Graham Sends Letters to Horowitz and Pompeo – FBI Backtracks on Self-Serving Redactions…

Against the backdrop of documents from the state department, Senator Lindsey Graham sends a letter to both OIG Michael Horowitz and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seeking additional information about State Department contact with Christopher Steele.

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Additionally, the FBI has apparently reversed course on the self-serving redactions they put in place when the Kavalec Memo was released.  A less redacted version is below:


Apparently the Russian “mole” in the DNC didn’t warrant the investigative curiosity of the FBI.  Instead, they took the sketchy dossier info and called Carter Page an “agent of a foreign power”….  Go figure.

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318 Responses to Graham Sends Letters to Horowitz and Pompeo – FBI Backtracks on Self-Serving Redactions…

  1. k4jjj says:

    We, the people, NEVER had the two houses of Congress. The Uni-party was always in charge. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are not allies of Trump voters.

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  2. mark says:

    Kathleen Kavalec, finally another Patriot coming forward. Isn’t this what we (CTH) have been waiting for?

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    • Bulldog84 says:

      Isn’t she the woman who was nominated as ambassador to Albania but had her name withdrawn? I thought I had read she was discovered to be a Hillary donor.

      Perhaps I’m wrong. It seems to me that if she was a patriot she would have voluntarily come forward about what she has long known about Mr. Steele and his lobbying.

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      • Donny Brook says:

        Yeah, not a Patriot, rather a cockroach scurrying for cover as the lights come on.

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      • doohmax says:

        Kavalec committed truth by ignorance. She probably didn’t know how damaging to the cabal narrative her honest assessment could be. She probably wasn’t privy to the ongoing conspiracy. Her notes were withheld by the State Department and FBI until after the 2016 elections and the conclusion of the Mueller investigation.


    • The Boss says:

      She is no patriot.

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      • Coast says:

        Exactly…..I wonder why she has surfaced now after two-plus years, and what rock was she under.

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        • Chewbarkah says:

          My guess is a rock called Non-Disclosure Agreement. That’s probably DoS standard procedure, plus Victoria Nuland and the Obama-Clinton Cabal, knowing what she knew, made sure Kavalec was legally constrained from talking about work-related material, unless compelled by law. To the best of my knowledge, her 2 year old document surfaced independent of her doing anything. Because of that she will likely be required to give evidence is various forums. She might be a Hillary gang member, but her modest contribution to Hillary’s campaign, is not conclusive proof. Careerists who want to get ahead hedge their bets. Her comments on Steele suggest a straight shooter, definitely not in the loop of the plot.


          • TANGO268 says:

            And people at her level usually don’t take their own notes. There is likely an aid or two who can testify as well.


        • ATheoK says:

          FOIA released her communications.

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    • PoCoNoMo says:

      She had a long time to be a whistle blower, but wouldn’t do it. She was one of the many who knew the Mueller Investigation was phony the whole time. They found this memorandum in her White House files.


  3. Dr.Jay says:

    Also, contrary to Sundance I think that the overall operations were not so much done to hide illegal political surveillance. We are simply seeing the after-effects of a campaign to ensure that Hillary would win.
    Done in two phases: PP controls the fields of GOP candidates an limits it to a few preferred ones (preferred by HRC) and TD then ensures that whichever of the few is chosen, he can be taken down when needed.

    What REALLY happened?
    Simple, we know that Hillary does not like surprises.

    We know she had organized a special ‘Pied-Piper’ operation [PP], see the leaked Podesta emails. That was a campaign, in direct and open collusion with many people in the MSM, to ensure a small group of Republican candidates would be pushed and praised and given airtime in order to push them to the front of the field.
    The list of this small group was determined by Hillary, not fate, nature or anything else. The list contained Trump (and Cruz) and could have varied over time.
    This operation was already started in mid 2015 or before.

    Why do that? To ensure other perhaps ‘better’ candidates get excluded. Better in the simple sense whether 1) they rate higher in a direct head-to-head against Clinton, based on surveys, and 2) whether they candidate can later be ‘taken care off’ …

    The second point is important, because otherwise they would have moved to remove Trump from the shortlist once it became clear he was way too popular. And they (MSM) would have started to go negative much longer before the last rounds of the GOP candidacy..

