Remarks by President Trump and Shinzo Abe During Bilateral Discussions…

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe deliver remarks and hold a bilateral press availability prior to bilateral discussion over issues of trade and regional security with North Korea.


As the two leaders discuss matters of state, First Lady Melania Trump and Lady Akie Abe enjoy a cultural presentation (below).

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30 Responses to Remarks by President Trump and Shinzo Abe During Bilateral Discussions…

  1. SharkDiver says:

    POTUS…Man spreading like a boss!

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  2. Reloader says:

    Our great President Trump doesn’t look too happy regarding the ongoing discussions. Could it be that the Japanese have no intention of reversing their criminal trade practices, just as the Chinese have no intention of surrendering? China learned all of the “trade craft” from Japan: Currency manipulation, vast government subsidies of industrial companies, dumping products below the cost of manufacturing, raiding industrial markets to drive out American firms, tariffs on imports, non-tariff barriers to U.S. imports. And Japan benefitted because the U.S. paid for the military defense of that country, while “Japan Incorporated” waged economic warfare on America to destroy American companies and jobs.

    Beyond that, Japanese auto manufacturing and sales benefited from U.S. govt taxation, regulatory burdens, American being taught to hate their own by the likes of Ralph Nader, et al. Aggessive labor unions (communists), predatory EPA and OSHA. American auto makers had to scrambel and cut corners for decades just to survive.

    No wonder so many Americans believe that the same people who invented powered aircraft, computers, the internet and landed on the Moon are too stupid to compete with asian and european car companies.

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    • MelH says:

      I, and maybe other Treepers, wouldn’t know a speck of this if not for you, Reloader. many thanks!


      • Bob says:

        To MelH…the term should be written…OTHER TREEPERS AND I, this crap of speaking of yourself first is another Leftest term….for no other reason other than to prove they can change anything in our culture….the same as the the term NOT SO MUCH, replacing not as….the other may be funny….but just more trashing our language. Yes you have 1st Amendment rights….use them before they are taken away.


        • MelH says:

          I wasn’t a maybe. The other Treepers were. Cops like you should be correct, If you think this is the appropriate place for grammar policing.


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      In your rant you forgot to mention we invented the transistor and the Japanese showed us how to use it.Also do you remember when everybody was worried about the Japanese buying up everything in the US,well at the time the English owned or controlled more.And believe me I do not think the Chinese had to be taught how to do anything,they just stole it.Also this should be China not Japanese”Japan Incorporated” waged economic warfare on America to destroy American companies and jobs.”


    • cthulhu says:

      I think Japan will end-up doing business. And when you talk about, “invented powered aircraft, computers, the internet and landed on the Moon” — I am reminded that the Japanese auto revolution of the 70s was based on things like the McPherson strut suspension and rack-and-pinion steering — both invented in the UK and used in a number of British maintenance-hounds in prior years.

      In WWII, the legendary Merlin V12 airplane engine [ ] was developed by Rolls-Royce — but by the end of its production, roughly 1/3 had been built by Packard in the US, being that Packard’s factories were less likely to be bombed. Packard engineers and mechanics had difficulties initially producing the Merlin because every one the English produced had to have matched parts. On a V-12 engine, you can just imagine how fun that was.

      Thanks to Deming [ ], Japan could (and did) mine the large backlog of British design innovations and make them work. They never set out for pure theft, as the Chinese have repeatedly done in the IP space. They didn’t indulge in espionage — Ford and GM could have used Deming’s insights to mine British patents, too….they just couldn’t be bothered.

      I’m certainly not suggesting that Japan, Inc. is saintly — but, y’know, they bought Pebble Beach and Rockefeller Center and took their lumps. Sony’s Betamax was a superior product to VHS and got schlonged. They still get in minor slap-fights about all sorts of products. But I think that, in the end, we’ll get something reasonable. VSGPOTUSDJT is the first President I can recall talking about Japan purchasing beef and rice from us, which is a major welcome change.

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    • Currently We have lagged behind In all that you mention! Asia is a growing economy. President wants to be part of it! Not western economy anymore! He’s been concentrating on south east Asia for the last two years! It’s a very huge economy.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Our POTUS hasn’t looked too happy from the start. I remarked on that after the first vids from the sumo match and couples dinner with the PM. He didn’t even appear pleased when stepping off Marine One to play golf.

      When my President isn’t happy, I’m not comfortable.


  3. bessie2003 says:

    This second video, of the Ladies, with those children, is just a heart stealer! So cute.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Agreed bessie, it brought back memories of my time in S.E. Asia. A totally different culture! It took a little bit of time to start to enjoy the difference!

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  4. Dobegirl says:

    The Japanese attention to detail is amazing. Notice the flower arrangement. Red, white, and blue. The blue with small white accents for our states, and the red and white alternating.

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  5. DJT2020 says:

    Odd ending. Before Abe could reply


  6. CoffeeBreak says:

    The translator sitting behind President Trump is gorgeous. Oh my word, what a beautiful hunk of man. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm… Golly gee, goodness.


  7. The little kids performance is out of the world! Adorable! The flowers presentation!! FLOTUS got a kick out of that one!

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  8. I love the Japanese culture especially the traditional music. Very Zen…I’ve always been attracted to Zen Buddhism, since the 60’s.Still have the first book I read on it; Zen Buddhism by D.T. Suzuki.


  9. duchess01 says:

    I was uncomfortable throughout this Press Conference – I sensed some discomfort on the part of President Trump as well –

    Some thoughts:
    – TPP – Japan ratified this treaty; the USA bowed out – Could this be a detriment to a bilateral agreement and/or a trilateral agreement with India?
    – Auto Agreement: Japan produces high quality autos that require very little maintenance over time …our auto industry is severely hampered by a lack of quality – from inferior foreign parts and foreign interference – NAFTA
    – Beef and agriculture products: a deal is very possible here since this is where the USA shines – I hope and pray this works out to be an equitable, reciprocal agreement
    – Military equipment: this could be another good deal – provided we have removed all defective systems/parts purchased from foreign entities – since Japan is in need of defensive military equipment only – American ingenuity could provide an avenue for agreement here.

    These are just my concerns – perhaps, you have some insight from which we all could benefit – if so, please – share your thoughts.

    FYI: I wanted to know about what exactly the TPP Treaty entails – since in my heart – I believe this is what hampers progress in a trade agreement with Japan.

    A No-Go for the U.S.: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership & Why Did it Fail?


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