. Otherwise, the presentation becomes a worn out retread tire.


      • dallasdan says:

        I don’t understand why XI doesn’t understand that punishing American high-tech companies will be a seriously failed strategy, both technologically and economically, in the mid to long-term. His bluster has overwhelmed his intellect, IMO.

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        • DD

          As one studies and researches Chinese mentality and psyche, historically and presently, one understands that their mindset is diametrically opposed to ours, politically and in business models.

          Today it is the war capitolism vs communism, freedom vs complete state control. Xi is not about to betray who and what he and the Chinese government are and have been for a long time. To capitulate to us would be to go against their whole model, philosophy and political foundation.

          It blinds them. They refuse to let go of absolute control and the quest for world domination. I think it is more than bluster. His bluster is a symptom of a political and philosophical mind-set so deeply ingrained, that he cannot properly interpret the situation and realistically understand effects of it on China.

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          • dallasdan says:

            Thank you for your insight.

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            • I just hope the China dynamics don’t cause Xi to lose it and explode in some sudden military move.

              PDT has put the squeeze on. It should not surprise students of geo-political-social history and trends how communists are driven to react when cornered in an impossible situation.

              Dictators do not like to be cornered. They can and will react like cornered raccoons.

              Believe me, I’ve been thinking about this China thing for a long time.

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              • Angelle…Don’t forget, PDJT plays the long game and if making Xi mad then so be it because when the Chineese gov will have to start DEFENDING itself due to self-preservation.

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                • Understood…and I have to believe PDJT has already considered many possibilities.

                  Still, one never knows what one sudden, unexpected big blow-up could do to destabilize elements. I believe China would do something, anything, to preserve its geo-political-social status and control. It would be for the “glory of the dynasty at all costs.” Remember what they said about fighting here of late.

                  Nobody, not even our great POTUS can see the whole blue-print. Only God can. That’s where my ultimate faith is; but I also have faith for God to bless, strengthen and give wisdom to PDJT in troubling times.

                  It is my thought and belief that Xi is arrogant enough and so deeply steeped in his tradition and self-declared empirical all-consuming power and control, that if he suspected that was going to be threatened, I think he would actually forget about all costs and look toward Taiwan, for example and set the stage on fire.

                  Nobody really knows with any certain about the future, but communist mind-set and determination is not logical in the way or our own logic and thinking.

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          • A2 says:

            So true. Any pundit who doesn’t understand the CCP’s intentions, should not comment on China. The apologists have popped up again, after falling silent during the HK protests yesterday.

            Kyle Bass gave a shoutout to Gordon Chang and retweeted:

            Kyle Bass
            Jun 8
            Gordon is spot-on.We, as a country, have been guided by profit seekers with a reckless disregard for our national security. Wall St, tech giants, endowments, pension funds, have all turned a blind eye to theft, coercion, bribery, human rights, and rule of law. It must stop now.

            Gordon G. Chang
            at 7:22 ET on #Google’s attempt to get #Huawei exemption. We should not continue to outsource our national security to tech giants, Wall Street, or chambers of commerce.

            What is heartening is the outpouring of prayers, support for the US from Chinese people around the world tweeting to anyone supporting freedom and democracy for the Chinese people. Even the Wumao can’t keep up.


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            • TY for that.

              This is why I trust PDJT!

              He has been thinking about China for a long time too…and dealing with China. He was the perfect non-politician to know how to presidentially (with a business mindset) deal with China.

              I believe he and his trade team knew at the out-start, China would renege about a verification process that would demand more than a short memo. Wouldn’t surprise me that our people expected this from the beginning.

              Some pundits began to entertain that thought like wow…did PDT have this figured out? I thought, what else did they expect from someone who knows China?

              The people that are surprised are those who don’t understand Chinese history, mindset/psyche and communist doctrine. But that’s why some of us offer our thoughts, so more can understand both the obvious and the underlying dynamics that steer China’s panda and moreso, dragon face…but also, what effectively steers our POTUS and his great trade team.

              I am thankful for them. Finally, we have some clear vision and adults manning the bunkers. Clarity is great!