    Then there is a second operation, very secret, probably run directly from the CF (perhaps run by, but certainly staffed by a.o. Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer). This operation, let’s call it operation Take-Down (TD). The idea is to take down the candidate the candidate chosen by the GOP, AFTER he is chosen and ensure a nice October Surprise.
    This operation would be started sometime in 2015 as well, as they needed time to prepare. Apart from direct personnel this operation needed outside help. It is currently not certain to what extent the people who ‘helped’ knew the bigger plan. But it seems clear that there were many eager helpers, and even if they were unaware of the greater scheme, they certainly conspired to set-up the GOP candidate and./or members of his team (or family) in order to ensure that they would have the goods to take him down, just before the election.

    So we have operation PP and the preparation for TD in 2015 and early 2016. Once the candidate is selected PP is done and operation TD moves to an even more active phase. Operation TD already needed to take active measures before this in order to prepare setup (entrapment ed).

    Simply to ensure that he is not elected, and that she is.
    Because…. it was her turn.

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    • Dr.Jay says:

      Of course they likely needed that Carter Page FISA warrant in order to hide their previous illegal surveillance. But that is not the only thing. They needed also to hide the actual ongoing campaign, of which that earlier political surveillance and entrapment scheme was part of.

      So when FBI says that Downer did not work for them, that can be true, he may simply be working for Clinton directly. Same applies to Mifsud, if he really was an active player and not just some stooge.
      Later use of the spies seems all done by FBI: Halper from Aug 1st, 2016 onwards, Azra Turk. And probably Greenberg (I think he was activated after Aug 1, not sure).

      Satter is a question mark.
      Sure, he is an FBI asset (forced unto him in the late nighties by none other than Weissmann), but he was activated in 2015 to propose the Trump Tower project in Moscow. Now that can be pure coincidence, but by now I’m paranoid. And Satter did also send strange emails pushing for more direct contacts with Russians. Anyways he was pushing the Moscow project and it was his initiative and idea.
      So he could have been working for the FBI, but just as easily he can have been a CF asset. His FBI contact could come in handy later.

      Also the earlier phase of Halper must be CF or CIA. He was at that conference in Cambridge (where Carter Page was) with none other than Mr. Steele !
      What a surprise, but then they have many friends in common. Mostly MI6 and/or Hakluyt advisors & members.
      Halper also knows Downer, and has worked with him (at Haklyut & elsewhere).
      The link to Mifsud is via Crawford (ex MI6 and director of LAD, Mifsud was also director there). Mifsud also knew Claire Smith (MI6, UK JIC) and apparently Dearlove (MI6, UK JIC, Haklyut) as well [see the chart in
      It is therefore very likely that Halper also knew Mifsud. And it is even quite likely that Downer also knew Mifsud, because Downer knows the same people as Halper does.

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      • cali says:

        Dr Jay: Just so you know Hakluyt and its intelligence services was sold to China!!!!!

        Who now works and advocates for China?
        None other than the former counterpart to Admiral )ret) Mike Rogers who colluded with the CIA/Brennan and the Hussein administration: GCHQ Hannigan! Keep that name in mind as he will be a household name.

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      • chipin8511 says:

        They also used National Security Letters that what we really need.


    • What is “PP” and “TD”…1st Paragraph…

      Don’t use abrev. that no one understands…thank you,,

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    • konradwp1 says:

      Sundance is right. Most of what happened was an attempt at coverup.

      There was FISA abuse via contractor access to the NSA database for political surveillance that had almost become routine during the Obama administration. They would have been spying not just on Trump, but likely Carson, Cruz, Paul and probably even Sanders.

      Then there was a plot as outlined in the Podesta emails to smear the final GOP nominee with “Russian Collusion”.

      But the best laid battle plans never survive first contact with the enemy. For the conspirators, first contact was Admiral Mike Rogers. Both their eggs were in his basket. The use of the NSA database for opposition research, and the use of the NSA database to track the progress of the OCONUS lure program.

      Everything goes off the rails when Admiral Rogers makes the extraordinary move of shutting down contractor access to the NSA database on 18 April 2016. The conspirators are gripped by fear, and fear is the mind killer. Hence their mindless actions.

      From 18 April 2016 the guilty would have known Admiral Rogers knew about political spying, the entrapment plan involving OCONUS lures, GCHQ involvement and worse, far worse, the interdepartmental agreement between the FBI and the *** that had been kept secret from the FISC since 2012. (Search the news from 2016. How many times did Clapper and his cronies try to have Rogers sacked?)

