Remarkable Success – Nigel Farage Brexit Party Leaps to #1 in Weeks…

There’s a remarkable political restructuring happening on the other side of the Atlantic. Nigel Farage has led the U.K. Brexit Party into the leading political force in a matter of weeks.

With frustration over the intransigent unwillingness of the political elites who control power in the U.K. to deliver on the Brexit referendum, the grassroots “Brexit Party” was formed.  According to recent polling the movement now leads in advance of upcoming EU Parliament elections.  It’s possible another political earthquake is about to happen:

(Via Breitbart Media) New polling for the upcoming European Parliament elections shows another astonishing surge in support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, while the governing Conservatives have crashed to fourth place on just 11 per cent.

The Opinium poll of 2,004 people, conducted online between the 8th and 10th of May, showed support for Mr Farage’s weeks-old party up 6 points to 34 per cent, more than Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour — down seven points to 21 per cent — and Theresa May’s Conservatives — down three points to just 11 per cent — combined.

The Conservative Party’s stunning collapse puts down in fourth place behind even the Liberal Democrats, who have been only a third force in British politics since the 1920s, and barely even that after arch-europhile Nick Clegg led them to near-obliteration in the 2015 general election. (read more)


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109 Responses to Remarkable Success – Nigel Farage Brexit Party Leaps to #1 in Weeks…

  1. Go Nigel Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. CM-TX says:

    “Wakey, wakey!” ~NF

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  3. RedBallExpress says:

    Just read the other day that Brexit was largely unpopular with the British people.
    I wonder if the author ever heard of an election?

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    • JohninMK says:

      On the contrary, Brexit is very popular with us Brits. If there were to be a two option, in/out re-vote it is very likely that the majority in favour of out would be larger than last time.

      The problem is that in the event of a second referendum the questions are going to be loaded in favour of an in vote.

      The current success of Farage shows just how popular Brexit is and how angry we are that the current politicians voted how they wanted (as is there normal way) rather than how we specifically told them (and they agreed to). In the EU elections Farage is going to crush the others.

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      • mariner says:

        I hope Mr. Farage and the Brexit party win biggly.

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      • Wavey says:

        In UK too and agree.

        Our first past the post system shuts out opposition voices in a General Election. However, 23 May sees EU wide elections for MEPs (not just UK) and if Brexit Party does well, and other populist parties continue to do well in the elections in their own countries, then we may see a real momentum build for more the just a BRexit.

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  4. livefreeordieguy says:

    VSGPDJT Redux? Impressive momentum… More incredible political theater…


    • Nigel as PM would be to VSG PDJT as Mr.Reagan and Maggie Thatcher. …

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      • Got243kids says:

        ^^^This^^^ Yeah!

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      • guru1966 says:

        Imagine the renewed cooperation between our two countries!

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      • Arrest Soros says:

        Nigel for PM?
        Me thinks there is a misunderstanding about what the EU elections are about.
        These elections are to choose reps for the EU Parliament, NOT the British parliament.
        Farage has served for many years in the EU parliament.
        Unless there are equally severe swings in other EU member countries, the Farage Brexit party will still be a tiny minority IN THE EU PARLIAMENT.

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        • JohninMK says:

          Indeed. Farage can’t be PM as the PM is the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons and so far he has failed to even get elected there.

          The Brexit Party may well be a small party in the EU Parliament but, as with all other Parties there they will be part of a grouping. Even without that they will be a serious and unplanned for thorn in the side of the Commission.

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          • tuhingaomua says:

            – ignore red andy…
            brexit means leave eu, not absolutely have nothing to do whatsoever with eu. may is too scared to pull the trigger to wto then negotiate what’s best for britian not what’s best for eu bureaucrats (yes, the very same bureaucrats will try to conceed nothing but eu populace and companies want trade as much as uk, so end is try as they might eu bureaucrats can’t call all the shots to feather their own nests, economics will and eu bureaucrats can’t hold economics hostage). UK voters are sending message to establishment, 22% of business shouldn’t hold 88% hostage here; exit and negotiate real terms, not swallow terms eu bureaucrats crafted and may’s brought back. In meantime, trade with rest of world beyond eu bureaucrats cartel, commerce not bureaucratic castle building, UK future was and will be on the seas not castles.