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              • Jan says:

                Sundance wrote a great article when VSGDJT said in a meeting with the trade team and the Chinese reps that he wasn’t going to agree to a MOU. He wanted a binding trade agreement. We knew right then that China wasn’t going to stick to its trade commitments–at least not for a while.

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                • I read that article.

                  I believe PDT and the team pretty much figured the Chinese were not going to agree to something that would have forced their hand.

                  I think the President’s trade team is the best of the best of all the teams in all areas of this present administration and certainly the best trade team ever assembled.

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          • TarsTarkas says:

            Xi will not, cannot, significantly change his position, or he will be overthrown. To back down would be a signal that he has lost the Mandate of Heaven and therefore should no longer be Emperor.

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        • mike says:

          Thug communist attitude and State that unfortunately survived the 1989-1991 winds of change …

          We may be 30 years late, but we mean business and it’s better than war for both.

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        • Lulu says:

          Oh I love the idea . Of China punishing tech companies. They still won’t win, but we get the bonus of the tech companies suffering a little.

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      • livefreeordieguy says:

        “…whether his position is genuinely altruistic or looking to 2020, or a mixture, not 100% sure.” I’m pretty close to 100% sure that his position is tortured and looking to 2020…

        But I agree with you, Angelle: “we have to be grateful for any and all support that lines up behind the President in the meantime.”

        Any port in a storm… and strange bedfellows… and all that. The president has fought this fight solo on too many fronts… Allies welcome.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        I PROMISE you Tillis is 109% swamp! Doesn’t mean he won’t occasional act right but it’s only with premission from the uniparty and the COC. Tillis not his own man but is completely owned by the COC and GOPe, Jeb, Romney etc

        NC voters are Not happy with him and he is working hard to pull a fast one as his primary is looming. He has competition. Look them up and support them.

        Primaries are where we win MAGA. General election in Nov is where we win GOP. Not the same thing!

        Tillus one of my least fav Senstors and swamp creatures. Would post links to primary opponents, write better and write more but not well tonight.

        Trust me..he is Swamp!

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        • This is what I have opined about him before and am aware of great NC voter dissatisfaction. We have ours in OK, though yours may out-swamp ours by a little margin.

          When I said I liked what I heard, that was no endorsement. Words without back-up actions are cheap.

          In the meantime, between now and 2020, even if a swamp creature will give a little aid to the PDT and a righteous, politically savvy cause, altruistic but prolly not, I’ll be grateful.

          But come after 2020, if they get re-elected, the dogs often returns to their vomit. So yeah, supporting anybody better to primary swamp creatures is a good hedge.

          Agree about the primaries!

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        • Sundance said Tillis was trying to get on the right side of the issue. I wonder what SD is thinking deeper down.

          I do believe SD will always give credit where it is due, even if it is stop-gap and temporary. I’ve read enough of SD to believe he doesn’t want to judge anyone wrongly at any point of the issues.

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        • Burr is much worse than Tillis….Tillis is total swamp but he votes Republican.


        • NC Patriot says:

          Tillis has a primary challenger who says he will stand with POTUS on the wall and is all over the airwaves, radio and TV here. (Garland Tucker)


    • fightthepols says:

      That’s because Tillis got incredibly lukewarm applause when he appeared at the NCGOP State Convention yesterday afternoon in Concord, N.C. where he tried to appear as if he had been supporting President Trump for years! The whole back 2/3 of the room barely clapped at his appearance. Of course we know he has been against Trump and Trump policies- he was for Rubio in 2016 and going to go against Trump on the Emergency Declaration until the North Carolina voters had a fit. He and “the Bearded Marxist” Christ Coons, brought forth the Senate bill to prevent the President from stopping the Mueller investigation.Tillis initiated this bill and asked Coons to join. When he showed up at one of the NC Republican Women’s clubs, he was pelleted with questions and remarks concerning his non-Trump supportive behavior. Remember, North Carolina went for Trump in 2016! Unfortunately, many NC Republican and Trump supporters don’t even know these things!

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      • dallasdan says:

        Tillis has repeatedly and sufficiently revealed himself to be antagonistic toward the President. It must be obvious to NC Repub voters.

        I hope he is primaried, loses, and a President Trump-supporting patriot is elected.

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        • Gucci says:

          I’m voting against Tillis. But we have our farmers here that like illegal alien cheap labor and then there’s Durham and Wake county, where you might as well be in Seattle. Not sure about the rest of NC.