      There was no big overall plan. Not after 18 April 2016. After that it’s just increasingly insane attempts to prop a failed plot and bandaid together an insurance policy in case She Doesn’t Win. $10,000 in marked notes to Papadopoulos? That wasn’t part of the original plans. Overturning a travel ban to get Natalia into the US? That was blind panic. The entrapment was supposed to occur off US soil. A title 1 FISA warrant against a paid FBI informant who’d even been a key witness for the FBI in 2016? Shear desperation!

      Most of the madness was never planned. There was long running FISA abuse for political opposition surveillance. There was a plan to leverage the Crowdstrike cover story to smear the GOP nominee with “Russia” dirt. But most of the madness occurred after Admiral Rogers caused fear to consume the conspirators minds.

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      • Armchair Quarterback says:

        Bingo! Could not agree more. Any engaged parent that has raised children can see desperate attempts to confuse the issue. I would be interested in seeing the complete unmasking history. It exists somewhere. The most illuminating thing is is the co opting of intelligence agencies and press.

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      • Dr.Jay says:

        Sure, agree. And they wouldnt have it all planned out, just some basic stuff perhaps. And arranged some dirt. They would be running a warroom. And then Rogers happens…

        Imagine their faces at the emergency meeting at the WH April 19th.

        Jacoby says: Now what? It is not like we are done, we do not have enough yet, I mean we can always get creative, but that wont hold for long. So?
        Hadj ‘Thunderface’ B.: I thought you reported great progress earlier, Im sure those were the words: great progress, so where that then?
        Jacoby: on Cruz, progress on Cruz. We do not have enough on Trump, and …. well.
        So now what?
        Grumpy Hadj: Move more overseas. Focus on that.
        Jacoby: Perhaps… most of our Carson effort is now useless, but there is this kid who switched to Trump, foreign advisory team. He is young and naive, likes to brag and has an eye for the ladies, looks a bit like a playboy and is in London. Already moved into place, nice target.

        0: sounds good, run with it. And John?
        Hadj Al Brennan: Yeah?
        0: get the cousins to up their effort, we need all foreign comms, we cant use the NSA now. And we need to do something about Rogers….

        The Crone: Can’t we just, like, drone him?

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        • konradwp1 says:

          ”Imagine their faces at the emergency meeting at the WH April 19th.”

          If it had just been spying on Trump, then they could have just thrown a few FBI contractors under the bus, cancelled the OCONUS lures and walked away. But as Judge Rosemary Collyer’s April 2017 FISC opinion document indicates (even heavily redacted), Admiral Rogers clearly discovered something so bad the conspirators played on in a crazed effort to crash or crash through.

          All the efforts now being tried to to save the guilty are three years too late. On 19 April 2016, all planning should have immediately shifted to “How do we get out of this with the minimum Deep State casualties?”. Instead they gambled everything and they are about to lose it all.

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      • Electra says:

        Thank you, konrad wp1. that’s a good succinct wrap-up, and except for the names of the OCONUS Lures and some players, there probably is not much more to the story. Probably…

        But last night I read something that got me thinking. It’s a story on American Greatness theorizing that Sergey Kislyac, the Russian Ambassador to the US, may have been working with the FBI/CIA/DoS to take down Donald Trump.

        Yeah, I know, it sounds far-fetched, and, frankly, the article is very light on evidence. It just points out some odd timing of Kislyac’s visits to Obama’s Whitehouse and Kislyac’s persistent efforts to connect with the Trump Campaign/Transition. And beyond the paucity of evidence, one wonders WHY a big Kremlin insider like that would want anything to do with Obama and Hillary’s scheme.

        But the answer may be simple: the Russians wanted Hillary Clinton to win. It’s been so beaten into us over the last three years that the Russians favored Trump that it’s easy to miss the obvious. The Democrats have historically been the party of accommodation with Russia. Why wouldn’t the Russians prefer them? Also keep in mind Obama and Hillary’s “Reset” campaign, which culminated in the Uranium One deal. The government of Russia made out very well with that deal. Oleg Deripaska, BFF of Putin and the owner of Rosatom, also did extremely well.

        It’s also worth noting here that Deripaska appears to have been a close associate of Christopher Steele (See Bruce Ohr’s testimony to Congress), and he is also thought by some investigators to be a source for Steele’s dossier–even though he denies it. In addition, Deripaska has worked with Mueller in the past.