  5. grlangworth says:

    I am for Nigel. All Boris has is perpetually mussed hair. It’s not enough.

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    • Bubba Cow says:

      Channeling Tucker –
      both Boris and Bernie comb their hair with a balloon …

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    • Marc says:

      Boris Johnson is like the British version of Chris Christie. Plays the part of pugnacious, every-man outsider but he’s actually a creature of the establishment and elitist.

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      • Derek of Florida says:



        • Steven Rosenberg says:

          My understanding is that the EU Parliament has only marginal powers in the EU. So what’s going to really change?

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          • Johnny Bravo says:

            That is very true.

            However Nigel Farage has used that chamber to make his name and seal his reputation as a pit bull. Here he is taking on communist maoist EU Commission leader, Manuel Barroso (one time Portuguese prime minster) re the climate change hoax that puts citizen 2nd.

            On another EU President of the Commission (former Belgium Prime Minister) and elitist Herman van Rumpuy, with the unforgettable put down, “who are you?….”

            Farage is attempting to do in the UK what PT has done in the US, take on and beat the elitist politicians and global cabal. The people here love him and with some luck his star is only just rising.

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          • snellvillebob says:

            The elected EU Parliament is window dressing so it can be called a democracy. The appointed (*anointed) ones run it. Its all a scam like global warming is going to kill us.
            The EU will not be a problem after Brexit.

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      • CHenie says:

        Chris Christie is wholly unconvincing. IDK how he got as far as he has. The very first time I saw him speak, my BS meter red lined.

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        • Marc says:

          That speak at the RNC in 2012 made him seem suspect. His snide comments against pro-lifers “I’m pro-life not only in the womb” sealed the deal on him being an establishment fraud.


  6. alliwantissometruth says:

    And the “media” is perplexed. They simply can’t understand how people can be so dumb as to vote in their own interests

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  7. jus wundrin says:

    The palestinian labour party -7? People must be getting tired of islam. Cant blame them.

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    • The Queen disinvited the London Mayor from the Royal Dinner with PDJT.

      Tell you something?

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      • I wouldn’t trust the Moslem London Mayor in the same room with PDJT. The mayor might just go for a suicide bombing. I wonder if US security told the Queen to disinvite the London Mayor. Why was the Mayor even invited in the first place?

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        • I dont think so. PDJT and Queen Elizabeth II have a great relationship. The Queen rolled out the red carpet during PDJT’s last visit. And after Mayor ISIS temper tantrum during that visit she probably said she did not want any controversy. However, there probably were some security concerns.

          Mayor of London is probably on the “standard” guest list: however, Queen Elizabeth II made it clear she does not want him there. Profound statement.

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  8. Yuge!!!

    I hope he runs for PM. Even if it is only temporary to get a good Brexit deal.

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Nigel, in the past, has had all attempts to become a British MP scuttled by the media and political class – he is that dangerous to them!

      His UKIP party was destroyed and his reputation as its leader held out up to derision because he was so dangerous.

      The Brexit Party (Nigel’s new movement) has more political gravitas and clout.

      The BP has garnered support across the political spectrum – so powerful is the brexit sentiment amongst the majority “leave means leave” EU hating brits. That is self-evident from the polls, although I have an inherent distrust of polls!

      The EU election coming up will be a lightning rod to record voter dissatisfaction on how the Brexit vote has been ignored. Depending on how hard the BP can kick the s#iff out of the incumbent lying political elites, will determine whether a shot at the UK parliament is possible.

      Go BP Go!

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      • JohninMK says:

        There is also a Westminster Parliament by election in Peterborough under 3 weeks later where a Brexit Party candidate is standing. That will be a very interesting result, especially where the Brexit Party votes come from.