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        • Jan says:

          Indeed, this is what has to happen with all the RINOs for those who face primaries. If these RINOs survive their primaries then we still have to vote for them. Grassley is a disaster for this President and barely able to conduct a hearing because he’s so ***ing old There should be age limits on these pud-wacks!!


    • Betty says:

      What does he mean when the rented children and young people are being trafficked once they get here. What does Trafficked mean? If it means being sold into sexual slavery, or domestic slavery, sold to pedophiles – why are people willing to beat around the bush and use vague terms?

      This reminds me of terms like “late term abortion” or “partial birth abortion” both are horrific procedures and some how people have agreed to use the vague terminology.

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    • WSB says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! SD, cannot keep it up!

      “Fox News talking-hair Leland Vitter, a prime example of the axiom: “a little knowledge is dangerous”, tries his best to promote the preferred Murdoch points; however, Vitter finds himself struggling against the weight of the examples highlighted by Mr. Williams. Quite funny actually:”

      My sides are still shaking!

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    • teeheeman says:

      These “moderates” will all get in line with Trump if they want to be re-elected. I sense more people are starting to understand this “winning thing” from Trump and sort of like it!!! Combine that with the absolute pessimism and abhorrent politics from the Dems and they look to be in heap-big trouble come 2020.

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      • Some old guy says:

        The problem is their ultimate loyalty lies elsewhere. They may “come along” like Bush 41 did with Reaganomics, but they never get it and begin adhering to their former loyalties as soon as practical.

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        teeheeman… NOT unless the Country gets ‘on top’ of, and neutralizes VOTOR FRAUD!

        That means a LOT of ‘door knocks’, and awareness at the voter booths.


    • GB Bari says:

      Aptly stated.

      I actually watched that interview on Bartiromo’s show yesterday (Sunday) morning and was struck at Tillis apparent “conversion” to MAGA-supporter…. at least on this issue.

      I told my wife however, that I didn’t believe him at face value, although the Prez will take support where he can get it. I only wonder what Tillis expects in return for giving such a public display of approval.

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    • He’s worried about getting re-elected which is not a guarantee in his case. Unfortunately, it could lead to a Dem getting elected…this Senate seat swings both ways and mostly they only serve for one term.


    • NC Patriot says:

      Tillis.up for re-election. got HUGE blow back from North Carolinians like me–when he initially did not back VSG’s executive order to get wall funding. Has been playing it straight since——plus he has a primary challenger—Garland Tucker, who is all over the airwaves on radio and TV here——and who I am considering voting for.

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    • powderdayrules says:

      All it takes is ONE senator to give President Trump his recess judicial appointments. Nobody has stepped up. NOBODY! I say primary them all until someone does!


    • sDee says:

      Tillis is true Uniparty and absolutely cannot be trusted. Traitor Burr is his mentor and McConnell owns him.

      This is lip service for his 2020 re-election. Republican governor McCrory lost his re-election in 2016 because he opposed Trump. Informed Republican voters I know are very unhappy with Tillis’ inaction and opposition to Trump. NC is under a Blue assault so Tillis may have polling data that he could lose to a Uniparty(D)

      I truly hope Greg Brannon runs against him again, with Trump’s support – OH HOW I HOPE!


    • Lamont Cranston says:

      Has AMLO received his $100,000,000.00 bribe yet as is customary in failed narco state Mexico, deadly enemy of the USA? What about Nancy “Grapes of Wrath” Pelosi? They’re all on enemy payroll.


  2. Carson Napier says:

    If they keep up their truculence, China may well find that when the music stops, and they sit down, there will be no chair for them.

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  3. TreeClimber says:

    Wonder what the “unmentioned things” were. China?

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  4. It’s very clear that media does not understand the different dynamics of the 2 situations of dealing with China and dealing with Mexico. Williams ate Vitter’s lunch and exposed Vitter as one not up to speed. He actually made Vitter look like a junior hs kid on recess.

    Media makes no attempt to understand and properly interpret the current 2 tracks, that is, China/Mexico….it would go against their narrative and show/prove the intelligence of PDT and his team.