        So it’s not totally implausible that Kislyac was working with Obama’s Russia Hoaxers. If true, this would take the Spygate scandal to a new, mind-blowing level. The Obama Whitehouse conspiring directly with Putin to steal the 2016 election! Heh. I bet Hillary would enjoy the irony. It’s straight out of Rules for Radicals: accuse your opponent of doing exactly what you’re up to.


      • Bill Henslee says:

        Everything that they were doing related to misuse of the NSA became a huge liability with prison time in the offing once Admiral Rogers found out and stopped it. But he had nowhere to go with the info since it appears that the WH, FBI and DOJ were in cahoots.

        However, once Rogers went to Trump with the story (still secret information we don/t know) the cabal knew they needed to proceed with the attempt to take Trump down.

        Desperate measures such as an insurance policy were necessary since they could possibly fend off Trump’s election with leaks–or possibly blackmail him with Comey’s visit to appraise Trump of the ‘investigation’ against some folks in his incoming administration. Wouldn’t Trump want to know if Comey was loyal and opposed to the cabal against him?

        J. Edgar was a master at trying to control folks in government by revealing what he knew, but stating the individual was not the target right now. (sound familiar?) However, the implied threat that a case could be opened was there.

        First thing they had to do was get rid of Flynn. Another maverick, he had spent 30 years in intelligence operations and would be able to help the new President suss out the conspirators in the DOJ, FBI, and CIA. He’ll know where the bodies are buried and who buried them. Careers were at risk as well as potential prison terms. “First we fuck Flynn; then we fuck Trump”

        How to control this plot against the President?. You have to have the top man as one of the cabal. So you have discussions among the plotters about a Special Counsel and the opening of a case of obstruction as soon as Comey is fired. The perfect man to handle the job is Saint Mueller who may have his own fears about his past handling of the Uranium 1 scam and the Clinton Foundation probe. So you introduce him as the leading candidate to replace Comey. When that fails, the next day he is named as Special Counsel to get the same result.

        They have Trump ringed around with conspirators and a carefully prepared bullshit case of Russian collusion. He should bow to the inevitable and forget about draining the swamp or pursuing these guys as a cabal trying to thwart the election. Most people would.

        But Trump decides to fight. He must be impeached or these guys are disgraced, dismissed from power, loss of pensions and lucrative jobs outside of government –and most importantly, in peril of prison.

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        • konradwp1 says:

          “But Trump decides to fight.”

          Yes, they had him surrounded. The media was against him. The swamp was against him. The Deep State was against him. The Democrats were against him. Most of the GOP was against him.

          But when Comey tries to blackmail him with the threat of the dossier making it to the press if he does not kneel, Trump stands tall and does not yield. They should have worked it out. Whatever Admiral Rogers had shown the FISC judges (and later Trump) was so devastating that their threats were negated, and all that playing on would do is add to Trump’s ammunition pile. Yet they played on …


      • chipin8511 says:

        this lays out National Security Letters were also use


    • CM-TX says:

      From emails I read, I always took the Pied Piper Strategy to mean Bernie. If you think about it in terms of most beneficial to D-Part + the basic concept, it makes more sense…

      We know they had to create the illusion she had all this support. They spent millions on faking it online. They conspired with the MSM to prop her up, while disparaging Trump 90% of the time. (The Press had an unexpected couter effect in chasing many away, & towards PDJT out of disgust).

      They consider their Dem voters “useful idiots,” which is why they always ensure DNC picks the actual nominee (Super Delegates). They went to great lengths to rig Caucuses (eg. Hiring casino employees to show up for HC). Bernie from the start in internal pollings- always had a much greater following. They knew this t/o.

      So, come the Dem Convention, when Bernie endorsed HC… they expected his mass following to fall in behind her. Only they got pissed, revolting instead. 1000’s walked out of the convention. DNC went to ridiculous lengths to hide it. Demexit was the result- in the neighborhood of 9 million & counting, was last tally I saw back when.

      So when you think about a “Pied Piper”, it makes far more strategic sense it was Bernie. Only it didn’t go according to plan, b/c his supporters saw thru it.

      I have no doubt they might have later tried to flip the narrative, to paint it as having some imaginary influence on R-voters. They’d also not want it getting out, further insulting any potential voters. But being limited in original ideas, they’d need to recycle the strategy for future campaigns. Plus they always double-down, & rarely learn.