      • Johnny, what you just described is what happened in the US between 2010 and 2016. Tea Party to MAGA Party. Sounds like BP has a much better chance of success.

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  9. covfefe999 says:

    US fake new outlets: (cricket noises)

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  10. Judith says:

    Brexit happened *before* the election of President Donald Trump. It gives me hope that their backlash against the EU Globalists is gaining momentum worldwide.

    The New World Order has hit the shoals, praise God!

    The election of Donald Trump has made it that much easier for every country to reclaim its national sovereignty through new trade deals.

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  11. Spence says:

    European Parliament? I thought the idea was to LEAVE the EU.


    • Barnestormer says:

      That was the peoples’ idea (52-48), but Parliament couldn’t agree on a departure deal and wouldn’t approve a no-deal departure. Result: the UK is still an EU member and is required to participate in EU parliamentary elections, unless it manages somehow to exit by 23 May (IIRC the date.)

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  12. Aqua says:

    “ His popularity is happening … because Democracy is being denied.” – Piers Morgan

    That is the essence of the global Cold Civil War: which government will we choose – Soros led leftist totalitarian slavery based on will-to-power, or grassroots responsive democratic liberty based on rule-of-Constitutional law.

    The People are pissed. Slavery doesn’t sell well when the People are paying attention.

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  13. Patriot1783 says:

    Wakey, Wakey!


  14. paulmafinga says:

    It’s not just BREXIT, he’s espousing a gradual transition to a Constitutional government and a Bill of Rights.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Now THAT should appeal to the British given the amount of governmental suppression they’ve been subject to recently.

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        Reason why the mass migration to the Colonies in the first place and why the Constitution was crafted so astutely in the manner it was and a Republic rather than a Democracy.

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  15. I’d like to see what a Trump Party wound do vs Dems/RINOs

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    • Newhere says:

      I am hoping we find out!

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    • Austin Holdout says:

      We could call it The Conservative Party of America. Trump could continue to have a hand in policy as the party leader. In response to “you’re splitting the Republican vote” he can say “there hasn’t been a Republican Party in this country for 60+ years-its is or the UniParty”. In fact, maybe Trump should declare himself leader of the CPA now and force the “Republican’s” hands. “UniParty and RINO’s need not apply.”


      • ahem says:

        What about ‘Consitutionalist Party’?


        • cattastrophe says:

          What about just taking back the Republican party with it’s political apparatus and name recognition. Why should we give it over to the corrupt NWO gang. Obama the commie used the Precinct Committee chairman’s to win his first election but it continues to be ignored by the Tea party and other grass root organizations. When I first read about the Precinct Committee chairman project there were almost a thousand empty Republican committee chairman posts nationwide this is one of the reasons we have horrible Republican candidates in our primaries. Few of us everyday voters can run for office but we can get involved in politics at the precinct level.

          Excerpts from the Precinct Committeeman article: Want to motivate the wimpy Republicans-In-Name-Only to start following the Constitution? Want better conservative Republican Party candidates with a chance to win the primary and general elections? Then volunteer IMMEDIATELY to become a Republican Party precinct committeeman. Precinct committeemen elect the leadership within the Party and vote to endorse the Republicans in the primaries. The more conservatives in the precinct committeemen ranks, the more conservative the leadership and the primary winners will be.

          Now we have President Donald Trump. Will he succeed? How best to help him get re-elected? Get a new paperback book on,
          How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again.
          If you help make this inexpensive, very brief book a best-seller among conservatives, and enough of the conservatives who read it carry out the simple actions required to become “voting members” of the Republican Party — precinct committeemen — the probability of President’s re-election will go up significantly, as precinct committeemen are instrumental in getting to the polls the 35% or so of Trump supporters who need a gentle reminder, from a fellow Trump supporter, to go vote. (The book is also available as an e-book.)

          So, what’s a precinct committeeman? Here’s a two-minute video explanation:

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  16. A2 says:

    Brilliant ad.