    These dynamics are way too advanced and intelligent for bonehead media types, even a number of Fox talking heads.

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  5. Janice Farley says:

    Boy oh boy, is Trump sticking it to the politicians and a lot of others!

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  6. Spectre says:

    Vitter’s IQ lower than Maxine Waters…..

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  7. Carson Napier says:

    A politician called Biden, because he has been paid a lot of money, wants to take power, and sell nearly all the country.

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  8. FL_GUY says:

    Imagine how great things would be right now in terms of world peace and world prosperity if Washington, DC was not populated by politicians and bureaucrats that are owned by foreign countries, criminal cartels and multi-national corporations.

    It’s like we’re in a real life plot from a James Bond movie but the EVIL villains seeking world domination are real. Like 007, President Trump is our only hope against world EVIL.

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  9. A2 says:

    Maria mentioned Huawei.👇

    “The acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget is seeking a two-year delay of a ban prohibiting companies that do business with Chinese telecom giant Huawei from providing services to the U.S. government.”

    I thought maybe just Reliable Entity, the Washington Post, was making stuff up, but no, see the official letter below. Of course, now that WAPO has been banned, the CCP can’t read it.🤭 🤣🤣(another irony is the letter was sent on June 4).

    Mr Mulvaney, have a chat with Acting budget chief.

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    • Just think of all the neat, sneaky stuff Huawei could plant, embed, implement…oh well, you get the idea…in a 2 year delay. Hands up! 🤨

      As digital advancement exponentially speeds up, can one imagine how long 2 years is for enemy infiltration? 2 years from now may well be too late.

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  10. A2 says:

    An interesting item was reported at the Shanghai-La Security Dialogue. Evidently Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan presented his PLA counterpart Gen Wei with a picture book showing documentation of China offloading cargo bound for NK.

    It made me wonder whether Sec Mnuchin in his dialogue with PBOC honcho Yi Gang presented him with a ‘book’ showing China’s banks #ChinaCheats. MAGA leverage there.

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  11. Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow says:

    The time has come for the US to stop our companies from harming Chinese citizens by helping the communist.

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  12. Joemama says:

    “Importantly, some things not mentioned in yesterday press release, one in particular, were agreed upon. That will be announced at the appropriate time.”

    What do you all think that might be? I’m thinking that PDJT may have the US military help out with sealing the Mexican Southern border.

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  13. Al Martino says:

    The failing nytimes and ratings challenged CNN….🤣🙃😆😅🤣😂LOL!

    Best President EVER!!!!!

    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  14. MEGA says:

    I think that Obama has told China, not to make a deal with Trump, but to wait him out till 2020. The biggest danger is that the left will cheat to win the 2020 election. Then the US as we know it will be gone – together with democracy – and you will have to learn chinese, russian and arabic. Hopefully Barr can help put a stopper to Obama shadow government.


  15. jessetmims says:

    The haters seem to be having a hard time understanding all the good being done by PDJT.
    Maybe they should ask…
    a 5th grader!


  16. Super Dave says:

    I have had to contact Thom Tillis office on multiple occasions for his lack of support for our President. NOW that he has a primary opponent in Garland Tucker he is targeting his TV appearances (Maria, Fox & Friends) and talking about his support for all things Trump and Tariffs. It is like he has had a complete brain and personality transplant. He is definitely a severe conservative.

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    • swimeasy says:

      Same here Super Dave! Tillis is actually having to do some work as Garland Tucker went on Hannity TV in early May and just had a recent fundraiser hosted by folks who turned the Tills’ campaign heads as people one would have assumed would be backing Tillis.

      Agree Tillis is complete swamp being protected by McConnell as one of the most vulnerable targeted by Dems as well.

      I have considered pros and cons for each with the “litmus Trump support test” and I am supporting Garland Tucker. Tillis needs to go as he will go full scorched anti-Trump, CoC puppet if reelected.

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    • Garland has been running radio ads in Western NC and I told Tillis’s office that and that my vote is not a guarantee. Notice how Tillis is all over Fox News, now…like he is really a conservative and Trump supporter.
      But I heard Garland is a never Trumper…is that true?