      Oh wait, (See 2020)- only this time they’re using 20+ Pied Pipers, b/c the party is so fractured. They still expect each of the faux-candidates to deliver their followers to the chosen-one. And they also expect their “useful idiots” to just fall behind the always intended D-nominee, & vote for. Never realizing they were lied to all along.

      I could be completely wrong, but it more-so adds up.


      • 1stgoblyn says:

        The majority of the dim voters will vote for w/e is given the nomination, just b/c the ‘D’ is behind their name. Then with the help of voter fraud (ballot harvesting, multiple votes, dead people, illegals, felons) they will make sure they have enough votes to take it all.


  4. Truth seeker says:

    Seeing as the dems and leftist media keep telling us anything that impeeds an investigation is obstruction, shouldn’t anyone redacting documents that are paramount to the inveatigation of the FBI be charged with obstructing justice?

    After all obstruction is such a big deal, right?

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    • Dr.Jay says:

      It is when you also committed some underlying crime ….

      … like illegal surveillance, lying to the courts, making false accusations, bribing people, corruption, leaking classified information, leaking false information and then using the news-report made from that as evidence, malicious prosecution, Hatch Act violations, conspiracy etc etc.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      This “redaction” capability/authority is enormously powerful and helpful to those who have some illicit/illegal information to hide. Exactly how does this work? Who controls it? What qualifies as secret sources/methods? Are there redaction guidelines? What are the penalties for improper use of redactions?

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      • OldParatrooper says:

        From a classified information perspective there are set processes that are followed. Each IC and DoD Agency head is an Original Classification Authority, granted the power to classify information and declassify the same information. Each OCA is responsible to develop Security Classification Guides for each program that contains/produces classified materials. The SCG describes what is and what isn’t classified, and at what levels. Intelligence officers then follow the Guides to apply classifications to information. Most of the intelligence produced is classified at the level of the system that produced it. Intelligence officers can and do create lower levels of classified information by disguising the source or method, or by reducing the granularity and/or accuracy of the information.

        The rub comes when working at the periphery of the SCG. For example, the accuracy of a specific missile may be 10 meters Circular Error Probable. If a writer says the XYZ missile can hit a target within ten meters at maximum range, the SCG says that is Top Secret. But when a writer says the missile can hit a specific building, is the building 10 meters long, or 100 meters long. If the later, then the classification might be Secret. If its the Mall of America, it might be Unclassified.

        If one of Hillary’s aides writes an unclassified email about a CIA asset in China, is that TS/SCI/SAP/H or some lower level?

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  5. beach lover says:

    “Apparently the Russian “mole” in the DNC didn’t warrant the investigative curiosity of the FBI. Instead, they took the sketchy dossier info and called Carter Page an “agent of a foreign power”…. Go figure.”

    It is kinda mind blowing when you think about it. Here you have all sorts of evidence of someone (maybe Russians or who knows all) hacking the DNC, you have the Arwan brothers working for the head of the DNC, they are caught red-handed but let go, someone is murdered without any hint of reason that works for the DNC… yet the most prestigious investigative organization on the planet doesn’t think it warrants a look see?

    Instead it throws millions into looking at a candidate that they wanted early on. They thought he was a joke, wasn’t serious, they could allow the MSM to cover him 24/7 at the expense of the rest of the field. Then later, destroy him with dirt from the Billy Bush video and the dossier.

    All because Hillary thought she was above the law. And it was her turn.

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    • MILupper says:

      The Russian mole angle is to tie up a loose end, the Seth Rich murder. See how this works. Rich was killed by the Russians to silence him. Nice neat bow around the package.


      • beach lover says:

        True, but in a real normal world, wouldn’t that require some interest of the FBI? If it wasn’t the DNC, does anyone think this would be covered up?

        I’m still curious how this “hacking” just happened at the onset of the DNC convention. That whole thing deserves a new investigation… there is a story there, but little has been released publicly about any of it.


      • Dr.Jay says:

        I agree that this seems most likely a ploy to tie up some loose end, indicates that they themselves thought that the DNC emails were leaked by an insider (as WikiLeaks claims) and not hacked.
        But whether that insider really was, and/or was suspected by the DNC to be, Seth is not a certainty at this time.

        Nothing else was leaked or hacked at DNC, those would all be fake (hack of DNC servers, G2 nonsense and G2’s set of uninteresting and mostly old documents; the Podesta’s emails were not stored at DNC and is a simple password phishing scam by others).

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        • Dr.Jay says:

          Could also be a scam to hide the cooperation by someone(s) at DNC with G2 (Guccifer 2).