    We are the 17.4 million and we deserve to be heard. May 23rd is our chance to Change Politics for Good.Share The Brexit Party's official party election— The Brexit Party (@brexitparty_uk) May 12, 2019

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  17. A2 says:

    Brilliant ad

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  18. USA Renaissance says:

    Britain will go back to dividing Europe from the outside.


  19. stablesort says:

    Trump and Farage discussing trade arrangements would be helpful to both politicians.

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    • Arrest Soros says:

      That would be a waste of time and will not happen because Farage is NOT a member of the British Parliament let alone a member of the British Government.
      His Brexit Party is running for representation in the European Parliament.
      Every EU member elects reps to represent them in the EU Parliament.


  20. Bucky Badger says:

    Indeed! Go Nigel!! Is Andrew Marr the English Chris Wallace or is Chris Wallace the American Andrew Marr. There simply must be a relation between those two.

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  21. hoghead says:

    Is this andrew marr bird any relation to chris wallace?

    Just wondering.


  22. AnotherView says:

    Love Nigel….such a fantastic talker

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  23. Is President Trump’s State Visit for D-Day well-timed or WHAT.

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  24. Thomas Holsinger says:

    The Conservatives might come in third behind Nigel Farrage’s new Brexit Party in the next UK Parliamentary election. They’re in fourth in the polls for Britain’s delegation to the EU parliament, where Farrage’s Brexit Party has more support than Labor and the Conservatives combined.

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  25. Kleen says:

    Yeah, don’t get too excited because we all know Hillary is going to win.



  26. How long for the UniParty to notice the BREXIT Party vaulted to the lead in WEEKS
    … from a standing start.

    Message to UniParty:
    So you’re planning another Splitter Strategy for 2020.
    … Are ya feelin lucky, punks?

    President Trump’s 2020 Campaign will be able to INDIVIDUALLY communicate – outside social media – with EVERY VOTER.

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    • Newhere says:

      So true. When the splinter strategy fails, Uniparty is LOST, and they know it. And you’re right, Trump’s communication strategy outflanks the Uniparty’s desperate gasps for control. This is a Yuge.

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  27. Elric VIII says:

    “I love it when a plan comes together.”

    President Trump has started a revolution that has spread to Europe and South America (so far). We need to force our governments to enforce the will of the people. Nothing else will work.

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  28. Newhere says:

    Was hoping — so glad to see. 🙂

    I fear this means censorship and other authoritarian impulses will accelerate. Do you have your yellow vest?

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  29. Petrel says:

    The Conservative and Labor Parties, each with 42% +/- support, thought they could jump to the front of the Brexit train, betray the project and go back to managing Britain in the interest of their globalist masters. Nigel Farage successfully exposed the bi-partisan duplicity.

    Although the fast arriving EU Parliamentary vote wouldn’t change current party representation in Westminster, a major political re-alignment begins — such as Britain has not seen in 100 years. The Conservatives and Labor Parties will be following the Liberals into oblivion.

    This British election may be a bellwether here in the US. The 2018 US midterm election and President Trump’s current 47% support — a number horribly lowered by fake polling — demonstrates that the GOPe has lost Republican grass-root support. The Republican base is certainly ready for an alternative.

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  30. Sentient says:

    That Andrew Marr is a real A Hole.

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  31. Rynn69 says:


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  32. Bendix says:

    I see that there are fears in Northern Ireland that, should Brexit be allowed to occur, the peace agreement that has been in place for over twenty years now, might not hold.
    Ironic that the Catholics in that country wish to remain more “British”.

    The Republic of Ireland is the only country to share a border with the UK. They are an EU country.
    Nancy Pelosi has been over in Ireland butting in and making threats:
    That should calm things, right?

    I’m thinking after the Irish get enough Muslims dumped in their midst, they might reconsider their union membership, but it will be too late by then.

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  33. How long until they succeed in assassinating him? Remeber when all the lug nuts on his car were loosened?