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      • swimeasy says:


        I too thought Garland was a never Trumper as he backed several others in 2016. The link I posted above addresses an op ed he wrote as the Tillis campaign is painting him as a never Trumper. That is the Tillis main campaign branding for Tucker.

        An excerpt: “…In the North State Journal, Tucker defends Trump while talking about the nomination of Thomas Farr for a judicial position, which Tillis opposed.

        “A dominant characteristic of the swamp is its ability to stop ‘outsiders’ — like President Trump — dead in their tracks,” Tucker wrote. “An ongoing example of this is Trump’s fight to appoint conservative judges.”

        In general, Tucker appears to genuinely wish Trump success. Of course, he continually calls on Trump to adhere to conservative principles, which is not always a given. He cheers Trump when he does, but isn’t afraid to call him out when he doesn’t…”

        Tillis’ op ed in the WaPo against POTUS’ emergency declaration on the border crisis pushed me over the edge about Tillis. With pressure from North Carolinians and McConnell’s promise of protection, Tillis changed his vote at the last minute. However, I do sincerely believe he would have voted against POTUS on this if not for the pressure. As such, he can’t be trusted if reelected. If you can’t fully back POTUS on border security, the lack thereof seriously threatening our republic, what good is Tillis on lessor issues?

        I’m done with Tillis and backing Tucker.


    • Rynn69 says:

      SuperDave: Not a conservative. His policies on big government spending, Obamacare, and illegal immigration (for amnesty and against border wall) are not conservative. There is nothing conservative about the McConnell Decepticon Caucus – nothing. il

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Thank you for saying that! He’s not my rep, but I tho’t yesterday while watching him on w/Maria B, Who is THIS Tom Tillis? Not the same guy I remembered either. I remembered him as a usual subject turncoat most of the time.

      So he’s pullin’ a Biden?

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  17. Zippy says:

    Long past time to kick them over the financial cliff before they grow into even more of a threat:


  18. ed357 says:

    Leland Vitter comes on FOX…..

    I turn the channel…..

    Vitter irritates me as much as Shep Smith,

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  19. rayvandune says:

    PDJT has an ace in the hole. He can cut off all imports from China at the stroke of a pen. China has no comparable card. China needs to be made aware that any use of force will result in their economy being destroyed, in addition to countervailing force.

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  20. rayvandune says:

    PDJT has an ace in the hole. He can cut off all imports from China at the stroke of a pen. China has no comparable card. China needs to be made aware that any use of force will result in their economy being destroyed, in addition to countervailing force.

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  21. TwoLaine says:

    He can add Faux NEWZ to the list of idiots who want him to fail, as they are still at it today. Tariffs BAD, Rs in Congress agree. China and Mexico are our friends.

    Really? How about we CLOSE THE BORDER 100%, put it under armed guards, OUR TROOPS, and see how they all like that. We have been invaded for decades, we are being invaded on a massive scale now and it HAS TO STOP. The American people SPOKE on 8 Nov 2016.



  22. TwoLaine says:

    “Fox News talking-hair Leland Vitter”
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  23. GGHD says:

    1. “Fox News talking-hair Leland Vitter, a prime example of the axiom: “a little knowledge is dangerous”, tries his best to promote the preferred Murdoch points; however, Vitter finds himself struggling against the weight of the examples highlighted by Mr. Williams. Quite funny actually:” [From this article, TheLastRefuge]

    ‘The customer is always right’ is a business axiom. For ALL employees, the BOSS is the only customer that matters. All employees including Leland Vitter has a boss. = We’re lucky Donald Trump is his own boss with billions of dollars, and can finance his own campaign. … TheLastRefuge delineates ALL the financial and political opponents to President Trump [and Americans].

    +2. See TheLastRefuge ~ConservativeTreehouse “Jaw Dropping – Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics….” Posted on January 29, 2017.will spill over into the USA.


    • GGHD says:

      We’ll find out ‘Who’s in charge of Mexico’ = the typical business interests or the illegal drug cartels. AMLO, President of Mexico is making promises to President Trump about illegal immigration. … The USA could have a front row seat, watching a civil war in Mexico, that >will spill over into the USA.


      • sDee says:

        The Gloablists are in charge of Mexico it serves them well to exfiltrate wealth, undermine the sovereignty of America and expand global governance. War would not serve them as well as what they have now.


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