          They released all very uninteresting document, mostly very old, and all seeming to come from a file share. That plus 2 documents also part of the attachments in Podesta’s emails. One was stripped and used as a basis for the template, then language settings switched to Russian and saved as a Russian template. Then the contents of the document that they had said which had been hacked (DNC Trump oppo research file) was placed into the template. This to leave ‘Russian’ fingerprints.
          That was one of the few new documents, the rest was old (2013 or so). All taken from a file-share and copied to a USB in Eastern US timezone.

          But nothing related to DNC emails. Now those were mostly from finance, and some of the other new documents that G2 released were excel sheets with recent donations. But those would become public anyway.

          So G2 has never published anything that could harm the DNC.
          Hence I have always suspected that to have been a smokescreen.

          Yet even when they were (say) Ukrainians, they would still need someone’s help inside the DNC to get the old documents and the few new ones.
          Other option that has been stated is that the old documents were from late 2015/early 2016 NPG VAN hack, but that does not explain the few newer documents from 2016.

          So in theory it is possible that the DNC hack was real (but there are many pointers that it wasn’t and the MR and indictment description of entry is not standard MO of APT-28 and IMHO not even possible, normally). In that case G2 can still be a fake in order to lay blame at the Russians.
          Or the DNC emails were leaked by DNC insider and the DNC hack is probably a fake (can still be real & unrelated) and the G2 operation was a fake in order to lay blame at the Russians. And in this later case the imaginary DNC mole could be blamed for either (handy).


          • farrier105 says:

            When you refer to “old documents” from the NGP-VAN hack in 2015, what are referring to as “documents?” There were emails stolen, and we know the dates they were downloaded, May 23, 2016 and May 25, 2016, with the newest one from all the emails being May 25, 2016 at around noon. Most of those emails were created starting in late April, early May 2016 as the volume of emails exploded in DNC to the point that one would think trained intelligence agents would start suspecting that maybe their “hack” had been detected and they were being lured by fake emails. The newer emails contained the damaging ones about cheating Sanders and moving money around in weird ways between the Hillary campaign, DNC, and State Democratic Party committees in ways that looked more like check kiting than laundering to me.


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            • Dr.Jay says:

              I post on ClimateAudit, especially on that subject…

              Anyways what people do not get is that there are TWO different things:
              The DNC emails plus attachments, leaked biy insider via stick (pub. By WikiLeaks)
              The DNC documents that G2 published, partially in one big ARC of ZIPs with files, the files also showing evidence of having been transported on USB stick. Totally unrelated to what WikiLeaks published.


              • farrier105 says:

                So far NO ONE is interested in either of the following:

                1. That STEELE claimed there was a Russian mole in the DNC.

                2. That STEELE claimed Putin has compromising information about Hillary Clinton.

                The FBI hasn’t investigated either Steele claim. The media, including certain pro-Trump reporters, don’t seem to be interested either, although the lack of FBI interest in both claims in the dossier is a problem for the narrative, along with the claims being a problem for the narrative.


              • farrier105 says:

                I see what happened. When you moved to the second paragraph, your reference to “They” was for G2 and any help he had inside DNC. It wasn’t clear to whom “They” referred. It has been interesting on Twitter how the Pro-Deep Staters contradict themselves from one argument to another, including brushing off the DNC emails as just about a bunch of recipes at one time, but at another denouncing the hack by the “Russians” as giving assistance to Trump’s campaign.


      • farrier105 says:

        I don’t understand why they would have to kill Seth Rich to silence him. What did he know in the first place that the Russians would have to kill him. Jack Burkman first came up with that, but Rich was killed over two weeks after the Washington Post already reported that the “Russians” hacked the DNC. The whole world already knew ONE VERSION of that story, the nothing hack in which only opposition research about Trump was stolen. Nothing about emails or donor information being stolen. So, it would be too late to silence Seth Rich by July 10 when the story was out June 15.

        The man was killed in July and worked for the DNC. Somehow they just HAVE to be linked. The problem is, evidence is needed to link them. There isn’t any as of now. Could be later. Dragging Seth Rich back into it is a distraction, which is another possible reason for his getting killed. If he worked for the Commerce Department and got killed that morning, no one would know his name.