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  34. Faye says:

    Thinking about a hero for Australia – a Trump or a Farage – would be excellent.
    Next Saturday, Australia has a Federal election (national). The Coalition (Liberal Party and the National Party) against the Labor Party. The Labor Party uses the Greens Party (Climate Change worshipers – diabolical and dangerous) via preferences to get over the line. The election is on a knife’s edge with Labor ahead.
    There are many smaller parties that hope to get on the cross bench in the House of Representatives (lower house) and a seat/or more in the Senate (upper house).
    The Coalition is a “broad church” – sounds nice but doesn’t work and the socialists/Left (known politically correct as moderates/progressives have taken over especially since their favourite, Malcolm Turnbull, knifed Tony Abbott the then Prime Minister halfway through his first term (September 2015), to become Prime Minister. A great number of loyal members left.
    In August 2018, Malcolm Turnbull lost in a spill motion to Scott Morrison who is our present Prime Minister. He is a decent, hardworking, religious man giving it all he’s got against a Shorten-Labor Party which will say and do anything to win.
    Hopefully, the Coalition wins outright, if not, it could be a hung parliament having to do deals with the smaller parties. The very worst would be if the Shorten Labor Party wins outright – high taxes, spends like there is no tomorrow, plays the “fair” fiddle, the more grievances the better, truth is what you make it, untrustworthy, party devoid of talent, etc, etc…
    Only five days to go.


  35. Beverly says:

    For Nigel & Co.:
    “I Vow to Thee My Country”

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  36. John says:

    Here in the UK we have a worrying two weeks ahead of us. The polling data could even understate the support for the Brexit Party. This will make our traitorous apology of a PM even more anxious to force her appalling “withdrawal agreement” through parliament. She will literally offer anything to Corbyn and his equally disunited socialist party including a second referendum along the lines of her rubbish deal or remain in the EU. My best hope is that as even Corbyn can foresee an utter rout of the Conservatives in the Euro elections he will refuse to play ball. In a perverse way by obstinately refusing to resign May has only strengthened the Brexit Party.


  37. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Unfortunately, the EU Parliament is pretty powerless.


  38. thesavvyinvester says:

    Good. Perhaps the RNC & DNC should take heed that a Deplorable Party here might di the same thing. Now only if Nigel can also disassemble there horrid health care system and give the Brits a 2nd amendment. Not before they close their borders, I can see that after Brexit.

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    • JohninMK says:

      Our health care system is anything but horrible to most of its users which currently includes me and my partner.

      It is however horrible, as you put it, in that the the bankers and investors are not getting their share of profits which they believe is their right. Especially the large US medical groups, a prime reason why your health systems are run with the users at the bottom of the priority list, profit naturally being top.


  39. CNY3 says:

    Prayers for Brexit. May the Lord give them the freedom from tyranny they deserve!!!

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  40. CNY3 says:

    Prayers for Brexit. May the Lord give them the freedom from tyranny they deserve!!!


  41. HB says:

    What type of hoax will MI5 and Cambridge put against Nigel?

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  42. StanH says:

    Awesome. The cabal is taking broadsides around the globe.


  43. getfitnow says:

    This is what happens when the people demand something and then the Government makes a complete mess of it.

    If anyone can complete Brexit it will be Nigel Farage, imho.

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  44. Troublemaker10 says:

    Can we hope it comes to this?


  45. scrap1ron says:

    Is this yet another inconvenient voting result that the leftists will ignore and refuse to honor?


  46. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Nigel knew the anger level of the country over Brexit, he could feel the frustration. I also knew that if he could build a party by being quick and nimble, the estb. parties and sycophant media could not keep up.

    He hasn’t given them any time to launch a defense against the Brexit Party. He lit this thing with 4 weeks until elections! He’s a VSG himself. He’s going to decimate the estab. parties. Then on to the General Elections and PM time.

    What a great time to be alive!


  47. Yes great news. The Brexit Party is Trump minus the RINOs. The parliamentary system is so much more liquid than our Presidential dinosauric system. How Trump does it every day at his age is a revelation.

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