        • MILupper says:

          Farrier- Its all about the narrative. The dems have claimed for 3 years that PDJT was a Russian plant. No evidence was necessary. Same with Rich. Claim he was the mole and the Russians killed him because he was a liability. The MSM will never question the dems about evidence.. Any one who does is labeled a conspiracy nut.


        • CM-TX says:

          I always thought it was odd that in an interview (IIRC- DailyMail), with Rich’s father… he claimed Seth was 2 weeks out from a promotion/position working for the HC Campaign HQ in NYC. And supposedly was very excited about the transition.

          However, he was actually known to be a Bernie supporter. Which is the entire premise for his leaking- he was upset in discovering the effort to cheat Bernie out of the eventual nomination. His efforts were meant to expose this.

          So why would he ever agree to go work for the other Campaign, & for one he knew was cheating his preference? It doesn’t add up, unless he was intending to do so covertly to try & stop the steal.

          Or perhaps the dad made it up, to stifle the swirling rumors, since they were very against (for whatever reason) that his murder being thoroughly investigated.

          It’s also possible the Campaign made it up/or made the offer, thinking it somehow would make them less suspect in having any involvement in his death. In reality, if true- it seems the opposite of their intended effect. But that’s JMHO.


          • farrier105 says:

            What you have to watch is not letting the evidence take you to Seth Rich. It is not a good idea to try to take Seth Rich to the evidence, or what you might believe is evidence.

            1. Who says he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and what evidence is there that he was?

            2. Whether or not he was hired for the Hillary campaign or not is not relevant to whether or not he stole the emails and gave them to Wikileaks. One does not prove the other.

            It is best to just follow the evidence without a predetermined solution in mind.


            • Lester Smith says:

              The answer is in a British jail. I never expect the truth to see the light of day It’ amazing how many people have passed from the Clinton flu.


    • madeline says:

      I wonder if it would have been more effective to link PDT to Awan selling information to enrich his company, and some Chinese hackers hacked the DNC as well has the cartels killed Seth Rich. All because they didn’t want Hillary to win and wanted PDT to win. But– the Russians? SERIOUSLY. Lets face it –the Hillary campaign and the DNC need new writers.


  6. Elle says:

    I love Friday news dumps even though it’s technically Sat morning. VERY interesting indeed. Not incompatible with Sundance’s theory IMHO. Satter and Greenberg, Hakylut, Crawford, Smith and Dearlove. Okay. I look forward to hearing more about them. That link is not working.

    On a sad note, I believe you have described how they may well keep the House and obtain more Senate seats in 2020. It worries me greatly because there seems to be no organized opposition to stop what you have described.


  7. LandofLiberty says:

    The main goal for the Dems is to get news (BOMBSHELLS) out by Wednesday or Thursday to give the MSM enough ammunition to carry the talking points for the MSM through the weekend.
    Conservatives are doing a better job countering that by releasing its own BOMBSHELLS by Wednesday or Thursday to help and defend its own cause. Its all a game.
    AG Barr is an example. How long do you think that is good for. Trump Taxes, how long do you think that is good for. They know Barr is coming for the DOJ/FBI/FISA so they continually squeal the loudest and most outlandish all week. Also, suddenly all these people begin like Downer ect, begin reappearing with remarks to justify their deeds.
    Lets give Lindsay Graham a big big hand here for the work he is presently doing in the Senate with his oversight. Who would have thunk it ?

    Most of Congress probably leaves DC by mid day Thurday would be my guess. Congress may work 3 1/2 days on average a week. I could be wrong. So any news Friday through Sunday is usually regurgitated in one form or another on Briebart or Gateway Pundit ect for click bait.


    • Zorro says:

      We have to watch out for Graham possibly changing a fact or two. He looks like a hero while introducing confusion which helps the coup. (I.e. you guys can’t get your facts straight).


  8. Mojo says:

    Sundance, keep it up, I read you everyday. You’re one of the few true journalists left on the planet.

    Looking forward to the book (all three volumes?)????

    Bust their asses!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Johnny Dollar says:

    To evaluate the meeting Kavalec had with Steele in October of 2016, it helps to recall the political events that were taking place in the period June through November, 2016. Namely :

    (1) News paper/TV headlines in that 2016 time frame were about Wikileaks. Wikileaks was exposing HRC as a conniving, ruthless, backstabber who used whatever means necessary to destroy her competition – at the time, crazy Bernie.

    (2) Those headlines were having an effect on HRC and it wasn’t good.

    (3) HRC needed to change the focus of the headlines, so, up pops Steele and friends, the dossier with its Trump/Russia collusion fairy tale.

    (4) HRC problem: How to get the dossier to the FBI and make the FBI formally and publicly announce they were checking out something called “the dossier.” Once done, lots of HRC juicy headline leaks would follow.

    HRC did not settle for one way to get the dossier to the FBI. She needed to make sure therefore choose several paths to that end.

    The Kavalec meeting was one of the attempts to get the FBI involved with the dossier. Fail!

    Another attempt. Remember McCain? In 2016, he bought the dossier because he “thought” it was important the FBI see it. Loser.

    And how about “Senator” Harry Reid. Knowing the dossier was out there, he bitched publicly and loudly to Comey about not formally opening the dossier for inspection. Fail.

    Funny. IMO, Comey didn’t need any of those guys to tell him about the dossier. He knew about it before they did. And yet he didn’t publicly divulge it. Why not? FISA, maybe?


  10. Dusty Smith says:

    Brennan in effect and in secret gave the white house the keys to USA’s raw intel database. The White House was mining derogatory information on its political adversaries, leaking this information to the media, congress, state, and who knows how many different law enforcement agencies – taking people for political personal and economic gain. Comey Brennan Lynch Clapper – all in on it. Rogers exposed them but the plan from the beginning was to destroy the evidence. All of the illegal searches have been deleted. The whole affair would have been nicely swept under the rug for Hillary. They wouldn’t come after her for pay to play and she would have same criminal access to FISA. If Hillary would have won Rogers would have never whispered in Trump’s ear and we wouldn’t know a thing about this. Instead we would have seen all of Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests returned empty. “There’s nothing to see”

    The FBI seems to be out building the following defense: The information we gathered ourselves, along with the information we received direct from the CIA (which included “five eyes confirmation”), was so credible, and so serious to national security that it justified “any action” in response.

    The fatal flaws of this defense are as follows: (1) the “information gathered” by the FBI was actually and quite literally created by the CIA, the FBI and the DNC. (2) The initiating EC information from the CIA is also now known to be a fabrication conspired by the CIA with assists (witting or otherwise) from Britain, Australia, and other foreign government intelligence services. And most damming, (3) The White House, Obama Lynch Brennan Clapper Comey HRC and their underlings were actively coordinating the effort.

    Seems to me, at present, the FBI is sheepishly maneuvering all of its fingers to point at Brennan (this is the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” part of the story). Not because they think its a winning argument. They just didn’t have a better option, and it was their move.

    At the point where the Attorney General publicly sets his sights on Brennan, and he will, team-Obama will be in quite the pickle. Why? Yes, in the end it’s the “why?” that will indict Obama: When the process of determining the origins of Crossfire Hurricane began, and as the answer to each successive “why?” was revealed, and the last “why?” in this investigation is now known to be “actions taken in a coordinated effort to cover up the Obama Administration’s CRIMINAL SPYING on their political and personal adversaries”.

    What can Brennan say in the face of the evidence?

    Who was “running the show”? Brennan or Obama?

    It’s only gonna get uglier.


    • CM-TX says:

      Great summary.👍

      So the now debunked Russian narrative continues to drag-out in various directions. But leading towards an ultimately good thing– IF it results in actual justice.

      Meanwhile, ALL conveniently distracts from those other crimes– by ignoring the content of all those infamous emails (leaked by Wikileaks/ illegal server/ 33k deleted/ Wiener Laptop). Funny how that works out.


  11. Dr.Jay says:

    Binney saying that the DNC emails were leaked.

    Attention, the VIPS (Binney et al) ALSO say that the DNC files from G2 were ALSO stored on an USB stick, do not confuse the two.


  12. Brian Baker says:

    FBI = Premier law enforcement agency, my big ole butt.


  13. Jennifer Verner says:

    So Winer, a creature of both Deripaska and Hillary, set up the meeting for his long time buddy, Deripaska’s other creature Steele. At least she didn’t fall for it. Smart girl. But somebody sure is trying to hide it. How obvious is it that Hillary got her old pal Deripaska to assist in the set up of the Trump campaign, with the added help of her loyal toads in the COA, FBI and DOS, and paid off hacks in the press. How about VERY. They all know too. Even the ones who are still pretending that Trump colluded with Russia.


  14. Dr.Jay says:

    Joe & Victoria vote for Brennan who started all of this.
    And mention that Adm. Rogers is prepared to testify.

    after 23:00


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